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tv   Bulls Bears  FOXNEWSW  January 28, 2017 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> now 900,000. >> see you tomorrow. have a great show. have a great morning. >> see you tomorrow. dagen: the dow hitting 20k as president trump continues to sign away. hi, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell in for brenda, this is bulls&bears, stocks skyrocketing, many aimed at boosting american jobs, dow 20,000 a mayor milestone. why are some of the media trying to downplay it? the bulls and bear this is week, john, along with morgan, welcome to everybody. gary, the dow 20,000 predicting good things to come, right?
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>> i would say, absolutely, dagen, he has accomplished more than any other president since i have been around since eisenhower. certainly more than president obama in eight years. even if they didn't vote for him, he's executing. they wanted smaller government, less bureaucracy. they wanted to cut down on illegal immigrants, they wanted a pipeline built. he's certainly the hardest working president i have ever seen and that's why we are optimistic and the dow is over 20k and that's why we are moving higher. dagen: we found out in the last week the economy in the fourth quarter grew again at less than 2%, it hasn't grown at 3% in the last eight or even ten years.
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morgan: not good for the economy to have such low gdp in the past years, i think you're also seeing a lot of confidence in the trump administration that's baked in. you're looking at the people that have been successful in business, successful in wall treatment that trump has appointed to positions. there's a level of confidence there. i think you are also seeing in the s&p 500 in a broader mixed of companies, you're see the big bell weather stocks, their guidance is not necessarily that much greater than earnings were in 2016, what you're seeing is people of believe and have hope that the regulations that they're getting rid of and policies that this administration is enacting is going to lead to enhanced growth and better than 1.9% because that's not going to be good enough. dagen: it's not just companies, big investors, it's the average person in this nation, confidence at the end of january, is it a 13-year high and you see -- people are feeling nit their 401(k) plans.
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a hundred million people who invested through defying contribution plans. >> yeah, they are feeling it. this was a shock. everybody was predicting mrs. clinton was going to win. that's a record since we measured gdp. it looked like it's simply more of the same, there's 70% of gdp make-up of what they spend and now you're starting to see optimism, since november of 2014 to november of 2016, the market was essentially flat. it started spiking when president trump surprisingly become the president elect. and sense then, you've seen the crin edible run-up, run-up on the optimism that this administration is going to be probusiness, remember, president clinton, was because the fair business act, small business act in 1996 when he cut regulation. but since then, we've had 20 straight years of regulation on
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top of regulation, cutting the regulation, if we can do it by 75%, that will be phenomenal but it would be great for business in this country. dagen: financial times and wall street journal and usa today headline, does dow 20,000 even matter? yeah, it matters. >> even i know it matters but i watch fox news allot so we certainly talked about it. i don't think it should be down played and everybody should be excited when the economy is doing and saw the success before barack obama, a few months before the obama presidency, the dow was at 6400 he brought us within 1700 before so donald trump could have the victory lap. let's talk about unemployment rate under 5%.
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i want to give trump credit but i would like to hearsay nice things about barack obama. dagen: the market really took off after election day in anticipation trump is going to do and is doing in a week. >> first of like, i would like to say usa today doesn't sound like that verbally? [laughter] >> i want to say, look, the stock market is a good indication of the economic policies proposed or the president and probably the pretty good one but you have to say the markets think they are going to work and you also have to say that the obama policies were pretty good which was one of the best returns for a president. that all said, as far as who is getting more optimistic for average consumers, every person who was negative in the last eight years, there's a lot of them, they voted one way, there's a million of other
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people who were positive and now negative during the streets protest. that's a wash, zero sum gain. investors and business owners were worried that when rates were up, there was not going to be anything to pick up the slack, they are comfortable with rates going up there's going to be fiscal policies and tax cut and that's making investors and business owners comfortable -- they need to be optimistic specially business owners. dagen: i know you have something to say. >> no, not jonas, i'm going to skip back to jessica. >> shocking. >> i applaud her because she is so sweet in despite all evidence of the contrary in thinking president obama belongs on mount mount rushmore. he belongs on the other side of
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mount rushmore where nobody can see it. i have two daughter with graduate degree that is are looking for jobs right now, you know what kind of job they can get is unpaid internship. if you look at all the jobs created out there in the past eight years, they are part -- part-time lousy jobs. to do good news of trump, you know why people are up 20k, because the vast majority of americans for past eight years they've been under this great malaise, the labor force participation is down, home ownership is down, wages haven't improved. stock market is up, big deal. donald trump is saying i'm for you guys out thr i'm doing the things that you wanted to turn the economy about. i may not be right, i disagree with some thicks, but darn it he's proactive and exciting and putting america first and that's
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probably what we need right now. dagen: do you worry that the media can basically talk this country out of a good mood and talk this market down? [laughter] >> i don't think so because i don't think anybody pays attention anymore. ic they now try to check report. i think you have to give american people the credit of that. because of that they discredit. why would anybody go back to the people that simply lied to them. what gary was saying is accurate . dagen: right. same with you, jessica, trump rally.
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>> john should be referring to her as secretary clinton not as ms. clinton. >> i apologize. you are right. secretary clinton, i stand corrected. >> thank you, john. dagen: dow 20,000 because of donald trump. thanks, guys. cavuto on business about 20 minutes from now. what do you have? neil: if the rally has chance of continuing, someone says congress bet get moving on tax cuts. the president and the prime minister, are we about to see a blast from the past? we le debate it coming up. dagen: thank you, niel, we can't wait. up here first, president trump putting pen to paper and hitting pause on refugee program. critics say he can't do this, some here are saying we can't afford not to.
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>> live from america's news headquarters in washington, d.c. president trump will be working the phones this saturday talking to five foreign leaders, much of
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the attention focusing on his conversation with german chancellor angela merkel but the most important call could be the one to russian president vladimir putin. it'll be the first official contact between the two world leaders since mr. trump was sworn into office. they are expected to discuss improving u.s.-russia relations. president trump signing executive order suspending refugee program for four months, suspends visa entry into the u.s. from seven mostly muslim countries and ban it is syrian refugees until further notice, however, it includes an exception for religious minorities claiming persecution such as christians in the middle east. i'm melissa in washington, now back to bulls and bears for all the headlines log onto dagen: president trump signing an order this week establishing new refugee vetting measures to keep terrorist out of the u.s. critics are crying foul but gary
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b. you say this is the right move. >> and it's so obvious, dagen. look, let me make an analogy, if you have a leak somewhere, a pipe in your house, the plumber comes, what they do is turn off the water going into the house. they don't do it permanently, no more water forever. they do it temporarily so they can find where the leek is. that's what donald trump is doing. he's not doing it for all countries. he's doing it to the most dangerous countries in terms of terrorist, iraq, iran, syria, et cetera, et cetera. he's saying, look, let me step back, see what we need, investigate, i can still let people through on a per case basis. i applaud him, let's see what we don't know and act on it. dagen: john, we need to assess whether the vetting is good enough. a refugee program, the numbers have been going up by 20% in the last year, in the coming year even more than that in terms of
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the number of refugees the u.s. is letting in. >> yeah, because we can't vet. the people are saying that we have biometric data, we don't. they don't have library to go to. i agree with gary b. in what he's saying. we have 70,000 refugees relocate every year at a cost of $1.1 billion. only about 10,000 of those are syrian. that means that the 10 million that are displaced in syria right now over 99% we are not affecting, we are doing this to show the world, look what we are doing, we are not making any difference at all. this is a rounding error. better taking the billion dollars and spending in refugee camps in middle east and europe to make the refugee life better for them and enable them to integrate into societies over there. dagen: evidence that this is necessary, jessica, is seen in
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the fact that we weren't even looking at the social media accounts of people who were applying from syria for a refugee status until last year. >> absolutely, i think that people on both sides of the i'll have admit that had there have been failures, certainly in terms of social media and that's why the administration, the obama administration and the trump administration will be out in silicon valley talking about to the big heads of those businesses about how we can better monitor them. but i'm curious with the question to the panel and you all say this is the right move, why sit that madeline doesn't think it is, david, michael, henry kissinger, they all say that this will actually make us more likely to have a terrorist attack here and it is also part of a long tradition of american history of taking people in. think about the statute of liberty, we are all immigrants from somewhere. dagen: this is a temporary haul at this point, reassessment of the process and americans, look at what happened with germany with the sexual assaults that we
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saw over a year ago. angela merkel admit that had she invited terrorism into germany and you've seen the number of refugees coming in dropped by $600,000 year. morgan: one of the things that burns me up the most when i hear liberals talking about sympathy for syrian refugees. why are there refugees in the first place. there are refugees in syria and coming out of the middle east because we had the opportunity to do something and we did nothing and we watched the middle east and we watched syria descend into chaos, so it's sort of like the house is on fire, the obama administration put gasoline on the fire and they are trying the rest of us to clean up mess, the mess that they create and did nothing to stop. the important thing to remember, as you said it is a temporary policy -- what is extreme vetting, 18 to 24 months right now? he keeps railing on, extreme
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vetting. morgan: there's a couple of things that are important in the executive order, one i thought was crucial, he we wanted to prioritize christians that are being persecuted in the middle east from -- >> by all means prioritize the christians. dominant muslim country. morgan: no one has protected them. dagen: half of the muslims -- half. morgan: he said -- >> you said it was a prioritization. morgan: they are talking about the middle east. what we have seen this administration do for the past eight years, don't -- for someone who lived in the middle east and saw chaos, don't lecture me on what this administration should do because i've seen what the past eight years didn't do, it caused this chaos and that's why we are in
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the situation. >> the u.s. government plumber has a butt so big it's never going to find the leak. you brought up angela merkel and the mistake that trump isn't making is of let people in. you didn't help anybody, be better off using your money, germany is rich, we are rich, help them there. that's a sustainable policy. dagen: that's actually part of trump's plan. thanks, guys. cashing in just over an hour from now. eric, what do you guys have coming pup r. >> president trump signing executive order to define sanctuary cities, would plan help stop i leg aim immigration? plus a new add shows liberals cursing at president trump, didn't they bash him for using crude language? more proof of liberal hypocrisy, we will see you at 11:30. dagen: we will be watching that. the battle over the border wall,
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dagen: coming up the fight over funding the border wall. president trump saying the u.s. won't be the one to foot the hill. someone he
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dagen: new questions this hour after president trump and mexican trump peña nieto hold a long-hour phone call over the wall. méxico says there's no way they are going to foot the bill, but morgan, you say there's a way to make them pay, how? morgan: we will have to see how the math adds up on this one. tariffs are nonstarter, that's not going to get through the
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senate, lindsey graham, john mccain of nebraska have indicated that they have not going to pass any tariff legislation, may not get to the house either. what can you do? i think that you could look to remit answers, people here in the u.s. are sending money back to méxico probably to their families, you can look on the tax on that, i don't know that that will add up to pay for the wall. you can look mexicans to get a visa, increasing those fees. >> they are not going to pay. 70% of americans want path for citizenship. so it's a good thing, stop pissing them off. dagen: people on the border want
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that wall, john, you're from texas. >> sure they do. contradicting president obama's and secretary clinton. every president since reagan said they are going to secure the border. let me finish that -- i don't think the tariff is the answer but if we need to build a wall, security whatever it is, forget méxico trying to pay for it. dagen: jonas. >> there's only one way to make méxico without starting a trade war, 10% federal tax like that, 10 million illegal mexicans or immigrants from other countries here. they are going to spend a thousand dollars year. that's a billion dollars in tax revenue. we will wait, you give the americans paying the income tax so it's only the foreigners who are here illegally, a 20 billion-dollar loan to pay for the loan, thank you, america, you're welcome. dagen: gary b. make méxico pay it and simple.
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>> morgan stated the more popular ones and the other raise tolls when they come through on the bridges, that's another way, i will end the segment, i hope, trump is a great businessman, i think he's going to outmaneuver méxico, they will end up paying. morgan: don't touch our tequila. dagen: start drinking bourbon. thank you for joining us, coming up president trump ready to build the wall, why someone hearsays that could have your wallet building profits, next lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. you realize the smartest investing idea i discovered a woman my family tree, named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots.
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ancestry really helped me fill in a lot of details.
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dagen: predictions. dagen, a wall is going to get built, i don't know who is going to pay for it to be honest. caterpillar is going to do the building, stock up 30% this year. dagen: john. >> no matter what happens with obamacare, cvs should be strong. the stock is strong, i do own it.
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dagen: jonas. >> hollywood took on the gold mining stocks with the movie gold opening this weekend. if you skip people out of buying scamming individuals, people are going to buy funds. dagen: matthew is hotter than you, niel, is next. neil: well, only if he could sign a executive order for tax cuts things could be so much easier because while president trump has been putting pen to paper, putting our tax code to passture, well, that is another story. welcome everybody, glad to have you, i'm niel cavuto, while he's off to a very fast start, let's just say the big tax cuts more like distant starts. we are told they are still coming, maybe just not as fast as some had hoped. here is the plan the way it looks, slash corporate taxes first, go after individual taxes next. maybe squeeze in a trillion dollar or so infrastructure plan in between. so before all of this goes down,


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