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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 23, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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that's all the time we have left. we will be back tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. have a great night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> is it your intention to always tell the truth from that podium? do you pledge never to knowingly say something that is not factual? >> bill: plenty of action at the white house tonight with the press challenging the trump administration. we'll take a look at that and the chaos over the weekend. >> i feel hitler in the streets. a mustache traded for a toupee, nazis renamed the cabinet. >> bill: crazy left people making their feelings known. but are they actually helping president trump? >> did you watch the inaugural address? >> actually, yeah. >> what did you think of the speech? >> i actually didn't watch the speech.h. i didn't see the speech part.
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>> bill: also, ahead, watters getting analysis of the inauguration from the folks. t >> i see a lot of people who are enthused and hopeful for what is on the rise. -- on the horizon. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump on the job! that is the subject of today's "talking points." president trump assigned three executive orders. number one, the usa will leave the trans-pacific partnership. number two, there is a federal hiring freeze in place with the exception of the military. number three, the u.s. government will no longer pay w any agency for performing abortions overseas. in addition, the press briefing at the white house, brit hume
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will analyze that coming up. it was quite clear to me that president trump is going to be an activist. that means he is going to change a lot of things fast. if congresspeople think they are going to get a lot of gym time, they are mistaken. mr. trump is also going to challengeg the american press, which he loathes.. over the weekend, there was a silly controversy over who's inauguration crowd was bigger, trump's or obama's. a macho thing. with all due respect, who cares? if you are interested in that kind of thing, television ratings really tell the tale. donald trump's inauguration clocked in with the fifth highest tv viewership. ronald reagan's, first. but today, press secretary sean spicer said that if you added all the people watching os the internet devices, the trump inauguration reached more folks than any other. most likely true. but again, not really important to the country. what is far more compelling is the press war, the press war
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between the president and national media outlets. "talking points" sees it clearly, many in the media had a vested interest in seeing president obama succeed. and those same exact people hava a vested interest in seeing donald trump fail. he knows it. you know it. and i know it. the only reason to compare crowds at the inauguration, the only reason it is to embarrass donald trump everyone knows washington, d.c., is the democratic stronghold. come on. now, there are two roads for the trump administration. they can rise above the national media and bring the message directly to the folks. or they can slug it out. >> i am saying there is an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president. we are not going to sit around and let it happen. we are going to fight back, tooth and nail, every day, and
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twice on sunday. >> bill: so, a lot of time devoted to this press battle. back in the year 2000, presidential candidate george w. bush faced the same kind of media bias. >> you know something, bill, i have learned a pretty good lesson. that is never to complain about the press coverage. i don't like some of the coverage but i will tell you, the worst one was for me in politics was when i saw people say ugly things about my dad. i was a loyal son, he is the guy that gave me unconditional love and i was ready to launch after anyone that said -- >> bill: you did on a couple of occasions. >> i did. it's a lot different being the person is going to become your president. >> bill: george w. bush did not engage the press. he mostly ignored the slings and arrows. "talking points" believes that hurt mr. bush a bit, as his image suffered in the relentless criticism he endured. the iraq war should have been defined better by the bush administration, especially after the weapons of mass destruction
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were not found. george w. bush made a decisionsp not to take on the press and they hammered him. there is no way donald trump is going to allow that to happen. whether the ongoingam confrontation is good for the country, for you guys, remains to be seen. americans have to understand that there is an organized effort to get donald trump out of office. this is a largely unreported story. the woman's march over the weekend, a perfect example. that wasn't a spontaneous event. it was organized by far left groups, received millions of dollars from the liberal activist george soros. in fact, he has ties to 50 of the groups that attended the woman's march this weekend. 50. according to the media research center, sources pumped $90 million into those groups. some of the top of march organizers were members of the
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obama administration, hillary clinton's campaign, bernie sanders campaign. again, this was not some spontaneous uprising. a well-thought-out political spectacle, designed to denigrate the new president. if you watched the exposition, you heard some really crazy stuff. >> blacks are still in shackles and graves just for being black. slavery has been reinterpreted as the prison system inferential -- in front of people who see melanin as animal skin. i am not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag. and i didn't know devils could be resurrected, but i feel hitler in these streets. a mustache traded for a toupee. nazis renamed the cabinet. >> bill: eeh, that kind of extremism is simply nuts. yet, the trump administration responded.
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>> you have celebrities from the podium using profanity laced insults. you have a very prominent singer, who has hundreds of -- worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not going to a women's shelter to write a check but instead of, saying she thought "burning down the white house." >> are you talking about madonna? >> this is destructive. >> bill: i think she is talking about blowing up the white house, not burning it down. that would take too long. ms. conway is correct. it is destructive. not good for the country. "talking points" has no problem with people demonstrating against a politician or a political party. that is time-honored.o but insane charges of fascism -- of racism, and the like, demean our system. it is clear that the far left will not give president trump a chance and will try to get him out of office before his time is over. it's going to lead to trouble. the crazy left has a powerful ally, the media. you won't hear them reporting p about how george soros is manipulating protests behind the mscenes. you won't hear that.
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finally, a presidential inauguration is supposed to be s time of celebration for the country, not nonstop acrimony. donald trump is a confrontational guy. he is not going to sit around and take a lot of but by responding to obvious provocations, the trump administration veers away from the people's business. before.said it the trump administration will rise or fall on his policy accomplishments. if the economy ignites, and security gets tighter,s. mr. trump will be a successful if that does not happen, then, the dissent will become overwhelming. that is "the memo." next on "the rundown," charles krauthammer will reply. then, austan goolsbee will show us an opposing point of view. later, the press briefing today. brit hume has some thoughts. and "the factor" is coming right back.
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>> bill: joining me now with our story, donald trump in washington. joining us, charles krauthammer. did i miss anything about the first day, charles? >> i think there is something about the march that is i think even more significant, what the media are doing. what they are doing now, and i don't think this is a concerted effort, this is not orchestrated, this is simply the media being overwhelmingly liberal, they think the samehi way. but what they are doing is to try to call this the tea party of the left. they have been kicking themselves since 2009, 2010, for missing the tea party phenomenon, which became enormously important in the by elections, the elections of 2010, and the laws of the house and the senate by the democrats over time. they ridiculed the tea party. they condescended to it.
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they ignored it. what they tried to do is to look for that on the left and they started with occupy wall street. remember, "the new york times" own ombudsman said that they were promoting the cause, pretending it was a real movement, it was nothing of the sort. it was spoiled, unemployed, overeducated college students who blew away with the first winds of winter disappeared. this, they see, the marchit of saturday, they look at the headlines, "tea party, left-wing tea party." can they revive it? the fact is, they are not. they are overestimating. they are going to promote it and they are going to fail. >> bill: what about the soros factor?o when you have this kind of billionaire behind 50 of the groups that sponsored the march and donating, according to reports, $90 million to those
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groups, that seems to be a little frightening when there is one guy and his crew pushingng this as a democratic movement, when it really is a contrived movement, is it not? >> you can put all the money you want into all the organizations you want. but the half a million people or so who showed up in washington were not coming because of the waving of money or because of a bunch of groups funding, look, all groups have funding. the conservative groups, liberal groups, far left groups, big deal. that was real people showing up. my question to those real people was, where the hell were you on election day? >> bill: they probably voted. they just lost. don't you feel they showed up because they were told to show up? look, if you look at the totalitarian governments --
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>> who tells anybody to show up? >> bill: they live on the web sites. >> what is the threat, why do they have to go? >> bill: they don't have to go to a negative, they have to go to be with their brothers and sisters and to show their h solidarity and that they are good people and fight the fascist racists. it is a whip up. if you study history, all the totalitarian regimes were fueled by whip-ups, okay, and people turned out to the streets. where they spontaneous? no.up they were well organized and the target is trump to get him out before the four years is over. >> look, if you are talking about the fascists in the '20s and '30s, they actually took over governments, essentially by force. we are not talking about that. when you are talking about people showing up, being whipped up, you are saying free people read the internet, they decideng
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they sympathize with this idea y or group, they get on a train, they get in a car, they cross country, they go to a demonstration. how is that different from the march on washington in 1963? were they whipped up? yes, by a civil rights movement. i don't think there is a movement here. >> bill: here's how it is different. the civil rights movement in the '60s and all of the demonstrations that took place were against injustice. all right? you can see it. it was there. all right? the same thing with vietnam. a lot of people felt the war was not being waged properly, it was unjust, the working class soldiers were being exploited and on and on. there is no injustice here. this is a perception, a perception of fascism and racism and bigotry. all right? there is no proof. you can't provide it. this is a contrived it is not based on reality as the '60s were. go.
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>> i mean, you are talking abour perceptions here. are you aware of how many communist groups there were for the march on washington? how many there were in the vietnam movement? you know all of these, a lot of them were funded by unsavory sorts. look, what they are protesting, to the extent that they actually have an ideology, and there were all kinds of groups with a loty of weird causes in there, it was more amusing to me than frightening, what they are protesting, if anything, is donald trump and the threat they perceive coming from him. well, we have a democracy. you settle that at the ballot box. but they have every right to express themselves. and you may judge -- you may judge it. >> bill: i think there is something more nefarious going by on behind the scenes than you do. >> oh, come on. so, you are afraid of these
8:18 pm
women? >> bill: i'm not afraid of anybody. >> yes, you are. >> bill: there is a lot of things behind the scenes that is not going to be reported by y anybody, there's a lot of manipulation going on, a lot of propaganda going on, a lot of bad things going on, that people should know about. that is my job to tell them. >> i would recommend less paranoia, less conspiracy, and a little relaxation. it will be okay. it was just a demonstration. they are not going to take over the white house. i will give you my personal >> bill: tomorrow's "talking points" will be delivered with me in a hat. >> i'll prescribe the valium. you take it. >> bill: never take it. no drugs for me. clearheaded at all times. charles krauthammer. directly ahead, dr. austan goolsbee will weigh in on how the trump administration is dealing with the democrats on capitol hill. then, there was this today. >> is it your intention to
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♪ >> bill: "impact segment" tonight, white house press secretary sean spicer said the trump administration wants to work with democrats in congress. but is that possible? joining us now from chicago, dr. austan goolsbee. former member of the obama cabinets. before we get to that, you heard charles krauthammer and i kicking it around. i think it is a little more serious than the doctor does come as far as mobilizing peoplu to undermine the new administration. what say you? >> you know, i thought dr. krauthammer was kind of correct. you sounded like you were getting a little unhinged or something.
8:23 pm
>> bill: unhinged? can you point to a phrase that signified my unhingedness? >> i will just say this. there were some thousand pluss people demonstrating in fairbanks, alaska, where it was 18 below zero. that wasn't a conspiracy espoused by george soros or others. it was the largest demonstration -- historians say it's the largest demonstration in americanan history. >> bill: that wasn't the boston tea party, okay? that was these people in fairbanks got a little message on their computers, meet here with your fellow social -- >> bill, it was the biggest demonstration in american history around the country. so, yes, you will find some people have weird but overall, it was prettyar significant. that is why donald trump was so insecure about it. >> bill: this was directed, itt was not spontaneous. we can prove that. w
8:24 pm
>> was the tea party demonstration of tax day 2009 directed? >> bill: it was suggested, not directed. there was big money behind -- -- there wasn't a big money behind the tea party. >> okay. this was some ten times bigger than those demonstrations. >> bill: $90 million is a lot of money, going to those groups who sponsor the demonstration. nothing like that took place with the tea party. do you believe that the trump administration is capable or even wants to work with democrats in congress? >> i don't know that they are capable or want to. and you know, in a way, it kind of comes back to these demonstrations. if you won an election narrowly, there is one approach, which is the jfk approach, which is, he wins a narrow election and he wins the electoral college bys more than donald trump won. but he makes his inaugural address one which is, which
8:25 pm
says, hey, look, i know a lot of you voted for the other guy but i'm going to be your president, too, give me a chance. he puts republicans in prominent positions in his cabinet and he starts by doing policy that the wide consensus of the country can agree on. if donald trump had done that, if donald trump had, and his inaugural address even, said, "i don't a lot if you voted against -- i know a lot of you voted against me. i didn't get the majority of the vote but i'm going to prove you wrong. give me a chance." i think these demonstrations would have been half the size theyhe were. >> bill: whatever he says, he is a racist and a fascist. you heard ashley judd, the great political scientist. okay. you might be right on trump and his administration is saying, look, you know what, we got our majority in the senate, we got the majority in the house, and we have our really fervent supporters who voted for us. we don't need chuck schumer and his merry men. >> that's kind of what it feels like.
8:26 pm
>> bill: we kind of you to say we need them to be whatever. that is possible. but if the economy starts to surge and you are an economist, that is what you helped president obama with, if the tax cuts and the regulations going down stimulate the economy quickly, democrats will be in a tight spot. >> yes, i guess i would say, for sure, if they don't stimulate the economy, if we keep putting up job numbers like the ones we put up for the last seven years, or we do worse than that, then, i think that donald trump will be in a tough spot. >> bill: he's got to deliver. >> i agree. >> bill: border security and isis security. no doubt. if he doesn't, there will be more demonstrations orchestrated by george soros, who is not going to run out of money. >> and there is a reason why he has got the lowest approval
8:27 pm
rating of any incomingut president, i think it is because he is going with "i won about no matter how close it is, i'm charging ahead, i don't need you guys." i think he is going to overstep. you should warn him. >> bill: that reminds me of as man named barack obama. >> no, barack obama won big, as did ronald reagan. >> bill: my way or the highway. >> they did kind of do that. >> bill: i try to persuade you, doctor. it is futile but i try to persuade you. persuasion is good. we appreciate it. plenty more as "the factor" moves along this evening. brit hume has some thoughts on the first press conference today. it was a heated exchange. we'll show you that. watters talking to the folks about the inauguration.s >> what would you have liked to see president trump say? >> what does he actually want to do? like, in a clear way.s >> i think he made that pretty clear. >> bill: i hope you stay tuned
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>> bill: as mentioned in the "talking points" memo, the relationship between president trump and the press is strained, to say the least. but in the white house briefing today, it was mostly civil. only one heated moment. >> do you stand by your statement that that was the most watched inaugural address? >> sure, it was the most watched inaugural. >> more than ronald reagan's? >> i'm pretty sure that reagan didn't have youtube, facebook, or the internet.
8:32 pm
41 million people watched it.e 41 million watched his.. let's just take the nielsen ratings, 31 million, and add it to cnn. 16.9 million. that's a little higher. >> bill: that was a reference to streaming onto cnn or something. but spicer, by bringing in the internet, seems to have gotten the better of that exchange. joining us now from florida,et brit hume. i thought he won that round. what say you? >> i would say he got himself, to some extent come out from under what appeared to many, unfairly, to be a bold claim that the crowd on hand in washington watching in person was the biggest ever. and you can't know these things for sure because you just can't. it certainly didn't appear that that was true. what he said on saturday, and a statement, in which he denounced the press for refusing to acknowledge that it was the biggest crowd ever, his
8:33 pm
statement was ambiguous in the sense that he went to say the audience worldwide. once you mention that, you can drag in, as he did today in that answer, the internet streaming and youtube and who knows what else, at which point, you are into an area which is just --in >> bill: you can't validate it. -- can't calibrate it. >> it is unverifiable.o but it was denounced, what he said the other day was denounced by many people in the media as a lie, a word that is slung around with abandon these days. i think that is regrettable and unprofessional. >> bill: do you consider it a lie? >> no, i consider it to be an. unverifiable claim, a dubious claim, perhaps. but to call it a lie implies a level of -- first of all, you have to know for certain other person knew it was false, and had the intent to mislead. and i think that is unprovable. therefore, we should resist using who should be trying to be neutral in our observations. >> bill: the story, as i said
8:34 pm
in the "talking points" memo, who cares, it doesn't have anything to do with anyone's life or improving the country. but i believe that it was put up there to show that barack obama was more popular than donald trump. i think that's why they did it. >> well, perhaps. trump is in the habit of making extravagant claims. most of them are matters of opinion. and while you may doubt them or whatever, you kind of let them go because -- >> bill: everyone knows that he delves into hyperbole, who cares? why is it a front-page story? let's go into the important stuff. >> well, i completely agree, bill. look at saturday as an example. he goes to the cia, which is kind of a surprise, you wouldn't have thought after that hisig
8:35 pm
disagreements with certain intelligencehe officials and, seemingly with the intelligence community as a whole that that would be his first stop on his first day as president. but it was. he got a hugely friendly reception out there. ovations and cheering remarks. he talked about his support for the intelligence agents. matt mascot a big response. -- that got a big response. then he veered off into the discussion himself of the estimates of the crowd size and the next thing you know, he was talking about the number of times he had been on "time" magazine's cover. i can for the life of me figure out why he did that. there is nothing really harmful about it. but it seems to me, the next thing you know, you are delving into this issues, you make them newsworthy.. press secretary later made this denunciation of the media and take no questions. i don't think sean spicer was lying, but an unverifiable claim, why make it? crowd size of an inauguration is something the world will little note nor long remember until perhaps the next inauguration. there is no reason for him to spend any of his political capital or his press secretary's credibility on the issue.
8:36 pm
just move on. now, he is doing all of these things. they ought to be what the focus is on and what he would want the focus to be on, it seems to me. >> bill: he wants to win. donald trump wants to win, this whether it is the inaugurationas crowd or the television ratings. he wants to win. that is what motivates him. brit hume, when we come back, some rapid-fire segment. is the press essentially dishonest in america? watters talking to folks about the inauguration. and a woman thrown off the plane for screaming at a fellow passenger about politics. right back. back. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. today there's drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. may not always be clear.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. "personal story" segment. is the american press essentially dishonest? a compelling question. to answer, mary anne marsh and katie pavlich in washington. what i noticed, katie, on the coverage of the women's march, there wasn't a lot of criticism by the press, and some really ugly things were said. horrible things, inappropriate things. yet, i didn't see any criticism of that. i just think, you know what, that had been said by
8:41 pm
conservative individuals, it would have been page one in every newspaper across the country. am i wrong? >> you are not wrong. you have madonna saying that she thought a whole lot about blowing up the white house and now the secret service is investigating her. i haven't seen a whole lot of coverage about that in the mainstream media. if that was said about another president with a different political party next to their name, it would be front-page news and it should be, quite frankly. >> bill: yeah, but i don't think that is a serious investigation. i don't think miss madonna is going to be put in cuffs. and i don't know if miss madonno knows -- >> they are knocking on her door and asking some questions, for sure. d >> bill: oh, come on. what they want to know where she bought the hat. >> she knitted the hat, bill. she knitted it with all of her knitting friends. >> bill: i believe you are both honest individuals. mary anne, you have to understand, that when stuff like that is said, and there isn't any press coverage, much pressff coverage of it at all, it is all, oh, look how many people
8:42 pm
showed up, they want their rights, they want to be heard, there is no focus on the hate. that is not honest reporting, mary anne. >> i think a lot of outlets, media outlets, tv outlets in particular, ran clubs like the -- clips like the ones we just watched. >> bill: i didn't see it. >> did they get coverage to the extent that you wanted to see? i think the crowd size so overwhelming and i think thatou became the story, especially because it was the day after the inauguration. they were peaceful. there was not one arrest. there were 600 of them around the world. i think that dominated the coverage. >> bill: but that is not with the press is in business to do. the press is in business to report what happens. katie. >> bill, here's a good example. on friday, hundreds of thousands of pro-life americans will come to washington, d.c., from all over the place and march in the march for life. that happens every and we don't hear about it. that is another form of the media being dishonest.
8:43 pm
they have a narrative they like to promote, they look for conclusions, they look for the facts which is exactly what we saw over the weekend with the tweet about the mlk bust being removed when it wasn't removed from the white house. so, we have seen this for decades, for years, quite frankly. this is why the white house is actually changing the way that coverage is seen by opening up the briefings to different reporters, promoting different kinds of media, by promoting conservative media, which at least is honest about where they are coming from. >> bill: trump gets a better play from them. look, mary anne, what if there was a giant pro-trump rally and in that rally, a very famous person got up and said, "i want to blow up the white house," and barack obama was still president, and because of all the executive orders that president obama signed, i believe that he is
8:44 pm
hitler-terian. if that had happened at a tea party rally, you know, mary anne, what would have taken place. >> you are but i think we saw a lot of that during the last election. i think the real point here, bill, can the media do better? yes, of course. i think standards have dropped unfortunately. you have so many media outlets out there now that don't practice any standards or very little or come from a very one-sided viewpoint. that has hurt everybody. that is why we have debates about fake news, we have debates about facts, which is even more troubling. i think when you look at some of the things that are come up in the last few days, the mlk bust was an error of omission. the reporter apologized. >> bill: mary anne. >> conclusions before facts. >> it was an error -- hold on, guys. it was an error of omission. the reporter apologized. >> bill: it was made by a man. you have to look deeper. it was made by a man in a
8:45 pm
publication that despises donald trump. >> bill, you can't have that standard and the not hold donald trump and sean spicer to the standard of errors of co-mission, they committed on saturday. at the cia -- you can't have itr both ways. >> bill: yes, i can. we are talking about one issue, and the issue is, is the media essentially dishonest. and the answer -- >> they need to hold everyone accountable. >> bill: the answer is, yes, it is. ladies, thankk you. watters on deck. he talked to the folks about what they took away from the inauguration weekend. watters is next. inauguration weekend. watters is ♪ with advil, you'll ask what sinus headache? what stiff joints? what time of the month cramps?
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>> bill: "back of the book segment," "watters' world," with president trump talking to the american people, to enhance his power. "watters' world" takes on a far more significant meeting because watters is a man of the people. he went out to sample opinion on the inauguration. ♪ >> what did you think about the inaugural address? >> i don't even know what that is. [laughs]hi >> can we stop doing this thing here? >> what did you think about the inaugural address?s? >> i feel like i was watching a reality show really. it didn't look like -- i don't r know. it looked like a joke to me. >> what was so funny? >> what did you think about the inaugural address? >> say what you want about trump, it was spot on. he is making a lot of people madder and he is making a lot of people happy. >> was there any line specifically in the address tham got your attention? >> america first is definitely
8:50 pm
fine but we shouldn't be isolating ourselves from our global citizens. >> what would you like president trump to say? >> what is he going to do about the school of art, what is he going to do to financially help us. >> it's unbelievable. >> i think he is full of crap, i don't believe anything he is saying. he needs to step up his game. >> what? >> he is your president right now. >> he is not my president. >> i am holding on to obama. i'm not letting him go. >> i will never let go. >> i'm going to name a series of people, you just tell me if they were president of the united states or not. >> let's do it. >> warren harding. >> not. >> james polk. >> not. >> yikes. >> edgar johnson. >> president. >> when was edgar johnson president? >> if i'm not mistaken, probably 1967. >> wilson b. jefferson. >> yes??
8:51 pm
>> calvin coolidge. >> i don't think so. [laughs] am i getting them wrong? >> yes. >> grover cleveland. >> no. >> james polk. >> no. >> oh, man. >> christopher t. johnson. >> yes. >> i know there is a problem. i would say there is. >> ted tillerson. >> president. >> republican or democrat? >> republican. >> it's no use, i'll have to give it up. >> calvin coolidge, president or not? >> i wouldn't know. >> oh, my gosh. >> warren harding. >> no. k >> james monroe. >> no. before my time. >> william tilden. >> no. >> calvin coolidge, president or not? >> yes.
8:52 pm
>> he's a genius. >> henry adams. >> ooh, you are mixing names together. no. no. >> james garfield, was he theth president of the united states? >> yes. >> tell me about james garfield. >> he was president of thete united states. >> yes. ♪ >> do you know who i am? >> no. [laughter] >> do you know who i am? >> um, i don't member your name. >> i am watters and this is my world. >> that boy is good. >> good and terrible. >> bill: watters, did the last guy hit his head before he talked to you? the presidential quiz, evente though you gave the names. >> they still didn't get it right. the best part wasn't even on camera, i asked an old guy, can i ask you a few questions, he said, "i am high on cocaine." >> bill: at least he was honest about it. when you hear these names,
8:53 pm
monroe was a president, no. do you ever follow-up off-camera and go, why don't you know that? >> no, i don't want to embarrass these people.ff i'm trying to establish rapport. >> bill: you are not judgmental. >> i made them feel nice like they got it right. >> bill: you are not judgmental about them knowing nothing. [laughter] >> just now i am. >> bill: okay. it's america. man of the people, jess "the factor," "tip of the day," a woman thrown off an airliner for yelling about politics. >> pretend you have the moral high ground. that man doesn't believe in climate change. >> bill: out of here. "the tip" moments away. t decisiy with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two:
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saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs. >> bill: back to "tip of the day." talking politics on an airplane can get you thrown off. what difference does it make in
8:56 pm
anyone's life? the press, because they want to convince that barack obama had more support than donald trump. and mr. trump himself said he wants to win all the time. right you are, mike. in my opinion, authorities have been generally too lenient.. wear a mask? you should be arrested. two arrests made in d.c., martha maccallum will be here on wednesday talk about that. lawyers has asked for dismissal. but it looks like there will be a trial and that is a good thing.
8:57 pm
thank you, i appreciate that. my dad was in the occupation. with japanese troops returning from places like manchuria. i'm glad you like the book, ed. yes, i would. noble profession. the kids need you and skilled instructors. if they are old-school, so much the better. that'll be out march 28th. you guys will like it.
8:58 pm
patton is in preproduction, rising sun is being in negotiations even as we speak. thank you for asking. i would like to remind everybody we were very interesting podcast. check it all out on itunes and the "tip of the day," on an alaska airlines flight, shortly after boarding, the woman started causing troubles. >> that man doesn't believe in climate change. do you believe in gravity? i paid for the seat and i am sitting here. come
8:59 pm
>> bill: now, that woman said a lot more than that. she was kicked off the plane. but not charged. she should have been. this kind of stuff -- you can't have people verbally assaultinge other people in public places. factor "tip of the day," authorities take note. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site. please check out the fox news web site, different from also, we would like you to spoue out about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be perjurious. when writing to "the factor." i understand two people have been arrested, they were supposed to be here tonight. again, thanks for watching us. please always remember that the
9:00 pm
spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the trump administration signaled that it will move g forward with trump's immigration agenda. with first removing illegal criminal aliens. and a much promised wall is on the way. the white house news conference, sean spicer had this to say. >> i think the president has noted that this was a serious priority throughout the campaign. he has already started to work with congress. he is doing everything he can to direct the agency's and congress to commence a top work as soon as possible. >> tucker: we areto joined now


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