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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 27, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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on fox news. >> what you like to be a fly on the wall? we will see you back here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert, we are awaiting president trump's first news conference with a foreign leader, he has just greeted uk prime minister theresa may at the white house, the two leaders are set to meet at the oval office any minute now, this comes a day after prime minister, in a speech to e congressional republicans in philadelphia, called for america and the uk to renew their special relationship. this is "outnumbered," i'm meghan mccain coming here today we have harris faulkner, republican strategist and fox news contribute or, lisa boothe. fox news political and legal analyst, eboni williams. and today's #oneluckyguy, fox news roaming correspondent at large, pop culture icon veteran, geraldo rivera. >> geraldo: delighted to be back, really. >> harris: i like the roaming part. i was regaling you of the story of how we passed each other on a
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inauguration, it train platform, you were rolling into town. >> geraldo: i was roving. that was a very exciting inaugural weekend. to watch history being made. actually to be friends with the guy who is in the oval office is quite extraordinary. >> harris: is cool for you? >> geraldo: it's so cool, i've known him for over 40 years, to watch his evolution is something we are all very proud of. >> harris: we will dive into that. >> meghan: let's begin, as we await two big firsts for president trump at the white house, he is set to hold his first meeting and joint news conference with a foreign leader. uk's prime minister theresa may at the g.o.p. retreat in philadelphia yesterday invoked the special bond between margaret thatcher and ronald reagan as she calls for both nations to renew their "special relationship," off term first used by winston churchill. >> it is my honor and privilege to stand before you today in this great city of philadelphia to proclaim again, to join
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hands, as we pick up that mantle of leadership once more. renew our special relationship, and to recommit ourselves to the responsibility of leadership in the modern world. >> meghan: meantime, while she says she stands shoulder to shoulder with president trump, britain's leader is telling the bbc earlier this week that she would not be afraid to confront president trump. "whenever there is something that i find on acceptable." i'll start with you, obviously britain, america, a long history of special relationship. ashley think tony blair and bush might be a better historical reference forenewed relationship. >> geraldo: i think the only reason it is really extraordinarily special right now, meghan, is that you have great britain on the verge of leaving the rest of the european union. so you have the brexit revolution that trump cited as a forerunner to his own revolution. so i think that britain and the united states will be closer together than ever to the
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exclusion, or to the deemphasis of the european union. anytime i've been in a war situation, the brits have always been the second best. i don't mean that, but they've been the most vital contributor to our efforts over the french and the germans and some of the other allies. so i'm all for it. i think it's very uncontroversial. i think that when she says she's going to oppose him where necessary it will be on issues like torture. that is something that i think she will not abide. >> harris: we share a unique history. the break away from the imperialism that we once had so many years ago with this nation and then into friendship, and others populist movement that you are talking about, once again equally yoked through politics and the idea of breaking away from the norms and establishment. so i think that they probably in that sense with regard to where we are in history today have a lot to talk about. when she talks about going her own way on certain issues i would imagine they probably want
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to get those ironed out with regard to illegal immigration and just immigration and migration in their countries. how separate and different is the uk going to be from germany and places that have literally exploded with problems alongside those refugees that have come in. with regard to all the things that he wants to do and what he's doing, mr. trump through his executive orders, it will be interesting to see how that topic is talked about. >> and i think for theresa may asserting herself and saying look, we are still going to remain our independence, you just had a country that voted to exit the eu based off declaring their independence and asserting themselves, so i think that sort of maintaining that general sentiment of the uk right now, and i think also there are sort of these parallel tracks, not just historically, but also the fact that as i just mentioned, the fact that theresa may is leading the uk out of the eu right now, president trump is talking about renegotiating some of these trade deals, reasserting the united states
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globally as well, both from an economic standpoint and foreign policy as well. so i do think there are sort of these interesting parallel tracks. it is going to be interesting to see what happens with this press conference and i'm sure we will learn a whole heck of a lot more about what that relationship is going to look like moving forward. >> amicably interested to see what this looks like moving forward, because of what you pointed out, the parallel nature of coming into power and leadership on a bit of a mandate from people saying we don't wobble we've had before, so that will be interesting. but i want to ask this to you, because you've known donald trump for 40 years and you have such unique insight as to how he really behaves and operates. so we've got theresa may saying if i oppose him i will be clear on that on policy and whatnot. how much is the relationship itself, because donald trump to me as an outsider seems to be somebody who is guided more on relationship building and what that actually looks like then pure ideology or even policy. >> geraldo: i think that's very wise. i think he does tend to ad hoc in terms of his relationships.
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the one thing i believe that this press conference coming up, i would bet you half the questions are about mexico. not about the uk. when we talk about the trident submarine missile failure, maybe they have to beef up their contribution to their own defense effort, their military, so we don't carry the burden alone. >> harris: do you think the world is interested in this? you talk about they prime minister of the uk here, do you think people are watching this? >> geraldo: to your point, it's about immigration. >> meghan: one of the major issues in america right now is gender and women's relationships to donald trump, and if theresa may ends up being a margaret thatcher-esque icon and donald trump ends up being like ronald reagan and they do forge this kind of relationship with one another, it kind of takes the bite out of all these people saying that he is sexist, he doesn't respect women, et cetera, clearly if he has this kind of relationship with one of the more dominant female figures in the world, takes that argument away. >> harris: let's not miss the
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moment moment, and i know a lot of the media didn't pipe up on this, but he already tipped his hat that way. when he talked to the taiwanese president when she called to congratulate rich she is the first woman in asia to lead to asian country not with familial ties, she did not inherit anything. i think he's arty shown that he is going there. >> geraldo: i've got a funny story, with bo dietl and sean hannity last night, and bo was with the chinese partner, in the partner said something, big business guy, big chairman of a company, said, we like donald trump, he is like a communist, he wants to give power back to the people. i am most choked on my meatball. >> meghan: there you go. >> harris: probably an indicator that there might have been alcohol involved. [laughter] >> harris: fox news has confirmed that president trump will speak with russia's president vladimir putin by phone tomorrow, it will be a busy saturday. the kremlin has applauded mr. trump's promises to mend ties with moscow. which have worsened due to the
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ukrainian crisis, the war in syria, and allegations that russia meddled in the u.s. elections. also the president may sign an executive order today possibly lifting or using sanctions on russia. white house counselor kellyanne conway says, that is on the table. and is teaming uph t kremlin on terrorm, let's watch. >> all of that is under consideration and certainly, in addition to improving relations with different foreign leaders under nations around the globe, it is another if another nation that has considerable resources wishes to join together with united states of america to try to defeat and eradicate radical islamic terrorism, then we are listening. >> harris: so she answer the question that i asked. this has just come in so we will share this with you. senator john mccain moments ago released a statement saying vladimir putin is a murderer and a thug and will never be partnered with the united states infighting #oneluckyguy hybrid he also said he will try to reimpose any sanctions against russia at the president list. let's take this one first with
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you, meghan, because you have very strong opinions on what we do with regard to russia. >> geraldo: is it awkward for you? >> meghan: it's so awkward. >> harris: you have a three hour radio show. i call in. >> meghan: that's true, i do talk rush a lot. the first thing i want to say with a phone call is that it's not on precedent for the president to call and have any kind of relationship with vladimir putin. it happened with obama and bush. bush famously said, i looked into his eyes and i saw a soul. so it's not unusual that he's reaching out and that they are going to communicate with one another. where they go from here is the big question. i mean it is hard for me to sit here and think that we can come together on terrorism when russia has been bombing hospitals in aleppo and aiding terrorism with bashar assad. and a big part of the refugee crisis spiraling out of control had to do with putin, not to mention every thing that happened in crimea, not to mention every thing happening in the ukraine. i want to know what exactly would mean, and lifting these
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sanctions isn't necessarily a good sign for people like me would think this is a person who can't be trusted. >> harris: geraldo, you have known them for many decades, both of you are just two years old when he met. >> geraldo: 1976. >> harris: where is president trump on russia, knowing that criticism is going to come, is the too much coziness there? >> geraldo: i think that first of all, the people who assume that putin and russia will one of donald trump or have the best of donald trump are the same people that thought donald trump would lose the election. i believe that when you look back, it was donald trump who invited putin to release the wikileaks emails. let's face it, putin and trump seem to be on the same wavelength. here's my ideal negotiation, very quickly. hello, vladimir, hello, donald. pull your forces back in eastern ukraine. i want you to say to the people of crimea that you will have an internationally sponsored referendum on whether or not you belong to russia or to the ukraine. if you do that, you we can
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cooperate against isis in syria, and if you do that, i will advocate the removal of these sanctions. i think that one phone call could get those four things started in a very concrete, definitive way, and the world would be stunned by the progress made. >> if you are president trump, two, i don't think he has demonstrated that he cares what the criticism is from people. so i think part of what it president obama did with the sanctionable sanctions was to box president trump and politically on russia to set him up for the conversations that are going to be happening when he has that call with putin. but i think for a lot of people like myself, i'm sort of in a watch and see mode to see what president trump does with putin and what that relationship is going to look like. meghan mtion the fact that george w. bush said that he saw into his soul. president obama tried to reset relationships with russia as well, and look what happened. he got emboldened under president obama, reasserted itself in the middle east in syria for the first time in
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decades, and now announced a permanent naval base in october. so i'm interested to see, i'm in a watch and see mode to see exactly how this will unfold. >> harris: you being an attorney look at things through a certain prism. you are going to see how the case is going to be laid out. what is the case that you see? >> eboni: we use the theory of the case, what is president trump's theory of his case around his relationship with vladimir putin? i agree with lisa but wait and see. i do not think president obama's sanctions were about boxing president trump in as much as it was about finally, i think it was a dollar late in a day shor short, in his aggressiveness with russia. i think it was far too little and it was far too late for finally making movement there. what i think is important, and this is the relationship question again. i think that it's very important to have a good relationship in terms of ability to negotiate and speak candidly and have that dialogue. but i am one of those people that is very skeptical about president trump's relationship with vladimir putin, because
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when you talk about america first, that has to be consistent. and i'm not saying he's not being consistent, but i am waiting to see if america first applies even in the space of this russian conversation. >> harris: what about the establishment? talk to me about you've got senator mccain, you've got others who are threatening to roll back sanctions into place should he soften them with a phone call tomorrow or any other sort of way through an executive order. >> geraldo: i don't anticipate that happening in real life. if there is real progress along the lines that i laid out in eastern ukraine, they pulled the troops back where they don't. in terms of a referendum in crimea they either let the people vote or they don't. it will become apparent very shortly. and do you think that donald trump in all of these negotiations eddy's had over this long and very successful business career haven't been up against people that he is liked and people that he didn't like or people that he liked a little, people that he stronger,
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less. >> meghan: is a lot more complex, and i would actually debate that it's a lot more complex and the establishment against donald trump, i think it's an ideological difference, i think it's how you view russia's role in the world, -- >> harris: we have been telling you that we are covering the march for life that has rolled out, and vice president mike pence is due to step up to the microphone at any moment right now. so we are going to watch and listen to this together, and you can see the size of the crowd for yourself. just to tell you a little bit about who's here are many organizations of women who say obviously pro-life, but also in support of each other and wanting to hear the vice president, as we are all going to watch together. >> think all of you. on behalf of the president trum president trump, my wife, karen, our daughter, charlotte, i'd like to welcome you all to washington, d.c., for the 44th annual march for life.
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[cheering and applauding] it's a good day. and it's the best day i've ever seen for the march of life in more ways than one. i'm deeply humbled to stand before you today. deeply humbled to be the first vice president of the united states to ever have the privilege to attend this historic gathering. more than 240 years ago, our founders wrote words that have echoed through the ages. they declared these truths to be self-evident, that we are, all of us, endowed by our creator. [cheering and applauding]
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with certain unalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happyness. 44 years ago our supreme court turned away from the first of these timeless ideas. but today, three generations hence, because of all of you and the many thousands who stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life is winning again in america! [cheering and applauding] that is evident in the election of pro-life majorities, in the congress of the united states of america. but it is no more evident in any
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way than in the historic election of a president who stands for a stronger america, a more prosperous america, and a president who i proudly say stands for the right to life, president donald trump. [cheering and applauding] president trump actually asked me to be here with you today. [cheering and applauding] he asked me to thank you for your support. for your stand for life and for your compassion for the women and children of america. one week ago today, on the steps of the capital, we saw the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states. i can tell you firsthand, our
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president is a man with broad shoulders and a big heart. his vision, his energy, his optimism, are boundless, and i know he will make america great again. from his first day in office he's been keeping his promises to the american people. i like to say over there at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, we are in the promise-keeping business. that's why on monday, president trump reinstated the mexico city policy to prevent foreign aid from funding organizations that promote or perform abortions worldwide. that's why this administration
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will work with the congress to end taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers, and we will devote those resources to health care services for women across america. and that's why next week, president donald trump will announce a supreme court nominee who will uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution in the tradition of the late and great justice antonin scalia. you know, life is winning in america. and today is a celebration of that progress. the progress that we've made in this cause. you know, i've long believed that a society can be judged by how we care for our most vulnerable, the aged, the infirm, the disabled, and the
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unborn. we've come to historic moment in the cause of life, and we must meet this moment with respect and compassion for every american. life is winning in america for many reasons. life is winning through the steady advance of science that illuminates when life begins more and more every day. life is winning through the generosity of millions of adopted families who open their hearts and homes to children in need. life, through the compassion of caregivers and volunteers, at crisis pregnancy centers and
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faith-based organizations in the cities and towns across this country. and life is winning. through the quiet councils between mothers and daughters. grandmothers and granddaughters. between friends across kitchen tables and over coffee at college campuses. the truth is being told. compassion is overcoming convenience, and hope is defeating despair. in a word, life is winning in america because of all of you. so i urge you to press on. but as it is written, let your gentleness be evident to all. let this movement be known for love, not anger.
9:22 am
let this movement be known for compassion, not confrontation. when it comes to matters of the heart, there is nothing stronger than gentleness. i believe we will continue to win the hearts and minds of the rising generation. if our hearts first break for young mothers and their unborn children, and if we, each of us, do all we can to meet them where they are with generosity, not judgment. to heal our land and restore culture of life, we must continue to be a movement that embraces all, cares for all, and
9:23 am
shows respect for the dignity and worth of every person. enshrined on the walls of the jefferson memorial are the words of our third president. who admonished us so long ago to remember that god, who gave us life, gave us liberty. on behalf of the president of the united states and my little family, we thank you for your stand for life. we thank you for your compassio compassion. we thank you for your love for the women and children of america. and be assured, be assured, along with you we will not grow weary. we will not rest.
9:24 am
until we restore a culture of life in america for ourselves and our posterity. thank you. and god bless you. and god bless the united states of america. >> harris: all right, so you have just watched of the vice president, mike pence, addressing this very large crowd that is gathered today for march for life, and a couple of things that he said that were somatic throughout this period life is winning again in america. and then he enumerated all the ways in which it is winning through steady advance of technology and medicine, through the millions of adopted families or adopted children by families in america. through compassion of caregivers and volunteers who minister through counseling women and families, and then this, compassion is overcoming convenience. life is defeating despair, those are some of the themes of what the vice president was talking about.
9:25 am
you know, one of the things that has been said leading up to today's particular march on washington was whether or not he would talk directly for the white house prayed he said that the president had sent him there today. in fact, a short while before he spoke, president trump tweeted this out, "the march for life is so important. to all of you marching, you have my full support." so he dispatches the vice president to this crowd, carries a message from the white house, and now let's flip to the white house because there is other breaking news. we told you off the top of the newscast that in the oval office for the very first time, president trump is hosting a foreign leader. the prime minister of the united kingdom is here, and i we have brand-new video that is coming in of the two of them, for the very first time, gathered. we believe that it will be in front of the winston churchill bust, but we are waiting for them to cue that up. this is brand-new video, let's go.
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[camera shutters] [camera shutters] >> this is the original. in many ways. it's a great honor to have winston churchill back. >> thank you, mr. president. [camera shutters]
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>> harris: all right, so we are now seeing for the very first time, this is what they call the opportune photo up with the president and the prime minister, theresa may. no doubt issues of immigration and all that has unfolded in europe with regard to refugees and some of the problems that they have had their and dangers that they have had their and terrorism that they have had there. those conversations, no doubt, will be talked about. the pushback already in this country, i would assume maybe russia would come up. the president is due to talk to russian president vladimir putin tomorrow, and we just got word before we came on air here with "outnumbered" that he might even be talking about signing an executive order later today that would ease some of the sanctions on russia, so a lot going on. but geraldo rivera brought this up. and i want to make it clear that he was right. we just found out that the u.s. president trump, mexican
9:28 am
president pena nieto, held an hour long phone call yesterday. and you think that mexico might be the leading topic as he meets with leaders from around the world. >> geraldo: i have no doubt. just people watching right now at home know that this is the most urgent issue. 11.1% of the u.s. citizen population is mexican dissent. this is a huge issue with 18% of the whole population hispanic. mexico, particularly, there is acute interest in spanish-language media, that is all they are talking about right now, and i believe that this whole issue of the wall and who pays for it and so forth and whether or not -- >> harris: you think theresa may cares? >> geraldo: i think she cares about hemispheric stability and security, and i think also, you know, she can relate. given the fact that theresa may would not be standing there if the united kingdom did not have an immigration problem. >> harris: that was part of
9:29 am
brexit. >> geraldo: it was brexit. and i think that the parallels are unmistakable and undeniable. i think there is a lot to talk about. there is this kind of, you know, america first, britain first, it's the same story separated by the atlantic ocean. >> harris: i want to address one thing. hold on one second. because i know in recent days you have talked about losing maybe a little bit of your resistance to the wall, why is that? >> geraldo: you know, i believe in democracy, and elections have consequences, and it's clear that a majority of the people in the majority of the states want this wall built. i almost said damn wall, but i no longer can say that. i think it's an infrastructure project that is hugely expensive and probably will not accomplish the intended goal, however i no longer will stand in the way of the president implementing the will of the majority of the people in the majority of the states. >> harris: i want to draw our attention to what we are seeing, this is inside the oval office, that is a bust of winston churchill, that is the
9:30 am
prime minister of the united kingdom along with our president hosting, for the very first time, a foreign leader. this is kind of what we call the photo spray off the top, and then they will go into their bilateral meeting, and then later today we will get the news conference, so this is a day filled with lots of pomp and circumstance, but reports that they will definitely be talking policy and some of the things most likely that geraldo and all the rest of us have been talking about on the couch. we will continue to cover the news as it breaks this hour, a lot going on, stay close. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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>> breaking news in the oval office right now, we showed you the opening pictures of the president hosting for the very first time a foreign leader inside of the white house. and it is the united kingdom prime minister, theresa may. and so now they go into their bilateral meetings, so we got our requisite photo off, but we will only get parts of their conversation through them. and so when they hold their bilateral news conference later, questions will be asked, no
9:35 am
doubt, and so perhaps we will find out more about what went on in that meeting, what is being talked about right now. we are close on the story and will bring it to you as we learn more. >> meghan: white house chief strategist, steve bannon, making some controversial comments in an interview with "the new york times." he tells the paper, "the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut, and just listen for a while." i want you to quote this. the media here is the opposition party, they don't understand this country, they still do not understand why donald trump is the president of the united states. president trump is also calling the media dishonest." watch what he told sean hannity last night. >> these are very hostile people, these are very angry people. it >> but they also colluded against you in a campaign. >> while they are very dishonest people, the media is very dishonest, i say it openly. >> i said journalist is journalism is dead, so we agree. >> never dead, but they are very dishonest people in many cases. look, you have some very honest ones, but i get stories that are
9:36 am
so false and so dishonest. >> meghan: meantime, a lot of reaction to steve bannon's coent spread here is cnn's gloria barger. >> the role is not to be a rubber stamp, we are not supposed to be state television here. we are supposed to ask the hard questions. and i think we ought to keep doing that. >> meghan: all right, geraldo, a lot to unpack their pit i think is a general rule you fight with the media, the media always wins. >> geraldo: i think that that's probably true. but it is also a traditional that a president picks his favorites. barack obama loved cnn, donald trump loves fox. i was at a party at alan dershowitz's house in martha's vineyard, the president of united states was right next door, it was his 75th birthday, and he said allen invited him, and he was friends, but he wouldn't come over, he didn't want to be at a party with a fox news correspondent. >> meghan: that is a crazy story. >> geraldo: i've got a million of them. a >> i think president trump is
9:37 am
actually exposed the media is largely partisan. and one of the issues, there has been these long-standing narratives, one issue being abortion, which resonates today with march for life in washington, d.c., and there has been this narrative that if you are pro-life, somehow you are on the fringe of america. but if you look at the country, they are evenly split as identifying as pro-choice or pro-life, and you look at a lot of issues, whether it's ending taxpayer funding for abortion, banning abortion at 20 weeks, where large majorities stand in solidarity with pro-lifers in this country, those are actually issues that hillary clinton stood in direct contrast with mainstream america, but she was never called french. i think president trump has exposed the media's partisans, and i'm glad particularly on the issue of abortion that we will see changes. >> meghan: want to interject, harass, you are a journalist, very well respected, emmy-winning. i believe in journalism, and a very important role that we have here in the media, and i do believe people need to investigate stories that
9:38 am
wouldn't necessarily be exposed but how does that make you feel? >> harris: i never thought that we were supposed to be buddies with anybody across the camera. so my expectation is for me just to do my job and to do it to the best of mybili and t bring out the facts and the truth. so i don't feel any one certain way when the president says he likes one or he doesn't like one. i hope that i'm like to doing my job or not. >> geraldo: i like you. >> more importantly than that, you are very respected, and that is the underlying theme. it is maybe if journalists and media professionals in general, may be all concentrated and cared more about that respect level and restoring the integrity into the profession again, we would see something different. now look, it's no secret that generally speaking more liberal-minded people go into journalism or media, that is true, there are facts to support that, that is not my opinion. but it's also true that we have a free press in this country because some, so when steve bannon says the media should keep their mouth shut, i
9:39 am
couldn't be more opposed. constitutionally we are bound to have a free press. >> harris: but he knows he's wrong. could i speak to the liberals for just a second? when i was in college, a lot of times that happens because people thought that what we do is acting, so you get a lot of liberals going into media because they want to be in television. then you get out there and you have a job to do to get the facts. >> geraldo: i have to say one thing. what you said about abortion is exactly true. after the third and final presidential debate in vegas, i was on sean hannity show, and i said this election will rise or fall, one will win and the other will lose, based on abortion. and it turns out that people are rather pro-life or pro-choice, and that is exactly what has happened. i think immigration is the issue that gets people ginned up, that is the emotional issue, but the substantive issue that has divided america and will continue to divide america in this, donald trump never would have been the republican nominee but for his changed position on the issue of life. he convinced people in the
9:40 am
pro-life side that he was sincerely a convert, and now it's the supreme court, it's all about that. >> i think that is why the supreme court was so important. >> meghan: and america want to hear more stories about you drinking with alan dershowitz. >> geraldo: okay. i drink with both sides of the aisle. >>resident trump continuing to crack down on sanctuary cities, one community already making changes to go along with that. will there be more to follow? we will discuss after the break. or here. today, there's another option. drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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>> meghan: miami-dade county in florida deciding to drop it sanctuary city policy days after president trump signed an executive order threatening to cut federal grants to cities who don't fully cooperate with the law. the mayor, elaborating on that decision this morning. >> and the president issues his executive order, he just put an exclamation point for me on that
9:45 am
issue, and it really was a no-brainard. it's a $52,000 an issue here for miami-dade. so we will now go back to our 2014 policy that we will honor the detention request, regardless of the fact that the government says that they will pay for. >> meghan: president trump reacting to the decision on twitter, writing "miami-dade mayor drops sanctuary policy, right decision, strong." meantime, the president reportedly ordering the debarment of homeland scaredy to release a list of illegal immigrants released back into the communities under sanctuary policies in an attempt to crackdown. going to go to you first, geraldo. >> geraldo: i think that miami action is actually absolutely irrelevant. to this mayor is a cuban born republican, very easy for him to say what he said. particularly in light of the fact that the cuban-american, or the cubans who get here have until obama's last week been given special treatment, so i don't think miami's action is in
9:46 am
any way a forecast of what is to come. the big democratic cities, new york, chicago, los angeles, san francisco, et cetera, there is going to be a war. they are extremely well-funded in terms of their lawyers, there's going to be as soon nominee of lawsuits. i think the sanctuary city policy rests on a legal definition of what the federal government can can require of a municipality when it comes to the enforcement of immigration law. right now a chicago judge, a federal judge, has ruled that the so-called detainers are illegal, that is going to appeal to the seventh circuit. it will go to the united states supreme court and where it will be determined and whether or not the federal government can force a city to detain someone absent an arrest warrant. i think in the shorterm, where president trump should do is to require arrest warrants. if you want to hold an illegal immigrant, and undocumented immigrant, for what, give me an arrest warrant signed by a judge and there's no problem. >> a very quick tag along, to
9:47 am
stop talking about the severity of what flight they can expect, california has already hired eric holder to be the face of what that fight is going to look like, so they are not putting up that. >> harris: you give us some statistics earlier, geraldo, of the percentages of mexican-born people who live in our country. so you think of that is going to be an important topic today. so here is breaking news coming from our john roberts. he is somewhat correcting the record that everybody had been reporting, even the associated press. that phone call with the mexican president, pena nieto, actually happened this morning at 9:30 this morning. we were kind of fuzzy. i think on one that took place. we actually are going to get a read out very shortly. and that may actually inform what conversation is going on in the oval office right now, so when the news conference comes up in the next short while, and we will cover it right here on fox news channel, that bilateral news conference between theresa may, who is here from great britain, and our
9:48 am
president, no doubt now with this news breaking and a readout coming, that topic will be touched on. >> i think that it's huge. >>eraldo: this mexic president had not defied donald trump on paying for the wall, he would have been lynched. it would be impossible for a mexican president to say, okay, i will pay for this wall, a u.s. infrastructure product project that will disrupt my society. >> harris: he couldn't have come here and negotiated? >> geraldo: but donald trump is the one who started with the treat. i love the guy, but he started with the treats that if you're not going to pay for the wall, don't come. so we said okay, i'm not going to come. first it was president trump, then -- >> harris: the white house said yesterday there would be open lines of communication, and now we know at 9:30 eastern there was. >> to geraldo's point, i think for a lot of people, particularly like rahm emanuel, there political fortunes ride on defying president trump especially on issues like this, because this is going to be be how they make their name known
9:49 am
politically print i wanted to mention subbing early quick, a lot of democrats are being hypocrites on this issue, because the law that president trump's siting in its desire to build a wall they supported back in 2006. you look at someone like minority leader chuck schumer, senator dianne feinstein, they all supported this law. even hillary clinton and president obama as well. >> harris: the original law was in the late-1990s, and the amendment that you are talking about happened in '06 and it was the appropriation of funds to get it done. so my question is why it didn't get done. >> i c answer that, but i can answer this as to why it looks like they are talking out of both sides of their mouth prayed what you're talking about, i don't think many people in this country truly truly in their heart of hearts, oppose the idea of sovereignty and oppose the idea of american safety. but what we also have come and we have to be really candid, is there is another narrative. it's really not about the truest nature of the statutory language which we talk about, it's really
9:50 am
a cultural conversation that we are having in a cultural implications of what a wall feels like and how it affects people. so i'm just kind of pointing out these dual conversations and dual analyses that are taking place. >> i think the emphasis before was the fact that we are a sovereign nation and we have the right is a subornation to secure borders just like we do now. i think a lot of americans support that notion based on the election. spoof >> eboni: that is my point, intellectually you are exactly right and i think a lot of democrats would agree with you on that issue. >> harris: one of the viewers just tweeted me, i love the way our the media has the president on spin dry. a lot of meat on the bone, we will bring you the bilateral news conference as it happens. things are happening simultaneously while the president and the prime minister of the united kingdom are meeting inside the oval office right now. we will get more into what is happening on this very busy news day, stay with us on
9:51 am
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>> a fox news alert, of course that meeting is still going on right now, it's been about 30 minutes or so that president trump and the british prime minister, theresa may, have started their talk in the oval office. as they break out of that meeting, then we will see a
9:55 am
bilateral news conference, and of course we will cover it here live on fox news channel. and looking ahead with what has gone on with the phone call this morning, with mexico's president, no doubt we will learn some more information out of that. to john roberts, our white house chief correspondence has that we will get a readout of that at some point this afternoon, and then tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow sometime during the day we been told that the president will then talk with the president of russia, vladimir putin, and we may see later today and executive order, reports, we are not sure, we may see an executive order that would address the sanctions against russia and we are learning to see how that will roll out. so a lot to unpack as we go through a, another busy weekend in the early stages of this presidency. and simultaneous to all of this is the march for life rally, and geraldo, you say we need to pay close attention. >> geraldo: when i came to work here 16 years ago, most of the, well, all of my friends growing up in manhattan, all of my friends are pro-choice.
9:56 am
and there was an impression that if you are pro-life it is almost like you weren't smart. you weren't sophisticated. you weren't as sincere in life. one of the things that i've learned in now the 16 long years is that people on both sides are just as smart, just as sincere, their beliefs are just as strongly-held, and you have to respect each other. and when i saw the march on the 21st, the day after inauguration, and that march was a pro-choice march, that's what it was. that was the main issue motivating the vast majority. the old roe v. wade marches in the early 1970s. >> meghan: can i say something? we are all women on this couch who i think are empowered to working women -- >> harris: except geraldo. >> meghan: accept geraldo. >> geraldo: i appreciate that. >> meghan: there is an impression in the media at large that women's issues are
9:57 am
automatically pro-choice issues, being a modern feminist automatically means you are pro-choice, and when the march for life happen, i sent out a bunch of tweets has had this march doesn't represent me, it doesn't represent represent conservative women or pro-life women, and the modern definition of feminism is automatically going to be wrapped up with being pro-choice. as you mentioned earlier, you are automatically moving 50% of the population. >> as a pro-choice woman, i wholeheartedly agree with you and the narrowing of the definition of feminism around this issue does not serve women. >> can i say? the source of frustration i think for a lot of pro women like myself and meghan, preach, but the problem is to geraldo's point, is a fact that the woman's march last saturday was not presented as a pro-choice march, it was represented as some sort of all-inclusive march, which we obviously know was not, because they excluded pro-life women. i would be fine with marching and saying this is a pro-choice march, this is what we believe, but they tried to painted under the guise as being all-inclusive
9:58 am
and so did the media, and that is the point of contention in the problem that i have with the way that this entire debate is typically presented with mainstream media. >> harris: i want to go back to what the vice president said today, and you know i was tweeting about this during the commercial break. this is the first president that i know of who has dispatched a vice president to go to a march 4 pro-life. so look at the narrative that is being drawn, and it is very crystal-clear. there is no longer this thinking, everybody's at the table now, everybody is marching now, everybody is on washington now. and him saying life is, this is the vice president earlier. a life is winning again in america. i tweeted that if you are near a television or a device, you need to be watching this, because this is history being made no matter which side of the issue you fall on. >> geraldo: the supreme court is everything now. i mean the first seat is a gimme, trump gets a big anyone he wants because he is replacing
9:59 am
antonin scalia, the most hard-right and justice in the history of the supreme court, so he can pick anyone he wants. the big fight will be to replace one of the liberal, one of the four liberals on the court, that will be a knockdown, drag out, that will be hard to exceed in terms of the blood and guts. >> harris: and just to reiterate wh the vice predent said, compassion is overcoming convenience. life is feeding despair, those words we have not heard from sitting leaders in the white house. >> i actually have more faith in president trump to move some of these policy changes on the issue of abortion forward then really any other candidate that ran, because donald trump is not afraid of criticism, he is not afraid to call the media out for their liberal bias and for the disingenuous nature that sometimes they bring forward regarding narrative. and so i actually have faith that president trump is going to get a lot done on this issue. >> harris: geraldo rivera, good to have you today. >> geraldo: thank you.
10:00 am
>> harris: thank you, everybody, for being here. i hope you have a wonderful weekend, lots of news to get to, the news conference with president trump is coming up, and right now, we will see you at noon eastern on monday, "happening now" begins. >> we start with a fox news alert, awaiting president donald trump's first news conference since taking office, -- >> we are expecting the president and the prime minister all you have to do is ask for israel appeared they were having a total disaster, cross. >> jon: the trump border wall, how will the drama play out with our neighbor to the south and a key trading partner? plus, renewed relations with cuba not sitting well with everyone. why police in one state are outraged. and disaster caught on tape. a h


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