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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 27, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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everybody, for being here. i hope you have a wonderful weekend, lots of news to get to, the news conference with president trump is coming up, and right now, we will see you at noon eastern on monday, "happening now" begins. >> we start with a fox news alert, awaiting president donald trump's first news conference since taking office, -- >> we are expecting the president and the prime minister all you have to do is ask for israel appeared they were having a total disaster, cross. >> jon: the trump border wall, how will the drama play out with our neighbor to the south and a key trading partner? plus, renewed relations with cuba not sitting well with everyone. why police in one state are outraged. and disaster caught on tape. a hotel no match for mother nature as it crumbles
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into a flooded river. it is all "happening now" ." ♪ >> jenna: we begin with president trump hosting his first foreign leader, look into the second hour of "happening now," i am jenna lee. >> jon: i'm jon scott. we are awaiting a news conference between president donald trump and prime minister theresa may, she is at the white house where they are expected to discuss a range of issues including trade and terrorism. may previously has spoken about the special relationship between our countries, when she said must continue if the two nations are to lead the world. we will bring you that event live when it begins. >> jenna: our understanding that reporters have met in the east room about 10 minutes ago so they expected to commence in that we will bring you back to the white house when it happens. the meantime, jim kessler is joining us, cofounder of third
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way as well as a former legislative and policy director for senator schumer. and the dick cheney spokesperson, nice to have you both as we danced a little bit before this live event. i also want to share some news with our viewers. there has been so much attention on mexico, of course with the conversation about the border wall and we just got some information through john roberts, we are trying to get him in the east to set up there now. the white house conforming that my confirming to john roberts that president trump spoke on the telephone with the mexican president for about an hour this morning around 9:30 a.m. we're going to get a read out of that, so we will get some details as to what that conversation was like in what was discussed. what are your thoughts hearing that headline? >> this relationship between mexico in the united states is rife with difficulties. we are going to struggle with it for months. the congress is going to have to appropriate money so that the wall can be built. they have committed to do that
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in a supplemental, i believe. the issue is not going to go away, but the dialogue between the two countries should continue. they are an extra nearly important trading partner, and if we are going to solve some of our immigration problems, we're going to have to do it in partnership with mexico. >> jenna: what do you think? >> mexico was our partner for many, many years. now, thanks to trump, they are now becoming a hostile neighbor. >> jenna: even with the phone call? >> look, when you turned on the president and say i am not going to show up, i think that says something. the idea that mexico is supposed to pay for a wall to keep them out of our country on our property i think is very, very insulting. i'm sure to most mexicans, and i think the president of mexico, if he has to capitulate to donald trump him he becomes the least popular mexican president in history. i think the relationship is now
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fraught and it is a shame because it's been a good relationship for a very long time. >> jenna: reminded us of something important, all politics is local. we hear that phrase a lot, something we will apply prior to the news conference could we have our opinions, but we don't have the details yet on the phone call and hopefully we can learn something and we will wait until it happens. terry, getting back to all politics being local, what is at stake with the meeting today at the white house and also this news conference we will see? >> president trump come his first turn on the world stage with another global leader has the potential to have a bff in the uk prime minister may. these are two countries that we have said over and over again have a special relationship but are also striking out on a new course for their countries. both leaders have received the voter mandate to make america great again, make the uk great again, so they have a lot of
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parallel interests, reasons that they should work together, and strengthen that relationship going forward. not just between the two countries economically, but we share a lot of responsibilities in terms of international security issues, so i think among all of the people that the president will speak to over the coming days and weeks, this meeting with prime minister may is perhaps the most important one. >> jenna: it sounds like you are saying the stakes are high. >> the stakes are high for both politicians. there is a relationship to make stronger. they are both navigating countries that have undergone a sea change in politics, and they are both relying on each other, i think, like lots of past presidents and prime ministers have two match that relationship and stand together as brother and sister in this case on the world stage. >> jenna: the first time i've ever heard you use the term bff when it comes to foreign policy.
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does it apply here? there are comparisons being made to thatcher in reagan, folks already going in that direction. do you see them the same way? >> i don't think that she is thatcher or donald trump is reagan, but this is a good meeting for them, good first meeting for him. there is the potential for them to be good friends, and of course, we do have a special relationship with england. there are commonalities for sure, but there are three places where they differ pretty significantly. what is the iran nuclear deal which the british says is very important, trump says is terrible. the other is nato which trump has set on several occasions is obsolete and may believes is very important. the big difference where they really have differences is russia where theresa may and much of europe, russia is the primary threat to their sovereignty and safety, and president trump for some reason has -- is enthralled with vita
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may put in, probably the most dangerous person on earth. she gave a little bit of a warning to donald trump, engage, but be weary, impolite british, if you translate that into american english, it is, you've got to be kidding me, what are you doing with him? i think there are some differences. >> jenna: we leave room for the translation. again, a lot of these relationships are just beginning and it is important to remind our viewers as well, first face-to-face meeting donald trump with theresa may. this is going to be the first official call between president trump and vladimir putin that we expect tomorrow. i would like to start with terry on this, but what is important about this news conference as they can be asked about anything. it doesn't have to be just about their conversation. that being the case, what do you think should be the first question? >> i'm afraid the first answer is going to be about the crowd size of the inaugural.
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i think the first question really has to be about the relationship between the united states and russia and how england feels about that because i think this is the biggest national security threat in the world today is russia gaining power. they have to be on top of this. >> jenna: i would be interesting for the president leading into this phone call with vladimir putin. what do you think rises to the surface? >> i do think that nato and posture in the middle east are going to be substantive questions that are going to need to be addressed during this news conference. but i expect that we will see a united front coming out of both of these leaders and that they will harmonize, to use a word out of their bureaucrat handbook, some of their answers so they preserve that special relationship and the strong bond that these two countries have and are beginning to form in a new way. >> jenna: we can confidently say with a fact that the east room will have a nice, big
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crowd. [laughs] we can agree on that, nice moment. thank you very much, great to have you both. >> jon: brings to mind ronald reagan's trust but verify, chief white house correspondent john roberts has more as we await the presidential news conference. >> good afternoon, talk about the crowd in the east room, i am reminded of the movie "jaws," i think they are going to need a bigger boat. i've been to a lot of these, in this room is absolutely jampacked with people from around the world today for this, the first visit of a world leader to the white house and the new trump administration. i had the opportunity to be the full report or in at the oval office as the two of them were greeting each other. president trump standing on one side of the bust of winston churchill, uk pi minister theresa may standing on the other, president say it is a great honor to have winston churchill back in the white house and oval office, and theresa may stated it was a great honor to be here. the two of them have been
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speaking for about an hour, we expect them to speak a lot about trade even though eu rules dictate that the united kingdom cannot start negotiating trade deals until they have actually left the eu, in that will be about two years from now. we are being told to get down because apparently they are coming in very soon. a couple big topics of conversation here at the press conference likely to be what president trump plans to do about russia and the sanctions we understand there is an executive order being prepared on that front, we don't yet know what it says. also the phone call this morning for about an hour beginning at 9:30 with mexican president enrique pena nieto, has that changed the relationship a little bit, are they dialing back from this feud? i'm sure that will come up as well. >> jon: it is a little crowded as we can see someone squeezing into your shot in the east room. how much time do you have? we don't want to keep you standing. >> we have a little bit of time here the staff has come in on
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both sides, so it should be soon. should point out as well there are another couple big pieces of business yet to come this afternoon. the president will go to the pentagon to sign some executive orders on military readiness, and then he is going to sign -- getting the 2 minutes here. he's going to sign this executive order on extreme vetting. this is the one that stood out at the beginning of the campaign as the infamous "muslim band," now it has been morphed into something quite different. >> jon: they are here, so we will let you stand with the rest of them, thank you, john roberts now the president and prime minister. >> president trump: thank you very much. i am honored to have prime minister theresa may here for our first official visit from a foreign leader. this is our first visit, so great honor.
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the special relationship between our two countries has been one of the great forces in history for justice and for peace, and by the way, my mother was born in scotland. serious scotland. today, the united states renews our deep bond with britain military, financial, cultural, and political. we have one of the great bonds. we pledge our lasting support to this most special relationship. together, america and the united kingdom are a beacon for prosperity and the rule of law. that is why the united states respects the sovereignty of the british people and their right of self-determination. a free and independent britain is a blessing to the world, and our relationship has never been
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stronger. both america and britain understand that governments must be responsive to everyday working people, that governments must represent their own citizens. madame prime minister, we look forward to working closely with you as we strengthen our mutual ties in commerce, business, and foreign affairs. great days lie ahead for our two peoples and our two countries. on behalf of our nation, i think you for joining us today for this great honor. thank you very much. >> jon: vicki very much, mr. president. can i start by saying i am so pleased i've been able to be here today. thank you for inviting me so soon after your inauguration. and i am delighted congratulate you on what was a stunning election victory. as you say, the invitation is an
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indication that the strength and importance of the special relationship that exists between our two countries, their relationship based on the bonds of history, family, kinship, and common interests. in a further sign of the importance of that relationship, i have today been able to convey her majesty the queen's hopes that president trump and the first lady would pay a state visit to the united kingdom later this year, and i'm delighted that the president has accepted that invitation. today we discussed a number of topics, and there is much on which we agree. the president has mentioned foreign policy, we were discussing how we can work even more closely together in order to take on and defeat the ideology of islamic extremism where ever it is found. our two nations are already leading efforts to face up to this challenge, and we are making progress with them losing territory and fighters, but we need to redouble our efforts. today, we are discussing how we can do this by deepening intelligence and security
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cooperations and critically by stepping up our efforts to counter them in cyberspace because we know we will not eradicate this threat until we defeat the ideology that lies behind it. our talks will be continuing later, i am sure. we will discuss other topics, syria and russia come on defense and security cooperation, we are united in our recognition of nato as the ball work of art collection of work, we have confirmed this alliance, you said today that you are 100% behind nato, but we also discussed the importance of nato continuing to ensure it is as equipped to fight terrorism and cyber warfare as it is to fight more conventional forms of war. i have agreed to continue my efforts to encourage my fellow european leaders to deliver on their commitments to spend a certain percent of their gdp on defense so the burden is more fairly shared. only by investing properly in our defense can we ensure we are properly equipped to face our
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shared challenges together. finally, the president and i have mentioned future economic cooperation and trade, trade between our two countries is already worth over 150 billion pounds a year. the u.s. is the single biggest source of inward investment into the uk, and together we have around $1 trillion invested in each other's economies. the uk-u.s. defense relationship is the broadest, deepest, and most advanced of any two countries sharing military hardware and expertise. i think the president and i are ambitious to build on this relationship in order to grow our respective economies, provide the high skill and high-paying jobs of the future for working people across america and across the uk. and so we are discussing how we can establish trade negotiation agreements, take forward immediate high-level talks, lay the groundwork for some trade agreements in and the practical sense we can take now in order to enable companies in both countries to trade and do business with with one at
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another more easily. i'm convinced a trade deal between the u.s. and the uk is in the national interest of both countries and will cement the crucial relationship that exists between us, particularly as the uk leaves the european union and reaches out to the world. today's talks were a significant moment for president trump and i to build our relationship. i look forward to continuing to work with you as we deliver on the promises of freedom and prosperity for all of the people of our respective countries. thank you. >> president trump: very nicely stated. steve holland, where is steve? >> thank you. you're going to be speaking tomorrow with the russian president. what message would you like to convey to him, how close are you to lifting some of the sanctions imposed on russia over ukraine incursion, what would expect a return and prime minister may, do you foresee any changes in british attitude toward sanctions on russia?
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>> president trump: i hear a call was set up, we will see what happens. as far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that. we look to have a great relationship with all countries ideally, that won't necessarily happen, unfortunately probably will not happen with many countries, but if we can have, as we do with prime minister may in the relationship we have all developed even in the short relationship that we just developed just by being with each other, have lunch, and we have really had some very interesting talks in very productive talks, but if we can have a great relationship with russia and with china and with all countries, i am all for that. that would be a tremendous asset. no guarantees, but if we can, that would be a positive, not a negative. >> prime minister may: as far as the uk is concerned on sanctions for russia in relation to their actions in the ukraine, we have been very clear that we want to see them fully and
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lamented, we believe the sanctions should continue until we have seen the agreement fully and lamented, and we've been continuing to argue that inside the european union. laura? >> thank you very much. prime minister, you have talked about where you agree, but you said you would be frank where you disagreed with the president. can you tell us where in our talks you didn't disagree, and do you think that the president listened to what you had to say? and mr. president -- [laughs] see what she says. mr. president, you have said before that torture works. you have praised russia, said you want to ban some muslims from coming to america come you have suggested there should be punishments for abortion. for many people in britain, those sound like alarming beliefs. what do you say to our viewers at home who are worried about some of your views and worried
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about you becoming the leader of the free world? >> president trump: this was your choice of a question? [laughter] >> president trump: there goes that relationship. >> prime minister may: on the issue you raised with me, can i confirm that the president -- i've been listening to the president, and he has been listening to me. that is the point of having a conversation and a dialogue. we have been discussing a number of topics. we will carry on after this press conference, meeting and discussing a number of other topics. there will be times when we disagree and issues we disagree, but the point of the special relationship is that we are able to have that open and frank discussion. so we are able to make that clear when it happens. but i am clear also that there are many issues on which the united kingdom and the united states stand alongside one another, many issues on which we agree, and i think, as i said yesterday in my speech, that we are at a moment now where we can build an even
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stronger special relationship which will be in the interest not just of the uk in united states but actually in the interest of the wider world as well. >> president trump: we have a great general who has just been appointed secretary of defense, general james mattis. he has stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture or waterboarding or however you want to define it, enhanced interrogation i guess would be a word that a lot of people like to use. i don't necessarily agree, but i would tell you that he will override because i am giving him that power. he is an expert. he has highly respected peer he is the general's general. got through the senate very quickly which in this country is not it easy, will tell you. so i'm going to rely on him. i happen to feel that it does work.
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i've been open about that for a long period of time, but i am going with our leaders. we are going to win with or without, but i do disagree. as far as, again, putin and russia, i do not say good, bad, or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. that is possible, and it is also possible that we won't. we will see what happens. i will be representing the american people very, very strongly, very forcefully, and if we have a great relationship with russia and other countries, and if we go against isis together, which has to be stopped, that isn't evil that has to be stopped, i will consider that a good thing, not a bad thing. how the relationship works out, i won't be able to tell you later. i've had many times where i thought i would get along with people, and i do not like them at all. [laughter]
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and i've had some where i did not think i was going to have much of a relationship, and it turned out to be a great relationship, so, we never know about those things, do we? i will tell you one thing, i will be representing the american people very strongly. thank you. how about john roberts, fox. >> mr. president, thank you so much, madame prime minister. it is my understanding you had an hour long phone call this morning with president enrique pena nieto of mexico. can we get an update on where the relationship is, further to that, what do you say to your critics who claim you have already soured a relationship with a very important u.s. ally and not a prime minister, if i may ask you as well, are you concerned about the state of relations between the united states and mexico? >> president trump: i think the prime minister first of all has other things she is much more worried about the mexico and the united states
10:24 am
relationship. i will say we had a very good call. i've been very strong on mexico. i have great respect for mexico, i love the mexican people. i work with the mexican people all the time, great relationships. as you know, mexico with the united states has out negotiated as and beat us to a pulp through our past leaders. they have made us look foolish peer we have a trade deficit of $60 billion with mexico. on top of that, the border is soft and weak, drugs are pouring in, and i am not going to let that happen. general kelly is going to do a fantastic job at homeland security, as you know. we swore him in yesterday. we have really, a very good relationship, the president and i've. we had a talk that lasted for about an hour this morning. we are going to be working on a fair relationship and a new
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relationship, but the united states cannot continue to lose vast amounts of business, vast amounts of companies, in millions and millions of people losing their jobs. that won't happen with may. we are no longer going to be the country that doesn't know what it is doing. so we are going to renegotiate our trade deals, and we are going to renegotiate other aspects of our relationship with mexico, and in the end, i think it will be good for both countries. but it was a very, very friendly call. i think you will hear that from the president, and i think you will hear that from the people of mexico that really represent him and represent him very well. and i look forward to you, over the coming months, we will be negotiating, and we will see what happens. i am representing the people of the united states, and i am going to represent them as somebody should represent them, not how they have been represented in the past where we
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lose to every single country. >> jon: >> prime minister may: e president himself has said that relationship between united states and mexico is a matter for the united states and mexico. tom? >> the brexit trade deal, you said you would stand by us with nato, but how can the british prime minister believe you because you have been known in the past to change her position on things? also, question for both of you. people are fascinated to know how you are going to get on with each other, you are so differen different. the brash tv extrovert, the hard-working vicar, have you found anything and come in personally yet? >> president trump: i'm actually not as brash as you think. i can tell you i think we are going to get along very well. it is interesting because i am a people person. i think you are also, theresa. i can often tell how i get along with someone very early, and i
10:27 am
believe you're going to have a fantastic relationship. brexit -- and i really do not change my position very much. if you look back, my position on trade has been solid for many years, since i was a very young person talking about how we were getting ripped off by the rest of the world. i never knew i would be in this position where we can actually do something about it. but we will be talking to your folks about brexit. brexit was an example of what was to come. i happened to be in scotland cutting a ribbon went brexit happened, and we had a vast amount of press there. i said, brexit -- this was the day before, you probably remember. i said, brexit is going to happen. i was scorned in the press for making that position. i was scorned, and i believed it was going to happen because people want to know who is coming into their country and control their own trade in various other things.
10:28 am
lo and behold, the following day, it happen. the odds were not looking good for me when i made that statement because as you know, everybody thought it was not going to happen. i think brexit is going to be a wonderful thing for your country. i think when it irons out, you're going to have your own identity, and you are going to have the people that you want in your country and be able to make free trade deals without having somebody watching you and what you are doing. i had a very bad experience. i had something when i was in my other world, i had something in another country, and getting the approvals from europe was very, very tough. getting the approvals from the country was fast, easy, and efficient. getting the approvals from the group, i called him the consortium, was very, very toug. but i thought brexit -- i think it will go down that it will end up being a fantastic thing for the united kingdom. i think in the end, it will be a
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tremendous asset, not a tremendous liability. >> prime minister may: just on the question you asked me, tom. i think as the president himself has said, we have already struck up a good relationship. you asked what we had in common. i think if you look at the approach we are both taking, one of the things we have in common is that we want to put the interests of ordinary working people right up there, centerstage. those people who are working on the hours, doing their best for their families, and sometimes they feel the odds are stacked against them. it is that interest in ensuring that what we do, the economy, our economies and governments actually work for ordinary working people, work for everyone in our country. i think we both share that. >> president trump: they give very much. thank you very much. >> jon: there is the conclusion of the press conference with president donald trump in the prime minister of the uk,
10:30 am
theresa may, who had -- is the first foreign head of state to meet mr. trump, not exactly a state visit, but it is their first official meeting. as you heard in the news conference, things seemed to go quite well. both leaders said they were very pleased with their discussions. both stressed the special relationship between the united states and britain. both said that it went very well. as for tomorrow, mr. trump sort of minimized, in my ears at least, seem to minimize that phone call he is to take with russia's president vladimir putin. he said he hears that a call has been set up, but he did not go into a lot more detail about what that is going to entail. >> jenna: it was interesting language. here are some things -- not for sure, could happen, that is what we heard from the white house this morning which is why it has been reported. also need to get president trump's details about the phone call with the mexican president as well, saying it was a friendly conversation and an ongoing one as well. we will continue to look at
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>> jon: right now, thousands of people packing our nations capital for the march for life. it comes just days after president trump signed an executive order banning u.s. aid to groups that provide abortions overseas. vice president mike pence
10:35 am
becoming the first vp to speak at the event as he addresses pro-life activists this afternoon. doug mckelway is live now along the parade route. >> for 44 years now, the march for life has gathered here on the national mall, but seldom if ever has the enthusiasm level been as high as it is this year. that is because the tens of thousands of marchers -- not getting into the crowd counting business today, they know they have a friend in the hill white house for a first time. they know they have a vacancy in the united states appear in court left open by the death of pro-life justice antonin scalia, one that will be filled in the coming months, here's kellyanne conway and vice president mike pence. >> allow me to make it very clear. we hear you. we see you. [cheering and applauding] >> we respect you, and we look forward to working with you. and yes, we walked, we march, we
10:36 am
run, and we go forward with you. >> that is why next week, president donald trump will announce a supreme court nominee who will uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution and the tradition of the late and great justice antonin scalia. >> echoing pence's remarks, very busy donald trump, he tweeted this this morning, and i quote. "the march for life is so important, to all of you marching time you have my full support." they not only have this much, they know that republicans control both houses of congress, recently chuck schumer said if the nominee that donald trump presents is out of the mainstream, the democrats will fight tooth and nail and use every mechanism they have. that in turn made the president of the ides dates say they should support his supreme court
10:37 am
nominee and tastes simple majority would suffice to move the confirmation onward. it is a tooth and nail battle, the law has been laid down. just did an interview with senator langford of oklahoma who said there is absolutely no way that democrats will be able to fight that nomination. back to you. >> jon: doug mckelway on a very busy day in washington, d.c. thank you. >> jenna: wrapping up the news conference between prime minister theresa may and president donald trump, howard kurtz is with us to talk about the relationship we have seen this week between the press and the new president. your observations of the news conference, what did you think? >> president trump is often accused, with some justification, plucking message discipline but he was very measured in his first news conference alongside a foreign leader. despite the effort of a couple british reporters to bait him, and they always sound so airtight when they do it, how are you going to possibly get along with our panic to be mack
10:38 am
prime minister because you're, how do you reason reassure the rest of the road hitting your dangerous, he got through the news conference without creating a diplomatic incident. >> jenna: it is funny when he turned to the prime minister, this is the first question you have? that is not something that you do not heat see from the leader of the free world. >> humor is good to relieve the tension. >> jenna: i want to point out the obvious, when we have news conferences, it's been a lengthy process, answers have been a lot longer, here we were beginning to end about 20 minutes or so. >> i wonder if that was by design? donald trump is a creature of television, maybe he thinks long, skipped it opening statements will bore the pants off the audience. this was kind of a brisk show. reporters got their questions in, and i would have liked to see a couple more but it was rather concise. >> jenna: originally two or three questions from either side then you're done pay that is why we did not see more. interesting to know the person that got the first question is a
10:39 am
wire reporter, so we have seen over the past few days in the press briefing room that has not been the case. that upended some folks in the media sphere, and i wonder how you think the media has handled their own self reflection as they have tried to cover the new administration. >> first of all, sean spicer is entitled to call on any reporters in any order he wants. i don't think there has been a lot of stuff reflection but instead there have been a lot of knee-jerk reactions in the press to president trump's rather frenetic style where he watches a lot of cable tv, reacts to what he sees, tweets things out. sometimes they may be off or exaggerated or whatever, because this is a city that is used to commissions, taskforces, every word that i president speaks is carefully vetted and the speeches are carefully scripted. that is not donald trump's style, it is driving the city nods, but i am thinking it might be better suited to our hyperspeed media culture that he reacts in real-time. >> jenna: we have seen a portion of the piece you wrote on saying that the
10:40 am
media has not really figured out how to cover the president quite yet. i'm going to read this to our viewers. "the media has not figured i had to cover this fast board president leading on debates on how to cover his tweets and journalists are fighting the last war." why are you describing it that way? >> because the previous war or wars all involves a very stately, slow, civil pace of communication. that is what journalists are used to. something happens in the morning -- let's take bill o'reilly for example did a segment on the alarming spike in murders in chicago appeared donald trump was apparently watching, tweeted something out to send out the feds. normally we would wait hours, maybe get a question to the press secretary, may be a presidential statement two days later. he is ranting in real time using 140 characters. i understand the criticism, not a great medium for making policy, but at the same time, i think we are in a new
10:41 am
technological age, and the press needs to get used to it and whether they like it or not, this is the way this president chooses to communicate. it worked pretty well in the campaign. >> jenna: definitely true, we will continue to watch the themes that emerge like president trump saying he will take care of the american people, be about jobs, some of the themes we have seen him hit on no matter what the pace our topic is, there are things that stand out. we look forward to seeing you on sunday as always, thank you very much. >> jon: mending fences over a border wall, the president and the president of mexico had a long chat this morning. the relationship between the two nations a bit strange over president trump's discussions about the wall. is it able to be fixed? what is at stake here? we will take that up with our political panel in just a momen moment. missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day?
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>> jon: white house officials confirm president trump spoke with mexico's president for an hour on the phone this morning. this comes a day after president nieto canceled his planned visit to washington. the two leaders disagreeing over who should pay for the wall that mr. trump wants to build among the southern u.s. border. president trump tweeting earlier today: "mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long enough. massive trade deficits and little help on the very weak border must change, now!" let's bring in richard fowler, fox news contributor and radio talk show host, and republican strategist and farmer congressional candidate. richard, have a feeling you did not vote for donald trump. >> [laughs] of course not. >> jon: he promised to build a ball, that is one -- he was elected obviously, and it is one of the first things he is undertaking as president. what problem do you have with that? >> i understand why people want the wall. here's my problem, the second
10:46 am
half of the closet is the problem, he wants to build it and mexico is going to pay for it. guess what? mexico is not going to pay for it. i've been very reasonable with donald trump. if some the heat as i like, i like it, if i hate it, i say i hate it, this is ridiculous, long-standing allies in mexico, it's going to hurt the american consumer. even if you put the border tax on products coming from mexico, guess what? that taxes going to show up at the grocery store, your local store when you buy something made in mexico, they are going to transfer the cost to the american consumer appeared as a businessman, you would think donald trump would know that because of economics 101, but clearly he missed that economics lesson. the truth of the matter is what we are seeing from this white house is they are confused. they don't know what they are doing. this is just showing it. >> jon: i've only been in office a week, but we do like the reasonable part. don't both countries benefit if there is a secure border? >> absolutely. i think that the u.s. and mexico
10:47 am
are going to start off and have a little bit of a strained relationship, but guess what? i think everybody in a tricky way can get this show on the road p number one, trump promised a walther number two, mexico says they are not going to pay for it. but number three, there is a way to the border tax that mexico will in a roundabout way be paying for the wall so donald trump is a win-win on that. like my counterpart says, if you pass that onto the consumer, that is okay. so what if we are paying as much for guacamole as we do for russian caviar? it's okay because we are going to be getting a safer united states. this is what we want. this is why americans were fed up and why we voted for donald trump. so if we have to pay a little bit more for guacamole or for a shot of tequila, i think most americans are going to say that it's worth it. >> jon: there was a moment of levity at the news conference just concluded when prime minister theresa may of great britain was asked her
10:48 am
opinion about relations between the u.s. and mexico. of course, great britain does not need a wall because it is surrounded by water, but here is that moment. >> i think the prime minister first of all has other things she is much more worried about the mexico and the united states relationship. i will say that we had a very good call. i've been very strong on mexico. i have great respect for mexico. i love the mexican people. i work with the mexican people all the time, great relationships. >> jon: he described it as a very good call, richard, and it is possible. just work with me here, is it possible that there is less damage to the relationship then there would seem to be on the surface, maybe these two leaders patched things up? >> no. it is not possible. here's the thing. this is just shocking, right? watch what he says there, we have great relationships with mexico but for the past 18 months, he has disrespected mexico and the people, and their leadership over and over.
10:49 am
he said they were going to pay for the wall, mexico says they are not going to pay for it. i hate to say, i like walkable elect the next guy but paying 20%, a 20% increase in the price of avocados is insane. i think every american can agree with that. if he really wants to make america great again, really wants to help working families come he should not be trying to increase the cost of what they pay at the grocery store which is exec with a border tax will do which is why it is awful, it is wrong -- don't get me wrong, i'm not saying nafta is perfect but attacking mexico is not the answer. what is he going to do tomorrow, attacking canada? >> jon: the question is how do you keep out the terrible flow of drugs coming across the store than border -- the southern border and people coming into the country who do not necessarily have the interest of the united states in mind. >> that is a great point, like i said, americans voted donald trump a moment of the biggest reasons was that wall. that is what put him on the mat. there is a need for increased
10:50 am
security and a wall on the border. if you look at this, i don't think there is anyway that you are going to keep anyone out with the administration that we had before. it did not work. we had an influx of people. >> what are you talking about? president barack obama deported more people than any other president in ameri number one. number two, i have no problem with border security. i have a problem with forcing the mexican people to pay for it when they said they are not going to pay for it. it doesn't make any sense. >> jon: we are going to have a leave it there, this discussion is going to go on and households around the country in the world all weekend long. thank you both. >> jenna: are you feeling like a little guacamole after that? >> jon: i had some last night. >> jenna: recurring themes we are seeing on our program. busy day continues for president trump with a visit next to the pentagon. we will take you there ahead.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> jenna: fox news alert, president trump making his first trip to the pentagon today as commander-in-chief to visit as military officials develop a new plan to fight isis. mr. trump is expected to ask defense secretary james mattis to ramp up attacks on the terrorist group in syria, from her on that, jennifer griffin's life. >> we are learning new details about the military plan that the joint chief might be presenting to president trump. he has given his new military team 30 days to present him with options. general jim nieto now defense secretary arrived for his first day of work on saturday. he will oversee eight ceremonial swearing in today for mattis and just two hours, time inside that hall of heroes here at the pentagon after trump meets with his joint chiefs and that secure conference room where the chiefs
10:55 am
to hold their most top-secret meetings to discuss war plans for the army, navy, air force and marines have been told to accelerate military options for the president to defeat isis. >> the people we are going against, they do not wear uniforms. they are sneaky, dirty rats. they blow people up in a shopping center. they blow people up in church. these are bad people. >> multiple military sources tell us military options include some plans that had been shelved because the white house would not sign off on them including the deployment of mobile rocket systems like these shown here, deploying apache gunship scan artillery for the first time to accelerate the file of the isis capital. president obama in the white house placed many restrictions on the fight in syria so as not to have to commit large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground. some of the options we have heard about include deploying more special operations troops
10:56 am
to syria, they are already 500 u.s. troops operating in syria. also the emphasis will be on agility, we are told, and could include naval platforms in the mediterranean serving as flight basis. this would give commanders more options to accelerate the fall of the capital, the key question is what comes next when it falls? general mattis' first overseas trip will be to japan and korea. what president trump may hear from his team today is they are more concerned about north korea than isis, which does not pose an existential threat to the u.s. there are huge concerns here at the pentagon about north korean advances in ballistic missile technology. >> jenna: big story for us moving forward. we will watch for the president to visit there and be right back with more "happening now" ." ♪
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cancer and try to raise their newca drup lets. -- quadruplets. $840,000 donated so far. thank you! . >> let's keep it going. we'll keep it going on fox news. thanks for joining us. america's news head quarters starts now. >> fox news alert, president plump holding his first bilateral news conference as president with teresa may. reatimering ties between the united states and great britain. the president says he believes they will have a fantastic relationship. his words. we have got you covered right honorable lord john taylor of warwick, a member of the house of lords in the u.k. parliament is standing by as is washington abouter columnist david drucker. first, white house correspondent don roberts who was given the opportunity to as


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