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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 27, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> mexico's leader tells president trump, "no mas." this is "special report" ." good evening prayed welcome to washington. i am james rosen sitting in for bret baier. president trump's insistence that mexico will pay for a wall along its border has triggered the trump administrations first full on diplomatic desktop. mexico's president has canceled a visit to washington. mr. trump spokesman floated the idea of a 20% tax on mexican imports to fund construction of the wall. all this on a day with the new american president took his
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first rides on marine one and air force one to huddle with republican allies. john roberts kicks off the coverage tonight from the white house. >> good evening. it only took four days of his first official working week but president donald trump is already deeply embroiled in his very first diplomatic spat. it began last night when mexico's president enrique pena nieto schooled president trump. >> i am saddened and against the decision by the united states to continue with the construction of a wall that for years, far from joining us, has divided us. >> that leaders were planning a meeting for next week. after pena nieto lashed out against the wall, insisting his nation wouldn't pay for it, president trump tweeted "if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting."
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twitter has become a prominent diplomatic tool. pena nieto tweeted back, "we have informed the white house i will not attend the meeting scheduled for next tuesday with the president of the united states." at the retreat in philadelphia, president trump said c'est la vie. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel the planned meeting for next week unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would bo go a different route. we have no choice. >> white house officials said they are considering a buffet of options to seek reimbursement for the wall from mexico. sean spicer talked about a 20% border tax. >> you think about what a border tax on imports from countries like mexico that we have a huge trade deficit does, it's going to provide the funding.
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>> in a sign that the president is sweeping the slate clean when it comes to strengthening america's borders, he dismissed the chief of border patrol. the white house requested all politically appointed officers to submit letters of resignatio resignation. unlike some others, the president accepted morgan's. an executive order that began as the infamous muslim man now a sweeping series of measures the president says will help defend america against terrorism. among the key provisions, a 30 day ban on most visa entries from nations that are hotbeds of terrorism. a moratorium on admitting refugees. an indefinite ban on refugees from syria and creations of safe zones within syria. refugee admissions will be reduced by 50% and the government will implement a process of extreme vetting for immigrants from nations that risk.
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while the president has modified the language of the band, the council on american islamic relations insists nothing has changed. >> whatever language is used in president trump's executive orders, on refugees, immigration and refugee programs, muslims we believe are the sole targets. >> president trump will sign an executive order titled ending unconstitutional executive amnesty. that is expected to target the so-called dreamers act that president obama signed in 2012. we don't know what president trump will do but i'm told it will not be a wholesale repeal of the dreamer's action. >> james: tracking a lock for us at the white house. thank you. we are learning more tonight about the republican legislative agenda, one of the most ambitious in scope and time frame that the capital has seen in decades. correspondent peter doocy reports from the g.o.p. retreat in philadelphia.
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>> downtown philadelphia is locked down for a publican retreat where leaders opened up about the top two items on their agenda. repealing obamacare and reforming the tax code and the deadline to get it all done. >> we aspired to get most of these big things done by the august recess because that's when congress does most of its legislating. >> g.o.p. leaders know they are going to have to go it alone peered >> we anticipate having little or no democratic cooperation. >> republicans insist they are on the same page as president trump but there is a split in the way they talk about tackling obamacare. president trump says waiting a while could bring democrats on board. >> i told the republicans, look, if you want to do something, let it explode. then they will come begging us to fix it. okay, begging? but that's not the right thing for the public because we have to get it fixed. >> does not sound like speaker brian sees any upside and waiting.
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>> on behalf of the american people struggling under this law, we have to ask -- act. >> we intend to address the wall issue ourselves. and the president can deal with his relations with other countries on that issue and other issues. >> president trump is getting a visit from another world leader, british prime minister theresa may. mr. trump predicted he would ink a trade deal with her a few weeks after taking office. prime minister mae stops here before tomorrow's meeting. >> new trade deal with britain and america must work for both sides and serve both national interests. >> president trump said it's going to be the biggest congress in decades, maybe ever. he reminded the republican lawmakers that they were recently elected by millions of people who want to have more of
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a say in what's going on in washington. james. >> james: indisputably a busy time. thank you. let's go a little deeper on the new president's use of executive orders. republicans insist -- chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuelle has looked at this. >> president trump has taken a series of executive actions to start delivering on campaign promises. the president's moves have had an impact on issues ranging from obamacare to energy pipelines to immigration. paul ryan expressed full support, saying mr. trump is quickly changing course from the obama era. >> we would like to see these things undone and we would like to see power restored to the people in the states, not the federal government. restoring the proper balance and in our opinion, undoing a lot of damage that was done by the last president who exceeded his
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power. >> democrats have countered by saying what mr. trump has done doesn't compare to what he pledged to do and by suggesting his actions are extreme. >> i have always opposed any policy that excluded people on the basis of their religion. many of the refugees coming to the united states from syria, who might be muslim, are women and children. i don't know that that that's what the american people think it's our value system. >> we made upwards of 30 promises of executive actions or plans he would announce on day one. even by a generous count, the president fulfilled only two or three. >> congress has made its own promises to the american people and there's an awareness making permanent changes will require passing legislation. kevin mccarthy says for congress, that will be a return to the way the system is supposed to work. >> really when you think about it, if it is equal branches, we
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have to get it back into fact. disregarding whoever is president, the role, if you read the constitution, article one, the role of the house and senate has to have that. >> when congress acts, there will be a president prepared to sign and not veto those bills. >> james: more on this later with our all-star panel. president trump's point man on the transition process at the epa says he thinks the 50% cut in the workforce is a good place to start. he predicts the president could seek to cut $1 billion from their budget. he forecasts big reductions in the payroll. president trump says the u.s. might must fight fire with fire against radical islamic terrorism. that has ignited a furious response including from people who insist torture does not
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work. among them are some of the president's own nominees and allies in congress. here is chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> cia director mike pompeo and defense secretary james mattis were not part of the initial conversations for the draft order. it calls for a review to evaluate resuming enhanced interrogation programs. in the interview, president trump said the tactics are effective. >> i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and i asked them the question. does it work? does torture work? and the answer was yes. absolutely. >> the draft would revoke two executive orders signed by president obama during his first week in office. under the proposal, oversees terror suspects would be sent to guantanamo bay. interrogations would not be limited to the army field manual that forbids torture.
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at the retreat in philadelphia, congressional leadership says the ideas are a nonstarter. >> i believe my members are comfortable with the state of the law on that issue. >> and torture is illegal. and torture is not legal. we agree with that. >> the defense secretary stated his opposition as did the cia director who said he refused orders to resume interrogation tactics. >> there is no doubt in my mind about the limitations it places on the dod and the central intelligence agency and i will comply with the law. >> president trump said he would follow their lead. >> i will rely on pompeo and mattis and my group, and if they don't want to do it, that's fine. if they do want to do, then i will work for that end. >> the bush-era interrogation programs included secret presents. -- prisons. cia director brandon did not
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endorse the program. >> did detainees were subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques provided information that was useful. print >> sean spicer emphasize o reporters that the draft order was not a white house document. >> james: former president george h.w. bush continues to make daily improvements. a spokesman says the 92-year-old mr. bush is taking his last round of antibiotics in preparation for a possible discharge this weekend from the houston hospital where the former president was admitted almost two weeks ago for breathing difficulties resulting from pneumonia. a major personnel of people at the state department tonight at a time when the agency doesn't even have a confirmed secretary to run it. rich edson reports on a slew of resignations in the ranks of senior management there. >> trump administration is overhauling the leadership of the department of state. four officials responsible for the department's daily operations with decades of
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experience at state are out. in the statement, department spokesman writes "the outgoing administration and coordination with the incoming one requested all politically appointed officers to submit letters of resignation. all officers understand that the president may choose to replace them at any time." former officials described the departures as abrupt and extraordinary. >> it's pretty unusual to ask the whole school to step down before there is any plan in plao tap people there to replace them. >> presidents george w. bush and barack obama appointed these officials. they had served decades as career employees. sources close to state they expected undersecretary of management patrick kennedy to leave. he drew criticism from the man now running the government. >> newly released fbi documents made public today reveal just how deep this corruption goes.
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you saw it. the under secretary of state, patrick kennedy, illegally pressure the fbi to un-classify emails from hillary's illegal server. undersecretary kennedy needs to resign. >> state department and fbi denied those claims in the department is still waiting for a confirmed secretary of state. senate leaders say though. it will consider rex tillerson's nomination next week. >> james: mainstream media were never keen on donald trump's candidacy but now that he's in the oval office, reporters and editors appear to have adopted an even sharper edge in their coverage of the 45th president. joining me to discuss this brave new world are howard kurtz and chris starr well. welcome to you both. let's put some flesh on these
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bones. a recent "new york times" headline read "trump repeats lie in meeting with lawmakers." article in "the washington post" said trump's disregard for the truth endangers his ability to govern. cnn anchor jake tapper tweeted this morning a citation from biblical scripture, proverbs 12: 22. a display of piety on social media by jake tapper. what's it all about. >> the l word. i am all for holding the president accountable. to say he lies suggested absolute knowledge of state of mind intent to deceive. let's look at another president who lied.
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feel president bill clinton lit monocle lewinsky. -- monte carlo and ski. >> the l word there. lewinsky. >> we've been thorough in covering the fact that donald trump is a singular figure, that he uses communication modes, with the electorate and citizenry at large, that no president give or has ever used. why should not the news media consider perhaps that the old playbook for covering politicians needs some kind of amendment to cover this new singular figure. >> i can say what they did in 1996 needed amendment. all politicians -- part of the business of politics is spin and shaping. were not going to bring all the
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facts into evidence, especially ones who aren't flattering. that's not new. what's different now, as steve bannon told "the new york times" today, they see the press as the enemy, more so than democrats than anybody else. trump likes the idea of an open war. the press falls into the trap and the trap is going to war with trump, escalating the measures and then they become more background noise. they lose their credibility. since you brought it up, i just happen to have handy the exact quote from steve bannon. stephen bannon told "the new york times," quoted as saying "the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and listen for a while, adding i want you to quote this. the media here is the opposition party. they don't understand this country. they still do not understand why donald trump is the president of the united states." we have dueling claims back and forth that each side is
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singularly dishonest. >> embarrassed about the election coverage? absolutely. the opposition party, that goes too far. there is a consistently negative tone so far in covering president trump as there was in the transition as there was in the general election. leading journalists and even some media critics say he needs to be held to a tougher standard because he tweets a lot and he's a questionable character. sometimes he's not precise with his words. that slides from journalism to activism and that wasn't the approach during the last administration. >> james: to give you an idea of the kind of things donald trump cited, dishonesty on the part of the news media, here is the president speaking to sean hannity and a cable exclusive that will air tonight at 10:00 eastern about the incident on inauguration day when the time reporter. >> they are not seeing the bust
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is taken out. they are saying i'm a racist. that's a very serious charge for prayed that it turns out, in fact i got angry at my people. i said who took that bust out because it wasn't there and they said it was never moved. it was in the same exact spot, never moved. >> james: the reporter apologized. not a lie. >> moreover, what this does for trumpets it lets him throw chum out for his base and cultivate the concept as the press is the enemy. >> james: thank you both. up next, what president trump wants to do about criminal illegal immigrants who can't go home again but first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. >> fox 35 in orlando has the story of a man accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an orlando police officer who was insisting on defending himself against murder charges.
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there were repeated warnings from the judge and minnesota lawmakers are considering a bill to change the way the state's electoral college votes are allocated in presidential elections bring some want to switch from a winner-take-all system to a district by district basis the way nebraska and maine operate. this is a lie look at denver from fox 31, big story there tonight. cleanup following a train derailment in northern colorado. authorities say 25 railroad cars carrying coal went off the tracks late wednesday with some cars overturning and spilling their cargo. no one was hurt. the union pacific road is investigating prayed that his tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" period wililililil
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>> james: missouri's senate has approved a right to work bill. the measure goes to the statehouse which passed an almost identical the last weekend. republican governor eric reitan says he will sign it. supporters say it will be good for business. opponents say it will weaken unions on/workers wages. the dallas had more records today, gaining 32 for another all-time high close. the s&p 500 lost 2. nasdaq was down 1 paid one of the big changes president trump wants to make has to do with illegal immigrants who have most definitely worn out their welcome. these are criminals back out on our streets. william la jeunesse reports from los angeles. the difficulty is getting them back on their home country's streets. >> do we have deportable aliens who been released on u.s. streets because their home
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country refuses to repatriate them? do we have that going on? >> we do. >> during the obama presidency, how many people fall into the category. >> tens of thousands of people. >> yet not once did the state department threatened the countries with sanctions. >> if it was up to me, you would say no more visas, no more people coming to the united states. >> yesterday the president promised to play hardball. >> the day is they can stay in our country and wreak havoc. we're going to get them out and were going to get them out fast. >> president trump refers to recalcitrant countries who refused to accept the return of foreign nationals who commit crimes and in the u.s. among the worst. cuba, laos, haiti, china, iraq. after serving a 16 year sentence for rape, a year later he shot
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two deputies in fresno. >> gets to become a game of chicken. >> the state department is reluctant to hold visas. >> we have very complex, broad across-the-board relationships and interests with these countries. >> according to the white house spokesman, that's about to change grades because the state department is going to with hold visas and other tools to make sure countries accept and return the criminals that came from their country. >> because of a supreme court ruling, i.c.e. has six months to deport criminal aliens after completing their sentence prayed otherwise they must be released. the president hopes this action will stop them from committing new crimes. >> james: william la jeunesse, thank you. scientists say they are growing human cells inside peg embryos. the breakthrough suggests we may someday be able to grow livers and other vital organs inside animals, then use them in human beings requiring transplants.
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some critics have raised ethical concerns about the experiments which are led by the university of tokyo and the salk institute for biological studies in california. some british lawmakers are furious over the way prime minister therese ma introduced a bill to begin the process of leaving the european union. better known as brexit. giving them less than two weeks to study the legislation. comes after the supreme court rules parliaments must have a say in the mechanics of brexit which voters approved in a referendum. when prime minister maeve meets with president trump tomorrow, the brexit and its ramifications will be topic a on the agenda. tonight bret baier brings us a preview. >> thank you. we are at the british ambassador's residence at of the prime minister arriving here in washington. she is in philadelphia and we are talking with the ambassador.
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is this a big moment, this meeting that will happen friday fifth between the prime minister may and president trump? >> it's a big moment. it's the first meeting between the two of them. they are both comparatively new in office. they prime minister since last summer, the president since a week ago. an awful lot to talk about very special relationship to preserve and strengthen. a lot of issues around the globe that they need to discuss together. so yes, we are extremely grateful to be the first into the white house after the president takes office. >> the special relationship includes a gift that has been in the oval office before, the official bust of winston churchill. >> it does. it's sitting here at the residence at the moment.
1:29 am
there's been a blast of mr. churchill and the white house since 1965 when it was presented by the friends of winston churchill to president johnson. this pasta that is going to return to the white house was requested by president bush in 2001 when the other one was away for restoration. it was given to him for his duration in office, came back here afterwards and we are delighted, thrilled that president trump has asked for it to go back to the oval office. >> how is president trump, do you think, being received around the world? >> i can only talk for the uk. british government is excited about president trump's arrival in office. we have a great opportunity to work together both on strengthening the bilateral relationship and on tackling the challenges we face around the world. our attitude as a government is extremely positive and we welcome him to office and we
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look forward to working with him. >> some people likened the vote on brexit to the trump election, that it shocked the world. brexit did at that time and the trump election did as well. i want to ask you about brexit. the court ruling now that parliament passed away and, what is the way forward here and is there a timeline when parliament will have to take this vote to get out of the european union union? >> disappointed by the outcome in court but we respect completely the rule of law. it shouldn't affect the time. there are still several weeks before the end of march deadline the prime minister has set to invoke article 50. the judgment was about whether parliament should be consulted, not about the principle, which was settled when the british people voted back in june last year. >> you don't think parliament
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would turn around and disregard the referendum? >> i don't want to speak for parliament. we will see how it comes out that the indications from party leaders are that they respect the outcome of the referendum. of course there's going to be debates around the terms of the bill but everything i've seen so far suggests that principal, that the will of the british people should be respected. >> obviously it's an emotional issue. you have scotland's wing and saying they want to push for another independence vote. do you see that happening? >> the scottish referendum a couple years ago was clear at the time this was a once in a generation decision, that you wouldn't keep going back to the scottish people to ask them to change their mind every couple years. there was a clear outcome to that referendum as well. that's been decided. this is a different issue.
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this is about the exit from the european union. >> a one-on-one trade relationship between the u.s. and great britain, is it something that prime minister may is looking after? >> the u.s. is a hugely important trading partner for us. we export 20% of our total exports come to the u.s. there's a huge amount of mutual investment as we leave the eu, a free trade deal between the u.s. and uk will be a top priority. it's welcome that the administration here has signaled their willingness, enthusiasm for that as well. i'm sure it will be a major subject for discussion between the prime minister and president. i hope we can start to take up that work. >> if that happens and it is ironed out, the specifics, what do you think that means for the eu? won't other countries suddenly say it's not worth it to stay under this overview of these regulations and the things that come with the eu from brussels.
1:33 am
if they look to your experience and it goes well. >> prime minister gave a speech on brexit a week ago and she made it clear in that speech that while we have a clear decision for the british people, we are going to leave and we see our future as as a free-trade agreement between the uk and eu, we wish the eu well. the breakup -- we recognize the important role the u.s. played in the stability and prosperity of europe. >> president trump, at least has talked about, getting rid of the iran deal from a u.s. perspective. do you think that will be on the discussion with the prime minister may in the oval office? >> we'll see how it goes. they have a couple hours together. they can cover a lot of ground. it's going to be focusing on trade, bilateral relations, and
1:34 am
international issues. if iran comes up, we will say we were part of the deal and we support it. we supported. we think it has contributed to stability and that it has set back the iranian nuclear program which was the objective we wanted to see achieved. >> thanks for having us here. please extend our invite to prime minister may. whenever she wants to be on "special report," she is welcome. >> james: president trump and his mexican counterpart agree to disagree for now.
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>> now we have to deliver. enough all talk, no action could we have issued executive orders to build of the keystone and
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dakota pipelines. we have issued executive orders to remove wasteful regulations for and we put in place the first steps in our immigration plan, ordering the immediate construction of a border wall. i i mean the immediate removal f criminal aliens. cracking down on sanctuary cities. >> james: that was president trump speaking at the republican retreat in philadelphia today. are all these executive actions fulfilling the campaign promises of candida trump or are some largely symbolic? what ever became of the conservative philosophical opposition to governance by executive order. let's bring in our panel. andrew napolitano, katie pavlich, and a.b. stoddar stoddard, dear friends all. we will begin with the noted
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libertarian on the set and the only person on the set to my knowledge who is on a first-name basis with the president of the united states. >> another story for another time. >> james: are you troubled by the executive orders? >> i'm not troubled by the executive orders i've seen. immigration policy, within the authority. the executive order on obamacare is creative and functional, practical, basically saying to the irs do not collect attacks from people who do not have health care. by the time the taxes owed on april 15th you won't have that authority to collected because they won't have the obligation to have it because obamacare will be different. the short answer is these are consistent with his promises as a candidate trump, the longer answer is they are -- they are within the authority of the presidency. >> james: there was a time during the last administration when conservatives complained
1:40 am
about president obama's use of executive orders. let's listen to the house speaker paul ryan. >> we are going to wait and see from the administration what their supplemental looks like. i'm not going to get ahead of a policy and bill that has not been written, but the point is we are going to finance the secure fence act which is the construction of the physical barrier on the border. if were going to be spending on things like infrastructure were going to find the space to pay for that in the spring budget. >> james: that had more to do with the financing of various measures, including the proposed border wall. a.b. stoddard, do we see the republican party party maintais usual preoccupation with offsets, making sure anything new you want to spend doesn't come at the expense where something else has to be cut from the budget. do we see it here? >> no. not yet. the border wall made them a little uncomfortable to talk about the cost.
1:41 am
they estimated it a little bit higher. 12 million to 15 million. they wanted to say they were going to try to find supplemental funding and not inserted into this year's budget. that would be a political problem where they just want to build some momentum, look unified, and get going. it's true that underneath the surface is tension boiling up about the fact that donald trump is a big spender. increased military spending, deep tax cuts, awol, expensive infrastructure projects are all expenditures. that will be a discussion going forward. seems today, not a lot of answers came out. >> james: offsets. terms that mean the same thing. one of the groups here in washington that's most concerned making sure new initiatives are budget neutral is the house
1:42 am
freedom caucus, conservatives within the house g.o.p. ranks. here is a prominent member of the freedom caucus on justice issues. >> i've been working with my staff today on finding ways to offset some of those dollars now that we have a dollar amount. we have a trillion dollar budget, i would hope we could find 15 billion over ten years. >> james: katie pavlich, how important is it on the question of funding the wall. how important is the funding? >> americans need to start accepting that if they want a border -- a wall on the southern border, they are going to ultimately be the ones to pay for it initially and maintain it and staff it. in terms of paying for the wall and finding the loopholes in the budget, republicans are in a space, especially the freedom
1:43 am
caucus republicans, they are going to blow their own credibility that they have tried to gain over the years and for paying for things, deficit spending and not increasing the federal debt. they are in a bind when it comes to paying for one of trump's projects, not even the list of other things he's put on the table. >> you raise the point about staffing the border wall three and one these executive orders that the president issued increase the number of border patrol agents by about 5,000. from your own experience writing about these issues, should that be sufficient in terms of staffing? >> it's going to be difficult. . it's going to take me be double the amount of border patrol agents to get the job done. there are parts of the border where the offense has worked and kept drugs and human trafficking to a minimum.
1:44 am
if you're going to have serious bolstering of a wall that people can in fact some places jump over, you're going to have to beef up border patrol grade the other part is that the wall is not the end-all, be-all. a lot of people acknowledge that when you ask them in polling. it's the people who are here in the criminal element the president talked about that is our problem area. these oversees are huge part of why we have been illegal immigration problem. >> judge napolitano, i want to ask you about something in "the new york times" today written by peter baker. in the article is entitled "an itchy twitter finger in the oval office." mr. baker writes he channels fringe ideas and gives them as much weight as carefully researched reports. he denigrates intelligence professionals and denies having
1:45 am
done so. it goes on from there. is it true? >> if it's true, i would have added "and he loves every minute of it. "he's going to bypass the media media. he's going to make announcements that used to be made with great fanfare at 2:00 in the morning to see who's listening. >> james: will be back in a moment. will president trump bring back the kinds of harsh interrogation
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>> i would bring back waterboarding. i would bring back a hell of a lot worse. don't tell me it doesn't work.
1:49 am
torture works. i don't think it's tough enough. general mattis is a strong, highly dignified person. i said, what you think of waterboarding? give me a couple cigarettes and a couple beers i do better with that than torture. >> if you were ordered by the president to restart the cia's use of enhanced interrogation techniques that fall outside of the manual, would you comply? >> absolutely not. >> i will rely on pompeo and mattis. and if they don't want to do it, it's fine. i will work for that end. do i think it works? absolutely. >> you saw how president trump has evolved on the subject of harsh interrogation techniques, which critics call torture over the last 12 months. cia director, back to our panel now. it seems to me that the
1:50 am
president has more or less abandoned this idea for now. but he still gets credit with certain segments for talking tough on the issue, while he defers to the seasoned counsel. is that your read? >> well, actually, they've created a dust storm with a document that sean spicer is trying to wiggle around about the use of these enhanced interrogation techniques. he didn't just go to an interview and then say of course it's illegal we won't be using it. in the end, let's give him benefit of the doubt. he is going to let pompeo and mattis set policies and do what is legal. bottom line. at the same time, for the document circulating about opening up black sites and actually using these kinds of things and then you have a dodgy answer from the press secretary, sean was very careful to repeat several times that it was not a white house document. which means it could be an
1:51 am
agency document. it creates confusion. buwhat i don't like about it ist was a dus dustup with the need o happen when this secretary of defense is starting his job. mattis and pompeo don't need this. don't do it to them. they were blindsided by the document, blindsided by this announcement, and this talk about torture. it took them by surprise. this is just bad management. it shouldn't happen to them in their first days of the office. >> donald trump get some credit when he talks about these things working. he is going a little further than saying it's enhanced interrogation, he saying it's torture. i don't think the cia would prefer that he uses that. in 2014 it was penned by a number of former cia directors talk about the results i got of the enhanced interrogation program at the cia. talk about al-qaeda operatives, ks m who was in the middle of plotting a number of attempts.
1:52 am
it's understandable that he wants to get results that he thinks he's being true the words of our cia directors. that being said, it is now illegal. it was passed through congress that we cannot do this. it is considered torture, john mccain said today saying no matter what the president does and signing an executive order, things are not going to change. quite frankly, this is a program that has been under scrutiny since 2006. the geneva convention also applies to not just prisoners of war but anybody who the u.s. detains. therefore, this program has been under scrutiny and therefore the cia is probably trying to change their techniques for a decade so they can prevent deter attacks without the enhanced interrogation program. >> and here i thought it would be the judge to invoke -- we do have the points that kati made that a number of former
1:53 am
directors of cia have endorsed these techniques, whatever label one places on them. in fact, president trump over the past few days have been very critical of the outgoing cia director, john brennan, including him him of leaking, the nazi leadership in world war ii. what appeared to be one area where donald trump and john brennan find common ground. here is john brennan. >> it is our considered view that the detainees that were subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques provided information that was useful and was used in the ultimate operation to go against bin laden. >> it not only is he saying these techniques work, they will lead us to one of the great triumphs in the world are on terror. the killing of osama bin laden. >> i recognize the greatness of that triumph but it can't outweigh the treaties that we
1:54 am
signed. therefore because of them that we signed the prohibited torture. why do we enact statutes that prohibit torture? the people who perpetrated to becoming war criminals and prosecuted in other countries where the president's commutation is useless? why do we undermine the very values of the declaration of independence and the constitution? why do we demean our moral superiority with which upholds the inalienable rights of persons? >> because war is hell. >> why do we have these rules if we are not going to abide by them? >> so there rules in hell? >> george washington, abraham lincoln, theodore roosevelt, lbj, fdr, all prohibited the types of techniques that donald trump is now talking about in this mysterious memo that it's alluding to. that they are considering reinstating. they violate the most basic
1:55 am
aspects of americanism. >> mr. spicer said from the podium that it was not a white house document, "the new york times" said three administration officials told them that that was false. perhaps we will see that hashed out further. we have 20 seconds, politics going forward. will this continue to be an issue? >> i think they need to put it to bed. if yo he keeps giving interview, it's just going to be another political fight. >> think he also much, that's it for the panel. stay tuned to learn what was really said at last week's inauguration.
1:56 am
. . .
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>> finally, tonight. have you ever wondered what is really sad with all the pomp and circumstance in the inauguration? well, here's one inauguration interpretation. >> are you wearing a big boy shirt? >> yeah. >> help. i'm going to barf.
1:58 am
>> you got me again. that is a zinger. >> i'll pretend i like you, but i hate you inside. [laughter] >> that's what they mean by heightened scrutiny. that is it from washington, thanks for watching special report. don't forget to tune in tonight for sean hannity's interview with president trump. the first hundred days come up with martha maccallum is up with martha maccallum is up heather: friday january 27th, president trump wrapping up a world-wind first week in office and in the fox news exclusive the commander in chief defending his mission to build a border
1:59 am
wall. >> i'm talking about a real wall, a wall that has to be serious. the wall is necessary. the wall protects them. heather: he's just getting started. we are live in washington. >> looks like a political move. he was a set-up in a situation from the beginning. >> border patrol chief out after president trump reveals action on the wall. [inaudible] heather: did you happen to see this, a high school teacher caught on camera pretending to assassinate president trump. the video that will make your blood boil. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ you know this song, it is friday, it is here, it is the weekend, good morning to all of you, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm abby huntsman. heather: i'm heather childers. we do begin with the leader of one of america's closest allies, theresa may, the first foreign leader to meet with president trump today. abby: what meaning is not happening is the one with the president of méxico that face to face called off amid the battle for who is paying for the border wall. latest on political tug of war, where do things stand? >> when president trump


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