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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 28, 2017 9:00am-11:01am PST

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you don't want to pay for that wall after all? don't be peso-wise and pound foolish. as we know from president trump, he doesn't fool around. you'll pay for the wall one way or another, have a great weekend. everybody. elizabeth: for the first time since taking office, president trump is set to talk to vladimir putin, wei're live at the white house and moscow. >> and this one with germany chancellor angela merkel. leland: a day off president trump's executive order calling for extreme vetting from refugees from seven muslim countries. elizabeth: and republicans debate, what they'll replace obamacare with, tensions break out at a g.o.p. retreat over the issue. we'll be speaking with the governor from louisiana who
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has adopted a replacement plan along with susan collins from mai maine. thank you for spending your saturday with us, i'm elizabeth mran. leland: nice to be with you, i'm leland vittert at the white house. with two jam packed hours of news headquarters from washington. and we start with a fox news alert. it's just afternoon here in wash and that's the scheduled time for president trump's call with russian president vladimir putin. it will be the first time the two have spoken since the inauguration and one can imagine they have a lot to talk about. certainly, there have been a lot of people here in washington and around the globe talking about them talking. kristen fisher live inside the white house briefing room where it seems like we get a readout from that call any minutes, right? >> any minute leland, and this
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is not the first time the two leaders have spoken. they first spoke a few days after the election, but today the first time they've talked since president trump took office and the big question is, will the issue of sanctions come up? will these two leaders discuss the sanctions that were imposed on russia by president trump's predecessor, president obama? a senior white house aide tells us, yes, it will likely come up, but yesterday, president trump was noncommittal. >> well, i hear is call was set up and we'll see what happens. as far as sanctions very early to be talking about that, but we look to have a great relationship with all countries ideally. >> and by the end of today, president trump will have spoken with four other world leaders. his first call this morning was with the prime minister of japan, shinzo abe, white house press secretary sean spicer says he's invited him to a meeting on february 10th. next up, chancellor of
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germany, angela merkel. the press was allowed to tape a little of that, we don't know exactly what was said, but at times it had to be a little uncomfortable, given how critical the president was of merkel's during the campaign. his first week in office, president trump signed 14 executives orders and is expected to sign a 15th later today. we don't know what it's about, but is expected to sign is in about three hours from the oval office. leland: if we get any more on that or the putin call. thanks so much. we'll go to amy kellogg standing by with russian reaction to today's phone call as soon as they get off that call, liz. elizabeth: as reported, president trump issued a
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number of orders. the one last night called for an immediate halt of refugees from seven countries. trump says that the ban is needed to keep terrorists out, but the latest reaction, hi garrett. >> this executive order doesn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who was following the election. and yesterday, with a swipe of the pen, president trump did what he vowed he would do, suspending all refugees entering the united states and did so for the next four months. while his administration reviews the refugee programs and looks into making it more secure. and bans entry into the u.s. for the next 90 days with visas and green cards from seven countries with muslim populationings, syria, iran, iraq, libya, sudan and yemen. the president says to take radical terrorists out of the country. >> we don't want them here.
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we want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country, the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people. >> democrats and international relief organizations not happy over the president's directive. in statement. house minority leader nancy pelosi says as the statue of liberty holds her torch of welcome high, there are tears in her eyes as she sees how low this administration has stooped. this administration has mistaken cruelty for strength and prejudice for strategy. already the council on american islamic relations or care plans to file a federal lawsuit next week challenging president trump's latest executive order. elizabeth: thank you. >> you've got it. leland: president donald trump's executive order that jump started the keystone and
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xl dakota access have already reignited protests. from minneapolis this friday, a group of demonstrators blocked traffic on the bridge that goes over the mississippi river. one of the march organizers says the group was standing to resist further destruction of our earth. mr. trump promised to expedite construction on the keystone xl pipeline which president barack obama put the brakes on. you see the maps of both pipelines right now and president trump says the pipeline and building it especially would create a number of jobs. elizabeth: all right, to another one of our top stories. some republicans in congress have doubts how to make good on the long held promise to repeal the affordable care act. according to a closed door meeting obtained by "the washington post." our own caroline shively has been following the story. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you, elizabeth, in the leaked tapes, california congressman tom
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mcclintock summed up the hopes and fears this way, we better be prepared to live with the market we've created. because it's going to be called trump care. republicans will own that lock, stock and barrel and judged in the election less than two years away. republicans are hearing from the constituents that they like some parts of the affordable care acts, like making insurance companies cover preexisting conditions and letting kids stay on family health care until they're 26, but some are getting crushed by the high cost of premiums. they have to do this while not destabilizing the insurance markets. >> the big hangup is to not get in the track of rolling back coverage. if they lead to a plan of m millions more not ending up with health care they could be in a political cul-de-sac which would be hard to extrack themselves. >> the president got rolling
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within hours of being sworn in to reevaluate provisions of the law that are too costly. that didn't get into the knitty gritty which is where congress comes in. >> i think that the president is open to whatever we can pass that solve this problem. this was caused by the democrats. we feel an obligation to mix it. >> and they've set a goal of repealing and replacing obamacare by august. >> caroline shively reporting live. thank you. leland: thank you, we're coming to a senator, we're 20 seconds away from the video getting a call between the russian president vladimir putin and president trump at the white house. video is coming up in a second as they're playing it from the briefing room. it was shot through the window of the oval office, so there's no way for us to know what was
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being said, but in that room, mike flynn, obviously, mr. ban non, priebus and vice-president pence. i'm wondering what your thoughts are in terms of mr. trump's relationship with mr. putin in this call? >> i think that the president and putin-- trump wants a better relationship with putin. that's admirable. i think you have to approach your relationship with putin with concern. leland: do you think the president has appropriate concern in terms of mr. putin's motives, actions? >> why pretend to understand president trump's kind of mindset, but i do think that he's a smart guy. he's been in complex negotiations. he understands that although you may say something, you have to always be prepared to distrust the other person's
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motivations. leland: we'll see whether that happens. just to get you on the record. rex tillerson for secretary of state, you're a supporter. >> absolutely. speaking of doing a good job, rex tillerson is one of those who does. leland: he certainly made a lot of deals with vladimir putin. whether or not that translates to good deals for united states we'll see. back to the issue at hand of replacing obamacare. your bill is basically the only thing out there that we can actually look at. it seems as though your brethren in the house have taken a lot of time talking about repealing obamacare, not a lot of talk replacing it. although when i look at the fact sheet for your bill it seems essentially we'll take obamacare and give it to the states, if they want to take the money? >> no, we repeal the repeal of the nation's capital to the state capital and the state capital can decide the option to go in. choose what we call the better choice, better for them.
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choose for nothing or if a state wants to keep with obamacare, they can, that's federalism. that is what we're supposed to do under our constitution. and we move the locust of repeal to the state capital. leland: in your bill, the fact sheet, i've not seen the whole bill yet, it talks about being able to block grant 95% of the cost of what aca, obamacare down to the states. if you do the math, we're block granting 95%, we're only saving 5%? >> yeah, that's in the short-term. on the other and, long-term, you can absolutely decrease the growth. i will say, president trump got elected speaking about the forgotten man and the forgotten woman and if we don't provide some assistance for middle income families to purchase insurance they're going to be totally forgotten. one thing that's come out, why don't we stop all spending after two years, meaning that nobody would get any help, either through the expansion or through the help with purchasing insurance after two
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years? i tell you, i take the prism of the woman would breast cancer who voted for donald trump and can't afford the $6,000 deductible. if we cut off everything, her breast cancer is not treated. leland: but i'm interested in this quote that "the washington post" had from you yesterday during this retreat when you talk about the middle class. senator from louisiana drafted his own bill to reform the affordable care act said in response, it sounds like we are going to be raising taxes on the middle class in order to pay for these new credits. that doesn't sound like what the american people were promised by republicans who for the past six years have been saying repeal and replace, and it's going to be cheaper. >> leland, i totally agree with you. one of the big complaints is we've got to repeal the obamacare taxes right off the bat. that means we repeal taxes on pharmaceutical companies who volunteered to put the money up in order to everybody to have insurance and buy their
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drugs, we're going to replace the pharmaceutical company tax with a tax on health care of middle america. it's not remembering middle america to take the tax off the pharmaceutical companies and move them to the middle class who has not done so well the last eight years i'm all about protecting that middle class family. leland: and senator, i want your thought on the refugee executive order that was signed yesterday in the sense that we've got this extreme vetting put in. already we're hearing stories of men being stopped, men and women for that matter being stopped at the border here, a couple of folks at jfk. one who served honorably for the u.s. milltator, a translator, had been vetted and had his visa on the way to see his family and is now being stopped at jfk. is there a situation here where we're doing the right thing in your opinion or is traps good intentions gone the way of, perhaps, catching up
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some folks in this net that we didn't want to? >> i think the latter is probably true. the fact that that fellow served honorably helping our military as you describe it, that is extreme vetting. we also know that it's not children and women who are at risk, think of the little boy whose face was bloodied in the bombing of aleppo in the syrian army. young men in their 20's and 30's, that's are the ones that perpetrate this. one-- >> would it be fair to say you'd encourage the white house to the revisit this and narrow the focus or okay with the four month freeze. >> i think a man who served in the army and would be at risk in his country bye those who hate us, should be let in. leland: the story of one man sitting at the jfk airport and the that case continues. senator, appreciate you being here. as this bill starts to work
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through the senate you're the only guy with a bill and we certainly hope you come back and talk to us about. >> absolutely, thank you. leland: great talking to you, sir. elizabeth: all right, let's just pause for a moment. this is a fox news alert. brand new video coming in from the white house. you can see the president there on the phone, this is being shot from outside of the oval office, we know that president trump was on the phone with russian president vladimir putin. we're going to be checking in with your own amy kellogg in moscow, with a little bit more information in regards to that call. we're wondering now if sanctions perhaps were brought up during that phone call. you could see reince priebus there, as well as steve bannon and close advisors. as we mentioned this is brand new video coming in from the white house, being shot into the oval office where you can see there, the president is on the phone with russian president vladimir putin. the first time that these two have talked since president trump was sworn into office.
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and rushing to rescue a driver from a burning car. we'll show you the daring rescue. and president trump's about i can to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. we are going to break down the short list of candidates. and sanctuary city supporters take to the streets in miami angry at their mayor for announcing he will be honoring immigration laws on the books. and speaking of immigration laws, this is one of the hot button issues debated by democrats today in houston. we'll speak to a man who wants to lead his party out of record setting election losses.
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>> they were in the right place in the right time in texas. check out the video from near san antonio. a man lost control of his pickup truck and ended up getting hit by a bus. the truck flipped on its side and then burst into flames. several good samaritans rushed to the burning vehicle and then were able to pull the man, who was trapped inside the burning truck, out to safety. wow!
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, [crowd chanting] . elizabeth: those are protesters outside a miami-dade mayor's office, expressing outrage for the sanctuary city, and he's complying with requests for federal. >> we need to stand up and fight because we're not allowed anyone, the country's immigrants, and it's impossible and we need to find another way to fight this, we have a lot of power with the economic and labor force, and we have that power that if we take it away, that we show this country that this country cannot run without immigrants. elizabeth: all right. passion on both sides of the aisle. we will have more on this with mitch landrieu who says he'll
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not back down from the sanctuary city status. and the president has the power of the pen for president barack obama's legacy. they look to rebuild their party, running for dnc chair and he's in houston for the dnc future forum. thank you for joining us. first and foremost, we played for our viewers at home, there are some people in miami really reacting there to the miami mayor's decision. i want to get your take on not only the sanctuary city executive order we see, but the extreme vetting of people into the u.s. >> thank you for having me. donald trump's executive orders have been disturbing, they go against fundamentally everything we believe in this country. we're a nation of immigrants. we as a country were formed because people were--
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>> when you talk about disturbing, are you referring to the vetting of the refugees or the sanctuary city? or talking about both? >> i'm talking about both. you know, the country was founded because people were being persecuted because of their religion, so when you sign an executive order banning someone because of their religion, that's problematic. even dick cheney came out and said, listen, it's the first time that dick cheney and i probably have agreed on anything, but says it's fundamentally goes against everything we believe in as a nation. we believe in religious freedom. when you have an executive order because of your relation you can't come to america, isn't it inscribed on the base of the statue of liberty, send me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free? that's who we are, and we need to make sure that we're protecting people, that we're putting out our hand, welcoming people in. elizabeth: okay, some of the rhetoric i heard from you, i
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heard at the women's march the day after the inauguration. for our viewers at home, you are vying for the dnc chair position and i want to ask you, when you see a movement like the women's march across cities in the u.s., that's a lot of enthusiasm that you need to harness and there's also a lot of messages mixed in there. how do you harness that and move forward as a democratic party if you're-- you're so unhappy with the message coming from the republican side of the aisle? >> well, what's very important is organizing. and as a state party chair, what's important is to make sure that i have the capacity to welcome all of those activists, all of those volunteers who want to come in and give them something to do. elizabeth: when you talk about that, how do you all get on the same message? did you feel like there was a lot of messages that came up in the women's march? >> there are a lot of messages and always a lot of messages. a lot of people get involved because there's some particular issue they're
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passionate about and that's fine. and in essence, you compartmentize those things and a lot of people work on the things and the issues that they feel passionate about. the most important thing, somebody who is the head of a party is making sure at the end of the day all of those folks and issues in which they're concerned about and they're focused on are all-- they all have one ultimate goal which is to change the leadership in office. elizabeth: you talk about changing leadership, but when you look at the democratic side of the aisle, there are, let's take, former speaker nancy pelosi, for example, minority leader. you know, there's a lot of the establishment in the democratic party that is staying put, so to speak. but you also have some progressive factions of the democratic party that want their voices heard. you're vying to be the chair and how do you bring those together? >> listen, for a number of years, i ran the whip operation for house democrats. when the house democrats took back control of the house of representatives in 2006, i
9:26 am
brought together, as floor director, in the whip's office, very diverse caucus, blue dog democrats, progressive democrats and everybody in between. it's important that all of those folks feel that the voices, the diversesy they bring to the party are respected and valued and that's the way you bring them together and make sure that they have a seat at the table and that we all sit together and come up with a message that works and resonates across sectors, across communities and then you bring that message out to the american people. and that's what we'll be working on over the course of the next few months. elizabeth: all right. jamie, we'll stay in touch with you, good luck in houston this weekends and stay in touch. >> thank you. elizabeth: thanks so much. >> thank you, take care. elizabeth: be sure to stay tuned to fox news all weekend for the latest on president trump, tomorrow on media buzz. talking to sean spicer about the president calling the media, quote the opposition party, that's the a 11 a.m. tomorrow and our own chris
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wallace talking to counsellor to the president kelly anne conway about the president's latest executive orders. check your listing for time and channel. leland: one of those executive orders, building a wall along the mexican border. of course, mr. trump says the mexicans are going to pay for it. how is he going to make that happen? we'll talk to one of his former advisors and as we take a look at the video. president donald trump on the phone with president vladimir putin of russia will be going to moscow where amy kellogg is standing by.
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>> kelly anne conway, counsellor to president trump says the u.s. sanctions on russia would be under consideration on today's call, between the president and president vladimir putin which began about 30 minutes ago. it's not really sitting well with everyone, including some congressional republicans, but how is the kremlin responding? fox news correspondent amy
9:32 am
kellogg is live in moscow. hi, amy. >> well, the kremlin's not holding its breath about sanctions. in the meantime, elizabeth, the head of the state duma, the russia parliament on foreign affairs, itself a prolific tweeter tweeted that he thinks that with trump could be new for syria and ukraine. merkel, he said referring to the german chancellor has only old answers. for what it's worth, a member of the syrian opposition in moscow for meetings today told me that he hopes putin and trump will get in lockstep otherwise he sees no end to the war. others say trump should be heartened as having putin as an ally in the middle east, but looks at the chances of common language. >> there may be a new relationship being formed between putin and trump that
9:33 am
will be built on a mutual recognition of each other's interests. it will be very much coached in politic terms. it might work, it might not. as trump says, it's deal or no deal. >> and president trump was asked about lifting sanctions on russia. he says it's too early to sell. some congressmen, most notably john mccain, called putin a thug and trump remains an open mind about putin. >> as far as, again, putin and russia, i don't see good, bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship, that's possible, and it's also possible that we
9:34 am
won't. we'll see what happens. i've had many times that i thought we'd get along with people and i don't like them at all. >> now, elizabeth, the spokesman for president pooutin said he didn't think there would be anything substantive about the phone call. possibly set a time and a date for their future plan or expected summit, but likely be setting a tone as the two men go forward. elizabeth: amy kellogg reporting live from moscow. thank you so much. leland: a fox news alert as the fallout continues both here at home and around the globe from president trump's order on extreme vetting and a ban on immigrants or refugees from certain countries, seven muslim countries. the iranians now, this according to the reuters news agency says they're going to particular reciprocal measures
9:35 am
in retaliation for u.s. visa ban and quoting the iranian foreign ministry is and wrapped up at jfk airport a press conference with a democratic congressman, jerry nabler of new york he says about a dozen people are held that were in the air when this ban was signed by president trump yesterday and got to jfk and are being held in limbo of some type and we've heard from airlines that they've had to deny passage in terms of a number of passengers not able to get on flights because they say exactly who is affected by this ban is unclear. we're going to see if we'll get more clarity now from the white house or perhaps from dhs. who is in charge of implementing the ban in the next couple of hours. that could still happen. we're reaching out to them for comment. also, we're going to go to jfk next hour, and brian is trying to figure out who are the people held at jfk and why.
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more on that as we get it. back to some domestic issues now, as we heard from mr. trump on the campaign trail under budget and ahead of schedule, the phrase that he used during the campaign, a phrase used as related to business. well, now that's going to be put to the test. the president, of course, wants to expand the military, build the wall, pass a trillion dollar infrastructure bill, cut taxes, save social security, big question, how will the trump administration accomplish all of those goals and pay for it? bring in former trump economic advisor, fox news contributor and good friend, steve moore. steve, it's quite a list there. all that stuff costs a lot of money. we've heard how fabulous it's all going to be, but haven't heard how we're going to pay for it. >> high, leland, looking good at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. look. leland: flattery will get you everywhere, promise. >> donald trump has a lot of priorities and every time i met with him the highest priority is jobs and getting the economy moving and by the
9:37 am
way, that's related to this topic, how do you pay for this you've got to get the economy moving, get up from 2 to 4% growth. you saw what happened yesterday, fourth quarter growth under the last quarter under obama 1.9%, that's just not going to cut it. never going to get enough revenues to balance the budget. he's going to do a major tax cut, there's no question about that. we think that growth will pay for some of that and closing loopholes. you're right he has a big program for infrastructure spending, a big program for increasing defense spending and military readiness, so that means, leland, what you're going to have to do is cut a lot of the other domestic agencies. there was a report out last week that trump is looking at trillions of dollars of cuts in other agencies to make room for his higher priorities on infrastructure. leland: when you think about the budget, and we've talked about this before, we've got defense spending there, and we've got the entitlement programs and mr. trump says he's not going to touch either one of those.
9:38 am
is there enough left over on roughly one third of the top of other programs to cut? >> look, you're going to save a lot by getting rid of obamacare, i estimate a trillion dollars over ten years. leland: hold on, we had bill cassidy on from louisiana and his total savings he has in his repeal and replace bill is 5%. that's a lot of money, but it's certainly not enough to pay for all of this stuff. >> i think you're going to lower-- i don't think he's taking into account this is going to lower health care costs system-wide and going to save money, but i'll take your point. look, donald trump has said we're going to deal with social security and medicare down the road once the economy is moving again. i think that's the right approach. i've got to say this, the guy has only been in office one week and as i see things, he's done more in a week to help the economy in a week than obama did, and the tax cut is essential, we are going to close loopholes and help pay for rate reductions, if you bring companies back to the united states, leland, guess what they start paying taxes
9:39 am
here in the usa. leland: i don't think anybody would complain if companies started paying taxes back here in the usa. neil cavuto on earlier today was talking about the issue you brought up, the tax cut. if the rally in the stock market we've seen largely attributed to donald trump's election is going to kin, the tax cuts, especially the corporate tax cuts need to come very soon. yet, we've already seen sort of a real slowdown, if you will, on the number one legislative priority, which is obamacare, because republicans don't have a comprehensive replacement for it. is there a chance that the president here is trying to do too much too quickly and then all of a sudden you run into the situation where nothing gets done? >> that's a great point. by the way, i think that neil cavuto was reading from my walt journal editorial. you don't wait until july or august to do the tax cut, you do it now. i think in his state of the union coming up next month. i think he ought to call for first 100 days, get the business tax cut done and maybe some infrastructure
9:40 am
spending to get jobs going and then not to stall this out. if you look at ronald reagan moved out of the gate to get the toks-- tax cut done. and obama on the other side of the aisle got the stimulus in 60 days. as relates to the stock market and investors, i'd like to hear the president say they're retroactive to this year and get them spending right now. leland: retroactive tax cuts is something that everybody loves. music to any capitalist's ears. appreciate it, steve. and once we get a tax bill we'll get you back here to talk about it. >> it will happen sooner rather than later. leland: liz. elizabeth: coming up after the break. a pickup barrels into a city bus and it's caught on camera. who is at fault?
9:41 am
we'll have an update on the crash and the injured coming up. and the supreme court bench may be full again. that is if senate democrats don't play spoiler to president trump's nominee. coming up, we'll go inside the supreme court battle. >> sometime next week, i'll be making my decision. this week we'll be announcing and next week, we have outstanding candidates and we'll pick a truly great supreme court justice, but i'll be announcing it sometime next week. i don't want to live with
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>> just wait for it. video from syracuse, new york. there is a truck plowing into a bus. eight people now recovering from their injuries. this is a view inside the bus. wow! the surveillance video shows that exact moment when the hit happened. the bus was stopped at a traffic light. police say the driver of the truck accidentally hit the gas
9:46 am
instead of the break. that's a problem. skidded off an exit ramp while he was trying to avoid traffic and instead, found the bus. it sounds like no one was killed inside that bus. wo wow! >> all right. back to politics, president trump says he'll be announcing his nominee for the supreme court, one year after the death of justice scalia. on the short list, two willful fill the conservative wish list, but senate minority schumer says he's promising a tough fight. thank you for joining us, greg. >> good to be here. elizabeth: before we get to this sort of finalist, certainly, we don't have one major candidate. there's been a lot of speculation and two names sticking out. before we get to the four names, i want to ask you a little about your predictions
9:47 am
for the process in the senate. the republicans have a majority, it doesn't mean they'll be able to sail through this confirmation. >> everybody is trying to keep their options now and schumer says they'll fight somebody who is not out of the mainstream. democrats could block a vote called the nuclear option and get a vote with only 50 and not 60. until we see the nominee, nobody is saying what they're going to do. elizabeth: they should be wary of the nuclear option, you never know when the tables can turn down the road. i want to bring up some of the four names we've been seeing. we've seen neil gorsuch, judge pryor, and there's been attention on gorsuch why. >> there's been report that he's been a front runner, if not one of the frontrunners of the group of the he's very
9:48 am
young and well thought off and generally conservative. and the hobby lobby, he had that as appeals court judge and he decided with them, had the right not to offer contraceptives to workers. they're excited about. elizabeth: if you're in the trump administration, and i want to play this to you. schumer was questioning pryor. >> now, you've said on several occasions at that roe vs wade is the worst abomination of the history of constitutional law. a, do you believe that as of right now? >> i do. elizabeth: how big is this issue, when we talk about roe vs wade. when we look at gorsuch, he's never ruled directly that would give us an indication on that, on his feelings of roe
9:49 am
vs wade. >> he hasn't talked about roe vs wade. bill pryor has not only said what what you saw there, but he believes abortion is the slaughter of innocent people. so that puts him in a different category and makes him much more vulnerable to attack from the left and, you know, democrats would be probably much more willing to go after him. elizabeth: do you have any final predictions as we wrap up the segment? any last minute? we have you on the record. >> i predict it will be somebody we generally think of as conservative. i think that conservatives will very happy with it. elizabeth: thank you very much. we'll be sure to have you back after we learn on thursday. thank you so much. coming up from "the elephant man" to "harry potter" we remember actor john hurt. and constructing a massive 20-foot long snow dinosaur.
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>> this little man has loved iguanas, we thought it would be a substitute instead of getting an iguana. >> i think i'm getting an iguana.
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>> all right. if you thought building a snowman this winter was impressive. check this out. one minnesota family built a snow dinosaur, 20 feet long and 20 feet high. his son loves iguanas and prompted him to help build a snowy stegosaurus. only in minnesota, might be able to build more, too. cold temps have seized much of the nation this weekend, a little balmy though here in washington. the great lakes region especially is bracing for heavy snowfall on the way. meteorologist joins us with the latest where you can build one of those giant snow dinosaurs. adam. >> yeah, there have been plenty of places to build one. maybe some are getting a break this weekend. many systems across the
9:55 am
country, where you're never going to build snowmen. the gulf coast, you're looking at rain stretching from texas over towards the florida panhandle. farther north, new england, really the upper midwest, those are areas where we're seeing snowfall today and that's continuing through the weekend. here is the setup allowing that to happen. waves of energy moving over the great lakes that picks up moisture and dropping it in new england. so i'm not expecting not a ton of snow for a lot of folks. there will be areas where you see heavy snow if you're right off the lake, but this is the future forecast. you're looking at spotty snow showers across new england and stretching as far south as getting into the virginia, west virginia, perhaps seeing some snow. this is the precipitation forecast, this is forecasting totals. as you see, it's really tight there up along the mountains, up along the great lakes. there will be areas to build snowmen, but the good news i think a lot of folks seeing sunshine as we move through the weekend. leland: and papa vittert up near traverse city better get
9:56 am
out the snow shovel. thanks a lot. elizabeth: coming up on the next hour of america's news headquarters, some are feeling the impact of the extreme vetting plan. brian is live at new york's kennedy airport where it's blocking some travelers from entering the country. >> hi, elizabeth. two iraqi men with ties to the u.s. military are held here. their lawyers filing a federal lawsuit asking for their release. we'll have more on this developing story next. by simp. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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10:00 am
good saturday to you from the white house. you would not nose it was a weekend based on how much news is coming out. here is what is making news right now. is right now. you details about president trumps phone call with vladimir putin we will would get the very latest from the white house briefing room. plus new fallout from president trumps slew of executive orders during his first week in office. we break it all down and president trumps warning to century cities. follow federal law of federal dollars. we will speak with the mayor
10:01 am
of one of those cities. >> we've been talking about it all morning. a highly integrated phone call between the white house in the kremlin is now in the books. he spends his saturday on the phone with world leaders across the globe. also on the docket calls for japan, germany and france. in the present will be signing additional executive orders. kristin any idea of how the phone call went with russian president vladimir putin. we don't know exactly what was said but we do know who else was in the room. chief of staff reince priebus his preibus his chief satyr just see bannon. in press secretary shauna spicer. the press pool was allowed to get a shot of that phone call from outside the oval office. and perhaps the biggest question as to the issue of
10:02 am
sanctions. do they discuss the possibility of him lifting the sanctions that were imposed on russia by president obama. yesterday he said it was too soon to say. they also spoke with the chancellor. the white house said in a statement mister trump affirmed the quote. they worked closely on the threat. they also discussed defense secretary jim maddison and his upcoming trip. president trump well have also spoken to the present and france and the prime minister of australia. for those of you at home keeping track that's five phone calls with five world leaders in a single day. >> i would not say it's a slow saturday. after those phone calls we expect him to sign another executive order in the idea of what that could be about.
10:03 am
it will be about eating sanctions on russia especially since president trump will be signing just hours after that phone call. the white house is been unusually tightlipped about what this executive order will be. it will be the 15th executive order. and that number is something in the white house is really starting to drive home with the american people. they sent out a press release just lessening really highlighting what they call president trumps first week of action. in his weekly address it was released just this morning. he really laid out all of the things that he have done on week one. >> it has hit the ground running at a record pace. everybody is talking about it. where were doing it with speed and intelligence and we will never stop fighting on behalf of of the american people.
10:04 am
>> president trump really going to great links to show his supporters that he is following through on his campaign promises. as soon as we hear the executive order come down will go to you for the very latest. president president trumps latest executive order yesterday to stop certain refugees from entering the united states has already taken effect. they are being turned away at foreign airports in they are being detained if they're able to make all the way to the united states. there are really some folks who have been stopped in our being held there. >> this has been a developing story all day. less than 24 hours since president trump enacted that executive order that temporarily ban banned refugees and immigrants from those seven predominately muslim countries.
10:05 am
as soon as they landed they then decided a federal lawsuit in the eastern district court suing president trump in the federal government for on constitutionally detaining the two iraqi soldiers. that one of them has been released from jfk at this hour. he is an iraqi husband and father of three he was granted a special immigrant visa for his work. from 2000322013 on behalf of the u.s. military. we now know he has been released. the other i recommend was granted a visa to reunite with his white and wife and son in the united states on
10:06 am
january 11. from what we understand one of the congressmen here spoke to us in a bunch of other cameras there could be at least an additional ten others who are being held here at jfk. listen. >> we are told even though they have valid visas they were not admitted into the country because of the president's executive order. we ask that the executive order supersede that and we are told essentially that they're they are trying to figure that out. they are waiting for guidance from washington. let's look at the executive order. under his executive order there is a three month integration be in. that includes those
10:07 am
countries. there is a temporary four month residency on all residencies. in all syrian refugees. they are allowed into the u.s. once the programs are instituted again be cut down. allowed a lot under president obama to 50,000 and the u.s. will prioritize. if you take a look at this map this gives you an idea of the nations we are talking about. obviously it was put into place was signed as a way to tell people that they are protecting the united states from terrorist of the 19 terrorists that took place in a september 11 attack those 19
10:08 am
hijackers came from countries like saudi arabia and lebanon in the united arab emirates. none of those nations are included on that being. know where the point. brian, thank you very much. continuing on this same thread. president trump vowed to protect our borders here at home and get what he called bad hombres out of the united states. the president signed in order to strip federal funds from sanctuary cities they are pushing back on the president's order. he said he would not be part of what he calls trumps deportation army. i appreciate you being here. the first question is pretty simple. what is it mean that you will not be part of the deportation army. there is no such thing as a sanctuary city it's not even defined in federal law. it means a lot of different things to a lot of different
10:09 am
people. i think they are united in this principle that we want to keep the streets of america safe and anytime there is a violent criminal date will be arrested. they will be put in jail. i don't think any mayors are arguing about that. it's the next thing that causes a lot of concern which is whether or not taken a try to start deporting the individuals that are here right now in a fashion that doesn't make any sense. really makes the streets a little bit more unsafe. there is obviously cities that take an aggressive approach to immigration in their cities that don't. i think we can all agree on that. they're instructed when they meet summary on the street whether it be a witness of a crime a perpetrator of a crime a victim of a crime they are told don't talk about their immigration status. it sounds like not actively
10:10 am
enforcing the immigration law. if someone is arrested they are fingerprinted and their information goes there. if they want. one of the challenges and this is something the police chief of america who are responsible for keeping america safe if you push people back into the shadows and you stop getting the cooperation from individuals the cities are going to be more unsafe. on top of that. >> let me just finish on top of that the consequence of getting punished is actually to take funds away from law enforcement. the mayors of america had presented a plan for the president of the how to keep america safe and it makes a lot of sense. the first thing they should do is find 50,000 police officers. they should beef up the fbi
10:11 am
atf u.s. marshall than they should make sure that homeland security grants. >> all things that seem reasonable and obviously that folks like. what i'm asking now is as it relates specifically to this issue of how the new orleans police officers coming from the chief legal officer that me and the attorney general he said blasting you and your leadership saying that they become a century city. we will debate that point later. it serves as a magnet you can't deny crime rates on the rise there. wouldn't it be more helpful if you could get more people out of town. >> first of all i know were in it alternative fact universe. he was criticizing something that happened out of new orleans they have new thing to do with the city.
10:12 am
the policies right now are consistent with all federal law. >> for federal consistency. and we are following federal law. what police chief run america are seen if the police department of america becomes the immigration force all of the individuals in the city were not going to get the cooperation. it's going to be hard to do that. when there is a violent criminal in the city of new orleans irrespective of status there can be convicted and they will be put in jail and deported. thus i will were having an argument about. then becoming the deportation force for the 11 million people that are here separating families and making the cities more safe. we think there is a pathway forward. on top of that if the country really wants to secure american cities we should add
10:13 am
50,000 police officers to the street. we should really work to make sure federal agents had what they need. we should beef up the homeland security grants. >> thank you for having me on. that was a great discussion. i sought your reaction during that interview. we heard the mayor bring up a couple points. i want to start our conversation with sanctuary cities. he have said in my quotes aren't exactly but the sanctuary cities if they were there with the status taken away. it would push people back into the shadows. it wouldn't necessarily improve relations with law enforcement and people in the city.
10:14 am
do you agree or disagree. >> let me translate what he is saying. i'm not to comply with federal immigration law and because of the ballot box and the minority city if i start deporting people there not want to turn out to vote for me. they provide a magnet in senate. we cut out the incident. it's can continue to happen. he's just dodging the question. the core fact is it is a magnet for illegal immigration because of the welfare state. the bottom line is the mayors don't care about forcing the law. >> i have to disagree with a lot of that. thanks ray cities is not a legal identification doesn't
10:15 am
mean much of anything. they are the front line in terms of keeping the city safe. if you turn them into a deportation force they are not going to be able to do the job. regardless of what you think about president trump's orders where the executive decisions he's making it is not good use of the local police forces. i think let me finish. we can go back and forth. the issue is if you make them principally responsible when a term century city which may
10:16 am
mean something politically to some people but legally it is meaningless. when you then say you're going to penalize cities whether it's a grants for police departments that will create havoc everywhere. >> was penalizing in the cities or just because they wouldn't be enforcing the law that's artie there. they choose to ignore said law. we know this because we look at just how many folks had been deported. until it becomes a major issue they don't seem to care. and we know why this continues. as long as you allow people to be housed there you are creating the incentive for more illegal immigration. he said i don't want to be deporting 11 million people. let me say something. one thing you are viewers may
10:17 am
know both fort and i are from houston. we had spent a lot of time there. at the great city. it has a dynamic city. it has academic vitality that a lot of cities don't head. the people in the city of houston who have been in control of law enforcement that they should be enforcing provisions of the federal law that are better handled but the federal government. nobody is saying that the police department at the local level houston may be a different story. this is what's going on across the country. but when i see these in san francisco you're not telling me that they are doing that. it doesn't really matter. you can argue about whether or not certain things are the responsibility of the federal
10:18 am
government or local law enforcement however it's not useful in terms of having this discussion to talk about mayors can toning murder. for the political reasons because of the demographics. that is not a reckless thing to say. i do agree with you that we do need some of these people to help the police and it should not be the lisa's job. they are taking their orders from city hall in many of these cities. if you talk to law enforcement and police officers they believe that their job is to keep people safe and they believe in many cases that federal interference with their jobs would make the city less safe. we will see how different cities and mayors handle it. i appreciate it. be sure to stay tuned to fox
10:19 am
news all weekend. tomorrow on mediabuzz. the opposition party is at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. chris wallace will be talking to the trump counselor. she will be speaking about the latest executive order including all of those that we just talked about. it has ended a few minutes ago. the leader of a brand-new conservative group. critical of president president trump. we weigh in on the way house call with the kremlin all of the american finals match. which sister celebrated a historic victory. more fallout from both sides
10:20 am
of the aisle in congress. over the executive order blitz. the new reaction from the white house when we come back. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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10:23 am
>> welcome back.
10:24 am
it's a very busy white house on the saturday. the executive order from the president this afternoon which we've been expecting will be to put in place new procedures into restructure the national security it goes on to say an executive order for five year moratorium on lobbying and a lifetime ban on lobbying foreign governments will be coming soon how soon is soon don't know but we will be back to as it happens. as we look at what's happening in the way house. a new conservative group. stand up republic said they will be the topic critic.
10:25 am
evan, nice to see you. >> you will have a lot of competition. we are an organization stand up republic that exists and adherence to the constitution in america. at a time when russia and other adversaries are undermine democracy. >> so far in the first eight days or so in office what you feel president trump has done to undermined our democracy that requires your group to come in. it's not just what happened after the election. a lot of that has been happening during the campaign and after the inauguration. one example would be his attempt to muzzle the press. they play an important role in any of that.
10:26 am
you have comments by him about the press line when they're not lying. he misrepresents the facts himself. we have a constant even personal attacks by president trump on members of the press. this is not news. this is happening nearly every day. it seems as though the press has done a pretty good job of standing up for themselves. the onslaught that happened in 2009. there was a lot of press. is anything specific that they haven't done. one of the things is donald trump and his in his relationship with vladimir putin.
10:27 am
he is undermining our democracy who wants to make america weaker and is doing that through donald trump and what are we doing to stop it. in fairness you had head that point and obviously the president would like to find a way to get along with vladimir putin. just wrapped up a couple of minutes ago. it lasted a better part of a half hour. take a listen to what he said yesterday as far as again i don't say good bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman i hope we have a fantastic relationship. that's possible and it's also possible that we won't. we will see what happens. i will have many times where i thought i would get along with people and i don't like them at all. >> how do you have an issue with that. he says that yesterday but
10:28 am
throughout the campaign all he did was defend russia. all he did was try to obscure the fact after the election that influenced or attempted to influence our election. he changed the republican party platform to benefit russia. if you are going to believe the latest thing that donald trump said after he's been under pressure for a year what won't you believe. >> should we at least give him the benefit of the doubt. what he tries to obscure the fact that he's actively attacking the democracy. most of it was over it. you don't need intelligence agencies to tell you this. we have a u.s. president who is actively aligning with the very adversary that is an incredible charge. it's a statement of fact. it's a huge charge. and as far as i can tell from what you have to say i haven't seen any facts to back that up
10:29 am
it could be that chinese or a guy in new jersey. he also ordered a huge cyber security increase. >> how do we know how it's going to be directed or focus. we know nothing. he said that. his actual actions thus far demonstrated. he has come under enormous pressure. against isis. with a side he is assigning -- aligning with foreign dictators. that's a he's what he's been saying that he's going to do. >> i'm up against a heartbreak. i appreciate it. coming up. president donald trump said
10:30 am
that the wall there still a big question as to who will pay for the wall. we will take a look at what options have been offered so far in the president also said they will investigate voter fraud. he said it is such a major issue. in terms of registration you have the roles that have been deceased. this is it about 26 election. it's about the integrity of our voting system.
10:31 am
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>> immigrants from seven countries are being turned away from the u.s. as part of the extreme betting order. mister trump said this is an effort to prevent terrorist attacks. for more insight let's bring in jordan. thank you so much for joining us. i want to get your reaction we
10:35 am
are seen passion on both sides of the isle. her aisle. were also hearing them say there is a temporary band. what is your reaction to this. if you look at what they're doing they are stopping the searing refugee program outright and that is a huge number of refugees coming into the united states right now. they are stopping at the refugee program for all countries for four months and then for three months they are stopping people coming in the seven muslim majority companies -- countries if you read the small text they could expand the number of countries that fall under this order. it could be the beginning and not the end. >> were talking about families that are in desperate need of help. did this go too far. we are already seen litigation against this order they say
10:36 am
which bands the federal government from setting that. can you layout. roughly the same number of muslims and christians are coming in now. it is not really the full picture there are three and 5 million votes that recast that were illegal. what evidence do we head at this point are we going to hear more from the administration. he mentioned that there could be an executive order that we see coming down what would that entail. >> right now had no evidence that this is true.
10:37 am
they haven't presented it to the public. if were are going to determine whether this is true we don't have the evidence and i think it's because the evidence it really doesn't exist. it's incumbent upon the script to provide it. we are hearing this is going to move forward. sean spicer came out to the briefing room. they are going to be carrying on this independent commission. whether it is weather is outside the department of justice which is usually taxed with investigating voter fraud and how this will take shape. we will wait and see what the white house comes up with. he is a former texas state official said that he does have the information but is not something that we are necessarily going to see.
10:38 am
is that going to come out in the investigation and what type of resources will the government need taxpayers are saying you won the election are you going to be spending my hard earned dollars to investigate something that you already see the results of. this is a person the person that seems to have originated the claim that the president trump president trump is going out for. he is going to be involved in some capacity. i think this is to can be a very costly investigation. elections are not run by the federal government. you are talked about the federal government going into each state and county and asking these officials it's a very time-consuming process. we were talking about an investigation that could be spelling.
10:39 am
>> hundreds of cars stuck at a standstill on both sides of the freeway. it's what causes mile long backup. between the top three gop leaders here next. paul ryan very special. and he is writing his heart out. and we are actually can sign this.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> after police chief shutdown
10:44 am
a major highway. it crashed injuring three people including a woman who was in the car with them. the driver was reportedly arrested after fleeing the scene on foot. they were closed. causing major traffic headaches. eventually they did get all of the lanes moving again. >> back at the white house. president trump has said this congress will be the busiest in decades and added that he will sign the stuff so will he and lawmakers be able to deliver. he was there covering it all in his back with us today. good to see you. you think about everything they want to get done they want to build a wall mister trump wants to obviously deal with obama care. we had talk of money to reduce the corporate tax rate.
10:45 am
this infrastructure plan he also wants to have a plan to beef up the military and big military spending programs. and you talk to the congressional republicans and their really excited about it. then you ask for details and they say were going to get back to you. >> i think that's republicans are all trying to balance right now. trump has negative approval ratings which is unusual for a president was just come into office. they are so excited that they have a chance to pass some of these conservative priorities that they had been stymied on for years that it really doesn't matter. they're going to push ahead and because of that trump has a lot of political capital with them. how me understand this. republicans have been fundraising off of repeal and replace obama care for six
10:46 am
years since its past. they been talking about tax cuts and tax reform for six or so years. still they have these plans on the shelf or at least rough outlines that they can plug in and play with the trump administration or are they truly starting from scratch. that's not the case. they do had plans ready to go. there are couple of things here. they do have a plan that's basically set in ready to go. they don't have personal assurances from the president that he is on board with key elements. trump is so unconventional. they could get two or three months down the line and he could tweet one morning and say he doesn't like it. the reason i say that is because i've talked to republicans who do worry about that. they're just pushing ahead as if he has already come around. they don't know for certain that he has and he has tended at times to change his mind in
10:47 am
public not just in private. it's a little bit more complicated. yes they had plans and things there plugging in. as a comp located process. they are aware of what democrats did wrong. they are still trying to figure out the details of a still again don't know exactly what the president wants and what he won't accept. i think on that i'm that there is a lot more apprehensive. how worried is so worried. getting certain folks that he wanted to get behind. play them off the people to have much that have much more conservative agenda in the end not end up with conservatively principled legislation. most republicans are still
10:48 am
convinced that trump will sign whatever they sent him no matter what it is so they think in that way he will end up being a conservative president if not heart that indeed. the other people just believe that the populist rhetoric is a lot of bluster and not necessarily where he wants to push them. if you believe that the president does like to run the agenda if and when trump pushes on these more populist elements is conservative policy. they're going to have to spend a lot of money. big questions in terms of what you can do about social security. great reporting. president trump is getting to work on the signature campaign promise building a border wall. and we will take a look at the executive order and how it might be paid for. i thought i was managing
10:49 am
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this is a brand-new video of the iraqi man who was detained at the kennedy airport after
10:53 am
being released. that man served as a translator for u.s. troops in iraq and he was traveling to new york to reunite with his family. several protesters turned out at the airport to void --dash mcavoy's anger at the detentions. there were at least a dozen people being held at jfk. president trump signed an executive order this week of course laying the groundwork for building his much promised wall along the u.s. mexican border. that would of course fulfill the signature campaign promise by his plan now faces a lot of hurdles including big questions on how to pay for it. some gop lawmakers are backing a plan for a border tax of some type to pay for it. i well. the biggest controversy it's not actually building the physical wall. along privately loan owned
10:54 am
parts of the border but how you go about making mexico pay for that wall earlier this week the administration floated the idea of imposing a 20% tax on all mexican imports and then they walked it back. president trump treated twitter post. twenty -- they had one point during the campaign. less august the two men met in mexico. they could find common ground. it looks like that might be difficult moving forward. it was supposed to happen next week was canceled. they did talk to him on the phone. we are going to be looked working on a fair and new relationship. we cannot continue to lose vast amounts of business and companies and millions and millions of people losing
10:55 am
their jobs. >> 20% tax on all imported goods would hit companies more than it would hit mexico. those companies would all ultimately pass those on to american consumers. sean spicer said yesterday the ministration could go in another direction to pay for the vault which could wall which could cost up to $20 billion. about a hundred other ways to pay for that wall. we will see what congress has to say about this in the coming weeks. we are live in los angeles. not to some very sad domestic news. they have lost two more veteran stars. he spent decades delivering standout performances. including the groundbreaking masterpiece. hidden oscar nominated role. he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 77.
10:56 am
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a friendly battle on the tennis court leaves one with a new record. she won the 23rd grand
11:00 am
slam. this is the first time the cities played each other at the australian open since 2003. you can see a very emotional husband. what an emotional time here. a lot more news to come out of this white house today. we begin with the fox news alert. we are awaiting a new round of executive orders from president trump. amid a flurry of phone calls. including russian president today's highly anticipated phone call marks the first time the president has spoken with the russian leader since taking office. it comes as they charge that he's too cozy. they can leverage better relations with russia. the call just one of five today. the present also speaking with leaders of japan germany and


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