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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  January 28, 2017 8:30am-9:01am PST

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cashin' in with eric bolling. you're watching the most powerful name in news, the fox news channel. >> we just had probably the most incredible meeting of our careers with the president, the vice-president, and the senior staffs and we will work with him and his administration to implement his plans on infrastructure, trade, and energy policy so that we really do put america back to work in the middle class jobs that our members and all americans are demanding. eric: big labor giving big praise to president trump, for his inclusive jobs plans for all workers. but will working with unions be a win for america? hi, i'm eric bolling and our cashin' in crew, and welcome,
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everybody. start with you, this is something you don't hear every day. he said in the most incredible meeting of our careers. is this a good idea? >> how shocking, the union leaders being able to praise the president after a brutal campaign. remember, these union leaders, eric, they backed hillary clinton. they were not moving along in favor of donald trump. it was actually the union members, which are a different breed than their leadership, who many of them backed donald trump in the election. and they're going to find there is an honor period right now between the labor union leadership and donald trump on the issue of trade. that's one area that they agree upon, but i think when it comes to other issues, the union leaders are going to be critical of trump. on the issue of the federal minimum wage, they support donald trump and he's been a little more mixed on the issue, i think you're going to find that there will be common ground on certain issues, i think that donald trump needs
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to be careful and proceed with caution and ensure that they-- that they can stay on the same page because at the end of the day, so much of the campaign money has gone to the democrats, not the republicans, from the union pocket book. eric: amy, this show has been pretty tough on unions for quite a long time. and to be honest with you, i was shocked to hear those words from the union leaders there and also the next day, richard trumka said a magnificent meeting. this is new to republicans, isn't it? >> mag nif senificenmagnificent you're making a difference between public and private unions. and he was campaigning against them for good reason, but unions have been sold down the river by democrats on a number of issues, and you heard that labor union leader name some of them including energy policy. the private labor unions have been pro keystone pipeline, for example, but the democratic party has been
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privileging the environmental constituency of the democratic party and i would point to illegal immigration, an area where again private unions have been sold down the river by the democrat party when of course they want their union deals and illegal immigration undermines that. david: and julie, what we're talking about here, i guess the union leaders on on board like amy said, the pipelines and the trillion dollar worth of infrastructure spending, a lot of union jobs are used to for those, right? >> i would love and at meyer the congress if they passed the infrastructure plan, they've proposed passing a smaller one the entire time barack obama was in office. if they want to pass the plan to get people back to work, unions would be for it and because president trump had the meeting doesn't mean-- they have the power of the purse, and if they do, i'll
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laugh and laugh and laugh a because i recall so many times you and others saying, no, no, we don't need more money from the government for infrastructure spending, it should be done privately. the union leaders are counting on donald trump to keep his word on a massive infrastructure bill. eric: he has a way to get his way. and on dealing with the unions, lisa, the union wages are substantially higher than the average american worker. when you start doing this, you start using the union wage as your average wage, you're pushing wages up across the board, maybe artificially. >> and that's why donald-- president trump shouldn't be focused on trying to appease one part of the country or one sector of voters or the country should be looking at policies that benefit everyone. if you look at the keystone pipeline, the dakota pipeline, these benefit all of americans, not only does it bring job growth, but energy
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development to this country, which are things we desperately need. to amy's earlier point. look, there's an emerging divide against themselves. and scott walker, public enemy number one for the collective bargaining actions he took, but streamlining mining regulation that's through the support of private unions and he even, in his 2013 address had a lot of these blue collar workers standing behind him. i think there's a split among unions themselves particularly looking at public unions versus private unions. eric: julie, back to you, the trillion dollars or 866 billion dollars that barack obama got to spend shall the stimulus program that he spent. how did the unions react to that spending? >> well, the unions were for it because it did put people back to work. eric: they were for it prior to it. in the aftermath, were they happy the way it turned out? >> i think it probably should
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have been more and it wasn't enough. again, these union leaders went to the white house and said they had an incredible and magnificent meeting with the president of the united states because they're under the impression he's going to put a lot of money behind his words. if he does they'll continue to praise him. if he doesn't, the state union leaders are going to say that donald trump misled us, that he led us to believe he was going to put millions upon trillions, at least billions of dollars behind a public works project that our members could work on and he couldn't do it. and the problem is not what donald trump wants, the problem is with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. eric: there's one more big project you could say it's a stimulus program, it's certainly shovel ready called the border wall. >> that's right. eric: your final thought on this? >> unions are losing their power because you have less union members signing up, so, actually the unions are dependent right now on donald trump to see if they can activate their membership because as we know, they're losing their influence as time
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goes on and yes, building the wall would be a helpful project, in, for some of the union members. eric: infrastructure spending, it's a big, big infrastructure spending, 1900 miles along the southern border. and president trump is pushing because funding for sanctuary cities, will this help the war on immigration? t here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. not to be focusingo finaon my moderatepe. to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation
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>> like i said, they need money, cities are broke. >> and to amy's point, horrible. it's a carrot and stick approach. these cities define federal law why would president trump want to reward them with federal money. when you see what the immigration sees with donald trump, i think a lot of the policies are going forward, i'm interested to see if there's a drop in the
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illegality, and based sheerly off the fact, based on the fact that he's saying that sanctuary cities would no longer be acceptable under a president trump. so i'm interested to see how those things that are clear deterrents will affect illegality at the border. >> so, mayor rahm says no, we're keeping our sanctuary city status. let's show the full screen of funds available to hold back to the cities. julie, you're mayor of one of the cities and the federal government says, you know what? maybe san francisco, you're not going to get the 71 million dollars or maybe los angeles or new york, you're not going to get the hundreds of millions of dollars in grants that we were going to give you if you insist on being, you know, this defined federal law in sanctuary status. >> well, first and foremost, as amy pointed out. bill deblasio is going to say,
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my constituents want something different so donald trump wants to punish his hometown and constituents, he can do that. i love the republicans who have been screaming for generations at least since nixon and before, about state's rights and local control want the big foot of washington to come in and tell municipality how to behave. it's bizarro world and-- >>, but i will say the following, look, if you're in new york city or you're in san francisco, you listen to your own police department and those police departments are tell you they don't want to enforce immigration law. eric: why is that? because the mayors of those cities tell them, instruct them. we don't want you doing it. >> no, no, the police departments-- >> the mayor doesn't have the police force's back, what are they going to do? >> let me answer the question, the police departments have said that if we go in there and try to detain people who are here legally, we're not
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going to have people who will cooperate with us with the communities when it comes to real crime and things we have to worry about and not to overstate the visa and people who look out for the rest of us and cooperate with the police in a variety of issues. that's why they don't want to do it. >> could i jump in quickly? >> i want to jump in quickly, that in the previous administration, we had liberals that were cheering on president obama to coerce private organization, like the little sisters of the poor, or the christian-based bakeries to coerce them to go along with federal directive and now are screaming bloody murder when the federal government is asking cities and counties to go along with dually passed immigration law. >> so you proved my point, which is that republicans are complete hipocrits for the last eight years when they talked about. >> no, republicans-- >> hold on, let , let me ask you, her --
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herein lies the problem. you're requiring cities to adhere to federal law on immigration, but not things on marijuana. are we talking now, we're to enforce on the city level or the state level, and federal marijuana laws as well? >> well, i think this is why you see the complexity between federalism versus statism. i think that julie brought up the point that republicans are hipocrits. here is the deal. republicans want to ensure that we follow the law and that we secure our borders, it's a very simple context, i think in the terms of sanctuary city, it's abused, it's a policy abused. it's allowing the illegal immigrants to stay in the communities without the enforcement of law and the mere fact that they're trying to resist and push back the federal government, i think it's very dangerous because we want to is cooperation amongst the cities and the federal government to ensure that we have safety in our communities and to ensure that our b
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citizens are protected and that's one of the reasons why. eric: and some of the breakdown, ice wants the illegals and sometimes the cities say we're not going to notify you. we have them, but we're not going to. the mayors. >> and that's why you see people like kate steinley's murderer released free back into society and the fact that president trump has stated that he's going to come out and shame some of these cities by posting some of the criminals that are living in these various cities, and making that known to voters and americans. i think that's smart strategy and let's see how mayor rahm emanuel wants to explain that. >> and lisa, it's worse than that, that these cities end up becoming magnets for the worst criminal elements because they have sanctuary. eric: and the hollywood liberals bashing trump, does a new ad prove they should be looking in the mirror before they trash everyone else. >> this horrific moment of
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darkness to wake us (bleep) up. >> he saved my (bleep) and some other parts, too.
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>> coming up, conservatives giving them a taste of their own medicine. tinseltown on a
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>> this is a fox news alert. i'm elizabeth prann in washington. just moments ago president trump talking on the phone to angela merkel. new video into fox showing mr. trump talking to the german leader at the oval office. earlier speaking to japan's prime minister shinzo abe saying that the u.s. affirms the commitment to japan's
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security and the two leaders discussing deepening their trade and economic relationship. mr. trump also inviting mr. abe to the white house for a meeting on february 10th. in a few minutes, mr. trump will be talking on the phone to russian president vladimir putin. it will be the first official contact between the two leaders since mr. trump was sworn into office. i'm elizabeth prann in washington d.c., i'll see you at the top of the our with leland vittert. now, back to cashin' in. eric: remember this video that hillary clinton released during the campaign featuring kids reacting to things that donald trump was saying. well, now, conservatives are returning the favor releasing an ad of children watching anti-trump tirades. here is that video. >> this horrific moment of darkness to wake us (bleep) up. they saved my (bleep), and other parts, too. ain't for grabbing.
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>> this song is dedicated to the new dt in the white house. d could stand for (bleep) (bleep). for our pleasure (bleep). ♪ (bleep) is your (bleep) really more than protecting the sacred messy parts of my woman hood? yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. eric: all right, we had to, had to bleep a lot of things because it's not family friendly, but the new ad featuring vulgar celebrities highlighting the hollywood hypocrisy? >> i love this play on the hillary ad. it's laughable because the left has criticized donald trump and that was partly the, you know, the reason why these protests and the march was held was to protest some things that donald trump said, that president trump said when he was running for president. but look at the blatant
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hypocrisy. somehow these hollywood liberals, the way that they talk, they're supposed to be an example to women across the country? it's a joke. eric: and they were the loudest complainers about what trump was saying, the whole hillary clinton with the kids and your thoughts. >> can you remembering michelle obama saying when they go low, we go high, they went straight to the gutter. as a mother of five daughters, it is offensive and they do not in any way-- talking about body parts and going in and the tirade about just in an offensive way, i think for me, and for my children, i would never let them watch this and they in any way the celebrities do not represent a good example for young women in america. eric: and your thoughts on this, the blatant hypocrisy. >> it's not hypocritical, i'm not voting for madonna ciccone
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penn richie. we have a reality star speaking like all of the celebrities, now sitting in the white house. i don't ask my child to look up to madonna, but look up to the president. eric: but they do. >> who. >> the reality says that they look up to them. >> not my kid when he grows up. >> i don't know that they look up to madonna, i think she's pretty much a has-been, but since gloria steinham burned her bra: talking this way, but when madonna said she was thinking about blowing up the white house, i thought that was incredib incredibly irresponsible and i hope that the fbi is looking into it. eric: i find it hypocrisy, and talking about trump, i've got to go and the march--
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>> we've got a block coming up, as a big battle brews over the wall and mexico. the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise z28cnz zwtz y28cny ywty
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>> i want to thank our cashin' in crew. this week president trump signed a memorandum on the mexican wall. and we knew about it. that didn't sit well with president pena-nieto. he backed out of a meeting. granted the two leaders did speak on the phone. here is what the mexican president said before the call. >> i am saddened and against the decision by the united states to continue with the construction of a wall, far from joining us has divided us, mexico does not believe in walls. mexico will not pay for any
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wall. eric: that's sheer disrespect for people of the united states and this after literally billions of dollars we've handed over to the mexican people in u.s., and no is intelligente, mr mr. presidente. the president followed with this. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel the planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different rou route. eric: note to mexico, do you want to tick off your biggest customers for your oil, your fruits, for your travel industries? 80% of your exports, mexico, cross that border into the u.s., your biggest customer. $270 billion worth per year. now, mr. pena-nieto, you sure
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you don't want to pay for that wall after all? don't be peso-wise and pound foolish. as we know from president trump, he doesn't fool around. you'll pay for the wall one way or another, have a great weekend. everybody. elizabeth: for the first time since taking office, president trump is set to talk to vladimir putin, wei're live at the white house and moscow. >> and this one with germany chancellor angela merkel. leland: a day off president trump's executive order calling for extreme vetting from refugees from seven muslim countries. elizabeth: and republicans debate, what they'll replace obamacare with, tensions break out at a g.o.p. retreat over the issue. we'll be speaking with the governor from


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