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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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tonight, please remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. this justin, i am not tucker, i am ed henry. one of trump's top advisors came from the shadows. after lurking in the background for months, steve bannon told "the new york times" that the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and should be keep its mouth shut. we will have some red-hot reaction from newt gingrich. a fox news exclusive. the president just sat down hours ago with sean hannity. we have some highlights you have not seen anywhere else. and my friend willie robertson from duck dynasty will be stopping by too.
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the trump administration is moving so aggressively saying that the pace is just downright dizzying. those actions to move along the southern border and cracked down on sink century city's, today canceled a planned meeting with trump. in another swift move, slapped back at mexico. by proposing a 5-20% tax increase on the wall. and to keep illegal immigrants from sanctuary cities right here in america. our first guest tonight saying those sanctuary cities don't even exist. he joined this live from fort worth. good to see you, francisco. >> good to see you. >> ed: how can you say there are no sanctuary cities in america? >> it is fiction, political fiction.
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the federal government, immigration, department of homeland security doesn't need a local city cooperation or enforcement to catch anybody they want. the same fingerprints from anybody that's arrested come from the federal government. the federal government can walk into any prison, jail, local authority and to take anyone they want away. >> ed: when you showed a map on the screen, the first fact is, we have a map of sanctuary cities all around america. let's start with the basic facts. you can see it right there. our viewers can see it. >> you can put pins on the map. it doesn't matter. >> ed: local officials in those cities will not give the department of homeland security this information about illegal aliens who have been arrested. and they are not deported and they can commit crimes here, s sir. >> no, no.
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>> ed: i don't know why you are laughing. >> we are talking about what homeland security does. even if the city has passed any kind of ordinance, it is void at federal law. the federal government does need the city's cooperation. they don't need the cities to call and tell them hey, we've got so-and-so. the department of homeland security already has the information before the cities have it. >> ed: let's back up for one minute then. you're confirming finally that century cities do exist. >> no, they don't. it's a fiction. >> ed: is the sort of a semantic debate for you then? it is sort of semantics. >> it is not semantics. it's a fact. why can't we just get on the congress acting? we've been waiting 17 years for congress to act. cities have been frustrated on both sides of the issues, states have been frustrated on both sides, passing laws only to be struck down by this judicial system. it is congresses responsibility.
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>> ed: so while those cities fight it out in debates and congress gone for years, and you try to claim to our viewers tonight somehow that sanctuary cities do not exist, they exist and people are killed in the sanctuary cities. if you look at the case of kate's law. again, i do not know why you are smiling and laughing -- >> because you are wrong. >> ed: the man who killed her had seven prior convictions, arrested five previous times. francisco sanchez. san francisco authorities were under in order to transfer him for deportation. instead, he was released and killed kate. please explain that. >> he had the immigration hold from los angeles and then they let him get transferred on a minor violation. they could have picked them up
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in los angeles, and san francisco. but it let's move on to congress acting. we have a republican president. there's no reason to star stall action. >> ed: so president trump is starting that. he is taking these executive actions. what is your reaction to him saying we will finally build a wall? >> okay, let's try. he said president obama does not have the authority or legal basis for doing an executive order. what is he doing? what i don't disagree with half of them quite frankly. let's move on to congress. >> ed: congress is sitting at around so he is taking executive action. >> he has only been in office four days. give him a chance. congress, let's go. democrats and republicans for years it >> ed: he came in and said i am shaking this up.
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what's wrong with that? >> nothing is wrong with that. you started at the top saying sanctuary's do not exist, various democrats who say you are wrong. watch. >> we are and continue to be a sanctuary city. >> you are safe in boston. we will do everything law fill in our possession to protect y you. >> what does it mean that new york at the sinks are a city? >> protecting people in our city. >> i can't say it any more means for washington, d.c., to be a sanctuary city. >> ed: there you are, a series of democrats all say sanctuary cities exist. and they are going to protect these illegal aliens. >> if every single one of them is wrong. the federal government does not need a sanctuary city or whatever they want to call themselves permission to go pick up anyone they want.
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democrats and republicans are both hypocrites, let's just laid on the line. >> ed: there are dots all over the country. these century cities exist. >> doesn't matter. >> ed: argue argue dealing in alternative facts? >> i it is a fact that federal w preempts state and municipal law. they can call each other whatever they want, you can call them whatever they want. it does not exist. it is a phantom. >> ed: so rahm emanuel is lying to the people of chicago? >> a politician is lying to the people of its constituency. [laughs] >> ed: he's going to protect those illegal aliens. >> he cannot protect them. the cities get the fingerprints
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from the federal government. the department of homeland security knows who they are, where they are, they can pick thehim up tonight or tomorrow. e frankly, take every undocumented person in prison. >> ed: so why would these mayors give up millions of dollars in funding? >> political pandering. let's get congress, get action, immigration reform like in point number ten of president trump's. let's give them a chance to succeed or fail. it is on him. >> ed: we might have come to some agreement here. francisco hernandez, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, mr. henry. >> ed: thanks for getting my name right. donald trump addressed the g.o.p. republican debate. retreat. john roberts reports all of the breaking developments for us tonight. >> it only took four days of his
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official working week for president trump to get embroiled in his first diplomatic spat including a statement that at first looked like the opening shot of a trade war. it all began last night when mexico's president enrique pena nieto last out against president trump to start construction of a border wall and ultimately stick mexico with the bill. here is what pena nieto said. >> i am saddened and i am against the decision by the united states to continue with the construction of a wall that for years has divided us. mexico does not believe in walls i have said time and time again, mexico will not pay for any wall. >> and a clear indication that twitter has become a new vehicle for diplomacy, president trump basically said, oh, yeah? if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting. to which pena nieto tweeted back... we have informed the white house
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i will not attend the meeting scheduled for next tuesday with the president of the united states. the republican retreat in philadelphia, the president basically said okay, if you do want to play ball, we will go a different way. that is when on the way back to washington aboard air force one, his press secretary suggested president trump was considering a 20% border tax to pay for the wall. that smelled an awful lot like a trade war. an hour later, sean spicer told reporters in his office that a 20% tax was just one thing that was being considered to help pay for the wall. chief of staff reince priebus popped his head into the meeting and said they were considering a whole buffet of options for how to pay for the wall. but the relationship between the two countries is far too important for this feud to go on too long and already, people on both sides of the border are working on a way to get that meeting back on track. all of this is also delayed the signing of an executive order on so-called extreme vetting. originally planning on doing it tomorrow, they thought about
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moving it up to today, and now looks like it it's probably not going to happen until saturday at the earliest. >> ed: president trump that he is willing to go nuclear over the supreme court during an interview today with sean hannity, the president said this... >> chuck schumer, others threatening, we've never had a supreme court justice filibustered. if there is of chance that might happen. >> whatever happens happens. >> would you want mitch mcconnell to you it's the nuclear option? >> we have obstructionist, these are people -- i almost think what they did to jeff sessions who is a great man, delayed another week because they have a one-week delay option? that's not fair to a man. other people are delayed look at pompeo for cia. >> ed: the back fire on the white house, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich.
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mr. speaker, good to see you. harry reid cracked open the door by changing the rules to 51 votes for a cabinet and a lower level judicial nominations to help president obama. if senator schumer decides to filibuster here and demanded 60 votes for the president's pick that he says is coming next thursday, at the time to go nuclear? >> i think senator mcconnell is set at getting it on again, this nomination will go through. period. one way it will go through is that seven or eight of the democrats can decide that they are going to vote for the nominee. >> ed: some are up for reelection in two years. >> you are going to have a nominee who is going to be -- have all of the nra gun rights advocates on their side, the right to life groups on their side, the business groups. a lot of different forces in the country that want this nominee.
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>> ed: you know this will be a big deal. donald trump is blowing things up, going nuclear, and he is rewriting the senate rules. that's what the mainstream media will say. doesn't apple up the risk of his agenda? >> they could turn around and say if you try filibustering the legislation stuff, what if we just eliminate the whole process? >> ed: speaking of going nuclear, steve bannon tonight who is not really said anything publicly is going nuclear on the media. among other things, telling "the new york times," the media here is the opposition party. they don't understand this country. they still do not understand why donald trump is the president of the united states. the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut to just listen for a while. what you think about that? >> i think it would take a true optimist to believe that the elite media is going to keep its mouth shut and listen. it's a nice idea.
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a very sobering column yesterday was written, talking about the second american civil war. saying what you are seeing on saturday, and the demonstrations, what you are seeing with the young fascists who are out there, breaking up windows and things on friday, really is a sign of how separate we are becoming. i think that is true, 80%, 90% is on the pro establishment side. >> ed: but to keep its mouth shut? what about its first amendment? but keep your mouth shut? what does that mean? >> i think he is right about this, here you have reporters who are wrong. they were wrong through the primaries, to the general election, they have been consistently wrong. and none of them seem willing to stop and think about it.
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furthermore, they are truly alien from most americans. they live in unclos, charles chs murray's book, socialize with each other, marry each other, go to school with each other, and then wonder about all those strange people out there called americans. >> ed: another big issue is obamacare. president trump is going to tell mr. hannity that maybe we should let obamacare explode and democrats he said will be begging to fix it. that it will collapse under its own weight. matt lewis wrote today in "the daily beast," that maybe it's better to let that happen. instead of going down -- instead of throwing a hail mary and risking a huge interception, republicans might be better off gaining a few yards and move the ball down the field. your thoughts? >> a lot of very smart people, including dr. tom price, have thought about this a lot.
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it's not about obamacare in the end. it's about the current system of delivery does not work. it too expensive, has too many flaws, is it possible to methodically build a solution? that gives us better health outcomes, at lower cost, with lower convenience. more convenience. >> ed: but to let this die on its own? i never thought newt gingrich would say let's sit on the ball a little bit. >> i'm not saying that. what i'm saying is you can find good -- from the standpoint, president trump is very concerned that we not repeal it without a fix. he doesn't want 23 million people worried about their insurance. i think that's frankly pretty smart. for a guy who is not a politician, not scaring people is a good starting point. obama could have learned from it. >> ed: your wife is not being
6:17 pm
talked about as a potential u.s. ambassador to the vatican. is this republican couple headed to rome? >> i have no idea. that's up to president trump. we are very honored, we have been told she is on the list. there also some very other fine people who are on that list. she is actually tonight singing at the right to life mass at the basilica where she has been in the choir for 21 years. we will find out. i'm sure she will tell me if it happens. >> ed: good to see you, mr. speaker. be sure to catch more of president trump's interview with sean hannity later tonight, of course it's on "hannity." up next, president trump about to meet with british prime minister theresa may. what can we expect from his first moment on the world stage? also, willie robertson is the guy of duck dynasty, he is backed up mr. trump hard in his 2016 race. he is fired up about the president's first week and that
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women's rally that stirred up controversy. willie, live from the woods somewhere in mississippi. where we are interrupting his hunting trip. prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr.
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>> ed: british leader arrived in the u.s. and addressed the house and senate, tonight, she is right here in washington where she will meet tomorrow with president trump at the white house where a bust of winston churchill is adorned in the white house once again. what are the stakes? we are joined life by steve hilton, former advisor to the previous british prime minister, david cameron. she mostly had good things to say about donald trump and looking forward to this meeting. but that seemed to be a warning, don't be too nice, don't be too cozy with the lad. >> i think this relationship looks like it's off to a good start. there are a lot of similarities between the positions she has
6:23 pm
set out and trump had set out. it's important because ever since the days of reagan and thatcher come up british prime and industries have been obsessed about the special relationship and wha whether its special enough. under obama, it really wasn't. she preferred to deal with the european union, and in fact i remember working with david cameron, their endless negotiations with officials about even whether the word special relationship would be used in official statements. i think what she said about putin is pretty smart, actually. i think trump's attitude to putin has been misunderstood. i think he should and will approach putin from a position of strength. if you work with us and reliably address the issues that we faced together, we will get along just fine. if you try and cross us, i will give a strong response and i think that underlies trump's position. >> ed: let's dig deeper on that so-called special relationship. some people thought it was silly symbolism but in fact that bust of winston churchill data back to 1965 had been in a special place in the white house and when former president barack obama removed it, you can
6:24 pm
see it there, it now has been brought back into the oval office by president trump. it's a silly symbolism or a sign -- symbolic as it may be that donald trump is serious about getting this relationship back on track? >> i think it is more than symbolism. there's an immediate practical reason why that matters. it really matters for theresa may because she is not leading a country that is leaving the european union and brexit. she was against brexit but is making the best of it. she needs to show that brexit is best for the british economy. the best way she can do that is to immediately get together with trump and put together a deal that is good for trade between the two countries. from trump's point of view, he needs to show the world that he can have good relationships with foreign leaders. they both have an interest in making this relationship really strong. >> ed: he wants to show that post brexit as well he can get a new u.s. british pre-deal.
6:25 pm
he hadn't interesting little take on his negotiating style as he complained about senate democrats are holding up his cabinet picks including his trade ambassador. watch. >> i mean, i am meeting with the prime minister tomorrow as you know. great britain. i meeting with her tomorrow. i don't have my commerce secretary, and they want to talk trade. so i have to handle it myself. which is okay. >> ed: so we don't know that much about prime ministe prime , we've seen a lot of donald trump in the campaign and now in this transition, he's got that breezy style. heck, i will do it myself. i will negotiate, i will be get a great deal. don't be huge. how do you see theresa may responding and how do you see this relationship butting? >> she should take a leap, she's
6:26 pm
an tough situation. if you want to leave, you can't start negotiating appeared trade deal until you've officially left. trump wants to get a deal right away and that would be good for britain. i think she should basically behave a bit like him. i would say to theresa may, don't worry about all bureaucra. just deal with me. let's get on with it. >> ed: with naysayers around the world, he can't rides, christ to the occasion, that would be a quick shot for him. >> exactly. all the characters and the rest of it, the fact is as he said in his inaugural, he's just getting things done. he is a man of action. practical things like negotiate trade deals. it's good way of illustrating the difference that he could make. >> ed: we've seen a lot of action. we appreciate you joining us here tonight. donald trump's aggressive movements against mexico are driving at least one republican senator to drink it, it appears.
6:27 pm
lindsey graham tweeting this earlier today... come on, bro. maybe you just need to save up dinero. willie robinson from duck dynasty is here. what is he think of trump's first day on the job? he also wants to weigh in on madonnas speech at the women's rally. ♪ i checked, everything's there... wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money
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>> ed: donald trump has been president for just about a week now. how does one of his celebrity backers think he's doing so far? willie robertson, from duck dynasty. endorsed donald trump all the way back in january 2016. he joins us from mississippi. willie, it is good to see you. when i talk to get to get on the show, you said you were in the middle of nowhere in the woods. hillary clinton has been spending a lot of times in the woods. are you looking for her right now? >> i thought she may walk by tonight, she is not here in this part of the country. i can tell you that. there was no hillary clinton sightings here, i was free of that. actually, i came to the woods because when i'm in d.c. for that long, i talked to my doctor, after detox. i have to go out on the woods for at least a week to get away
6:32 pm
from all that. get away from everybody in the woods. try to get some meat. >> ed: so hunting season is almost over. we can talk about that in a minute. i did see you at the inaugural. give me your reflections on that. and then we will get to the women's rally that you saw. i was wearing a hat that "the new york times" called john to the next day. you've always got the band on your head as well. i was to try to match you, perhaps. give me your reflections on trump's inaugural speech. his critics said it was very dark. >> for me and my family, a lot of my family was there, it was an honor for us to be invited. just to see that part of a president, taking his inauguration, it was an honor to be there. i was blown away just by the whole system, the system we have in our country. how we do transfer that power. it was an honor for us to be there.
6:33 pm
i was very excited. there was mr. trump, for a long time. it is good to share with his family come i talked to don, jr., and eric about what now? the business, the expectations are high for president trump, i think he's doing exactly what we want him to do. very work like. he gets in there like a ceo, solving some problems. >> ed: i want to talk to you. you checked in because he stayed in washington past the inaugural and saw some of the women's rally. let's listen to madonna. i want you to react. >> yes, i am angry. yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hou white house. >> ed: willie, this was supposed to be a positive look at women's rights, pushing back
6:34 pm
on donald trump. we have a great tradition in this country in protest. but what was your reaction? >> the next day i went out, i was kind of caught up when i was trying to eat dinner. wasn't my kind of crowd. i was blown away -- the vulgar science and language, there were children sitting by these signs. young kids, with all this filth on the signs. i understand the anger but what i can't understand is if you like republicans got angry. so what we did was throw a lot of our guys out and say we want somebody who could be elected president. i don't understand why they are not angry at their own party? let's face it, they had a lot of money, a candidate. why their anger is now just at the president, they don't want to see him as president. why don't you get angry at your own party? i just didn't understand what i
6:35 pm
was seeing at that rally. it was embarrassing. >> ed: last question, tell us about the final season that is coming up. >> march 1st, the final season of duck dynasty. really excited about it. it's been over five years now. it's been a great run and i want all the fans to go out in style. we've got some cool stuff coming up. some famous people in there as well. a lot of good stuff. good talking to you, ed. we would appreciate having you, willie. good luck in the hunt in mississippi. have a good night. washington's winter marching season is not quite over yet. pro-lifers will distend on the mall for the march for life. the world's largest march against the abortion. mike pence just tweeted out... just told them i look forward to addressing national march for life on friday. important because mr. pence will be the first sitting president or vice president to address the
6:36 pm
march in person. organizers are hoping turn out will rival or surpass that of the anti-trumpet women's march held last week that we just talked about with willie. maybe, just may be the mainstream media will give it a little bit of coverage. we will see. up next, there is a new idea tossed out tonight by the president and the exclusive with sean hannity. maybe republicans will delay a balm of repealed. could mr. trump i be shifting hs strategy? why did resident obama block any changes to the law? we debate that, straightahead. plus, he just took his first trip on air force one. what happened on board may remind you about some of his trips on trump force one. you will see for yourself next. days weeding through w2s, pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home. or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank, skip the paperwork, and go completely online.
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>> what is crucial for me is for the public to understand that obamacare is a disaster. because now the democrats are saying oh, it is wonderful.
6:41 pm
it is a horror issue. you don't have your doctor, plan, hundred 16% increase. it'll be worse this year than last year. it will explode in 2017. if you really want to do something, just let it explode. and then they will come begging us to fix it. okay? begging. but that's not the right thing for the public because we have to get it fixed. but obamacare does not work. it doesn't work. >> ed: that was president trump talking to our own sean hannity that you will see right after this show, in full. is there an alternative strategy on obamacare? instead of replacing and repealing come of maybe they will let it collapse and then build a new one atop its wreckage. would it work? or just make his accomplishment morpermanent? we're joined now live with julia, i wonder if democrats may be worried that donald trump's
6:42 pm
strategizing here and walking up to the precipice of something the democrats have sorta been licking their chops at the idea that republicans are going to be repealing this law and 22 million americans will not be covered. trumpet saying this will collapse under its own weight and democrats are going to own it. >> theory owned no part of government anymore. without having a replacement or whatever that replacement may be, the facts are the facts. the budget office which is nonpartisan, its director is appointed and was appointed by republican leaders. it said if it were to be repealed, 18 million people in the next year alone would lose their health insurance coverage. >> ed: as you know, that cbo report only looked at repealed. not it replaced. it just said it would write about 18 million or more. didn't say what republicans will do. when you say look, democrats
6:43 pm
don't own the government anymore. that is a fact. we have to admit that. on the other hand, president obama and democrats own this law. he talked about how it was going well. >> democrats do on this law but obviously republicans want to repeal this law or augment it, that's on them. fundamentally, you've got a republican congress that has been in place for quite some time, even before obama was president. it showed not to. there are some proposals out there, neither paul ryan nor mitch mcconnell past any of those. you don't really know what replaced looks like. we have a bunch of different proportional's, susan collins proposal, but none have the set of law that he can sign into law. all we are hearing right now is repealed and not much about replaced. i'm telling you the reality on the ground is that donald trump and the republican congress want to repeal the law but they will have to live with the fact that 18 million people in the next year alone according to the cbo
6:44 pm
will lose access to coverage. 32 million in the next decade. pre-existing conditions that people love. >> ed: i'm glad that you mentioned republicans did not pass anything new in the last few two years because over the last few years, something else happened. another man who had big load on all of this, barack obama refused to have any changes to the law at all and when the supreme court stood up the law in 2012, he said this. >> i am as confident as ever that when we look back five years from now, or ten years from now, or 20 years from now,e had the courage to pass this law and keep moving forward. >> ed: julie, why did president obama face the reality? the political reality and policy reality that the law did some good things but was not perfect? instead, every step of the way, he refused to improve it at all and we wasted a few years. >> quite frankly, the president
6:45 pm
can't do anything without congress putting a bill on his desk. >> ed: he didn't even propose a change. >> the democrats did their part. the past obamacare. >> it wasn't republican care. >> republicans did their part. they didn't like it. they passed what you called obamacare. if her publicans they could've put a bill on the president's desk. he he get assigned it or not signed it. they didn't tell us what they stood for other than repealing the law. >> ed: he pushed it through with democratic only boats. this map around the country about the premiums that have been skyrocketing, these premiums have been skyrocketing on barack obama's watch. i get it that he is off the stage now but this happened on his watch. 30 seconds. why didn't you guys at some point say okay, it is good but is not perfect? >> as i said, the republicans had the opportunity to do it now. according to the same cbo study, if you repeal this law, rates will actually double on the
6:46 pm
un-individual insurance market. again, it is up to the republicans as to what they want to do. if you want to control congress, you've got it. but see what you're going to do here. >> ed: fair point, i just don't know how much hired the rates can go in arizona. >> according to the cbo, they can double. >> ed: appreciate your insight. up next, president trump traded in trumped forth one for air force one. what happened on his first flight? we will go on board next. he covered donald trump for months, he gathered some of his best stories from the trail. he will also tell us about his ties to the soulful sound of blues music. that's right. ♪ relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's another option. drug-free aleve direct therapy.
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>> ed: donald trump flew on air force one for the first time today. even he seemed impressed by its amenities. he still eager for a cable news fix. you could hear the tv blaring in the background. >> doing good. great plan. very beautiful. nice plane. >> ed: i just hope he was watching the right channel. he migh may even have the dvr s. time now for "the friend zone," where we invite one of our great friends from the building onto the show. we are joined by carl cameron. he stayed late to come on. how do you go from countless red bulls on the trail, 22 hour
6:52 pm
days, missed flights, missed connections, lost luggage, on the air 24/7 -- all of us on the election is over, you've got to come down from that for some help. >> it is like coming office ski slope. when you get thrown right out of your boots. thrown off the hobbyhorse. people will talk about how the campinas two years long, it is really not at fox. we are kind of unique in the teepee world. tv world. cory gardner, when all of these republicans were running for congress in 2014, we were out there before with marco rubio jed bush, jeb bush, ted cruz. this is like a three winter race. >> ed: you were pounding the pavement, doing great reporting, in between live shots, always working the iphone with the emails, text, phone calls, getting new information. there are some lighter moments out there. >> i gave up red bulls during
6:53 pm
the campaign trail. it is becoming dangerous for my health. we ran into the naked cowboy new york, all kinds of crazy people on the road with him. one particular instance, donald trump is at the point where he was about to pick his running mate. he went to indiana, that day he met with jeff sessions, mike pence, he was doing an interview with the canada at that time. both of us were sort of hanging out before and after the interview. he said newt gingrich is coming up to see me, want to freak him out? secret service was not too happy about it. the palace into the service elevator. the moment that newt gingrich came into donald trump's presidential suite, donald disappeared leaving brett and i standing there like a couple hunters. completely freaked out. all you can hear was donald laughing like crazy. he thought it was this funniest thing in the world.
6:54 pm
obviously mr. gingrich had gotten the joke. >> ed: so he is a prankster. we have one minute. you have this great passion, that's part of the reason we do "the friend zone." outside of campaign reporting, the blues. you are raising money for some real interesting people. >> i am a huge american roots fan. back to the 1800s, 1900s. this is what you're looking at here, an amazing organization out of north carolina. they go all over the old south, all the way as far as texas, looking for old blues musicians who may be didn't quite get the health care or make them money or make it big. they get them health care, food, close. clothes. most important he what they do is if they want to work, they get them gigs. >> ed: some of these guys are still going. >> there are 80-90 years old in some cases. they will only help people who have less than $18,000. sometimes it's less than $10,000. if they want to gag, they get them gigs. play about a million people. go to music makers --
6:55 pm if you're into hip-hop, rap, or rock. go to it. big, big passion. >> ed: stephe steve bannon's gut to the media is causing some severe weather. what is america forecasting tonight? tonight's "twitterstorm," up next. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. anto err is human.d down for hours. to anticipate..... lexus. the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. (vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day;
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or shivering occurs with antidepressants. side effects may include diarrhea, dizziness, cough, vomiting, weakness, or ankle swelling. nuedexta made a difference by reducing my pba episodes. ask about nuedexta and go to >> ed: now it is time for "twitterstorm." stephen bannon's attack on the media caused a category five storm on twitter. regular people weighe wait in t. fair point.
7:00 pm
debbie downer. oh, no. i don't know about that one. tucker is back tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. >> president trump: i, donald john trump you solemnly swear that i will execute the office of the president of the united states. so's help me god. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. we're going to put a lot of people back to work. great thing for the american worker. we are bringing manufacturing back to the united states. it's happening. it is happening big leak. our country has become a tangled up mess. we think we can cut regulations


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