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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 27, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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go in. that from the soldier's statesman's 7th president on this 7th day of the trump presidency. we'll see you back here tomorrow night, everybody. have a good night. ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tvs and andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: coming up on the big show, donald trump says the world is an angry place. i see he's been reading my diary again. plus, scientists advance the doomsday clock 30 seconds closer to midnight. won't be long now before a giant squid it blows up over manhatt. finally, a bag of tostitos equipped with a breathalyzer will tell you if you're too drunk to drive. listen to the bag of tostitos. back to you, tom.
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you and thank you. what's working our guests. she likes her grits like she likes her men, smothered. dagen mcdowell. he's literally forever young, comedian tim young. you've seen him on your pringles can, now see him in real life. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. he's an oddball, sitting next to me comedian nick baldwin. let's start the show. unlike his mild demeanor on the campaign trail, president trump has been speaking bluntly since taking office. >> we have evil that lurks around the corner without the uniforms, ours is harder. because the people that we are going against, they don't wear uniforms. they are sneaky, dirty, rats.
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they blow people up in a shopping center. they blow people up in a church. these are bad people. when you are fighting germany and they had their uniforms, in japan they had their uniforms. they had their flags on the plane and the whole thing. we are fighting sneaky rats right now. that are sick and demented. and were going to win. >> tom: many are uncountable with such language, but this is how most americans feel about isis. they think their dirty rats. obama said isis is not an existential threat to us, people like me heard that and thought that's the line we're going to draw? we want them to be called what they are and then destroyed. simple. many sophisticated people are also baffled by what they see as trump's belligerence. here is the president answering a question from abc's question.
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>> i don't want terror in this country, you look at what happened in san bernardino, look at the world trade center, take that as an example. >> are you at all concerned it's going to cause more anger? among muslims? because there's plenty of anger right now, how can you have more? i know you're a sophisticated guy, but the world is a mess. the world is as angry as i gets. you think this is going to cause a little more anger? of the world is an angry place. >> tom: this could be the biggest change that comes from this new administration, changing the idea that the united states only has to worry about whether other countries are going to think our policies are nice. we are the parents, but the world treats us like the babysitter. where the teacher come but we approach the world like where the substitute. we've been tiptoeing through our foreign policy, worrying about whether it's going to cause
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anger when we should have been worrying about whether it benefits the united states. ♪ >> tom: i only want to talk to you about this, i don't need the rest of the panel to weigh in. i want to know what you think, do you agree, this could be the biggest change in the trump administration is the way that we approach the world? >> i think it's a complete reversal from the eight years of obama who saw a strong america as being a big part of the problem, that we were too pushy, too assertive, too successful. the people in question are countries like iran who otherwise would've been happy weaving baskets or something have decided that because of our behaviors are going to build nuclear weapons. if only we could earn their trust, the world to be a more peaceful and secure place. it's a cooking to the wrong end of the telescope, a strong america helps ensure the national peace and security, it doesn't disrupt it. >> tom: tim, do you agree?
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what did you think of my monologue? >> let me tell you. tom, you are the best host of "red eye" i've ever seen. i mean, he was sputtering. >> tom: we can't make them more angry at us than they are. >> i think having a hillary clinton television show could make them even more angry at us, we put her back into the public spotlight for a while, that charisma bomb on the world. with trump as president and then hillary on the tv, could you take it? i'm not sure i believe that report, she's not -- >> it would need to be hillary and elizabeth warren together, like donnie and marie from the 70s. on ice. >> could it be a hotter television show? >> for all of us masochists. >> tom: dagen, do you think, do we have to play nice with the
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world all the time crutcher mark speak out know. i love how trump talks, he's becoming more and more is simple and direct, deny. you know that every world leader has two hire a new translator because the translators don't understand, we don't know this kind of monosyllabic that the president of the united states is using. but again, the stronger the message, the more simple it is. i think that's what you're hearing from him. >> tom: i'm seeing all over twitter, people poking fun at the dirty rats comment. but you know, we've had presidents who speak bluntly in the past, haven't we? >> i think that's what gets people's attention. for eight years, we had a president who was mostly concerned about impressing himself with how bright he was. what that does is diminish the american message and make it less clear for people all around the world who are not going to
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go into deep research over what constitutes an exigent soap crisis. the muslim world for example, they know exactly what the threat of radical islam is, muslims around the world have suffered more from it than anyone in the west to date. when they hear donald trump talk about these people, it's the people in the muslim parts of the world who are saying he's right. >> tom: nick, do you think the elites are ever going to get used to the way trump speaks? >> the problem is, isis doesn't have uniforms. were going to give them uniform uniforms. that's what he was saying. >> tom: i think he wasn't saying -- >> mexico are going to pay for that uniforms. >> tom: he was saying, he was essentially saying that's why we have to fight isis differently, we have to kind of get down and dirty with them. that's where you start. he was saying that because i don't wear the uniforms, we have to treat them different leave.
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>> they have a uniform, too. there's clearly a uniform there, black pajama bottoms, a beard, a sort involved. i'm pretty sure i could pick them out. >> i want them in purple mohair sweaters and short short catholic schoolgirl kilts. >> that's the new isis univar? >> you can see them from far away, it just sounds good. >> tom: scientists say the doomsday clock has ticked 30 seconds closer to midnight and nobody knows why. now of course they are blaming trump. on thursday, the head of atomic scientists deliver the bleak report. >> the doomsday clock is closer to midnight. then it's ever been in the lifetime of almost everyone in this room. the last time it was closer was 64 years ago. in 1953, after the soviet union
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exploded its first hydrogen bomb, creating the modern arms race. >> tom: so who's really responsible for bringing the u.s. to the brink of oblivion? >> president trump and president putin, who playing with great respect for each other, can choose to act together a statesman or act as petulant children, risking our future. >> tom: ambassador, he's been unhappy since he was fired from hannity. >> these guys have these nuclear clock from somewhere tween 5 minutes to midnight and midnight for 70 years now, and it hasn't gone off yet. it's an alarmist organization, it does have one important point, that they neglected. that is the threat from states like iran and north korea and others. that are pursuing or have gone nuclear weapon but don't have
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the experience or the restraint that we do, that they are continued focused on the united states is the problem, demonstrates that they probably voted 100% for barack obama. it's another, back in the day, it's another glimpse into the ideology that's dominated our foreign policy and why the gap of expectations between everybody who thought hillary was going to win and what they got has caused such mental distress. they just can't understand it. >> tom: that's what i think is true, they were so ready for hillary, that their confusion and their upset has caused them to be more worried. i hear a lot of talk where they say his finger is on the button, but trump doesn't strike me as someone who's always talking about nuclear war, is he question work >> he just tells everybody that their losers and they suck. his words are nuclear and that's why it's closer to midnight. >> tom: because words hurt? >> they look like leftover hippies from woodstock.
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honestly, it might be the apocalyptic clock for hippies, because they're getting pushed farther and farther to the coast, they're finally falling off of the united states of them got about 30 seconds left and they're done. >> tom: there's not much place for them anymore? >> >> no, that's what little refrigerator in a pantsuit in north korea, maybe iran will take some of them and shove it into the hudson river. >> tom: didn't we hear this as well, i was in high school in the 80s, everyone was always talking about ronald reagan, going to get us into a nuclear war. that turned out just fine, didn't it? >> it certainly did, but that's left over cold war era fright from people who were used to driving under their desk in the 1950s during air drills, remember? see when we were ducking and covering, where was the clock? >> 3-4 minutes to midnight. >> donald trump somehow is a
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greater threat than a nuclear iran. that's insane. >> there's only one solution here and that's to build more american nuclear weapons to put these guys back to work. >> tom: nick, close to midnight, that's when all the fun habits, right? >> what happens at midnight? >> tom: i'm to try to relate. >> that's when you party, right? >> i party around noon, i'm usually asleep by midnight. that's an though, right? >> tom: moving on, world peace could be in danger. president trump is planning to erratically dramatically cried american funding in the united stations. we will put our money into the united colors of benatar. is it very important work as
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ambassador bolton describes it, but the president wants to change that, has drafted executive action that prohibits u.s. funds going to any organization that gives membership to the palestinian authority, supports programs that fund abortion, or is controlled by any state that sponsors of terrorism. in addition, the trump administration has prepared the second order, called moratorium on new multilateral treaties, which would put a moratorium on new multilateral treaties, i believe. i think that's what. >> you're your close. >> tom: basically, it would ensure that all treaties have our best interest. as trump likes to say, but first, america. is that what he says? you'll get it next time. and bassett are, what do you think? >> this is why we did this, because you are on today. >> i had nothing to do with this, but the basic point that
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they're trying to make it to te u.n. is that all american contribution should be complete leave voluntary. it's kind of attacks on the united states, they decide with a budget is and we take 22%. here's a revolutionary principle for you, we pay only for what we want and we expect to get what we paid for. how about that? if we tried that at the u.n., it would be a tsunami through the u.s. system. other countries would pick it up and pay 18%, it would really have a revolutionary effect, that's the direction we're going in. it's exactly right. >> tom: tim, make sense, right? >> i think the u.n., aren't they the barack obama fan club? i hear they sell i heart baraka t-shirts and the gift shop. do you still have the 20% discount their? >> that building could be the new trump tower new york, the sons could run the business. >> tom: what do you think, dagen, does any of this surprise
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you? trump signaled that he was want to take moves like this. >> i want all dip o-matic parking privilege taking away from everything a person who works at the u.n., it would fall in on itself. it's not even about u.s. funding, it's about all of these diplomats, indeed new york city and partying and throwing caution to the wind and double and triple parking and wreaking habit on our lives and they can all rot in hell. >> if you think that mayor of new york is in trouble now, think about what would happen if you took out spending for diplomats in the new york economy. >> tom: as far as defending go go, is the u.n. economically good for new york? >> what do we care about that? talking about taxes to the city of new york on welfare programs, it's a big deal. >> i've been to parties where there were ambassadors from
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foreign nations who are in trouble that were locked in the bathroom. i couldn't use the bathroom at the party because they were bus busy. >> tom: she's like holly golightly. partying with the u.n. to go that's what you do in new york city. lock them selves and bathrooms at private parties and take over the party. >> tom: have you locked yourself in the bathroom at a party? >> not him. >> tom: why do we have to be stuck with the united nations, why don't they move it around like the olympics? >> are were at the same colors as a joke. i'm glad i didn't say it. >> you know how we raise funding for the u.n. to sell ambassador bolton t-shirts. just the mustache and the glasses. that would be awesome. [laughter] >> i don't have t-shirts, but i
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do have mugs with the mustache on it. i will donate some to "red eye." >> he walked into the green room in the first thing he did was turn to look at me and say "i am the president of "red eye," treat me with respect" ." i >> i wasn't sure what the rules were. >> tom: and he says you're still the president of "red eye," but he swears he would step down if you went into the trump administration. >> if andy keeps it up he's going back to the basement. >> tom: coming up, a hot principal, a high school teacher gets in hot water for doing a trump impression. will see if the school board buyer by doing a similar impression.
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♪ >> good morning and live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. president trump is reportedly slanting to speak to russian present and vladimir putin this weekend. according to russian media, the two will talk over the phone tomorrow. no word on when they will meet in person. meanwhile, president trump is set to meet with british prime minister may. they're expected to talk about a possible trade deal before holding a joint press conferenc conference. mate says that she is a fellow conservative who says she wants to make a relationship with the u.s. >> you review out urination just as we review ours, we have the opportunity and indeed the responsibility to renew the special relationship for this new age. we have the opportunity to lead together again. >> meanwhile, vice president mike pence will speak at the
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march of the lions in d.c. the pro-life organization says that this is the first time a vice president will speak at the event. the american heart association saying more adults are suffering from heart failure. 800,000 more people developing the condition in the last five years, it happens when the part is too weak to pump blood throughout the body. the heart association protecting 8 million people will have the condition by 2030. as for, rolling away. trump administration pulling back more than $5 million worth of ads to save money. the ceo is calling the move outrageous, saying young people won't forget to sign up. the deadline is january 31st. i am "america's news headquarters"'s, now back to "red eye." for all your headlines, log on to have a good morning. ms. gomez called >> tom: saved e
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principles think they could cae funny, 90% are. here's one who tried humor and it didn't pass. >> okay men and girls, we're here to make a boulder creek great again, we will build a wall around our border and keep those moron parents and weekend losers students out. >> mack >> tom: that was trump and kellyanne conway, a.k.a. the principal and vice principal of the boulder creek high school in arizona. they claimed the skit was an inside joke meant only for teachers. but after someone leaked the video, someone presumably named john brennan, parents started to petition to have them fired. they say that students are not idiots and the parents are not morons. >> our students are idiots, our parents aren't morons. >> tom: even creepy jeff foxworthy put weight in. >> there's a saying that goes
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the fish stinks from the head down. >> tom: the school board has placed the pair on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. personally, i think it might be a big to do. it's not like school officials should know what is comedy. >> think summary of that level, because she is an officer of the school and the administration, i think that you should know better and what is comedy and what is not. >> tom: there you go. next, you've made some funny videos. >> some unfunny ones, too. should you get funny fired fore unfunny one? >> and have a job, can you get fired from twitter? >> this combines two groups i hate, educators trying to be funny and concerned parents. sue and you're right, the parents are whiners, i'd generally don't like the whiners. >> their parents which is a level beyond weiner but worse. >> tom: i'm a parent.
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speak >> tom: i couldn't tell, s this anti-trump? >> it was pretty poor humor if you want my opinion. i'm inclined to cut the principal in his assistant some slack. i think people have gotten uptight about people saying funny things, they take offense. i think a little looser attitude, a little more tolerance would be a good thing, and maybe it wouldn't produce some more funny jokes instead of some tired humor, but i think people ought to loosen up. >> he just said it had. >> tom: it wasn't the make america great, no, just a hat. >> tom: and tim, you made more unfunny videos. >> this is going viral, give them credit for that.
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he calls the nurse hot, there were 30 seconds dead air at the beginning. honestly, way better than i've been seeing on "snl" ." >> tom: that's more risque than making a political joke, saying the nurses hot. >> trump called kellyanne conway a baby on the today show. >> tom: you don't get offended at that. >> i'm offended by bad comedy. and that's bad comedy. it is so humorless, i will be the last for the next eight months. >> tom: it was that bad? >> it was that bad. i'm not going to be able to laugh at richard pryor, george carlin, anybody. doing what's worse, their attempt at humor or the parents complaining and wanting this to
12:27 am
be discipline? >> the parents outrage, and they should probably be. if their kids are idiots, they ought to look in the mirror and probably not of the educators. >> you broke your promise to america, you said you were gonna laugh anymore. >> tom: were all in the agreement, everyone from the left of the right, agree that everyone is too sensitive. no one seems to be willing to take any steps to change that. >> i thought that women's march was hilarious, they were taken great steps over the last we can to make humor. >> tom: you were down there, weren't you? >> there's nothing funnier than an old lady dressed up like a vagina. screaming about rights and yelling about trump. >> it was that head to toe costume? a mask? >> it depended on the budget, you could tell the different economic disparities in the detail, there was a lot of detail. you've got to --
12:28 am
i don't know how many parts were allowed to name but there were details. >> tom: they weren't doing it as a joke, they were very serious. they were peeking out of the costume. >> what would happen to these poor educators if they had dressed up as vaginas? see when i don't either would be controversy if they did. coming up, have time with tvs andy levy. in a brand-new episode of the "red eye" podcast, available on itunes and
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find a what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over on the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: how are you doing? trump says the world is an angry place, in america we are a parent but the world treats as a babysitter. can't we just be the cool uncle who sees the world every couple of months or so? >> i think that was the past eight years, andy. >> andy: no it wasn't. i wanted to be that. >> tom: i think obama thought he was a cool uncle. >> andy: forget it. ambassador, you said trump is the opposite of obama were up obama thought america's actions were the cause of all bad thing things, but trump himself thinks that what we did in iraq created isis. >> i think that's just
12:33 am
incorrect, in the sense that the wave of radical islam has taken place around the world would have taken place whether we had invaded iraq or not. there's there is a cause-and-eft problem there. >> andy: all right, ambassador bolton says donald trump -- >> you're going to stop there? >> andy: i just wanted you on record saying the president of the united states is wrong. beginning to see why you're not in the administer agent, sir. tim, you said tom is the best host of "red eye" ever. nobody likes a suck up. >> he brought me back on, he's better than you, andy. >> andy: this has nothing to do with me. >> or the other guy. >> tom: we call him the other guy. >> dagen, you said the stronger the message of the simpler it is. i'll grant you that that's true in a lot of cases, but that doesn't automatically make the
12:34 am
message good. it doesn't make it bad, but it doesn't automatically make it good. >> i agree with you on that. i'm waiting for trump to communicate via belching, because i think we're headed there. >> andy: nick, you brought up what trump was saying about isis not having uniforms, he talked about when we fought germany and japan they wear uniforms and he said with isis, they don't wear uniforms, they're bad people. as opposed to the nazis, i guess. they were uniforms. you don't have to respond. i'll just move on. >> usually it's an insult or a question, i was waiting. cool, i'm glad we're friends again. >> andy: doomsday clock moves closer to midnight, do we have a picture of that? [laughter] >> andy: could you have cast a better person to plate nerdy science guy? it is sort of a bob-alan hybrid.
12:35 am
now i have that in my head. ambassador are, you pointed out that we've had this clock for 50 years, and were still around. can we just omit the clock's stupid? >> that would be a good place to start, then we wouldn't be able to do a segment on "red eye" every year. moving half a minute closer to midnight every year for the last four years. i still haven't made it. >> andy: they blame, they their entire thing was true it's all trump's fault, let's take a look over under president obama. in 2010 it was at 6 minutes to midnight, in 2012 it moved 5 minutes to midnight. in 2015 a mood max 3 minutes to minute and it stayed there for the rest of the messiah's run. >> look at what happened with the nuclear weapons program, at least they were awake for that. but the fact is, obama tried to do more to negotiate with the russians than any other recent
12:36 am
president, and it didn't have any effect. it allowed the russians to do more with their nuclear weapons program then we have with ours. >> how much did it move when matthew broderick was playing global thermo nuclear war with joshua? >> andy: in the movie war games? [laughter] >> andy: i had forgotten, was it joshua? i had forgotten that. >> there was a password. >> andy: tom, you said where was the clock back in the 50s when students were learned to back duck and cover under their desks. it was at 2 minutes to midnight. that's the closest it's ever been. >> that saves you from the basement for at least another month or so. >> andy: u.n. stuff, ambassador, you said you had absently nothing to do with trump's plan to reduce u.s. funding of the u.n. is that some one who had every thing to do with it would say?
12:37 am
>> i've been writing articles for about 20 years now on a voluntary contribution. i read about it in "the new york times," which of course always is completely accurate about everything trump wants to do. >> andy: are big fans of you. >> they always have been. >> andy: tim, you said the u.n. building could be the new trump tower, but you said you wanted to take away the dippel medically to all the cars. i don't either as a single new yorker who would shed a tear if they got kicked out, except maybe ambassador bolton who seems to love his precious social programs. >> and apparently the people throwing these parties. i think were all going to get invited after this. >> we want them gone so they don't lock themselves in the bathroom with all the other people at the party. >> you're missing the point, andy. it's the fit a fifth avenue sh. although spouses who come from the capitals all around the world, they have to come to new york for a week every september. i hate to think what it does to
12:38 am
the gross national product, some of those countries, but some of those condors are larger than a fifth avenue's net gross national product. they're called the french, andy, now i got it. >> i love that you know where all the ritzy glitzy shops are in paris. [laughter] >> andy: the video mocking trump, this combines two groups you can't stand, educators who try to be funny and concerned parents. i tried to watch, have you for watches whole video? >> no. >> andy: did you try to watch any of a? >> you just showed me there. >> it's a painful 7 minutes. >> andy: tim, i have no idea how you made it through the whole thing, i tried. i sort of agree, settle down, parents.
12:39 am
>> i'm still waiting for the gotcha here. >> andy: why do you think there always has to be a gotcha? >> there usually is. >> bolton has a cattle prod. >> andy: ambassador, you said people need to stop with the whole wanting to get people fired for things they find offensive. also, it's always fired, there's never any middle ground. it's never oh, okay, let's warn them not to do that again or even suspend them for a couple days, it's always straight to firing. >> once your morality is suspended and there is no substitute for putting somebody completely out of work and destroying their career. let's face it. >> it wasn't straight to firing with that secret service agent who said she would not take a bullet for donald trump, they said they were going to investigate it. maybe she may be disciplined. >> if you're a police officer you don't get fired, you get paid leave.
12:40 am
make all the teachers cops, give all the teachers guns, that way they can make any jokes they want. >> andy: so you want guns in schools. >> only to protect the teachers from getting fired. >> that makes sense. >> andy: i am done. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, life lessons from a bag of chips. ♪ but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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♪ >> a low-end life from
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"america's news headquarters," i am jackie ibanez in new york. four officials was possible for the department's daily operations have resigned. the fit officials were not required to leave foreign service and chose to resign or retire for personal reasons. in the meantime, the department's are still waiting for the confirmed secretary of state. the full senate will consider the nomination it next week. in an exclusive interview with sean hannity, president trump says he's mosley made up his mind on the supreme court nominees. listen. >> others threatening, we've never had a supreme court justice filibuster, but there's a chance that might happen. >> whatever happens, happens. >> would you want mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option? >> i would. >> we have obstructionist, these are people that don't want, i almost think they, what they did to jeff sessions, who is a great man and a wonderful man, they
12:45 am
deleted another week. >> mr. trump also covered a range of other topics in the interview, including his goal to repeal and replace obamacare. transcanada corporation submitting a new permit application after president trump has signed in order to expedite an xl pipeline project. it would move 1,000 barrels of oil a day from alberta to a refinery on the gulf coast. barack obama rejected the pipeline into thousand 15, saying it would hinder efforts to reach a global climate change deal. the dow jones industrial closed at a new high, the nasdaq inched lower. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines come along onto fox have a great day. ♪
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>> tom: the super bowl is next weekend, a bag of tortilla chips wants to make sure you don't make any bad decisions. rita frito-lay is releasing a bg equipped with sensors to detect alcohol on your breath. if the bag senses booze on your breath, it displays the message "don't drink and drive." the bag also has special technology allows overserved a fan to tap the bag with her phone to call a ride. meanwhile, funny funyuns are ta different type of bag. if you open a bag of funyuns, you were too high to drive. >> i love funyuns.
12:47 am
>> tom: dagen, do you think this message is enough? that doesn't stop some people. >> it should be enough, yes, but if you're so stupid to know that if you take one drink and then get behind a wheel, you deserve to rely on a bag of chips. again, it should be an indicator of whether you have bad breath, so it's just always ready. >> tom: they should have other things as well. it breath and breathalyzer. ambassador, something tells me that you would not be brought down by a bag of chips. >> most places you open the bag, put the stuff into a bowl and serve it to your guests and throw the bag away. it's down there with the rest of the garbage. if you want to dig in and pull it out and check, i suppose that's okay. i wouldn't pay more for a supersensitive bag, however. i would draw the line there. see when they're trying, right? they're trying to do some good out there.
12:48 am
>> i love that they had a meeting at tostitos and someone was like "gentlemen, we got to admit that tostitos are a essential part of receiving a dui, it's our responsibility to do the thing about it right. it's like inventing a beer that tells you when your life has left you. >> tom: tim, i think having this technology in different products, could be good. i would love to be able to blow into my sleeve and check my alcohol level. >> this is called a party bag, what kind of party bag tells you you're too drunk. a ruin the party bag. awful front in the corner bag. >> worse than that, it essentially tells you if you've had a sip of a drink, it cuts you off after smell of alcohol. >> it cuts you off of tostitos, too? >> if you're on robitussin, are
12:49 am
you going to blow red? >> i get drunk on both listerine and robitussin, so i will need this bag. >> tom: 20 years ago, if you envisioned this bag, i think the technology is interesting. you've got to start somewhere, right? >> that's what you have friends for, have i been drink and? get in their face. no, you can't afford it, but continue. >> tom: is a just marketing? >> tostitos, the chips for people without friends. >> tom: coming up, the latest trend in elephant fashion. ♪ i wanted to know who i am and where i came from.
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i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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♪ >> tom: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," anthony, mike, and john. ♪ >> tom: a group of rescued elephants at a wildlife sanctuary in northern india are
12:54 am
no longer cold. yes, when temperatures dipped recently, staff and wildlife sos, eight a nonprofit organiz, borrowed some sweaters from michael moore. no, they did not. they designed and created the sweaters for the elephants, many of which are blind, lame, and on the mend. here's one of the elephants resting. and here's one hosting a children's television program. [laughter] the uplifting story it confirmed but i've long believed, people love to put sweaters on animals. in 2015, a group of volunteers needed tiny sweaters for penguins afflict to buy an oil spill. this is the only other example of sweaters on animals that we could find. tim? what do you think, this is a practical thing. i know the pictures are cute, but in both cases, the animals needed them for their welfare. >> it seems at the same people
12:55 am
who made those vaginas at the women's march. look at the picture there, my ex-girl friend really let herself go. >> tom: come on, i can't complain, i made a michael moore joke. >> speaking as a republican, i object to these sweaters. [laughter] >> this is the product of eight years of obama. welfare isn't a word, those elephants are tough enough to handle the cold on their own, i don't care if they're blind, sick, or any thing else. they don't need any government sweaters. as you when i was surprised, i didn't think it got cold enough in india to affect the elephants. >> the only evidence against climate change. this picture, it's the only scientific evidence that global warming isn't real. 31100 year's ago you didn't see elephants with sweaters on. >> we didn't have at sea.
12:56 am
there wasn't a market for it. sue and there's a market for everything out. dagen, you've got to them at these pictures are cute. a whole ensemble there. >> good thing there in india and their blind, that back because they are all dressed like bill cosby. >> tom: you know what, -- >> stick your trunk and someone else's drink. >> tom: when you think of bill cosby, you used to think of sweater jokes. it used to go somewhere else. >> that was a sweater jokes. >> tom: but we couldn't keep nick over here -- >> i can't help your filthy mouth. [laughter] >> tom: all of us equally. we all suffered. >> all right. >> tom: i think the show is over. >> sorry for mentioning the elephant in the room. sue and very special thanks bh, tim young, ambassador john
12:57 am
bolton, and nick mullin. we got ten seconds left, say good-bye everybody. ♪
12:58 am
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>> mexico's leader tells president trump, "no mas." this is "special report" ." good evening prayed welcome to washington. i am james rosen sitting in for bret baier. president trump's insistence that mexico will pay for a wall along its border has triggered the trump administrations first full on diplomatic desktop. mexico's president has canceled a visit to washington. mr. trump spokesman floated the idea of a 20% tax on mexican imports to fund construction of the wall. all this on a day with the new american president t


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