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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 21, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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washington. it wasn't working in either party. they elected this man, the 45th resident of the united states. m ball and any moment now, we are awaiting donald trump. welcome to "hannity." it is a historic day in america, a night full of celebrations. donald j. trump is now the 45th president of the united states of america. we are broadcasting live for the next two hours from the freedom ball, we are in washington, d.c., by the way. see you, tucker. donald trump will be here in just a few minutes. we'll have reaction tonight. and analysis, ainsley earhardt, geraldo rivera, and so many others. joining us is somebody i admire, and outspoken hollywood mega-superstar. probably one of my favorite actors of all time, such a good friend of mine, unlike a lot of
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people out on the left coast, he was able to do something and step out alone by himself and talk about why he supports donald trump, our president. john voight, my friend. how are you, sir? >> the last part of that was terrific. >> sean: i saw you with so many people. the love that they showed for you, not only for your great acting ability but you stood up one so many in your profession would not. i'm getting a lot of love here. >> but you know, i'm so happy here. with all the things that people are saying on the television set. watching the parade today was an enormous thing for me. >> sean: also joining us is corey lewandowski. you look pretty good there, co cory. funny back story, i was out there on the campaign trail,
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when it was donald j. trump, y you. >> cory was two guys in a plane. i thought that was pretty cool. look what happened. it's come alive. tens of millions of people come out and said no more washington. donald trump speech today was so clear. so concise, the power goes back to the people. it goes back to the people and that is what the revolution is all about. >> sean: early in this process, you are not only confident, and extraordinarily confident, he would go all the way. very few people were where you were back at that time. i know you, so i knew it was from your heart. >> it's amazing how john, we have a lot more fronts today than we did just a few short weeks ago. everyone was a firm supporter of donald trump but the truth was, i believed in it because i heard him and i sat with him for the very first time. he said to me, i don't need to be the president. i'm going have a great night
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whether i am or not. i want to change the country for my kids and my grandchildren. we need to do better. if you look at all the specifi specifics, that's where he has to go and start and on monday. that's what the american people deserve. >> sean: i would argue if you just follow through, these are the things we talked about. one did you come on board with donald trump? >> i came on pretty early, sean. i was fortunately, having very good people around me. you being one of them. i saw some things happening. we all felt so much needed to be done. we were not above the understanding of the american people. the american people knew a great majority we were going in the wrong direction. something seriously had to be done. >> sean: i was telling vista tucker carlson, this is the forgotten man and woman election. you can't have 95 million americans out of work, you can't
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have 43 million on food stamps, you can't have the lowest home ownership rate and 51 years and doubled the debt in the process and say things are going well. i think i was a big part of it. he did mention himself much today. >> these were real people, not just to sit six. if you went across the country as i did at different times, you met these people. if you really had your eyes open, you knew what was going to happen. >> sean: i think there's a disconnect totally in washington. i would argue it's a night to celebrate but going forward, donald trump will face is this republican establishment against him, democratic, media establishment. like cnn over there. >> is the political world, it doesn't want change. they make a very good living by having no change. what does that mean? we'll take a bill, make sure it doesn't actually get done, that's not donald trump. what he said was what normally
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takes six weeks, six months, six years, it's going to take six days, six hours, six seconds. he's going to empower these people to go and change the way washington works. that includes saving hundreds of millions, billions of dollars. where we are getting killed as an american government because we don't negotiate. >> sean: in the last couple of weeks, i watch the republicans and they are talking about let's advance the debt ceiling $9.7 trillion. and i'm like what? maybe we'll bring earmarks back. and health care. maybe we will do it within the next year, he said no, 10% cut. >> he's got this way, it's a certain personality that he has. i am in awe of it. he cuts right through to what is essential. spea>> sean: mike pence is
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entering the room, hold on. we are in the freedom ball in washington, d.c. after governor pentz and his wife vice president pence, everyone has their phone out. recording. isn't that amazing? you should take a picture of that. >> announcer: donald j. trump and the first lady of the united states, melania trump. ♪ >> president trump: thank you, thank you very much.
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hello, folks. our first lady. [cheering and applauding] >> president trump: well, we just want to thank everybody. this has been an amazing journey for all of us. not just me, not just melania. it's been an amazing journey. and now the work begins. we have to get it done. and we will get it done. there is so much spirit in our country. this is such a great country. and we are going to do things. we will not be taken advantage of anymore, okay? we will not. we are going to have those companies come pouring back in. you see what's been happening over the last three weeks. and we are going to have a lot
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of things happen. you're going to read about them and i don't know, let me ask you. should i keep the twitter going or not? [cheering and applauding] >> president trump: i think s so. you know, the enemies keep saying oh, that's terrible. it's a way of bypassing this dishonest media, right? so i just want to thank you. we started out -- we weren't given a great chance but we knew we were going to win and it took two weeks before we were number one. not a long time. and the first week was composed in terms of the phony polls. it is composed of two days. we were at number one and we stayed there the entire route. during the primaries and then boy, did i work those last four weeks. i worked.
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oh, boy. that was some job we did. we did a good job together and i tell you what, many of the people in this room went to those rallies with us. right? they went to those rallies. i saw one person on television tonight, incredible family, her and her husband. she said, we've gone to 42 trump rallies. i said 42? 42! we had a lot of people but went to a lot of the rallies and showed up and you know, when we went in, i really felt that last week in particular, i said, how are we going to lose? how can we lose? it's just too much. there's never been a movement like this anywhere in the world. there's never been anything like this.
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so i am so looking forward -- i just left the oval office, because our great general mad dog mattis was approved. i went to sign and mike pence who is coming out in a second, you saw what happened, right? he just wore him in and general kelly, he was approved tonight by the senate. so we are starting to work and we are going to do a great job. we are not going to let you do down. remember the theme. make america great again and make america great again -- i'll tell you what, i've added since i've got to know some of the
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people in this country, greater than ever before. it will happen. i want to thank everybody for being with us and for sticking with us. it's been an amazing experience and now the fun begins, okay? we are going to a really great job. i will be fighting every single day for you. thank you, everybody. thank you and have a great time. thank you. >> announcer: and now the president and first lady of the united states will take their first dance. ladies and gentlemen, the first couple, donald and melania tru trump.
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♪ ♪ and now the end is near ♪ and so i face the final curtain ♪ ♪ my friend, i will say it cle
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clear ♪ ♪ al state my case for which i'm certain ♪ ♪ i've lived a life that's ful full ♪ ♪ i traveled each and every highway ♪ ♪ and more ♪ much more than this ♪ i did it my way ♪ yes, there were times i'm sure you knew ♪ more than i could chew ♪ ♪ but through it all when there was doubt ♪ ♪ i ate it up and spit it out ♪ i faced it all and i stood
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tall ♪ ♪ and did it my way ♪ for what is a man, what has he got ♪ ♪ if not himself then he has n not ♪ ♪ to say the things he truly feels ♪ ♪ and not the words of one who kneels ♪ ♪ let the record show i took the blow, and did it my way ♪ ♪ yes, i did it my way ♪
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[cheering and applauding] >> sean: the entire family now in a chant of usa, welcome back to "hannity." what an incredible site that has been. first it was donald and melania trump, the 45th president sworn in earlier today. then the vice president and his wife are out there. then the entire trump family. joining us now, geraldo rivera. look at that smile on your face.
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ainsley earhardt, the host of fox & friends. pretty amazing. >> i hate to personalize it that way, but it was a delight 20 minutes ago to get him on the phone >> sean: do you have to give every secret away, geraldo? >> he called, he called sean. how are you feeling? >> sean: can we turn ainsley earhardt's makeup? i can barely hear her. everyone is asking me how do you feel, the answer is the same. it relieved. eight years of i think really tough times for those of us who are conservative that didn't like the direction of the country. this was amazing. there's some pageantry to this. you were talking about that, explain what you felt. >> you are bombarded here. everyone loves the two of you. everyone's taking pictures of you.
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>> sean: that's because you are with us. >> as a journalist, i try to tell both sides. that's my responsibility. you are able to give your opinion and you had a big hand in this. everyone is so grateful to you for that. it's really powerful to see the impact that you've had. >> sean: i would save us, it takes a lot of spokes in a wheel to make a wheel go round. there were so many people that i felt when i went on the road so many times with him, as i just, i felt what i feel in this crowd tonight. a sense of enthusiasm that we've been going in the wrong direction and now, what i loved about his speech there, he was talking about doing the things that he promised on the campaign trail. wanted to roll up his sleeves and get to work at, and at the end of the day he's going to be judged on that. >> i think i -- when you think about melania story, she was an immigrant ten years ago.
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now she's a citizen of america. you talk about where you came from as well. >> sean: he was born rich. >> yeah, right. >> if you work really hard, which he does, you never see him sleep. he doesn't drink alcohol. he's not a big partier. he gets up in the morning after an hour or two hours. >> sean: most of the conversations i had with him, or when i was looking for an interview even, where at 1:00 in the morning. he was always up late, i am always up late. >> he could run circles around us. i do want to lose the point that you mentioned about pageantry. because what we witness today is the grandeur of the american republic. regardless of where you stand philosophically, ideologically, to watch the 44th president yield to the 45th president and to see the peaceful transition of power, and then to see the pomp and circumstance and
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putting aside the discourse. there was so much respect for the flag, for the country, and for the office of the presidency. i am honored to know -- >> sean: are you going to have a chris matthews moment? are you going to have a thrill of your leg or what? >> you can't minimize the -- that magistrate is something very special. we don't have a monarch. or a king or queen. we have a civilian leader, elected by the people and he assumed power and everybody gets it except for the troublemakers throwing rocks through the windows. >> i'll tell you what every woman is talking about, how beautiful melania looks tonight. her outfit is spectacular and so classy. she brings class and polished, not that it has been there before. but she is just exquisite. as a female, it's fun to appreciate that.
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they are a beautiful family. >> sean: what i like today more than anything is the defiant guy up there saying they say i shouldn't keep my twitter. twitter. should i keep it? by the way, then he goes, i'm going to bypass the dishonest media and it starts pointing up here. and i'm like, not here. and then he says, we are going to build a wall and it's going to be great. it's going to be greater than ever. >> i liked in his speech i feel your pain, when you are in pain i feel in pain. when you are in need, i feel in need. we want to build and feel unity. >> sean: we have to take a quick break. we'll have more with ainsley and geraldo throughout the night. we have a lot coming up on this two-hour addition of "hannity." we have michelle malkin, jeanine pirro. we have everybody here. we've got a pretty rowdy crowds. all my rowdy friends or hang out tonight. we will continue, from the freedom ball.
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>> sean: oh, welcome back. we are sitting here talking and having a great time. we are broadcasting live tonig tonight. where president trump and his family just made an appearance and they are now underway. we are going to take that life and that happens. we continue now with ainsley earhardt, geraldo rive geraldo rivera. it's very interesting. this is a -- i just kind of pointed to our
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neighbors next to us and i said bad word and they started chanting it. it was very funny. >> he was busy though with the executive orders. general matu mattis is now conf. on the homeland security secretary. he wrote an executive order, reince priebus did anyway, banning any new regulations. again fulfilling a promise. >> sean: i will get back to something ainsley said though, talk about the first lady melania. by the way, i give all credit to president obama, i'm going to shock everybody. i think he has a wonderful family. i think he did well with his kids in the white house. today give you a heart attack? i was always disappointed in michelle and some of the things she said but it's not political night. more important, you look at that family, i know everyone on that stage, in their own right, they are strong, independent and they
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all coalesced around their father. and their father-in-law. and so may people say to me, well, he can bid that bad, look at how great his family is. >> as a new parent myself, you look at their family and most of our viewers are parents, you are, and you just look at them and the hopes and dreams that he has for his children. i look at them and i think, it's just the american dream. if you want so badly to give your children a better life than you had. he's done that. he grew up in a wonderful family it seemed. he talked about his parents, he admires them so much, what his parents would be thinking and he said my mother with a very strong person. today, one he took the oath of office, he was holding the lincoln bible, melania was holding actually which i thought was nice and then his mother's bible was on top. and he took the oath of office with his mother's bible that she gave him. in jamaica queens when he grew up.
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as a mother, i pray for my daughter every single day. thank god just blesses her life. i know that his mother did the same thing. and now her son has become president of the united states and he married a lady who became a citizen ten years ago. if that is not the american dream, i do know what it is. >> sean: so well said. i've interviewed him, we've all interviewed, you know don, jr., and eric. and what is amazing are the stories that they would tell about their father. they don't have access to the family claim. they fly commercial. they've all had to earn their keep within the trump organization. and each one of them in and of their own rights, gave the measure of respect and success. but when the time came, to rally as a family around their father, don, jr., was doing ten cities. eric was doing 15 cities. >> 15 million in june.
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i think that melania stole the show. i love the family. and the president was terrific. this first lady will be a fashion icon. she's going to set a cultural tone. i think michelle did a fantastic job and deservedly one of the most popular figures in this country. i think melania defying all the odds will be in a way that will make fashion shout again. i don't know what designer at all. >> ralph laurent. she went with an american designer because made in america. i went online to find out how much it was and if i could afford it. you can't even buy it. i think he designed it only for her. it was one of the number one trending searches online right now. it's very jackie o. >> sean: a lot of people were betting whether i'd be in my uniform, wearing jeans tonight.
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>> this is the percent never of everything you and pants. [laughter] >> you went with a tie. >> if a russian oligarch gets lady gaga and elton john, why can't some of you like that show up at the presidents ball? i was so disappointed in hollywood and the pressure they put on people on black people. not to show up. >> sean: you guys are great. you've got to come back later, we are on for two hours tonight. we'll see you in a little bit. up next, judged jeanine pirro. and plus we are waiting for presently trump to arrive to the salute to the armed services ball. moore, one where we report from the freedom ball.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are live at the freedom ball in washington, d.c., and president donald trump is on his way to salute our armed forces at our armed services ball. joining us with reaction, paul manafort. and the special assistant to the president trump, boris epstein is with us. good to see you. when you came on board, there
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was three people. and then it slowly got bigger and bigger. you were confident from day one, i remember the first conversation we had. >> donald trump understood america. there was no question in my mind watching the crowd react to him and watching his message that he had figured out what the media was reporting on was a hoax but the great country of mainstream america was suffering. he sought, he knew it and knowing donald the way i did, i knew that he would only get into something that he wanted to pull himself into and results will be all that mattered. >> sean: how did everyone else miss that? i talked to people everyday, i read economic statistics every day. how could anyone with a clear conscience or thought process think the iran deal or the russian preset went well? this is the first election i've ever been a part of where the narrative was written before the race was run. and they didn't, the media and
1:35 am
the establishment didn't want to bury the narrative. they felt that because trump was not a part of it that of course you have no chance. the same arrogance that trump talked about with brexit and what happened november. >> sean: i don't know if i can think of a moment in history where a movement has been this strong, this defined by a personality as seen here. i guide that has never been in office before. >> he was a most incredible candidate i have ever worked f for. always, he was the most incredible candidate. but he believed in what he was doing. and the reason that the media and the establishment and the whole system couldn't get to them is because he was confident that what he was doing was what the american people want it. >> sean: there are a couple of different points, you and i stayed in touch, you never lost that confidence and i remember talking to you about a week before the election. you were 100% confident. we were going over the electoral
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map together, and he pretty much called it right. i had a little bit different of a map than you did. i had new hampshire. i thought colorado might be in play little bit more but it really came through, because they were the ones that suffered the most. >> people are not going to believe that we won back when we won. i started talking to you over the weekend, but let me go on the map with you guys. you're not going to like what you're going to hear but it's going to happen on tuesday. if trump, the appeal he had in the rust belt, he was there. the crowds were there. people were paying no attention to that. and so when hillary kept giving trump the free ride, for him to walk in and talk about, it was all he needed to do. she never understood about the election. he did. the american people did.
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his speech today, it was right on message. his inaugural speech. >> sean: after you did the speech, he can't figure out -- we didn't know which trumpet. and i was like, the same one that shows up at every other appearance for the last two years, what'd you expect? all of a sudden he's going to become an establishment person on day one? i don't think that's ever going to happen. >> they will be criticizing everything he does because they don't get it. those two are in sync. today he offered hope. what he has done in this transition, which the media was looking for him, he's been consistent. when he would do as a candidate. >> sean: we have different opinions with geraldo, talk about the pageantry. talk about the family. what stood out to me is he said i will not let you down.
1:38 am
and then he went through the promises and then he he said should i stay on twitter? he talked about securing the borders, not only making america great, greater than ever. bless the person that i got to know when i interviewed him. deep, deep solid conviction. i've also seen a lot of growth in him. through the campaign. i know before hand, i watched him throughout the process, and i saw incredible growth. and a trajectory i think as newt gingrich said, he's never seen in politics before. >> besides understanding the american people, the more he reacted, or interacted with the people, the more he would help and grow. because he was growing. politics is an art. the art of the deal is different than the art of political war. >> sean: agreed to see you, thank you so much. appreciate it. when we come back, we've got -- we are waiting for the president
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of united states, to arrive at the salute to the armed services ball. that and more as we continue tonight, "hannity" from our tonight, "hannity" from our nations capital. when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in great tasting crystals.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are lives from our nations capital at the freedom ball. we are awaiting any minute now and appearance from
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president donald trump and the first lady melania trump. and his family, to salute the armed services at the armed services ball. before i introduce our next guest, do you want to say hello? [cheering and applauding] >> sean: we've been watching all night, a great crowd of people. i can't hear you. [cheering and applauding] >> sean: are you having a good time of the ball tonight? all right, we have a great crowd here. joining us now with reaction, the host of justice, judge jeanine pirro. and bo dietl. i love this. they are chanting usa. nobody does this for cnn, they are kind of blowing them throughout the night. what, you brought me a new football. >> don't you dare throw that! >> sean: no, no, no. no, sean. you don't want to pay for that.
1:44 am
>> sean: it looks like a football. >> that one, too. >> no! >> sean: hey, let's see. throw that ball. that's what they're saying. >> no, no. >> sean: all right, let me ask you. it's her pocketbook! here's what if i want to ask you both. most of you, want all in for donald trump. i was all in too. and i am happy because i believe he follows through on his agenda and i bebelieve he will. four years from now, we're going to be better off. stronger country, more jobs, border secure, vetting refugees, better people in the supreme court, energy independence hopefully.
1:45 am
>> i think it's all about people have to let it go. give him his shot, give him his chance. >> sean: like lighting cars on fire tonight? >> i mean getting here was very hard to get here. all over the city, throwing rocks, my point is, let's give the guy a chance. whether you voted for him or not, you've got to give him an opportunity. his speech today was great. i love the idea about bringing people together. we have to bring everyone together. we are all americans. come on, sean. >> this is all great, bring emerald together, we are all one. here's the bottom line. you break the law under donald trump, there are going to be consequences. this is what they call law and order. i ran into steve harvey as i was coming up here, he was talking about how bad it was on the streets. >> sean: is bad, i thought. i'm purposely not talking a lot about it because they don't
1:46 am
deserve the coverage. >> i'll tell you what they deserve, they deserve to be prosecuted, convicted, and they deserve to be jailed. not first, this is criminal anarchy. >> you got those great batons, helmets, now you've got to go lock up the troublemakers. you take the troublemakers out, you see all the these guys go away. >> they will complain about anything. they don't care about it. americans right now, are proud of their country. give me that back. [laughter] >> hate, sean -- >> isn't this a great night? >> president donald trump! look at when he said 20,000 people shut the street down, throwing rocks at the cops, two nights ago, he was in new york with his big demonstration. you want to demonstrate? you demonstrate peacefully. you break the law hurt somebody else, you get locked up.
1:47 am
>> sean: stay right there, we've got to take a break. we expect that donald trump will be at the armed services ball any minute. when that happens, he will be with the first lady. we will bring that to you live. mike pence and his wife, the two hour addition of "hannity" from the freedom ball in washington, d.c.,
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are moments away from president trump appearing at the salute to our armed services ball. we will take you there as soon as he steps on the stage. joining us now, michelle malkin. she is with c rtv. michelle malkin investigates and a special assistant now to
1:51 am
president trump. boris epshteyn is with us. it got to be very special for you. when did you get on board with the campaign? from the very beginning. i went from being a supporter to a surrogate to senior advisor, and strategic director for the inaugural. >> sean: i made your life and anthony scaramucci's life horrible. >> anthony has got a new nickname, ticketmaster. >> sean: look at all these people. having a great time. tonight, they are having fun. >> that's just his cousin. >> sean: people don't know there is literally a stage here, stage here, i would say, how many people are in this room? >> tens of thousands. >> sean: at least, 60,000
1:52 am
60,000-80,000. there was 10,000 there. >> and then the armed services ball. but vitally, sean, first responders. that's the new addition this year. emts, and of course the police. so important to this, who risked their lives to make america safe. >> sean: a change of course, michelle malkin. i think adding first responders, policemen, firemen, the people to put their lives on the line, when we are going down to get out, they are the ones going up in the other direction. a speckled this is a huge culture change and we have a statement on the new white house web site, rejecting the antipolice culture. this is such a relief to law-abiding americans and certainly those in the law enforcement community who suffered under an obama administration where they were persecuted and demonized.
1:53 am
this is a night of revelry and celebration but there's also a reminder that all of those cops on the beat, law enforcement at every level, have worked their lives off. for america. and finally they have a commander-in-chief who respects and reveres them. >> sean: i think that's a good point. i don't want to give them a lot of attention but there are people that have been burning cars. there are little mobs, literally get chased into a secure area. fighting for his life. a couple 100 people were chasing them. >> i said this, it's so important to honor it. the laws, rules and regulations, sean. once you go outside there, you are making your own methods. just stop. if you have opposing methods, stop. don't break cars. what's the point?
1:54 am
>> sean: i think you are appealing to people who are incapable of stopping. we've seen a lot of this. i think one of the biggest mistakes we made or that president obama made is being on the wrong side of these whole high-profile racial issues like ferguson and baltimore and the cambridge police and trave on martin. and i think it created an atmosphere where people felt or expected or anticipated outcomes that were never going to come when evidence was finally ultimately presented. >> that is the politics of chicago. it was the demonization of those who stand with law and order. there's a reason why so many border patrol agents signed up and lined up with donald trump very early on. while you saw all of those heroic families of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants, criminal. it was the fact that
1:55 am
donald trump alone, among the g.o.p. candidates, so many of them open borders, who didn't understand what donald trump understood. they were as you so often put it, sean, the forgotten men and women. >> sean: let's get back to that. donald trump, i thought when he was here at this freedom ball, and he said i will fight for you every single solitary day -- i like the fact that he went back to we are not only making america great again but greater than ever. these are the things i'm going to do. i've got to know him a lot over the last number of years, done a lot of interviews with him. and since the election, his message has not shifted. it's not changed. he seems very focused on an agenda, a goal. something when he was talking about the establishment in d.c. today, in his inaugural address, may be saying we've got to change how we do business here. >> just one word that describes
1:56 am
-- authenticity. donald trump is an authentic man. he believes and says what he believes. it's so amazing for someone like me, we are immigrants in this country. as refugees. i'm so proud of everything that this country is done for us, and also what he has done for his country. that's what's so vital to the american culture, donald trump understands that. seeing him, become sworn in as president of the united states. >> it is an amazing thing how much power -- that president can have. i would argue that within 90-a hundred days, 90% of barack obama's agenda will be swiped out. it'll be like he was never there. we've got to break.
1:57 am
thank you boris, thank you michelle. now, we are waiting. the president donald trump at the salute to the armed services ball. we have another hour of "hannity" coming g g g g we wile
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monday. have a great weekend. >> hundreds and thousands of people expected to be gathered here on the national mall to watch donald j. trump takes place in history as the 45th president of the united states. >> this is a day that's been a year and a half in the making. it started with the presidential bid that many did not take seriously at all. >> is this real? this is real. i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. leading in just about every state. i am going knock the hell out of


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