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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 28, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ [national anthem] ♪ abby: good morning. happy saturday, everyone. it is january 28th. i'm abby huntsman. president trump signing two unprecedented executive orders halting the flow of foreign refugees into our country. >> i'm establishing new vetting. measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states. abby: but his opponents not seeing exactly eye to eye. we're going to explain. pete: standoff on southern border intensifying overnight. actually telling the u.s. you think it was bad now? just wait. vowing to make mr. trump really regret building that wall. we'll see if he responds this
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morning. clat clat who will solve the world's refugee crisis and save us from isis? america's most trusted diplomat? here she is lindsey lohan. an an i love your teases, clayton. clayton: "fox & friends" begins right now. wake up. put on some pants. ♪ ♪ every day people. clayton: good morning. welcome in to "fox & friends" this saturday morning. we had extreme vetting this morning somehow ed henry got it through. abby: how did you make it through our process it's a really strict one. he had he had really not.
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clayton: stuck with us for four hours. get to this because it was a busy week in washington and president trump vowing to do what he vowed to do on campaign trail executive order get all those things lined up. he went downtown laundry list over the past week. one was sealing our borders and doing extreme vetting. ed: moving forward on building the wall and cracking down on sanctuary cities. sealing the border. the heed me yes is going to continue to call it a muslim ban even though he said for months that's not what it is. let's go through the bullet points. bar those that do not support the constitution coming up. countries not giving enough nefings in 30 days. suspend 90 days and success spefnsd the refugees admission program for 120 days. suspend all entrance from syrian refugees indefinitely.
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clayton: criticism there are countries on this -- countries that aren't on the extreme vetting list that were responsible for 9/11. saudi arabia. other countries who we have had terrorist attacks in the past 10, 15 years not on this list. these countries here are the ones on the list. abby: so interesting because as you mentioned both of you have said throughout the whole campaign he said this is what he was going to do when he got in office. here he is now first week as president of the united states. you think about the fact it has only been a week how much has happened. clayton: flurry of activity. abby: now doing. so things he promised he would do. almost like they don't expect their politicians to follow through on what you say. he had evidence they expect you will walk it back in week one. get to it in six monts or maybe i changed my mind. i secretary of defense that the in campaign. it seems like donald trump almost surprised his supporters. not just his critics with the rapidity. foot on the gas pedal.
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following through with the promises and going further than people expected. clayton: democrats, of course, upset specifically around this so-called muslim ban and extreme vetting. here was senator chuck schumer. here is what he had to say about the statue of liberty. tears are running down the cheeks of statue of liberty tonight as a grand tradition of america welcoming immigrants since america was founded has been stomped upon. this is one of the most backward and nasty executive orders that the president has issued. i. ed: then look at what happened in the mainstream media last night on the major network newscasts reacting to all of this. >> there is breaking news tonight. cheers, controversy and condemnation as president trump signs an order temporarily restricting entry to the u.s. from several muslim countries. amid a firestorm. >> with the stroke of a pen, the president locks the door. >> the aclu says extreme vetting euphemism for discriminating against muslims.
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>> it stops short of a muslim ban he first floated on the campaign trail. is he close enough to strike a deep nerve tonight among immigration activists. >> president trump drew an x today through the welcoming words of the nearby statue of liberty. clayton: questioning he number of things on the list bars those who do not support the constitution. how do you enforce that another one that stands out suspend the u.s. refugees program for 120 days and basically giving preferable treatment to those christians. ed: minorities in these countries. clayton: weighing one faith over another? ed: here is the biggest point for donald trump. you just said the key word suspend. he was going to say we're ending this refugee program. never again. we are sealing the borders forever and ever. he is says 30 days, 90 days. he let's get this under control. let's figure out what kind of vetting we need. key point is make sure you
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don't have islamic terrorists coming. in what's wrong with that? i think it's fascinating that you heard scott pelley from the end of the clip from cbs saying that donald trump has drawn an x through the statue of liberty. it sounds similar to what chuck schumer was saying tears running downtown cheeks of the statue of liberty tonight. so dramatic. almost as if the senate democratic leader is writing the talking points for some in the media it's remarkable. abby: not just some in the media that used to be all the americans ever got. only outlet in which to get their news. i watched this play out yet in signing the executive orders. how transparent is he being in signing executive orders. this is what i'm doing. let me explain to you what this means. that's not how it always works in executive orders. clayton: even in the press conference yesterday we saw press conference with theresa may. abby: that was quite a preference. > sometimes i enter
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he a relationship and think i like a person and i end up hating them. sometimes i have a relationship with vladimir putin. and sometimes have a relationship with someone i don't think i will like but end up liking them. abby: kellyanne conway was on last night on o'reilly. she said why is the media, why is everyone so surprised is he doing this week. this is what he prom missioned on the campaign trail. he is just following through with it here is what she said. >> i'm happy and i'm proud that we elected a president in donald trump who made good on his promises. even whether they weren't fairly or fully covered. people seemed shocked that he is follow through on them. i don't think washington is used to somebody someone oodelivering results. accountable to, in this case the people. ed: it's been shocking to the democrats that he has followed through and he is shaking up washington as he said he would. abby: shocking the statue of liberty as well.
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ed: the statue of liberty is shocked this morning. so is the media when steve bannon his senior strategist inside the white house ripped the bark off a couple nights ago and told the "new york times" the media should be embarrassed at what happened in the last election and, you know, that the media, not just the democrats, that the media is the opposition party in this country. that's what steve bannon said, his boss, the president in the united states agreed with christian broadcasting. watch. >> yo. i think the media is the opposition party in many ways. and i think -- i'm not talking about all media i know people, like yourself, i know people in the media that i have tremendous respect for. respect them as much as anybody. so i'm not talking about everybody. but a big portion of the media, the dishonesty, the total deceit and deception makes them certainly partially the opposition parties. abby: this is exactly why i think he got elected because people were so fed up and frustrated with the media tell them what they think that they
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should know. and just not connecting with them. there is a real frustration out there that president obama was not challenged over the past 8 years over things like benghazi that he was not pushed on. or obamacare was a huge one. promising if you like your plan and like your doctor you can keep that. ed: for years the slaw working, fine. shut up critics. now it's conventional wisdom that obamacare is not working. abby: he is speaking a lot of truth there saying the media has gotten it wrong this time and we're going to push back. clayton: you saw that during the campaign. using the likes of facebook to connect with audience. using facebook live. so first facebook live video chats with his audience. tens of thousands of people tuning in on facebook live. i don't need cnn or other places to broadcast my preference right now. my audience is watching. ed: this white house is going to war basically with the media with some of these comments. some of it going far by the
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way when bannon said in the comments the media should just shut its mouth. that's a bit extreme right there. you saw his boss, the president, basically take a lighter touch when a british reporter at this news conference at the white house just went through a litfully. abby: what was that? ed: listen, here is every horrible thing have you ever done. clayton: here is everything have you ever done you support torture. ed: here is how he handled it, watch. >> mr. president you said before that torture works. have you praised russia. you have said you want to ban some muslims from coming to america. you suggested there should be punishments for abortion. for many people in those sound like alarming belief he is. what do you say to our viewers at home that are worried about some of your views and worried about you becoming the leader of the free world. >> this was your choice of a question? [laughter] there goes that relationship.
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she called on the reporter. president trump called on the first reporter. and then she had her chance. she chose a bbc reporter who asked that first question. he had a pretty thoughtful answer. just nominated general james mattis. he is the secretary of defense. he does not believe in torture and i listen to him. hes that last the ultimate authority on it i disagree with that but he has the ultimate authority on it. ed: media building up narrative before hand how is he going to do object world stage? first big moment in terms of meeting with a world leader. and that news conference worked just fine. prime minister may said great things about this relationship and its back on. abby: i love how he handled that. does make you wonder how many in the media are wanting him to fail. preconceived notion things are going to be bad. there use offed to be a honeymoon period six months. ed: 100 days. abby: doesn't seem like we have that more. clayton: let's have a honeymoon this morning.
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we have four hours of a great show. abby: standoff on southern border bold new threats from mexico as it refuses to pay for president trump's border wall. mexican politicians now say they may retaliate by deporting u.s. law enforcement agents. leaving without drug expectations and encouraging boycotts of miner bans. scrapped plans to meet with mr. trump next week. buff they did speak by phone yesterday. both called the conversation productive. also later today e president trump set to speak with russian president vladimir putin that telephone call being called the first step toward president trump's plan to improve u.s. relations with russia. the two are expected to talk about fighting isis and the recent sanctions imposed by the obama administration. there is in this morning. u.s. diplomacy now in the hands of lindsay lohan. the actress meeting with the tuckerrish president sending her blessings to syrian refugees. even posting a short message online. take a listen.
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>> we opt to send to all of the people we that we are here supporting you and can you hang on and be strong. and we are sending lots of love and light and blessings. abby: lohan also writing a poem earlier this month on how she plans to fix, quote, isis ominds. she also had a weird accent in that. where is she from these days. clayton: taking on a british accent. ed: president trump meanwhile says we need the wall. >> the wall is necessary. not just politics. and yet it is good for the heart of the nation in a certain way because people want protection. ed: democrats don't like it. the media don't like it. how do the media feel about it. lee carter has the new dials yet. clayton: protesters burning the american flag and now he is the one in trouble. [bleep] >> let go.
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>> get out of here. >> all you guys. back off.
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clayton: welcome back. from executive orders, meeting foreign dignitaries and battles with media, president trump had a very busy first week. what did do the american people think about his first seven days on the job. here to break it down is lee carter. nice to see you this morning. >> great to be here. clayton: couple things to puts to the dial treat here. let's talk about extreme vetting. how do folks respond to this comment. watch. >> totally extreme and just beyond those countries. we are going to have extreme vetting for people coming in to our country and if we think there is a problem, it's not going to be so easy for people to come in anymore. you look at what's gone on, we could just go one after another. but then did you go to one
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after countries and look at niche and places in europe and germany, it's a mess. the crime is incredible. and we're just not going to let that happen here. clayton: why does it plummet there at the end? lili threes everybody going back to 50 before they hear the next seeing: clayton: gotcha. what do you make of this. >> republicans an a. and independence b and he democrats d minus. we have seen a real division how you view. this democrats feel this is very, h crazy. they are very, very afraid what this means for vetting. what's going to happen? they feel like it's very, very racist. on the other hand, republicans and independence are actually encouraged. they have wanted it to be harder to get in this country. they want there to be a vetting process. one side sees it as dangerous and the other side sees it as promising. it's a real, real issue right now. clayton: other divisive issue is the wall. let's play the wall comment here and get your take. >> the wall is necessary. that's not just politics.
3:19 am
and, yet, it is good for the heart of the nation in a certain way because people want protection. a wall protects. all you have to do is ask israel. they were having total disaster coming across, and they had a wall. it's 99.9% stoppage. a proper wall. not a wall that's this high like they have now. they have little toy walls. i don't know why they even wasted their time. if you ever saw where they built the little ramp over the wall? i don't know why they built a ramp. it's cheaper to knock it over. clayton: toy wall like legos. >> you can't help but laugh sometimes listening to him. >> republicans a a minus. independence a c and democrats an f. one of the things i thought was interesting this week. independents weren't as lock in step as republicans. a lot of negative coverage and fear out there. independents are starting to question. this now, one of the things he ran on this. nobody should be surprised that he is talking about the wall because he said he was going to do it. people said i never thought it was actually going to happen. interesting to see their
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reaction. clayton: let's get your take on obamacare. here is the president on obamacare. listen. >> what my plan is i want to take care of everybody. i'm not going to leave the lower 20% that can't afford insurance. just so you understand, people talk about obamacare. and i told the republicans. this the best thing we could do is nothing for two years, let it explode and then we will go in and do a new plan and the democrats will vote for it. clayton: what was the responds there. >> can you see that republicans a. independence a minus. democrats even a b minus. the issue of obamacare is one that we all agree on. while people might say we need to have something to replace it right away, people do want overhaul here. they do want to see this fixed. that's something we can all agree on. clayton: b from democrats this morning. lee, thanks for being here. >> great to be here, thank you. clayton: last person in the world you would expect to build a wawnchts i hear fearful voices building walls and labeling others.
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abby: and we are back with quick headlines. the secret service agent said she wouldn't take a bullet for president trump now son paid lee. kerry o'grady who leads the secret service in denver has been on investigation since posting to private facebook page that she would take jail time over taking a bullet for the president. and in this morning. off the hook. new jersey governor chris christie will not be facing misconduct charges in the so-called bridge gate scandal. christie was intentionally accused of closing lanes in 2013 to punish a local mayor for not endorsing re-election bid. prosecutors saying there
3:25 am
wasn't enough evidence. and it has now finally come to an end and over to you. ed: thanks, abby. president trump set to have first big phone call with vladimir putin today. this as questions loom about whether he will lift shangs sanctions against russia. >> as far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that. but we look to have a great relationship with all countries, ideally. that won't necessarily happen, unfortunately, probably won't happen with many country dries. ed: is it a good idea to lift those sanctions that were just put in to place by president obama or actually take place. here now fair and balanced debate bob sexton host of the bob sexton radio show. former consultant to the department of home land security under the bush administration and democratic strategist. buck, i wonder, what do you think about this speculation and the president did not want to address it. he said it's too early about whether he may lift these sanctions against russia at a time he has already been
3:26 am
accused of being too close to putin. >> at this point it's just that it's speculation. when you look at what the president would try in order to get something out of this, there are a number of places. a number of issues where i really do think you could get some change in policy based on a relationship between trump and putin. he shouldn't pull the sanctions off right away, necessarily. i have think he should do what his prepredecessor was trying to which is gain change in russian policy. if he is able to acquire that of course he should lift the sanctions. they are not an end in themselves. interesting a lot of people out there saying trump should be essentially be a continuation of obama policy with russia across the border. that was not true with cuba, iran and a bunch of other places. ed: we have heard this before george w. bush looked into putin's eyes and saw into his soul. we had this russian reset from the obama administration that clearly failed. could there be something different this time? >> i think president trump is trying. our concern is that he is
3:27 am
trying a little too hard. he says he is a great negotiator. but, to this day, he has not criticized russia for anything. and his links of his campaign and the russian hacking to the american system, it is concerning to people is he going too far reaching out to vladimir putin and there may be something to it. he has got to calm those fear he is. ed: to that point why is the default position he should be criticizing russia? the president has made this point in the transition and back in the campaign that maybe we should have warmer relations with russia. doesn't mean endorse every bad thing they do. got their help in syria, that would be a big deal, wouldn't it? >> his position, president trump during the campaign didn't criticize vladimir putin for invading crimea. he said that was not a big deal. he talked about not supporting nato if they didn't pay into it. and the more importantly the fat that he has so many russian ties into his campaign makes the world very nervous about
3:28 am
his actions. he has got a lot to do. being part of being president is not just winning a campaign but it's leading and the american president and not just our president, leader of the free world. so there is a lot of people watching what he says and his reaction to vladimir putin. ed: watching what he says. but, buck, address that insinuation basically all these ties, there are these shadows overhanging this phone call for president trump? >> i think unfortunately this is a continuation of the hyper bowl lick story that was run by democrats and much of the media that what happened was that donald trump, whether it can be proven or not, donald trump won the election because of russia and that's where have you very hawkish statements coming out of democrats who with regard to our foreign relations with every other country around the world seem to always want to take a conciliatory approach. in this instance, because hillary clinton did not win the election, we have been treated to a steady diet in the news of constantly insinuating that donald trump has these nefarious ties to russia. there is always some smoke here. there is not fire. they have not been able to prove anything.
3:29 am
i think what they are trying to do is box trump in to make bad decisions with russia out of the gate. we cannot ignore. russia is too big geopolitically to ignore. >> lindsey graham is no democrat. john mccain is no democrat. senator rubio is no democrat. republicans, democrats, national security experts have a real problem with how president trump is -- ed: appreciate it thanks for joining us. president trump come out strong against isis. >> we are fighting sneaky rats right now that are sick and demented and we're going to win. ed: we just learned when it comes to waterboarding the trump administration won't do it. can he still win? the man behind the cia's waterboarding program he joins us next. meanwhile, a fedex driver stops protesters from everyone
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but there's plenty of time if you know where to look. now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> i they said it really wasn't torture. it was the one step slightly below torture. >> that's why it was legal.
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>> i spoke with people the other day who are in this world that we are talking about. they said absolutely it works. >> general james mattis and he has stated, publicly, that he does not necessarily believe in torture or waterboarding or however you want to define it. i don't necessarily agree. but i would tell you that he will override because i'm giving him that power. clayton: welcome back. we have fascinating guest right now. james michelle developed the cia's enhanced interrogation program and author of the book "enhanced interrogation with us to delve into some of these subjects. >> thank you. clayton: he said general james mattis on that issue with whom he disagrees about torture. what's your take on what the president said yesterday? >> well, i agree with the
3:35 am
president that the people who actually run his program should have some say in what they do. and i am absolutely 100 percent against torture. if the things that they are considering are illegal, i don't think they should do it. but i would make one suggestion if they would listen to me. that would be that they take a look at what we're currently doing. currently we are restroicketted to the army field manual and the army field manual is published. and not only does it tell our enemies the techniques, it tells them how we expect those techniques to work. and it says, basically, that we're going to depend on their voluntary willingness to provide us information. and in a situation where there is a catastrophic attach and we have someone who could stop that, i think it's a lousy defense of america to depend on waiting for what that guy decides he is willing to tell us. abby: why do you think there is this disconnect as we debate torture when you have someone like james mattis, like mike pompeo who is running the cia who feel differently testimony that do in favor of torture like president trump.
3:36 am
and they are coming from, both men from deep experience in this. why do you think there is such a disconnect there? >> first off, i object to the word torture. again, we have done the same thing to the word torture that we have done to racism. everything is torture. but, in fact, those things that were done by the cia in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks were judged not one time but four or five times by the department of justifiable to be legal. and torture at that time was still illegal. and, in fact, if you look at what mccain and feinstein did, is they did not outlaw the techniques. all they did was outlaw the cia using anything other than or the intelligence community using other than the field manual. because, attention grabs are not torture but they want to restrict what they can do. the side effect of doing that, i'm not kidding you, the side effect of doing that is that my mall cop down the road has more opportunities and more
3:37 am
choices about how to interrogate a terrorist than our intelligence community does. ed: can you clarify for us then on the point that abby was just asking about why you believe that waterboarding is not torture because the president agrees with you it is not torture and that it works. you were there, if i recall it right and correct me khalid sheikh mohammed you were there for the waterboarding. you clearly believed that worked. that prevented terror attacks. >> it did. i think too much emphasis is placed on waterboarding. we only waterboarded three people. and, in fact, i'm one of the guys that was suggesting to the cia after that second wave of attacks was sufficient live disrupted that we not waterboard other people because you don't need to be doing that willy-nilly to get information, locational information. it's not the waterboarding that i think was probably the most effective thing that was done.
3:38 am
it's the entire process. remember, abu zaida worked with us for 1609 days. he was only subjected to eit's for 14 days. that's two weeks. out of another like 220 weeks? ed: that was valuable information the u.s. government got. and now this judge is allowing some of these terror detainees as i understand it to move forward with a lawsuit against you, and potentially others who work for the cia saying that, you know, here you were trying to protect america and now a judge is saying you might, you know, this lawsuit begins you pushed by terror detainees might move forward? >> yeah. if you got a second, i would like to explain that. abby: please do. >> i have never heard of two of these people who are suing me until the lawsuit showed up in 2015. one of them is a terrorist who was a member of al qaeda in east africa.
3:39 am
and was a facilitator for the bombing of two u.s. embassies in 1998. the one in nairobi kenya and tanzania. the other one that i never heard of until 2015 was -- ran a terrorist training camp in afghanistan, training jihadists to attack american troops. he had a life sentence in libya until the government collapsed and they let him out. and the aclu drug these guys up to sue us. and then the last person is rockman who in my book i explain that i was only there overnight for 10 minutes and doctor and i tried to get him medical care. six of days later he is dead. we weren't even there. essentially being sued. clayton: how could a judge after lou this to go forward? wouldn't a judge throw this out? >> well, the government put together an act called the military commissions act which they thought would protect us. but what the judge has ruled is that for purpose its of the
3:40 am
military commission act, dr. jessen and i are not agents of the government. even though by any rational sense we would be. you know, it's a legal decision. and we still haven't had a chance to tell the judge our side of the story and hopefully he will listen to that and this will get dismissed for other reasons or it will go to trial and i'm confident we will win. i can't imagine we live in a world -- we can't even depose this guy who blew up those embassies because he can't get in to our country. and he ge can't get in to most other countries. we have to send people around the world talk to him. >> and is he suing you. ed: a patriot like yourself who has been trying to protect america for so long should not face a lawsuit from terror detainees. completely absurd. james mitchell thanks for helping us. abby: thank you for helping us understand the absurdity. >> thank you.
3:41 am
i appreciate the chance for being on. abby: we have other headlines to get do this morning. several russian master minds involved in the u.s. hacking of the u.s. elections are now in serious troubles. being charged with treason. moscow news agency claimed the trio leaked info to the united states but with very few details available. others say russia is using them as a scapegoat. and facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg may soon change his mind about walls. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label others. abby: billionaire dropping his lawsuit to purchase small erics of land in hawaii after enraging the locals there he has already built hundreds of acres and built 6-foot high wall around his property which residents say block their view of the ocean. they are planning to protest
3:42 am
zuckerberg later today. hailed as a hero. stop ago group of protesters from burning an american flag. watch how this played out. >> get out of my city. get out of here. abby: that hero is matt, a delivery man who sought protest outside of an iowa shopping mall when he used his fire extinguisher and grabbed the flag, two were arrested for not having a burn permit. the fedex delivery man is being disciplined privately by the company. it's still unclear if he will keep his job. really? he had i had wait a second. i was about to say hats off to fedex. one of their drivers stepped. in you remember rick monday on los angeles dodgers. there was a flag about to be burned. running out in the outfield and stop a flag burning and that fedex driver should be hailed as a hero. is he going to be disciplined
3:43 am
maybe real have any come on. abby: let us know what you think about that. the vice president makes history at speaking at the march for life. >> life is winning again in america. [cheers and applause] clayton: how did the mainstream media cover it? we will take a closer look. abby: jerry seinfeld making a joke about black lives matter. the tweet causing online outrage. that is coming up. ♪ on such a winter's day ♪ stopped into a church ♪ i passed along the way ♪ well i got down on my knees ta. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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3:47 am
>> these anti-abortion activists are feeling an extra sense of momentum and energy. >> as you well know, proabortion rights groups are energized, too. >> all right. well, here to react penny nantz the concerned women for america at the march for life yesterday. penny, thanks for being here this morning. get to the media in a moment but first your response to the march yesterday. had you vice president mike pence there. the first time by the way someone at that level has gone out to the march. ed and i were talking in the break what a move that is. because in the past have you leaders of our country maybe send an email or congratulate them. he physically went to this march and you had president trump tweeting about it congratulating them. that takes guts on something that is so controversial. >> yes. it was historic. yes. as compared to last week's march, the tantrums in the left. the women's march, if had you been there yesterday and if they had covered it, you know, for hours like they did the other march, what you would have seen is americans from
3:48 am
across the country, mostly millennials. people of all different races and different faiths coming together in unit and love and advocating for life. yes, it was historic. we were so happy to see kellyanne conway come and people were just thrilled. they were chanting her name and excited to have her there. by the way, this is not the first march for mike pence or kellyanne conway. this march has been going on for 44 years. i have been there with them in the past. this is the first time they have been there in their official capacity. and so these are people who we know and we love. and then vice president pence it was historic. not even reagan came to the march for life. vice president pence came in person and talked about the fact that life is winning. and it's winning not just through policy and by the way we are going to win in policy. but it wins through adoption and through volunteers and faith based organizations
3:49 am
caring for women and children and for quiet conversations among people of faith and people who love each other on college campuses and mothers and grandmothers and young women. it was just very life affirming and kind and loving and it was a beautiful march as opposed to what you saw last week. >> penny, you wouldn't know that if you actually turned on the news. like last weekend it was covered wall-to-wall. if you turned on the news yesterday, you could barely see this was going on. what due make of that, justth way it was covered through the media compared to last saturday? >> well, two things. number one, if you had watched the march this week, our march, you would not have seen celebrities spouting filthy words and dirty signs and people dressed up in women's genitalia. you would see happy smiling face and family and children. so maybe that's not as exciting. i don't know. madonna didn't swear on our stage.
3:50 am
we had people of faith praying. the other thing is you cannot set aside, it is true, i appreciate the fact that fox covered this march and has over the years. there definitely is a discrepancy in the mainstream media in the way they cover the left and the way they cover conservative issues and conservative values. and i challenge another network last week, i said i will meet you back here. i wants to seat same kind of coverage and respect given to the fact that these are women coming out, advocating for women. pro-life is pro-woman. and so unfortunately that didn't happen. abby: amazing how obvious this bias has become in the media thank you. glad everything wentz well yesterday. >> othank you, god bless. abby: former campaign manager corey lewandowski at the want liberal media says our national security is at risk because of president's twitter. kurt the cyberguy here to separate digital fact from fiction. there he is. come on, in kurt.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
s. ed: the mainstream media in an uproar over president trump, yes, phone and twitter usage. look at this, the new york headline that old phone trump uses for twitter could be an opening for security threats. the guardian and "u.s.a. today" also ran similar headlines. abby: no surprise there. is this all being overblown. clayton: here for fact or fiction kurt the cyberguy. same concerns for barack obama gave him secure blackberry and run it through secret service. >> people really don't understand what's happening in the oval office when you walk. in ed henry might. he has been in there several times. we're talking about some major
3:55 am
technology that the president walks into the white house with. including his old android galaxy phone. and a lot of people are noticing that he is tweeting from that phone, so you can trace back twitter, the source of where that comes from as sort of an every day person. you are saying wait a minute, why would that be a security concern? well, if the president today is in the oval office or moving around, especiallily leaving the white house with that phone, typically the kind of smart phones will carry today will give away your location, right? so that is not good if that gets into the enemy hands. be. ed: sends a tweet and marks where he is. is that what you are doing? >> no. you can just carry your phone and we can find you, trust me. but, here's the big gigantic humongous thing they are north telling you. ed: what's that? >> the chances that the president today while using his old android is actually using the same type of android on the inside that he was before he goat in the white house is so slim that it's --
3:56 am
the white house has not commented on these kind of security -- they turn this stuff off. the secret service. the national security council there is army of intelligence that goes in with security in mind for the white house. they go to the president and they say, hey, that phone, sorry, it won't work this way. but here's a way it will work. turn off all of that stuff. ed: retrofit it with security measure he is. >> president obama talked about this. i finally got an iphone. the fact is. ed: he didn't go in the apple store and get the iphone. >> most of the phone is turned off. clayton: kind of phone you give your children because everything is turned off. here did you go. here is your fisher-price pretend phone. so it barely does anything. so the reality is what they are not putting in these stories is that none of that has been addressed. and, in fact, you had president obama had an ipad. abby: is it being overblown? >> huge overblown. here's the deal. they are not going to allow that to happen.
3:57 am
ed: appreciate it, kurt. clayton: corey lewandowski is next. sheriff david clarke and even geraldo rivera joining us live. big show. abby: big show. ♪ ♪ the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. a girl with golden locks broke into a house owned by three bears. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items...
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4:00 am
>> we're not here to help ourselves. we're here to devote ourselves to the national good. >> he president trump is waste nothing time using his executive authority to begin work on some of his signature campaign promises. steve: donald trump made good on campaign promise. >> shepard: signed an order formally withdrawing united states from the transpacific partnership deal trump trump we want to start making our products again. we don't want to bring them in. we want to make them here. >> break neck pace pushing forward the elm battled and delayed keystone pipeline. >> get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. >> donald trump ran on
4:01 am
campaign promise to build that wall. today the focus is on immigration. >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders. gets back its borders. >> we'll be in a form reimbursed of by mexico. >> so they will pay us back. >> yes, absolutely. 100 percent. >> president trump holding first bilateral news conference with president with u.k. prime minister theresa may and it was short and sweet. >> it's clear that theresa may is looking for a friend in president trump. >> special relationship between our two countries has been one of the great forces in history for justice and peace. i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of united states of america. >> we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love, deeply, our people.
4:02 am
♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started. abby: they are awake there at the white house. they wake up before 6:00 a.m. ed: the residence lights are on. he has gotten it started and it is just the speed with which these executive orders have been coming fast and furious. abby: it has been a week. clayton: it would be great if we had someone on the show who was tied to the trump campaign many, many months ago and may have laid the groundwork for this many, many months ago. abby: should we call corey lewandowski. oh there, he is. clayton: great to see you this morning. >> good morning. clayton: i have to say when you look at this it seems like a lot of people are surprised that holy smokes the president is doing all these executive orders as if he thought about them at the last second. how many months ago last summer when you were campaign manager was this put in place? was this put in plan all along. >> this is the great part that
4:03 am
the mainstream media hasn't understood about donald trump from day one when we started talking about this campaign when he wanted to run for president. he never deviated from what he wanted to accomplish. what's amazing he has never been a politician. what he has talked about politicians have been all talk and no action. what he is a man of action. look what he has built in the private sector over a 40 year career. one of the biggest and best brands in the world. look what he has done in one week as president of the united states. he fulfilled every campaign promise he laid out over a two year campaign and now in the first week of office, as president of the united states, we have seen executive actions which are moving to fulfill the promises he made to the american people. no one should be surprised about. this corey, i was reading this editorial in the "new york times" this morning. a welcome diplomatic moment where they give a rare faint praise from the "new york times" editorial page donald trump meeting with the british prime minister. this is good after a chaotic first week in the white house with a deepening crisis in relations with mexico and questions swirling about his attitude toward russia as he
4:04 am
prepared for this big phone call today with vladimir putin. when you are facing a media onslaught like that, you just ran through the action he is taking, fulfilling promises he talked about in the campaign, and, yet, the reaction from the "new york times" is he is in disarray. clayton: we're in crisis. ed: this is a crisis, corey. >> again, they don't understand. they don't understand what the american people saw. this is the problem with the "new york times" and left wing media look, go back and look at the corrections that the "new york times" has had to make on behalf of this campaign over the last six months. those corrections are always at the bottom of page a 27, oopsz we made another mistake. it's time and time and time again that they have been wrong with the campaign and donald trump. what they don't understand is that donald trump is fulfill his promises. there is no chaos here. it's well-planned. it's well organized. he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. exactly what the american people elected him to do. abby: it still seems like the media is surprised by a lot of this stuff. the democrats are up in a chuck schumer in particular
4:05 am
over executive action yesterday. this is what he said in a statement. he sedentaries are running downtown cheeks of the statue of liberty tonight. it's a grand tradition of america welcoming immigrants that has existed since america was founded. it's been stomped upon. this is one of the backward nasty orders that the president has issued. your response to that, corey. >> two important things to remember here. chuck schumer is potentially the greatest thing that's happened to the republican party in a long time. because of harry reid they implemented a vote only allows 51 u.s. senators to vote on people now because of what harry reid did now. the map for the republicans for 2018 is so good chuck schumer is potentially the shortest democrat in the senate at the head for probably the next generation or. so because is he going to get says item mated in the next election. the republican party is in great shape moving forward because of people like donald trump who are fulfilling their promises. look, chuck schumer the democrat have lied to the republicans and the country for the last 30 years.
4:06 am
enough to people want action. abby: instead the statue of liberty is in tears this morning. ed: one of my viewers tweeted me after we were talking about about the statue and liberty and quote. lady liberty was shed ago tear when 3,000 americans were killed on 9/11. what donald trump is trying to do is have extreme vetting so we don't have islamic terrorists come in. clayton: corey, i wants to get to you clarify because in that extreme vetting ed was talking about. criticism from some on the left and the right on that suspend the refugees program for 120 days. the scrism is that it would come from countries that didn't have anything to do with, say, 9/11, saudi arabia not on that list. what do you say to that criticism? here is a look at the map. abby: seven countries. clayton: saudi arabia not on the list and that's where saudi arabia originated. >> if we can't control our borders we can't have a country. this is what donald trump has talked about last 18 months on
4:07 am
campaign trail. we want to control the borders and know who is coming to our country. highest privilege in the world to be able to come to our country and potentially apply to become a u.s. citizen. greatest honorable we can bestow on anybody. it's not an obligation of the united states to let people come here e it's a privilege. if we can't vet the people. if wee don't know who they are when they come here, we have no obligation to let them. in the san bernardino killer came in on c 1 voice, is a vetted through the state department. they never even looked at her social media activity they weren't allowed to because our vetting process is so arcane. we have to have a true vetting system make sure we know every person comes in to this country and not going to create jihad against us. so simple. abby: war of words continues. steve bannon telling the media to basically shut up. ed: and listen. viewers are tweeting me saying yes, the rest of the quote is not selectively editing. keep your mouth shut and listen. and, corey, you know, so donald trump yesterday did this interview and said, yes,
4:08 am
the media is the opposition party. steve bannon is right e is the white house playing with fire when, yes, the full quote is keep your mouth shut and listen. fine, people should listen to each other in thieves debates. there is a first amendment in this country, corey, when you are picking a fight with the media saying keep your mouth shutt. you were humiliated with the last election. was that a smart move by this white house? >> i have think this white house understands that the media is trying to become the news and not report the news. that he was the problem. it used to be not that long ago where the american public got their news from three individuals at 6:00 at night. those days are over. and the mainstream media has to understand it. donald trump's ability to go directly to social media and communicate with people 30 million facebook and twitter followers is very different now. steve bannon is saying if you want to report the news report it fairly and accurately. don't be the news. don't go out and generate the news if you are supposed to be reporting it look, the "times" magazine reporter who tweeted out that the bust of mlk was
4:09 am
gone and 3,000 media outlets pickthat's a shame. that's a negative statement on the administration which never took place. ed: it was wrong it? >> was dead wrong. i feel bad for the reporter because of the mistake. do due diligence. don't try to make the news. report the news. abby: two sources for every story. >> that's right. clayton: president expected to have first official phone call with russia's vladimir putin. what will they discuss? any insight into that phone call? trying to get some answers from the president yesterday during that press conference. any insight into what they are expected to talk about? >> look, i think if you go back and, again, look at what the president has said on the campaign trail and look at what he has he done as the president? he has fulfilled his promises. what he said on the campaign trail on many occasions was maybe we can have a good relationship with russia. maybe there are ways we can work together. i have think that vladimir putin is going to respect this president because is he going to understand that when president trump says something he means it. if that means that the two country dries can work together to defeat isis that's
4:10 am
a good threatening for our country. i think these two world leaders are going to have an opportunity today to discuss ways they can work together for the betterment of both countries as opposed to having adversarial relationship which is what these two countries have had over the last eight years. clayton: have you been there when president trump has been talking to someone on the phone for the first time, pull the curtain back a little bit. how does a phone call like that startd with somebody like vladimir putin? does he get right to the point? how does that unfold? >> what you would see is what you would hear on that phone call if i was there is probably mutual respect and talking about how the fact that they are both strong willed individuals. how they can work together. how they have a lot in common, candidly. that's a good way to start a relationship. in that they can work together so that both sides walk away from the table. donald trump is the greatest knowing yart. is he going to negotiate on behalf of the american people. what he is going to say is look, you are not going to take advantage of you was anymore and we are not going to take advantage of you have. we have a mutual understanding and respect that both countries can work together to
4:11 am
get things done on behalf of both of our countries and citizens. if that means destroying isis together that's correct is a good thing we can work on together. abby: you know it's going to start. can i call you vlad. abby: to be a bug on that call. >> vladimir putin has said very nice things about the president. is he going to say thank you very much for those compliments. that's how the president works. ed: letter, corey lewandowski thanks for coming in today. >> appreciate it good morning. abby: now to other headlines, standoff on southern border intensifying overnight with bold new threats from mexico as it refuses to pay for president trump's border wall. mexican politicians they now say that they may retaliate by deporting u.s. law enforcement agents, letting trucks leave the country without drug inspections and encouraging boycotts of american brands. mexico's president scrapped plans to meet with mr. trump next week but they did speak by phone yesterday. both calling that conversation productive. and there is this. president trump causing a lot
4:12 am
of croif with these comments earlier this week. >> what's going on with voter fraud is horrible. you have people that are registered who are dead there were illegals and freedom two states. abby: backlash from scientists. studying elections results in 2008 and conducted surveys with u.s. citizens and illegal immigrants. they found that as many as 800,000 illegals may have casey a vote for hillary clinton. critics say his methods are not perfect but richmond is standing by his results. remember this guy jason miller the former communications advisor for president trump's campaign who left the transition abruptly to spend more time with his family. well, he is now joining a consulting firm founded by former aid doug band. he was supposed to stay on board with mr. trump as communication director. now he is offering crisis advice for tanio clients.
4:13 am
interesting turn of events. sisters go against each other on the tennis court. [cheers] i love watching these two play. hours ago, claiming her 23rd career grand slam against her older sister venus. unbelievable. thanking her sister saying she couldn't be the player she is without her. >> that would be tough for you to go up against your sister was i saw your tweet this morning how much you love them. abby: how emotional that must be. they love it and doing well. ed: executive action on the wall. next guest, an actual former border patrol agent says the wall will save lives on both sides. why don't we listen to someone who actually knows something about it. clayton: plus, is he behind one of the social media's biggest websites. now he is secretly working to fight fake news. ♪ dream on ♪ dream on
4:14 am
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4:17 am
ed: just within day after a blowout over the border wall president trump and mexico call president nieto sharing a feign call both sides described as productive. now retall united states with pretty bold threats. what's next in this southern border battle? border patrol agent and president of the local 2455 joins us now to weigh in. hector, good to see you this morning. your response to the way that the mexican government responded to donald trump's
4:18 am
move to put up this wall? >> well, regardless of how mexico is responding to this wall, we know that this wall is going to save lives. we are grateful that president trump is actually moving forward with the wall and is he keeping with his promises. our border patrol agents appreciate the support and appreciate that donald trump is actually working for the country. we appreciate that and looking forward to the next step in the process. ed: hector, what do you think about the cost issue that keeps popping up? the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he thinks it could be in the neighborhood of $15 billion to build the wall. outside experts at mit are saying it could be about $25 billion to build the wall. i have heard critics talking about it and then i have heard supporters of donald trump saying wait a second, this is going to save lives. this is worth the expense. >> so i have no doubt that this wall is going to cost a lot of money. there is no doubt in my mind
4:19 am
about that. however, this wall will save the lives of our border patrol agents as they are out there trying to do their job on a daily basis. left of center save the lives of those people that fall prey to the drug cartels. have you to keep in mind these drug cartels are in charge of every single criminal activity that comes across that border. and these are -- a lot of these people come across they do fall prey to drug cartels. stopping the flow of i will he will immigration try to save the lives of those who try to cross illegally. clayton: maybe we won't examine those trucks heading north toward the united states. they may or behalf not have drugs on them. if you have want to put up a wall we might stop examining those trucks. what do you say to that? >> that's pretty selfish and clearly mexico does not have the interest of the united states in mind thankfully we have president trump which we support. we know he is going to get the job done. the president from mexico can say whatever he wants but we are here to support our president, donald trump. ed: hector we have 30 seconds.
4:20 am
pena nieto has approval ratings near single digits. the peso is plummeting. is he in any position to negotiate with donald trump at this point. >> clearly not. clearly he is not. we can tell that you we do need that wall. it is going to save american lives. we desperately need it. and we're ready to get to work under president trump. clayton: letter. hector, thanks for joining thus morning. thanks so much. ed: thanks for coming in with your insights. >> thank you. ed: job offer that could have newt gingrich, the former speaker could have him packing his bags for rome. clayton: this mom defied odds gave he birth to quadruplets now she is defying the odds and fighting cancer. ♪ your dreams stay big ♪ your worries stay small ♪ you never need to carry more than you can hold.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
xfinity, the future of awesome. abby: and we are back with quick headlines. mad dog is looking to cut costs. james mattis ordering the pentagon to review the f 35 fighter jet and replacement programs. president trump has criticized both of those programs calling costs out of control. and the v.a. releasing a full list of jobs exempt from president trump's federal hiring freeze. 73 job titles are exempt from the order and 24 facilities also listed as partially exempt, including the denver clinic which has been slammed for going $1 billion over their budget. clayton: get ready to be inspired by military family showing incredible strength in the face of adversity. ed: he gaytan defined odds when she gave birth to
4:25 am
quadruplets. facing another challenge. cancer unfortunately has returned. abby: jon scott has their story. [explosion] ♪ >> john: it's as tough a career as you might want. military policemen in the u.s. army. ♪ but these days p. >> it is child's play for charles gaytan, with you hear what's happening at home you will understand. >> how long have you been in the army. >> coming up on five years. >> how long have you been married. >> one year on the 19th. >> he and what a year it's been for charles and his new bride. kayla brought two children to their marriage, a boy 12 and a 2-year-old girl. they hoped for an even bigger family. everything seemed perfect. >> all right. so you are the parents of two children at that point? >> yes, sir.
4:26 am
>> life's going good. >> yes. we actually -- like we literally got married last year and then we found out like a couple days after that before my 29th birthday that my biopsy came back as hodgkin's lymphoma. >> cancer of the blood. >> we got that call. i was terrified. i didn't know what to expect. no one ever wants to hear yeah your wife has cancer. here you are, big strapping military officer and you are terrified. >> oh, yeah. it was awful hearing those words that hodgkin's was the most scared i have ever been in my life. >> scared but also determined. kayla refused to let a cancer diagnosis get her down. doctors subjected her to months of almost cruel chemotherapy. but when it was finished, charles and kayla heard good news. >> so chemo goes from february to may. >> um-huh. >> and then what? >> and then i was told that i
4:27 am
was in remission so we were really excited about that. >> but there was a downside. her doctors warned that the ravages of the chemo likely meant no more children for kayla. crushing the couple's dreams. >> you were told that you probably wouldn't be able to have another child. >> exactly. >> and then what? >> and then in jun out we were pregnant. >> he oh, but there was so much more to celebrate. >> taking you back to that day. >> she called me and said are you sitting down? i'm like yeah, what's up? i'm thinking she is pregnant, awesome. she is like there is four. i kind of went into, what? >> yes, kayla was carrying quadruplets. >> is there a history of multiple births in your family. >> i think migrate grandma was like a twin. but, other than that, no. >> and you weren't on fertility drugs? >> no. contrary to what people thought. there has been no fertility drugs. all natural. >> you just out of the blue defied medical science and not only got pregnant but decided
4:28 am
to make it four. >> i'm one that likes to kind of push the boundaries so. [laughter] >> yes, sir. there's four. >> all four babies healthy and thriving. conception apparently came just after the chemo so the quadruplets were uneffected by the cancer treatments. their dreams of a larger family were coming true and kayla's focus sharpened. >> so had you a goal, i know, of carrying the quads for a certain period of time. >> i did. my goal was 34 weeks in the beginning. >> she is pretty much wonder woman in my opinion. because she does the you were most of anything. >> with everything that's going on in your world and your wife's world, is it hard for you to come in here and do the job? >> that's an understatement, sir. it takes a lot to hey i have got to focus on work. all right, work's over. let's go home, be a dad, husband. and keep everything rolling as smooth as possible. >> the highest of highs suddenly gave way to another low. >> the quads were doing amazing. i didn't have any high blood
4:29 am
pressure, nothing like that. everything was going great. and then i started to have some swollen lymph nodes again. did a biopsy and we found out it was hodgkin's again. this is like in late november. >> the cancer was back? >> um-huh. it was. >> what a story. abby: wow. ed: they started a go fund me page by the way. i have know a lot of the our viewers are always so gracious and would love to help. abby: they have already raised so much though, clayton. thanks so much generous people out there, our fox viewers. unbelievable. they heard about the ga gaytans, they exceeded goal of 5,000. they exceeded 937,000 to be exact. ed: if you want to help ovisit go fund search for the gaytan's quadruple pregnancy. coming up watch part 2 of the show. there is whole lot more. abby: i have so many questions. stick around for that it was one of president trump's
4:30 am
biggest campaign promises. >> we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. abby: remember that? how does herman cain think the president is doing in his first week? we're going to ask him. is he up next. ed: behind the media's biggest web site, david broke, now he is secretly working, yes, with facebook to fight fake news. really? we will have the story. ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ i try ♪ and i try ♪ and i try ♪ and i try ♪ i can't get no yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother?
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4:34 am
>> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear these words from all of us. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. you probably heard me say it, drain the swamp. [chanting drain the swamp] clayton: it turns out it's hard to drain a swamp if you
4:35 am
have ever watched the history channel they try to drain the swamp the water keeps coming back in. let's ask herman cain. always great to have her man here on the show. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, thank you. clayton: how is the president doing in his first week on trying to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. something of course you talked about as well. >> i sum it up in one word, wow. he nominated two generals, not two political hacks and at least four business people. he nominated for cabinet positions. that's not exactly a group of political hacks. and when you consider that some people at the state department at the top level have already announced that they are going to resign because they are trembling in their boots, i would say he is doing a pretty good job of draining the swamp. that, to me, says he gets an a so far for draining the swamp. because he is totally changing the culture of washington, d.c. by changing the people that are leading those major
4:36 am
cabinet positions. ed: i'm glad you mentioned those four that stepped down. horrified by donald trump so they are run from the government. they left out that one those officials patrick censd as you know was knee deep, maybe hip deep into hillary clinton email scandal, running management at the state department, and in benghazi as well. he was all over the emails, the congressional hearings. he kept coming up as someone in the middle you have that and these are. so officials, who yes, we don't want to beat up on everyone in the government. some of them have great knowledge. they bring things to the table that are important for new administration to have. someone like patrick kennedy in the middle of benghazi, if he wants to walk away, walk away. >> well, you are exactly right. the media wants people to think that it is catastrophic that these people are quitting. my reaction is good. it saves rex tillerson some work when he gets there. he won't have to fire them. or ask them to resign. and so what we have with the media, as you all know, not
4:37 am
you, you got the liberal media that's going from adding -- they have added irrational reporting to irresponsible reporting, which then leads to fear in the hearts and minds of the american people. that's what they're doing. every little mole hill is not a mountain. but that's all they have to work with because they have acted so irresponsibly and so irrational. abby: do you think the response from the trump administration has been right about this? and when we talk about this war of words between them and the media, it seems like and we were talking earlier, normally when you get into office have you sort of like this honeymoon phase where even the press take as step back and say let's cover this fair and see what this man can do in office. seems like we are one week in and already a mass hysteria in the media. >> it is. and here's where this administration is different from previous administrations that it media does not get. donald trump and his administration, they are not
4:38 am
going to kowtow to the media they simply aren't going to do it. the media is used to trying to whip an administration into shape because they are going to spin the story in order to get the narrative out that they want. what's different this time is that many of the american people have awakened to the spin, the deception, and to the outright false reporting that goes on. so they aren't going to be able to whip this administration into shape. not this time around. clayton: i want to get your take on something that comedian jerry seinfeld tweeted the other day and is getting quite a bit of backlash in the mainstream press as can you imagine. he can tweeted this. new medians in cars getting coffee episode. black's life matter ache cure ravment median going to be in the car with seinfeld. black's life matters. and people are sleaming him on twitter as a result of this. abby: of course.
4:39 am
too easy today to pile on. on.clay. ed: can't you joke and say the man's name is lewis black? >> lighten up, america. and some of these people that are going berserk over this, they need to get a life to be perfectly hun most with you. seinfeld is a comedian. so is lewis black. so this is all humor and they don't get it because they want to freak out over something so they are now nitpicking every word that everybody says and trying to turn it into a frenzy. lighten up, people. specially thosspecial -- especie that have nothing else to do on twitter. abby: when you look back at this week and amazing all that's happened in seven days. is there anything that has surprised you as you watched out from afar? anything that is surprising? >> no. and here's why. donald trump has done exactly what he said he was going to do. it didn't surprise me, but obviously it surprised a lot of liberals and democrats because their heads are exploding.
4:40 am
secondly, the liberals and the democrats are still in denial that this president is doing what he said he was going to do. this added to the fact that they are in denial that he got elected in the first place. this is all led to this constant bitterness that they can't seem to get over so had hasn't surprised me. i have been excited instead of surprised because is he doing exactly what he said he was going to do. abby: politicians getting into office and not following through on anything they campaigned on is what many people are used to o. ed: herman cain to america lighten up. >> lighten up people. ed: have a great weekend, sir. >> thank you. abby: all right. turning now to other headlines. is he banning muslim refugees from countries that harbor terrorists. enough to one group is pitching a fit. the council on american islamic relations planning to file a lawsuit planning to challenge president trump's order calling it unconstitutional. the group holding emergency rally earlier this week but
4:41 am
haven't released specifics about that lawsuit. another famous name could join the trump administration, calista gingrich the wife of former house speak newt gingrich may be appointed u.s. ambassador to the vatican. her husband was on the o'reilly factor last night. take a listen. >> i think she is honored to be considered and honored to serve. nobody should be confused. no one has been picked at this point. she is under consideration. but that's the key term. under consideration. abby: interesting. the former speaker saying if his wife is appointed he will not move to italy. who doesn't want to move to italy? >> one of hillary clinton's most faithful supporters thinks he can solve the so-called fake news problems. media marries for david broke reportedly teaming up with facebook to offer his, quote, expertise to help filter the news that reaches. many on the left blaming fake news for hillary clinton losing her presidential bid that should solve it, right? that's the answer.
4:42 am
ed: far be it for me to correct "the o'reilly factor" we had it on "tucker carlson tonight." abby: that his wife may go to italy. ed: i'm going to annoy bill o'reilly. i don't want to do that. clayton: rick reichmuth standing by for the forecast this morning. >> do you know what i always say if you bring a sign you are going to get on tv. put the sign in front of this. here we go. two southern girls in the big apple from louisiana. welcome. this was your choice you wanted to come to fox news? >> yes. rick: there is all kinds of things like the american girl doll store. >> yeah. rick: did you do that also? >> no. rick: fox news over the american girl dolls store? >> yes. >> >> baton rouge representing today. take a look what's going on. not a whole lot. temperaturewise pretty good. still winters but chilly out there. notifying incredibly bad. snow cover across the lower 48. take a look at this.
4:43 am
all of the snow has been out across the west. almost completely wind out the drought across california. drought a lot better and precipitation wise a calm pattern. snow and rain going on across parts of southern texas. a few showers in towards louisiana this morning. there you go. welcome from baton rouge. >> thank you. rick: guys, back to you. abby: thank you, rick. clayton: the president made this supreme promise to the american people. >> i am looking to appoint judges very much in the mold of justice scalia. clayton: just how scaliaesque for supreme court be? how is that for a sentence? ed: that's not easy to pronounce. clayton: thank you. the law professor who wrote the book on scalia joins us next. ed: imagine being turned away from a business for supporting america's new president. it happened to one woman, and she will share the outrageous story with us live. ♪
4:44 am
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4:47 am
ed: in that exclusive interview president trump revealed to own sean hannity supreme court pick will announced very soon. in fact, thursday. >> will it be for from the list that you gave out during the campaign. >> the answer is yes. >> sean: will it be originalist? >> i don't want to say. >> sean: that's a major decision. >> i have made my decision pretty much in my mind, yes. that's subject to change at the last moment. but i think this will be a great choice. >> subject to change at the last moment. we will see. so just how scaliaesque will president trump's nominee be? here to break it down jeremy kin. law professor co-author of the
4:48 am
study searching for justice scalia. measuring the scalianess of the next at the potential member of the supreme court. who better to dig into this? can you tell us professor then what exactly is scalianess and go through originalism so our viewers understand. what does that mean? >> originalism means that the judge takes in to consideration primarily the original meaning of the law when it was passed or in the case of the constitution the original meaning of the constitution. as opposed to some judges who believe that the constitution should be an evolvoing document, it should evolve with modern cultural norms so an originalist remains faithful to the original meaning of the constitution. so scalianess, at least the way we thought of it and the way we figured that president trump was intending to portray that to the voters in order to convince them that he was the right candidate that he would mean something positive.
4:49 am
if you ask certain people what was scalia, they use words like nasty but obviously those who donald trump was reaching out to were thinking of things stand up for principle. stand up for the people -- >> -- supporters also thought about personal gumption. they thought about warmness. while his critics said slammed as being acerbic. he wrote some of the most beazel beautiful legal opinions as you know better than anyone. >> he will be remembered as one of the most eloquent defenders of any juries jurist prudential theory we have will on the court. he was a great author. even those who disagreed with limb on outcomes like reading his pieces his opinions and his articles because they were very entertaining and very moving. ed: let's talk tucker i don't understand actual names.
4:50 am
judge gorsuch, judge pryor, judge hard man, these are considered the three finalist, who is closest in your eyes to justice scalia. >> it depends whether you view originalism as the be all end all of what scalia was. that's primarily what he was, judge gorsuch seems to be the most likely to look like scalia once he gets to the court. if you think that scalia was an original list yes but also a bunch, you know, a number of other things that he was just as much a texa textural list thn you might prefer pryor. judge hardiman out of those three suspect more of an unknown. although we were interested in how some of the recent actual appointees to the supreme court might have fared. we looked at justice leith and justice roberts before they went on the court.
4:51 am
it looks like hard man fits about in their range. >> that's interesting. we will see where president trump comes down. we really preechtsd. we have a big show. chris stirlts. sheriff david clarke and geraldo rivera all joining us live. and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs.
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4:54 am
abby: well, imagine being turned away from a business or denied service for supporting our president. well, it happened to one colorado woman. clayton: katie ricter fresh off president trump's inauguration wanted to frame photos and keepsakes from her trip to our nation's capital. abby: her local framing shop refused to serve her saying it was because of her political beliefs. clayton: that customer joins us from aspen. thanks for joining us. abby: good morning, katie. >> hi, good morning.
4:55 am
thanks for having me. clayton: you went in and took these photos to be framed. were you shocked by the response? what did you think they told you? >> i was. i was a little befuddled. it took me a second to register what was going on. when i looked up at her. i was looking down at memo more beal i can't. asking her opinions how she thought the pictures would be best framed and price quotes and she said i'm sorry i can't help with you your q there was a little bit of coldness in that statement. when i looked up, i sought expression on her face and i said is it because of my political affiliation? and she very clearly said yes, it was. and the. abby: what did you say when you left? >> oh, well, i said you know, i respect your freedom of speech in this country, but i'm happy that my vote canceled yours out on election day and that free market capitalism was a beautiful thing she would lose my business and another company will be rewarded. and i left the store with my stuff. clayton: we are putting up a picture. put that picture back up if you would.
4:56 am
it's a store called suitable for framing. where is it located? >> right on the corner of like highman and galema. i'm not too familiar with all the streets down there. i used map quest to get there. clayton: in d.c. is where this shop is. abby: as they are writing that up. they are saying that didn't happen. this is a years in the photo. that's why we wouldn't frame it i are saying no, that's actually not what happened. >> i actually put reviews on their website. i asked that clarifying question is this because of my political beliefs and i don't know how anyone could misunderstand that especiallily a business owner wanting a customer's business in a small town, right? she never went back on her word until the aspen daily news stopped by to get her comment and she started to backtrack when she realized that i was taking this to the media. clayton: there it is. it is in aspen. a little store in aspen, suitable for framing. katie ricter.
4:57 am
we appreciate your story this morning. i would be shocked too if someone told me that. abby: fox news did reach out of to the store and asked for comment but has not gotten a response yet. clayton: sheriff clarke, chrisba stirewalt and geraldo rivera are all on deck. the cheeks don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters.
4:58 am
4:59 am
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but there's plenty of time if you know where to look. now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. abby: good morning, happen saturday, everyone. january 28th. i'm abby huntsman. president trump set to call russian president vladimir putin today. what should the president say on that phone call? chris stirewalt is here to discuss in moments? ed: plus, the standoff on our southern border intensifying. overnight bold new threats from mexico, really, as it refuses to pay for president trump's border wall. we are hearing mexico may just let the drugs in? really? they are not going to stop drugs from coming across the border? clayton: and, do you hear that?
5:01 am
>> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. clayton: so why did mark zuckerberg just try to build a wall to distance himself from others? ed: he wants the wall. clayton: "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ well, i'm taking a greyhound on the hudson river line ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ clayton: one of my favorite songs. i dreamed of working in new york city, no joke and this song to be here right now i'm a little teary. abby: do you have chills, clayton? clayton: i am. "fox & friends" greatest show on television. ed: let up, buddy. what's going on? abby: surreal. i never see clayton emotional.
5:02 am
a little billy joel, lights on new york city. he loses it. clayton: i have a softer side. do yodo you know who has a softr side too? chris stirewalt? ed: he is metro sexual. abby: a confident man. good morning, chris. clayton: do you know who is a confidante man is vladimir putin. that phone call is going to be unfolding. we want to know what's going to be happening on that phone call. one question i have will vladimir putin be wearing a shirt while he is on the phone. abby: will we know that? ed: can we get to the bottom of that. clayton: chris stirewalt knows. >> this has taken more turns than i could have imagined in the entire discussion. brace myself adequately. putin -- so putin is this thug. he is this bad dude. and he prides himself on being the toughest guy in the world. and he takes pride, i'm sure, in the facts that he basically scwiciousd george bush and barack obama. yes, russia is dump economy now. the sanctions have proved
5:03 am
crippling to the country. he remains popular because his people don't know the truth number one and number two he can always fake and stage a foreign conflict a foreign threat so he can keep them scared. so, putin has a challenge with trump. he needs america as an enemy but he desperately needs these sanctions lifted. if trump is his buddy, then he loses one way to keep his people oppressed. but, if doesn't lose these assassinations, it could be eventually a revolution. ed: chris, president trump was pressed about whether he is going to lift the sanctions at the news conference in the white house at the east room yesterday as you know he ducked that direct question but had this to say about the relationship. >> as far as, again, putin and russia, i don't say good, bad, or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. i will be representing the american people very, very strongly. very forcefully.
5:04 am
and if we have a great relationship with russia and other countries, and if we go after isis together, which has to be stopped, that's an evil that has to be stopped, i will consider that a good thing, not a bad thing. i've had many times where i thought i would get along with people. and i don't like them at all. [laughter] and i have had some where i didn't think i was going to have much of a relationship, and it turned out to be a great relationship. i will tell you one thing, i will be representing the american people very strongly. ed: chris, i have got to say when i first came to the washington bureau i didn't think i had much relationship with you you turned out to be a great guy. we get along fine. >> that's right. ed: so what's wrong? you kind of call vladimir putin a bad um bray if you will based on what you said a moment ago. what's wrong with trying to have warm relations with him. >> warm relations one thing. patrol car particular call cooperation is something else. we have cooperated with thugs and bad guys around the world from time to time.
5:05 am
including a gentleman named joseph stalin. we have some experience in this area. now, we are already working with russia and russia, as a matter of fact, has the whip hand when it comes to dealing with syria. and they have kept assad in power there. what about the rest of isis? can they broaden their cooperation? can it be done in a way that doesn't threaten u.s. interests and allies in the reason? region that's something that could be a could you pleasa coupe with t. >> bringing up shirtless putin. i don't know what's going on in the mind of yours clayton. clayton: on fufs, that's one of our favorite photos over the years. abby: it's been a very busy week as you know. two executive orders signed yesterday. one building up the military, the other extreme vetting. many liberals are up in arms about this. elizabeth warren was tweeting yesterday. yesterday she sphweeted @ donald trump saying orderin ord.
5:06 am
ed: is that 140 characters? feels like 600. abby: response to feeding fodder for isis? that's quite a statement to make. >> well, look, she doesn't like donald trump. the democrats don't like -- most democrats don't like donald trump. and they hope he fails. and they disagree with him. just like -- so here's what trump is going to learn as president. that as president, everything that you do and ed knows this from his many years covering this, you're laying it out there on a platter and your critics are going to pick it apart no matter what it is. then, the worst part is, if anything goes haywire, if there is any problem, you never get granted that your intentions were good.
5:07 am
you never get the benefit of the doubt. instead they say you are incompetent. you failed. this is a disaster. this is one of the first times that trump is laying -- this is a big mats zo matsza ball. if anything happens now. they are going to put it right on him. ed: you are right. chris, isn't the left mostly upset that donald trump basically kept his promises? not all of them. this has only been one week. day after day he rolled out executive orders where he basically followed up on what he promised in the campaign. and frankly a lot of democrats and republicans in washington are used to presidents in either party saying a whole bunch of things like hillary clinton would have done, probably if she had gotten elected and say i didn't really mean that about tpp. he meant it and he is following up. >> to be fair, ed, they hate his promises. it's not -- trust me, democrats would be plenty relieved if trump -- and a lot of people would be plenty relieved if he wasn't keeping this particular promise.
5:08 am
let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say they hated his promises when he made them and they didn't vote for him. clayton: right. we also know that the phone call -- he was pressed on this during the preference our own john roberts asked him that question about his phone call with mexico's president on friday. and he said it was a good conversation. and we see some forward progress with the united states and mexico. how do you read the situation? >> i think that the two countries need each other very much. i have think that us having a stable, friendly national to our southern border is good for american interests. and we can only take from trump at his word when he says he doesn't want to destroy nafta. he wants to negotiate it to even some things out. certainly for nato they have massive depend den is i on the united states in the market. also for narcotics interdiction. we have a lot of shared interests and both of them would like to see this work out. i would guess after we get past the chest thumping we would probably see something more productive here.
5:09 am
abby: it's interesting. i don't think people are talking about this enough. so much politics even when it comes to the president of mexico. he ran last time against someone very american. vow this anti-american sentiment that's been building up in mexico. so he has that pressure is he dealing with how does president trump take advantage of that or deal with this in a way that kind of puts him in a corner to get what he wants out of it. >> trump needs this guy to succeed. it's in trump's interest to have this guy succeed but also his primary interest as he would say america first. how does he get the best deal for the united states but not blow this guy out? because his opponent that you're talking about is basically like hugo chavez and would like to do in mexico a staunch stalin -- i wouldn't say stalinistic. socialistic. this strong man, anti-american strong man on our southern border. we don't want that guy. trump doesn't want this guy.
5:10 am
how does this become a win for both sides? now it's the art of the deal. clayton: he has poll numbers coming up in mexico now. he had really low poll numbers. ed: starting in single digits. clayton: starting to stand up to donald trump helping his poll numbers. abby: all about politic as we know. ed: chris stirewalt. abby: thanks for putting your shirt on this morning. >> you guys are creepy. thank you, chris, have a good day. breaking overnight, google executives working frantically behind the scenes ordering their foreign employees to return to the united states immediately on the off chance that they be affected by president trump's new temporary immigration restrictions. google is concerned that workers in those targetinged countries could be singled out by mr. trump and not allowed back. remember, during the campaign google was accused of working against trump. manipulating such results in favor of hillary clinton by blocking the term crooked hillary.
5:11 am
remember that? ed: yes. abby: hillary clinton email investigation is heating back up. congressman jason chaffetz asking the fbi to hand over the contents of clinton's private server department. of the department that maintained its data told the committee it gave the fbi the data backed up for years. data that the committee would like to see for themselves. the deadline to comply with february 10th. and first lady melania trump receiving early victory in court. her lawsuit against a maryland blogger getting the green light. she claims that reported false rumors that she once worked as high end escort. the damages against the first lady are estimated at $150 million. and there's this. u.s. diplomacy now in the hands of lindsey lohan in the actress meeting with the turkish president sending her blessings to syrian refugees even sending this short message online. >> we want to send to all of the people -- and all the refugees that we are here supporting you and you can
5:12 am
hang on and be strong: we're sending you lots of love and light and blessings. abby: lohan apparently writing a poem earlier this month about how she plans to quote fix isis minds. solve all of our problems. clayton: coming up here on the show, president trump coming out strong against isis. >> we are fighting sneaky rats right now. that are sick and demented. and we are going to win. clayton: what's he really think? rats by their very nature are sneaky. how do the american people feel about that? lee carter has brand new dials and we're going to examine the president's comments next. ed: you are not going to believe this. look at this video. a fedex driver actually stopped a protester from torching the american flag. job well done. now, he could be the one in trouble? really fedex? really? that's coming up. abby: this is unreal.
5:13 am
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abby: welcome back from battle to the media to the wall executive orders president trump had a very busy first week in office. what do the american people think about week one. lie carter, always glad to have you here. let's start with the extreme vetting that was big news that came out yesterday of one of his executive orders. let's take a look at them. >> totally extreme and beyond just those countries. we are going to have extreme vetting. we will extreme vetting for people coming in to our country and if we think there is a problem, it's not going to be so easy for people to come in anymore.
5:17 am
you look at what's gone on. we can go one after another. did you go to other countries and you look at niche and look what's happening with germany, it's a mess. the crime is incredible. we're just not going to let that happen here. abby: surprised that for the most part pretty positive. >> it was pretty positive. abby: even democrats. >> republicans gave it an a and independents b minus. a lot of democrats think this is humanitarian issue. extreme vetting they look at racism and they are very, very afraid of it on the other hand you see republicans and independents think that it's really important for national security. they're saying this isn't going to be forever. this is until we can figure out how that we could make this a safe process: that's something that people agree with we are really divided on this particular issue. abby: on that same note. somebody he campaigned really hard on is taking back control of our border and making it safer at home. here is what he said about that. >> we are in the middle of a crisis on our southern border.
5:18 am
the unpresprecedented surge of illegal my grants from central america is harming both mexico and the united states and i believe the steps we will take starting right now will improve the safety in both of our countries. very, very good for mexico. a nation without borders is not a nation. beginning today the united states of america gets back control of its borders, gets back its borders. abby: i always look at the yellow line the independents. gives a sense of how the middle of the country is feeling. they loved that they gave it a b. >> republicans an a, independence a b and democrats an f. this is pretty much how have you seen it go through the election cycle. resonates with republicans. independents think this is true, democrats don't want it. abby: people love president trump for saying things like they really are saying like it
5:19 am
is. when he talked about isis, calling them sneaky rats. here is what he said. >> we have evil that lurks around the corner without the uniforms. ours is harder. because the people we are going against, they don't wear uniforms. they're sneaky, dirty rats. and they blow people up in a shopping center. and they blow people up in a church. these are bad people. when you are fighting germany and they had their uniforms and japan and they had their uniforms and their flags on the plane and the whole thing. we are fighting sneaky rats right now that are sick and demented and we're going to win. abby: i have a feeling we will hear that more and more for the next for yours. who can't agree with that that isis are sneaky rats. >> republicans off the charts. a plus. independents an a minus democrats even a c. this is something everybody agrees on. they like that donald trump is
5:20 am
willing to call them out. call them for what they are. and his message on national security is one of the things that rode him all the way to the white house. this was a message that definitely worked for him. abby: you wonder where he gets his thoughts, his comparisons. they come out of nowhere yeah they are sneaky rats. >> exactly right. abby: lee, always good to have you here. have a good saturday. >> you too. abby: call it president obama's parting shots. a plan to save out birds, yes, birds, bound to have gun owners up in arms. they wants to take your bullets. he is the last person you would expect to surround himself with a big, beautiful wall. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. abby: mark zuckerberg's words coming back to haunt him. more on that coming up. ♪ and talking in your sleep ♪ well, a 103 yeah, 103. well, let me ask you guys.
5:21 am
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♪ ♪ clayton: welcome back. some quick headlines for you. the secret service agent who said she wouldn't take a bullet for president trump now on paid leave. kerry owe grady who heads the secret service in denver has been under investigation since posting on her private facebook page that she would take jail time over taking a bullet for the president. and he is off the hook. new jersey governor chris christie will not be facing misconduct charges in the so-called bridge gate scandal. christie was accused of intentionally closing lanes of the george washington bridge in 2013 to punish a local mayor for not endorsing re-election bid. prosecutors saying there just wasn't enough evidence. ed? ed: thanks, clayton. president trump's busy first week capped off, yes, by executive actions aimed at keeping americans safe. that's what he says, including extreme vetting of refugees. but liberals are slamming the action with massachusetts
5:25 am
senator elizabeth warren writing on twitter quote turning our back on refugees because of their religion creates recruiting fodder for isis and other terror groups. joining me now for fair and balanced debate former state department spokesperson, fox news contributor marie harf and former deputy assistant to george w. bush. i wonder if we could call vladimir putin phone call. you are a friend of mine. maria, i want to start with you in all seriousness. this is a big issue. what's wrong with the president saying i want to keep islamic terrorists out of america? >> well, there is nothing wrong with saying you want to keep terrorists out of america. what i would argue is the vetting procedures we have in place for refugees right now do that. they are the toughest, most stringent vetting we have of any traveler that comes to the u.s. it takes two to three years for refugees to actually get approval to come here. they are already looked at incredibly closely. i'm just not sure exactly what he will do differently except for use this rhetoric that i
5:26 am
do think is really harmful. ed: brad, i want you to weigh in and this just crossed the "new york times" website and i want to briefly summarize there were two iraqi refugees being held at kennedy airport on a plane bound for america as president trump was signing this executive order. lawyers here in court and new york here in morning trying to get these refugees out. even if this policy makes sense. you have been inside the bush white house. has he created a legal morass to figure out which refugees are coming in and which are not. >> look, there is always people who will test the system. the system is not where it should be. and trump's new appointee should take full stock of the current rules and make sure that they are extreme enough to -- that bad people don't get in this country. look, there are two problems. one is refugees coming here. the other part is keeping refugees where they should be. and that is over there. there should be safe zones created as the president
5:27 am
suggested. why should they be coming to america? there is no need for them to come to america. why wouldn't they return home once their conflicts are over? why wouldn't they want to return home to their homeland? why are we breaking up families? this is not so much about extreme vetting of people coming here, it's trying to keep them there and a having the country surround these war torn areas pick up the slack and create safe zones and harbors for these folks. ed: marie you wered in the obama state department and president trump is saying in the case of syria, for example, that indefinitely refugees are cut off from there. i'm hearing a lot of anger about that on the left. but you probably know better than anyone, the situation in syria is a complete and utter disaster in the obama administration tried and failed to make the situation better. why shouldn't we stop the refugees coming from what is just a complete mess right now and we don't really know if terrorists are getting in or not? >> well, because that's not who we are, ed.
5:28 am
look, we know who is coming to this country. when you look at the women and children. when you look at those photos of the children trying to get out of syria, i don't know how we as americans can look at them and say you're not welcome here. after three years of vetting. of the countries in the region as brad just mentioned are overwhelmed with refugees. we are facing the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. they are doing their part. they are taking refugees. we actually take a very small number of refugees in comparison. in part that's because we take so many efforts to vet them. it takes so long. it's so difficult for them to actually come here. ed: i would like to make that part earlier but you saw the stabbing in columbus at ohio state where people seemed to be getting past the system. the terror attack in intern san bernardino. maybe there are not a lot of the examples those are the rare exceptions but people end up dying in this country when a terrorist gets through the system. >> not because of refugees.
5:29 am
the san bernardino terrorist did not come through the terrorists. screen the way most terrorists come to the u.s. i think we do need to take a look at the system. make sure it's as air tight as it can be. having served in the administration the last eight years. everything i have seen shows that refugee screening is incredibly stringent. it's the toughest we have in our government. look, it isn't who we are to say to those kids trying to flee syria you are not welcome here. >> . is this ronald reagan's party to turn your back on refugees and not being a welcoming america. >> we are a welcoming america to those people we are sure should be welcome to our country. look, our public officials take an oath to preserve, protect and defend us. it's america first that we should be worrying about. and yes, we have the most humanitarian charitable hearts of any country anywhere on the planet. but that's not to say we should surrender our values and our rule of law to people who want to come here.
5:30 am
there is a need and a want, and if they need to come here, yes, they should come here. first and foremost, we should be thinking of keeping them there in their own homeland where their language and their culture is preserved and where they can return home to their family. ed: we appreciate both of you. marie harp welcome to fox. >> thanks, guys. ed: president trump is up and tweeting this morning, of course. he is taking on a familiar target, yes, the "new york times." we'll get to that in a moment. sheriff david clarke here to react to that and the extreme vetting next. and this will have you absolutely outraged. a fedex driver stops protesters from torching the american flag. that's wonderful, right? but, no. now he might get in trouble. what is fedex doing? we'll get to that next ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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5:34 am
i think the media is the opposition party in many ways. i think -- and i'm not talking about all media i know people, like yourself, but i know people in the media that i have tremendous respect for. respect them as' much as anybody. so i'm not talking about everybody. but a big portion of the media, the dishonesty, the total deceit and deception makes them certainly partially the opposition party.
5:35 am
abby: president trump already up this morning tweeting about the media. clayton: top of the muffin to awful you. donald trump likes to wake up on the weekend it seems. ed: he likes to wake up on the weekends. he likes to wake up. clayton: go right after the media. abby: failing "new york times." he tweeted this moments ago the failing "new york times" has been wrong about me from the very beginning, said i would lose the primaries then the general election. fake news. the coverage about me in the "new york times" and "the washington post has been so false and angry that the "times" actually apologized to his dwindling subscribers and readers. got me wrong right from the beginning and still have not changed course and never will. just to be clear that was probably multiple tweets. he. clayton: i don't think the "new york times" actually apologized. they sort of acknowledged that they needed to come down out of the skyscraper a little bit more. ed: it was embarrassing. they put this letter out after the election saying we blew it. polling or not they did.
5:36 am
sheriff david clarke has been all over the media. mainstream media and all over this issue as donald trump takes office. good to have you here, sheriff. i wonder what you think about week one. >> first of all, i thought it was a good start because what president trump has to do first is set the table. that's what he is doing set. undoing some of the damage with the executive orders. many of those that violated the constitution, circumvented congress. he got rid of those. what he did was create some executive orders that help him enforce existing law not make new law. i still don't understand why people have a problem when i say people, the "new york times," "the washington post," political elites tweets at 3:00 in the morning. i do some of my best tweeting at that time of day. abby: i have to follow you on twitter in the middle of the night and see what comes up. >> that's when i do my best tweeting. i'm busy other periods during the day obviously with my other responsibilities. who cares what time it is.
5:37 am
donald trump is an early riser. nothing wrong with that the wheels are already turning. and he is giving people, the people that follow him on twitter an indication of what's coming ahead. i think it's good to keep the people informed. people don't want to be surprised. so at least with donald trump tweeting, there is no surprise. abby: hitting on the media there in the last tweet we just read. he just tweeted that a few moments ago. what do you make of that and the war of words going on between president trump and media continues on. >> well, first of all, the mainstream media, the "new york times," "the washington post, cnn, msnbc, they have become the propaganda wing of the democratic party and have leftist ideology. abandoned responsibility under the constitution first amendment protection. we want them to have first amendment protection. we don't want it to be used against people whose political views they don't agree with or othat they oppose. supposed to be a watchdog. instead become like i said echo chamber for leftist ideology.
5:38 am
it's good. media has changed and organizations like the "new york times," "the washington post, and others do not realize that this is a new media age and every person in the united states now is their own reporter. and that is competition to them as well and they don't like it. clayton: facebook is one of the biggest media companies in the world. mark zuckerberg arguably the most powerful man in all of media right now. he has been opposed to donald trump putting up this border wall. he has been outspoken about that. he wrote this: like many of you have i'm concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by president trump. we need to keep this country safe but we should do that by focusing on people who actually pose a threat. we should also keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help. that's who we are. and, of course, we just learned that mark zuckerberg was also. abby: building his own wall. clayton: building own wall around hawaiian home. ed: personal property. hypocritical? >> first of all, i'm tired of
5:39 am
1 percenters like mark zuckerberg and others lecturing us about who we are. i know who i am. most americans know who we are. we are a sovereign nation. if you are going to be a sovereign nation, have you to have borders and have you to protect those borders. mark zuckerberg has no idea who is coming in to this country and whether a it takes to vet those individuals. i as a law enforcement officer am in my 39th year. we do a lot of vetting of people. i know how it's done. have you to have databases which to compare. you take a name someone coming as refugees. we are not talking about the kids. i'm tired of all the crocodile tears about the poor kids coming. we're not talking about that. we are talking about abled body grown men fighting age that should be back in syria and the middle east fighting for their country coming over to the united states to spread jihad. that's what we are talking about. if you don't have a database, someone gives awe name and you don't have a database in syria because they don't have the record systems and databases like we have on people, have you nothing to impair it to. they give you a anytime and you look there is nothing there.
5:40 am
that doesn't mean they are safe to come in. donald trump is right on this. and i hope that the rest of the people in washington, d.c. realize that this thing is a get our arms around it and at least president trump recognizes that. abby: it's interesting t there are so many people surprised by this first week. you know yesterday when he put forward that executive action on extreme vetting, for example, that was one of his biggest campaign promises. he spoke for b. that for the last year and a half. all is he doing is really following through on what he promised on the campaign and what many people voted for him to do. >> what's interesting is former president barack obama said that they were already doing it. so, if he said and they weren't. but if he said they were already doing it and now president donald trump comes along and says we are doing it and now these same people who said well, hey, barack obama is taking care of it, these same people now being critical of it you know, the hypocrisy of this is profound. but donald trump understands, sorry, president donald trump
5:41 am
understands that his first obligation is to defend and protect american citizens and defend and protect america from foreign threats. that is his first and most important obligation. so, he is rising up to that. people should be proud of that. it makes me feel more secure that finally somebody understands that the defense of this nation is government's number one priority. clayton: well shed sheriff david clarke. always good to see you here. ed: have a good weekend. abby: thank you. >> thanks. clayton: president trump humanhosting first world leadert the white house theresa may. the next guest was at heir meeting. the british ambassador to the u.s. here to react to it next. abby: republican leaders are vowing to repeal and replace obamacare. what is the simplest task to doing that dr. marc siegel with the diagnosis that's just ahead.
5:42 am
5:43 am
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clay back with quick headlines. taking a stand. a fedex delivery man hailed a hero jumping into action and stopping a group of protesters from burning the american flag. [bleep] >> get out of here. [bleep] >> let go. >> get out of here. >> that hero, is delivery man who saw the protest outside an iowa shopping mall when he used his fire extinguisher and grabbed the flags. those two protesters were arrested for not having a burn permit.
5:46 am
the fedex delivery plan is being disciplined privately by the company. it's unclear if he will keep his job. liberals are trying to save birds by forcing hunters to use quote nontoxic bullets. the u.s. fish and wildlife service pushing through last minute rule banning led from use in national wildlife refuges by 2022. they could drink that led poisoned water and die. this legislation pushed through in the final hours of the obama administration. gun advocates are encouraging president trump to reverse it ed? ed: theresa's may's first visit to the white house. two leaders pledged lasting spawforts for one another's countries. >> the invitation is an indication of the strength and importance of the special relationship. the president and i are ambitious to build on this relationship in order to grow our respective economies. one of the things we have in common is that we want to put
5:47 am
the interests of ordinary working people right up there center stage. i have been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me and there willing times on which we disagree and issues we disagree you the point of the special relationship is that why are able to have that open and frank discussion. he. ed: british ambassador to the united states he was at yesterday's meetings joins us live with his reaction. good to see you have ambassador derek. i wonder, with you please tell us what happened when the cameras were not there behind closed doors. there had been a lot made going in to all of this that these are two very different personalities. >> well, thank you for inviting me. this was, for us, a really great visit. the president was an exceptionally gracious host. he and the prime minister, i think, hit it off really well personally. they had two and a half hours of very wide ranging very business like discussions on bilateral, on future trade
5:48 am
relations and the full range of international challenges that face us. and so for us this could not have gone better. ed: you heard president trump in recent months suggested his election brexit 2 that was something had you to deal with in britain. we heard from the prime minister right there in that news conference about the focus is on working people. it sounds like she has heard the clear message. >> well, as she said in the press conference and as she and the president discussed in their meeting, it's important that the wealth is generated by trade and by our economies is shared properly around all the people in the u.k. and in the u.s. and that's a main objective, a key objective. she has made it one of the things she is really prioritizing. in that sense, there is a political bond between her and the president. ed: interesting.
5:49 am
political bond. what fruit can we see that might be born out of that because, if we can talk substance here about a potential bilateral trade agreement, there is a lot of optimism coming out of these meetings as you are expressing that there could be a major u.s.-british trade agreement coming. can you give our viewers an outline? i know you can't give every last detail. but big picture what do you think may come out of that in the months ahead? >> we are really big trading partners. i think bilateral trade is something like $150 billion a year. and big investors in each other's countries. we can't actually sign a bilateral trade agreement until the day we leave the european union. but that's going to happen. and meanwhile there may be some quick wins, some things that we can agree and improve through our trade meanwhile. but we can certainly start negotiations really as soon as we are ready so that the day
5:50 am
that we leave the european union, that bilateral trade agreement is ready to roll, ready to go. ed: well, we can happily report today that the bust of winston churchill is back in the oval office at the white house. i know that cheered you and a lot of people back in britain. we're glad that you are now in washington. it's good to have you on the show today, sir. >> thank you very much. it's great to seat bust back there. it's been sitting in library at the residence for the last year or two. so, it's nice to see back in the oval office. ed: we appreciate it? >> thank you very much. ed: geraldo rivera had a big change of hearts about that big border wall. who does he think should pay for it? he is here to tell us about it at the top of the hour. dr. mark siegel knows a simple path for republicans to repeal and most importantly replace obamacare. he joins us with a plan. is he a man with a plan next. ♪ rescue me ♪ i need your tender touch ♪ ness owners.
5:51 am
and here's to the heroes behind the heroes, who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes behind the heroes, who brought us delicious gyros. actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean.
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♪ ♪ >> what's crucial for me is for the public to understand that obamacare is a disaster. okay? because now the democrats are saying oh, it's wonderful. it's a horror show. i do believe we are going to have a much better plan. i think we are going to have a cheaper plan. i think it's going to be a lot less expensive. clayton: the president slamming obamacare as g.o.p. leaders face a make or break moment over how to repeal and replace the healthcare law. what is the simplest path let's ask dr. marc siegel. have you your own plan this morning. >> absolutely. by the way, to emphasize what president trump was saying, on friday an a.p. poll came out that showed that 88% of americans don't like obamacare.
5:55 am
88%. now, he used the word cheapest. i think that's a really important point because one of the things americans don't like about obamacare is how expensive the premiums are and how big these clunky detwucket tillables are. they get to my office, clayton, that's another problem. doctors weren't consulted. lawmakers made this plan. economists like dr. gruber played this plan. you get in there your doctor has no time spend with you. they say we are sorry your deductible hasn't kicked in yet you end up paying out of pocket as it is and you don't get the service you want. clayton: let's go through the simple path for getting this done. medicaid expansion and preexisting conditions. take us through this list here, doc. >> first of all, clayton, i think we have to keep the medicaid expansion. that's 11 or 12 million out of the 20. when the democrats say 20 million are going to lose their insurance. 11 or 12 could keep it if it's medicaid expansion proceed prove block grants to the states.
5:56 am
in indiana and ohio, clayton, they have done the best job of managing the medicaid expansion using teams. we need statewide teams set up to manage the medicaid. and preexisting conditions is huge. that's the most popular part of obamacare. if you have illness sick, got diabetes or heart disease we need you covered. the government can subsidize that in statewide pools. clayton: i will read through these. stay on parent's plan until you are 26 years old. >> absolutely. clayton: no mandate. get rid of essential benefit package. >> because lawmakers decide you had essential benefit package. you know as someone who knows technology we are moving into the era now of personalized health care solutions. have you got to be able to sit there with your doctor, go through them, decide what's best for you. personalize solutions and health savings accounts which are tax double tillable will be economic way to do that. clayton: dr. segal, always great seeing you thanks so much. >> the future will be better than obamacare. clayton: coming up on the show
5:57 am
basketball mega star lebron james trying out new career political analyst. what he just said about president trump. geraldo rivera here live at the top of the hour. come on in, geraldo. ♪ she told me walk this way ♪ it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪
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6:00 am
which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? trump: we're not here to help ourselves. we're here to devote ourselves to the national -- >> president trump is wasting no time using executive authority to begin work on some of his signature campaign promises. steve: donald trump made good on a campaign promise on day one. pull the plug on that -- >> signed a form organized the united states from the transpacific partnership deal. >> we want to start making our products again. we don't want to bring them in. we want to make them here. >> donald trump through the workday at breakneck place. the keystone pipeline. >> a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs.
6:01 am
>> donald trump ran on that campaign promise that mexico was going to pay for and today the focus is immigration. trump: beginning today, united states of america gets back control of its borders. >> we will be in form reimbursed by mexico. >> so they'll pay us back? >> yeah. absolutely. 100%. >> president trump holding his first bilateral news conference with teresa may. and it was short and sweet. >> it's good that teresa may is looking for a friend in president trump. >> the special relationship between our two countries has been one of the great forces in history for justice and for peace and establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.
6:02 am
♪ ♪ >> well, president awaits early this morning and already tweeting. tackling the media. here's what the president said a few short hours ago. he said the failing new york times has been wrong about me from the very beginning. said i would lose the primaries and the general election. fake news the coverage about me "the new york times" and the washington post has been so false and angry that the times actually apologized to its dwindling subscribers and readers. they got me wrong right at the beginning and never changed course and never will. dishonest. >> wow. what a segue. >> way to wake everyone up this morning. >> i wish he was more specific about what particular story they were lying about or faking today. but i will say just with no hesitation that there is no doubt that the new york times and the washington post were
6:03 am
some of the best investigative reporters on earth have devoted considerable amount of energy to den grading and destroying or wearing down this man, president trump. there's no doubt 20 of the best reporters of the washington post. every time they wake up, okay. let me find dirt on donald trump. >> well, yesterday the big news was executive action on extreme vetting. something he's talked a lot about on the campaign trail. this is how the mainstream media covered that action. take a look at this. >> breaking news tonight. cheers, controversy, and condemnation as president trump signs in order temporarily restricting from the u.s. >> with the stroke of a pen, the president locks the door. >> the aclu says extreme vetting is just a euphemism. >> he's close enough to strike
6:04 am
a deep nerve tonight among some immigration activists. >> president trump drew an x today through the welcoming words of the nearby statue of liberty. >> an x through the statue of liberty. interesting they cast it that way because chuck schumer said that lady liberator was shedding a tear. you have strong views about that. >> i do have strong views and what i'm about to say is controversial. >> at least you gave us a warning. >> i do not in any way sanction a ban on all muslim refugees from these. >> which he's not doing. >> which he's not doing. but slowing down 30 days to 120 days. i don't think is tha that that is particularly onerous with the big picture. but what he said is he's going to prioritize the christians in syria. everybody was up in arms how could you do that in a secular
6:05 am
nation where we don't discriminate by religion. but we also have to be ruthlessly pragmatic about it. this is a headline from the new york times. isis and other extremist movements across the region are enslaving, killing, and uprooting christians with no aid in sight. this is from the new york times. with considerable experience in the area, i can tell you that the syrian christians and the muslim minorities being grabbed and raped and the husbands separated from the wives and the wives being put into sex slavery and the children being kidnapped and so forth? there is a pragmatic aspect to giving priority to religious minorities in the region. the christians have been decimated. >> so you're for that. >> i am for it. nobody complained, for example, when the soviet union released 1.6 million jews. many of them going to israel, about one third of them coming here to the united states.
6:06 am
sometimes it makes sense to distinguish or to give some priority to those who are particularly imperil. >> and christians have been persecuted. >> in the birthplace of christianity, the religion is imperial of being whiled out. >> turning your position i think on the wall and where you stand on that position, you want to clarify that? what is your position? >> i'm glad you asked me, clayton, i am abstaining now on the wall. why? because i believe elections have consequences and a majority of the american people in the majority of the american states have said that this wall is very, very important to them. now, i have not removed my advice to the american people
6:07 am
and to president trump with all due respect. i think that the $25 billion infrastructure project can be defeated with a $25 ladder. i think it will keep out the casual immigrants. the ones who come to wash the dishes and deliver pizza at 2:00 here on a federal night in new york city. i think the pros, there are already 75 tunnels that have been identified under the mexican border. dope dealers, i don't think the wall will defeat the pros. but, listen, if it gives my 11-year-old daughter -- asked me with her innocent and intelligence asked me, daddy, don't countries have walls between them? how do you know where the border is? so i am no longer vigorously opposing the wall. there are different ways to send the money, bridges, tunnels, infrastructure, but it means so much to americans,
6:08 am
i've removed my oncomings. now, that does not mean that i believe president trump's decoration that mexico should pay for the wall makes any sense. the wall's going to be on u.s. territory. it will disadvantage mexico because these immigrants have been like a safety valve on the mexican economy. they go, you know -- they've been going back and forth for generations. it's only after 9/11 that the whole border issue became so relevant. >> if they don't pay for it, president trump said 20% tax on imports for mexico. is that going to happen? >> but, see, how can you ask the mexican president to agree to something like that and say that that is a precondition to your summit meeting? i think that it doesn't make any sense. if we want to build the wall, let's build the wall. okay. now, says if you want the wall, we'll build the wall. but to say for mexico, you have to pay for it, isn't that adding insult to injury? remember that 11% of the
6:09 am
american people are mexican origin -- mexican-americans. they either direct immigrants -- i'm talking about citizens. 11.1% of citizens are of mexican dissent. why do we want to insult them? why is there not a latino in the president trump's cabinet. for the first time in 28 years, no latino in the cabinet. so here you're dealing with an issue of pro found significance to mexico and latin america, and you don't even have anyone near the president that's latino. i volunteered to hang out with him as much as he wants. i love the guy, but he has to hear spanish in the white house. >> you have been told by so many paid commentators even here on fox news to change your mind about wall, and you listen to your 11-year-old daughter. you actually make a lot of sense. >> there's a lot of wisdom there. abby: i think you want to get out of the news today, vladimir putin. >> yeah. it's interesting you're converting on the wall
6:10 am
and donald trump has had an impact on you. but i thought something that got lost this week when he not only brought in business leaders but union leaders. and some of these hard hat guys came out and said you know what? democratic presidents didn't bring us in on week one. and he actually listened to us and wanted our ideas on how to create jobs. not just the big corporate leaders. peggy talks about that in her column this morning. that was a moment. >> it was. it was a spectacularly unexpected scene there in the white house. you see the teamster standing shoulder to shoulder with the president of the united states on some of these positions, and then he brings in some of these billionaire business guys, and he meets with both and both leave the meeting satisfied that they were listened to, i mean, that's saying something. he is defying expectation. you know, he's not a multibillionaire by accident. he is a man with high skill. he can easily be ridiculed, as
6:11 am
i can easily be ridiculed. we've had very colorful lives. we've done this and done that. but the reason we're still here, i don't mean to say that i'm like the president. but there is some substance behind longevity, and i think that president trump will continue to surprise people. i think that sometimes he says things more harshly -- for instance, this whole idea of the refugees from syria. more harshly than they need to be said, but i think he can modify that. abby: . >> and to that point of how he thinks about his wording and first impressions, this phone call this morning with russian president vladimir putin, that is going to be an incredibly important one because this is about your first impression. what tone do you want to set for this relationship? what advice do you have for president trump in this call? >> first of all, i think that when he talks to people that he knows and relates to, he can be very, very friendly,
6:12 am
homey, you know, hey, bud. i think that that's the tone they should set. it should be a less formal tone than we generally expect traditionally. but then you go from being homey, hey, bro to being very substantive issues. hey, bro, you have to put your army back from the east and ukraine border. what are they there for? it's threatening. it's unsettling. you're upsetting nato, all the baltic countries, poland, are really worried. just pull them back. they're not going to declare war on ukraine. pull them back. crimea used to be part of russia. most people in crimea would like to be russian rather than ukrainian. but let's have a vote. let's have a referendum in crimea. just have a referendum in crimea. let them vote and let the world see if the cry mee an people really want to be russian instead of ukrainian. >> and then --
6:13 am
>> and say you can't ruin the sanctions. we're on the same side in syria. >> thank you so much. abby: we love having you here. next time we'll book your daughter. >> the real wise person in my family. clayton: coming up next. forget rex tillerson, we have lindse lindsey lohan. >> plus the trump administration changing the media game and the mainstream media is shocked, shocked i say. dan halper, the man who got the first question in at sean spicer's first official meeting. when we come back "distraction" by joywave introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack
6:14 am
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6:17 am
trump: yeah, i think the media's the opposition party in many ways. and i'm not talking about all media. the dishonesty, the total deceit and deception makes them certainly the opposition party. >> there he is. president trump declaring the mainstream party the opposition party as the press reacts wildly to white house press briefings this week among other things. abby: yeah, hit or react daniel halper was the first reporter press secretary spicer called on this week. hey, daniel, good to have you here. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. abby: so what do you think of this first week, in particular the relationship that has gone on between president trump and the media. you've been right in the thick of things. >> well, look, it's a very tense relationship at certain times and obviously the trump administration, especially as president trump himself abused media as the opposition party and of course the media does have a role of being i think tough on the trump
6:18 am
administration and obviously if you look at that white house briefing room, probably it's the case that most people there voted for hillary clinton and did not support donald trump. but nonetheless, it's a very tense relationship, and i think -- but i think it's -- there's some progress, and i think there's some good things to come about from it as well. >> dan, what do you think the role of the media should be? and does it line up with what the trump administration think so the role of the media should be? >> i think the trump administration sees the role as explaining what they're doing and explaining their policies, and i think that is a role of the media. i think another role of the media is being toughed on the administration and asking them out of it questions and holding them accountable in a way that the trump administration i think finds uncomfortable. by the way, think back to the obama administration. i think the media should have played the same role then as well and been tough on the obama administration in the way that they weren't, but i think it's good in general for
6:19 am
media to be tough on people who have power and are political leaders. >> that's where the frustration is. >> right. >> especially for steve what he said is that the obama administration, they were not as challenged the way that the trump administration one week in. >> and here's steve balanc i want to quote him. the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while. the media here is the opposition party. they don't understand this country. they still do not understand why donald trump is the president of the united states. i want you to weigh in on that, and do you think the frustration in the american people in large part is now all of a sudden we're hearing the left say stand up to this man. where were they during benghazi and all of the stories in the last administration? abby: and obamacare? >> yeah. definitely there were a lot of stories in the last administration that i think were covered too softly and not intensely enough. i think it is helpful to know
6:20 am
that steve bannon and donald trump believes this. it really puts into perspective what they're trying to do. sean spicer's first move of saturday of last week, he comes out and scolds the media for not covering the crowds in the way that the trump administration saw fit. it's helpful to know because they think the opposition party is the media and that it's a strategy to try to belittle the media. and i think it's helpful to understand that because you can understand what the trump administration is doing better. but it's a strategy that does bear some risks for them, and i think that's what they're going to have to see as days come. >> daniel, always great to get his insights. he's right in the thick of things. >> thanks, guys. abby: all right. president trump ready to step in and send the feds to help in chicago. >> chicago is worsen some of the countries you read about in the middle east where there's wars going on. abby: the fed stepping in.
6:21 am
is this the right move? we will debate it next. >> and he says he isn't a big fan of walls. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distances people they label as others. >> now mark zuckerberg's words coming back to haunt him. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood,
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6:24 am
. >> and some quick headlines. iran, the world's worst sponsor of terror sending a message to the u.s. this morning. quote now is not the time to build walls. that message coming from iranian president. seems to be targeted at president trump's southern border wall. iran ranked as one of the least free countries in the world, of course, is now banned from sending refugees to the u.s. and panic google executives organized their foreign
6:25 am
employees to return to the u.s. immediately on the immigration restrictions. google concerns that workers in those countries could be singled out by trump. you may recall google of course was accused of searching its search results crooked hillary in order to help the clinton campaign. clayton. clayton: shooting murders in chicago jumped even higher than last year, if that's even possible. and that's not lost on the president. he said i if the city couldn't fix the problem, he would send in the feds. here to debate, democratic strategist. nice to see both of you this morning. >> thank you. >> let's play this from the hannity show. here's the president. >> chicago is worsen some of the countries you read about in the middle east where there's wars going on. .
6:26 am
>> and there's no reason for it. it is a war zone. do you think his approach sending the feds in would be a huge mistake. why? >> well, not only is it an overreach of federal government; right? it's big government intruding into the people of chicago's lives. but number two, it doesn't solve the problem. putting tanks on the streets of a major u.s. city isn't the answer. if donald trump wants to talk about solutions, he can give me a call, he's probably watching, he could talk to congresswoman to have a conversation with the people of chicago. you can't force your will upon people without having a conversation with them about some of the solutions. or he could help the mayor of chicago, or call the governor, which he hasn't done, and help you he create summer jobs for youth in dc, which dramatically reduced the crime rate. >> go ahead and. >> you were on that. >> well, i respect richard's opinion but unlike him, i didn't read about the news in chicago, i lived it. and i can tell you that there
6:27 am
was a democratic state rep who requested the national guard in 2010. so people in chicago recognize the fact that there's carnage. there is about 43 shooting victims last year and about 268 this year. and we're only 28 days in. so me being an individual who lived through the crack epidemic, seen violence in every angle of chicago recognize that there's a need for federal resources and president obama who really failed chicago, his adopted hometown, folks in chicago should acknowledge and accept the help from the federal government. when donald trump says, president trump says i'm going to send the feds, we don't know exactly what that means. is that means he's going to send law enforcement? i'm sure. also going to be resources for summer jobs? perhaps so. is there going to be economic strength from that? perhaps so. i think to make determinations of what that means to be considered an alternative fact because we're just making up things at this point. >> right. you mention tanks, but we have no idea what the president would do with those. >> i mean, we've heard over
6:28 am
ask over he's going to send in federal resources. but according to the governor, bruce says donald trump hasn't even called him yet. maybe you should have a conversation with the chicago residents. i worked in chicago. if you talked to the people in chicago, they would tell you that putting. >> you're from evanston -- you're from evanston. >> i work in chicago. read the newspaper. >> you're not from chicago, bro. let's be honest. no, you're not from chicago. you're providing information that you don't even know the environment. you didn't live it. listen, -- >> thank you, guys. we've got to go. we appreciate you both joining us this morning. and mark zuckerberg building a wall around his home in hawaii, locals are not happy
6:29 am
about it. we'll get to the bottom of that when we come back. am. i'm 51 years old. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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6:32 am
. >> all right. welcome back to fox and friends, and you know how sometimes you're online, and you have to fill in a password, and it has to confirm you're ain't robot. >> some letters and numbers. >> like, a picture of a house. >> i feel like a robot. i can't read it.
6:33 am
>> this may blow your mind because look at this. watch. >> this is a robot clicking the i am a robot button online. this has gone viral. this is a sign of the robot apocalypse right now. this robot is clicking on the i'm not a robot button. see, they're taking over. only a matter of time. >> i feel like you're tweaking out right now. >> you've been waiting all morning show this video. the producers said let clayton show the video. >> still an epic fail. i don't know. maybe i'm wrong. ceo mark zuckerberg slamming trump for extreme vetting and immigration restrictions like many of you, i'm concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by
6:34 am
president trump. we should keep this country safe, but we should do that by keeping people who pose an actual threat. also keep our doors open and refugees. well, now he's got this big spread in hawaii. he's been gathering property there. >> a number of acres in hawaii. this is the most hypocritical story of all time. so he has built this personal wall for himself for living quarters. >> why are we dividing people from walls? >> but it blocks people who live there. it blocks their view to the ocean. so today, there's going to be a protest in hawaii for people that are up in arms about this thing. how dare you build this wall and block our view to the ocean? >> why is he out there speaking using his huge platform. he's famous, rich, got billions of dollars, and you build one on your own property. >> i bet when people are out there, they're going to be using facebook live to stream. >> of course. he's going to go why did i put up that facebook live?
6:35 am
such a bad idea. hey, i walk out here a couple of minutes ago and nobody's out here. just a camera and this woman out here, sorry i'm calling you out. is like this. the camera's not on. she just wants her daughter to see. so hi to your daughter. >> we're here on fox news. >> there you go, jasmine, jackie. she's here on fox news. take take a look at the weather map. california, this is where your drought was last year. we talked about it for such a long time and over the past couple of weeks, look at what has happened. all of the moisture brought all the exceptional drought. here you go across the northeast today. chilly day, not that bad. down to the south, chilly day as well but i tell you what, guys, it is dry across most of the country, and it's going to
6:36 am
remain that day over the next three or four days. >> well, you had two friends earlier. now you have five. >> it's building. next hour i'll have six. >> earlier in the show we told you about an inspiring military family. frankly all military families are inspiring but this one showing incredible strength in adversity. >> cancer survivor divide medical odds when she gave birth to quadruplets but now she and her husband sergeant charles are facing another challenge. >> has part two of their incredible story. >> you seem to be pretty matter of fact about this. >> awn i think you have to be. it would be so easy for me to crawl in that corner and cry. but what is that going to solve? >> quadruplets came into the world. two girls and two boys. >> i think she's going to be the most relaxed. and here's victoria. and victoria i think is going
6:37 am
to be a little diva. and charles will probably be the funny one of the group. and then we have michael, he's the youngest, and he's the smallest, but he's doing really well. >> obviously charles and kayla have their challenges, but they also have a couple of advantages going for them. one, the support of the u.s. army, and two the fact that vanderbilt university medical center is an hour's drive away. they make that drive every day. >> so you're going to be trying to juggle six kids, four of them brand-new, and cancer treatment. >> yes. >> how are you going to do that? >> i have no idea actually. but, you know, every day they teach me something different, and i learn more about myself. but i know we can do it. i have to fight for my kids. because i want to see them longer than the five years from now. >> why are you saying five years? >> we are given a 50% chance of living five years.
6:38 am
>> that's got to weigh on you. >> it does. but like i said, it would be so easy to sit here and say poor me. poor kayla cannister a second time, now i have to go through all of these treatments. but that's not who we are as people. i want to see them grow up and tell them, hey, that wasn't very smart. >> wasn't easy but charles and kayla now have six reasons to get through one. >> it's not always rainbows and butterflies. it's definitely hard at times because you do -- i mean, you think you're living a pretty good life and all of a sudden this happens to you twice in one year. i've been told, you know, sometimes you can't -- i mean, it's not for me to ask why me. i just kind of have to trust in the plan that sets forth for me and just believe that surely i wouldn't be given four new babies just to not make it to see them grow up. >> the quads are doing so
6:39 am
well, doctors expect they'll be able to go home by the middle of february. and all eight of them will be complete. >> what are you going to tell those quads when they get older? >> that they were famous at one time. i mean, i want them to know how loved they are. just like their brother and sister, and i want them to know what a great experience this has been for our whole family, really. >> a great experience? >> carrying quads? heck yes. i'm proud of myself. i mean, there's -- that's a big accomplishment for me. because i didn't thankfully by the grace of god, i didn't have any complications. i mean, besides the cancer coming back. but as far as the babies are concerned. >> oh, that that thing. >> yeah. that that thing. it is what it is. >> the fight continues. kayla continued treatment last week. >> i want people to know when you're diagnosed with something or faced with something like this that it's okay to go through every
6:40 am
emotion because you're going to go through every emotion. i definitely do on a daily basis. but the important thing to remember is that at the end of that day, you do need to just put on a smile and go forth with it because it's really going to help you get through it. >> wow. great job bringing that story to our viewers and the real heroes here. they started a gofundme page to help with medical expenses for the family. and thanks to you, our generous fox viewers, you heard about this about this story this week before we aired that piece, and you have already exceeded the goal of $5,000. >> $5,000 was the goal. >> and you've raised more than $937,000. >> and that's what we had this morning before we aired the piece, so it has to be more. >> if you want to keep donating, you can visit and find the quadruple pregnancy. she's a powerful young woman. >> president trump working
6:41 am
hard to deliver his campaign promise of building a wall. our next guest has another idea to make sure that mexico pays for it. ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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6:44 am
abby: so you were watching a fedex delivery man hailed as a hero stopping a group of protesters burning an american flag. matt rushing in and grabbing the flag and putting out the flames with a fire extinguisher outside the mall. two of the protesters were arrested for not having a burn permit. a new statement for the company says this. we have investigated this matter.
6:45 am
this individual remains a fedex employee, express employee, and we have no plans to change his status. he'll be back on his regular route this monday. >> good. abby: glad they clarified that. >> president trump and mexico's president now working out their differences. is there any way for president trump to get mexico to pay for it? >> joining us now is peter morici, a professor of economics at the university maryland. nice to see you this morning, sir. >> nice to be with you, again. >> so is there another way of paying for this wall? mexico says we're not paying for it and the u.s. says, well, we're not paying for it. how is this going to work? do you have another plan? >> well, we have two different things we can do. one we have a border crossing tax when people leave mexico and come into the united states, they pay a fee. $50, $75, a lot of crossings raise a lot of revenue that way. and also when they exit the united states, charge a fee. we could exempt u.s. citizens, and that would effectively limit the fee to foreigners
6:46 am
and most of them are mexicans so voila, you have mexicans paying for the wall. >> i have to ask you on the border crossing fee, the stories we hear -- the reason why many mexicans are trying to cross the border in the united states is that the defendant have meager wages, and they're trying to make a living in the united states, chase the american dream. how in the world would they afford 50 or $75 a person? you've got a family of four or five trying to cross the border. >> well, do we really want those folks crossing the border? >> well, if they're trying to chase the american dream and not terrorists, maybe we do. >> well, we do. i don't think $50 is such an onerous fee, considering that they're going to come here, create a new life, earn a lot more money, things like that. we can set the fee appropriately in those circumstances. i mean, there are issues. there are issues with almost anything that we do. that's one way of getting at it. i can give you another. >> what about the defense budget, peter?
6:47 am
$600billion a year in the defense budget. there's a lot of waste in there. the senators and congressman have been lampooning that for decades. the amount of waste. if this is about u.s. defense, couldn't we find 15 billion out of it out of that 600 billion for a wall? >> well, we can finance the wall if we want to but president trump is looking for a way to say that weren't financing it. that the mexicans are paying for it. i mean, certainly we could find $15 billion in any manner of places in the u.s. budget to pay for the wall. especially considering it's going to take several years to build, so it's 2- $3 billion a year. we spend 4 trillion, so we could find the money that way. let's remember, we have a lot of unmet needs in defense. while there's some waste and things that need reform in defense, our fleet is in terribly poor condition, it's old, it needs to be renewed, a lot of our planes need to be renewed. the obama folks really kind of neglected defense and without having a bigger navy or bigger
6:48 am
army, upgrading is due. >> what about sean spicer, press secretary said earlier this week about this 20% tax on goods coming, he seemed to walk that back pretty quickly after that. thund better than most of us do. what would that mean if you did impose this tax? is there potential for, like, a trade war with mexico? who's to say that they're not going to then impose tax on our goods going into mexico. what does that mean? >> the devil's in the details. if it was part of a multilateral thing, i don't think it would be much of a problem. what we're looking at is the corporate reform tax, lowering the rate. but at the same time, rebating that on exports and applying it to imports. a lot of countries do that with their value-added tax and the congress is looking at dining with the corporate income tax. making it like a value-added tax or sales tax. so that would be consistent with what other countries do.
6:49 am
it's not something that mexico could complain about. that would be another way of getting at it. another one, though, is remittences. mexicans send home the people that come here to chase the dream, send home a great deal of money. and that money primarily benefits mexico. in fact, mexico is using the united states because it can't create enough employment down there. those people take away employment from mexicans. a 10% tax on that would probably generate 1.5, $2 billion a year. >> peter morici, a lot of ideas. president's looking at them. thank you, sir. >> thanks, peter. >> you've seen them in many hit movies and tv shows. >> don't you think we're pushing our luck? >> no such thing. >> well, now he's here with a message for his celebrity friends. that's next. there he is. >> come on in. >> come on in.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
6:53 am
. >> do you think we're pushing our luck? >> no such thing. >> we've all seen him in so many hit movies and tv shows, but he's not your typical hollywood type. >> now he has a message for his fellow celebrities melting down over president trump. >> and actor joins us now. good to have you here. what's your message? >> i didn't have any message. everybody says, hey, look, everybody has a right to protest. but let's just make movies and everybody get along. >> you've been in this business for a long time. have you ever seen celebrities
6:54 am
speak out quite like this in politics? and you said it's really been more behind closed doors but this time around. >> now it's out there. >> yeah. there's no risk to it, you know, when a famous actor stands up in front of a room where everybody agrees with them and says, well, here's my point of view, you're speaking to the choir, and then they're told that they're brave and then get an award. there's no downside to it. but it does seem a little bit more hysterical this time around. >> why are you wearing a hat? >> i'm wearing a hat because this is ed henry's famous jaunty hat. >> i wore it at the inaugural. and i got some notes from abby saying i don't know about that hat, and then it grew on her. so i brought it to her. >> because we were in chicago. >> yeah. >> you said this is what everyone wears in chicago. we need to bring back the hats. >> well, last time i saw the front page on broadway and everybody has a different hat, it was a great show. and i just think it would be fun because a guy can state his own personal style with the one that he chooses. >> tell us about the new moi. the resurrection of gavin
6:55 am
stone. >> yeah. about a washed up child store, and he's given the choice of picking up trash on the highway or going to church, chooses the church because he's a bit of a scammer. and when he gets to the church, i play the pastor, and he sees he's going to have an easter pageant and then tries to audition for the role of jesus, and i tell people we only let people play in the role who are children's. >> i'm a children. capital c. i've had the passion of the christ for a couple years now. >> you believe that jesus christ is the son of god and that he's our savior. >> really? >> we've seen a lot more of these messages coming out of hollywood. are you surprised by that? >> well, i think there's a great big audience out there that ever since mel gibson's passion of the christ exploded and made so much money, i think hollywood's been aware that there's a big underserved audience out there. >> people who are tired of the
6:56 am
same movies with violence and whatnot, and they want a different message. >> right. when pixar doesn't have a movie out, there's really no movie to take your kids to that are any good. so this is an answer to that and as a guy with a 12-year-old daughter, there's nothing out there. this is a movie not like a christian movie that hits you over the head with a bible. but it has an old hollywood message a fish out of water who learns how to be a better person. and people who goes to these kinds of movies, hollywood will give you more of them. so if it works. >> we all need more of that. >> well, abby looks old school hollywood right now. >> i take your advice. >> a lot of different hats i think. >> thank you so much for being here. >> more fox and friends two mins g my moderate to severe crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, . .
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>> we were telling you about the army family battling cang ear and they just had quadruplets.
7:00 am
>> now 900,000. >> see you tomorrow. have a great show. have a great morning. >> see you tomorrow. dagen: the dow hitting 20k as president trump continues to sign away. hi, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell in for brenda, this is bulls&bears, stocks skyrocketing, many aimed at boosting american jobs, dow 20,000 a mayor milestone. why are some of the media trying to downplay it? the bulls and bear this is week, john, along with morgan, welcome to everybody. gary, the dow 20,000 predicting good things to come, right


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