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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 19, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i had to kill a little time. again, thanks for watching a sigh. i am bill o'reilly please remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> break internet, the historic moment that millions of americans had anticipated is now upon us. at the president-elect and his family are here in the nation's capital, right now we are looking why that washington union station where we expect mr. trump to attend a candlelight dinner soon with his family, and then 17 hours from now, we will back you will take the oath of promise to officially become the 45th president of the united states. we have been counting down to the first 100 days, and they are about to actually10 begin now. i marked mcallen. it is inauguration eve here in washington.wa short while ago, the man of the hour read at the crowd at the
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greatn.. vice president elect mike pence was first out this morning with a message, and he joined sue to be present sean spicer for his very first official voicing. spicer joins us here in a moment. but first, there's a little bit of some of what the action was today inside the nation's capital. watch. >> 72 days ago we elected donald trump to be the 45th president of the united states of america. figure 21 cabinet nominees have been named and we have 536 beachhead team members that will be reporting for duty at agencies. following the inauguration right in early. >> my past statements over five years ago about abolishing the department of energy do not reflect my current thinking. in fact, after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the department of energy, i regret recommending its
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elimination. >> didn't you create these officer entered the use take it manage of in order to for making money from avoid u.s. taxes? no. not u necessarily. this was done so that different entities could invest, so sometimes it had nothing to do his taxes. it had what to do with what invested and could invest in. [applauding] >> so i just want to thank you. [laughter] >> it is great to be here and thank you all for your support. tomorrow, we start the work.
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>> on the campaign i called it the forgotten man and the forgotten women. you are not forgotten anymore, that i can tell you. not forgotten anymore. we are going to make america great again, and i will add greater than ever before. thank you for everybody. thank you. speethree i am enjoy now by chj wallace, >> so great to have both of you with us tonight. thank you for being here chris, you've seen a lot of these inaugural scum and go. what was the first one and what
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do you think as you look at this moment and the craziness that double donald trump .2 that we never missed. >> my person was 1977 jimmy carter and that was when i used to hold it on the other side which was o crazy because they were looking to a parking lot. as a shot to get the sense of the majesty of this. right in the heart the mall and the capital in the inaugural stand all lit up. if this doesn't give you goosebumps, i don't know what will. in terms of what donald trump has got to do. he's got to really strike the same tone that he did in that speech in 2:30, 3:00 in the morning on election night, which i think he has got away from too much in the intervening period of time. that is to say, i am the president for all the people, those who supported me, those who didn't, i'm going to help everybody out there layout specific state of the union turns, but lay out a general philosophy of what he's going to do. the floss philosophy is going e
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what you are there in the little clip of the forgotten people. at that system is going to work for everybody. we are going to focus more for everybody on helping people who haven't been helped in the economic situation, and also helping this country and spending less money overall. >> martha: they say it's got me 20 minutes, serve the work wednesday, this inauguration. it's important. >> absolute. i feel like this day for the trump team was a beautiful day perfectly executed. from the start to finish, especially one of the clip she didn't have a chance to show it was when he anden vice president pence went to the tomb of the unknown soldier and they laid thee wreath. america does circumstance and tradition where very well. a as out to maxed up a nice celebration concert at the lincoln memorial was outstandin outstanding. while>> the execution cooperated with beautiful weather, there is a skeletal staff at the white house, and i'm trying to remember eight years ago tonight, i was one of the few
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staffers that then went back the next morning, just a few of us that were there. it was about 0 degrees, it may be below zero, and that morning i took the subway to the white house come i didn't have a parking pass and where. they are had taken that way fo. everyone was so excited. ive have to say, walking around the city today, it's the same type of feeling. so i think that they have achieved that first beachhead of attempted to get the country to unify. tamara speech then comes the cast stone of that, andec that s the most important moment of his life so far. >> martha: it really is. it is such an astonishing, political, story that this man who has never held office before. >> absolutely. it is a learning experience. we saw mr. trump today at the tomb of the unknowns, very moving at the lincoln memorial, one of the great of the many sites here in washington, is he ise going to impose his will on the presidency in washington.
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washington is also going to impose on him. i don't mean the swamp or congress, i'm going to mean being present. you can't be at the tomb of the unknowns is a commander in chief to be. you can't be at the lincoln memorial and see the man that brought us through the civil war and not feel that responsibilities of this offense direct office. you can see him so bring a little bit as he took and how. this is different. we are not in kansas anymore. >> martha: i don't think you can underestimate the sentiment you just talk about. i think about donald trump and you think were everywhere he goes, all of his buildings, there's al million pictures of him everywhere, but you got that feeling today that he is getting the sense of this being so much bigger than him. you think -- does have that be pervasive for him? to see continue to be a huge personality that we've seen or does anything change? >> this is one of the big questions everyone will be watching. >> martha: i guess we'll have to wait and see. i don't think his personality changes. but i do think the weight of the
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world struggles always land on the desk of the president ofle united states. >> it was very interesting today bret baier just reported in the last hour, el chapel from mexico is going to be extradited to the united states. that is a big form of policy political deal, and you wonder how his relationship would be with the mexican government. i'd say that it is a pretty god start. and if so, you will start to see changes like that. what will really be telling though, martha, for anybody that's an office, is how do they react to thingsff that happenedo them. he's going to wanted do a lot of things and accomplish a lot, but how do you react when the worlds problems end up on your desk? >> martha: so true. well put. we will see both more. take you very much. we will for to it my pictures are the unionization of that were mr. truck will be and if youru must. less than 24 hours before he moves into the white house for real. your hearing dramatic details of cutting billions and billions of
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dollars from federal spending. we call that draining the swamp. can he pull it off? we have a new press secretary to talk with us about that in moments. plus, will the incoming president promised to bring the country together, democrats are pledging to "hit mr. trump between the eyes with a two by four" ." people join us next on that. >> this is my life is literally online. a reckless president could order me back to work tomorrow. this is life and death. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. i mess around in the garage. i want to pay more to file my taxes. i want my tax software to charge me at the last second. paying $60 to file my taxes was the highlight of my day.
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>> martha: breaking right now, live pictures from union station in washington where we are awaiting the next moment and mr. trump'sic historic journey. while he is checking a hopeful load, democrats are trying best to sink his cabinet picks by apparently trying to make mr. trump's nominees look, well, dumb. and coming white house press secretary's sean spicer here to react with that in a moment. but first trace gallagher a report from the media's role in all of this. >> it martha, let's begin with
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"the new york times" going after rick perry's nomination. they cited a single source that no longer even worked on the trumpth transition team read an article indicated that rick perry took a job he did not understand. writing to governor perry gladly accepted he believed he was taking on a roll of a global ambassador for the american gas and oil industry. the times went on to say he would be doing no such thing, and that if he was confirmed, he would be "stewart of a vast national security complex he almost knew nothing about" ." the only source now says he was misquoted into that of course, it rick perry knew what the job entailed when he took it. in fact, on the day perry accepted the nomination, he specifically said he looks forward to safeguarding our nuclear arsenal. today washington times media credit tweeted to be clear and offer zero support for its
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assertion. it governor perry didn't know whatw what the department ofar energy did. but, whatever. but there's a nomination of betsy devos. she has been criticized of numerous media outlets and on social media for allegedly saying schools need guns to protect from grizzly bears. the cnn headline quoted citing grizzlies as educationzl nomines said they should determine gunes policies, in fact, divorce was only referencing something senator said about needing senses around a wyoming school to stop grizzly bears. listen. >> i will refer back to the senator that he was talking about in wyoming. i think they are -- would imagine that there is probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies. >> and when donald trump mays had final kingdom it's an selection, trump takes former governor sonny purdue who wants
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that a prayer for rain for agricultural secretary. but when obama was criticized, the post tweeted "praying for c rain." and when trump was criticized for his cabinet not being diverse enough, we should note that compared to bill clinton's firstll cabinet, trump has the same number of the men and women and one fewer minority. martha. thank you, trace. join me now with more, incoming white house press secretary, sean spicer. good too see her today. >> good to see you. >> martha: what you make of that? the cabinet picks up in character basically as dumb and way, way too rich. >> i think anybody who took two seconds to look at the quality and caliber of these two individuals that that is a pretty ridiculous statement. these individuals represent the best and brightest that our country has to offer and each of the areas that they will lead. the reason the president-elect
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chose him is because they are each are uniquely qualified to move this country forward and an area that their department oversees. so other rex tillerson as a department of state, betsy devos at education, or general james mattis they have earned praise throughout this country. they have really kind of praise the picks that they are. their reason that most of them haven't landed a glove on them. their quality and understanding of the issues and and challengs that we face, and more importantly, the solutions that donald trump is going to have them offer, is something that most people who are not partisan, senate democrats right truly amazing and modules. >> martha: how tough are they going>> to make this process? how do many do you think will be confirmed by tomorrow afternoon? >> it's a great question. in 20081 senate republicans had the majority in the senate, they confirmed seven of president obama's nominees on day one, five more the week.
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after. while we expect a few to getet through right now, senate democrats led by new york democrat charles schumer have been doing everything they cank to delay this. there are people like secretary elaine chao, dr. ben carson, and u.n. secretary nikki haley who were unbelievably qualified and fell d into what the democrats once called her consistence candidate. so while all these people are unique, they are clearly now going into a full on delay mode, which speaks volumes to their desire to really make sure this government can continue to operate at its highest level. >> martha: you know, very interesting story that emerged this morning in the hill. it is about cuts in federal spending and in agencies as well. let's see if you can confirm some of this for us. the trump government would cut $10.5 trillion over the next ten years, added departments of congress and energy was the major reductions in funding, with their programs are the being eliminated or transferred to other agency. trace, the question is will rick perry have a department of
9:19 pm
energyt to oversee anyway? >> of course he you will have a department. he has the nuclear decided it. one other things that is a former governor of texas understands is how to utilize our natural resources to both create jobs, to harness for additional energy resources, but how all that can bedo done in a way that spurs economic growth. there is a lot there, i think what you will see government wide though, is a trump administration really focusing on whether or not taxpayers are being used in a most efficient and effective way. donald trump is going to bring a business man approach to government, which is how do we deliver the best product in a service to the american people in a way that respects their tax dollars and it does so in a way that promotes efficiency but also provides them a better product.t. at the s status quo is not acceptable anymore, and a business as usual is over. >> martha: let me ask you this bed because there's been a lot of discussion about this sort of second and third tier jobs that haven't been filled yet, and maybe some of those jobs are
9:20 pm
going to state empty because this article talks about cuts having injustice, cuts happening at the state apartment, is that what we are seeing here? are many of those jobs are going to be filled all? >> again, i think you're going to think it is essential and nonessential jobs. is not a question if a job will be filled or not. it's a question of duplicity. is that job still relevant? more than anything, we have to ensure that critical parts are filled where the president-elect is as 51 individuals is a 51 post to ensure the best continuity of government and we are prepared day one. we got a letter the deck we do secretaries ready to go about the cabin is fully filled out you're going to see a flurry of activity at that. but what each of these vigils is charged with in every agency is looking at their budget and i their staffing, to figure out whether or not we are using the taxpayers fund in the most effective and efficient way. if there is a duplicitous job or when there is no longer relevant, then yeah, we are going to make sure we do not
9:21 pm
disrespect the taxpayer. >> martha: i understand what you're saying. will we see any of those agencies disappear? and also, can you confirm that the national endowment foror the arts will disappear, national endowment for humanity's will disappear? >> no. i don't think right now there's nothing that has been put on the table. i think what you are seeing is a full review of government in a way that's never happened before. it is to ensure that we are actually maximizing the result from the taxpayer. so we have not made any final decisions about any agency or department right now. part of what we have done is have these landing teams who have gone into every department and agency to report back to the president-elect and his senior team on what recommendations they make based on what they've seen, how things are operated, what their staffing levels are. >> martha: one last question for you. "the new york times," they say reince priebus is the hold on in the g.o.p. to quote domesticate the end normalize the white house. your thoughts? sick i i think he's done a
9:22 pm
phenomenal job as a manager in leading the team. >> he is the president-elect. i think his style and his authenticity are the reasons that he got elected in the first place and the reasons that he is going to continue to be a very, very successful president. he has relied on reince priebus and other members on the senior team, kelly and carl wait, stephen bannon. he has done a great job the last few years putting his party in place, and is apt for reason he is been managing a massive team to a successful outcome. the president-electta tapped him to lead for the white house and the government. >> martha: in theen discussions that that group always is and get along that well, can you speak to that? >> i can't because that's not true. there are at. great group of fos to get a long phenomenally. they worked together in such an amazing way. they actually each complement each other in terms of how business is done. i know so many folks in the mainstream media are trying to manufacture these disagreements
9:23 pm
that occur, but the team works together unbelievably well, and i think the results aren't there. you see the most effective and efficient and comprehensive transition in our country's history. gold standard for howlt transitions will work in e future, and it's because of that senior leadership and leadership that chairman mike pence of our transition team had in the reason that he tapped the vice president elect to be that chairman is because this group works the other so well to achieve a common goal. >> martha: sean spicer, ready to move into the west wing to markham a very big day for you. we look forward to seeing you there. thank you very much. congratulations, sean. >> thank you, martha. we are ready to go. we are eager. >> martha: the they move in tomorrow. that was earlier today, and right now we are waiting for mr. trump's arrival. he may get a few comments to the cameras and reporters who are on screen, so we wille. take you there lie. andho how about this question fr you. can you guess why one of the country's largest teacher groups was encouraging kids to walkou
9:24 pm
out of class? without the vice president of that groupen here to answer some questions tonight. and ahead of the senate intelligence committee joins us twist in theatest fight between the incoming president and the outgoing spy chief coming up next. >> disgraceful that the intelligence agency has allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake, and that is something that germany would have done and it did do. tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next?
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>> martha: it is a busy and exciting day here in washington, and right now the event that is taking place is a candlelight dinner at union station for those who weret invited. inside the nation's capital, mr. trump is expected to arrive there any moment. at the mediaia is set up for remarks from him. earlier today, theea trump team was again talking about the weeks of back and forth between mr. trump and at the intel community over unconfirmed reports on russia and accusations of leaking that got pretty ugly, saying that the strains between the intelligence community and the president-elect involve leadership and not the rank of file. that was reported by sean spicer earlier today. joining me now. chairman of the intelligence committee, senator, welcome. i have a say, there are a lot of americans who felt somewhat uncomfortable about the schism between the leadership and who he is going after.
9:29 pm
should they feel uncomfortable about that? >> i think the president has a right to question the analysis that has been done. as a matter of fact, that is the job of the intelligence committee with in congress to look at the products, two in our bestat uc the right conclusion. we do that as it relates to this whole russia, active measures involvement in elections. we are the intelligent suggest we need to look, we need to look. i was sure the president that senator warner and i come as a democrat ranking member of vice chairman that v we are going to look into this, and we are going to look into it. >> martha: you point out you have oversight over the agency. have they been open with you, what's your relationship and like with the other leaders who give a double triple heart of? >> trust is a major component to the committee. if we have trust with them, and they have trust with us, they share more with us.
9:30 pm
the good news is we know what to ask for. director klapper, before he left which will bee tomorrow, has assured us we will get every decent intelligence we need that we can expedition we go through this and hopefully from that we will get the commander in chief the insurance that the information he receives is correct. we have the ultimate professionals in the intelligence world. i'm not going to tell you they don't get it right all the time. but they attempt to get it right all the time. and that is tough because there's never 100% certainty in intelligence, and that's even when they did a system wide apart, they hi conference. >> martha: there's been a lot ofof speculation there are peope in the intelligence community he didn't like the fact that donald trump was calling them out and pointed a finger at them and tweeting about them. when you do that, when you take them off, they will come after you, and if that's what has happened. had they been trying to make him look bad? >> i'm sure there were people that he ruffled their feathers.
9:31 pm
but when his ci director gets placed, when he becomes a director of national intelligence, their work for this administration with those employees to gain the trust that they need so that their product will actually be enhanced from a standpoint of what they are supplying the president, remember the president is 100% reliant, as we are policymakers, on the accuracy of the intelligence that we are provided and the analysis from the intelligence. i am very confident that this c president will find the same level of trust that i do with that. >> martha: what about jim? and can he lessen that position? >> martha: ink think jim's got a very tough job. >> he's move from a law enforcement to a law enforcement agency to our domestic defense for terrorism. we've asked them to do a lot more, we've asked them to do it with basically the same numberer
9:32 pm
of folks, and in many cases, as a country, we have invested in the technologies like our adversaries have, and i include terrorist groups in that. that's a big statement. we gotta set up our game. we got to be creative. we got to apply the technology more and what we do. >> martha: senator burke, thank you very much. >> thank you. congratulations on thegr show. >> martha: we have some homework for you to do tonight at home. we want to know what you tell the president-elect donald trump to get done, starting on day one. send us a tweet, we listen for your responses with the #verse100. wewillreadsomeofthoseatthe "whilethepresident the new democratic leadership is talking about between the eyes. their words from quit advisor coming up next on that. we are looking lie that washington and at this historic event that is happening this
9:33 pm
evening. fox news is there every step of the way. we will bring it to you in your living rooms across america tonight there isis blair house where the president-elect will stay this evening as he heads to dinner. we will take you there too. "the first 100 days" continues right after this. ♪ ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with class-leading horsepower.
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9:38 pm
women running to lead the national committee were asked if the party should work with the president, or work to resist the neww president, their responses were pretty much unanimous. >> everything i fought for in my life is at stake. with the. donald trump in the white house. >> as we are feeling as a party, we need also to make sure that the american people can look to the democratic party to mount a massive resistance. >>s this question of whether we fight back right away or not, that question has been answered. you have already started to institute a program, so of course we have to fight. >> we need to as a party stop with all the demonization of each other and focus on the real war right now. that is against donald trump. >> what we can't do is go after him every time. you can't meet him tweet per tweet. this has to be surgical. we got to understand also that you don't go to a knife fight with a spoon.h i wouldn't go tweet for tweet,
9:39 pm
i think we can hit in between the eyes with a two by four. >> martha: there you go. joining is now, thank you very much to both of you for being here. let me start with you, you watch all that. is that healthy for the nation. >> sure. i actually think that donald trump has made it really good for the country. when he l is tweeting at us and the country that happy new year, he gets a little bit of that give-and-take. i think truthfully, people can joke about fighting or not fighting, but we've seen them look at some of the president-elect's nominees from betsy devos to steve menu can. we have a secretary nominee who
9:40 pm
is profited during the foreclosure practice by foreclosing on people who have hard-working americans. >> martha: tried to explain why p they felt that they were being misrepresented and in those hearings. >> he did that with people. >> martha: he did gets his own estimation of how he sees the process up and working out some of those foreclosure process. however, the question is about whether or not people a teeny bit of a honeymoon. purity >> >> will start demonizing donald trump. let's take a snapshot of the state of the democratic party. they have the smallest congressional minority since 1929. they've lost 16 -- under a barack obama left 16 seats. a thousand state legislative seats.
9:41 pm
our problems roll the house, tomorrow the white house, soon it can conservative supreme co. the democratic party is in a state of crisis, and their response to having been beaten so resoundingly is to put a two by four and this guy's face. they should be trying to work with the president, give him a chance, say here is what -- >> martha: when romulus, republican said we messed up. we have to figure out whye we ae not connecting with people. we have to come-to-jesus moment and see what we are doing wrong. don't democrats need to say perhaps some of the policies are the reasons it's only people migrated from voting for obama to voting for donald trump and ask yourself why. >> democrats should deftly look at what happened in this election. the difference between mitt romney and hillary clinton at that hillary clinton 12.8 million more votes than donald trump. mitt romney lost millions more than obama. >> martha: you are okay that they -- you don't have a problem with the people in the country that they are with you. >> no, no. what i am saying, we should
9:42 pm
absolutely figure out why we lost voters who went from obamaa to donald trump. absolutely. >> martha: for those people who did that, neera, when they hear this resist, resist movement, they will say, i voted for barack obama twice and now, i want something different. t if you want to win me back, you have to. >> is that why donald trump has the lowest approval rating of any incoming president ever in history? is it because there is people -- >> neera, the problem with the democratic party right now is that there are zero electoral votes. okay. this election, there are five states that voted twice for barack obama and then, voted for donald trump. their message, they lost those voters. as for democratic voters, voted twice for barack obama, their lesson is, we didn't hear you. the message to those voters should be, we heard you. >> our messages, we are going to stand up --
9:43 pm
donald trump campaigned on draining the swamp. democrats are saying, during the swamp and put forward nominees that are going to change washington. not foreclosed on people or be a billionaire -- >> martha: that is exactly what these people are going to do.os bring in people from the private sector will understand how businesses are run. they will drain the swamp in washington. >> what is odd about it, he issi very low approval ratings for these people. that is what we are saying it. you have rhetoric in this campaign, let's hold youe accountable. >> there has been a rally of the american people around donald trump. people who are not huge fans of donald trump, with the safety pins, things like that -- >> martha: good to have you here. thank you very much. while we wait for some comments this evening for mr. trump, we are looking into why one of the nation's largest teacher's groups was reportedly encouraging students to walk out of school today. we will talk to her about that and the vice president of that group will join us next to
9:44 pm
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>> martha: on the eve of president-elect's trump's inauguration, one powerful teacher's lobby calling for a day of action, suggesting that educators and students skip school and an act of protest
9:48 pm
over mr. trump's choice for education secretary, betsy devos. with the blessing of the nea, the group's alliance to reclaim our schools has organize these events across the country, like the one i do see here in chicago. joining me now as becky, the vice president of the national education association. becky, thank you very much for being here tonight. >> it is good to be here.ed >> martha: this alienates students who may be from families who are supporting donald trump? >> let me first explain that the alliance to reclaim our schools has been in operation for almost a year. we have been partnered with them. and with parents and students and the community organizations, to shed light on equity and access issues. what they have been focused on since the election is what we have called the trump effect. we had to so many of our kids come home crying to their parents, they call the school to find out what is going on. they are being bullied. name calling, being threatened. so, we have joined forces with our parents and with the
9:49 pm
communities and educators all over this country to bring light to that and to bring resources to those schools and those parents, so, they can address the issues of the students are facing in the schools. that was the focus of this march. to bring light to the equity and access issues that continue to plague our schools. >> martha: you want them to walk out of school and not attend school in honor of that? >> so, martha, i am a teacher. 30 plus years. i won't tell you how long it is. eighth grade science teacher. we always want our students in our classrooms so they can learn. but we also support their right to lift up their voices, to rally, to be i that will bring light to the inequitable conditions. >> martha: he has become president yet. in my mind, he would want to encourage them to watch the inauguration, to be part of the process, to listen to what the president has to say, and to set if those fears are real. i mean, are you encouraging the students to take part in that and to watch and to listen and
9:50 pm
to have an open mind, whether they like him or not, it is a moment in history that everyry child should be a part of. >> every teacher across this country, of course, is concerned about making sure that our students participate in this civic process. we want to make sure that they have the opportunity to lift their voices. regardless of what side they are on. you have really good debates and conversations. of course, we want them to know what is going on in the country and to be educated about that. they have a right to do that. we, of course, want them to participate.e >> martha: if we can hold on for one second. senior advisor kellyanne conway speaking here live. >> it was powerfully delivered. >> i know you said he wrote it himself, but who helped? >> [unintelligible]
9:51 pm
you can recognize much of it. >> are you concerned about who the nominees for the cabinet positions not being confirmed? >> yes, i'm very i am personally -- 35 days, very positive. we need a government that functions. [unintelligible] >> the republican control and both houses, it is not just democrats who are -- >> [unintelligible] the president elected a victory luncheon, he said we have the
9:52 pm
smartest cabinet in history. we really hope the senate will expedite the confirmation hearings. >> tomorrow, will you be in the office? >> it is a workday. we will celebrate tomorrow. it is a workday, those of us who are going to the white house. i am really excited to occupy my office. i am thankful. >> martha: that was kellyanne conway celebrating her birthday and a lot more tomorrow as she
9:53 pm
gets ready for this.s. we want to think becky pringle for joining us this evening to talk about the nea and the protest at some of the students are going to readjust a final thought. we do encourage all students across the country to be watching tomorrow? >> i would encourage all of our students to understand the political process, to be involved in it. to learn as much as they can about the history of this country, and the fact thatat public education is the very foundation of democracy. it is the great equalizer and we have to make sure that all of our kids have access and opportunity, regardless of their zip code, that is our responsibility. and it is they are right. >> martha: thank you very much for being with us. good to have you with us. we will take a quick break, as we watch all of the arrivals at union station, as we continue to see people coming in this evening and becoming part of the process here this evening. we are just 16 hours away from the inauguration of
9:54 pm
president-elect donald trump. there it is, not a red carpet come but the carpet is spread out in front of one of the most famous train stations in the world on the eve of this history making event. we can now report that 1 out of every three house democrats has now decided to turn their back on the new president by boycotting tomorrow's swearing-in process. joining me now, law professor of george washington university, jonathan. thank you for slipping in there. very nice to have you with us. you wrote a very interesting piece today, there are so much to resist movement on the democratic side, we just spoke to someone why there shouldn't -- she thinks they need to resist from day one. you disagree. >> i think it is a sad lesson for students to receive. regardless of where you are on the selection, this is an historic celebration in our history of a peaceful transferer of power. it's an important thing. you look around the world, youy look at places like gambia. this is not an assumption that a lot of voters have. it's an important moment to
9:55 pm
teach children, it is not that you are celebrating necessarilyr the election. you are celebrating the transfer of power. yes, he wished the nextt president of the best of luck and country the best of luck. it is a shame that what that lesson is being missed. it is not that you are saying don't protest donald trump. my own brother and his family are here to protest. i will not be joining them. instead, i'll be home celebrating the transfer of power. and toast the next president of the united states and wishingl the very best. what is troubling to me is there seems to be an effort to create a type of mythology, that somehow donald trump is not a legitimate president.e and there is no support for that. these members of congress that are boycotting, i find very troubling. the old expression is that the difference between the statesman of the politicians, the statesman thinks of the nextth generation, where a politician thinks of the next election. we seem to be short of statesmen right now. >> martha: great point. it's a terrific point. i read durbin today, who basically said what you are
9:56 pm
saying. he said, i will be standing up there to watch this inaugural process and whether you like this president or you don't like this president, there was also this notion that you have to give him at least a little bit of a chance. i mean, a honeymoon period that is longer than negative five days then what we have seen here. >> i think that's right. what is particularly troubling is that there is this argument that somehow he isn't legitimate because he didn't receive theng popular vote. the system is based on electoral votes. more important, many of these people aren't going really chastised trump for not agreeing that he would accept the outcome of the election. and then, after the election, they did precisely that. i think that what we have to come together, what with the exception of these people as awe public, and voters, we all havee a common article of faith in the constitution. at moments like this, we come together, regardless of whether we won or lost. and we recognize that this is a
9:57 pm
leap of faith. sometimes, you have to give someone a chance. i'm willing to give president trump a chance. i will criticize him in a nanosecond if i disagree withen him. but tomorrow is an importantti moment for a country. he won. he is a legitimate president. he is for us. >> martha: it is striking when you listen to these voices and you hear the people that are wanting to be the head of the dnc and "resist, resist, resist," a little description, you ask these folks, what is it that you are so angry about. the thing that most often pops out is the tweeting. they are very angry. it is like the thrashing about, just -- the tweeting, i can't stand it. it is vulgar. i think, boy, they could have listened to have him from walls of prior presidencies, they what her to some rough language. don't you think? >> president trump cannot govern by tweet.
9:58 pm
i don't think he thinks he can do that. what he has developed as a way to coming to get directly with the american people. i have criticized him for some of these tweets. i think you need to be more careful and more circumspect. there is a new sort of foundation being created here. presidents throughout history have tried to find a way to directly speak to the public. the fireside chats were all about that. he found a technology. he has changed a lot about politics. he is the first president who is neither a general nor a politician before he came to office. so, he is a new type of president. a is he going to be a good or a bad president? i am hoping, i'm hoping -- >> martha: time will tell. >> what i'm hoping is that he is a business person. he tries to make things work.. i am hoping, when he gets into that office, it will change him, like it changed a lot of people. that is an awesome responsibility. >> martha: that is the word i was thinking.t jonathan turley, thank you so much. good to see you tonight. finally, tonight, we ask you toi
9:59 pm
tweet is that hashtag #first100 on your thoughts at what donald trump should do in the first day in office. here are some of your responses. "to start getting prices for wall building." "health care, health care, health care, and more fixing of our health care system." "please, please, take care of the small business asap. give us some breathing room." "break the day after the super bowl a national holiday." i am in favor of that. keep those comments coming, tweet me at @marthamaccallum using the hashtag #first100. while we are on the topic of tweets, we want to share with you a quote for the evening. this one from none other than donald trump. it came on july of 2014. he said "i try to learn from the past but i plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. that is where the fun is." on the front tonight is at union station. thank you for watching, everybody. we will see you tomorrow night at 7:00 and i'll take tomorrow with bret baier for inauguralio coverage. i look forward to seeing you
10:00 pm
tomorrow. two and welcome to "hannity," we are coming to you from our nation's capital, washington, d.c., on the verge of a historic moment in our nations history. it is working hours will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states of america and on the eve of mr. trump's inauguration it's been a very busy day for the incoming president and the soon to be first family. the plane touched down shortly after 12:00 p.m. eastern, and they are all here. mr. trump's youngest son baron, his wife vanessa and their children. ivanka and her husband jared kushner along with their children, asku well asr.


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