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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 22, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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eric: we will have an update on the phone call between president trump and prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> back to 4:00 eastern. we hope you can join us. in the meantime, enjoy your day. >> nice to be with you this sunday. i'm leland vittert out what is now the trump white house. these headquarters from washington today. >> and i am elizabeth pran. here is what is making news right now. president trump prepares to launch major series of initiatives tomorrow. members of the team are taking on the media over their coverage of vietnam duration and beyond. we will get a live report. leland: plus, fighting congress to repeal and replace obamacare
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has been meeting this week after president trump's executive order stripping of the major parts of the health care law we will talk to congress. jim jordan of ohio. trade to the death toll rising a severe weather strikes several southern states. tornadoes ripping down homes and businesses as well as churches. the very latest from the weather center. >> this is very much a work in sunday here at the white house. president trump will talk to the israeli prime minister in just a few minutes in sweater and some of the staff a little bit later today. his first weekend in office is far in the usual drama free victory lap. already press secretary took on the white house press corps and the streets of washington filled with protesters against him. chief white house correspondent john roberts for a guess you could say there's never a dull moment with trump administrations. >> a hot place to be. good afternoon. the trump administration blamed on the market this weekend. they are not to let reporting
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for stories they don't like sit out there. they will aggressively counter them. fox news sunday, chris wallace at the white house chief of staff reince priebus why he would send sean spicer out with information that was demonstrably false. reince priebus said the information they had about the size of the crowd during the inauguration was absolutely correct to argue donald trump is just invited were with the media. >> media has been talking about delegitimizing the election, talking about russians, everything you can imagine except the fact we need to rid the country forward. >> president trump at the issues in the headlines when he stood in front of the howard memorial wall and begin litigating stories about the size of the crowds. space or picked up the baton from there, with a strip off the press and the brady briefing room and while it looks like the white house perpetuating the stories and the arguments,
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kellyanne conway, the president's chief counsel said if the press keeping this going. listen to what she said. >> we are talking about the same topics in the week when the president is going to work on replacing obamacare which is millions of people lose their doctors, plans, insurance. he will work on infrastructure, will meet with foreign leaders. reporter: the white house may let such untruths shut stories go because they will be a full agenda appeared the president will be signing executive orders dealing with the issues of immigration of trade and national security. he's going to attend the house and senate republican retreat in philadelphia thursday and friday he welcomes to the white house is very first foreign leader, u.k. prime minister theresa may and you know they've got a lot to talk about. trade three john roberts life in the briefing room to cover it all for us. thanks, john.
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tree into two more nominees will face lawmakers for the first time. south carolina congressman nick labadie up too late the office of management and budget as well as small business administrator nominee linda mcmahon as most of the president's cabinet still a wave final confirmation from the senate. now the very latest. reporter: the senate has confirmed two of the nominees. eight years ago president obama had said in a cabinet post to burn with only his defense and homeland security secretary is in office, president trump is about key positions at the state and treasury departments be central intelligence agency and the department will likely overhaul the u.s. health care system again. defending delays come in the senate top democrat says president trump's elections given their experience and while need a more thorough review. >> let me talk about the cabinet. it is a cabinet unlike any other we've seen on two bases. we called this one cabinet. beginners and bankers.
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it's very simple. there are more people with huge financial holdings, which they have to divest under law so they don't have conflicts of interest. this takes a tremendous amount of time. many of these nominees did not submit their ethics report, did not submit the fbi report that were poorly prepared. >> these are all manufactured reasons to slow down the process because they don't want the administration to be treated like other administrations. >> mcconnell believes the senate will confirm all president trump's nominees, including former exxon ceo rex tillerson as secretary of state. some republicans have held support because of the substantial relationship built with russia under rex tillerson leadership. two holdouts, john mccain and lindsey graham have just announced they will support saturday. though we still have concerns about past events with the russian government and president vladimir putin, we believe mr. rex tillerson will be an effective advocate for u.s.
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interest. it is still unclear if marco rubio will join them in support and reveal aggressively question during his confirmation hearings. elizabeth: is going to be a busy week. thank you so much. leeland. leland: the house returns to work and picks up where it left off on repealing and eventually replacing obamacare. but now there is a lot more pressure as president trump's first executive order could a major parts of the affordable care act and potentially cause shockwaves in the insurance market. jim jordan, obamacare critic joins us now. nice to see you. thanks for being here. does the executive order from president trump change things in terms of timing for you guys? >> i start from the premise health care will be better and cost less than obama to respond. that's your thing we can to get rid of it. it gives flexibility to the agencies to say about it shouldn't be a washington centered approach to health care
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and mandates and regulations bit of fluff and flexibility that can begin to bring down cost and better care. it's a good first stab and we have to repeal every single bit of it. if the help of premium costs and american families. >> repeal seems to be the easy part. the part that house republicans are struggling with his replacement. this 10,000 or so folks in your districts in ohio according to the kaiser family foundation who benefit from the affordable care act. are you confident to tell 10,000 that no matter what the house does, their quality of health care and their cost of health care isn't going to go down? >> i'm confident that since obamacare has been put in place, health care costs have gone up and all you have to do is remember what they told us when they passed the law. all the statements they gave us like your plan, keep your plan. deductibles will go down. website will work on the website secure. all those things that turned out to be false.
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>> all good points that we've covered all of them. my question is looking forward in terms of your constituents and that could issuance of all of her fellow congressman, can you say look, if you health care right now under the affordable care act, you're not going to lose than the costs are going to go out. it's not important to you? >> is important to everyone and i think that will happen in america centered way that brings down cost. that's the most important thing. repeal is really critical and we have to make sure we repeal every tax, every mandate and every regulation. right now and you have to do guaranteed issue in community rating, that is driving up the cost for every single family. >> i want to button this up. is what is more important cost or coverage? you think about the affordable care act. whether it be young people can stay on their parents insurance.
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>> no one has been denied care. right now what's hurting his people can't afford insurance because the costs are so high because of all the mandates and regulations in obamacare. that's why this law is still after six years so unpopular and that's frankly why you some republicans in the house and senate and donald trump get elected president in large part because of the single issue. americans don't like this. our number one task is to repeal every single bit of it. there will be things put in place that will be good america centered, choice centered, dr. centered, not washington centered like obamacare is now. >> you list all those things and they do sound good. the question is can you get down to a real policy broad-spectrum talking point and for that matter since 2010, but the replacement plan and the house doesn't have one. >> you can, but step one is get rid of obamacare. right now there's talk of taking
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three to four years to do that. i don't think that's consistent with what we told the voters either. leland: do you worry about what president trump said when he had to walk that back a little bit. do you worry about this care between a populist white house and republican conservative congress of people like yourself? >> our job is simple. we are going to repeal up a new repeal it. make sure we do that, focus on that and don't take three to four years to do it after all we didn't tell the voters to do that. we need to repeal an effective date is within this congress. basso told the voters will do. health care will be better, and freedom centered when we focus on that. >> one thing that struck me yesterday and i'm not sure if you were in washington yesterday. obviously there is a lot of anti-trump marchers there. as the play video from washington d.c. where folks filled the streets, but oklahoma
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city, los angeles, san diego, many of the signs all centered around the issue of health care and especially health care for women. is there a way to replace if you will obamacare that doesn't cut some of the things these folks are worried about or is that part of your plan? >> of course there is. you get into the whole planned parenthood issue which no money should go to the organization that other organizations that do provide coverage that are already in our community health centers. leland: coverage for contraception. >> we are for women's health issues, money going to those organizations. that's part of the debate. i hope later this week there's all kind of coverage that was appropriate. there's going to be another march that happens every single year and that's the march for life that happens every year in
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january. i hope there's the same coverage from the press for that event which happened every single year by thousands and thousands of pro-lifers all of the country. i hope there's coverage of that event as well. leland: the anniversary of roe v. wade was this week and it's been covered extensively in the past. great to see you. thanks for the conversation. come back soon. elizabeth: great conversation. president trump has an ambitious immediate to-do list. chief of staff reince priebus told around this week the president will tackle immigration, trade and national security that could be by doing executive order. for more insight, white house reporter for "the wall street journal" also sat down with mr. trump recently independent contact with members of his cabinet. thank you for joining us. first and foremost a lot to digest. the first press conference for sean spicer. your reaction what you've heard from colleagues behind the scene. was there perhaps they buried the bear?
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we heard the prime minister of the u.k. of britain was coming on thursday or friday. i was about the headline? >> they said they will push back on news media. they are concerned about the quality of coverage in the type of coverage they look at. sean spicer has a very aggressive tone in his first remarks in the white house press briefing room. so did president trump at the cia. the question though, is this consistent with the trump message that they will keep the laser like focus on what the president called the forgotten americans. it is hard to see how that kind of pushback against the media is consistent with the message that they will create jobs, focus on middle-class people and try to raise wages. it will obviously be a priority for them. be not going to get in some
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policy. a lot of people really critical of the president and the headquarters. from someone who is watching them on the campaign, he knew the cameras were there and he knew the audience extended far beyond the intelligence community. it seems strategic. >> is going to use the bully pulpit wherever it is. even cia headquarters he will get his message out there. he was very concerned about reporting on the inaugural show of his cows might have been smaller than president about ms. gratz in 2009 and 2013. he wanted to push back against that and use whatever form is available. the question of taste, ever priding decorah for stars indicating cia officers have given their lives is service of their country. is that the appropriate venue and a lot of pushback from former director brennan has said it's not the time or place to do that, but this is a different president with a different idea of how to engage the american
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people. elizabeth: what i care about is a voter are the policies will see this week or there have been discussions can assert that no confirmation they can be seen and executive action order. there's a distinction between those two. if you had a crystal ball, gender prediction? are we going to see one on immigration but when it comes to jobs at a trade executive order? what do you think we will see in the next few days? >> welcome i spoke to senior white house officials who said they are going -- there's going to be absent everyday. executive orders come executive actions, and president trump promised that his inaugural address with action now. i think we are going to see some things on immigration. maybe more aggressive deportation of criminals. president trump promised that on the campaign and whether the two roll back some of the obama administration's protection -- elizabeth:
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>> yeah. it's not clear who's going to do that but he has that option could remake the executive actions dealing with climate change. i think that this is a way for him to make an early statement that this is not business as usual in washington there's a new president, new priorities and we know that it does. the orders which are binding. you can do that immediately and chiles make good on some of these promises. the mac i can't let you go without asking about obamacare. the point i haven't heard too much about, is the vice president a tool for the president because he's more familiar perhaps if lawmakers, especially when it comes to obamacare. whatever role will he be playing as liaison and obviously referring to the vice president. >> i think mike pence will be crucial in this administration in ip one of the most powerful with every scene because he knows the hill. the former six term congressman
10:17 am
from indiana, worked on the hill, went to bible study classes with paul ryan. they know one another. there's a trusting relationship there. it's hard to point to the white house to have the same familiarity. so mike pence has hunkered down in the capital during the transition and spent many days and hours plotting out the path of obamacare, repealing replays. i think that this is in a sense possibly the best assets that trump has two fulfill some of the schools on that front. elizabeth: a lot of lawmakers say half a dozen bills now just about consensus. we'll see what the members of the hill are able to turn now. >> watch mike pence. to some degree i think the legislative agenda rises and falls on his interactions with the hill. elizabeth: necklace, thank you. appreciate it. if you want to catch the full
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interview, stay tuned right after the show for fox news sunday. chris wallace interview senate majority leader mitch mcconnell at 2:00 p.m. eastern. 8:00 p.m. eastern, bread air is back with a special edition of special report on the eve of president trump's first full week in the white house. leland: after years of tension between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and former president barack obama, mr. regimen that yahoo! wasted no time welcoming our company's 45th president. >> we congratulate u.s. president trump on the beginning of his term. i appreciate the deep friendship for israel as well as his statement to fight the radical islamic terror with full force. i wish to clarify, contrary to reports i've read that stopping the everyman threat in first and foremost the threat from the bad nuclear deal that was signed with iran continues to be israel's top priority.
10:19 am
>> mr. net yahoo! added he thought as mr. trump's friendship and the islamic terrorism as we reported that it is our president trump and prime minister were to talk on the phone about a number of issues. if we get a readout which sometimes happens pretty quickly. we will that you know. elizabeth: benjamin netanyahu is the deal that world leader. president trump will be meeting with u.k. prime minister theresa may will be visiting the white house on friday. she said she's coming to the u.s. to get acquainted with the new administration and discuss top priority for the relationship go in lowered. >> i think his inauguration speech at it very clear message to it i will be talking to donald trump about the issues that we share about how we can build on the special relationship. if the special relationship that enables us to say we do find things unacceptable. elizabeth: the first leader to have a face-to-face -- face-to-face meeting.
10:20 am
she has been critical of mr. clayton: comments about women, but is now looking forward to building a strong relationship. the focus at the meeting will be to address top global issues such as security, terror as well as trade. the two will discuss nato's military alliance. leland: something referred a lot about for mr. trump is mr. trump prepares for a quarterback committee. the panel looks at his calling out at the media. plus the very latest on the health of president h.w. bush and his wife barbara. heading home from the hospital anytime soon. the death toll rising, it will cause major damage across thousands. survivors speaking out on the frightening moments that changed their lives. >> i went into the bathroom and i heard something that sounded like a train. i called my husband and i said i hear a train. i hear a train. we actually went outside and you could just see it.
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i was like lets go. get in the car. >> fox news extreme weather center tracking at all. reporter: severe weather continues across the southeast. every one of these has a narrow very seen a tornado. all the details coming up on the other side of the break. ♪ when you have digestive sensitivities, life can feel like a never ending search for food that won't cause bloating, gas, or inner turmoil. try pronourish. a delicious nutritional drink that makes a great mini meal or snack that has protein and fiber.
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elizabeth: at least 11 dead, 23 injured after a possible tornado tore through the state. part of an outbreak of brutal weather that is what do the deep south this weekend. georgia's governor declaring a state of emergency in seven counties. as you can tell were hit very hard. meanwhile, people of southern mississippi has started to clean up in the wake of a tornado that killed four people and damaged more than 300 homes. >> everything has gone within a matter of minutes. >> make sure everybody's all right. just rebuild. we've got to stay strong for each other out here. elizabeth: hit hard across the south did this weekend could be seen more severe weather today. meteorologist adam has the latest on the fox weather center. reporter: hey, they are. are nailing it on the head be
10:26 am
very, very active across the southeast so far today. everything you see behind me, this is all a tornado watch. it doesn't mean a tornado is on the ground. this means conditions are there that you could see a tornado. stretching all the way from the florida panhandle getting into louisiana back as mississippi and now stretching down into portions of florida, may be getting down to the tampa area stretching as far north as an antenna. where are the actual storms? right now dealing a severe weather we see is right along the gulf coast coming getting close to connect springs. that's an area we are looking not at this point just a severe thunderstorm. nor tornadoes on the ground but again conditions are there that it's possible we could see a couple of tornadoes before the day is over. this is something my grade for the next several hours. we will be paying attention but of course a tornado rates out of something we're looking at. where is the system heading? it is looking towards the north,
10:27 am
so we are going to be stand alert system or some other large natural areas. the good news is is it's further to the north, weakening a little bit. i'm not expecting a big dramatic event as this has further and further north. really highlights out for it today. as we continue in the future forecasts, this one's all the way up the east coast talking about rain from new york and in a couple of days in a severe weather there. for today there's still a lot of folks out there that need to be very careful. >> adam, thank you so much. >> sticking to the weather theme, one of the biggest storms in california and yours causing evacuation and severe flooding. will cars on the scene. >> high, leland. rain is continuing to pound california, forced hundreds of evacuations. bruiser shut down and real concerns for months by. a live report coming up. >> further south, to san diego
10:28 am
women had to as you can tell fight for their lives after getting caught out in the sea. we will tell you how this ends coming up. on the full second day of president trump's administration, the president and staff take the fight to the media after the controversial first white house press briefing. >> what happens almost immediateimmediate ly? if all senators told about removing the buses. that reporter was writing on behalf of the price. that falsehood, desperate 3000 times before it was corrected. i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand.
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10:33 am
in office using the time to make false accusations about qualified. today, top advisers defended him. >> so overly dramatic about it. you are saying is that falsehood and they are giving sean spicer are press secretary alternative fax to that. >> alternative fax? the alternative fax or the five fax theater. >> served as an adviser to the former speaker of the house john boehner also a trump supporter. a democratic strategist and partner at the group. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. a lot to digest this weekend. i want to play a sound bite for you if i may from sean spicer about 10 days ago and one from yesterday and i want to break it down. >> one thing with the republican democrat, independent, you have your integrity. i may say i cannot comment on something or not able to discuss it, but i've never lied.
10:34 am
>> this is the largest of which is an inoculation. trained to mark him i want to start with you. we are seeing different talents especially with the first briefing not and talking a lot about inauguration day is supposed to send bigger stories of the day that the british prime minister this week. i want to ask you, what was your reaction to the first press briefing? >> i didn't think it was that big of a deal. and the mainstream media, it has been minutes unending need to undercut and undermine the president. wish i was trying to do is put a period on it and move on. there's a lot of chatter driving us down a rat hole and ignoring the fact that american people voted donald trump as president. he's taking office anyone to implement the policy he says he would do upon taking office. >> as they shut the door? >> this opened up a whole new door.
10:35 am
the fact he walked in and dictated to the press that they were supposed to believe. i feel kind of bat for sean spicer. he had to go out and essentially defend donald trump's crowd spirit -- is not what the press is. >> i feel like it was a larger issue. >> why have that site with the press? when you put the photo aside -- they censored the organization. >> who cares how many people were there? would try to do if issa remarks, he said this is what the facts are as we see them. okay. let's talk about the sunday shows dominated by something that has nothing to do about putting a job, a new job building new, making the american economy take off. this is part of a concerted notion that people want to undermine this president. >> accept the fact he was the
10:36 am
lack did. >> we accept the fact. he was the president and he stood in front of 117 stars of individuals who died for this country. some whose names are lost to history and then went after the press. >> and you're all wondering now when they come at us with an emergency situation, can they believe is coming out of their mouths? right now i don't think we can. >> the president of the united states -- we've got to trust. we satisfied of the size of this crowd. >> date initiate a fight. sean spicer tried to britain! but we are still talking about it. let's talk about trade this week. let's talk about the impending visit of how were going to get a reinvestment in the united states. let's talk about how we invest in the growth of our economy, put people back. although liberals who are angry
10:37 am
and frustrated and so wound up about our president trump should just say let's all move on. i'll say it here to you now. you can take it to the vast left-wing conspiracy. >> the photos were clear. rocco's promise crowds were huge and all the sudden he had to defend himself. he should be ashamed of the crowd that he had appeared as the crowd. it's fine. >> when we see reactions from both sides of the aisle, he said first number one this is then caught a statement to make by the president and you know the president is watching in regards to the press conference yesterday was sean spicer. point number two was while press is getting praised by coworkers now. and the sandwiches made to media for mars. so we are getting so many mixed messages. voters are getting sand right
10:38 am
now especially when they see some like this. how do we move forward? we are having the same discussion. had we put that behind us and move forward? >> the first step is press secretary does not come out and talk about things we can clearly see. it was very clear to us to cross for different sizes. is that relevant? >> no. the press secretary walked into the white house briefing room to defend the size of donald trump's crowd. that is wrong. he could've said reintegrate meeting a great meeting with the cia today and talked about business. instead he yelled. this is what dictators do. don't believe what you see. don't believe it is very clear in front of your eyes. it's bigger than it looks. >> people are wound up about the presidents and prognosticators. now they are gone again. let me say this. but we ought to do is fix obamacare and actually provides
10:39 am
the tax code and protect and defend american jobs. the media wants to strip donald trump fair because they're not happy they got the election round. let's move forward and focus on the issues that matter. >> we can focus on the issues but every time he gets emasculated you can't hold a press conference. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. certain were discussions going forward. leland: great conversation. the destruction continues in southern california as the most powerful storm in seven years to see that more rain. the rain waiting two months by goodwill car lives in santa clarita, california as the rate continues. hi, will. >> in california not exactly used to this type of past couple of years you do if you take a look at the map, we are right in the middle of the last of three
10:40 am
major storms sweeping across the state. but state. severity seen just how dangerous this can eon friday. they swept away five cabins and toss around a number of cars. still under evacuation in certain parts of the santa barbara area, just like under evacuation here. 120 homes under a voluntary evacuation and the residents here really just got done taking out the dirt and mud from the storms on friday when they realized they had to prepare for the storms sweeping through today and tomorrow. take a listen to one resident. >> water came up over. everything is flooded in the yard. it's like a big mud. reporter: the biggest problem is we've had so many fires in california in recent years. they had this past august. through the trees and vegetation in the nearby hillside.
10:41 am
but what ends up happening when you get these types of rain as the water basically has nothing to stop it from coming down to the surrounding homes which can create the mudslides coming down. we are seeing that potentially across the state. if there's any good news, it is that this rain is continuing to time in the historic drought we've had the past five years. the land. >> lavan southern california, thanks, will. >> coming up after the break, george h.w. bush and former first lady barbara bush are still today. we'll have an update from houston coming out. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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10:46 am
the family spokesperson said he is breathing well without assistance and is in very high spirits. leland: back at the white house, much of president trump's cabinet awaits confirmation votes in the senate, including many on his national security team. that is of course a break in tradition regardless of the party taking office. now were democrats may try again to slow down a vote on mr. trump cia director tomorrow. >> it came out yesterday that mike pompeo might consider going against waterboarding. they just came out yesterday. you have a discussion for a few days when this man will have enormous power and be in office may be for up to four years makes eminent sense. leland: does chuck schumer, senate minority leader who says his party has crosshairs on eight of mr. trump's nominees. jesse burns and associate editor. always nice to see you.
10:47 am
>> eggs for having me. the republicans have enough votes to get everyone if mr. comes nominees through political points to fund raise. what are they getting out? >> a variety of those reasons. republicans wanted to get through seven nominees on day one of trump's nominees. so far only to come the general madison kelley for defense and homeland security respectively. there is a rush to come for support cap nitpicks. at the outset, trump is starting his administration with just two and he really wants to obviously confirm more. >> obviously in the past, tradition has been to presidential prerogative. some unusual pick senate. but at the right now that the senate democrats have said they are targeting. among them, sunday. scott pruitt epa, tom price health and human services. mike pompeo for the cia. of all of these eight, which
10:48 am
ones do you think are going to face a real fight in the senate and for that under where is the trump white house willing to spend their political capital? >> as you mentioned, republican majority is obviously they are. all of these nominees could be confirmed pretty easily with public insane on board. but education secretary of course has been a lot of questions surrounding her ethics paperwork which was just a few days ago. so if you're in a senate committee hearing was supposed to take place until next week so that committee members could have more time to review it, the epa pick scott pruitt who has a history of suing the obama administration a climate issues and the democrats raising had. >> or any of these cells who didn't want the democrats are willing to die on? >> is hard to see. they don't have the numbers to block most of these nominees, but they will continue to call
10:49 am
for such as mike pompeo a lone senator could hold up the confirmation for him. they are going to push tomorrow for debate on him before they vote. but they can't ultimately block most of these nominees, they are going to use the procedural centerfolds as much as possible to extend opportunities for them to weigh in and of that criticize these pics. leland: have we seen the last of the persons to come out or he didn't democrats are reporting shows democrats have a few more cards up their sleeves to play? >> we saw with chuck schumer this morning even talking about that and the potential with these nominees, the rush to confirm them with confirm them was seen off the bat. many of these are billionaires. they have extensive financial history and the democrats have been the xenon. even if they are confirmed, some of those ethical questions they have been honing on could persist for weeks or a month
10:50 am
after they are confirmed. >> we party thing democrats trying to close some of the stories around as well. thank you, mr. chairman. without, we will be right back from the white house. multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. trintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur
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elizabeth: just one day after major women's marches across the country and the world took front stage.
10:54 am
president trump react into the protest on twitter. garrett joins us with the very latest. >> i was in d.c. covering the march yesterday and there were signs for about every issue can think of whether immigration, women's rights, climate change or lgb tea with one eye sockets that i like making signs that one thing was clear that a vast majority of the marchers wanted to send a message to president trump that they are concerned about the future the country and how he may affect it. in d.c. alone, half a million people showed up for the demonstration applet in a long list of hollywood celebrities who came to protest the new president. madonna was on hand and told the crowd she's even thought about taking measures into her own hands to stop president trump. >> yes, i'm angry. yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white
10:55 am
house. but i know that this won't change anything. >> thousands of people participated in closing an estimated million people in chicago. the new white house certainly noticed and on fox news sunday, and have a chief of staff reince priebus try to read some of the demonstrators concerns. >> i can tell you president trump wants to be president for all people including never one of those marchers yesterday. many people will be prodded the president president. >> president trump wade and treating watch protests yesterday but under the impression we just had an election. why didn't these people go? a couple hours later peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy even if i don't always agree. i recognize the rights of people to express their views. if yesterday was any indication, you can expect those sweet demonstrators to do a lot more
10:56 am
expressing the next four years. elizabeth: thank you so much, gary. leland. leland: live pictures where we are awaiting a swearing-in of the mr. trump's administration. you see some folks heading in right now on mr. trump takes the stage. we will break in.
10:57 am
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what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. >> all right. you can see we are taking a live looking inside the east room of the white house, where we are waiting on president trump to be swearing in a number of his
11:00 am
staff members, and that's also where we find our own leland vittert. leland: it is a working sunday certainly at the white house, calls to prime minister netanyahu, fox news sunday now. we'll see you back here for the ceremony coming up. chris: i'm chris wallace. donald trump takes office as the 45th president. can he unite a divided country? ♪ ♪ >> today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. [cheers and applause] chris: but hundreds of thousands of people march on washington and cities across the country protesting trump policies. we'll look at the dramatic change he promises and the


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