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  Hannity  FOX News  January 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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debbie downer. oh, no. i don't know about that one. tucker is back tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. >> president trump: i, donald john trump you solemnly swear that i will execute the office of the president of the united states. so's help me god. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. we're going to put a lot of people back to work. great thing for the american worker. we are bringing manufacturing back to the united states. it's happening. it is happening big leak. our country has become a tangled up mess. we think we can cut regulations by 75%.
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maybe more. radical islamic terrorism has to be eradicated. we will begin immediate construction of a border wall. we will no longer except politicians who are all talk and no action. the time for empty talk is over. now arrives the hour of action. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are in our nation's capital, washington, d.c. we will take you inside the white house for our cable exclusive interview with the 40th president, donald j. trump. it's been a very busy week for our new commander-in-chief. earlier today, we asked president trump about his agenda, mainstream media baez, repealing and replacing obamacare, his upcoming nominee
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for the supreme court, fighting isis and the job of the presidency, if it has changed him. let's take a look. >> sean: and mr. president, good to see you. what a week this has been. >> president trump: it's been a great week, we have accomplished a lot. >> sean: i got some time to talk with you earlier in the week. in the oval office. the thing that really stood out to me is you seem to be enjoying yourself and very focused on all the promises you made in the campaign. is it your intention to keep every promise? >> president trump: i'm going to keep as many as i can. in politics, you make a promise and some reason you can't, opposition makes it impossible. i will keep a lot of them. everyone is talking about we are going to do things that i said we are going to do. and we are going to take care of a lot of people that were mistreated by governments for many, many years. that's really how i won the
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election in the first place. >> sean: let's talk about the policies on syria, iraq, sudan, yemen. extreme vetting. >> president trump: beyond those countries. we are going to have extreme vetting for people coming in to our country and if we think there is a problem, it is not going to be so easy for people to come in anymore. you look at what's gone wrong. we can go one after another. but then you go to other countries and look at different places all over europe, what's happening with germany, it is a mess. crime is incredible. we are just not going to let that happen here. >> sean: would be gambling if at some point, when there is a procedure in place, if you can ascertain whether somebody has been radicalized o or not, or whether they are treated by some
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of their soldiers on how to get in. does that mean no-go? if you can't see what's in their heart? >> president trump: we don't want to have gambles, our country has a lot of problems. well beyond this. i found out a lot over the last week, we have serious difficulties. we don't need another difficulty. right now the fbi has over 1,000 investigations going on. 1,000. all over the place. these are people that we let in. we don't need this. we don't need this. some people have come in with evil intentions. most haven't, i guess. we can't take chances. it's a big gamble. you are throwing something out. i love this country. we can't let this continue to happen. we have taken in tens of thousands of people. we know nothing about them. they have no papers. how can you fight somebody when
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you don't know anything about them and you have no papers? you can't. on your show i've seen they have fbi agents, all these people as experts, they say it is impossible to vet them. i don't have to see that to know that they are right. we are people in this country that will call us problems. we are going to be very tough and very, very vigilant. >> sean: you do not need congress now as it relates to building a wall. he said in an interview last night that you plan to do this expeditiously. that's about 700-mile of fencing. other measures as well. do you think you'll need more than that? we have to go to congress to get their support? speak to the wall is necessary. that is not just politics. >> president trump: people want protection. a wall protects. all you have to do is ask israel. they were having a total disaster coming across and they
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had a wall. iis 99.9% stoppage. a proper wall. not a wall that is as high as they have now. they have little toy wall. on even know why they are wasting their time. i don't even know why they build a ramp. it's cheaper to knock it over. >> sean: impenetrable. >> president trump: a real wall. serious, you will have people violated but you will have people waiting for them when they do. general kelley, a great man who just got approved very quickly by the senate recommended highly by general madison and others, he is going to be taking very good care of us, homeland security. he's going to be taking very, very good care of us. he didn't even give an order yet and all of a sudden the border started tightening up. you saw that. they talked about the borders. just by naming general kelly.
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>> president trump>> sean: you n thursday you will make your supreme court announcement. will it be from the list that you gave out during the campai campaign? >> president trump: the answer is yes. >> sean: is it an originalist? >> president trump: i can't say that yet. i have made up my mind, mostly. i think this will be a great choice. >> sean: others threatening, we've never had a supreme court justice filibuster but there is a chance that might happen. >> president trump: whatever happens happens. >> sean: would you want mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option? >> president trump: we have a obstructionist. what they did to jeff sessions who is a great man, a wonderful man and then they deleted another week because they have a one week delay option?
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that is not fair to a man. other people are delayed look at pompeo for cia. this is a great choice. everybody agrees. they delayed him a number of days also. even though he was voted on -- a very, very great choice. why are they doing that? they are obstructionist i go to a meeting with them. it's supposed to be a quiet meeting. they leave the meeting and have a news conference about what i said. talking to the cameras about what exactly i said. which is fine. because i would say things that i don't mind going out on because the deal was they would talk to the press. >> sean: a leaking in washington? that's a shock. >> president trump: but 15 feet away from the door. look, these are obstructionist.
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>> sean: i don't number you saying this in the campaign. i was on the road with you quite a bit. you're not talking about a 10% reduction in spending. in other words, eliminating -- will you surprise republicans before you got here, $9.7 trillion debt ceiling? >> president trump: sometimes you have to fill the well in order to get the economy going. we have to take care of our military. our military is more important than a balanced budget. we have a military that is really depleted. i am negotiating the price of airplanes. can you believe that? i understand airplanes. i cut off hundreds of millions of dollars off one particular plane. hundreds of millions of dollars in a short period of time. it wasn't like i spent weeks,
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hours, really less than ours. many hundreds of millions of dollars. and the plane is going to be better. >> sean: but you do want that 10% short of the military. >> president trump: i want have a strong military. to me that is much more important than anything. >> sean: one of the worst ways to spend money it seems is going through the washington bureaucracy. everyone has their pet project. infrastructure, the democrats want $1 trillion. i think you talked about $137 billion to start. is that something want a pay-as-you-go? something you would rather -- >> president trump: our country is in bad shape. we spent $6 trillion in the middle east. $6 trillion, sean. how do we do this? by the way, the middle east, i do want to be like -- the speech can be dark on occasion. but we spent $6 trillion. when i was interviewed last
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night, he said aren't you going to make them angry? i said -- i thought it was a sort of strange question. they are all angry now. the whole world is angry right now. there are such problems in the world, such anger. we spent all of this money in the middle east and other places and in the meantime, we have to rebuild our country and infrastructure. some republicans are fine with it. some republicans don't like it. actually, the democrats probably like that more than wrote republicans. our roads, bridges, highways, schools, our country is in bad shape. >> sean: i hear your helicopter it out there the background. you took great pride meeting with carrier, saving jobs. saving jobs in florida. general motors. >> president trump: we have a lot of plants, that are to be
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built in north carolina, pennsylvania. i've only been here four days. they understand that if they build a plant outside of the united states, fire all of their employees, when that product, whether it is a car or air conditioner or washing machine, when that comes through the border, it is going to be heavily taxed. >> sean: you want to get rid of 75% regulation or more? >> president trump: by the way, -- we will have the same amount of protection for the consumer. this is very important to me. we will also be able to create jobs. right now you can't even start a company in this country. >> sean: the media, a little bit of a contentious start. i've seen out the "new york times," cnn, abc, they use the word liar to describe
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you. >> president trump: these are very hostile, angry people. >> sean: they also colluded against you on the campaign. >> president trump: the media is very dishonest. they are very dishonest people. >> sean: i said journalism is dead, so we agree. >> president trump: never died, but they are very dishonest people. in many cases. i get stories that are so false and so dishonest. >> sean: at martin luther king's bust. >> president trump: yeah, they said it was taken out of the oval office. that is a very serious charge. they are not saying the bust is taking out, what they are saying is that i am a racist. it's a very serious charge. then it turned out the bust -- in fact, i got very angry at my people. i said who took my bust out? and they said it was never mov moved. and i said, how can they say that? the reporter said it was taken out. that's a very, very serious
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charge because that is a racist charge. then, when it was revealed that they were wrong, nobody even talks about it. there's a headline, massive story, -- i would never do that, i have great respect for dr. martin luther king. i would never do that. but when it was revealed that it was wrong, there was no story. there has been like a line. i'll give you another example. i went to the cia, i have great respect for intelligence. i don't have any respect for the head of the cia -- john brennan. i did not think he was good. i've got great respect for the cia and the people. i've even more respect now because they showed me. they are amazing. i made a speech. i am really good at knowing that i do well or do poorly. i could not have done so poorly because i won.
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in your own head, you know you did great or didn't do so great. i gave a speech that i really ws a 10. i had a standing ovation like you wouldn't believe. everybody. it was such a success. now i see cnn and other people saying well, who was in the audience? i went there with a few people. there is nobody. it was all cia. but i heard the first row -- you saw a press conference, sean did a great job. i didn't even know who he was, he was saying that we stopped at the audience. i can't stack the audience of the cia. i paid great homage to the wall with the stars. and the audience was standing ovation. they are standing from the beginning. they didn't even sit down. it was one standing ovation the whole time. i get back, and fox that it was great. they treated me great.
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when our new person running, mike pompeo who is fantastic, he said to me the other day, it was so great. everybody loved it. when i got back, i saw the speech, they didn't like it, it wasn't respectful, it was a smattering of applause. it was like 300 -- 350 people in the room. if i took a vote right now, i would've won 3520. even that was the main -- much of the media, not all of it is very, very dishonest. honestly, it is fake news. they make things up. >> sean: here's my thing between twitter, instagram, facebook, if we know now through wikileaks, some of these networks were colluding with hillary clinton's campaign, to defeat you. i've seen newspapers, two table
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networks that use the word liar. my question is, does not make you want to rethink entirely how this administration will deal with the media? >> president trump: they are the liars. let me give you an example. when john got up, they talked about the audience, the largest audience. i did. if you had television, all the sources, the largest audience in the history of inaugurations. i did. they try to demean it. i'd love to show you a picture, when i was in that speech, i looked out. there is a sea of people. i don't even know when that picture was taken, by the way. it wasn't taken from where i was. they take a picture from the back, from the washington monument. monument. a backward picture. they are so demeaning and they are so dishonest. in many cases -- >> sean: i don't remember
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treating them treating barack obama that way. >> president trump: they would never. he has been very nice to me, he wrote me a beautiful letter. but the martin luther king bust for example. that was a terrible thing. >> sean: coming up, more of my exclusive interview with donald trump in the white house. i will ask him how he will repeal and replace obamacare. that, and more as we continue from our nation's capital. >> we will have an ambitious legislative agenda as well. our legislative work starts with repealing and replacing obamacare and saving families from the catastrophic rise in premiums and debilitating loss of choice and just about everything else. >> the president is eager to get moving on this agenda and so are we. already, we have hit the ground
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running. taking the first steps to repeal and replace obamacare. >> obamacare is a disaster. the democrats are up and saying signs like it's wonderful. it is a disaster. i actually talked with paul and the group about just doing nothing for two years. the dems would come begging to do something. because 2017 is going to be catastrophic price increases. your deductibles are through the you roof. you can't use it. >> give the american people a health care system that is more affordable, accessible, more doctors, more plans. >> we can't wait. every time they tell you about obamacare, we are taking them out of a big jam.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," as we are outside the white house and earlier today during my cable exclusive interview with president trump, i asked him about his campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare. take a look. obamacare. the republicans, the meeting in philly, you're going to see them, they had an artificial deadline. they set the deadline for tomorrow. they don't think they're going to make that. you want the same to time, repeal and replace. what is crucial for you to have in that plan? >> president trump: what is crucial for me is for the public to understand that obamacare is a disaster. okay? because now the democrats are saying oh, it is wonderful. it is a horror issue. you have 160% increases like in arizona. it is a disaster. it will be worse this year than it was last year. it explodes and 2017.
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i told republicans, if you really want to do something, just let it explode. and then they will come begging us, begging us. that's not the right thing for the public because we have to get it fixed. but obamacare doesn't work. it doesn't work. president obama told me something that i thought was terrific. and i believe he means it. he said, if you came up with a better plan and you can get a better plan approved, he will support it. i actually believe he means it. i do believe we are going to have a much better plan, a cheaper plan. i believe it's going to be a lot less expensive. obamacare is the un-affordable care act. the governor of minnesota, who hopefully, he is better now because he took a pretty bad tumble -- he said a month ago actually during the campaign and after the campaign, he said the
7:25 pm
unaffordable care act or he called it the affordable care act is now unaffordable. bill clinton called it crazy. >> sean: it went up $5400 when it was supposed to be down $2500 a year. >> president trump: it is unaffordable. it doesn't work. >> sean: you can even buy a catastrophic plan. >> president trump: the deductibles are so high that unless you get hit by a tractor, you will never be able to use it. >> sean: let me ask you. energy -- it is the lifeblood of our economy. we are dependent on foreign nations, many of whom do not like us. we have more shale, new technology, hydrocracking, natural gas, the middle east, how important a goal is do you s country to move towards energy dependence? >> president trump: very important. >> sean: four years? >> president trump: they stop you environmentally. we can do it and less than four
7:26 pm
years. they stop a lot of good things, not only energy, buildings, factories, plants. they use it to stop things. it is like a roadblock. it's not going to happen anymo anymore. i am an environmentalist. i believe solely in the environment in i will protect the environment. you don't have to have a man who wants to build a factory or a person or a company wait ten years going through approvals at the end of the 10-year, get rejected. okay? >> sean: you have mentioned the forgotten man a lot, -- >> president trump: and woman. >> sean: you mentioned it last night, i gave you statistics, the very first interview i did with you, 95 million americans out of the workforce. 44 million americans on food stamps. >> president trump: i have never heard you say that, sean. >> sean: i stayed every night. explain, by getting rid of
7:27 pm
regulation, energy independence, jobs that will be created, a 15% tax rate reduction. trading, trillions. how does that help those people i talk about all the time? >> president trump: hugely. we are going to have jobs. they are going up good jobs. ford is moving back, general motors is going to be spending massive amounts of money. fiat chrysler, the head is a highly respected man, sergio. through all the way from italy. fox con. alibaba. he is a great died by the way. these companies are all excited. oh, they would have done anyway is what the media said. if you see jack ma, he had no intention of doing it until i
7:28 pm
got elected. he said i'm only going to do this because of donald trump. what difference does it make? as long as he doesn't. these are great people. these are great companies. they're going to spend a tremendous amount of money. it's all because they know how good it's going to be and what it means is jobs. >> sean: and trade deals, you got rid of tpp. >> president trump: they didn't do anything which is a killer for our country, because we don't do it and everyone else does it. >> sean: you want bilateral? >> president trump: absolutely. you know what? if the deal doesn't work out, we terminate the deal. when you get into the mosh pit, when you have all these countries together, you cannot get out of the deal. you take the lowest denominator, in other words, your countries that do not treat us well. they are in there, we want a deal with the ones that treat us well. if they don't treat us well, we
7:29 pm
terminate or we give them a 30 day notice of termination and then they come back and they want to renegotiate in those 30 days and we get a better deal. we do not make good deals anymore. you almost wonder, who makes these deals? how did it happen? we are going to make great trade deals, we are going to have jobs, strong military, we are going to do great. >> sean: coming up, asked president trump about the threat of radical islam and how he plans to defeat it. that, and more, as we continue from washington, d.c. please stay with us. >> we will reinforce all the lives and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical islamic terrac terraces. which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth. we have to get rid of isis. we have no choice. this is evil. this is a level of evil we
7:30 pm
haven't seen. yesterday, i had the honor of swearing in general john kelly as our secretary of homeland security. it is going to be amazing. tomorrow, i will swear in general james mattis as our new secretary of defense. these men have devoted their lives to defending america and now i look forward to working with them. to keep our country safe from the many threats we face today. that includes protecting americans from radical islamic terrorism. brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. (vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪
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"how to win at business." step one: suck on and point decisively with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two: before your meeting, choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly so you can prepare to win at business. book now at >> live from america's news headquarters. trans canada corporation submitting a new permit application now that president trump has signed an in order to expedite the keystone xl pipeline. it would run from the canadian
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province of alberta. obama said it would hamper efforts to meet a global climate change deal. vice president mike pence will speak at the march for life in washington, d.c., tomorrow. they say this is for the first time a vice president is slated to speak, and it this event, it is in its 40th year. they will rally at the mall before marching to the supreme court. now, back to "hannity." for all of your headlines, not logged onto fox have a great night. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" we are back in washington, d.c., we are outside the white house. during my interview sit down with president donald trump, i asked about radical islam and his plans to defeat it. here's what he told me.
7:35 pm
we have evil in our time. winston churchill dealt with evil in this time. roosevelt. >> president trump: they had evil with uniforms on. we have evil but lurks around the corner without the uniforms. ours is harder. the people that we are going against, they don't wear uniforms. they are sneaky, dirty rats. and they blow people up in a shopping center. and they blow people up in a church. these are bad people. when you are fighting germany, they had their uniforms. in japan, they had their uniforms. they had their flags on the plains and the whole thing. we are fighting sneaky rats right now. that are sick and demented. and we are going to win. >> sean: waterboarding black sights came up in your interview last night. i was thinking, if i had an opportunity to speak with david mier, i would say, two guys going to your house, kidnap your
7:36 pm
child, one guy gets away with their child and you chat tackle the other guy. that guy knows where your child is. we do not water board that guy? >> president trump: it used to be used because they said it really wasn't torture, it was the one step slightly below torture. torture is real torture. waterboarding is i'm sure not pleasant, but waterboarding is just short of torture. when all of a sudden they made it torture, i spoke with people the other day, who are in this world that we are talking about. they said absolutely it works. absolutely. general mattis said he doesn't intend to use it. i am with him all the way. do i believe it works? yes, i do. >> sean: we actually know it works. there only three people that america waterboarding. that led us to the courier, which led us to bin laden and i
7:37 pm
talked to the guy that was running the program at the time. >> president trump: do you have even a doubt that it works? >> sean: none. not one. >> president trump: would neither do i. i watch these people on television that they owe, donald trump is in favor of torture. the people that knocked down the world trade center, people going into a club -- >> sean: we both phosphor and satay. >> president trump: everybody. all over the world. they go into a club and they machine-gun everybody down. and then we are not allowed to water board? it seems so foolish and so naive. but this is what we have to put up with. >> sean: i would asked david muir if someone kidnapped your kid, what would you do to get them to tell you where they could not do your child? it's over at that point. >> president trump: it's too late. i'm not into it, i will tell you
7:38 pm
though, it works. i just spoke to people who told me it worked. that's what they do. >> sean: i spoke to the guy that ran the program and saw the waterboarding of those three people. i would go through these very quickly. israel, one of our closest partners. prime minister netanyahu. tel aviv to jerusalem, the u.s. embassy. how important is it to repair this relationship and what about that move -- >> president trump: it's repaired. got repaired as soon as i -- it's repaired. we have a good relationship. >> sean: your holding back the money that obama gave to the palestinians? where do you stand on the embassy from tel aviv? >> president trump: i do want to talk about it yet. it's too early. >> sean: i know you spoke to -- did you ever see the speech he gave on radical islam?
7:39 pm
>> president trump: we have a very, very good relationship with the general, we are going to have a very good relationship with each of. we went into a tough situation and all i can say is i like him >> sean: do trust the saudi's over the years? i would argue -- >> president trump: i do want to tell you about that. i don't want to tell you how i feel about people because i do want to be put in that position. i hope i get along with everybody. it's possible i won't. a lot of money is being spent on certain countries on radicalizing the people. i don't like that. i don't like that. >> sean: have you talked to vladimir putin yet? have you had discussions with him? >> president trump: he called me after i won back. i understand we will be having a discussion soon. >> sean: how about the leaders of china? >> president trump: yes i have spoken to him, we have been dealing a little bit.
7:40 pm
>> sean: i know you spoke to the leaders in india, what about pakistan? >> president trump: yes, i have. >> sean: let me ask you. i think this is important. i agree wholeheartedly with the iranian deal. >> president trump: i think it's one of the worst deals i've ever seen. how about $1.7 billion and that was a ransom payment? in cash. $1.7 billion in cash. that's not even the important thing. i think it's one of the worst deals i've ever seen. my carrier didn't get up out of the chair and leave is hard to believe. >> sean: let me ask about the power of the pardon which is absolute for a president. one night, i know you were watching my show and i had the mother of this young -- who is spending a year in jail because he use took six pictures for his own use in a submarine. would that be something early on you would consider?
7:41 pm
>> president trump: i think it is very unfair in light of what has happened with other people. >> sean: another guy got 30 years, doing his job, protecting his guys. >> president trump: by the wa way, if another event did not happen, i will look at it. but how can you have somebody else get away with such a tremendous amount and then this person who takes a picture of his desk on an old submarine? if china or russia wanted information on that submarine, they have had it for many years. that i can tell you. >> sean: when he saw the women's march this weekend and you hear madonna say i thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house, imagine if i said that? when barack obama was here? >> president trump: honestly, she is disgusting. i think she hurt herself very badly. i think she heard that whole cause. her and a couple of others. i think she was in particular, what she said was disgraceful to
7:42 pm
our country. >> sean: last question, the you are very passionate last night about chicago. about the violence. in the course of barack obama's presidency, 4,000 people died, murdered. another however many thousand were shot. you might go in and help fix it if they can't? >> president trump: there are many people shot last night. the news this morning is that many, many people were shot last night in chicago. chicago is worse than some of the countries you read about in the middle east where there are wars going on. there is no reason. there is no reason for it. >> president trump>> sean: comi, president trump takes me inside the oval office. this exclusive interview with the 45th commander-in-chief continues. stay tuned.
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>> we will get our people off of welfare and back to work. rebuilding our country with american hands and american labor. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. bringing manufacturing back to the united states and its happening, it is happening big league. >> toyota will reportedly invest money into a factory in indiana. they will also add 40 400 jobs. >> fox gone, partnering with apple is considering a $7 billion plan in america. 30,000 jobs, here. >> he has one after another made announcement after announcement, jobs are coming back. >> we are going to put a lot of thpeople back to work. we're going to do it the way it's supposed to be done. together, we will make america
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are at the white house in washington, d.c. earlier today, president donald j. trump gave us a tour of the oval office. here is more of my cable exclusive interview. you gave your speech, you go to the balls, you come back, and you are in the white house. and that is marine one right there. my question is, what are you
7:48 pm
thinking? >> president trump: it was a beautiful evening, incredible day. people like the speech, which was good. it was a surreal experience, to be honest. but i don't have too much time to think about it because there are so many things to do, so money problems to solve. >> sean: what a beautiful helicopter. >> president trump: this country has some difficulties, some difficult situations. we will get them straightened out. >> sean: i have known you for years. on a personal level, whenever i have ever talked to you, it is either 11:00 p.m. 12 midnight, or 6:00 a.m. you are a workaholic. >> president trump: i like working. i just like what i'm doing. i don't do too much with the vacations, because i'm bored. >> sean: you get bored on vacation? >> president trump: i have pleny to do. >> sean: i met your son, your 10-year-old.
7:49 pm
what a wonderful, smart, charming kid. and then they attacked him. >> president trump: a person from "saturday night live" was terrible. it is a failing show. it's not funny. alec baldwin is a disaster. he is terrible on the show. for them to attack -- for nbc to attack my 10-year-old son is a disgrace. >> sean: he is a great kid. >> president trump: is not an easy thing for him. believe me. >> sean: i know you talked a little bit about the nuclear codes. how long was that meeting? how in depth was it? >> president trump: i don't go into it. i can tell you though, that is serious stuff. when you see the kind of destruction that is explained to you, you realized that getting along with people is a really good thing. >> sean: that's what you said about putin. we can get along, we get along. >> president trump: i don't know putin but if we can get
7:50 pm
along with russia, that is a great thing. it's good for russia, it's good for us. we got together and knock the hill out of isis. because that is a real sickness, it's a real sickness. if we get along with russia and other countries, we should get along with everybody. if we can. >> sean: in many cases, it's going to be harder -- countries that practice sharia law. we are in the oval office. >> sean: >> president trump: a great statue of abraham lincoln. >> sean: there is the bust. >> president trump: the bust of martin luther king. which was falsely reported -- falsely reported that it was taken out of the office. when i arrived, it was immediately taken out. these are lying people. lying people.
7:51 pm
martin luther king is here, he will always be here. the apology was just -- alexandralexander hamilton, thomas jefferson. i moved paintings around the white house. i just thought it would be great. george washington, honest abe lincoln, andrew jackson who they say was the most like my campaign because his was a vicious campaign. >> sean: it was a pretty rough campaign. >> president trump: that was the most vicious campaign in the history of our country until his campaign. >> sean: when you first walk in this office every day, and you think of it -- >> president trump: look at my desk pa. papers. >> sean: you have ivanka, jared has young kids. will bc them crawling through
7:52 pm
there? >> president trump: that was john john, the secret door in that desk. that was a famous picture. >> sean: why'd you pick that picture? >> president trump: a lot of great presidents. we had a lot of great presidents using this desk. i thought that would be the appropriate desk. when i came here, you have a right to use her desk, they have like seven desks. >> sean: you were very impressed with your phones. >> president trump: the technology that we have in this country is incredible. unfortunately, perhaps we don't use it. >> sean: but we need to. >> president trump: it is great. the experts that do this work, we really great brilliant people doing this. >> sean: there is a picture of your father. >> president trump: boy, you pick that up fast. >> sean: why did you choose the rug?
7:53 pm
>> president trump: i liked it. i liked the look, the lightness. i like having it be reagan. i disagreed with him on some things, primarily trade. he was not as strong on trade as i thought he should have been. but that's okay. but he represented us very well. >> sean: who is the president that may be admired the most? >> president trump: he was okay on trade, reagan. but not great. >> sean: my last question. i was surprised, you are holding up the letter that barack obama had left you, it looked like a lengthy letter. you seem to have a personal rapport with him. this was a really, really incredibly vicious campaign. >> president trump: what amazes me is that i was vicious to him and statements. he was vicious to me and statements. and here we are, getting along.
7:54 pm
we don't even mention it. i guess that is the world of politics. i was tough on him, he was tough on me. i like him, he likes me. i think he likes me. you are going to have to ask him. >> sean: he doesn't talk to m me. i can't figure out why. >> president trump: he wrote me a very nice letter. >> sean: hopeful to you? >> president trump: it's something to think about. >> sean: very, very last question. has this whole experience changed you in ways -- in any way you can think of? >> president trump: i don't think i've had the time to be changed. i'm cutting the prices of airplanes, army tanks, submarines. we're going to build new submarines but the prices too high high. so i'm cutting the price is way down. doing a lot of work. in addition to getting ford, general motors. >> sean: thank you for your
7:55 pm
time, mr. president. you have been very generous. we have more "hannity" after this break, as we continue outside of the white house in washington, d.c. a "hannity" continues. >> the first one is withdraw the united states from the trans-pacific partnership. >> the president thinks fair trade deal is a great job, increase american wages and reduce american trade deficit. >> tpp wasn't the right way. we are going back to those countries one on one. that'll be easier. >> president trump hosted labor union leaders, guys and gals. and at some of the workers. it was a remarkable exchange. >> we will work with him and his administration. his plans on infrastructure, trade, and energy policy so we can get america back to work. middle-class jobs, all americans are demanding.
7:56 pm
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>> nice to win. do we agree? it has been a while. we are here now because tens of millions of americans have placed their hopes in us to transfer power from washington, d.c., and give it back to the people. since taking office, i have taken major contractual steps to restore the rule of law and to return power to everyday americans. we want to get our people off of welfare and back to work. [applause] and we believe that the world's best country ought to have the world's best infrastructure. at the same time, we will unleash the full power of american energy, ending the job killing restrictions on shale,
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work every single day to make america great again. skidoo welcome back to "hannity." unfortunately, that is all of the time have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us, and we will see you back in new york tomorrow night. >> bill: "o'reilly factor" is on. tonight... >> the hour of justice foror the american worker has arrived. border security is a serious, serious national issue and problem. >> bill: donald trump saying tough security measures will help all americans and that includes the border wall. but dissent continues. tonight, "talking points" will analyze. [crowd chanting] >> bill: what is behind the almost nonstop protesting? we have been looking into that question. >> yes. i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. [record scratch] >> w