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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 23, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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dumb advice, truly. that's it for us tonight. we will see you tomorrow. watch "hannity," he is next. >> sean: tonight, president trump stars in his first week of oval office. he is already making moves and keeping his promises. "hannity" will take you inside the trump white house, we have exclusive access. we will interview kellyanne conway from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. plus... >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hou white house. >> i am a nasty woman. >> sean: celebrity snowflakes have a collective meltdown this weekend over president trump. laura ingraham will weigh in on all this liberal lunacy. all of that plus senator mike lee will join us. "hannity" starts from washington, right here right n now. welcome to "hannity."
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we are coming to you from washington, d.c., where we have been given exclusive access inside president donald trump's white house. we will have my interview with counsel to the president, kellyanne conway, that's coming up in just a few minutes. it is only day four of the trump administration, commander-in-chief is already launching a shock in all campaign against the establishment and that is tonight's opening monologue. president trump, he's not wasting any time on enacting his agenda. as he promised on the campaign trail and said in his inaugural address, the days of all talk and no action are over. after swearing in on friday at the 45th president of the united states, donald trump immediately took action to undo the damage left by president barack obama. he signed an executive order they can go a long way in dismantling the disastrous health care law. he also took action to freeze all new impending federal government regulations on day
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two. the opening talks of beginning to renegotiate the issue of nafta. the british prime minister, will visit the white house this friday. president trump, he visited the cia where he promised to unleash the capabilities of the agency to defeat radical islamic terror which by the way is a phrase this administration is not afraid to use to describe our real enemies. on what president trump described as its first real day in office, he's been very productive. promised to drastically cut tax rates and watch this. >> what we are doing is we are going to be cutting taxes massively for both the middle middle-class and for companies. and that is massively. we are trying to get it down to anywhere from 15% to 20%.
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we think we can cut regulations by 70%. maybe more. up by 75%. >> sean: wow. a 75% or more. it didn't end there. he also sat down with labor union leaders to focus on bringing jobs back to american shores. he also signed three executive orders, withdrawing from the tpp trade agreement, a hiring freeze on all nonmilitary federal workers and he used his pen to ban federal funding nonorganizations to either promote or pay for abortions. president trump finished his very busy day by meeting with the house speaker paul ryan where it's reported that they discussed repealing and replacing obamacare. make no mistake about it, president tripp is doing exactly what he said he would do. that is refreshing. earlier today, i sat down with counsel to the president, kellyanne conway to ask her about this agenda and the future and more. joining us n
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conway. who by the way, the first woman to ever win a presidential campaign as campaign manager. little different environment. >> it is. donald trump, a man of action, high-energy, high impact. first full day on the job in the white house as president trump. it's just remarkable what got done the first day. president trump and vice president pence hosted a major ceo of companies that are in manufacturing, great job creators. these men and women came here to really talk about how to unleash american manufacturing, how to create more jobs. and do that without the regulation taxation to which they become accustomed. such a productive conversation and i think they'll learn from each other. they went to the oval office and tried chatted more. steps away from here. president trump asked him, how
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many of you have been in the oval office before? a few hands went up. hours later, president trump hosted labor union leaders trade guys and gals. it was a remarkable exchange on day one. president trump made good on his promise to withdraw from tpp. and to look at trade deals, of the american worker, who is there for us as a country. not giving away to someone else. he will negotiate bilateral deals in the future. they have to benefit the american worker and the american interest. >> sean: i went through the entire list, of everything that got done he was inaugurated on friday. a lot has happened. you solve all these businesses, ford and general motors and apple and fiat chrysler, fox con, a $7 billion american plan,
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with carrier. air conditioning. it's interesting because it seems he has appointments now with the prime minister of great britain, the prime minister of israel, canada, and the president of mexico all lined up already. it's at the top priority right now? >> it's all of it. all of the above. it's getting the economy going but in many different phases. it's replacing oak obamacare. it's been detrimental to millions of americans. who already lost their insurance, their doctors, their plans. they were promised otherwise and they are in a much less favorable position now because of obamacare. it was not affordable, acceptable, even those who have the affordable care act, many of them can't use that health caree because they are premium far out of control that it's useless to them. if you live in arizona, 116% increase. pennsylvania, 60% increase.
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donald trump as president is making good on that promise to repeal and replace obamacare. he has a lot of help from paul ryan, the republican senate. everyone is working towards the solutions. the other thing is if you can unleash more american manufacturing, he can renegotiate trade deals, and stop those factories and those workers from bleeding out into mexico over to china, we've lost 70,000 factories. a remarkable statistic. if you can lower the tax burden, on the middle class, on the employer's employers, if you can encourage small business owners, if you can in energy, that under our feet and off our shores in a way that snowbird ever really done. invest in clean coal, shale, you are unleashing economic explosion and growth.
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25 million jobs over ten years. promised to have tax reduction. and let me remind everybody that even george w. bush who came into office five weeks after the actual election through supreme court decision, he came into office, some people felt cheated, hurt, but he got his tax packets through by june of 22001. democratic senators, knew that their constituents wanted to share in that economic prosperity and tax reduction. i hope the same is true of this senate so that people all across the land can benefit. >> sean: you touched on a lot of the promises which i think propelled donald trump into this house that we are in right now. paul ryan wants a 20% business tax. we have one of the highest in the industrialized world. 35%. there will be a negotiation on that? and the repatriation of trillions. that's a lot of multinational
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corporation money that's been taken overseas. that's a big part of it. explain where they are because they just met tonight as well. >> they are meeting as we are talking tonight. they've been meeting quite a bit. which really tells you about the collaboration, cohesion, negotiation that is happening. in the interest of the american people. i will guarantee you one thing. corporate tax, the business tax will be reduced by president trump. dramatically. he promised, the way units make good on promises when the first couple days and hours, do what is important about reducing the burden. those are the individuals who are deciding whether they can attract and retain a workforce here in america or if they will have to go elsewhere. those are the people deciding whether they can afford to pay the workers benefits, pensions, retirement funds, and it certainly health care and other
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benefits along with a good salary, good wage. you've seen american business and the stock market already respond so positively to president donald j. trump because they know he is a master negotiator. the most brilliant communicator and connector i've ever met. you know what is refreshing? whoever came through the store as president who wasn't a politician? who didn't come to washington owing somebody something. it's liberating for him to come here and do this. as we speak it, he is in a different part of the white house right now meeting with the bicameral, bipartisan leaders of the house and senate. that includes summary like senator schumer who just said yesterday i was critical of donald trump but comes here and recognizing the president trump wants to find some common ground ways to work together. >> sean: 75% rollback in regulations? costing corporations billions
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and billions of dollars. the lower corporate tax rate, middle-class tax cuts. energy independence. obamacare, more competition, lower rates. the energy, the issue alone it took president reagan about two and a half years before he felt the full impact of his policies. what can people expect? 's become president reagan not unlike president trump has inherited a bleak economic picture for many americans. many americans feel trapped in poverty. 60 million women alone. 12.4 million will women who don't have health insurance as we speak. i'm talking about women because i'm acutely aware of the women's march this last weekend and i thought of all the things that we can count and quantify, all the items they could have listed on their list of reasons from the podium, about president obama who is president for eight years. president trump has been here
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for about eight hours. if this is your list of grievances, help is on the way. you have the greatest fixer and directs your and donald trump to help fix it. it will take a while does that impact only because so many people are so far behind. our on food stamps, stopped looking for work it, in poverty. that's why donald trump got to the labor union. >> sean: this was interesting. >> three hands went up when he asked them how many had been into the oval office. >> sean: this is the democratic party historically -- >> all the folks we grew up with. >> sean: i spent ten years in my life as a contractor. >> that's the life bread -- lifeblood. to share with him and vice president pence their ideas on how to work together.
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you asked me about madonna. she is hundreds of million dollars, platforms, agency or writing a check. >> sean: but about her thought process of blowing up the white house? >> where my four children's mother works? sure. she said it was taken out of context. i don't think that that can be taken out of context. i think people feel very safe and bold when they are up there surrounded by their friends and colleagues. the celebrity thing didn't work for hillary clinton. she thought people were coming to her rallies, they were coming for a free jay-z and beyonce concert. the obama's going to philadelphia for her. didn't work and it's not going to work now. i thought they missed an opportunity to really try to help women where women are in need. >> sean: let me ask you this. so far, you're talking about -- i've watched some of the media coverage of the inaugural
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address. he actually reiterated the very things he said in the campaign. he mentioned at the beginning of this interview, fulfilling promises. i guess as a conservative and the people that calm a radio show, what they want to know is it's real about originalists, extreme vetting. the wall. the tax cuts, energy independence. and trade deals. military and our va. all of this, that's a pretty ambitious agenda. >> that's donald trump. if anyone can achieve it, it's donald trump. it is real. it is also happening right now. right before you, steps away from here. high energy, high-impact place. what he also did today was an addition to withdrawing from t tpp, he instituted the mexico city policy where we stop sending money to countries that
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perform abortions and sterilizations. that's great on the heel of march for life coming on friday. representatives will be there. that's very unusual for administrations to do that. we know that that will be a very successful march. we know that the those women, they weren't welcomed in the march for women because they are on the wrong side of that issue because they dare to say that human life is precious. sliding into that. they also have a hiring freeze on nonmilitary -- >> sean: i want to get to that when we get back. 10% cut government spending and a 20% reduction in the labor force in government short of the military. coming up, part two of my interview with kellyanne conway. inside the trump white house and later tonight. >> yes, i am angry. yes, i am outraged.
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yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hou white house. >> sean: blowing up the white house. hollywood snowflakes out in full force at this weekend's various women's marches. later tonight, laura ingraham will weigh in on that. and much more as "hannity" continues tonight from our nation's capital, washington, d.c. real ingredients, grilled and roasted. it's like you made it. and you did... n't. 90% of the world's largest supercomputers run on intel? that means you can take a universe of data - in your case literally - and turn it into medical discoveries, diagnostic breakthroughs... ...proof that black holes collapse into one singularity. i don't know what that is. but yes. innovation runs on supercomputers... ...and supercomputers run on intel. you are super smart. and super busy. ♪
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>> live from america's new to headquarters. mike pompeo is now the cia director. he was sworn in earlier's tonight by vice president mike pence being confirmed by the senate. voting 66-42 to approve donald trump's picked to head the cia. some democrats objected to
7:19 pm
pompeo claiming he had inconsistent positions on issues like surveillance, torture, and rushes meddling in the 2016 election. minnesota governor mark dayton fainting tonight while delivering the state of the state address. it happened near the end of his 45 minute address. the 70-year-old democrat suddenly tumbled backwards, aides were able to catch the governor and save him from further injury. he appeared to have regained consciousness as he was let out of the room. later his son tweeted, i am with my dad now and he is doing great. back now to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." here is more of my interview with kellyanne conway at the donald trump white house. take a look. i want to talk about the news industry. and i make no bones about it, i'm a passionate conservative, i supported trump for president. they were fake news reports, russia report, the dossier, supposedly what was caught on film in a russian hotel.
7:20 pm
or whatever it's called there. a story one outcome of the mlk bust was taken out of the oval office. that was false. there has been irresponsible reckless reporting. i particularly watch interviews when you are on or reince priebus is on, it's pretty hostile. a look at people like chuck todd and the comments that he makes. how divisive the president's inaugural address was. do you find that the media is being particularly hostile and is there a difference between the way they treated president obama, candidate hillary clinton and president donald trump? >> it hardly qualifies as breaking news, president obama especially sean and his first couple days of office. he was treated much differently than -- it would be nice, we know that, if people showed respect for the office of president and his current optic append and give him a chance to do right by the american people.
7:21 pm
his inaugural speech was uplifting, unifying, he said our brown, black, white soldiers all bleed the patriotic blood. there isn't room to prejudice. if people want to scoff at that, and call themselves journalists, they ought to think about what they ought actually doing. if there twitter feed is 90% anti-trump. therthey are being political ha. we have a right to call that out. i provided a 70 minute interview yesterday with george stephanopoulos. they had a terrible line, hardly heard him. i could barely make out what he was saying. at 70 minute interview. abc news will put out a clip or two about it and come up with a headline. meet the press was even worse than that.
7:22 pm
>> sean: chuck todd called the inaugural speech insulting. >> i said it's not his job to give us his opinion. it scared people because oh, we have to go after she went after somebody in the media. i told him it is not his job. i knew you for 20 some years. it's not his job. as his opinion. on "meet the press," the president called me after that performance yesterday. he was glowing about it. vice president pence, said that the president called him and said did you see kellyanne? it suits their purpose that they don't want to -- to quote jack nicholson from a few good men, you can't handle the truth. when you are laughing at me, the highest ranking woman in the west wing, you are laughing at me on live television, and you are ridiculing me laying out facts that you can count and quantify and that matter, darn
7:23 pm
it. millions of women are in poverty. we've spent billions of dollars on education the last eight years for millions of kids to be in failing schools. >> sean: but the media -- when you made this statement, alternative facts, you were saying a different perspective. >> he was getting information from agencies that turned out not to be updated. >> sean: so i'm at the freedom ball, president trump the first lady was there, one of the first things he said, he asked the people at the ball, should he keep tweeting? this is a different era. >> the trump era. the trump effect. >> sean: you have twitter, instagram, facebook, you can bypass the media. >> he probably has 50 million followers by now. >> sean: my question is if it continues to be hostile and fake news can continues to come out, is there a possibility that things will change dramatically
7:24 pm
and maybe those people that colluded with hillary and we learned in the campaign, maybe they don't deserve the access because they are not living up to what they are supposed to do? >> someone who has good relations with the press, i consider myself, i think we have freedom of the press. this white house and the media are going to share joint custody of this nation for eight years. and we ought to be able to figure out how to coparent this new age term i hear. in a serious matter, the mlk bust story is so significant in this way, i talked about it on "meet the press." i know reince priebus has talked about on your network. i got zero coverage. that's a crime and here's why. we invited the press into the ovaoval office, i was there. it was to witness the president signing his executive orders. we let the pool press in,
7:25 pm
immediately the print pool are sent out the reports as mlk bust has been removed. i don't say his name publicly, i don't want you to get attacked like i do. with the press is doing out to me, i have secret service protection. packages delivered to my house. that is a shame and yes i hold into account for it. this guy puts it out, it gets tweeted and it gets reported 3,000 times. he still can't take it back. he apologized, he has not apologized. to the president. the damage is done because then people look at donald trump as the r word. the darn bust was right there. i was standing next to it. why don't you ask us? why don't you say, where is the bust? it presented negativity. >> sean: kellyanne, congratulations. it's an honor to see you here. >> thank you so much, but
7:26 pm
god bless you. >> sean: coming up next, tonight, right here on "hannit "hannity." >> i am angry. yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hou white house. >> sean: madonna boldly declaring that she is thought about blowing up the white house. unfortunately she wasn't the only hollywood snowflake protesting. trump's presidency this weekend. laura ingraham is here, she will weigh in on that and also tonight... >> i'm going to come out here and tell you the facts as i know them. we will do our best to correct them if we make mistakes. as i mentioned the other day, it is a two-way street. there are many mistakes the media makes all the time. >> sean: sean spicer held a briefing today. he vowed to be truthful but he also said it's a two-way street when it comes to the media. that and more as we continue from our nation's capital,
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." whiny sore losers celebrity snowflakes were out in full force to protest the new president. many hollywood liberal elites joined the women's march in washington, d.c., and in other cities. we put together a bit of a montage of the many lowlifes from people like madonna, ashley judd, gloria steinem. we've got to warn you, you may not want your kids to watch because it is so deranged. take a look. >> and to our detractors, that insist that this march will never add up to anything? [bleep] yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> i am a nasty woman. i am not as nasty as a man who
7:30 pm
looks like he bathes in chito dust. i'm not it's nasty as your own daughter being your favorite symbol. like your wet dreams infused with their own genes. but yeah, i am a nasty woman. >> i respect that you are our president-elect and i want to be able to support you. but first, i ask that you support me. >> the president is not america. >> sean: madame and now is claiming that what she said about blowing up the white house is being taken out of context. really? none of those comments that you just saw stopped hillary clinton from praising the protest on twitter. awe-inspiring. brought joy to others as it did to me. nationally syndicated radio host, our friend laura ingraham.
7:31 pm
>> good to see you. good to see you in the studio. >> sean: when you say i thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house, newt gingrich said she ought to be arrested. secret service is investigating. >> you know what i say to madonna? papa don't preach. all of her laying songs, madonna has gone around the bend for a long time. none of this is convincing. the scoreboard is what matters. trump is in the white house. he started enacting his agenda, the executive orders are going to start flying p these people are going to be like being, bing, bing. they are all coming at you at one time. >> sean: ashley judd, i am nasty like the blood stains on my bed sheets? >> i would agree with her. i'm just saying, i don't even agree -- i don't get it, i guess the nasty woman is a poem or
7:32 pm
something? the cat hats were cute. that was a good branding thing. they turned out a lot of people. i'm not going to take that away from them. the folks on the left, were really demoralized after the trump wind to say the least. think about it. they thought they were going to win this election, sean. they got completely destroyed in the electoral college. they lost. in a couple months, they were able to turn out millions of people all across the country, around the world to what end? i don't know. they did gather a lot of email addresses. >> sean: we had a rally when barack obama won in 2008, he was inaugurated in 2009. you said it or i said, warm somebody said it, thought it awful lot about blowing up the white house, i am a commentator. right? what would happen to me? what is going to happen to her? nothing. >> you would probably lose a lot of your sponsors. does madonna have people who are willing to look into her music?
7:33 pm
i don't think her last few albums have done as well as she wanted. there is always good to be a double standard but the amazing thing is when news anchors who report on this kind of laugh it off. i saw few laughing it off. like oh, she may get fisted by the secret service. if this were coming from jon voight, an analogy. if john white said that or some young actor, they would never work again. i don't see it. >> sean: i don't see it either. i think your radio show would be over. i would be out of here and fired from radio. that's the double standard. going to be interesting to see if that plays out because i know i would be arrested, you would be arrested. >> celebrity theory turned no voters out. remember miley cyrus was going door-to-door? just falling, just crying. scarlett johansson. all these people, it never ends. the problem is yet to motivate people to go out to vote. >> sean: stay right there.
7:34 pm
we will have more with laura ingraham after this break, but first. >> i'm going to come out here and tell you the facts as i know them. if we make a mistake, we will do our best to correct it. as i mentioned the other day, it is a two-way street. there are many mistakes the media makes all the time. >> sean: white house press secretary sean spicer held everything today and promised to be truthful with the american people but the media gets it wrong. a lot of times. by the way, laura ingraham will react and also tonight... >> we want to stop making -- start making our products again. that doesn't mean we don't read, because we do trade. we want to make our products here. >> sean: president trump promises to bring jobs back to america. we will explain more coming up tonight, on "hannity." now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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♪ ♪ mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." though left-wing mainstream media was losing it today when sean spicer dared to question unofficial estimates about the
7:40 pm
crowd side. jonathan karl had this exchange with spicer. take a look. >> is it your intention to always tell the truth from that podium and will you pledge never to knowingly say something that is not truthful? >> it is. it is an honest to do this. i believe we have to be honest with the american people. i think we can sometimes disagree with the facts. there are certain things that we may miss and understand when we come out. but our intentions are never to lie to you, jonathan. if we make a mistake, we will do our best to correct it. as i mentioned the other day, it is a two-way street. there are many mistakes the media makes all the time. they miss report something, they don't report something, they get a fact wrong. i don't think it's okay to turn around and say you are potentially lying. >> sean: i'm sure he goes to work saying how can i lie to you guys to date? how can you collude with
7:41 pm
hillary clinton and make up stories like donald trump took out the martin luther king bust from the white house? shouldn't come as a surprise that the administration would be skeptical. here are a few of the low lights just since the inauguration. watch this. >> do citizens and dictatorships recognize what is happening right here right now? are they looking at the first two days of the trump administration and saying oh, that's what my leader does? >> what he said today, america first, it was not just the racial -- hitlerian background to it. what is teresa may think of th this? what about russia, putin, saying i've been saying this. >> sean: what's amazing about this, chri chris matthews. it's your intention sean to come here today and lie to us
7:42 pm
question marks because that's a dumb question. i thought spicer did a great job today. the first day they were out. who knows what was going on. "new york times" had this piece saying it was trump and spicer who wanted to smash the media in the mouth on saturday. the only thing i don't like is leaking inside the white house already. somebody is leaking information. "the new york times" had a piece about the internal debate in the west wing about how to do that first press of vail on saturday. she said, it was spicer and trump. there were other saying no, hold back. who has the motivation to put that out except the people saying hold back? >> sean: that's problematic. >> up couple people came on radio today and say that's not a good sign. it should be all united radio. you don't want to empathize the wrong things. spicer was excellent. he came out and said we are working for the american people. he was saying we are doing this, this, this. i thought it was strong handling what could've been a huge mess.
7:43 pm
>> sean: donald trump, i went through it in the beginning of the show. he has accomplished a lot of things. going through seemingly the checklist of promises he made to us during the campaign. oh, shocker. chuck todd was shocked. they actually said those things and reiterated them. but this relationship with the press, the whole story about the mlk bust being removed come alive. not true. >> there not used to being called out on it. in the press room. he said, it's a standard of truthfulness, it should go with both of us. we both should be held to that standard. thousand good, and for him. you should be in check but an honest check. >> sean: so many of them, their networks or newspapers colluded with hillary? >> you continue the bring that up. i think that's why what they do is not necessarily all that important. >> sean: give a media establishment. republicans arguing about donald trump wanting to cut government 10%.
7:44 pm
i'm like, you're supposed to want limited government on a balanced budget. >> it always comes at a price. they have a lot of donors in their home district who like the fact that money is spent on certain priorities. >> sean: donald trump is going to have to fight the publican, democrat, and media established. >> he did it before, he could do it again. >> sean: coming up next tonight from d.c., right here on "hannity." >> we want to start making our products again. we want to make them here. that doesn't mean we don't trade, because we do trade. we want to make our products here. >> sean: president trump promising to bring manufacturing jobs back to the united states. he vows to massively cut regulations by 75% or more. senator mike lee will join us next, that and more as we continue from washington, d.c. stay with us. causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr.
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>> what we want to do is bring the manufacturing back to our country. vice president pence, good morning. he is very much involved with me on that. one of my most important subjects, is what the people want to. one of the reasons i'm sitting here instead of somebody else sitting here. >> sean: that was president trump speaking during his final table today. president trump not only promised to cut taxes for the middle class but also vowed to
7:50 pm
cut regulation by 75% or more. joining us now with reaction, michael e. senator mike lee, welcome back, how are you sir? >> how are you, sean? sean: i see that in the house and senate, before he was inaugurated, a $9.7 trillion increase in the debt ceiling. aren't republican supposed be the party of limited government and balanced budget? >> if we mean it, we will stand behind it. this is what we're supposed to stand for. we understand that one of the many read things why trump was able to win back was because too many americans all over the country understand that power hs been taken away from them and moved to washington. and within washington, it has been handed over to unelected unaccountable peer cuts. this has been good for the rich
7:51 pm
and well-connected. it's hurt everyone else especially the poor and middle-class. >> sean: you did not support donald trump really, i don't know who you voted for in the end, if you voted for him or not but you are not a big supporter of hits. has your mind changed since he has been elected? >> okay, i am optimistic. i want to do everything i can to assist this president in pursuing an agenda of constitutionally limited government. notwithstanding the fact that we have had our differences, notwithstanding the fact that i expressed concern along the way, he is our president now. a lot of the fact that he is our president, i want to do what i can do. to make sure that he restore the constitution. as a significant extension on government expansion. >> sean: i've talked to him since he has been elected. he has reaffirmed and i think he did this is his inaugural address, he wants originalists on the court, extremely vet
7:52 pm
refugees, build a wall on our southern border, repeal and replace obamacare, for free market solutions. education back to the states, energy independence, 10% repatriation rate. is there anything you as a conservative disagree with? >> no, no there is not. there is a lot we can work together on. especially as his outline for his agenda, regulatory reform. i met with them just couple weeks ago, we had a good discussion about the radiance act. for congress to weigh in. economically significant regulations. this is part of its plan to reduce regulations by 75%. which would be very, very helpful especially considering where we've gone from $300 billion a year to regulatory compliance costs, just 20 years ago, to $2 trillion a year today. that is paid for by america's poor and middle-class more than anyone else. we have got to change it. >> sean: are you convinced that all of these agenda items
7:53 pm
that i just mentioned will get through and how long would it take do you think to get all of those things done? >> no one can ever be certain that something is going to be done. before it is actually done. what i actually do know is if we don't try, we will accomplish none of it. i intend to work with him on every single one of these issues. in a step-by-step process, that is designed to put the american people back in charge. to return power to where it belongs which is with the peop people. >> sean: a lot of this is going to be based on procedure and you have a republican house and senate, everything the publican say they need to get things done. if he appoints and originalists to the u.s. supreme court, and the democrats filibuster, to think the nuclear option precedent set by harry reid should be used to advanced the nominee and have a straight up or down vote? >> i will give you the same answer that our majority leader
7:54 pm
mitch mcconnell gave yesterday. we are going to make sure that whoever is nominated for this position is confirmed. without the need to get into the details with how that is going to happen, that is our goal and we are going to achieve it. >> sean: harry reid set a precedent you think uses paul as a party? >> harry reid deed set a precedent. when it comes to supreme court nominees, that's an arguable difference here. we have tools at our disposal to get whoever is nominated to fill justice scalia's place. >> sean: when we come back it, we need your help, a very important question of the day. when we continue "hannity" from washington, d.c. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house? this is one gorgeous truck. special edition.
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i did... n't. hat? hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. smartmade frozen meals. real ingredients, grilled and roasted. it's like you made it. and you did... n't. >> sean: time for our question of the day. what did you think of donald trump's moves on day one? go to hannity.
8:00 pm
that's all the time we have left. we will be back tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. have a great night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> is it your intention to always tell the truth from that podium? do you pledge never to knowingly say something that is not factual? >> bill: plenty of action at the white house tonight with the press challenging the trump administration. we'll take a look at that and the chaos over the weekend. >> i feel hitler in the streets. a mustache traded for a toupee, nazis renamed the cabinet. >> bill: crazy left people making their feelings known. but are they actually helping president trump? >> did you watch the inaugural address? >> actually, yeah. >> what did you think of the speech? >> i actually didn't watch the


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