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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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been arrested, they were supposed to be here tonight. again, thanks for watching us. please always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the trump administration signaled that it will move forward with trump's immigration agenda. with first removing illegal criminal aliens. and a much promised wall is on the way. the white house news conference, sean spicer had this to say. >> i think the president has noted that this was a serious priority throughout the campai campaign. he has already started to work with congress. he is doing everything he can to direct the agency's and congress to commence a top work as soon as possible. >> tucker: we are joined now
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by the pro-immigrant group bordered angels and a fierce critic of the immigration plan. >> glad to be here. >> tucker: i've read about your views on this, they are pretty conventional on the left. you think his immigration plants are wrong and mean and immoral. you described above as a racist. you're not just a citizen of the u.s. but as mexico. you describe yourself in your bio as a proud american but an even proud or mexican. i think it is fair to ask you this question. if you think that trumps border security plans are immoral, when you make of mexico's border laws which are much tougher than anything trump had suggested? >> i'm in the majority of people's opinions about donald trump, i think it is very inhumane to build a wall. at the wall that exists right now covers one-third of the border. it has led to more than 11,000 deaths.
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as you know, there is no wall with mexico and guatemala. they do have strict laws just like the united states, they don't have a deportation police like donald trump wants to have. they don't have people rallying up and reading people. because of religion or the where they come from. what he has stated and lived by our very racist, zeno phobic lifestyle messages. it's a very, very sad state of affairs. i traveled quite a bit. it's truly an embarrassment to the whole world. >> tucker: you must not travel much to mexico. they do have a deportation force. you should pay more attention to what they're doing in the southern border. what percentage do you think of clemency requests they grant? someone comes into mask so from guatemala, or honduras and says i need msd.
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>> the u.s. grants about 4%. >> tucker: it' is actually 49%. >> tucker, just for a second. there is fox and there's facts. i forgot for a moment that i was on fox. >> tucker: funny. >> this is what i do every day. when you go to mexico, the reason you have a lot of asylum-seekers going through mexico is because you get a 21 day pass to go from southern mexico to northern mexico. they apply for asylum at tijuana. most are turned away by the united states. they are allowed to come in, they have a family relative and then they are deported. this is something a lot of people don't realize. >> tucker: let's get facts based. illegal immigration is a felony in mexico. punishable by up to two years in prison. people who aid illegal aliens are also subject to felony
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charges. none of that is true in the united states. they can deport illegal aliens who are detrimental to economic or national interest. or who are not physically or mentally healthy or lack the need to sustain themselves. are those humane laws? >> u.s. has laws like that. they are undocumented people. not illegal aliens. >> tucker: federal -- federal law describes them, the irs for example describes people as illegal aliens. it is not some racist term i am throwing around. >> people were called three fifths of a human being, people change the terminology. >> tucker: i don't know where you're getting that. you are not answering my question which is in mexico, it's a felony to go into mexico illegally. i am not here to beat up on mexico.
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i'm really saying someone who's more proud to be mexican than american but is holding u.s. to the standard, why don't you answer this question? >> no. the thing is, i never said i'm more proud to be mexican band the united states of america, i love both countries. >> tucker: your bio said that. >> i am proud to be american and mexican. >> tucker: i just read your border angel statement. you are even prouder to be mexican daniel are to be american. clearly your main interest is in preserving the well-being of that country. you said i'm prouder to be mexican than american. >> both countries are great. i think i know the way i feel and what i say. i don't know what you say, i love both countries. >> tucker: whatever.
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>> you can be treating people with dignity and respect. building bridges, not walls. 11,000 deaths because of the wall? >> tucker: nobody is against treating people with dignity. the way he is talking about women and assault on women, attacking muslims. >> tucker: i'm asking you adult questions. answer this question. what is morally the problem with the country controlling who comes across its borders? that's a requisite for being a country. you're not a country unless you have control of your borders. why exactly is a wall immoral? as a theoretical matter, why is it wrong who controls coming into your country? >> as you know, mexican undocumented migration has gone down. the u.s. policy, is what drives a lot of these people out.
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the intervention in central america, the demand by the drugs of the american public. the intervention in the middle east by president bush. those called people to leave. >> tucker: so you are saying -- come >> you get involved in other people's policies, you pay a price. >> tucker: because the american government, i think it's important because you are representing -- a lot of people have your views and you are now articulating. you are saying because the u.s. government has immoral ways, because its citizens take drugs it has no right to control its borders? >> i'm saying that has a great deal to do why people are leaving these countries. countries are leaving whether it's mexico or else. right now, you invite me to talk about trumps policies. >> tucker: they are predicated on the very simple idea. we can debate about how you get there. you have a right is a country to
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control who comes into your country. you are saying no you don't because america is immoral. does the country has a right to control who goes in or out? does it? >> yes, the united states of america does as well. there is no line for these people to come into the country. they don't qualify for a visa. >> tucker: you don't seem to have thought this through very much. >> i have very much. i am at the border almost every day. >> tucker: you don't seem to have learned much. would it be okay for the u.s. government to have an absolute barrier along the border and the u.s. government to determine who comes into this country from a foreign country? you think that's all right? >> only if the u.s. were to stay out of other countries businesses, which it doesn't. it gets involved in policies with other countries, civil wars. >> tucker: i hope people are listening to you.
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>> 67% condemns his immigration policies. look at the facts. >> tucker: inks for telling us what you think. it was really interesting. well, the trump administration held its first-ever news conference today. it was a hostile encounter to say the least. sean spicer addressed the weekend it spat over alternative what he said. >> him i think sometimes we can disagree with the facts. there are certain things we may miss, we may not fully understand but our intention is never to lie to you. john roberts joins us now. john, what with it like in the first real press conference? >> it wasn't even a press conference. it was just a daily briefing. it was a lot different than it was on saturday. sean spicer came out and over the media, over a couple of erroneous reports. he did acknowledge that some of the figures he was using and
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that five minute tirade on friday were actually incorrect. specifically what he was trying to suggest that donald trump had more people at his inauguration or at least as many as obama did in 2013. by citing figures from the metro, down here. saying that more people took the subway for president trumps inauguration. it actually turned out to be substantially incorrect. there were a lot more people who took the subway with president obama, when he was inaugurated in 2013 dan when donald trump was inaugurated on friday. but spicer as h as a sound therd it's not his intent to try to mislead the press. he's going to do his very best, it's absolutely accurate. he did take a moment, this is really kind of interesting to give a little context and background on why the white house is pushing back so hard against the press. his attempt for the most part, all the stories coming out about donald trump are negative.
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people are looking for the worm in the apple, the martin luther king bus that was in the oval office had been removed when actually had not. obviously the reporter who reported that i acknowledged that he incorrect and apologized to his colleagues. sean spicer said that was such an inflammatory story that i got out there and they had to beat it all back. here's what he said in the sort of with the ring mirage that the administration transition campaign had been under now for more than 1 18 months. listen. >> him there is this constant attempt to undermine his credibility and the movement that he represents. when you're constantly getting told that can't be true, we doubt that you can do this, this won't happen, and that's the narrative of when you turn on television every day? it's a little frustrating. >> spicer said it's intent to
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have a cordial relationship with the press corps. i don't know if that is in the offing or not. he has a second briefing tomorrow. i want to point out, vice president pentz just left for the observatory to swear in mike pompeo. the former congressman as a new cia director. he will be on the job tomorrow, tucker. >> tucker: outstanding. appreciate it. as you just heard john say, mike pompeo, vice president mike pence, also poised to confirm rex tillerson. this would hand president trump two victories. cia directo director and secretf defense, he strongly supported rex tillerson's nomination when the hearings first began. he has a book out now, last fall gates described donald trump unfit to be commander-in-chief.
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whose weaknesses are beyond compare. what has he reassessed? >> thank you for joining us. in your book you argue that good leadership can transform bureaucracy. do you think the trump administration has the qualities to do that? >> certainly the people i know best have that capability. that would include rex tillers tillerson, james mattis. general kelly at homeland security. i don't know mike pompeo, as cia as well as i know the others. but i've talked with him several times and i think all four of those people can be transformative. >> tucker: so general mattis, the pentagon is so big and so complex. if you were running the pentagon once again, what would be your
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top priority internally? >> i think the most important thing is to bring some predictability in terms of the budget. you really can't do anything in terms of reorganization or structuring or making choices on programs without having some idea of how much money you are going to have to spend. i hope that one of the top priorities in the administration will be to get rid of sequestration and then provide some level of stability to the defense budget. that means getting away from these continuing resolutions that have been going on for years. >> tucker: and you said congress needs to do what it is supposed to do. there has been in the last couple of months a belief among a lot of people that cia is more political maybe than most of us assumed it was. the outgoing director's remarks attacking trump on his first day in office saying he ought to be ashamed of himself, whoever you are on the merit for that point, is that helpful?
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is the cia basically a political place? >> i don't think it's helpful. i think it's very important to have a good relationship and a relationship of trust between the president and the folks that cia. they work for him, not vice versa. i think it's up to them to show him the value they can bring to his decision-making process. i am pretty confident based on the conversations that i had with mike pompeo, he knows how to fix that relationship it's a great asset for the president. and they just need to figure out this relationship. it's basically the agency figuring out how best to support the president. every president has a different approach on how he wants to get intelligence information. it is up to the agency to adjust to the president's needs and desires, not the other way around. >> tucker: they been saying for months that people at the
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cia were leaking against them on this question of russian involvement in the election, given how clearly personal this is, it seems plausible that they were leaking domestically -- do you feel that way? >> i don't know, tucker. they don't do these things, whether somebody else would. i don't know. i would hope not. >> tucker: i shared with too. do you think that russian involvement in the selection influences outcome inning a meaningful way? >> i think the key phrase is meaningful way. i don't have any inside information, classified information based on everything i read. they clearly tries to influence the election. just trying to delegitimize american elections in general, not one candidate or another. to say the american elections are corrupt and -- they are no better than ours. this is sort of payback for
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their view of what they think we interfered in other elections, there election in 2012 and so on. i think it is essentially -- i would be amazed if there were evidence that it really had an impact on the outcome of the election. >> tucker: we haven't seen the evidence for sure. one of the issues that kind of came out of nowhere for a lot of people, but it's been front and center of the debate on the policy side is moving the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the trump administration has suggested they will do that. is that in america's interest? >> i hope the administration will think about carefully. they may decide ultimately to make that change but as they contemplate having to deal with iran, the situation in syria as we are still fighting against isis in both syria and iraq. i think they also need to take
6:18 pm
into account what is the impact of moving the embassy in terms of our potential allies or people working with us in the middle east to try to deal with isis? these things get tied together. maybe that will decide at the end of the day to move it. but they are clearly linkages among these things. it needs to be carefully considered decision. with the advice of the president's senior advisor. >> tucker: who is the best defense secretary since the second world war? >> i think that harold brown was a very good secretary in the carter administration. was perhaps one of the most effective secretaries, even during a period of great budget drawdowns, layered saw to it that we began putting seed money into things like stealth and others that them were later developed by harold brown and his successors. i think both of them were very
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effective secretaries of defense. they knew how to operate inside the building but also were very effective in dealing with the congress. >> tucker: interesting. they don't get much credit. thank you mr. secretary, thank you for your book. very smart. up next, the great howard kurtz joins us, the worst media cases of the week. stay tuned. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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>> tucker: on this show we like to take a week off on a sour note.
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we will begin monday's six show with news abuse. media malfeasance. there are many to show so we brought in media expert howard kurtz. >> many people have heard about the spectacular wrong report of trump moving the oval office bust of martin luther king. he then went on twitter and wrote... the bust is still there. my apologies to my colleagues. he got a personalized lecture from sean spicer. >> after it was pointed out that this is just plain wrong, the reporter casually tweeted out and tried to claim that a secret service agent was to standing in front of it. this was irresponsible and reckless. >> tucker: my reaction was twofold. there is nothing immoral about moving an mlk statue. you can move the statue if you
6:24 pm
want. it did seem like an honest mistake. i know his politics, he's a pretty fair guy. i doubt he meant to do it. >> he owned up to his mistake. this wasn't big breaking news. he could've made a phone call, like did you actually move the this bust? the president's inaugural speech, they did not like the america first theme on the left. they are entitled to their opinion. listen to what chris matthews had to say. >> when he said today america first, it is not just racial hitler back onto it. it is teresa may think of this when she picked up the papers? >> tucker: is just like a volcano of dumbness. it's unbelievable. it is hitlerian to say that. a lot of them just don't want to go to war. it doesn't make you a hitler
6:25 pm
admirer. >> this came up in the campaign. and trump said again and again, he wasn't talking about that. he was try to reinvent the slogan. for chris matthews to go there i think was a cheap shot. >> tucker: a leader of another country -- that's so ludicrous. chris, wake up. >> so when president-elect trump was with john lewis, martin luther king the third visited trump towetrump tower as you ma. jim acosta who famously repeatedly interrupted trump during that news conference went up and asked him a question. look at how he framed it. >> if i may follow up, isn't there something that just cuts to your core when you hear the president-elect refer to john lewis as all talk and no action? nothing could be further from the truth, isn't that right? >> john lewis is not all talk and no action. >> tucker: i defended jim acosta because i'm not offended
6:26 pm
by people who are roots of politicians. that just exposes him as the dumbest kind of editorial. like, what? >> jim acosta is a good reporter. i know the whole art of asking leading questions, are you outraged by so-and-so? but if you asked the question and then answer your own question, what is the point? >> tucker: yeah, let me tell you a question. >> "saturday night live" writer katie rich has been suspended indefinitely for a really sick joke on twitter about president trump's son barron. i will not repeat it here. he is ten years old. are there no limits? >> tucker: with trump, i don't think there are. it's fair to be -- they should be fair even if they despise the person. leave the kid alone. that is the most unfair. he's not responsible for what his parents do. none of us are.
6:27 pm
how we, great to see you. up next, hundreds of thousands of women came to washington, d.c., last week and for a march. but what were they marching for? one of the marchers will join us to answer this question that still hangs in the air two days later. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to what's in your wallet?
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at planters, we put fresh roawhich has its, guys, know anything about this missing inventory? wasn't me! the cheeks don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters. friend of yours? that's frequent heartburn. it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr. >> yes, i am angry! yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot
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about blowing up the white hou white house. >> tucker: that was madonna. during the women's march on washington last saturday here in d.c., she's now talking to secret service i think. it was a big success from a turnout perspective, millions of likes on instagram and facebook. besides that, what were the marchers actually marching for? democratic strategists, she marched this weekend in new york. from where she joins us now. >> hi, tucker. >> tucker: it great to see you. what was that, if you could narrow it down to one point, the march on washington, the march against wars against war. what was this march about cuesta mark >> this march was about equality. it was about access to quality affordable health care, raising the minimum wage.
6:32 pm
two-thirds of people on the minimum wage are women. this is an economic argument. the health care argument. and then there were also extension issues like immigration reform, to go against donald trump and the republican party's climate change agenda. which we are not going to debate climate science tonight, racial criminal justice reform, basically the democratic platform. >> tucker: basically -- >> many of millions of people turned out, they are there for different reasons. >> tucker: let me ask you this then, why were abortion groups so overwhelmingly represented? he had sponsors, naral, planned parenthood, pro-choice america, a pro-life group was excluded from this. it really seems like women's issues, women's rights have become a euphemism for abortion. which it strikes me as a little ghoulish. to reduce women's issues to
6:33 pm
killing. is that really what it's about? if it's not about that, why were the pro-life people on? >> the difference was they didn't let them be sponsored in the event. there were plenty of pro-life women represented. they were marching alongside pro-choice folks. when you have narrow as you mentioned, those were people who promoting the liberal health care platform as it were. and pro-life groups don't accept pro-choice women's rights to feel this way. they want to overturn roe vs. wade and this is a key component of this platform. whether people like it or not, abortion is health care in this country. there are millions upon millions of women who are going to have a abortion in their lifetime. we want to them to have a quality place to go. we wanted to be affordable. >> tucker: okay, but there millions of women, half of women who don't agree with that. the majority of women don't agree with naral. it's not abortion health care,
6:34 pm
just abortion. they don't agree. so are they not for women's rights, are they not fully women? >> no, of course not. >> tucker: why not let them in too? the difference is partner, not a's sponsorship platform. i was a little bit confused until i read the reasoning. women who are pro-choice in this country except a woman's right to decide to carry her baby until full term. the difference on the other sides that women who are antichoice do not accept a pro-choice women's decision. >> tucker: i'm laughing because the pro-choice people are so open-minded, they won't lose share the stage. i don't know for to solve this question but i drove through it and washington, got caught in the middle of this. it seemed like some nice people. some people i knew actually. everything a person i saw was not a working-class person, they were all affluent people.
6:35 pm
in case he didn't see it in washington, ashley judd. she sinful lots of things. at some of them are kind of crazy. but she was wearing a $40,000 strand of pearls. what is it about trump that makes the rich ladies so mad? i mean that sincerely. some of them are my friends. why? >> i feel bay amongst other millions of women, working-class women in the protests were there too, not least coastal cities were full of everyone of every social economic realm. >> tucker: no. >> yes, absolutely tucker. you just drove through it. did you go and talk to everything a person who was there? union members out there. thousands of people marching, those aren't pearl wearers. those are hard-working america americans. come on. >> tucker: we are being honest. women who make under 100 grand a
6:36 pm
year, there is a class divide. it's totally real. the numbers bear it out. i just wonder why that is. what is it about making a lot of money that makes you less sympathetic to people that don't? >> i don't think that's what it is. there are liberal to earn a lot of money who give to cause us to make sure people of lesser means have opportunity and would feel differently about it. >> tucker: [laughs] >> sean: what? >> tucker: it's an interesting topic. fox news alert. governor mark dayton of minnesota fainted apparently tonight while delivering the state of the state address. it was near the end of his 45 minute speech. he wavered and tumbled backward. aides were able to catch them. he later appeared to have regained consciousness as he was helped out of the room. his son tweeted this... i am with my dad now and he is doing great. thank you for your kind well
6:37 pm
wishes and words of concern. we will tell you more if we learn it. up next, a group of liberal lawyers is suing president tru president trump, already breached the constitution and needs to change or leave office. we will talk to one of them next. and here their argument. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> tucker: donald trump has been president for three days but people are saying he's already violating the constitution. trump is in violation of a cause in the constitution, the bands u.s. officials from accepting gifts from foreign powers. many businesses can be patronized by foreign government. the lawsuit was brought by the coalition of lawyers which included occupy wall street, he was ambassador to the czech republic under obama and in the citizens for responsible ethic. he joins us now. >> thank you for having me,
6:42 pm
tucker. >> tucker: the idea is because the now president has lots of business holdings around the world, that constitutes a conflict. it's pretty interesting actually. i think you're right to be worried about conflict, i'm glad someone is worried about that. some of the potential conflicts that seem pretty far-fetched. room reservations and the use of venues by diplomats at the defendants washington, d.c.,'s hotel. to think of to be a constitutional violation for foreign officer to stay at trump hotel? >> tucker, i can tell you that these room reservations are sometimes run into an entire floor when you have a foreign leader coming. we know and that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. we know what the foreign diplomats are saying and it goes right to the heart of the
6:43 pm
constitutional concern that you rightly acknowledged. our framers are so worried about the prospect not just foreign gifts, tucker, but foreign monuments include cash and anything, any benefit of value. they were so worried that that would distort a president's judgment that they included it in the constitution. the foreign government officials are saying of course, i want to be able to tell the president i love your new hotel. so they are trying to manipulate the president. i think it's worrying. >> tucker: it may be worrying. if it happens, i think it'll be a problem. it hasn't happened yet. and two we had a lot of presidents with extensive business holdings. starting with george washington, going all the way up until john f. kennedy who was an enormously rich. i don't believe anybody ever evoked that clause because it didn't seem relevant. i think this is --
6:44 pm
>> tucker, there is no political animus motivates us. the bipartisan group of lawyers which include a distinguished conservative, richard -- >> tucker: who i know and like. >all of who are liberal except rich. >> we have spoken out in defense of mr. rex tillerson's arrangements. we even wrote in "the new york times" a road map for jared kushner, how to comply with the law. it is not reflective of antitrust. we were invited into the trump transition. i talked to them about the rules of the road. we are trying to help the president comply with the constitution. >> tucker: [laughs] let me just read this. >> it's not partisan. >> tucker: now that he has been sworn into office, those business interests are accreting countless conflict of interest as well as unprecedented interest by foreign government.
6:45 pm
we are saying that the president is being influenced by foreign governments right now. give evidence for that? >> yes, we do, tucker. president trump has businesses across united states and around the world that are steadily doing business with foreign government. he has foreign government in addition to the business in the hotels, foreign government tenants in the trump tower. he has huge loans with the bank of china. he has a whole variety of these guys. >> tucker: unprecedented influence? how are they influencing? where is the evidence? >> the founders don't require an influence. >> but you are claiming that. >> when that you are receiving, that's the whole rationale. it e so concerned about the effect of these foreign governments with their payments and other benefits that they rode it into
6:46 pm
the constitution? >> tucker: for obvious reasons. i'm glad they did. >> if you were receiving hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars from a foreign government and you had to make decisions about that foreign government, could you be sure that it was not influencing you? >> tucker: no, i couldn't. >> that's a problem that the clause sets out. >> tucker: i guess you haven't demonstrated, that he's receiving billions of dollars from foreign governments. i think the core concern is not a crazy one even if it is politically motivated. >> may be you will me on again. >> tucker: i would like that. if you have evidence, you are always welcome. up next, james rosen joins us in a good version of "the friend zone."
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>> tucker: time now for "the friend zone," tonight we are joined by arguably the smartest person in washington, d.c. james rosen. great to see you, james. >> here is my first question about "the friend zone." if this is also a "no" spin zone or is the spin allowed in "the friend zone"? >> tucker: good question. there is some overlap. do you know the guy, our new question? >> i've only met him at once, in the quick and loans arena right before that famous debate with megyn kelly in august of 2015. i know exactly who you are, i see on fox all the time, i know exactly who you are he said. i conveyed a little bit of family lore that our families know each other little bit. much to my dad's delight, he confirmed this. >> tucker: they knew trump in
6:52 pm
what context? >> my father's father had a plumbing firm in new york city in the '40s and '50s, we regaled as children, with his tongue at for a the floor. >> tucker: that sounds like the president. how much contacted did you have with the previous president? >> i was not ever white house correspondent. i had really only perceive one conversation with barack obama. when he was a senator in 2005, we ran into each other at the l.a. sports club gym. which is at the ritz-carlton in downtown washington. i also met and proposed to my wife there. >> tucker: in the gym? >> at the ritz carlton. so there was senator obama, getting ready to work out. he was trim and fit and looked like he belonged in the gym. i looked less like me.
6:53 pm
i just finished covering 45 straight days of the john bolton committee hearings. i told senator obama i have to be outside of john bolton the happiest guy in america. those finally came to an end. i've nothing else or 45 days. senator obama said -- the republican committee at the time, he couldn't figure out why the bush administration never put up a guy for the john bolton administration for the u.n. we go out, i introduced myself to him again. i say senator, it was nice to meet you. i fully expect going forward on the basis of this brief is encountered that you will see fit to leak to me the most sensitive documents across. and i hope you will pardon the language. he laughed and said i ain't got to leave. when he got elected, --
6:54 pm
and december '16, i wrote to fox news. i told him i will be there in the spirit of lincoln and christmas if this president for two prolonged dips purporting for a question. he interjected at one point. he answered me. so i entered the q&a of obama's presidency. >> tucker: that's how it really works here in washington. james rosen, i hope you will come back you don't even know about -- we are going to expose them. on the show. coming up next, some celebrities have concocted a new scheme for stopping trump on twitter. it'll totally work this time. we will tell you what it is, coming up.
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storm. social media's most powerful weather patterns. an innovative idea for fighting back against donald trump. people on following trump's twitter account and follow various liberal voices online. jamie lee curtis tweeted this... following cory booker. on following donald trump. not everyone was so eager. i mute the entire entertainment industry because i can think for myself. wouldn't want to inadvertently expose ourselves to opposing views. that might broaden our hateful little minds. should be everyone's model. america should be a place of kindness, acceptance and love. you unfollowed because you are so accepting?
7:00 pm
debra messing tweeted... dumb advice, truly. that's it for us tonight. we will see you tomorrow. watch "hannity," he is next. >> sean: tonight, president trump stars in his first week of oval office. he is already making moves and keeping his promises. "hannity" will take you inside the trump white house, we have exclusive access. we will interview kellyanne conway from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. plus... >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hou white house. >> i am a nasty woman. >> sean: celebrity snowflakes have a collective meltdown this weekend over president trump. laura ingraham will weigh in on all this liberal lunacy. all of that plus senator mike lee will join us. "hannity" starts from washington, right here right n


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