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tv   FOX Friends  FOXNEWSW  January 25, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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adoption is hard as it is for perspective parents it should be their decision to use it and no one else's. heather: kelly says if it gets children adopted faster and gets more children adopted, it's another sign of the times i could live with. heather: keep letting us know what you think about that. #keep talking. "fox & friends" starts right now. abby: have a good wednesday. ♪ >> the shear volume of news coming out of this white house in just the first couple of days dwarfs everything we have seen in recent memory. >> we will build our own pipeline. we will build our own pipes like we used to in the old days. >> we are bringing manufacturing back to the united states big league. >> we are very encouraged by the president and the economic policies that he is forwarding. >> today i'm inviting president trump to address a joint session of congress on february the 28th. >> this is a fox news alert. donald trump has threatened to use federal law enforcement to restore order in the city of chicago. >> absolutely the states can do this. >> i don't know another word besides carnage to describe the devastation that's been taking place.
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>> today president trump will visit the department of home land security where is he expected to roll out another series of executive actions dealing with immigration and national security. >> we have eight years of finding excuses to allow people to be walked out the front door of border patrol. we're encouraged that every sign we have seen shows that that is goin going to stop. ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen brian: wow, somebody is up at the white house right now. there is a report out there, guys, that the president of the united states watches us at 7:00 a.m. eastern time and another channel at 6:00 a.m. eastern time and flips back and forth between the other. i want to challenge that report. i challenge that report. that cannot be true. ainsley: this is how you know if it's true. read his tweets. he will tweet in response to a story that he heard on our show or that he heard on another network. you will know what he is watching. steve: you are trusting something that the mainstream
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media put out? brian: have you been there so long. take a look at the white house right now. if the president of the united states actually watching, could you pull the shade -- can we see the oval office from here? steve: you cannot it's to the right. ainsley: he might be in his bedroom? brian: is he probably up by now. steve: the light on the second floor is the person who actually makes the coffee, the butlers and whatnot who take care of the first family. ainsley: someone is having coffee this morning. brian: somebody watch from the white house blink the lights on and off right now. steve: theory right now. >> brian, you're fired. ainsley: give the president time to walk down the hall and tell the coffee maker. brian: run up on the remember van da and put your hands up in the air a. ainsley: producers say they are on it. this is a big week, especially on immigration. trump ran on campaign promise to build that wall that mexico was going to pay for it. is he signing all these
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executive orders and today the focus is on immigration. steve: there is going to be another flurry of executive orders today. among them, they're gonna build the wall. he is going to sign something sn something to build the wall and catch and release which has plagued this country dry for a while. increase the number of customs and border projection agents i believe three times the ice agents will be coming with the executive order today. brian: stop asylum, fraud, and get the dhs to publicly detail and detail aid being given over to mexico. also went on to say when it comes to border security. this will not be easy but end sanctuary cities. he is going to get push back there and track down criminal aliens. i don't think anyone is going to fight that. steve: except sanctuary cities. ainsley: he said also temporary ban on most refugees until there is more aggressive vetting. and the suspension of visas for citizens coming from different countries that are
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tied to terror like syria, the list is syria, iraq, iran, libya e somalia, sudan and yemen. brian: that will evolve to extreme vettin vetting. steve: those are. so countries that could be involved. meanwhile it is learned that the extreme vetting won't start until rex tillerson the secretary of state nominee is confirmed by the whole senate. that's probably going to come on monday. but at the 11th hour because tillerson has not been sworn in yet, bureaucrats at the department of state have actually -- what they did was brought in 500 refugees just yesterday. what's interesting is that map that ainsley was talking about, of the 500, half of them, about half of them are from those countries right there with problems with terror. ainsley: democrats are saying let's stall this, and not confirm him yet so more refugees can come into this country. they are saying in first week of donald trump becoming
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president there will be 1 though, refugees coming here settling in our country. brian: i did assure the president of the united states even though is he flexible and resourceful chief of staff reince can do something but not throw the 500 out but extreme vetting practices to put a hold i because, in relates, rex tillerson has already passed committee. i should have immediate vote and green light. steve: politics, chuck schumer. ainsley: what about general kelly he has already been confirmed. cangts he help with the vetting process. brian: that's great point. steve: he is department of home land security. it's the department of state in charge of re gees. what's interesting, there will be and keep in mind, this is a temporary executive order until they figure out all that stuff. there is an exception and that is for religious persecution of religious minorities. for instance, christians in syria. a huge number of the people have sought refugee status are not doing it for religious purposes because they are
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muslim and it is a muslim majority country. brian: by the way, when it comes to christians, the number of christians that have gotten asylum through this refugee problem is he microscopic because for some reason they go to the back of the line when it comes to what is happening in syria. the president did create more of a firestorm and issue by tweeting out something that he talked about on the campaign trail. steve: actually, he brought up -- remember everybody the day after the inaugural, they go cannot believe that the president of the united states would use the word carnage to describe what's going on in the united states. what he was referring to is all the people who have been killed in the city of chicago. for instance, according to the chicago tribune, as of january 25eth, today, so far, 247 people have been shot and 44 killed so far this year. ainsley: i know people are upset with carnage because we are talking about individuals and they don't like that word. it also got your attention that something needs to happen
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in that city. because nothing is being done. more and more people are dying. more and more seats at the thanksgiving table are empty because of all this happening there. brian: six major cities where the crime is going through the roof. one of them chicago. this is what donald trump tweeted out, if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on 228 shootings in 2017, 42 killings, i will send in the feds i instead of rahm emanuel being embarrassed by this, he comes back at donald trump with some unsolicited advice stop lecturing him, focus on jobs and education. not crowd size but shouldn't he focus on his own city? ainsley: donald trump says if you can't do your job, then i might have to do it for you. he said if you can't fix the problems in chicago, we're going to have to send in the federal government. steve: i think we have a sound bite of him. here is rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago. >> he got elected to make sure
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the people have a job, the economy continues to grow. people have security as it relates to their kids' education, et cetera. and it wasn't about your crowd size. it was their lives and jobs. steve: rahm emanuel made those comments. he also had a suggestion. he said, you know, the feds could help us with more gun control. no city in america has more gun control than chicago. so after rahm said that then trump tweeted that stuff out and since trump has tweeted that out, there has been a liberal freakout. because essentially what they are saying is the president of the united states is advocating martial law in chicago. no is he not. he is just saying he could devote resources to the problem in chicago to keep the carnage and the killing at a minimum. brian: this doesn't have to be a fight. he came and visited donald trump about a month ago, rahm emanuel, he needs help. he doesn't have control. his police force is demoralized.
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they lost their best police chief about a month ago. they have given up on policing in the area because they don't get any backing from his government. so it is the wild west in the inner city in chicago. he should sit down with the president and say help me out. ainsley: i agree. the president, i guess is, going to have to be the bigger man. if rahm emanuel is going to stay stuff like this and the president say come meet with me instead of being argument. it doesn't need to be. steve: keep in mind on the campaign trail at one point donald trump did say that during a visit to chicago he talked to one of the top cops there and he said, you know, we're just not doing this right. if somebody was in there who did it right, they could solve this problem in a week. that's what donald trump said on television. we don't know who he talked to. we don't know what the flan is something has got to be done in chicago. brian: if you want to see something that was very insightful, go watch froy "60 minutes" did a feature on this the cops said i'm not going in there. the shootings are going through the roof because no one is in control right now.
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so far they are in a standoff. the people paying the price are the people who want to shop go to school and raids families. ainsley: don't watch "60 minutes" watch "fox & friends" don't watch it now. brian: i don't believe it's on right now. he. ainsley: it may be on demand. brian: can we heart ticking? steve: are the flights flickering at the white house? are the flights flickering at the white house. brian: oh my goodness. that is unbelievable. steve: you know what that means? it's the guy who makes the coffee is watching us. ainsley: thank you, mr. president. steve: okay. okay. it's a tv trick. brian: we did it? [laughter] brian: i fell for it. heather: we will take few minutes to figure that one out. we start with a very serious story.
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come in from oversees a overseas hour. death toll rising by the minute. several trucks packed with bombs exploding outside a hotel in somalia filled with people. [explosion] wow. the al qaeda linked group al al shabaab taking responsibility for the blast in the city of mogadishu. at least 10 people were killed and dozens more issued. the gunmen storming inside the building where witnesses say those gunmen post as rescue crews before they opened fire. foreign journalists and photographers are believed to be among the injured. somali police killing four tourists and ending that attack it is still a breaking story at this hour so we'll bring you the latest on this as it unfolsdz from somalia. nikki haley expected to be sworn in as u.n. ambassador today. her nomination breezing through the senate with just four voting against her, including senator bernie sanders.
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republicans outraged after senate democrats delayed the vote on the attorney general nominee jeff sessions. that has been pushed to next week. and then a devastating announcement just one day after the governor of minnesota faints after giving a speech he is now revealing that he has cancer. [slurred speech] >> in the of full disclosure say i learned last week i had a biopsy last week i learned i have prostate cancer. heather: he doesn't believe passing out has anything to do with a diagnosis. is he expected to undergo testing next week. dayton says he will continue on with his role as governor. we are praying for the health of him and his family as well. you have heard of sanctuary cities and schools. now there are sanctuary restaurants? dozens of restaurants around the country now looking to protect illegal immigrants workers from deportation. use antidiscrimination
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policies they say and provide employees with know your rights training. that movement largely symbolic. a sanctuary designation does nothing to prevent the feds from arresting those illegals. we'll get more information on where those restaurants are. pretty interesting. steve: i guess they don't use everify at those places. heather: i guess they don't. steve: straight ahead on this wednesday, former president barack obama sent over $220 million to the palestinians just hours before he left office when he thought you weren't looking. well, this morning, the current president wants something to do about that and they are trying to figure out how they can claw the money back. ainsley: i love that graphic with the money flying everywhere. brian: we didn't do that. that's really money. ainsley: union bosses backed hillary clinton. what happened when they met president trump? >> it was nothing short of incredible. ainsley: up next, a former union member who broke for trump says it's about time. ♪ damned if you do
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bosses backed hillary clinton, of the democrat. ainsley: well, this week those union bosses changed their tune after a meeting with the president at the white house. >> the respect that the president of the united states just showed us. and when he shows it to us he shows it to 3 million of our members in the united states was nothing short of incredible. brian: so are they finally ready to listen to trump? just joining us right now with the reaction this morning is brian penny becker former united worker and automobile union member. he brian, what's changed for you today as opposed to two months ago? >> well, with donald trump as president, we're actually getting a president who cares about us and is paying attention to us. he is ♪ just talking to the uaw leadership. is he talking directly to the uaw membership. and that's what the president needs to doossments we feel like we have got a friend in the white house now. we didn't have one when barack obama was president. ainsley: brian, what was your reaction? how did you feel after the
3:19 am
election and then seeing union bosses meeting with the president many of them voted for hillary clinton and they were saying it was the best meeting of their career? >> it was fantastic. it's been euphoric ever since donald trump got elected. donald trump grew up on construction sites. he wore a hard hat. he talks like a construction worker. he talks like an auto worker. he speaks our language. so everything he has said and done since he was elected has resonated with the people out on the floor. and i talked to a lot of my co-workers. by of the way, i wants to give a shoutout to all the hard working men and women at the ford sterling plant here in sterling heights, michigan. there was about 50% support for donald trump at the plant that i work at. and i think that the workers in the uaw actually tipped the scales here in michigan and put donald trump in the white house. steve: you know, brian, i like that t-shirt. obviously you are a supporter of donald j. trump. >> thank you. steve: what you just said shocked me.
3:20 am
you said about half the people in that plant who build cars voted for donald trump. for some reason, i was under the impression that most auto workers votes democrat every time. >> well, that's because that's what the union bosses would like to you believe. but that's a myth. about 40% of union members have traditionally voted republican union households. this election was reminiscent of 1980 when ronald reagan ran and the famous reagan democrats who are from mccomb county where i live and work helped reagan win in a landslide. it was same type of phenomenon this time. the support for donald trump was all over the plant. we had trump bumper stickers on toolboxes. guys putting trump red hats on, wearing them to work. it was really, really something to see. i wear a trump t-shirt to work every day. i get a lot of thumbs up and fist bumps for it. brian: very interesting. everyone always put that in the blue column it went red this time. thanks so much.
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>> thanks. ainsley: thanks for making cars for us here in america. we appreciate that have a great day. jesus instructed his followers to heal the sick. does the government have the obligation to do the same? we'll debated that live next. steve: come on in, guys ♪
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steve: all right. it's 6:24 here in new york city. time for quick headlines. first up, president trump not only draining the swamp but also corruption at the v.a. two employees there at a hospital in puerto rico have just been fired. including the hospital's now former ceo who is under investigation for a string of unethical acts, including trying to pay off a whistleblower. got caught. and remember the shocking images of the limo being
3:25 am
torched on friday by anti-trump protesters on inauguration day? turns out that vehicle belongs to a muslim immigrant and business owner who is now out $70,000. >> everybody in this country has the right to protest but no one has a right to destroy private oar public property. steve: he says that violent mob just cost his limo company $70,000. do you think anybody there is going to give him help to get a new car? probably not. ainsley: thanks steve. congressman tom price grilled on the hill as his confirmation process to be the next secretary of health and human services moves along. this time when the subject of obamacare came up, so did the bible. listen. >> curious there is a verse of scripture in the new testament in matthew 25 which says speak to the least of these when i was hungry did you feed me? when i was naked did you clothe me.
3:26 am
when i was thirsty did you give me a drink. when i was sick in prison did you visit me. when i was a stranger in your land did you -- it says nothing about when my only access to healthcare coverage was going into the emergency room of a hospital did you do anything about it? what we sought to do with the aca is to do something about it. ainsley: so does the government have an obligation to provide healthcare? here to debate is fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris and reverend jacques degraff. a fox news contributor. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: father, what do you think about that do we have an obligation to help everybody. >> very often when you pick out scripture to use for your own policy agenda it can be very bad. in this case i don't think it was use sod badly not bad at all. one thing is a human right to be able to access good healthcare, especially in developed country like ours. another threatening is to say therefore the federal government has an obligation to give did to me for free.
3:27 am
that's a whole another issue. and i think that's where sometimes we can go off. we can very easily say i have a right to something and now you can say and you have an obligation to pay for it. and it's not so simple. ainsley: and you disagree with father jonathan. >> i don't disagree with him in terms of the end. i think that a government has a moral obligation but it's not a constitutional right. and i think that we would agree that rather than religion we are really talking about faith. faith is based on principles that's what i believe the senator was trying to get us through. the question of payment i think is not a moral question. i think it's a practical question. everybody can't get everything from government for nothing. we have got 70 million people on medicaid who need government because they have no other resource. ainsley: it's a tough one because you want to help everybody and help people in need and be like jesus and did he. that is it the government's responsibilities there is that scripture that says if you don't work you don't get fed.
3:28 am
>> that's true. i agree with the reverend here that there is a moral responsibility of society. not necessarily of the federal government. ainsley: of the church. >> of society as a whole that includes our federal government and churches to organize itself in such a way that everybody can get basic and good healthcare. now, what we have seen when other countries, for example, i lived in south america and latin america. when you make everything public, what happens is you have two classes of healthcare. you have those who have money, well then they go to private health care. those who don't just get terrible healthcare. we don't want that in our country either. it's not so simple. it takes a lot of workts. society has responsibility to organize itself in such a way that everyone has basic and good healthcare. >> and we don't have disagreement on that. jesus spoke to the heart. he didn't absolve government. but he also spoke to individuals and other components of society to do something.
3:29 am
and many people are sitting on the sidelines asking other people to bear burdens that they wouldn't do for themselves. ainsley: conservatives all say the ones that i have talked to they want everyone to have healthcare but we are bringing in people not here legally paying for them. they are not doing itth rate way. if you talk about what the bible says about that the t. says you are not supposed to break the law. >> one of the reasons why this is a tough issue because we have cheapened the whole concept of human rights. we have said, for example, the federal government -- i have a human right to abortion and the federal government has an obligation to pay for it the federal government has an obligation to pay for my human right of getting a sex change in prison, things like that. it cheapens very serious thing that is called human rights, including access to basic and good healthcare. ainsley: gentlemen thanks so much. >> the least of these is not a republican or democratic of concept it's an american concept. >> amen. i love it. ainsley: all right. god bless you both. come up, former president obama sent over $200 million
3:30 am
to the palestinians hours before leaving office. this morning the current president wants to do something about it european countries now feeling the deadly effects of open borders to muslim countries. does it prove that president trump is right about the extreme vetting? brexit leader steve hilton is walking in because is he going to weigh in on that next. ♪ ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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brian: a car completely swept away by rushing water as heavy rain leads to deadly flooding across the state. they need water but not that much water. ainsley: same wicked weather system moving east putting the heartland directly in the path of a huge snow storm. steve: meanwhile here on the east coast folks are waking up
3:34 am
to the aftermath of that powerful nor'easter. meanwhile we have dispatched janice dean to the streets of new york city for a look outside. things are tranquil here but, man, we have had some crazy weather. january january it reall. janice: it really has. the northeast storm that brought those owe 65 mile-per-hour plus winds that have crept across the northeast. the good news is quieter weather today. you mentioned that storm across the midwest. -- we're watching that, that's our next weathermaker bringing upwards in some cases isolated amounts of 6 to 8 inches of snow. we're going to receive an additional 1 to 3 over the next oh 6 to 12 hours. and then this system is going to move eastward across the northeast. the good news with this one is it's not going to strengthen. it's going to weaken as it pushes east across the northeast. tomorrow we will have hit or miss showers across the coast. interior northeast snow. otherwise no severe weather on the horizon. other good news is the west
3:35 am
coast is also going to be very tranquil as we head into the weekends. temperatures are going to be coiled but we're not tracking any major storms which is great news. i am so happy to reporter great news from the weather department this morning. back inside steve, ainsley, brian. steve: we will take any of the good news we can all right, j.d., thank you. brian: let's bring in steve hilton just fresh off outnumbered yesterday. >> you survived. >> i did. i'm here. we have. ainsley: now i'm outnumbered. brian: how do you feel about that? ainsley: i'm liking it. steve: if you haven't seen him before you have been under a rock. he helped with david cameron over in u.k. and the brexit thing and. >> i didn't help him by campaigning for brexit. which he didn't appreciate. ainsley: ceo of crowd pack and fox news contributor and you are from the u.k. we are talking about the border issues today. donald trump focusing on immigration. loose borders over in europe. how is that going for european countries? >> that whole policy of
3:36 am
european borders has been a disaster for europe economically because it's allowed cheap, unskilled labor to flood into various countries and undermining the economy and people's living starnsdz. steve: is it jacking up the unemployment in certain countries? >> same sort of impact you are having here with uncontrolled immigration which is that people feel really rye sent of that jobs used to be available are no. of the real problem, i think with that can be delegates with the real problem in europe is so significant is the security impact. the way that you've had not just security made worse inside europe but by saying come to europe to anyone in the middle east increased the stability in the middle east. brian: all these current leaders are now in jeopardy right now angela merkel and party taking a pounding as she struggles for another term. and now we seat story today in the "new york times" which i understand donald trump reads, it turns out this dutch leader who has been there since 2010 is channeling donald trump,
3:37 am
making a statement to the 6% of the population who is muslim essentially, if you reject our country, so fundamentally i prefer you leave. >> that's really interesting. i know that guy. we work with him. you know, he is a pretty reasonable mainstream. brian: he never talked about this before. >> it shows how worried he is. you have elections there this year. you have elections in germany, big year in europe. all these policies have done so much damage are going to be under the spotlight. steve: it shows you the donald trump effect. he has referred to it as a movement in this country. maybe it's not just this country. >> that's exactly right. we will hopefully see it change things when theresa may comes here in another couple days. a chance to show the change that can happen and do something really big which is to democratize globalization. ainsley: what county u.s. gain from having this meeting with her that country is our oldest ally. >> to show that the days of an
3:38 am
international bureaucracy or the technocratic elites who make policy with these complicated agreements that no one can understand, that the insiders get their teeth into and they can lobby and get good deals for them while the people lose out. those days are over. and it's back to democratic countries, sovereign nations doing good deals with each other that benefit their people. it's a big opportunity. brian: what does it mean to the brits, what does it mean to theresa may that they're first to come over and poo visit and establish that relationship? >> it's a huge opportunity for her. what she needs to show is that brexit is going to be good for the british economy and good for jobs and good for trade rather than the way that those -- just like here in the election where you have got people who just can't accept the result, they can't accept that people actually voted for trump. there are so many people that can't accept that people wanted to leave in britain wanted to leave the european union. she is going to show that actually that's going to lead to improved living standards there in the u.k. a trade deal with america is
3:39 am
the best way of showing that. steve: steve, before did you go regarding brecketd there was something in the news parliament has to vote on it. is there a possibility that while the people voted for it the parliament may not? >> i don't think that's a possibility. there is something called the supreme court. now, anyone watching shouldn't assume it's like our supreme court here. this is a bunch of legal cronies appointed behind closed doors. it's not the same thing. but parliament is going to have to vote. now, it's possible that the elected representatives vote against the will of the people expressing referendum. if they do there really will be a revolution. steve: time for pitch fork. >> exactly. all this court case is a waste of time. brian: last american pet says don't do this britain. and new president says glad did you, this britain. >> said few this you will be back of the line for trade deal and trump is opposite. good news for britain and america. steve: theresa may will be there friday. good to see you.
3:40 am
>> good to see you. ainsley: hand it over to heather. heather: speaking of international affairs, the state department is now there reviewing the obama administration last minute 221-million-dollar -million-dol 221-million-dollar-million-dol lar transfer of money to the palestinians. the department could make adjustments to that payment to make surety money complies with president trump's priorities. congress was notified about the money just hours before president obama left office. those funds had been blocked by republican lawmakers over concerns the palestinians made to seek membership in international organizations and also concerns about where all the money would end up. a christian university professor fired to make a course correction after planning to send his students to a mosque on good friday. of the syllabus saying it's a, quote, religious experience for the world's religion class at texas christian university. the school says the trip was scheduled by mistake and tcu is actually closed on friday. the professor rescheduling it.
3:41 am
and stop what you're doing and take a look at the shocking video of a heart-stopping crash. you can see right there as a double-decker train packed with people slams rights into a fedex truck and it splits it in half. crossing gates and flashing lights that normally warn when a train is approaching failed. this happened in salt lake city. and police there say they stopped working because of severe snow and ice. no one, amazingly, was hurt. those are your headlines. janice has been talking about the weather across the country. lots of snow and nor'easter up here. he. ainsley: the bars that saved your life. that's the difference between you getting and they weren't working? steve: malfunctioned because of the weather. no kidding. all right. meanwhile straight ahead on this wednesday, the secret service agent made a controversial post that she would take jail time over a bullet for endorsement for what i believe to be a disaster to this country. she is talking about protecting donald trump. but isn't that her job no matter what? we're going to talk about that
3:42 am
coming up. brian: ron kessler is here and sports blogger takes on ted cruz. former presidential candidate took him down with one tweet. carlie shimkus has this top-trending story today. ♪ who are you ♪ who are you ♪ ho ho ho who ly ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday.
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sargento balanced breaks. find them in the sargento cheese section. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. brian: the secret service says it's taking appropriate action after reports surface that an agent suggested on facebook that she wouldn't take a bullet for president trump though she never mentioned him by name she big hillary clinton supporter. kerry o'grady wrote and now deleted i would take jail time over bullet or endorsement for what i believe to be disaster to this country. that post written in october and ended "i am with her. get it? the author of the first family detail.
3:46 am
former "the washington post" investigative reporter ron kessler wrote a best sell book on secret service. ron, does this shock you? >> it is shocking. it's unprecedented. first of all, the fact that she would not perform her duties is just like the military saying i'm not going to risk my life over in afghanistan. secondly, after i exposed the fact the secret service agents hired prostitutes in colombia, the secret service required teeghts sign an agreement saying they may not discuss or disclose their activities. so it violated that. termination is a penalty. in addition, the secret service agents are expected to act professionally and not let their political views influence their actions. can you imagine if an fbi agent said i'm not going to investigate hillary because i like her? but really what this shows, the fact that she has been
3:47 am
posting these items since last october, current secret service agents were aware of that it shows that the secret service culture of covering up and laxness continues under the current director joe clancy. president obama wants own foreperson blue ribbon panel which, by the way, consulted me recommended that obama appoint an outside director to shake up the agency. no. he ignored that advice to the detriment of his own safety and appointe aappointed clancy. i have known donald trump for two decades i believe he will appoint a new director who will be outside the agency who will shake it up and bring it back to where it should be. brian: get the agency out of home land security, perhaps, back where it was prestige and weren't lost in abyss. you have wrote about that in the past. clancy had a great reputation with president bush and president obama liked him, too. so he didn't make the move. in terms of this case in particular, she gave an
3:48 am
interview or gave a quote to the washington examiner about this, and the question was will this impact your job being that she had that october post she said this i hope you understand that's empathetic no and i need to make sure that's resoundingly clear and just reinforces this job needs to be done well. i have now known less about her after reading that quote but i just hope that nobody else on the force has that attitude. >> well, it does show that there is laxness within the secret service and coverup attitude. you know, most agents, in fact all the agents would never engage in this kind of foolishness and this kind of outrageous behavior. it shows they are still covering up and engaging in laxness which has been going on going back to when the party crashers went into the state dinner. president obama has continued to defend the agency. brian: right. >> joe clancy has been part of
3:49 am
this coverup culture as guy into this book the first family detail. that's what needs to be changed. brian: you are predicting he will make a change there because you do know donald trump and the agency. ron kessler thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead. the critics said president trump would tear the republican party apart. after winning over clinton supporting union bosses, is it the other way around? and a sports barber takes on senator cruz. a presidential candidate took him down one tweet and a basketball jersey. carlie shimkus has the top trending stories next. ♪ beautiful dunk ♪ "got no fear" by power solo
3:50 am
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3:53 am
steve: all right. trends on friends. who does ted cruz look like? he has been mocked in countless social media jabs and memes. but texas senator winning a round on twitter with this picture. ainsley: here to break it down and i think we're going to show that you picture there, it is. fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus. tell us about this picture. >> did you know that ted cruz and dead spin the sports website got into a twitter war last night. this is how this started. politico ran a piece saying that ted cruz had taken a basketball. ted spin said i don't believe it show me the proof. ted cruz or someone on his team tweeted out this picture of duke basketball player grayson allen. >> looks just like him. >> resemblance is unbelievable. he said what do i win? so dead spin tweeted out a response telling him to do something three word phrase can't stay on tv very mean
3:54 am
stuff. and then ted cruz responded with this people of will ferrell from anchorman saying boy, that escalated quickly. that's pretty funnily. ted cruz isn't necessarily known for his sense of humor. brian: ted cruz wants to become a good guy again and ingratiate. he is having a ted cruz pickup basketball game inviting other leaders to play with him. >> other people said oh my gosh ted cruz won this one. changed wikipedia or dead spin's wikipedia page saying it is owned by ted cruz. steve: they did own him. next up, let's play sunday bite by the comedian chelsea handler talking about our first lady. >> would you ever have donald trump on your show? >> no. >> what if he asked you? >> no. >> what about melania, would you have her on her show. >> melania, to talk about what? she can barely speak english.
3:55 am
>> what do you think about her as the first lady. >> exactly what i think about him as the first man. nothing. i don't respect either one of those people. steve: can barely speak english. by the way chelsea hand ler said that right after leading a women's march at the sundance film festival. so actress christie swanson on on "tucker carlson tonight" the original. take a listen. >> she is entitled to her opinion. it's taking it too far. it's classless, you know. i mean, it's the first lady. she's smart. she knows five languages. it's so crazy that you would make fun or put down someone that can speak five languages. that is not an easy thing to do. the hollywood left is just acting crazy right now. >> that's her opinion. a lot of other people have responded to that as well. ainsley: can you imagine if a republican said that about a democrat? brian: or about michelle obama. by the way will she pay a price for that, do you think?
3:56 am
>> it depends a lot of her fan base agrees with her. which is very unfortunate. but then there was an overwhelming septemberment on social media that she was such a hypocrite. ed tweeted i thought love trumped hate and love auer how chelsea hand ler says trump is xenophobic and says she won't have pleal on her show because she can barely speak english. brian: she can speak in five different languages. steve: she can i don't know how many chelsea can say her defense is i'm a comedian i make jokes. if she hates melania's accent she must hate dame judy dench. >> all ache since are off. brian: trump won. ainsley: radio station not going to play that done naps songs after she said over the weekend. >> this texas radio station. give them a shoutout hits 105 in texarkana said we are not playing any that done that songs.
3:57 am
brian: meanwhile, next, president trump making moves to create thousands of american jobs. fans like jane fonda are still melting down. are they serious? we will discuss that also, we have senator cotton coming on the show today. i wants to get the inside story on his brawl with schumer. rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb,
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♪ >> the shear volume of news coming out of this white house in just the first couple of days dwarfs everything that we have seen in recent memory. >> we will build our own pipeline. we will build our own pipes like we used to in the old days. >> we are bringing manufacturing back in the united states big league. >> been euphoric ever since donald trump got elected. we feel like we had a friend in the white house now. we didn't have one when barack obama was president. >> today i'm inviting president trump to address a joint session of congress on february the 28th. >> fox news alert, donald trump has threatened to use federal law enforcement to restore order in the city of chicago. >> i don't know another word besides carnage to describe the devastation that's been
4:01 am
taking place. steve: there is going to be another flurry of executive orders today. among them -- >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. ♪ all of friends in all the right places ♪ don't care what's going down. brian: now everybody is up. according to a report donald trump only watches the 7:00 hour of "fox & friends." so there is really no mystery to this unlike last hour when i asked the president to blink the lights if he was watching. now clearly he is watching. ainsley: come on. ainsley: may day, may day, sos. steve: it's a video effect. didn't actually do that just having a little fun. when he was out on the campaign trail, there were three things that the crowds would yell they would yell u.s.a. they would yell lock her up. lock her up. and they would yell build that wall. build that wall. and you know what?
4:02 am
today he is going to get out a pen and he has got a pamplet he will sign an executive order. the new president of the united states will to build that wall. ainsley: there was one other thing people would yell,. steve: what's that? ainsley: who is going to build the wall. who is going to pay for the wall. brian: they will be over here shortly to discuss. this they are going to end catch and release because that's what they are doing now really as we speak and increase u.s. customs and border protection this according to a government source who told john roberts. when it comes to building a wall the good news is it's not pie in the sky. the money has been allocated. we only built 50 miles of it we have enough money to build 500 miles of it. steve: the president does have legal authority to do this and for folks who said okay, is he going to make a lot of campaign promises he can't possibly keep, there's more. is he also apparently going to
4:03 am
sign an executive order today to end sanctuary cities. he is going to increase the number of ice agents, give more power to ice where they can actually enforce the laws on the books and are not being asked to turn their backs. and track down the criminal aliens, which as we heard from sean spicer in the briefing room, those are the illegals hot president is going to go after. ainsley: there is even more, steve. is he going to enforce a temporary ban on most refugees he says until more aggressive vetting can happen. and also suspend visas of folks who come from countries that are ties to terror like syria. here is the map. syria, iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan and libyan. >> what you are seeing now, we just saw last hour the first thing any leader can do is protect its own own people first. the areas are rife with unrest. who have islamic extremists.
4:04 am
who make their main goal releasing us to satan coming over here and say come over here acting one way to create chaos in their way. you go to look at some european leaders that have not done that concern. angela merkel in france. they are not too happy, and belgium they are beside themselves. and inhold we just told you last hour. the leader has been in charge since 2010 is now telling the refugee fuss don't meld into societies, there is the door. everyone around the eye he steve hilton who worked for david cam ron. also a fox news contributor from u.k. what's happening in europe. let's listen. the whole policy of europe disaster economically because
4:05 am
it's allowed so much cheap unskilled labor to flood in to various countries and undermining the economy and people's living standards. same sort of impact you are having here with uncontrolled immigration people feel reful that actually jones that used to be available are not. >> real problem in europe is so significant is the security impact. the way that you have had not just security made worse inside europe, but by saying come to europe, to anyone in the middle east it's increased instability in the middle east. brian: what i would love to see is president obama and his people play a political game for a change. this is what he is doing. but it should not be interpreted by his political enemies as anti-refugee, anti-immigrant. anti-mile-per-hour because it's not. ainsley: it's pro-america. brian: go out of your way because you have a lot of communications people and a lot of expertise in this area to make it clear this is nothing against people here of different walks of life.
4:06 am
it is against, you know, keeping our life the best can you and not -- it's not anti-immigrant. i think they have to communicate that and not go off and talk about any pictures or illegal voting, talk about all this. there is a lot here. ainsley: think of it as you are a parent and you're child says i want students to come over to my house and play after school. you're going to protect your family. you want to meet the parents. you want to know more about the kids. you just aren't going to let anyone come in. you are going to vet who your friends are with. it doesn't mean you don't love other people at your child's school. it just means you are protecting your family. that's your job as a parent. brian: reince priebus you can use ainsley as an example. ainsley: elementary example. steve: a campaign promise that he made he would do -- he would build that wall and today he is going to sign that. also, it looks as if he is also signed an executive order as well green lighting the keystone and dakota access pipeline. here's the thing. it's not just going to provide
4:07 am
energy. cheaperring in energy which is great. it's going to create 28,000 jobs for people who work on the pipeline, plus, of the people who actually make the pipes. because is he specifying that the steel for the pipes has to be made here in the united states of america. brian: i think everything is a negotiation. everything is an angle. you say you want this, you want this. i will meet you halfway perhaps or we will get everything we want. steve: it's refreshing. ains aives he is saying we are going to do it in a clean way. he is saying we are going to create jobs. we are going to make steel here in america. he is saying you have just got to give me a chance. and this is going to allow us not to be as dependents on other countries for oil. steve: fantastic. brian: passing through our country. see if we can get ahold of it keep in mind the obamacar obama administration did impact positive. still not signing it. steve: freaking out. for instance, jane upon darks
4:08 am
regarding the pipeline she says we must protest this action, say no to illegal executive orders. where was she when president obama was show egg executive orders. brian: remember in the 70s she gave our whole country shin splints. steve: 80's i think we can't afford to build new pipelines that lock us into burning more fossil fuels. i will do everything can i to stop keystone xl and dapl. ainsley: clubs say they are going to fight this in court. steve: he has the legal authority to do it. environmentalists are freaking out about it. if you look at the map of the current pipelines in the united states and the map, you could see all those red lines, all those blue lines, those are pipelines in this country. keep in mind, some of those pipelines were built in, what, the 50's and the 60's? what do you think is going to be safer? less apt to leak a pipeline
4:09 am
built in 1975 or one built in 2017? brian: i'm going to help you with your point. are you ready? how about this? we're going to get that oil some way through our country. cuff put it on trains or trucks. steve: warren buffet prefers trains train. s. brian: all the accident could happen on open roads. has more of a negative environmental impact than pipeline. steve: pipelines work. we have used them for years. more energy cheaper it's a win-win. donald trump said we would eventually get sick of winning. it's a wednesday. are you sick of he winning? it's winning wednesday. just saying. ainsley: hand it over to heather for fox news alert. heather: start with tragic news deadly terror attack rocking in the capital of somalia. happened overnight. several trucks turned into bombs outside a hotel in mogadishu. watch this.
4:10 am
[explosion] to so those truck bombs go o gunmen then swarm inside a building. at least 15 people were killed. and dozens more injured. foreign journalists and photographers are reporterredly believed to be among those injured. somali police then killing at least four the attack. al shabaab, an al qaeda linked group taking responsibility for that we are learning more about one of our key allies almost hit missile. africa. but, instead e the 17-million-dollar weapons failed and headed back towards of the sunshine state but missed it theresa may is set to meet with president trump here in the u.s. on friday. we will hear more about that. we already telling you about president trump's plans to stop potentially dangerous refugees from entering our nation.
4:11 am
and now we're hearing that the state department just flooded our country with 500 of them in the last 24 hours. 81 of those refugees coming from syria, 46 from iraq. both of those countries of course hot beds for isis terrorists. more on that story pass we get it okay, we have all had this fight, right? you asked your husband or wife what they want to eat? they say whatever. check this one out. one guy now an internet sensation after his girlfriend gave that answer one too many times when deciding on dinner. after he settled on pizza he wrote in a can yo can you custon please send me annual extra empty box that has whatever written in big letters on it because that's what my girlfriend says she wants. this picture now going viral no. word on whether or not the pizza delivery man delivered on that order. and those are your headlines. i have hope she has a good sense of humor. steve: what ever. let.
4:12 am
ainsley: frustrate she'd couldn't make decision. brian: whatever. you make a choice. i don't want that. that's the problem with whatever. steve: you ask for whatever and here is whatever. brian: that's his answer. steve: that's like back in college about a block from every college campus in the 80's and the 90's was a bar called the library. so that when your mom called you the next day and said what did you go last night i was at the library. ainsley: make some decisions throughout the day you are a mom and working. you just want the man to make the decision for you whatever. brian: accept the decision. that's the problem. you don't accept the decision you will be making. ainsley: that's a different story. brian: that's the way that story ends. ainsley: how do you know? she got the box of whatever and said that's not what i wanted. brian: it's not that he is out of ideas. it's the idea he offers is never fully accepted. ainsley: what do you think? steve: look, they said whatever. here is a box with whatever. ains afns i would take that as a pizza with whatever on it
4:13 am
make it a supreme. heather: not empty. brian: whatever. steve: 7:12 in new york city. ainsley: we just told you the president approved the xl keystone pipeline to create jobs. did you know that it will put money in your pocket again? brian: and one zoo has a question for you. you have seen their panda? they lost it. ainsley: oh no. ♪ what's you say ♪ hit the road jack ♪ don't you come back no more no more no more no more ♪ hit the road jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. steve: president trump hitting the gas on construction of the xl keystone and dakota pipeline. oil project had been blocked by president obama for years. american petroleum institute ceo jack garrard joins us now from our nation's cap capital. good morning. >> good morning. >> guy barack obama block those pipelines. >> unfortunate. lots of different excuses he used why he blocked them. fundamentally it appears it
4:18 am
was a political decision. there were five environmental reviews done by his own state department all of which concluded there was no significant impact as a result of pipeline. one could only conclude it was political assessment and political analysis. in our view it was very unfortunate. we applaud the president, he has taken decisive action saying let's put people to work and bring low cost energy to america. steve: one the main concerns wases environmentalists thought there was a good possibility that could leak and mess up aquifers and stuff like that. we put up the map a little while ago and talked about what would you rather is a pipeline built in 1950 or 2017? which is going to be more reliable. all of the surveys showed that this new pipeline, these new pipelines were safe, right? >> well, absolutely. in fact, this pipeline, the keystone pipeline, the builders have agreed to 52 additional conditions beyond what the law requires to satisfy additional concerns raised by the public. we moved 99.999% of everything
4:19 am
safely through a pipeline and our objective is to have zero incidents. one of the great ironies, brian that a lot of people don't talk about, president obama's own environmental assessment through his own state department showed they would emit more greenhouse gases by not building this pipeline because this product is moving through alternative forms. greats irony we stop the safe process the one that protects the environment the most but they don't want to talk about the other adverse impacts. steve: there are other things that are great benefits to the american public. one of them the fact that donald trump himself said it's going to create 28,000 good paying jobs. plus, all the steel is going to be made here in the united states of america. but, jack, for the folks watching right now, what's the benefit for the -- of these pipelines to the folks watching tv right now? >> well, it's a great win to the consumers, to the american people. not only the job creation you
4:20 am
are talking about, brian, and we in our industry typically pay well above the national average. in some i object distances twice what the national average is for people who go to work for us. the real benefit comes to consumers. a.a.a. has estimated in the last year every consumer in america saved over $500 a year just from the gas pump savings. they also estimate that they save over $1,300 a year in their home heating and cooling costs. so that's what affordable, reliable low cost energy does for us every day. it's a big win for the public. a big win for workers. it's a great opportunities for us. steve: well, we all like more money in our pocket. jack garrard, president and ceo of the american petroleum institute. jack, thank you very much. >> thank you. good to visit with you. steve: all right. meanwhile. come up on this wednesday, it's been a rumor for weeks. will facebook crater and ceo mark zuckerberg run for office? this morning we have got some answers.
4:21 am
and the critics said president trump would that's right republican party apart but after winning over clinton supporting union bosses, kind of looks the other way around, right? a debate next. a debate next. ♪ady? ♪ it was i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
4:24 am
ainsley: here are quick headlines for you. nathan deal heading to the disaster zone along the south border. tornadoes blamed for a dozen deaths and wiping out entire neighborhoods. president trump offering support for victims and phone call to the governor earlier this week. mark zuckerberg went be running against president trump in 2020. spokesperson confirming to buzz feed that the facebook ceo has no plans in a potential bid for the white house.
4:25 am
brian? brian: all right. since president trump took office six days ago he led a standing ovation for hillary clinton, then hosted union bosses at the white house. so is the man who once accused of tearing up the republican party actually doing more damage to democrats or bringing both sides together? here to debate it christian ricker, founder of the trumpacrats pack and christian tarlov. are you happy with the donald trump have you seen so far? >> we couldn't be happier. donald trump has done more in the last three days to level the playing field for the american worker than the last four presidents have done in the last 30 years. he has reached out to union leaders and corporations across the country. he has set up a system where we're going to bring jobs back to the country and start to rebuild our economy. brian: jessica, we're seeing a lot of donald trump with the working man, union leaders going back and saying yeah, i will build your pipeline but i
4:26 am
want the 28,000 workers and i want american steel. going to dump the tpp to make sure jobs are kept here. does that concern democrats that he might be capturing the union vote? >> well, not at this point. we have a long way to go until 2020 when we will be voting on donald trump again. so, i can't really speak to that hillary clinton said that she was going to oppose tpp as well and we had overwhelming union support. listen, i want the country to succeed. americans are economically optimistic about a trump presidency though his favorability is still incredibly low. but, listen, if we're going to make more jobs in america, that's a great threatening. i have seen reports though that these pipelines are going to only bring temporary jobs. i don't understand if everything is supposed to be american made why is he encouraging transcanada to go back to the state department. we should certainly have someone here that could do that. listen, this is the least of my worries kind of about what donald trump is doing when we have reports now is he going to have voter fraud investigation. reports that he is going to
4:27 am
start banning visas from people in certain countries. so bernie sanders is happy. a lot of people on the left are going to be happy about the tpp opposition though not the pipeline. this is exactly what he said is he going to do. brian: christian, what i think is interesting senator schumer yesterday did something very clever. he knows donald trump wants a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan and donald trump loves infrastructure by nature. he wants to say to republicans finance your president's plan. how do you think that's going to play out? >> i don't understand why they keep continuing to play games in washington. aren't we sick of this? it's been going on for. gridlock. chuck schumer we know he supports infrastructure bill? why isn't he working with the president who also supports infrastructure bill? brian: it's about how it's going to get financed is the key. and that's where republican president could be going against the republican house. right, jessica? >> absolutely. chuck schumer has made it perfectly clear is he will to
4:28 am
work with the president on trillion-dollar freezing rain structure plan. democrats are thrilled about that. need to know how it gets done. need to know it's not a bunch of tax break for developers which is very trumpian as it were. it's hue it gets done. democrats know we are in the minority and we have to work together. i understand there is feelings that we're stalling these nominations but there is still a lot of concerns with the cabinet picks and we're going to keep going that. not resist not my president way but make sure that we hold republicans to account and donald trump specifically. brian: right. just the nominee hold up one tia mcmahon, that they are already out of committee and ben carson. why are we even waiting a week. >> elizabeth warren said she is going to back ben carson. it's going to happen. we don't have the numbers to stop it anyway. the ethics committee said they hadn't even been through the nominees that they needed the pace. democrats should take their time questioning. rex tillerson there were objections from a lot of people on the right even though they now have caved john mccain, marco rubio all said they this objections.
4:29 am
brian: but they all voted for him. >> they all did vote for him in the end. people are going to get behind donald trump it looks. brian: it's interesting. guys work something out and these women. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, brian. brian: certainly a dizzying start. rahm emanuel join the course of anti-trump critics. nowf the president has a message for him. clean up your city or else i will clean it up for you. and former president obama cents over $200 million to the palestinians before he left office. that's our money. the current president wants to do something about it. i would think. so you can't just do that, can you?
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
♪ ♪ steve all right. the president of the united states has been tweeting there morning. he just tweeted in the last
4:33 am
couple of minutes i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud, including those registered to vote in two states. those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead and many for a long time. depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures, the president writes. brian: here is he doing incredible things. fulfilling campaign promises at a rate that john roberts has been doing this for 30 years has never seen before. and i believe he is stepping on his message with the crowd size and more with his voter fraud. it's just stepping on a message. ainsley: sean spicer told the press this is nothing new. he has been talking about this and voter fraud throughout the whole elections. brian: he got that question. he said by the way, what do you think, did the president actually say to other congressional leaders does -- there was voter fraud that's the only reason he lost the popular vote. and sean spicer could have
4:34 am
said i don't know i wasn't there he said oh yeah, he has always believed that the nightly news has led not with donald trump's agenda but with unsubstantiated charge. ainsley: we have interviewed people that have come on though and said their relatives are dead. brian: not 5 million. it doesn't matter. steve: we have done many stories about how there has been voter fraud in this country for years. guests would say that's one of the reasons democrats don't want voter i.d. how many, don't know. obviously during the off handed comont with dick durbin a couple nights ago when the president said i think i would have won the popular vote if it wasn't for the illegals who vote. i was told by a white house official high ranking last night that there would be a major investigation into it. so, good. go ahead. do the investigation. this is what donald trump does. when the left says look, there was no voter fraud, he says, okay, i'll telling threw was voter fraud. now he has got the mechanism, the federal government, to go ahead and go see whether or not there was. ainsley: he won. he could drop it he won. he is not because he wants to make sure the process is
4:35 am
correct and four more years, i don't care who wins i want the person. brian: story he wants out. brian: brian, let me finish. i want person who deserves to win to win. i don't want the person who is dead voting. that's what he saying. brian: somewhat priority the wall, illegal immigration. ainsley: all of it. brian: to charge unsubstantially the biggest voter fraud in our history is going to swamp everything that he wanted out. ainsley: what do you think? tell us what you think? i think all of these issues are important. steve: he is a multitasker. look. he also put out a tweet about the supreme court we are going to talk about in just a minute. is he guy who is checking a lot of stuff off of his list there are a number of people who have said, look, there is a voter fraud problem. he believes there is. and now he has got the mechanisms of the federal government to find out whether or not there is. and soon we'll have the report and then we'll all know. brian: by the way, he won. steve: he did win. brian: he thinks there is 5 million illegal people
4:36 am
voted? steve: there could be millions of people registered in two different states there could be millions of people who are still on the voter roles who are dead. ainsley: i think you are focusing on the row wrong thing. brian: no he is focusing on the wrong thing. he has agenda and he is swamping it. ainsley: let us know what you think. we clearly differ on this. hand it over to heather. heather: related to a top ping you were just talking about. new administration reviewing things. we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars sent to the palestinians just before president trump took office. the state department is now reviewing the obama administration last minute 221-million-dollar money transfer to the palestinians. the department could make adjustments to that payment to make sure it complies with president trump's priorities. congress was notified about that money just hours before president obama left office. the funds had been blocked by republican lawmakers over concerns that the palestinians were trying to seek membership in international organizations so we'll keep you posted as the story develops.
4:37 am
well, just moments ago, president trump making a big announcement about the supreme court on twitter. tweeting this: quote, i will be making my supreme court pick on thursday of next week. thank you. well, sources tell fox news the short list is down to three. the top contenders judge william prior, judge kneel gore such and judge thomas hardeman. he president trump has met with each of them. median chelsea handler taking a swipe at first lady melania trump trashing her to the magazine variety for being immigrant. >> what about melania, would you have her on your show? >> melania, to talk about what? she can barely speak english. >> what do you think about her as the first lady. >> exactly what i think about him as the first man. nothing. i don't respect either one of those people. >> comedian. really funny, right? well not only does the first lady speak english but she also speaks french, italian, german and native language of her country slow vein i can't.
4:38 am
now facing severe backlash from comments calling her ignorant. one zoo in virginia is asking where is our panda? there is a frantic search now underway for missing red panda. sunny is his name. he was last supposed toed in his enclosure on monday. when zoo workers went to check on him the next day he was gone. right now the zoo staff hoping sunny is on the ground somewhere, maybe hiding in a tree. neighbors are now warned not to touch furry sunny if they see him. wow, is he cute. coincidental steve and brian where were you that day? huh? did you take sunny? did you bring sunny back from d.c. steve: at that zoo is pandemonium. ainsley: what zoo? heather: zoo in he he virginia. we were right by there. steve: meanwhile go outside. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean the weather machine on the streets of new york city. janice: maybe the panda came to new york to site see never know. he has a built in if you are coat. is he ready take a look at the temperatures and maps.
4:39 am
we had a big nor'easter yesterday and thankfully that is exiting the coast. the sun is coming out. and the temperatures are still cold. especially across the rockies and the northwest where we have a system behind that. that's where the cold air is coming from. you were midwest. that's our next storm. you can see on the map the northeast is clearing out. better days ahead, my friends. you were midwest, great lakes, that's where we have our next storm system with the potential of some heavy snow, maybe a little bits of rain. not a big deal here. but some cases we could see 8 to 12 inches of snow. that's why we have winter weather advisories in place. so this system is going to move across the northeast tomorrow. but it's not going to be a huge deal. it is going to provide some nuisance weather across the northeast and the mid-atlantic. not a big storm system though and as i said better days ahead for much of the country. so we'll deal with this system tomorrow and then a much better forecast as we head into the weekend. the one thing we're going to have to watch for it is going to get cold as we head into
4:40 am
saturday and sunday. pardon me, i just did that weather forecast with a throat lozenge in my mouth. so i apologize. i'm still working on that cough. brian: was that a dare? janice: was that a dare? i mean, you guys do your reading with throat lozenge. ainsley: no. but that was very impressive until the very end. you almost got through the whole thing. janice: it almost got caught in my throat and then i would have been choking and ed would have had to have saved me. ricriccola. brian: smith brothers are the chewy ones. janice: i think so. brian: wright brothers that taught us how to fly. janice: very much. back inside. steve: janice go have hot tea it's going around. ainsley: sick for about a week. fighting that thing. it expose dollars the inner workings of the clinton machine. >> all crime is about stealing. the big criminals are still at large.
4:41 am
>> didn't see any reason to keep them. ainsley: hollywood hated it so much that they awarded it the worst movie of the year. steve: of course. the film maker dinesh d'souza here to react. what do they call it the razzies? brian: and across party faceoff on the floor of congress. senator tom cotton joins us live with what he had to say to senator chuck schumer a couple of days ago. senator cotton next. or soon. ♪ mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that...
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after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday. ♪ my sweet home ♪ chicago brian: live look at chicago this morning from our good friends at fox 32. beautiful city doesn't look that cold from here. ainsley: somebody getting arrested? is that a blue light?
4:45 am
brian: not sure. president trump ready to take action if chicago mayor rahm emanuel doesn't take control of that city's murder crisis stating quote if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on 228 shootings in 2017. 42 killings up 24% from 2016, i will send in the feds. this coming after emanuel slammed the president offering unsolicited job advice. listen. >> to make sure the people have a job. the economy continues to grow, people have security as it relates to their kids' education, et cetera. and it wasn't about your crowd size. it was about their lives and their jobs. brian: it comes in the wake of 2016's nearly two decade high. we now know what was inside the he letter. barack obama make a plea to president trump save affordable care act. revealing the note to congressional leaders earlier this week. i think it was more than that
4:46 am
that was just one element in it. ainsley: today former south carolina governor nikki haley set to be sworn in u.s. ambassador after breezing past the senate and otherwise nasty battle with democrats accused of delay tactics. brian: testy exchange. democratic senator chuck schumer reportedly asked senator tom cotton quote where were you 8 years ago referring to president obama's cabinet battles. steve: cotton respond 8 years ago i was getting my you know what shot at in afghanistan so don't talk to me about where i was 8 years ago. joining us right now that republican senator and army vet tom cotton. good morning to you, senator. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, guys. steve: i understand how you senators are. you hate to get in the mud and talk about things that are happening that are supposed to be confidential but is that pretty accurate what happened? >> well, let's just say that senator schumer and i had a frank exchange of views about the scheduling of some of these confirmation votes. steve: um-huh. >> ultimately that's the main dispute here is democrats in
4:47 am
unprecedented fashion are delaying the votes on president trump's cabinet members on friday we should have voted on mike pompeo to be the director of the cia. we all thought we had an agreement to have a vote that day. senator schumer said he had only spoken for himself not for his entire conference. i have had good dealings with senator schumer in the past on legislation. i hope as he gets a little more experience under his belt as the leader is he able to keep control of his conference because that's the way you negotiate around here is you negotiate through our leadership. and i look forward to confirming these nominees hopefully quickly. you know, we could only start on friday once the president was sworn in but as the days go by, the momentum behind these nominations is going to grow. and if it takes 24 hour around the clock votes, then that's what i'm committed to doing to make sure we get proirp president trump's cabinet in position. ainsley: did you what a lot of people are wanting to do with chuck schumer so these guys are going to be confirmed so do it already. what was his response? and could he come up with a good response guess what for the last 8 years i was fighting for you and for our country?
4:48 am
>> senator schumer has some democrats in his conference that were trying to delay the vote. he ultimately voted for congressman pompeo, now the directors of the cia. i am glad for that as you saw on friday night when almost 90 senators voted to move the nomination forward and on monday night when mike pompeo got 66 votes, which is even mere than barack obama's last cia director got, there was no reason to delay this critical national security position. just like there is no reason to delay rex tillerson' cifings for secretary of state. we need to move forward with some of these very important national security positions for our government. brian: senator sessions, betsy devos. ben carson should have been green lighted and get to work. you have a week and a half with donald trump. have you a republican leadership meetings. nonstop blizzard of executive orders coming down and legislation out there. how would you characterize what's happened over the last week as opposed to what's happened over the last four or five years? >> well, obviously i think president trump is off to a much better start than barack
4:49 am
obama performed over the last 8 years. you know, just yesterday he finally advanced the keystone pipeline and the dough coat that access pipeline. pipelines should have been constructed years ago to provide thousands of good paying american jobs as well as low cost affordable energy. today and the coming days, president trump is going to issue some executive actions on immigration, trying to get our southern border in control to deport hardened criminals and gang members to try to stop the flow of refugees into our country that we can't control. i look forward to working with president trump and the administration in the weeks ahead on introducing legislation that's going to address some other issues about immigration that our immigration levels are too high and we need to get control of them. so wages can go up in this country. folks who are american citizens can get jobs. steve: sure. >> there is a lot of activity and i look to even more in the coming days and weeks ahead e. steve: senator tom cotton joining us from the senate. if you see senator chuck schumer today tell him we said hi.
4:50 am
brian: i take that has a yes. i don't think they are talking today. >> bye, guys. steve: exposed inner workings of the clinton machine. >> all crime is about stealing. the big criminals are still at large. >> didn't see any reason to keep them. steve: well hollywood and the liberal left haighted that movie so etch they nominated it as the worst movie of the year. the proud filmmaker dinesh d'souza says he couldn't be any happier. is he live with ainsley next. ♪ radioactive ♪ radioactive ♪ i raise my flag with the xfinity tv app,
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4:54 am
he. ainsley: the nominations for the oscars are out. one film that was absent from the oscar list, well, conservative filmmaker den niche d'souza made a film called hillary's america. >> all crime is about stealing. the big criminals are still at large. >> didn't see any reason to keep them. ainsley: the movie did manage to score a nomination for the razzie awards as the worst movie of the year. so why the snub? what's really going on here? director of hillary's america den 9/11 d'souza joins us now. good morning. >> what was your reaction? were you embarrassed or were you happy? >> well, i have to say i was elated and i was amused because one can really see very easily what's going on. let's remember that this movie hillary's america was the top grossing documentary of last year. there is an independent ratings agency called cinema score. they talked to audiences coming out of theater.
4:55 am
they gave the movie an a minus rating which makes it one of the height highest rated movies by people who actually buy the tickets. so why is hollywood sort of doing this to us? the answer is very clear. they are doing it to us because we made a movie that was critical of hillary and the democrats. i assure you had i made a movie that attacked trump and the republicans, i would be in the oscar lineup. ainsley: yeah. you have might have a point. how successful was the movie if you look at the numbers? >> well, the movie grossed $13.5 million in the theater. more, of course in dvd. and that makes it the eighth highest grossing political documentary of all time. so, i now have made three documentaries all three are in the top 10. clearly we have ellipsed michael more as the most successful documentary makers today. i think this is what makes hollywood map. the idea that conservatives have marched into their territory and planted a flag.
4:56 am
ainsley: so clearly it's not the worst movie if so many people have seen it and made so much money. do you think they did this out of revenge because hillary clinton lost? >> they're very angry about trump. this is part of their refracted rage against trump. here is the funny thing i'm nominated as the worst actor even though ainsley i'm playing myself. now how can i play the world's worst actor at playing dinesh, i'm playing me. ainsley: you are the worse dinesh d'souza ever. anything else you wanted to say? i didn't mean to cut you off. >> no. i was going to say this is a very interesting moment in american politics. the hollywood guys basically have mobilized against trump. this is refracted rage against that. ainsley: all right. thank you, dinesh, great to see you. this morning, everyone was supposed to be talking about trump's big beautiful wall but did it get overshadowed by a tweet? and peyton manning has plenty of time on his hands since retirement. now is he meeting with
4:57 am
president trump. is he getting bored already? we will give you a report on peyton manning. we love him. ♪ ♪ i'm a shining star ♪ no matter who you are ♪ shine bright to see ♪ for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac what you wear every day actually making your body feel better, making your whole day better. that's exactly what tommie copper does for people everywhere coping with life's everyday aches and pains. they call it "wearable wellness," and tommie copper has infused it into everything they do. why not treat yourself well this new year? go to enter your e-mail to become part of the tommie copper community and get 25% off your entire order. we'll even throw in free shipping. life hurts. feel better.
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>> the sheer volume of news coming out of this white house in the last couple of days dwarfs anything we've seen in our memory. >> we will build our own pipeline like we used to in the old days. >> about time we take action for people to work, bring low cost energy. >> we're bringing manufacturing back to the united states big league. >> been euphoric ever since donald trump got elected. we feel like we have a friend in the white house now. we didn't have one when barack obama was president. >> moments ago president trump making a big announcement tweeting this quote i will be making my supreme court pick on thursday of next week. thank you. >> a fox news alert. donald trump has threatened to
5:01 am
use federal law enforcement to restore order in the city of chicago. >> absolutely the feds can do this. >> i don't know another word besides carnage to describe the deaf station that has been taking place. >> another flurry of executive orders today. among them. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. ♪ ♪ steve: well, somewhere in 1,600 pennsylvania avenue about an hour ago, donald trump hit send. he sent out a flurry of tweets and some of them have to do with voter fraud. and that is our lead story live from new york. this is fox and friends. ainsley: all right. so are we going to read the tweet? i will be making a huge investigation into voter is fraud, those who were illegal and also those who registered to vote who were dead and many
5:02 am
for a long time. depending on those results, we will strengthen up our voting procedure. brian: in a perfect scenario, that's an answer to a lot of questions that could be coming. the administration where sean spicer's way whenever he goes out front who decides to do interviews, although he's going to be speaking to sean hannity thursday night. so the goal is to put a period on it. you have so many -- you have maybe up to 15 separate news items that you've already accomplished over the last four days. mike says this about the decision to go ahead and investigate voter fraud, which according to sean spicer, donald trump feels it's between 4- 5 million people. he believes there is rampant voter fraud. steve: sure. we've done many stories on this channel how therely historical has been voter fraud. we know for a fact there are many people registered in two states to vote. there are a number of people
5:03 am
who are deceased, and they're still on the voter roles. dane says this on twitter. it needs to be addressed. brian: and timing is everything. if you need to do an investigation into the electoral, it's still valid. if you want to do something into voter fraud, do you want to swamp the wall? do you want to swap the pipeline? do you want to swap extreme vetting of the illegals? do you want to swap tpp? these are all what donald trump has done. but if you saw yesterday, and you saw the nightly news last night, it has knocked all of that stuff down. and you get your approval generating up to 50, 60 president, the democrats would be afraid to touch him. ainsley: rush limbaugh yesterday, sean spicer yesterday, saying this is not new. this is something he has been talking about for a long time. if there's voter fraud, he wants to get to the bottom of
5:04 am
it. i don't have a problem with that. you want to check as many things as possible on day one. so he's doing that. tpp. the wall. immigration. voter fraud. steve: this is what donald trump does. when he sees something, and it's bugging him, he just addresses it head-on. i mean, regarding the mainstream media and what they put on the other willing channels, he could have the best day in the whole world, and they would focus on something else just to make him look bad. brian: shouldn't make it easy for him. steve: look, he's the guy who counterpunches. so what he's going to do is he's now got the entire federal government go ahead do an investigation. let's get to the bottom of it. maybe it is time to have, you know, democrats have historically opposed voter id when you go into vote. maybe it is time for a nationwide thing where you have to have an id to vote, just as you do when you get some sudafed. take some people who ared two sr deceased, take them off the
5:05 am
roles. the investigation if it's going to happen, we'll finally settle the question whether or not it's a big problem and how to fix it. ainsley: that's right. steve: meanwhile brown was talking. the president has been very, very busy. he's got a pin, and he signed a couple of executive orders yesterday, including a campaign promise he's going to start to build that wall. brian: the money's there. they were supposed to build 500 miles of the wall, now build 50. it could actually commence right away. but as everybody knows without building a wall without surveillance and different charges for ice and border patrol is not going to be effective, so he expanded on it. ainsley: and when i interviewed him, he said mexico's now going to pay for it and now mexico's going to pay us back for it. and he says the reason is i want to build it now. if i want to mexico give me a check, that's going to take a while. guaranteed they will pay for it, but right now we just need to build it. and that's one of the
5:06 am
executive orders today. build a wall. also increase u.s. customs and border protection. steve: another executive order. and this is something that to his basis of crowd pleaser, end sanctuary cities. here's one of the things. we've got a great border patrol agency right now. but what they've been told by the previous administration is okay. you catch somebody, just shoo them back. and if they turn around and node new york city, don't bother. ainsley: we have all of these refugees coming into the country, 500 yesterday alone, and statistics show we're going to have 1,000 the first week president trump is in office. brian: he's going to change that also. visit homeland security today, and i get the message that i have your back. so he always talked about this. in the beginning he says let's further -- donald j. trump as of today will ban the income of muslims to our country.
5:07 am
he has since amended that and came out and says, look, there's a nuance to it. i'm going to look at the states that are terror prone like somalia, like yemen, like libya, like iraq, like syria of course, and iran and somalia and say, listen, you're going to get extreme vetting there and for the time being, we're going to shut it down because i want to worry about our country's security first. so that is out there being presented. steve: listen, before the election showing the majority of americans wanted to crack down on the number of refugees, hillary clinton in comparison wanted to increase the number of refugees from syria by 500%. it's pretty clear it's national security issue. meanwhile let's talk about show business. ainsley: hollywood. steve: we had the oscar nominations for you yesterday and comedian who has a cable show by the name of chelsea handler was being interviewed a couple of days ago, and she was add some questions about the trumps. and one of her answers has
5:08 am
absolutely blown up the twitter sphere. listen to this. >> the hollywood left is -- brian: just to. ainsley: we don't have the sound byte. steve: she would not want to interview melania trump because she's hard to understand because she has an accent. ainsley: the reporter said would you have trump on your show? no. would you have melania on your show? no. why wouldn't you have melania on your show? she doesn't even speak english. you can't understand her. something to that effect. if someone said that about a democrat, it would be racist, it would be all over the news. you can't say that about someone. she speaks five languages, and she's our first lady. i interviewed her. i can understand her. brian: obviously not pro trump. had kellyanne conway on the show. said, listen, i would love to have you on any time. i want to hear all sides. even though you know where he stands, if you're a talk show host, your first obligation is to your audience.
5:09 am
chelsea handler on netflix, her obligation is i guess to disliking donald trump. she weeped when he was elected. ainsley: yeah, she did on her show. brian: so that's where we're at right now. steve: so anyway. she said so many people are outraged that she is immigrant shaming and melania trump speaks five different languages as well. i guess that's chelsea handleler right there. yesterday she doubled down. if we can put that up. blink if you need help, melania trump. ainsley: wow. steve: how funny is that? tucker charleston last night had cristy johnson. ainsley: the vampire slayer. steve: exactly. she would love to hear an apology from chelsea. listen. >> the hollywood left is just acting crazy right now. i mean, it's our job in this community in hollywood, you know, it's our job to entertain, to make people
5:10 am
laugh, to make people cry, not run for cover, you know? and that's what everybody's, you know, they're attacking and attacking and attacking, and it's -- you know, it's not who i am, and it's not the community that i want to be a part of. it's not their hollywood, it's our hollywood, and i just think you need to calm down. brian: sadly chelsea handler isn't in a vacuum. they asked how many intersecession from the union? one in three when donald trump is president. steve: can we vote them out? brian: there's a lot of great people in california. just shows how divided we are and how oblivious some of them they are. chelsea handleler in middle america, 63 million to watch her, she's not going to have the career that she has enjoyed to this point and certainly not going to buy their books. ainsley: do they cherry-pick who they're going to pick, though? have made usually for and helping everybody and keeping people here. even illegals.
5:11 am
california sanctuary cities all over the place. but she's singling out the first lady because she's republican. steve: and we know how it works. people in the political left when they're in the entertainment world when they say something outrageous like that. ultimately what they can do is do like john stuart did and say, hey, look, i'm a comedian. and ultimately it would be her. brian: yeah, you can't be a political commentator -- steve: of course not. brian: as far as now your home state of wisconsin does not want to succeed. ainsley: we like the united states. it's a great place. >> a fox news alert. a deadly terror attack rocking the capitol of somalia overnight. several trucks packed with bombs exploding outside a hotel. take a look at this. after those car bombs went off, gunman stormed inside the building. at least 15 people reported dead so far.
5:12 am
dozens more have been injured, including foreign journalists and photographers believed to be among those. somalia police killing at least four terrorists and then ending the attack. al-shabaab and al-qaeda group claiming responsibility. un ambassador today just four against her, including bernie sanders. delaying the vote on jeff sessions. that is set to take place next week. so far only four of the president's cabinet members have been confirmed. compare that to president obama who had nine at the same point in his presidency. and peyton manning was in thousands of huddles in his football career now the next one will be with republicans. he will speak at the national republican retreat in philadelphia tomorrow night and that's where the party maps out the next year.
5:13 am
the two time super bowl champ is a long time donor to the republican party. what do you have to say? that's fascinating. steve: stay tuned. i'm sure we'll have excerpts. meanwhile the winning coming from president donald trump is becoming something every day. >> we'll see if we can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. steve: great jobs, and he would certainly say that's winning. 28,000 new jobs. so what's wrong with that? ed henry is live from washington coming up next. brian: and signs of the icy feud between the white house press secretary sean spicer and dipping dots is cooling off. the ceo of the ice cream company joins us with what he wants to do straight ahead [phon] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid.
5:14 am
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more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper brian: hitting the ground running, president trump wasting no time, signing an executive order clearing the way for two controversial pipelines. steve: controversial to the obama administration. they will be built in american
5:18 am
steel and create at least 28,000 jobs here in the united states. ainsley: our chief national correspondent ed henry is life with the latest for us. good morning, ed. >> hey, you're absolutely right. environmentalists quick about this. and he is an environmentalist and what frustrated him is that the obama administration sat on both of these pipelines, the dakota pipeline as well as the keystone pipeline for months and months waiting on it for environmental concerns and then slowing everything down. within these executive orders, he wants to speed up the permit process, speed up the environmental reviews. he says this will mean both american jobs but also he will make sure that the pipelines are built with american steel. watch. >> number one. but why was he number one in your mind?
5:19 am
>> he's a great quarterback. >> okay. apparently that might have been about peyton manning or another quarterback. not about the quarterback in the white house. but he did say these pipelines he wants to move on with them. american steel, something he promised in the campaign. but he also talked about in this case of keystone pipeline creating 28,000 american jobs alone. if you add that on, if it does go forward with the amount of jobs created and saved, say, with the carrier deal before he was even sworn in as president, there is obviously already been some pretty dramatic action. steve: well, what you know, ed? donald trump is currently the quarterback of the united states, so that sound byte made perfect sense. ainsley: that's for sure. >> democrats are trying to sack him, and he's on the run right there. ainsley: brian, you're turn. brian: he better not fumble. steve: you did preview the jim kelly interview that's coming up a little bit later. >> well, i heard a tease for another quarterback. i wish it were eli manning but
5:20 am
the giants sadly aren't going to the super bowl. sadly. ainsley: i like that we want from the pipeline to eli manning. brian: fox and friends we cover it all. ainsley: coming up, stop and look at this. an 18-wheeler obliterated by a speeding train because listen to this. the crossing gate that we depend on were still up like nothing was coming. so what happened? what went wrong? steve: and this morning we're about to be a step close to this. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. we will build a great wall. we will build the wall. steve: but can democrats still get in the president's way? it won't be a republican by the name of darrell. the congressman's onboard. he's live from statuary hall coming up next on fox and friends.
5:21 am
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ainsley: here's a quick look at headlines for you. a devastating announcement just one day after the governor of minnesota faints during a speech. he is now revealing that he has cancer. >> interest and if yo full disclosure, i learned last week that i do have cancer. ainsley: he will continue his role as governor, and we wish him the best. and president trump not only draining the swamp but also corruption at the va. these two employees at the
5:25 am
hospital, the one in puerto rico just fired, including the hospitals now former ceo who was under investigation for a string of unethical acts, including trying to pay off a whistle-blower. brian. brian: let's continue on that theme. meanwhile one of donald trump's signature campaign promises. remember? >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. we have to build the wall. we will build a great wall. we will build the wall. brian: the president set to deliver on that pledge. but can congress actually get in the way? republican congressman onboard with the proposal. but he's just one man. can congress get in his way? >> we can get out of his way, and that's what's going to be important, brian, for more than a decade, the border patrol has asked us to give them the tools to do the job, to be able to do the job with both the wall and the appointment of new u.s.
5:26 am
attorneys that will punish coyotes, people who traffic human beings. we will have a opportunity to let our border enforcement work they want to and those people who want to do the jobs, to be able to do them efficiently. brian: congressman, building a wall is just one facet of it. but if you look, for example, california where you are, how much do you guys need? >> well, we need a little bit more. in this case of the san diego region, we were one of the areas that proved the concept that you could do more with less border patrol people, allow them to do other things by not being essentially armed and arm at the border. but when you go along the mexican border, there are areas in which essentially anybody could walk across the border. and by the time the border patrol can get to them, they are in the united states, and then you have a huge obligation before you can return them to the country of their origin. brian: one in three californians in a recent story said they would rather is you seed than be part of a trump administration. you're in california.
5:27 am
what is the sentiment there? could this president do more to bring california in? or is it a lost cause? >> well, it's a little of both. the fact is california enjoys a comparatively good economy relative to its bad decisions. but that's starting to change because as you know we have the highest taxes, highest income taxes in the country at 13.3%, and we are running a deficit. so governor's having to face that yet another tax increase is not going to bring california. at the same time, you're right. one in three are californians are so strideient, they would rather fail than be part of a national movement. brian: all right. let's talk about something you do and we all can agree on, and that's easing the burden of the military families. how are you doing that with the bill you're introducing today? you're reducing taxes, i understand? >> what we're doing is harmonizing taxes of spouses in the military. brian, it's an absurdity.
5:28 am
but when you move as a man or woman serving the military, your spouse may not be able to have -- maintain the same state you have. so let's just say you're a texan, you get stationed at camp pendleton, if you're a marine, you get to be a texan and your spouse ends up being a californian, and it makes for a very confusing tax situation, often leaves the spouses not working, and it's fairly simple to fix. it actually is positive to the federal treasury. and if states would all do it voluntarily on behalf of our men and women, we would need federal action. but we are taking federal action on behalf of the men and women and their spouses who serve us. brian: all right. congressman, that's great. i cannot see you getting any push back on that. but who knows these days. congressman, thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: all right. coming up straight ahead, every secret service's agent sworn duty to take a bullet for the president. but one agent says no thanks.
5:29 am
not this president. he's on his own. and former hall-of-famer quarterback jim kelly is here. never looking better talking super bowl and much more. for lower back pain sufferers,
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a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. brian: a lot of people are asking how my dogs are doing. my dog just had a knee problem, and i said we're going to send him to rehab. and they said what does a dog do at rehab? and they said we put them on a treadmill under water. so that is rocky under water in a treadmill. he's doing great. he'll be able to jump any day now. but dogs need rehab too.
5:33 am
ainsley: the funny thing is if you have a dog, you know how expensive they are. i laugh because we saw the fish on the treadmill and taxpayers pay for that. brian: actually, taxpayers are paying for this. steve: how much is a rehab treatment like that for a dog? brian: i don't know. he got the bill himself, and he has not showed it to me yet. but he's almost full grown because& about six seven on his feet. steve: is he doing better? brian: i think so. ainsley: you love those dogs. brian: the greatest dogs you can get. but if you're looking for a breed that's great with your family and tall. steve: taller than you. brian: put his hands on my shoulders, he's over my head. ainsley: brian's kids can't go to college because the dogs have another surgery. brian: right because apollo's deaf and rocky has bad knees. you'll meet him soon when he's out of the water. steve: thank you so much for joining us on this wednesday.
5:34 am
heather joins us right now with a fox news alert. >> good morning, everybody. we have a fox news alert right now. live pictures from washington d.c. near the white house where at least seven protesters are climbing a massive construction crane. you can see them right there. police swarming the scene saying the protesters are reducing let construction workers do their jobs. we will keep an eye on the story and bring you the latest as it develops out of the nation's capitol. the secret service says it is taking quote appropriate action after an agent suggested on facebook that she would not take a bullet for president trump, though, she never mentioned him by name. earlier reporter ron said that this is simply unheard of. >> secret service agents are expected to act professionally and not let their political views influence their actions. can you imagine if an fbi said i'm not going to investigate hillary because i like her.
5:35 am
>> well, that agent telling the washington examiner that she wasn't trying to indicate she wouldn't take a bullet for mr. trump. we'll follow that story. well, stop what you're doing and take a look at the shocking video of a heart-stopping crash. you can see the double-decker crane full of people as it slams into a truck. the arms that normally traffic failed. police say they stopped working because of the severe ice and snow. that gives you an indication just how bad it was. luckily no one was hurt. and the ultimate tag-team on capitol hill. former wwe ceo had her confirmation hearing to run the small business administration. but her son-in-law was the one getting all of the attention. and that's because her son-in-law is a pro wrestler triple h. senators couldn't resist calling him out. >> i assumed that you've had some success with local qualified employees like triple h and the rock and other folks. >> paul's letting himself slip
5:36 am
a little bit. so after this, maybe we can get triple h getting triple help in getting back in shape. >> this man's hearing went very well. no word yet when a confirmation vote. steve: all right. thank you very much. with less than two weeks to the super bowl, no surprise everyone is talking about the football game. it's on fox, and we'll be there. ainsley: but what is a surprise is when your pick for number one quarterback is sitting in the back of your cab. watch this. >> number one. but why was he number one in your mind? >> he's a great quarterback. great quarterback. that's the top three. >> you ran into him, would you know who he was? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> turn around. turn around. >> how are you doing, man? >> oh, come on. are you serious? john elway. john elway. you said that. i have to take some pictures,
5:37 am
man. steve: and he did take some pictures. well, one of our favorite quarterbacks joins us right now in reaction to that video. nfl hall-of-famer jim curvy here on the curvy couch. ainsley: you still live in buffalo, have you ever had an experience like that in a cab? >> no. but as soon as i saw it, i knew it was john of course right away. but, no, nothing like that. but that was pretty cool. steve: what about the people who say, you know, you kind of look like jim kelly. >> i've had people tell me i look like john elway a couple of times. and i like messing with people. sometimes i'll doug flutie or warren moon. brian: the warren moon always gets them i'm sure. let's talk about buffalo going through coaching changes. and you're still up there with the team. but let's talk about the league this year. it was only one competitive
5:38 am
playoff game, dallas and green bay and overall the ratings were off 8%. are you concerned at all for the nfl? >> no. zero. but, you know, you see different things that happen this year like colin kaepernick and what he did, i'm sure that didn't help. so much self promotion. that, to me, probably -- because i listen to what people say. and too many people they make -- you think they just scored a touchdown or they make a tackle, and you think they just intercepted the ball. but it will come back because it's the national football league. steve: you know what, though? there are so many games now. there's a monday game, a thursday, a saturday, a sunday. they have to pair it down. >> i love it. i can watch football every day. steve: no wonder so many people don't watch, though, because there's so much to see. >> the thursday game, i can probably do without. i think a lot of people can do without. but i'm just a football nut. i watch college football, i
5:39 am
watch the nfl, i watch my nephews play, and my nephew is old miss. there's a lot to see. if you don't like it, don't watch it. brian: jim, let's talk about something else kind of interesting. you as a high profile quarterback, one of the greatest in the generation like peyton manning, he's going to go speak at the rnc. they're having a get away this weekend, and he's going to be one of the featured speakers. do they tell you as a quarterback to stay away from politics in the nfl? >> no. it's been a while since i played but, no, they don't. i mean, everybody has their own people they like, whether you like donald trump or whether you like hillary clinton or or whatever the case may be. no, they don't. but sometimes you get to watch how much you promote individuals, especially with my case my son's foundation, kelly for kids, i have different foundations, and you really have to watch it. but what you know? everybody has your opinion, and they're entitled to that. and this is 2017, and i just don't like where this country's going. just too many things going on,
5:40 am
and you see overseas. i just pray every day that it gets better, especially for my kids and my grandchildren. ainsley: yeah, jim, three years ago you were diagnosed with face and neck squamous cell cancer. how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. i've been blessed. i have a great doctor here in the city. i have great doctors, dr. lori and dr. sha who came with me, i knew i couldn't do this by myself. my wife jill, and i always say this when i was in the hospital at my lowest point, whenever they walked in, they walked in with a attitude they were going to make my day better. i teamed up with merk, and i know what we as a family went through with my son when we had no clue what my son's
5:41 am
disease was, western wisconsin to turn. and when i was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer, i didn't know where to go. who to talk to. and now we have a game plan called your game and all the questions that i had before not can be answered on there but nutrition, who do you see, who do you talk to? all those things. that website if you have any questions. steve: if folks would like to get to it, go to our website fox and, and we'll connect to yours. brian: jim was kind enough to let us into his house working through it. ainsley: ending sanctuary cities. a major component to president trump's immigration plan and texas is on the front line. so governor gregg we've invited him on the show. there he is. he's putting cities in his state on notice. steve: and only been on the job two days and sean spicer
5:42 am
already known for his trademark smile. but what if we tell you there's one thing that will knock the smile off of spicer's face. it's dip and dots. yes, the ice cream of the future. he can't stand it and the ceo here to put this bitter feud on ice. baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? no sir, no sir, some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters, smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance.
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steve: well, another busy day on the agenda for donald trump as he sets to deliver on a major campaign promise to build the wall starting today. but now a new tweet this morning about an hour ago changing the subject as the president, i will be asking a major investigation into voting fraud, including those who register to vote in two
5:46 am
states, those who are illegal, and those even registered to vote who are dead. and many for a long time. depending on the results, we will strengthen up voting procedures. here with reaction to talk about that and other things, texas governor gregg. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. steve: we've done many stories on voter fraud. there's the one voter in cleveland who said she voted for barack obama ten times. as your experience as attorney general and governor, how bad is voter fraud out in texas if you know? >> well, steve, as attorney general, i prosecuted about 50 voter fraud cases. there was an example of a case about a year ago about a woman who was in the united states illegally who voted multiple time in the dallas area. but, steve, here's the real deal and that is donald trump is not the first president to say he's going to look into voter fraud. i know that barack obama did it. barack obama put together -- barack obama put together a task force of fbi agents and
5:47 am
u.s. attorneys in south texas to both investigate and prosecute voter fraud in texas. and they prosecuted people and put them in jail. so voter fraud is real. it must be stopped. we need every tool to go after it. but that said, i want to make clear i have no information or data about what happened in the most recent presidential election. steve: absolutely. and i don't know that donald trump has any hard information. he just has seen studies and stuff like that according to sean spicer. and an investigation is coming. meanwhile, one of the things that donald trump signed yesterday, i believe, was an executive order regarding sanctuary cities, essentially getting rid of those. but there is a sheriff there in travis county, texas, which is the county seat is austin where you're sitting right there. what is she trying to do? >> she really is trying to create a sanctuary city here in the state of texas. i have to tell you, steve, this is completely outrageous because what she is doing under her plan, she would get
5:48 am
a sanctuary for those convicted in the past with heinous crimes like armed robbery, they could be operating in conjunction with drug cartels, and they would not cooperate with ice whatsoever. so it creates a sanctuary so, steve, we're going to crack down on this and ban sanctuary cities in texas. steve: you are personally; right? >> i am personally. for one, these sheriff's offices receive grants from the state of texas. we're cutting off those grants to any sanctuary city in the state of texas. but, however, we're in a legislative session. we are working on laws that will one ban sanctuary cities remove from office. anyone who promotes sanctuary cities criminal penalties as well as financial penalties. steve: well, let's see when you take the money away, she still feels that way. >> if she doesn't, we will remove her from office. steve: look at that. we're going to stay tuned to find out what happens there.
5:49 am
meanwhile, moving across the country regarding school choice, and i know you've got to rally down in texas, don't you? >> we had a rally yesterday promoting school choice. listen, we all that know one size doesn't fit all when it comes to education. the children and parents need options, and we need to empower parents to get involved in the child's education and allow parents to choose the school that is best for their child. >> absolutely. we all want the best for our kids. governor, keep us posted on that as well. we're going to have to talk you to you in a week to see how it's all going down there. >> look forward to it, steve. steve: thank you, sir. meanwhile this scandal this press secretary hoped would never surface. sean spicer's deep hatred toward dip and dots. it's out and the ceo is here to call a truths. but first up, bill hammer takes the helm 11 minutes from now. >> that shades of broccoli in that story there, steve.
5:50 am
good morning to you, steve. it is trump's world. we're just trying to keep the pace, folks. there's an active day ahead. news on the wall. news on sanctuary cities, news on extreme vetting. we have it all. and we have a great lineup. forcepstein from the white house. nigel farage from london will examine carnage as it relates to crime today and newt gingrich on everything else. big morning ten minutes away. sharon and i will see you at the top of the hour on america's newsroom this simple e best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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steve: before white house press secretary sean spicer started tangling with the press, he tangled with the ice cream of the future. i'm talking about dip in
5:54 am
dots. ainsley: what happened is they dug into his past tweets going back seven years like in 2010 when he wrote dib in dots is not the ice cream of the future. well, a year later he tweeted i think i said this before but dip in dots are not the ice cream of the future. and then 2015 yet again he tweeted if dip and dots are truly the ice cream of the future, they would not have run out of vanilla cc nationals. is that cotton candy? steve: great question. sean spicer unavailable for comment right now. however, our next guest wants that war of words to cool off. we're talking about the ceo of dipin dots. scott fisher joining us from nashville. we know that sean spicer is not just some guy at the rnc. now he's the official press secretary of the united states. how are you expanding the dipin dots olive branch to mr. spicer? >> well, we offered to bring dipin dots to the white house
5:55 am
and have a ice cream social, which was a great idea i thought and press secretary spicer responded back with a contract response saying it sounds good. maybe we can do something for veterans in the military, so we thought that was a great idea. ainsley: yeah, here was his tweet. he said sorry about the delay, how about we do something great for our nation and first responders, which is a good idea. are you moving forward with that? >> yeah. we are. the white house has a lot of stuff to do, so when it works for them, we'll be there with a truck full of dipin dots. it was a fun story, and it was a fun response. it was a good situation to where we followed over with tweets. we love the satire of the conversation. having the headlines sean spicer has a feud with dipin dots is like sean spicer having a fight with the easter bunny. it's just funny; right? ainsley: right. steve: i always thought that
5:56 am
dipin dots was invented by nasa or simple. ainsley: like space ice cream. steve: it wasn't. it was invented by whom? >> by cutter jones in connecticut. dipin dots, we've had double-digit growth for the past three years. we produce our product in connecticut and ship it through all 50 states in the u.s. being produced by hard-working americans. we did sales of over 400 million last year, and we're poised for growth for another double-digit growth in 2017. so we are an american success story. ainsley: where do you see them most? i see them at football games and other events. >> yeah, football games, universal studios, six flags, great for the kids. ainsley: thank you so much. steve: scott, keep us posted if the white house takes you up on that. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: have a good morning. steve: we'll return after we finish finish these bowl
5:57 am
step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business.
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6:00 am
pack. i'm addicted to dippin' dots. >> sean spicer, the olive branch of dippin' dots extended to you. tomorrow we've got a big show. andrew napolitano will be there. >> bill: we're off and running early on day three now. candidate trump promised to build a wall and today president trump will sign an executive order to make good on one of the more prominent and perhaps controversial promises of his campaign. here we go. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom." it is only wednesday, shannon. >> shannon: it is wednesday. it's almost friday. we'll say it that way. i'm shannon bream. issues trump didn't back down on even at his inauguration. >> every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be


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