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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOXNEWSW  January 22, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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weekend of the trump era. that's it for today. have a great week. we will see you next fox news sunday the beginning of the donald trump era. we will look at how he got there and what we can expect now that donald trump is in charge. this is special report. good evening, welcome to to washington. this is a special sunday night addition of special report. we are now two full days into the donald trump administration. before being sworn in he said monday would be his first full day of work. tonight we look at the evolution of the revolution.
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james rosen take this on a trip from the start of the trump campaign to the amazing ending result. >> donald trump is the act you've known for all these years, the new york tabloid fixture who told people in 1987 he was too busy to run for the white house. we knew we knew him as a flashy real estate billionaire whose soaring skyscrapers and multiple marriages and celebrity smack downs made his brand one of the most recognizable. in june 2015 his pro-choice liberal who had given money to democrats as late as 2008 entered the republican primary with a bank. >> when mexican senders people they are bringing drugs and crime, they are rapist, and some i assume are good people. reporter: mainstream media elite turned up their noses. >> you have any doubt this is more than a carnival show?
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reporter: trump rally attracted huge crowds, tens of thousands trying to the message of our high energy outsider pledging to make america great again. a ferocious counter punch, he mixed it up with the pope pows goldstar families and much of the news media, news media and included. he saw the lead that he himself found extraordinary. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. reporter: the 16 other competitors used kid gloves before turning with a vengeance. he pledged to build the border wall and make mexico pay for it. then he visited mexico. he proposed a temporary ban on muslim immigration to the u.s. pretty listed the conservative judges from which he would pick supreme court nominees. despite the efforts of the never trump, the knob is largely
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cruise denomination losing 12 states to ted cruz but collecting 14 million votes, more than any gop nominee in history. he selected mike pence as his ticket mate and it was never as contested as his opposition of suggested. >> i am your voice. reporter: with the primary democratic candidate hillary clinton, they squared off in an epic election showdown, a former friendship now turned minimum. >> you would say there is nothing wrong with you deleting 39000 e-mails. again, you should should be ashamed of yourself. >> donald thanks belittling women makes him bigger. reporter: october surprises abounded as when a recording surfaced where he could be heard boasting about sexual advances including groping women. >> i apologize to my family and the american people. certainly i'm not proud of it, but this is locker room talk.
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reporter: when it doesn't women accused him of sexual harassment he called them all theme seeking liars. as election night unfolded it became clear that big data had failed and we were witnessing an upset of historic proportions. >> this is what the new york times, no friend of donald trump said the chances of him winning is 91%. though he would lose the popular vote by 3 million ballots he won the electoral college. he flipped 209 counties that had twice voted for barack obama. >> i spent my entire life and business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. reporter: after a recount and a campaign, the postelection period would be dominated from his by chief that the kremlin
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had interfered with the election to swing it for mr. trump. >> they hacked into some democratic party e-mails that contained pretty routine stuff. some of it embarrassing or uncomfortable. the president-elect agreed. >> as far as the election. [inaudible] reporter: finally the fateful hour arrived. >> so help me god. congratulations mr. president. [applause] reporter: his inaugural address would be the shortest in four decades and the sharpest indictment of his immediate predecessors from both parties seated behind him that any new party has delivered. >> the establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country.
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reporter: he proclaimed america first and promised to turn around the carnage of our cities, secure our borders and eradicate islamic terrorism while nationbuilding. >> we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone but rather to let it shine as an example. we will shine for everyone to follow. >> there were parades, scattered riots and papers to be signed on day one. a historic day that would and for the new president and his glamorous first lady, with a dance. it was, in short, a campaign cycle like no other that produced the president of the united states like none other. this may be the closest he ever comes to acting like all the presidents who preceded him. >> thank you. let's bring in our panel. tom rogan. katie at and charles charles hurt opinion
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editor for the washington times. before you think people yet realize, in the democratic party, why donald trump one? >> no and i think that has a lot to do with why we have seen all of these protests in the weekend after. i think a lot of people are still completely bewildered. i think one of the most important things about him is that he was running as a republican, but the first thing he did was run against the republican party. he he didn't just run against them, he ran against them ferociously, viciously viciously attacking republicans, and he has impeccable timing and he understood the moment that so many people, so many conservatives were right-leaning voters in the country, he typically vote republican were so fed up, not only democrats but also with republicans. once he cleared that field and was able to sort of face-off
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against the democrat, he had offended everybody that people were disgusted with and tired of. bret: democrats seem to abandon a part of their base and that was the white working-class, rural, unionized working men and women, and i came back to bite them. >> in truth, it had been slipping away from for a while to it some of them did vote for barack obama in 2012 and then voted for trump, but they were really hemorrhaging that support for a while, sort of tilting toward a coalition of very well-educated white along with minorities and young people, and really going to this obama
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coalition that could bring them success and they hoped would bring hillary clinton success. the truth is, part of that coalition stayed home and had they come to the polls, she would have one, but she clearly turned her back on those communities even with president obama at the time criticizing her saying you've got to go to ohio. you've got to go to iowa. i will go for you. her campaign was saying let's just wait it off. it was a fatal error before we see the marches on saturday, the women's women's march, not only here in washington d.c. but around the country, and it looks like impressive numbers in a number of different cities including here, stating in raising concerns about women's issues and also about this new president. i guess people look at that and say where were they at the election. >> they would come back with the argument you been hearing for months that they voted for hillary clinton, the popular vote which she won so i would say a lot of these that were in california, but overall. >> or new york or boston. >> right, but the truth is
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donald trump won the election through the electoral college and that's how works. it's my mother out marching in the streets but they probably should've done this before election day to come out and get the energy for hillary clinton. the fact is the obama coalition didn't show up for her. donald trump won not because republicans came out to vote for him but because independence and voters of the democratic party have been ignoring for years decided not to go after. even the bernie sanders group that was taken advantage of they thought they would come out and vote for hillary clinton. when you look at the numbers over the course of barack obama's presidency, actually i'm very surprised that we didn't see this coming up at especially the democrats. when you see the astounding number of 1000+ seats at the democrats have lost over the past eight years, and not having to look at that as a dnc going what is happening and how do we prevent us going into an election, that would be tough
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for democrats to take control of considering there is a democrat in office for the past eight years and difficult for the incumbent party to remain in power. >> before barack obama's legacy, the first african-american president, saved us from a recession going going over the cliff he would argue, but over the weekend they said the biggest part of his legacy, two words, donald trump. that's who follows barack obama. >> i think it's striking that that is the ultimate reality that for all the campaigning the president who came in with this narrative of hope and change that he was going to fundamentally shape american politics, it's hard to find a word in terms of what donald trump represents but i think there's two interesting things that come out. you've seen them use that power from the democrats to the state legislature and that fixes more with the traditional paul ryan
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element of restrictions and spending or the tea party elements in the house. i wonder to the degree that now trump has come in, as tomorrow he gets to work in the first day of the new week, what are we going to see in terms of the house republican elements that do not like the idea of infrastructure spending that he has discussed but also the fact that trump really does feel this mandate of ab note traditional voters. i think will be interesting to assess before i bring back up the saturday protest because they were impressive but there is also moments in those protests that some of them said they wanted to be the liberal tea party, the last tea party and start this movement on day one of this new administration. here is madonna. >> yes, i'm angry. yes i am outraged.
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yes, i have thoughts thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. [applause] but i know that this won't change anything before now i'm not to play the usual game, what happens if a republican said that about obama administration or president obama, but can they channel this into something as you are just starting in this new trump administration, or does he have at least some leeway to kind of get something across the finish line. >> the problem with comparing this to the tea party is that the tea party was actually coalesced around a real set of ideas and beliefs. madonna, what she did was idiotic. if you go and talk to a lot of these people, it's wonderful, they're just expressing their
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free right to express. >> and i should say was peaceful. >> yes, peaceful and this is my measure, do they put their trash in the trash can? they did. it was very impressive. that matters to me. you talk to them, they are not, it's not that they are coalesced around a single cohesive message but they are mad and angry and they don't like donald trump, but there isn't that hard, they're not joined together in the way the tea party was. >> i would argue quickly they better be careful about being left of the tea party because the media will call them races and bigoted for disagreeing with the white house. i would just give them a warning on that one. >> i also want to see how the march for life coverage goes on january 27. >> they always throw their trash in the trash can. it's always very impressive before what impressed you or didn't impress you about inauguration weekend.
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bret: welcome back to the sunday edition of special report. the reviews were mixed for president trump's inaugural address. if you like them, you liked it. if you didn't, you didn't. some called it revolutionary. others thought it was awful, scary, dark. you can judge for yourself as we listen to the highlights. >> we the citizens of america are now joined a great national
8:19 pm
effort to rebuild our country. we are transferring power from washington d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. for too long, long, a small group in our nations capital has reaped the rewards of government. they are victories have not been your victories. that'll changes starting right here and right now because this moment is your moment. it belongs to you. the crime and the games and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. from this day forward, it is going to be only america first. america first.
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every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. a new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sites and heal our divisions. whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. hear these words, you will not never be ignored again. together we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy
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again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again, and yes, together we will make make america great again. bret: president trump at the inauguration. let's bring back our panel to give grades on his speech. i heard a lot of people say they were fired up by the speech. this was plainspoken. these arguably are people who supported donald trump and are ready for change but thought that this was what they wanted to hear, living up to what he talked about on the campaign trail. >> what i thought was very interesting was the reaction at the end of the speech. what whatever other people, whether whether as journalists or democrats or people who don't have a opinion either way, the reaction of the crowd, the trump supporters when he ended on that line was in relation to a degree that i think superseded
8:22 pm
president obama's inaugural address. i think what you see there and you see with trump in terms of this bombastic messaging that we saw yesterday, he knows that constituency, that base base that he has brought together doesn't just announce them against democratic challenges but it balances him against republicans who want to push them in directions he doesn't want to go. >> to me it was indictment of the establishment both on the left and the right, republicans and democrats. there was cutaway shots of obama and bush wincing at moments, but overall, what you think. >> i thought he did a good job speaking to his own supporters, and that's what he did, but that's a missed opportunity. his whole message to them about this is a government for you now and not for the establishment
8:23 pm
that left you out struggling and forgotten, that was very powerful, but it's what he tells them all the time. this was an opportunity for him, especially followed by what we saw yesterday with those crowds of muslims and mormons and environmentalists and women and men who all have a beef with this president and they are more in number of cross this country if you add hillary's voters to the simply who stayed home and worried about trump and hated hillary and didn't vote for him, these are the people he should reach. on a day when he could've spoken about our foundational intervals that make our country special, he left that out entirely. what he said was to unify us was to share the red blood of patriots, we all sit sleep under the same night sky, we are endowed by the same creator and we can be stirred by national pride. it wasn't enough to speak to the people that even his supporters wanted him to speak too with a
8:24 pm
unifying message. that was the day to do it. the next day you saw how much unrest and upheaval will we were experiencing. he to reach those people. >> so when you hear when you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice and you hear lifting to the skies, as far as the economic reach of this country and what is possible, that doesn't address these things? >> i would disagree on some level. i agree he could've talked more about our foundations, what makes a similar, but at the same time i think the expectation that is he going to be offering anything different than he already has moving forward simply because he has a new title and is in washington d.c. is a very high expectation that will be met with much disappointment over the next four years, if not the next date when he talks about us as americans, he's doing the opposite of what he saw
8:25 pm
democrats do and president obama do in sense of dividing people into groups. he's talking to people as americans not as minorities, not as women, he's he's trying to send this message that as americans we are unstoppable. he doesn't want to go down these paths of division. quite frankly, when it comes to trying to reach out to folks, i think him getting elected and the tape of people who came out to vote for him, the people who weren't involved in the particle process, black voters who voted for obama twice and then voted for trumpet people who happen democrats their entire lives changing their mind and changing their party to vote for him. i think yes the country is divided. it has been for a very long time but i think his win is a good example of whether people are for or against him. >> i thought it was a unifying message, at least in terms of voters and people not in washington. obviously it was a harsh message and it was a divisive message
8:26 pm
for the people sitting behind him. one of the things that is the secret to his success is that he tapped into this extreme frustration across the board of people watching politicians come to washington, having said something and campaigned one way and then come to washington and change their tune and suddenly get into bed with other politicians and sing a different song. what he wanted to do with that speech was to go out there and say, the big loud, perhaps unruly politically incorrect guy that i campaigned as, that's that's who i'm going to be in washington too. in that regard, i think it was a huge success. >> if he is able to actually accomplish the things he has talked about, i think that is where we will see whether or not he's actually able to reach the
8:27 pm
people who didn't vote for them because a lot of these things are things they like. before when you hear the people who look at the speech and see what they see and they see something that is scary, that harkens of patriotism that they feel is dangerous, what you say to them? >> patriotism, i don't understand before but you've heard it, i'm trying to echo what is being said other places about the speech, and i heard it from juan and chris matthews and other people saying there was this darkness. how do you respond to that? >> there is darkness in america today. we saw this within his convention speech. there are bad things in america. this is a frustration that has gone on not for a ears but 16 years. i think he did reflect that, but i don't know, i don't blame him for the fact that he shined the
8:28 pm
light on the fact that there are these problems. thank goodness someone is finally talking about the elephant in the room for so many americans . whether it's white people in rural areas are black people in cities, he talked about the problems and that's a good thing. >> i wasn't saying he needed to reach out to people we didn't support him to make them feel better so they didn't march the next day, i sang it would've been better for his governance and administration if he reaches out to a broader audience, particularly on the first day. he had the bible of lincoln when he was sworn in, with this other bible he has from childhood. lincoln said with public sentiment everything is possible, anything is possible, without it nothing as possible. at some point some point he is going to want more people in his corner's before quickly, tom, if you're in a foreign country looking at the speech, a foreign government, what are you thinking. >> it depends what he does very quickly. i expect you will see masses on
8:29 pm
the road because he is trusted. it will spark concerns on the part of the four nations. he is talking about change and expecting people to put more pressure on nato spending, this might propel the europeans to go up to 2%. it may work for him. we shall see before much of his team is still on the sideline tonight and we will talk about per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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through offshore in a certain number -- >> so you help others avoid paying. >> i'm not going to make a statement, they follow the law. >> did you buy the stock and introduce a bill that would help the companies you just bought stock in. >> the stock was bought by a broker who is making those decisions. i wasn't making those decisions. >> these are your trades though. they are listed under your name. >> they are made on my behalf. >> we are a compassionate society -- >> no we are not a compassionate society. in terms of other countries our reputation is worse. >> i support accountability for for -- >> do you not want to answer my question? >> can you not say definitively definitively guns it should not be in school. >> i imagine it's in the school to protect from potential grizzly. >> is vladimir putin a war
8:34 pm
criminal. >> i would not use that term. >> are you aware people who oppose him wind up dead all over the world. >> i am not willing to make conclusions on what is only publicly available. >> none of this is classified. >> okay, there you get a flavor, yes it is sunday night and you're watching special report. welcome back. when president obama, oh my gosh, i can't even say president obama, it's been eight years. when president trump, my apologies, starts his first full business workday tomorrow, he will not have all the pieces in place that he had hoped. that's because cabinet nominees, he only has two of them that that have been approved by the senate. they been slow walking the cabinet confirmation process. the two who were in, general kelly and general matters homeland security and defense.
8:35 pm
>> looking at the way that some of these hearings were handled this week, and based on what chuck schumer is saying is an excuse not to have the nominees in place by the time he took over this weekend, it seems a very clear that it's all about politics and trying to protect president obama's legacy, an omission that is not going to be for felt. these nominees should have been confirmed before president trump came into power. based on one example he was essentially saying he's responsible and he didn't own stock in a mutual club fund that was managed by someone else and therefore he was disqualified. i think it's an example of the shallow arguments the democrats have been making all week for the majority of his nominees.
8:36 pm
>> there were six, bob gates was held over for president obama, when he came into office and thousand nine. there are two confirmed, understanding that some of it has to do with paperwork embedding and they have a right to ask questions. they don't have the votes to prevent anyone from not getting through. >> no, minority leader leader chuck schumer said i thought quite brazenly that there was a good chance doctor price would not be confirmed as health and human services sector. i think that's laughable. i don't think they have enough to take tom price down. what's happening, we've discussed this before, the transition was shocking. they didn't think they would win, it was and is up and going as barack obama's front work might've been in 2008. it's hard to get this together and there was some paperwork that was not finished on time
8:37 pm
and that is essential. it said what democrats are doing is a strategy where they are trying to slow everybody down. some other questioning is impressive, it's not when you make a make a difference. you see interest groups within the party line to the voice of influence and the environmentalists want to take a stab at pruitt and the teachers union want their say and on and on. it is deluded their influence overall and it is all, in the end, truly going to be of little substance and he will get them all through. >> people like elaine chao who received zero pushback from democrats for transportation secretary, why isn't she going through or ben carson. >> it's absolutely politics because they don't have any choice. they want to grandstand and make a big issue. i think it's interesting that the two people they chose to put
8:38 pm
through, general mattis and john kelly, i think they were strategically thinking goodness, we don't want something bad to happen on our watch and we have an approved these two vitally important issues. we saw trump go to langley and say what about my cia director. bret: i want you to listen to president trump at the cia saturday. >> general mattis is a fantastic guy and general kelly got approved. mike pompeo was supposed to be in that group it was post to be the three of them. can you imagine all of these guys. people respect that military sense. my political people are doing so well for the political people are doing so well but we will get them all through. some will take a little bit longer than others. >> i love his talk about the strategic sense of all of this because that is what i think
8:39 pm
donald trump's cabinet brings to the table which is so refreshing in different, in a town that is completely governed by political correctness, all of that goes out the window. all. all of the care about is strategic thinking and working through things strategically. >> tom eisenhower's first cabinet, i happen i happen to know little bit about eisenhower , eight millionaires and a plumber. that was his labor secretary. he is thinking outside the box. obviously trump is choosing more generals because he's comfortable there. >> he is, but one of the issues here that you saw yesterday with president trump at caa, very interesting the degree to which, if one of his nominees had said some of these things, i think they would've walked off the stage but he is the president now. i think think he will have to temper some of what he is saying if he wants to give room to get these people through sooner than later.
8:40 pm
at caa there really is anger and concern. as much as they say schumer, the the master fundraiser is using this to rebuild the base, there's a concern that aligns with rubio, mccain and others and i think what's most notable with rubio, there is a rationale for the pushback that goes behind the scenes. that's motivating that real anger, and i think the russia story is not over in terms of its connection point to the president. i think he knows that. it will be interesting to see what happens. bret: katie, how much, what level is the trump derangement syndrome that is still setting in. >> on a scale of one to ten we are at a 12. democrats have to be careful here when you have riders in the streets burning things down and democrats stonewalling nominees for clear political purposes
8:41 pm
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bret: our special sunday night addition with special report continues now. president trump has a lot to get down if he is going to fulfill his promises. carl cameron goes down the list .
8:45 pm
>> after this inaugural weekend, donald trump has indicated monday will be his first full workday including a number of aggressive executive actions to begin implementing his agenda. friday he made good on two campaign promises, his first and obamacare executive orders sang until the affordable care act is repealed and replaced, all federal agencies should take all actions consistent with watt to minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the act. separately they issued an executive memorandum freezing all last-minute regulations made by president obama until all are thoroughly reviewed by the trump administration. >> on day one. reporter: he developed a lengthy list of first-day promises. >> on day one we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. according to federal data, there are at least 2 million criminal aliens now inside of our country 2 million people, criminal aliens.
8:46 pm
we will begin moving them out day one, as soon as i take office, they want. reporter: he also pledged to stop all federal funding for sanctuary cities where illegal immigration laws are not enforced. someday one candidate promises may prove difficult for the president. >> my first day in office i will immediately suspend the admission of syrian refugees. reporter: he also planned to halt immigration from countries where vetting is difficult. he plans to vehemently defend the second amendment. >> i will get rid of gun free zones on schools. you have to, and on military bases, my first day get signed. i first-day. >> reporter: he also promised executive orders on trade. aides say one will set in motion u.s. plans to withdraw from the transpacific partnership.
8:47 pm
another will declare if the free-trade agreement is not renegotiated, the u.s. will withdraw from it too. he made several more first-day proposals during his campaign including listing lifting restrictions on coal, natural gas and finalizing the keystone pipeline. bret: let's bring back our panel. okay, first 100 days hundred days. charlie, obviously a focus first on obamacare. >> sure. this is actually one of the reasons i am sort of perplexed why democrats are holding up tom price for helping him serve as secretary because if their argument is going to be, what they're hoping is that okay, this is all messed up, but, donald trump can try to fix it and it's still going to be broken and messed up. why muddy the waters by holding up tom price. just give republicans the tools that donald trump says he wants
8:48 pm
in order to address obamacare. it is, that is going to be something i think that at the end, once they finally come up with something, a lot of republicans and conservatives will not be happy with it. donald trump is not a conservative. he is a populist and he is a dealmaker, and he will, if republicans don't wind up working with him on obamacare, he will work with democrats on it. >> it's interesting about tomorrow in the first week because there is a lot he can do, he can stack up a huge number of stuff that will sound like it was really a big deal it won't be. there are a emissions guidelines, there's agency agency directives and are not binding, they are sort of you should follow this. it will not change at the end of the day emissions regulations but it will sound great. at the new time there are new fracking regulations he can rip up and that is substantive. there's a range of substance and
8:49 pm
what he can do but he can certainly come up with a huge number. the big stuff, the array and deal, not enforcing the obamacare mandate. is he going to do, some of them are really hard to do. >> they are laying the groundwork already bypassing, by signing this executive order prelude. >> they are very worried about the lack of a plan b. republican senators who are on this have not been speaking to the transition team about it. this scramble for a replacement plan is of utmost concern and they don't want to set things in motion in terms of the repeal that further tanks things without a backup plan. in terms of the big things, the cuba deal, there's a there's a lot he can do this week but it will be interesting to see which one he pulls the trigger on. >> taxes, another huge one that is in line.
8:50 pm
can they get to it quickly. >> it's going to be difficult at the thing that donald trump needs to be careful of as president obama wasn't careful of and then suffered losses electorally is overpromising how much you can actually get done in the first 100 days or presidency. it doesn't mean can't come in and change washington the way he wants to, but this is not going to be an easy task overall. when you look listen to the speech he gave he said we will face challenges and hardships but we will get the deal done. it's going to be a battle between donald trump and the republican party which has been arguing for years that were overspending that the national debt is too high and deficits actually matter. a lot of the conservatives have come into the house and the senate over the past few elections, they are small government conservative. they are not going to want to overspend without having things paid for. republicans are to be a tough place politically because they
8:51 pm
have a chance of looking like obstructionist against the republican president but they have a lot of chances to do the things they been saying they want to do for years that donald trump bolstered on the campaign trail and as we've seen coming into the first couple days of his presidency. >> one of the things you will see very quickly is, in an an effort to provide outreach to those republicans that katie noted, the paul ryan caucus that it's the restriction of government spending, he's not going to do that. how does does he reach out to them after a speech on trade like that. i think what he will do is double down on this push to unleash the energy sector paid he will take executive actions on the flip side of what president obama did on things like the dakota access pipeline in keystone and move quickly there. number one it will create political unity in the party but will also have a sizable economic impact because when you delve into the details of those big capital investment projects,
8:52 pm
the quiet story of the obama administration is the amount of litigation, headers hesitant and delay they put in their and the effect it had on future investment. >> i do think there's a better relationship between the leaders in congress and trump than what people give him trouble credit for. they can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> sure. it's a more honest relationship. for the past two presidencies, we have seen one democrat holds the white house and both chambers of congress, congress give them whatever whatever they want. same with republicans. i think the fact, that some people think it's kind of ugly and they're airing their dirty laundry but it is a very honest relationship and it does, he does have to win over republicans. one of the things that i think is the most important lesson from his inaugural address is the fact that donald trump is not done campaigning.
8:53 pm
this campaign is not over for him. he is going to, on all of these things that he wants to get done in the first hundred days or beyond, he's going to go and campaign in people districts, in people states, whether as republicans or democrats and he's going to push these things. i think he will be very effective. >> he also promised, katie, that he would have a cyber security plan from his national security team. >> that is very important. that is something that the intelligence community has been asking for for years, the obama administration seems to have ignored the request for bolstering of our cyber security , we been warning that this is the next front in not only the global war on terror but in combating bad state actorsaccept that that is a thrt facing the country and it's an important part of his national security promises to make sure that america has the tools it needs to protect us from our enemy before down the road, real
8:54 pm
quick, do they get a replacement plan for obamacare. >> i think they do, absolutely. >> it's just a question of time. >> yes. >> but before i knew it was coming. >> but i think what he was saying about they are ready have is he's trying to put pressure on republicans and he sang get one before we meet's before we will see. next, a look back at inauguration weekend
8:55 pm
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