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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 27, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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ainsley: always the best off. brian: 125. >> xm sirius satellite radio. brian: channel 125 to hear it. steve: d.b. sweeney chatting with the ladies in the after the show show. log on to "fox & friends".com. meantime. have a great weekend. >> got some exciting news. my radio show will now be on the patriot from 1:00 to 4:00 saturdays. the best of everything week starting -- channel 125. you can hear it. >> great. >> d.b. sweeney will chat with the ladies in the after the show show. if you want to watch, log on to "fox & friends." >> bill: here we go. another whirlwind day at the white house. president trump welcomes prime minister theresa may and will talk this weekend with russian president vladimir putin. we have a stacked show the next two hours and beyond. welcome to a friday edition of america's newsroom. good morning, shannon. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. mr. trump laid out his hopes for future relations with russia. >> i don't know putin but if we can get along with russia, that's a great thing. it is good for russia and it's good for us. we go out together knock the hell out of isis.
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because that's a real sickness. the whole isis thing is a real sickness but if we get along with russia and other countries, not just, we should get along with everybody if we can. >> bill: first president trump and the british prime minister are looking to write a new chapter between the u.s. and u.k. here is theresa may with praise for the new american president. >> because of what you have done together, because of that great victory you have won, america can be stronger, greater, and more confident in the years ahead. [applause] and a newly emboldened, confident america is good for the world. >> shannon: we begin our coverage with chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn. what is the white house looking to accomplish in this meeting today? >> we should probably start with the question what is the
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u.k. prime minister looking to accomplish today. clearly she wants a good relationship with president trump. they have the brexit coming up. wants to strengthen the bilateral relationship with the united states and i was in scotland the day the brexit vote took place. along with him trump was very supportive of the brexit vote and their right to self-determination. he wants to help in whatever way he can and wants to start doing bilateral deals with britain as well. we don't know if they'll get into the thick of it today. e.u. rules say that britain can't start negotiating trade deals until they get out of the e.u. donald trump is the sort of guy who might say what are we going to do to you? let's start talking now. a member of parliament overheard in the last couple of days saying theresa may was a difficult woman to which she fired back what we're facing what we're facing in britain you need a difficult woman. a lot of people talking about the idea of donald trump and
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theresa may having the relationship that ronald reagan and margaret thatcher had. trump likes a tough woman. they will talk about isis, series and sanctions included in the phone call with putin. the white house is preparing an executive order that may be signed today on russian sanctions and to hear kellyanne conway talk about it on "fox & friends" this morning that could involve partially lifting some sanctions. >> if vladimir putin wants to join with the u.s. to have a serious conversation about how to defeat radical islamic terrorism we're listening. it is very important to at least have these conversations. >> criticism about the very fact the president is talking with putin but he said repeatedly on the campaign trail leading up to taking the oval office he thinks having a better relationship with russia is better than having a bad relationship with russia. >> shannon: the president
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continuing that push for the border wall with mexico despite a lot of controversy the last few days. >> they're at it again today. this is an i broke up with you, no i broke up with you sort of thing. who was the first one to pull the trigger canceling next tuesday's meeting. we're learning, of course, diplomacy is being carried out over twitter. yesterday president trump at the gop retreat in philadelphia saying i'm not going to back down. listen to what he said. >> most illegal immigration is coming from our southern border. i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i have made that clear to the government of mexico. >> there was a moment yesterday when the white house appeared to get too far over its skis talking about the idea of implementing a 20% border tax on mexican goods to pay for the
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wall and walked back to say it was a basketful of ideas we were thinking of. >> shannon: there's also i can make you so miserable -- we'll see where it goes. thanks. >> bill: let's get the band back together with chris stirewalt. how are you doing? welcome to friday. good morning to you. do you believe shannon bream ever made anybody miserable? i highly doubt it. >> not for a moment. >> bill: how is this now being publicly negotiated do you see it with russia and sanctions? >> now we get down to the nitty-gritty and the heart of the matter. isis, the president has time on isis now. he said he wants a plan in 30 days. we'll hear from the pentagon. general mattis and others and of course trump keeps the threat present either it will be tough enough or i'll do something bonkers so now with mexico this is the long game, right? this is going to play out for a
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long time. this will be a dominant theme of his time in office will be the struggle with mexico and this relationship and this wall and immigration and all that. the putin question, though, brother bill, is the $64,000. what is he going to do? we've seen reporting from john roberts, we've seen reporting from others about potential changes in sanctions. we're talking about this phone call that's taking place. who the heck knows? >> bill: what gives on that? isis cooperation that everybody assumes because it has been talked about by everybody at the white house thus far. if they make a move on sanctions certainly that would be a headline. you mentioned immigration. this is what president trump told sean hannity last night from the white house about this push. give it a listen. >> we don't need this. some people have come in with evil intentions and most haven't. but we can't take chances. the word gamble is an appropriate word. we can't let it continue to
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happen. we've taken in tens of thousands of people, we know nothing about them. they didn't vet them. they didn't have any papers? >> bill: what does the policy look like as best as you can tell, what would it look like once we see it? >> right now what it looks like is none. and certainly from those majority muslim countries that have a history of exporting terror, none. and then going down -- remember, the united states takes in a lot of immigrants every year and needs a lot of immigrants. more than a million to keep the economy humming and all that jazz. so when we talk about refugees, we talk about the threat, i think here we're talking about -- we're talking about trump's original ban on muslims by other names and by other means. this seems to be his focus nand that area, what polls told us consistently is as much as the
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concept offends the conscience of many, especially those who point to united states history as a place for refugees to come. as much as it offends their conscience, maybe even most americans are happy with the idea of a crackdown. >> bill: theresa may said nine out of ten things president trump wants to hear. we're packed. thanks for coming on today. >> shannon: it feels so good amid all that activity we're getting a look behind the scenes at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. president trump giving sean hannity a tour of the oval office as part of an exclusive cable interview from the white house. >> why did you pick that desk? >> it was ronald reagan's, a lot of great presidents. fdr, roosevelt. we have had a lot of great presidents using this desk and i thought that would be the appropriate desk.
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when i came here you have a right to use your desk and you can pick -- they have seven desks. >> why did you choose the rug of reagan? >> first of all, i like the look and the lightness and i like having it be reagan. i liked reagan, i disagreed with him on some things. especially on trade. that's okay. he represented us very well. >> shannon: we'll have much more on sean's exclusive interview with the president when he joins us live next hour at 10:30 eastern and no matter who you are, if you've been through those halls and walked in the office, the rose garden, there is such a sense of history and elegance about the whole thing. >> bill: it hits you in the face in a lot of ways, too. some of the more interesting things we picked up on this week how he is reacting to living in the white house the first week. really interesting. >> shannon: a whole new world. >> bill: i think also the comment that theresa may made yesterday, a newly emboldened,
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confident cam is good for the world. i think that was key line from the speech she delivered. we're just getting to know her now and for the brits and folks overseas they're just getting to meet president trump now because they are listening to him with a much more keen ear. we'll get reaction from overseas this morning. >> shannon: looking forward to their press conference at 1:00. >> bill: there is a showdown over the border wall. president trump and mexico's president calling off their meeting next week. they said it was mutual. right? president trump said mexico is taking advantage of the u.s. too long. he is tweeting about that today. plus there is this. >> what's crucial for me is for the public to understand that obamacare is a disaster because now the democrats are saying it's wonderful. it is a horror show. >> shannon: the president slamming obamacare as republican leaders face a make or break moment over how to replace the healthcare law. >> bill: and dramatic video of
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a mudslide causing this hotel to go right into that river. we'll show you what happened next. at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> shannon: a high stakes meeting in our nation's capital later today. president trump expected to head to the pentagon for his first visit in office. "the new york times" reports the president is going to order
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more aggressive action against isis asking defense secretary james mattis to present new options to fight the terror group within the next 30 days. we'll get reaction to this from retired four star general jack keen in our next hour. >> bill: agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. >> bill: there will be no meeting. it has been called off as the rift deepens, or does it, between the proposed border wall and the u.s. and mexico? the white house suggesting a 20% tax on imports is one way to pay for it. both presidents claim to have been the one who cancelled the meeting. president tweeting say mexico has taken advantage of the u.s.
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for long enough. the weak border must change now. that's where our debate begins. good morning to both of you. mercy, mercy me. having to withdraw with bream not in washington, d.c. soon enough she return this weekend. mercy, something is going to give here, what it is? >> can we swap and bring shannon back? where do we begin? i think obviously this is about a game of posturing to a certain extent. the end of what we'll see in terms of the status quo between mexico and the united states and donald trump is ruffling some feathers with the mexican president. part is the fact when you look at the trade deficit. the fact we went from a trade surplus of 1.7 billion with
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mexico in 1993 to a deficit of over 60 billion dollars. some estimates have it at $89 billion, it is time for there to be renegotiate in terms of nafta and figure out a where we're able to secure our border and guess what? we need our neighboring country to help us do that. mexico has been reluctant to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants coming from their country. >> bill: when i ask you something has to give you're basically saying everything. >> i'm saying as part of the united states and part of what donald trump is pushing for is to stand strong. it is about insuring that the united states is benefiting which right now what we're seeing is an uneven playing field where mexico is the one that's receiving much more of the benefits. you're seeing in certain cities in mexico where the growth is 3.8%. guess what our growth was for the u.s. economy in the fourth quarter? 1.9%. it is time. you're talking about nafta.
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it has been 20 years. this is an agreement 20 years ago. >> bill: let me squeeze in juan. he has a vote, too. go ahead, juan. >> she is comparing apples and oranges. our economy is so much larger than mexico's it's not come parable in that sense. they're coming up from nothing literally. and don't forget that under nafta our exports have increased. so we've created jobs in the united states based on the idea of trade with mexico, trade with canada. this has been a good deal. not as if americans have been ignorant and stupid to this idea republican and democratic presidents they wanted this deal because we're part of not only a neighborhood but a global structure. what we're talking about here imposing tariffs on mexican goods coming into the united states is likely to start trade wars and cost american
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consumers big dollars. we'll end up paying for this. >> bill: sean spicer talking about paying for it. he said this just yesterday. >> you think about what a tax -- a border tax on imports from countries like mexico that we have a huge trade deficit does. it will provide the funding. >> bill: i'm seeing a price tag $12 to $15 billion. it has gone up $5 billion in a day from mitch mcconnell. the mayor of miami-dade florida. right decision, he was on fox and friends earlier today. i don't know, is everybody running for cover on the sanctuary city policy losing billions of federal dollars? who, us? we're not a sanctuary city, go somewhere else. >> many of these cities will move forward are going to move forward with legal challenges. the aclu is lining up with
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cities to challenge trump's position on sanctuary cities. to what point will we keep allowing the cover of not getting these illegal immigrants out of the shadows and also in dealing primarily when you are dealing with criminal illegal immigrants which as we know for donald trump has been a priority to ensure they are deported from this country. >> bill: he talked about that a lot. juan, something will give on this and i would guess that some will concede and some will fight. the cities that are going to fight are new york and chicago to begin with. go, juan, quickly. we have to run. >> chicago, l.a., austin, syracuse, washington, d.c. there is a real law enforcement issue here. the police in these cities and the police chiefs have spoken out in support of this rule want to make sure people are willing to talk to the police about criminal activity without fear that they are going to be deported or someone else is.
6:21 am
i think the key point here is you know what? it is not that much money that the government, even under a trump administration can take away because of defiance. the question is, is the federal government allowed to use their dollars to coerce? >> bill: juan, thank you very much. we have to run. mercedes, thanks to you. you get shannon for 36 hours this weekend. >> i'll keep juan. >> bill: are you okay? >> i love shannon and mercedes. >> shannon: hundreds of thousands of people packing our nation's capital today. the annual march for life. white house representatives taking part for the first time in eight years. members of the trump administration who are planning to speak at the event. >> i believe in the sanctity of life. if we can promote and protect life from conception to natural death it says a lot about our country. it is no mistake that in our
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>> bill: from south carolina state capitol building to the world stage. moments ago the new u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley arriving at the u.n. she received her official credentials and had a quick comment a moment ago. check this out. >> the way we'll show value is to show our strength, show our voice, have the backs of our allies, and make sure that our allies have our back as well. for those that don't have our back we're taking names, we will make points to respond to that accordingly. >> bill: what we have heard so far is what the trump administration is thinking
6:26 am
about doing. taking into consideration about restructureing the u.n. it was talked about eight years ago, 12 years ago, 16 years ago and coming up again. we'll let you know what we learn when we learn it here. 26 past the hour. >> shannon: a fox news alert. in a couple of hours thousands of people will gather in washington they're starting there for the march for life. representatives from the white house, attending the pro-life rally for the first time in eight years. vice president mike pence and kellyanne conway heading to the event later today and president trump slamming the media accusing news outlets of underestimateing the march turnout. >> the press never gives them the credit they deserve they'll have 300 to 600,000 people and you won't read about it. when other people show up you read big time about it, right? so it's not fair but nothing fair about the media.
6:27 am
[laughter] nothing. >> shannon: the president of the march for life is joining me now. good morning, jeanne. what does it mean for you for this organization, for the march today the fact that you'll have the vice president of the united states, i believe the highest ranking official that you've had actually come out and speak today? >> we're delighted. it is an historic day. here we are 44 years strong and we're here in blizzard and sub zero temperatures. we march every year regardless. that we have the vice president joining us today is an historic moment and amazing experience. >> shannon: i have been getting, since the election, alerts, you probably get them from planned parenthood and others saying it's the most anti-woman administration in history saying healthcare for woman is going to go away, there are dangers posed to women because of the election of president trump and vice president pence. how do you respond?
6:28 am
>> i don't think that's the case at all. i know with the march for life last year our theme was pro-life and pro woman go hand in hand. i can tell you with regard to the life issues we being pro-life is pro-woman and we're basically just delighted about the policies of the new administration and especially respecting the inherent dignity of the human person from conception to natural death. >> shannon: you've already had a big win with the mexico city policy change with blocks federal funding going to ngos and other international organizations that would promote elective abortions. talk about a tough supreme court justice pro-life in nature and have those leanings. are you encouraged this administration will get things done that are on your agenda? >> we are. at the march for life we've been delighted with the first seven days of this
6:29 am
administration. they ran on a pro-life platform and we've been astounded in seven days what's been accomplished. last night we were invited to the white house and spent time with the vice president and wife and kellyanne conway and other pro-life leaders and more encouraged during that meeting. >> shannon: you know that that terrifies folks on the left who obviously feel they are going to lose protections or women's rights, reproductive rights however they want to phrase it. a piece in the atlantic this week that took on ultrasounds and used by a tool for those in the pro-life movement to make people feel what they're seeing is actually a baby. before ultrasound medical care received by pregnant women had depended on their testimony or how they described their own sensations. it went on to say ultrasound made it possible for the male doctor to evaluate the fetus without female interference and a weapon against women but a study in the 80s show a lot of women who see the ultrasound it
6:30 am
changed their mind. what do you make of the left being unhappy about this particular use of science? >> well, the truth is that science and reason and studies, academic studies are on the side of life and truth is on the side of life. if we show a picture we're showing a picture of reality. reality is not arbitrary. it may be hard for abortion proponents to admit that a baby is not a lifeless blob of tissue but it is not a lifeless blob of tissue. it's a baby from the moment of conception. >> shannon: we'll be watching the march today. for you it's not about the size of the turnout but we'll keep track because the years i've covered it, it has been pretty massive. >> bill: a lot of focus, too, when you compare the amount of media attention for the march last week on saturday to what is happening today. we'll follow it and let you know what we find. the british invasion hits washington u.k. prime minister theresa may visits president trump in a matter of hours.
6:31 am
the key supporter and architect the brexit nigel farage standing by. >> shannon: check out this video forcing evacuations of hundreds. we'll tell you where this tragedy is now unfolding. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums z282uz zwtz y282uy ywty
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>> bill: breaking news now. there will be a historic visit today at the white house. in a matter of hours british prime minister theresa may will become the first foreign leader to meet with president trump in the oval office and they'll have a press conference. at a republican retreat she said she stands shoulder to shoulder with president trump. >> president trump's victory uprooted not in the corridors of washington but in the hopes and aspirations of working men and women across this land. your party's victory in both the congress and the senate
6:35 am
where you swept all before you secured with great effort and achieved with an important message of national renewal. >> bill: nigel farage from logood day to you and thanks fo coming back. twice in one week. today is probably the most significant day. i have several questions for you. let's see how much we can move through here. i thought her best line yesterday a newly emboldened confident america is good for the world. that's something that we explored during this campaign. did that strike you, nigel? >> it did. actually under eight years of obama's america's global reputation declined significantly. and i think that theresa may -- i never heard theresa may speak the way she did yesterday. i've been a political opponent of hers for years. i thought the things she said about the relationship between our two countries and how we should deal with the world, it
6:36 am
really was quite inspiring stuff. >> bill: you have not heard her speak that way before? what was different? >> what was different was -- don't forget, theresa may, you know, voted against brexit. she wanted britain to stay part of the e.u. she was pretty critical of donald trump during his campaign. and this was a british prime minister realizing that because we voted for brexit we're now free to start making our own friendships on our own trade deals around the world and i would say she grabbed that opportunity with both hands. i thought it was a very positive performance from her. >> bill: she has been transformed. here is my sense. we are just getting to know your prime minister based on her speech from yesterday and we're learning more about her and what she cares about and what's important to her and the amount of vigor she brings to her presentation. i would argue the same is true for president trump and the people in the u.k. and all over
6:37 am
europe, for that matter. yeah, you heard about him during the campaign but now his words carry much more weight. so then, how is he being received, nigel? >> let me tell you during the election campaign itself, virtually every media outlet and virtually everybody in politics and current affairs, i was the only person who was supporting trump, at least that's what it felt like. so he starts off in a low place with british public opinion. but i think this week has changed things. what we've seen since monday frankly is almost like a tsunami with executive orders being signed, with big changes of policy direction. i think now we're friday. what i'm kind of picking up is people are saying wow, this guy gets on and does things. so i would say a week into the trump presidency his popularity is rising a little bit.
6:38 am
and if we see tonight or this afternoon your time a press conference with a british prime minister and a u.s. president where they -- where he makes it clear that he is absolutely sincere about rebuilding this relationship, which we are two great nations, i think his popularity will rise further still. >> bill: is she taking heat back home for what she has said? >> i said to you virtually everybody condemned trump during the campaign. they are now having to begin to live with the reality. the thing that's really upset people were his comments about torture. a lot of people certainly on the left in british politics didn't like that. i think to be honest with you what trump said is he would be in favor but it was up to pompeo and mattis. mattis has said it doesn't work so we can forget that i think really. >> bill: newt gingrich wrote
6:39 am
this. quote. it is a good time to consider that margaret thatcher much more than ronald reagan is the real model for the trump presidency. have you thought about that? can you define that so far? >> amazing. well, i guess thatcher was a radical. and i would say to you that thatcher in the early days was hated more by the establishment in the u.k. probably than reagan was in america. but i know that reagan took some stick in america but everybody hated thatcher here. what she did is took our policy direction in many areas and turned it around 180 degrees and in a sense that's what trump is doing too, isn't it? many areas of government policy in which america is headed in a completely different direction and i would think that's what gingrich means.
6:40 am
>> bill: good to have you back, thanks. >> thank you. >> shannon: dramatic video showing a hotel in peru collapsing into a flooded river. the rising water eroding the foundations of the hotel which dated back to the colonial era. all the guests inside getting out before the collapse. no injuries were reported. local officials say 10 hours of rain flooded homes in the area and caused several landslides. amazing that no one was injured there. great that they had the warning but man, that location looks like already is on such a precipice to be there. >> bill: tough to watch, too. 20 minutes before the hour. a chilling plot uncovered at a middle school. two students have been arrested. what police are telling us about that plot. that's coming up. also there is this. >> shannon: president trump
6:41 am
telling republican leaders it is now time to deliver amid all the difficult questions over how to replace obamacare. we'll talk to a senator who was at yesterday's gop retreat and has a plan. >> i told the republicans i said look, if you really want to do something, just let it explode. and then they'll come begging us to fix it, okay? begging. but that's not the right thing for the public because we have to get it fixed. but obamacare doesn't work. it doesn't work.
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6:44 am
>> bill: two young teenagers have arrested for planning a mass shooting near a school in orlando. other students came forward telling about the plot. they found weapons at the 13 and 14-year-old's homes and both students referenced the columbine school shooting in colorado. apparently when they were talking with officers. they're facing charges of
6:45 am
conspiracy to commit murder. >> it will be in a partnership with you the key to making it happen. for my part as the leader and the speaker know and many of you have already heard i intend to be on the hill frequently. my door is open to each and every one of you. >> shannon: it is now time to act this as republicans faced a make or break moment over their plans to repeal and replace obamacare amid fierce resistance from democrats. president trump ramping up his call on lawmakers to deliver the changes needed. >> what is crucial for me is for the public to understand that obamacare is a disaster. now the democrats are saying oh, it's wonderful. it is a horror show. president obama told me something that i thought was terrific and i believe he means it. he said if you came up with a better plan and you could get a
6:46 am
better plan approved, he would support it. and i actually believe he means that. i do believe we'll have a much better plan and i think we'll have a cheaper plan. >> shannon: west virginia senator was at the gop retreat this week and one of the co-signers of one of the obamacare replacement plans. senator, good to have you. i have to imagine there is a lot of excitement in the room as you look at what -- the hand you've been dealt. the white house, both houses of congress but also the enormity of the task. >> when the president and vice president came we are all on the same team. it requires a lot of responsibility. but it is time to govern and i think vice president pence said it well when he said buckle up, we're ready to go and work to make sure we come forward with the promises that were made. >> shannon: you signed onto the plan i believe with senator cassidy and others because that is one of the fears, frustrations that people across
6:47 am
the political spectrum have. what comes next after obamacare. if they get rid of it they worry about all kinds of things. the president talked about wanting everybody to be covered and you wonder about the price tag. how do you get those things done? is it possible? >> it is possible and it will be done. the bottom line here is we have to look at what obamacare, how it has been so roundly disappointing to people. in my state of west virginia and across the country. we know we can't go forward like that. and so i joined with senator cassidy and collins and isaacson to introduce the patient freedom act that gives us an alternative which says let's put the choice back in the hands of the states and of the patients take make decisions for themselves and their families to get better health outcomes, to do it more efficiently, to give more choices and hopefully to control the cost as well. i think we're on a glide path to really during our repeal and replace mechanisms to really build a better system and one that really works. >> shannon: you know how
6:48 am
important messaging is on this along with the hard work of actually mapping out the legislation, lifting and getting it passed and to the president's desk. how much do you worry about that? the democrats talked about make america sick again and talked about how they'll fight you at every turn with whatever you plan to do they say this president -- one of them said this president is worse than they even expected. how do you make progress there? the public element is part of it. >> healthcare to people is like food on the table. it is an essential to make sure for quality of life, for living. to make sure you can get the best healthcare. so i know deeply -- how deeply personal healthcare is to everybody and i think we all realize it and it's why one of the parameters for me, i live in a state that has an expanded medicaid population in west virginia. i don't want to just leave these folks in the cold. we have to figure out a plan that continues and transitions them as well as those who are on the exchanges and others, but we also have to look at
6:49 am
what this is doing to premiums and deductibles, to cost. it is not resulting in people using the healthcare system because they've basically can't afford it so there is lots of upside here and i think one of the reasons the democrats are so gleefully jumping on this they know what a disaster they created by using one party, one system, not looking at all the ideas and so sure they want to hand it over to us because obviously they didn't do a very good job to begin with. >> shannon: the other fight now is the supreme court. you'll get a nominee's name on thursday if the president sticks to the time schedule we have now. schumer has talked about keeping that seat open and fighting at every turn. how tough do you think that one will be? >> i think it will be tough. i look forward to the president's nomination of a candidate. i think when you look back to the election in 2016 this was a rallying cry for us that we want a conservative justice that sticks to the law and doesn't make law as a supreme
6:50 am
court justice, much in the footsteps of scalia. so i think it will be a fight royale, however you say that. at the end i think we'll confirm a supreme court justice for president trump. >> shannon: good to have you with us today. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. she was involved in the murder of a state traoerp. she has been on the run hiding in cuba since the 1970s. there is now new outrage over the deal president obama struck with cuba that did not involve the return of the fugitive. how a new jersey police official is now trying to make sure that justice is served all these years later. un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. because this scent lasts up to 12 weeks, which is longer than any relationship i've ever been in. freshness for weeks!
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>> bill: state police official calling on the trump
6:54 am
administration to return dozens of americans, fugitives hiding in cuba. among them convicted killer the former black panther was serving time for the 1973 murder of a new jersey state trooper. that's when she escaped from prison and fled to cuba. rick leventhal is live in the newsroom in new york city. there have been missed opportunities to bring her to justice. where are we today? >> on one of his last days in office president obama signed a law enforcement pact with cuba that failed to include the return of fugitives leaving the superintendent of the new jersey state police mystified and bewildered. she was a member of the black liberation army when she was pulled over by police on the new jersey turnpike with two other militants in the car armed with handguns and extra ammo and more weapons and ammo in the trunk. when trooper forester arrived as backup they opened fire and he was killed.
6:55 am
she escaped in 1979 and found safe haven in cuba where she has been living freely for decades. >> it's an open wound, an unfinished sentence. justice has not been done with her. and there is no opportunity for justice on the part of the family of trooper warner forester and we owe it to the family and the men and women of the new jersey state police and the residents of the state of new jersey. >> the colonel says he is hopeful and optimistic president trump will take action. >> bill: is there a suggestion or signs the deal could change, rick? >> president trump already has criticized the cuba deal in general threatening to terminate it unless fugitives from american law are returns. now the trooper's only son is pleading for justice. he was only 3 years old when his father was killed. he gave me this statement. the fact that her return to the u.s. was not a part of the deal is a disgrace. it disrespects our family and
6:56 am
every police officer out there who risk their lives every day and shows how much the obama administration regarded law enforcement. this is a loss that eric lives with every day. there is still a $2 million reward for this woman's return. >> following that story today from our newsroom. rick leventhal, thank you. >> shannon: president trump dealing with friend and foe trying to open a new chapter in russian relations and also with the brits as well. up next the new commander-in-chief is on the world stage. taking a holiday in britain, are ya doll? well, the only place you need go... london's got the best of everything. cornwall's got the best of everything. sport sport nightlife nightlife (both) fashion adventure i'm tellin' ya, britain is the only place you really need go.
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7:00 am
maccallum. >> bill: first week so far so good. >> shannon: busy. >> bill: we've had nothing to talk about. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. what could be a fresh start scheduled for tomorrow. the kremlin revealing president putin plans to congratulate president trump and talk about the future of u.s./russian ties. president trump telling sean hannity just yesterday he welcomes the chance for an open, positive dialogue. amy kellogg picks it up from moscow with more now. amy. >> hi, bill. as a prominent russian political scientist said to me with donald trump it is deal or no deal. he said president putin very much wants a deal. in terms of what president trump wants, he really may be wanting to get putin on board as far as we understand the fight islamic extremism and isis. putin goes after terrorists with a heavy hand. president trump might be right on his page. many say president putin has achieved what he wants with
7:01 am
crimea and ukraine and syria and many say he wants those sanctions lifted and to be back on good terms with the west particularly with the usa. to those who have suggested that putin may have trump somehow eating out of his hand or feel he has the upper hand, here is what one well-known pundit had to say. >> you imagine a foreign leader, of all foreign leaders the russian president, can own an american president portrays the insecurity and lack of self-confidence that i think is extremely corrosive and damaging to the american political quest. >> bill, in terms of what is going to happen with tomorrow's call there has been a lot of speculation that maybe sanctions will be discussed. in terms of the message here from the kremlin, they are
7:02 am
saying there probably won't be of anything substance much of logistic for a future meeting. the consensus is it's pretty important in tomorrow's call, more than anything, that the tone is set just right, bill. >> bill: agree with that. amy kellogg from moscow. >> shannon: meetings, calls with foreign leaders capping off a busy first woke in office. president trump signed a bunch of executive actions immediately after being sworn in. you'll recall right after the inauguration president trump signed his first executive order easing the economic burdens of obamacare. >> bill: three days later he withdraw from the tpp, the next day speeding up environmental reviews and approvals for infrastructure projects. >> shannon: approval of the keystone xl pipeline and day coatta access pipeline. >> bill: wednesday immigration day. an order blocking federal funding for sanctuary cities and beefing up border patrol by
7:03 am
hiring thousands more agents. >> shannon: today he is expected to sign an executive order for allegations of voter fraud. that goodness it's scripted for us. i'm not sure we would remember all of that. >> bill: we need a flow chart. go to the website. we have it there for you. >> shannon: someone who is tracking it better than we are, chris wallace, the anchor of fox news sunday. good to see you, chris. >> he has been president now a month and a half, is that right? >> shannon: feels like it. he has gotten a lot done. listen, you know covering washington, this guy is like no one else. this is a president who is turning things upside down and not everybody likes it. >> no. it is fascinating, though. donald trump meets washington and we'll see what is going to happen. is the president going to bend washington to his will or will washington bend the president to its will? i will say this, it is an extraordinarily ambitious
7:04 am
agenda. as we say covering him is like trying to drink water out of a fire hose. and one of the questions i have -- executive order is one thing. legislation is another. he has so many items up there and i think when he went to the gop retreat in philadelphia yesterday they were hoping for maybe some marching orders. what comes first, what's the top priority? what comes second. he is putting it all out there. that's a lot for congress to try to handle at one time. >> shannon: we talked with a senator about repeal and replace obamacare but there is talk the president has said he wants to tackle infrastructure. he says the country is falling apart. he wants to get that done. that's something where democrats sound like they want to work with him. of course, everybody disagrees how to pay for it. can he now focus on a few things that maybe democrats will come across the aisle to work on with him? >> there is the possibility. and barack obama talked about this as well, just didn't come out. didn't work out.
7:05 am
there is the possibility of a deal on tax reform and infrastructure that you would have some tax reform, lowering some rates, maybe a one-time fee for countries repate re ateing money back into this country that have it parked overseas and you could use some of that money to pay for infrastructure. you know, this is an interesting thing. republicans have generally been very hawkish on the budget and the idea that if you are going to have any federal spending, there have to be offsets or pay-fors. if you spend a dollar you have to find a way to pay for it. suddenly republicans are we'll go ahead and build the wall and do infrastructure without pay-fors and some democrats are saying wait a minute, you know, you insisted on this when barack obama was president. how about when donald trump is president? possibilities of deals but i think in washington you can always bet it will go slower
7:06 am
and take longer rather than shorter and faster. >> shannon: which is something i think that president trump will have to take some getting used to if he does. if washington bends to his will. we'll see. that's not the way he is used to doing things. he has a busy, full plate domestically. internationally busy as well. phone calls with a number of foreign leaders tomorrow and the visit from prime minister may today and he gave us a tweet this morning saying mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long enough. massive trade deficits and little help on the very weak border must change. all caps now exclamation point. this is a different foreign policy era, chris. >> this is a shock to the system for domestic and foreign policy. look at mexico. a perfect case study. it is one thing to go out on a campaign rally and get big cheers to build a wall and when you're president trump and say this it has become a matter of national honor for mexico. they are so upset by what he
7:07 am
has said and feel disrespected which is why mexican president nieto even if he wanted to come to washington couldn't. it would have destroyed his political career. how you get yourself past that to working out a deal that both sides can live with and remember, i mean, this is high stakes involved. we have billions of dollars of trade with mexico. we start putting taxes, 20% taxes was mentioned yesterday, on mexican goods, that will get passed on to american consumers in the stores, conversely if they start putting taxes on u.s. imports into mexico, there are millions of jobs in this country that depend on trade with mexico. what happens to them? so this is a lot more than rhetoric when you are the president dealing with another country and its feelings and economic interests. >> shannon: quickly, chris, what do you make of this theme, this discussion about the u.s. being less involved with funding and being involved with international organizations that we've been a part of for a long time? some people think they weren't
7:08 am
working then, some people think they aren't working now and this administration seems to say don't necessarily count on our money or involvement. >> this is something the president has been talking about all during the campaign. he talked about it in terms of nato, he talked about it in terms of us paying to defend other countries rather than other countries like south korea and japan and saudi arabia paying for themselves. the danger, of course, on the one hand you don't want to particularly pay for other countries but it gives you some control over what they are going to do and there is obviously concern do you have a nuclear arms race in the middle east or a nuclear arms race in the far east in asia and south korea? so again as with mexico, it's one thing to state these positions out but, you know, once you start tearing -- i'll used mixed metaphors, once you start taking one thing away from a sweater, it can fall apart. >> shannon: we like sweaters to stay intact.
7:09 am
chris, good to see you. you can see more of chris on fox news sunday. he will sit down with senior counselor to the president kellyanne conway and senate minority whip dick durbin. check your local listings for sunday morning air times. >> bill: we shall be there. president trump considering the case of a navy sailor sent to prison for taking photos inside a nuclear submarine. mr. trump hinting at a possible pardon comparing his case to the mishandling of classified information in the hillary clinton server scandal. >> i think it's very unfair in light of what has happened with other people. by the way, if another event didn't happen, i wouldn't look at him. how can you have somebody else get away with such a tremendous amount and then this person who takes a picture of his desk on
7:10 am
an old -- look, if china or russia wanted information on that submarine, they've had it for many years, that i can tell you. >> bill: the sailor's lawyer saying his prosecution is a clear case and a clear example of a double standard. >> shannon: we'll have more on sean hannity's cable exclusive interview with president trump later this hour. he will join us at the bottom of the hour to fill us in on what did not make it into that interview. sometimes that's the most interesting stuff. the little off the cuff remarks and behind the scenes. >> bill: the first week in the white house and just to see that image of the two of them walking in the oval office. what does that mean to president trump now? what does it mean to the other people now coming in and sitting down and talking to him? this is -- >> shannon: a whole new world. >> bill: president trump not mincing words when talking about the war on isis when he said this. >> we are fighting sneaky rats
7:11 am
right now that are sick and demented. and we are going to win. >> bill: he is talking about this plan to beat isis. general jack keen knows this all too well. the general is on deck next. >> shannon: president trump welcoming his first foreign official to the white house. what is going to be on the agenda when he sits down with britain's prime minister? plus this. yikes. >> shannon: that was an avalanche. they sent tons of snow toward a small american town. look at that thing explode on the side of that hill. why the people living there wanted this to happen and they've been gein the west, too. that's coming up moments away. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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>> we have evil that lurks around the corner without the uniforms. ours is harder because the people that we're going against, they don't wear uniforms. they are sneaky, dirty rats. and they blow people up in a shopping center. and they blow people up in a church. these are bad people. >> bill: that from the cable exclusive with sean hannity that aired last night. and now today the president meets with defense secretary james mattis. that will happen at the pentagon. he will reportedly order the military to draw up plans for a
7:16 am
massive aggressive campaign against isis. retired four star general jack keen military analyst, general, good morning to you. we've got three big topics. let's start with james mattis. his relationship with him, what happens at the pentagon today. what is the expectation there, sir, as we watch general mattis go back to the pentagon last saturday afternoon in civilian clothes? general. >> first of all, what is certainly on the president's mind is isis as he said many times and just recently as last night. he clearly wants to do more and try to do it sooner. and i totally agree with that. i think we should have defeated isis last year and restrictions that president obama imposed on the united states military were completely overdone and i think quite unnecessary. so he will begin to get some education, though, about the complexity of dealing with this
7:17 am
problem. and what else can we do? and i believe they will put some options in front of the president that where we will actually do more and do it sooner. we can probably provide some more assistance to the iraqis on the ground in the conduct of the campaign against isis in mosul but also the political unity in iraq is crucial and president obama did not do what he could do to help the iraqis enfranchise the sunnis and kurds much better than we do. i'm confident the pentagon will make recommendations along those linings. syria complicated. they will put options in front of the president how to strengthen what we do in there. do we bring in artillery or apaches or u.s. ground forces or arab coalition? is there more we can do with ground forces currently there? these issues will be discussed. >> bill: you said a lot. let me ask you a pointed question. do you think the campaign
7:18 am
against isis changes dramatically from what we have seen for the past few years? >> i don't think it has change dramatically. i think what it has to do is get better focused. focused resources on the ground to assist in what needs to be done. there can be much more we can do and we have to have, i believe, a sense of urgency about this. and also, we need to look at isis, it has expanded into 35 countries and how do we help other countries deal with that reality? do we need an alliance and strategy to do that? we have neither. >> bill: now on russia. you know there will be a phone call tomorrow between vladimir putin and president trump. what would be your expectation for the content of that telephone call, general? >> i think the benefit from that phone call would be to renew a relationship with the
7:19 am
united states and russia on better terms than we currently have it. i think the relationship will improve between those two leaders. they are both very strong. there is a degree of respect for each other in the sense that they're strong leaders, people of conviction. we are clearly, dramatically at odds with russia's national intent and the fact that they trample on our national interest on a regular basis and that of our allies. and certainly i believe president trump will have to move putin away from that aggressive and assertive behavior if we are going to get beyond an improved personal relationship to actually an improved relationship between the two countries. >> bill: in order to do that do you have to negotiate on the active sanctions that are in place? >> certainly putin wants that as priority one. he wants us to remove those sanctions. and if president trump is the deal maker that he has proven
7:20 am
to be in the past, he is not going to do that unless there is some major concessions by putin. putin has annexed crimea. he is sitting with his army in eastern ukraine. i cannot imagine us removing sanctions unless there was some concessions made on those points. >> bill: strong comment there. thank you, general. jack keen in washington we'll see how it goes tomorrow. thank you for being here today. >> shannon: british prime minister theresa may heading to the white house to meet with president trump today. this after offering some words of advice to the new administration. >> bill: also in a moment sean hannity is our guest after his sit down, his cable exclusive with president trump. what you have not heard on camera. that's next. >> water boarding is i'm sure it's not pleasant but water
7:21 am
boarding was just short of torture.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> shannon: we are awaiting the first joint news conference from president trump and the first world leader to visit him at the white house. british prime minister theresa may heading to the white house today and she has spoken about strengthening the special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. while warning president trump to keep a watchful eye on russia. >> when it comes to russia, he is wise to turn to the example of president reagan who during his negotiations with his opposite number used to abide by the adage, trust but verify. with president putin, my advice
7:25 am
is to engage, but beware. >> shannon: the director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation, good to see you today, nile. what do you make of this relationship both sides have talked about beefing it up and getting it to a place better than it's ever been before. they'll talk trade agreements, they'll talk fighting terrorism. what else are you looking for? >> it's a big day, of course, for the u.s./u.k. special relationship. theresa may gave a great speech to republican congressional leaders yesterday where she invokeed the spirit of thatcher, reagan and churchill. today's focus will be heavily upon building a u.s./u.k. free trade agreement in the wake of the brexit referendum and the focus is upon strengthening the nato alliance. sending a clear message to vladimir putin that the west is prepared to resist any aggression by russia against
7:26 am
nato allies. and also i think the focus will be upon other major international issues including iran, syria, iraq, the war against islamist terrorism. i think this is going to be a very, very productive, successful meeting today between two world leaders who see eye-to-eye, i believe, on most issues and i think it sends a very strong signal the u.s. and u.k. are united together in the face of a whole array of adversity internationally. >> shannon: plenty to tackle together. a lot of comparisons, people are talking about president reagan and prime minister thatcher, trying to make those comparisons. i thought it was interesting. newt gingrich wrote a piece. trump is similarly focused on destroying the moral legitimacy of the left and breaking the power of the lobbyist and bureaucracyic establish iment in washington to restore the rule of law in immigration and infrastructure projects have been consistent
7:27 am
with these goals and nile, he thinks that a trump presidency should be more accurately modeled after thatcher than reagan. >> he makes good points in his very good piece today. and i think that margaret thatcher is a tremendous role model for the u.s. president also, also for theresa may in the united kingdom as well. i think thatcher's style of leadership. her belief in a liberty, robust national defense and belief in u.s. and british leadership on the world stage are tremendous principles to be followed on both sides of the atlantic today. i think thatcher and churchill and reagan are tremendous role models for the new u.s. president and for the british prime minister as well. >> shannon: what about this conversation about the u.s. and u.k. joining together to really push for change in places like nato saying listen, it's not serving the best interests of some of the members like the
7:28 am
u.s. and u.k. who are highly supportive financially and in other ways as well. can the two join together to stand up to other nations there, russia, china, iran, others who may not want to see some of these changes and actually do anything to change the course of this huge organization that many people say cannot be reformed effectively? >> this is a time for strong, robust, bold u.s. and british leadership in the nato alliance. i think president trump is right to point out that far too many nato members are not pulling their weight in the alliance. it will be a joint message from theresa may and donald trump today. the whole nato alliance must unite together. i do think you'll see a lot of common ground between theresa may and donald trump today with
7:29 am
regard to the nato alliance and a very strong message being sent to other nato partners, including countries such as germany who have not been pulling their weight in the alliance. >> shannon: a lot of people are reading into the winston churchill bust being back in the oval office. >> it speaks volumes the fact the new u.s. president admires winston churchill. barack obama took it out of the oval office sending a terrible message. the new presidency is determined to strengthen and build the special relationship and the right way and encouraging to see it. >> shannon: today is the day. great to see you. >> bill: to our viewers around noon we'll see the prime minister arrive at the white house. around that time. we get the at 1:00 an hour later. that's all coming up. >> shannon: that will be
7:30 am
fascinating seeing the two of them together and how they handle the press corps. that could be interesting? >> bill: a lot of flattery today. seven days ago president trump was not even sworn in yet. >> shannon: we were freezing. we were there. >> bill: we were there and think about the cascade of events that we've been watching hour by hour ever since. >> shannon: tough to keep up. >> bill: sean hannity's hour long interview last night. in a moment he will tell us what we did not see on camera from the oval office. >> all this money in the middle east and other places. in the meantime we have to rebuild our country and we have to rebuild our infrastructure. some republicans are fine with it, some republicans don't like it. actually probably the democrats like that more than the republicans.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> bill: 10:33 in new york. sean hannity with the big cable guest snagging the first cable interview with president trump. it aired last night. one of the bigger issues is the
7:34 am
fight over president trump's supreme court pick. here is how that exchange went. >> i have made my decision pretty much in my mind, yes. next question. that might be subject to change at the last moment. but i think this will be a great choice. >> chuck schumer others -- we've never had a supreme court justice filibustered. if that happens would you want mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option? >> i would. we have obstructionists. >> bill: we expect an announcement next thursday. we'll see if that changes. sean hannity is with me now. good morning. >> how are you guys? >> bill: well, thank you very much. good day to you. i want to take our viewers behind the camera. you spent a lot of time in washington this past week. you've had some high-level interviews with this administration. what surprised you about your conversation with president
7:35 am
trump? >> you know, i don't know if it necessarily surprised me. i think -- you know how the media is very focused. they want to get into these battles and stay on them and they're like dogs on a bone. they want to focus on crowd size and voter fraud and, you know, they love the themes, they're fixated trying to call him a liar. what is really fascinating is while they're all involved in thinking about those things, the very same people i would argue that were exposed as colluding with hillary clinton and the campaign never thought he would win the election is missing the big picture. the administration is moving at the speed of light and you've got a president, if you start going down the checklist between the border wall and obamacare and putting his economic plan in place, and going forward with his trade
7:36 am
policies, and literally talking to almost every major big leader around the globe, there is a seismic shift underneath their feet and they are missing a very big story and that is that every promise he is making he is checking off his list on a daily basis. >> bill: very interesting. you spent a lot of time with him when you look back to the primary challenge, the general election and now first seven days in the white house. has he changed in any way? the reason i ask you, i don't think the moment has overwhelmed him in any way. do you see it otherwise when you are up close with him in the oval office? >> i actually asked him if he felt a change. you know, look, i've known him long before he ever ran for office, bill. and what is interesting to me, and i think maybe at some point through the prism of history it
7:37 am
will be studied, but the trajectory for him has been here is a guy that was never a politician. look, if you plan on running for president you'll probably never go on the howard stern show and fool around and have fun and tell jokes and have a good time. which was something that he did. not on a regular basis but a number of times. but the fact that yeah, during the campaign he made some mistakes, but if you look at the trajectory and the learning curve and the fact that he was such a quick study. it was pretty amazing. the big difference that i see based on what i have observed my entire life in media, 30 years in radio, 21 years on fox, is that his executive experience is so different than that of what the usual politician would be doing. it's like how can we fix this? i think that's just the way he thinks. >> bill: but he knows his entire presidency will be
7:38 am
judged on results. and that's what you learn in business. now, you mention the media. i have three clips. i want to run them back-to-back to back. one is on the wall. i think we have one here on refugees and the media. the first one starts at refugees. watch here. >> we'll have extreme vetting. we'll have extreme vetting for people coming into our country and if we think there is a problem, it's not going to be so easy for people to come in anymore. some have come in with evil intentions. most haven't, i guess. we can't take chances. people want protection. the wall protects. the whole world is angry right now. there is such problems in the world and such anger. but we spent all of this money in the middle east and other places. in the meantime we have to rebuild our country and our inextra truck tour. the media is have dishonest. i say it openly. much of the media, not all of it is very, very dishonest. honestly, it's fake news, it's
7:39 am
fake. they make things up. >> bill: is he going to maintain the posture we saw from last saturday when he sees things in the media that he views as unfair to him? >> they've already shaken things up quite a bit. used in the white house with the white house press secretary sean spicer has invited in a whole group of other people and bloggers and talk radio people. he doesn't start with the ap and the three big networks anymore. he brings in a variety of sources, news sources so they can report on things. here is the fascinating thing that i think the media has. when he ran for president what did he promise? extreme vetting. he is moving on it. an originalist in the supreme court. he told me it will be one of the people he told us before the election that he put down on his list. he is moving forward with the
7:40 am
economy, repatriation, 15% corporate tax rate. repealing and replacing obamacare, moving forward with the wall, they are certainly putting together plans without giving away too many details. he wouldn't give away the details, about their plan to destroy isis. you know, what's pretty fascinating here, every major agenda item that he ran on, he is now working in one week, he has worked on every one of those issues and i would argue that probably he is on a path to success. now, the media i would argue, they are focused on everything but the substance of what is happening. look, bill, the media is lazy in this country. i gave an interview this week. i said journalism is dead. i would say except for the fox news channel. these people are lazy. they are abuseively biased. if you ever watched the clinton news network or msnbc or nbc or
7:41 am
abc or open "the new york times," twice this week they're calling the president of the united states a liar. they never vetted obama, or hillary. they never told us how bad obamacare was and how every promise obama made by obamacare failed. i argue we have in the country an informational crisis and, you know, i think they are hurting themselves. >> bill: steve bannon did an interview yesterday reflecting what you're saying there. congratulations. thank you for your time. he loves sleeping at trump tower. does he love sleeping at the white house, do you know, sean? >> he said he is happy. it's better than a lot of the hotels he was staying in around the country. >> shannon: bring in your own sheets and pillows and comfortable stuff from home. >> bill: we'll see you later tonight at 10:00. thank you for doing this today. >> shannon: president trump hits the ground running in his first week on the job. how did he do?
7:42 am
we'll ask a former white house press secretary, ari fleischer, plus this. >> bill: they are getting dumped on in the american west. if you're a skier or border this is when you want to be there. this wasn't done by mother nature. look at that snow move. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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>> shannon: president trump with a flurry of activity in his very first week from taking the oath of office to speaking at the gop retreat yesterday, mr. trump has been on the move. here is a quick look at his first seven days. >> forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. we'll put a lot of people back to work. we'll use common sense, great thing for the american worker what we just did. the long term jobs we're
7:46 am
looking for. we're bringing manufacturing back to the united states. it is happening and happening bigly. the regulatory process in this country has become a tangled up mess. very unfair to people. we think we can cut regulations by 75%, maybe more. radical islamic terrorism. and i said it yesterday, it has to be eradicated. just off the face of the earth. we'll begin immediate construction of a border wall. >> shannon: ari fleischer is former white house press secretary for george w. bush. it's been eight years since we had a brand-new administration and brand-new president. i'm having a hard time remembering was it this busy are president obama, with president bush? this seems like a flurry of activity. >> this is far busier. the bush when he came in the
7:47 am
atmosphere wasn't to change everything. that's the atmosphere donald trump has come into office by. so he is being much more energetic in a sense and you have to also remember the last time you had a unified republican government 3 1/2 years under george bush in a different environment. you have to go back to eisenhower. >> shannon: we think more executive orders coming today possibly on a host of issues. the left is going crazy. the media doesn't know what to do with him. he is just turning washington upside down, which is exactly why the people who voted for him elected him. >> the thing about donald trump. like him or not he is authentic. he is an anti-politician. he came to that town to make changes and he is in so many ways a chief executive who comes from a privately-held company who is used to doing things his way so he is energetic and pushing the system to do more. i welcome that. it is a good change for washington >> shannon: we talked about this with chris wallace earlier.
7:48 am
do you think the way he is a get things done guy, is he going to be able to continue that pace? do you think he will hit against a wall? one of republican members of congress said you have 535 board members you have to deal with. it is at any time same thing as running your own empire. >> he will hit a right. you have 535. and the rules there slow things down and the minority party, which does not exist in privately held corporations, can throw sand in the gears. that is coming. but that's why getting a clear head of steam now and a determination to act puts backbone in the spine of republicans and sends a signals with democrats don't tangle. they will but it gives trump the upper hand in the coming tangle. >> shannon: i was reading a couple articles about democrats saying actively they'll oppose him at every turn. not now, not every as far as supporting what he wants to do. member of congress when i live said he won't normalize or
7:49 am
legitimize this president. they are getting ready for battle. >> when barack obama was president republicans called it obstructionism. now it's resistance. how bias works. the democrats will do that. 8 to 10 senate democrats who will vote for trump on a lot of issues because they are from states he won. we're hearing the coverage of the anti-trumps. there is a small amount of democrats that will work with him. >> shannon: there are vulnerable democrats with a much tougher time in the cycle coming up. you think it translates to votes? >> we'll have to find the line and walk it more than the liberal democrats. they are the ones getting quoted. these democrats in the trump states are quieter because they don't want to antagonize their voters. we'll hear from them when they vote. >> shannon: great to see you. >> bill: there is a big moment today in washington, d.c.
7:50 am
the annual march for life rally about to kick off in our nation's capital. we'll give a live report on what to expect from that event moments away here.
7:51 am
and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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7:53 am
>> shannon: a manmade avalanche in colorado creating quite a sight. check this out. this is teleride. they got 95 inches of snow this month. they have these explosions to prevent avalanches. >> bill: vice president mike
7:54 am
pence will head the pro-life march. we're on the national mall in washington, d.c. along the march route. is the vice president the highest ranking official to speak at this event? >> yes, he is, bill. the symbolic importance of that is huge. pence is the most important person, the highest ranking public official to appear in 44 years of this march and his presence here is an indication of the renewed optimism. he has a stellar record in the view of these folks here. the first congressman as a congressman from indiana to introduce legislation to ban funding to planned parenthood. a 100% approval rating from the right to life committee and he said this yesterday to the republican members about the administration's intention to fill the vacancy held by the pro-life justice scalia. >> he is going to nominate a
7:55 am
strict constructionist to the supreme court in the tradition of scalia. we need this person on the bench as soon as possible. >> president trump who was once pro-choice and is now pro-life expressed that many times on the campaign trail and as recently as president announced his intention to fill that seat is imminent. >> you announced on thursday you will make your supreme court choice announcement. two yes, sir on that. one, will it be from the list you gave out during the campaign. >> the answer is yes. >> have you made your decision? >> i have made my decision pretty much in my mind. it might be subject to change at the last moment but i think this will be a great choice. >> among the three top picks said to be in the running
7:56 am
gorsuch from denver, william pry or of the 11th district court of appeals in atlanta called roe vs. wade an -- >> bill: a big day and big week when that comes out. >> shannon: president trump turning his sights to international matters meeting with british p.m. theresa may and phone calls tomorrow with president putin and others. who else president trump will be talking to over the weekend? z28cnz zwtz
7:57 am
y28cny ywty
7:58 am
these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
7:59 am
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golden years, britain's royal mail honoring the rock legend, entering ten stamps featuring images of david bowie, and they go on sale in march. if you still use stamps. >> so the first week is done, you survived. >> do i get to come back? >> no one got injured, right? >> no, not that i know. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> jenna: fox news alert, and another milestone for president trump, his first white house meeting with a foreign leader, set to begin a bottom hour from now. hell over buddy, i'm jenna lee. >> jon: i'm jon scott, happy friday, president trump and prime minister may will then hold a joint news conference at the white house, that is set for 1:00 p.m. eastern time. and we are following more development on the international front, is we learn that president trump will speak by phone tomorrow with russian president vladimir putin. and with german chancellor angela merkel, and french president lalonde. this on the heels of widening rift


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