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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it's been an extraordinary day here in washington, d.c. we thank you very, very much for watching "the factor" tonight. we will summarize it all on monday, when we come back. please remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" we are here at the freedom ball. president donald trump is attending all of these balls tonight. we will bring you the segment live as we happen. inauguration day for the president and first lady. it all began with the swearing in ceremony. >> i donald john trump do solemnly swear. >> that i will faithfully execute -- the office of president of the united states.
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>> tucker: and then donald trump speaking to the country for his first time as the commander-in-chief. >> president trump: we will make america safe again. and yes, together, we will make america great again. >> tucker: after a capitol hill lunch with lawmakers from both sides, a parade for tory president. a president. ♪ >> tucker: as we've said, we are live. the rockettes were performing just behind us. congressman, it's great to see you. >> i'm not so sure about that real world intro. >> tucker: you came from tb as did the president. >> my wife and i both did
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reality tv, we are the first reality tv couple in america. >> tucker: you are the envy of parenting everywhere. >> we brought them to d.c. for this great event, this great affair. >> tucker: all eight of your children? >> yes. i would say he is consistent with his message. a wisconsin guy, he hasn't lost focus on the forgotten men and women. i was lucky in 2010, we have been trying for six years to move policies that would focus on small employers in that would put our families to work. now with donald trump, he hasn't forgotten us. to take away government off our families and businesses that put our back in the people. i thought that message was fantastic. >> tucker: i've been here since the regular administrati administration. this dramatic departure from economic policy of presidents.
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this is not cutting the size of government. it looks to me like populism. >> i think we have to be careful about that as conservatives. i think it's okay that donald trump is said, i am going to put america first. when we put -- have families that aren't getting pay raises, that aren't getting good jobs, t are spending money overseas, i'm going to look to our families and help them out. why are we helping people at every other corner of the world? securing borders instead of our own. we don't want trade wars, to look out for our people. it's heartening to hear it. little bit in the house by the conservatives here, but i'm looking forward to a good partnership with him. i've got to tell you, this is exciting for us. if congress can do cartwheels and tumbled down the halls of congress for the inauguration, they would've. that's the kind of excitement.
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>> tucker: really come i've watch is pretty carefully for the last year. republicans in the house were really not behind trump from the beginning. they didn't like him, they were threatened by him, they were scared of his twitter, i think they probably still are. you think their excitement was genuine? why? >> you saw a gradual movement from the republican congress, i was there very early but republicans came on and at the end they were all there. you see in this division in the house. the freedom caucus, traditional conservatives, moderate republicans, what should be the strategy and what is the right policy? how do we get around obama to implement our agenda? you see a unified republican party, willing and ready to work with donald trump to implement these policies. again, fix health care. let's work on taxes. but secure the border. all the big issues he talked about, we are ready to do and we've been working on for the last eight years. >> tucker: his agenda is so ambitious and so speedy in the
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first day he plans to do more than the congress has done in the past ten years. i mean, we will see if he can do it. in the first 100 days he may transform a lot of the ways the government works. is the congress behind all of this? >> first off, he could do so much by himself because barack obama did so much by himself. obama by way of executive order, circumventing congress and through agencies and the executive branch, it imposed great pain on the american people. with his pen, he can roll so much of the obama agenda back even without congress. >> tucker: are you for that? don't you think you ought to be making those decisions? >> no, i do. if we roll back the obama executive orders and come back to congress to move an agenda with the congress with a coequal branch of government. if he wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, we've got to pay for it. if you think you're going to spend $1,000,000,000,000.1 trillion more in debt, we are not going to go far.
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will join them. but we've got to figure out a way that we are going to pay for it. we are not going to make it on day one with this infrastructure buildout. will pay for it and we will do it. >> tucker: if we are going to pull those two questions, i think you're right. but if we are going to pull those two questions, should we spend $1 trillion improving our infrastructure and employ thousands of americans and incur $1 trillion in debt, i think americans on both side would be for that. >> with $20 trillion debt, we pay $280 billion in interest. this is going to eat us alive. we might be able to repatriate foreign profits, bring those back, that could bring in 2 billion, $400 billion. we are concerned about the debt and the deficit and congress.
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we can partner with them, but it's going to dance with us too. >> tucker: if he said, the president would love to build all those beautiful new airpor airports, but we can't pay for it, so no. you really think that congress could stand firm against a public relations assaults by the new president? >> i think you would say, how do we pay for it? let's put our priorities together and if this is his priority, will make it ours too. where are we going to give up somewhere else? we need to build roads and bridges. it's cheaper to do it now than to wait five years, it gets more expensive. i do want to do it but i want to pay for it as well. he's going to find partisanship. there's a lot of things we want to do on the same page. i think democrats, for the most part, he could be a pretty moderate guy. i think democrats are going to like even his infrastructure buildout. remember obama stimulus bill.
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if that money had gone to infrastructure, we would have to talk about spending another $1 trillion there. >> tucker: but you think the democrats were not just mindless reactionaries, will say that they will agree with it? >> that this shrinking group, tucker. i think the be able to come back and say by the way, this is a reported earlier in the show, democrats across america, look at the protest. i just came in, their protester outside hollering with their signs. if that's the democratic party, they've left even more of a middle base of america than in the last election. america is going to lead the democratic party. if this is who they are, their tactics, engage in debate. engage in the conversation. don't protest. don't beat people up. don't burn cars and smash windows. that's not how you win votes for people. >> tucker: except for the rich
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and the poor who still support them. i would be remiss of, since you are a member of the wisconsin delegation, as a speaker of the house, who basically opposed -- aggressively oppose donald trump, a lot of the way, what is their relationship like now? on television, it seems like they have a good working relationship. >> paul was not adamantly opposed. they been working together, paul ryan was in a weird spot as speaker of the house. he had a lot of his own members that were in tough races. in my district, donald trump won by 20 points. we are republican there trying to win. i think the two of them were together at the end. it's an honest relationship. i think they like each other. i think trump sees that paul ryan and his mastery of the budget will be very useful to him. i think paul ryan understands if i want to get these big ideas that i've been working on, i
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need donald trump to buy into these. you're going to see a great partnership between these two. >> tucker: they need each other. thanks for coming on. eight children. holy smokes. donald trump speaking here at the frito ball tonight. excited. kristin fisher waited out into it, we find out how they're feeling. >> it's a great event to show our appreciation and to show our dedication to the peaceful transfer of power. >> i protect and preserve the constitution of the united states of america. >> he looks very presidential too. i think you gave a great speech as well. >> this my first inauguration here in washington. super excited to see it all and expands it. >> we had leveling news, the first lady, she was beautiful. we enjoyed watching her. >> what are you looking forward
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to to sing tonight? >> trump. >> mr. trump. >> tucker: kristin fisher joins us now, kristin, you waited out. to speak with tuxedos and ball gowns. what's the mood? >> i learned that a lot of people are texan. i learned learned that no matter how late president trump is tonight, they are going to wait for him. these people are so excited to see them. they've been waiting on the national mall all day long. they were there at 6:00 a.m., waiting to be there at the very beginning. they've been rained on. it doesn't matter how late it's going to be. >> tucker: it is a happy group. all they have noticed people. i ran into more happy people, i saw very few protesters, a lot of normal people. we don't get that here very much. they kind of stick out. >> yeah, a lot of happy people. the crowd here tonight, i wish
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that our cameras could take a full shot of the room. so you can see how many people are in here. 25,000 people packed in here from wall to wall. they are all in very good spirits. >> tucker: did you get a sense of what they liked about trump? is of the trump, the message, both? >> these are people that have been supporting donald trump since the beginning. for them to be here today, to watch him take the oath of offi, it's a date a lot of them hoped they would see. >> tucker: a lot of these people come from neighborhoods where everyone laughed at them, and attacked them. donald trump is a loser, a misogynist. and then he did win. i was there. >> by a lot. absolutely. for so many of these people here, they come from all over the country. especially the south, middle parts of the country, a lot of
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the folks i talked to, they didn't even fly. they drove here. they made this a real sort of family vacation. >> tucker: i met some people who drove from lincoln, nebraska from yesterday. >> i learned also not just women are excited to see what melania trump is going to be wearing tonight. a lot of guys out there that they too are looking forward to seeing what the first lady will wear when she walks out tonight. and the ladies they were with, the chair to mom. >> tucker: did they ask what the designer was? >> they would go -- bar, that far. all the guys were like, we want to see two. >> tucker: i like melania trump, i'm just not familiar with many designers. some of the nuances and details go over my head. kristin fisher, thank you for bringing it back. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: it was a big day
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here in washington. rioting. there were some speeches, parades, tons of partying for you and the rest of the country, here are some highlights. some sights and sounds about what happened today in washington. ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the president-elect of the united states, donald john trump. >> i, donald john trump do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. and a whale to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. ♪ >> we, the citizens of america, are now joined a great national effort to rebuild our country
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and restore its promise for all of our people. together, we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud aga again. we will make america safe again. and yes, together, we will make america great again. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you. god bless america. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: president trump, and he is the president, has left the white house and is on his way to the first of three inaugural balls. up ahead, our coverage from those balls, and washington, d.c. we will be right back. >> i will fight for you with every breath in my body, and i will never, ever let you down.
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>> tucker: welcome back. we are at the freedom ball here in washington. donald trump is on his way to visit each of the inaugural balls whe tonight. the leader of the national hispanic christian leadership conference, he gave a reading from the sermon on the mount, the gospel of matthew. here's part of it. >> god blesses those who are persecuted for doing right, but the kingdom of heaven is theirs. he blesses you when people mock you, and persecute you and lie about you, and face all sort of evil things against you because you are my followers. >> tucker: the reverend rodriguez joins us now. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: you aren't speaking not simply for yourself but for
6:21 pm
god, that's a heavy charge, are you nervous? >> nervous would be an understatement. >> tucker: [laughs] >> i kid you not, it was overwhelming. i prayed and i said samuel, calm down. it was overwhelming. >> tucker: how did you write it, are you in the shower, taking a run, where does the kernel of the prayer come to? >> my daily devotions. my time of prayer and meditation and looking at god's word. i was debating, what the objective here and the inaugural committee was unbelievably generous, sometimes they script. they tell you what to play or what to share out of scripture. on this occasion, whatever god gave you. >> tucker: wow. they said that to you? >> the wording was "whatever is
6:22 pm
in your heart." not any pushback by any of us who were prayed. matthew chapter five emerged. the issue, are we going to continue to exacerbate the darkness, or why not come together and turn on the light? the most powerful light of course as you know in the spectrum is when all the colors of the spectrum converge. that's a light, the most powerful light. if we all come together, darkness has to flee. that's the prayer. >> tucker: so that was the core message of your prayer today? >> india. god bless those who are marginalized, the poor, the hungry, but even those who are mocked and criticized for believing in him. our judeo-christian value system has been under assault, unprecedented historical assault. religious liberty will emerge as the quintessential civil rights issue in america. it behooves us to stand up and
6:23 pm
defend our rights to exercise our religious belief. >> tucker: it's horrifying that is even an issue. are you confident, resident trump, who may or may not believe your specific beliefs, will protect you? >> i believe subsequently approved by the senate, that religious liberty will be protected at least for my generation. and god please, for my children and my children's children's sake. cultural decadence, the pushback on absolutes. dorothy, we are not in kansas anymore. >> tucker: there is a difference between liberty and lives, and trying to force you not to practice your religion. >> absolutely. >> tucker: that's the threat to religious persecution. >> we want to provide equal space. it's a marketplace of ideas. free-for-all. but the idea of pushing back against a christian ethos or
6:24 pm
judeo-christian values for that matter, it's not hyperbole or rhetoric, we've seen it. in the past few years. so now, through this president, through the supreme court appointments, we believe religious liberty will be protected for my generation. >> tucker: forcing people to violate their own core beliefs -- >> or cultural expediency. >> tucker: reverent, thanks to see you. we will talk to about where president trump is headed on his celebratory night. he is all over town. and we will tell you where he covered the market headed. our live coverage from the inaugural balls continues ♪ >> >>
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the united states. so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. [cheering and applauding] >> tucker: welcome packet, we are here at the freedom ball which is a loud and festive. and in black tie, you can't see but all of our cameramen have suits on. it's just 1 of 3 inaugural bal balls. the motorcade has just arrived at the convention center for the liberty ball, we bring that as soon as the president walks in. a salute to our armed services ball. the president will go to tonight, are fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is there right now. she joins us. how is your ball, jen? >> tucker, it is really an electric atmosphere. we've got the band on behind me. i was just speaking however to the chief of army staff and the marine commandant. they are both here at the ball, they are waiting,
6:30 pm
president trump and his wife melania, they will be dancing on this stage behind me. they were supposed to be here about 9:30. they are running a little late. as you know, but what we've learned is that they will be dancing together and they will each dance with members of the armed services. they will allow those members to cut in and dance. that's a little bit unusual. vice president pence will be here, he will address the crowd. it's not made of of just service wounded warriors, it's really quite an amazing sight. i've never seen so many stars as in four stars in one place. back to you, tucker. >> tucker: that's remarkable. so the press, just to be totally clear, the president and his wife will be dancing together. the president and the first lady. >> absolutely. they will be dancing. they will have the first dance like they'll do, over at the ball where you are now.
6:31 pm
but then after a few minutes, they are going to allow members of the armed services to cut in. that will be special. they will also do a satellite feed over to afghanistan where of course 8,500 service members are serving right now. they will be able to see and be a part of this salute to armed services ball. tucker. >> tucker: of moloch. that's really nice. the dancing part though would make more than the inaugural address. thank you, jennifer. great to see you. looks pretty great over there. well, thousands of people have been celebrating here at washington. others have used the inauguration for destruction for no obvious reason. just a few blocks from the inaugural trade route, somebody let a limousine on fire. and spray-painted we the people on it. i'm not sure what people they were referring to. they smashed windows and stores.
6:32 pm
thrown objects from riders. please have come back with us pepper spray and grenades, money charged with felony rioting. no reports of a jailhouse ball tonight. president donald trump's inauguration is the biggest event of the week here in washington. in fact, in the country. it's not the only event. tomorrow, the wall will see the women's march on washington. sometimes on the president of his first day in office. it's open to women of all backgrounds, that pledge does not extend to all women, actually. including a pro-life feminist brute which is been barred from participating because they have the wrong views on abortion. we're joined now by destiny, founder of new wave feminism. destiny, thanks for joining us tonight i just want to be clear that i understand the story, we are not mischaracterizing it in anyway. you are of course a woman,
6:33 pm
opposed to donald trump like all the women in this march, but you are opposed to abortion. on that final point, you were dating from participating. you can't come because of your view on abortion. is that right? >> evidently women can be anything they want except pro-life. >> tucker: does someone tell you that? tell me how you all were excluded. >> we were offered a partnership, we accepted it. our name was up on the web site. we thought it was really, really neat that this was truly inclusive. they wanted all women there. to have a united voice. and then as soon as news came out that we were actually antiabortion, there was a backlash. they caved to the pressure and removed us. it has sent a very clear message that they don't necessarily want to partner with pro-life women. the pro-life women i know, have sent us a very clear much of that we need to be there. even more now.
6:34 pm
>> tucker: so why is it that abortion is really kind of the bottom line for feminist groups? you can be with them on everything but if you deviate on that, you are kicked out. why is that the most important issue to these groups? >> obviously it's because they are talking about the woman's body, and having control over her body. we completely agree a woman should absolutely have control over her body. we are talking about a separate body inside of her body that has unique dna and hear heartbeat ad brain waves. half the time, they are female. we believe they also have rights over their body. >> tucker: right. but i wonder why, and i think that's nicely put, it's almost ghoulish the enthusiasm for this. i mean, something that most people at best consider a tragic occurrence -- why is it that these organized groups have put that at the very center of their agenda? nothing else matters except th that?
6:35 pm
i'm sorry, destiny, i'm going to have to cut you off now. the new president of the united states is arriving. good luck. >> announcer: the 45th president of the united states, did donald j. trump. and the first lady of the united states, melania trump. ♪ [cheering and applauding] ♪ [cheering and applauding]
6:36 pm
>> president trump: that is what i call great talent. thank you very much. thank you. well, we did it. we began this journey as -- as i said, we. we didn't have a chance but we knew we were going to win and we won. today we had a great day. people that were not so nice to me, were saying that we did a really good job today. they hated to do it, but they did it. and i respect that. but i have to say the crowd was unbelievable today. i looked at the rain, which just never came.
6:37 pm
we finished the speech, went inside, it poured. then we came out side, the helicopters, that was an incredible scene. an incredible scene. so beautiful. like from a movie set, so beautiful. and then, amazingly, it rained and then we went out, it was like god was looking down on us. i will tell you. i want to thank all of our supporters. my number one supporter, melania, what she puts up with. oh. thank you, melania. we really did something that is so special. this evening is so special and this whole day and yesterday. so incredible. so many people, made such a difference. vice president mike pence. no more elect. was incredible.
6:38 pm
you are going to see things happening over the next few weeks, oh, you're going to be so happy. because, they are very elegant people tonight. but they are also very political people. right? we want to see great things happen for our country, we want to make america great again. and we will. and we will. so now, it's a tremendous honor to have the first dance with melania. and we are going to be joined by our vice president. some wonderful, wonderful children as we go along, they happen to be in my children and mike's children. and i just want to again, i want to thank everybody.
6:39 pm
we always felt we're going to do it. it's a movement like they've never seen anywhere at anytime, anywhere in the world. this was a movement. and now, the work begins. now the work begins. no games, right? no games. we are not playing games. the work begins. i want to think everybody. we love you. we are going to be working for you. and we are going to be producing results. thank you, everybody. i have a great night. thank you. thank you. >> announcer: and now, the president and first lady of the united states will take their first dance. ladies and gentlemen, the first couple, donald and melania tru trump. ♪
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[cheering and applauding] ♪ i faced it all ♪ and did it my way ♪ there were times i'm sure you knew ♪ ♪ i bit off more than i could to ♪ ♪ but through it all ♪ when there is doubt
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♪ i ate it up and spit it out ♪ i faced it all and did it my way ♪ ♪ and did it my way ♪
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[cheering and applauding] [crowd chanting usa] >> tucker: we are back. we are back with sean hannity. we just watched something i've not seen in a long time. not just donald trump, but the new vice president and their wives dancing. i thought of you the first time, the first time it became clear
6:46 pm
on election night that donald trump is going to win, you are the first person i thought of because he took a lot of heat for making that prediction a long time before. when did you decide he was going to win for sure? spea>> sean: you never know, but after brexit, i was on the road with all these candidates. you can see there was a movement. it was building and building. it like this crowd here. we can't walk 5 feet, people are proud and dancing. i have a tux on television. without jeans on. >> tucker: [laughs] while we were taking that shot, he stood up on his record chair. i think -- why did you hear the dog whistle? why did you get this before a lot of other people dead? >> sean: i made a conscious decision which is kind of hard because three hours of radio, one hour of tv, i said every
6:47 pm
single day, how many americans out of the labor force? 95 million. 50 million in poverty. that's 8 million more than when obama took office. more on food stamps. doubling the debt, lowest home ownership rate and 51 years. i kept saying it every day. because when donald trump mentioned today about the forgotten man and forgotten woman, that's what i call the selection. there's a great patriotic painter, he actually -- i have a really big picture that he drew, his will signature work. i bought it, it's called the forgotten man. it's a man on a bench and all of the presidents up to obama, obama with his foot on the constitution. all of these presidents like why are we not taking care of this guy that doesn't have a job, in poverty, out of work? that's what it was about. donald trump just became president today. carrier, ford, jack chrysler,
6:48 pm
fiat chrysler, they're all bringing this money back because the environment is going to be so much better. lower taxes for corporations, repatriation. energy independence. getting rid of obamacare. this can be a tax cut for everything a person here. people have been suffering needlessly. it's funny because i was watching another network for a brief time today. they're like, they don't get donald trump, the selection, they are lost. >> tucker: they are looking at it through a cultural lens. you said economic programs, economic suffering. i really expected for a long time conservative here in washington, they didn't see that it all. they thought he was going to be completely different. speak to my obituary was written 1,000 times. there are a lot of arrogant elitism within the republican. holier than thou come out corporate ties. my blue-collar roots are paperboy at eight, dishwasher at 12, a cook at 13, bus .14.
6:49 pm
waiter at 15 and 16, bartender at 17. then i started painting houses, framing roofing, those 20 years of my life. >> tucker: your dad was in was a private equity spirit >> sean: [laughs] wrong. >> tucker: i knew that wasn't true. >> sean: i grew up on a 15 by 100 lots. three sisters, one bathroom. >> tucker: how did that work? >> sean: i would say that's the definition of hell on earth. >> tucker: [laughs] i'm being told to go to commercial break. we will be right back. sean hannity, we are at the ball. >> sean: when we come back, tucker is going to dance. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment
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he's deftly going to come in. i would not be surprised at all. from the who missed some of the dress, really a pure distillation of what i think he believes. here's part of it if you missed it. >> today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning. because today, we are not merrily transferring power from one a administration to another. or from one party to another. but we are transferring power from washington, d.c., and giving it back to you, the
6:54 pm
people. for too long, a small group and our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. washington florist, but the people did not share in its wealth. politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed. the establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country. their victories have not been your victories. there trump's have not your triumphs. and while they celebrated in their nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for
6:55 pm
struggling families all across our land. that all changes starting right here, and right now. because this moment is your moment. it belongs to you. it belongs to everyone gathered here today. and everyone watching all across america. this is your day. this is your celebration. and this, the united states of america, is your country. ♪ >> tucker: that was the president, donald trump this morning. his inaugural address. we are going to hear him live in a moment. sean hannity's, your program begins in about 5 minutes. >> sean: yes, sir.
6:56 pm
evan had a time to say this. we haven't been in the same place. congratulations. you have worked so hard. so many years. all that you've been, all the networks you've been, this is your home. you belong here. your ratings have been amazing. we are really proud of you. you're one of the nicest guys i've ever met in television. you've been such a great addition. >> tucker: of all the people who gave me advice, you gav give the best advice. >> sean: what'd i say? >> tucker: i can't say. i got a text from you when i got this job, it was like an essay, numbered points. it was so smart, i printed out. >> sean: look how well you are doing. this is mike's 21st year here. i feel blessed beyond measure. if you go through tough times in radio and tv, whatever, eight years of obama for me, i really went hard, i've vetted this guy, i knew he was a rigid radical ideologue, the country was
6:57 pm
caught up in obama mania, the media was, we had eight years, i like to say i was vindicate vin. i talked to so many people here, tucker. they feel for the first time in our adult lives, they feel proud of their country. >> tucker: [laughs] you've got to think so many people, so many of these people come from towns where their neighbors made fun of them for supporting this man, now the president. he'll never win, he's beyond the pale. and then in the end, he wins. >> sean: i've got this montage that we run on tv and radio, it's everybody from colbert to bill marta these goats that are over there at cnn and msnbc. we are in the middle where we belong. seriously, they had contempt for this man. >> tucker: yes. >> sean: they never gave them
6:58 pm
a chance. mocked, ridiculed abused him. democratic establishment, republican establishment. in spite of all that, tucker, he was able to overcome the odds and bypass them through twitter, instagram, facebook, interviews, town halls. he wanted that, what he said today was, i feel remarkable. unlike barack obama, just to compare the two, will always talk about me me me. all about number one, the toby keith song. he kept talking about, it's going back to the people. we the people. only mention himself three tim times. >> tucker: what's striking to me in the last year, watching this carefully, was not the people dislike trump, i think it's okay to be tough on the politician. it was the contempt for his voters. undisguised. the left stop pretending that they sympathized.
6:59 pm
i've never seen that before. >> sean: the intellectual class of the conservative movement, all these weekly standards, actively undermining trump. which would've meant that hillary clinton got to make supreme court appointments. >> tucker: did you lose friends over all this? >> sean: yes. yes. you know me, i like to brawl, and like to fight. i never started one of those fights. but i may counterpunch her. if you hit me, i'm going to hit back. >> tucker: this is really the beginning of something totally new. if donald trump keeps his promises on energy, originalist, bedding, building the wall, obamacare, repeal and replace, education back to the states, a foreign policy that we can be proud of, building up our nation's defense, if he does all of those things, which are all on the agenda, this country will be infinitely better off in four years. >> tucker: i agree with that.
7:00 pm
we are out of time, working up to go to the show that comes after us, sean hannity. it's up next. good to see it. >> sean: thank you. >> sean: we are at the freedom ball and any moment now, we are awaiting donald trump. welcome to "hannity." it is a historic day in america, a night full of celebrations. donald j. trump is now the 45th president of the united states of america. we are broadcasting live for the next two hours from the freedom ball, we are in washington, d.c., by the way. see you, tucker. donald trump will be here in just a few minutes. we'll have reaction tonight. and analysis, ainsley earhardt, geraldo rivera, and so many others. joining us is somebody i admire, and outspoken hollywood mega-superstar. probably one of my favorite actors of all time, such a good friend of mine


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