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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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today as you know, we appointed my secretary of agriculture, he happens to be a farmer. he happens to be. there he is. sonny perdue. he came into my office two months ago. ten people that everybody liked, politically correct, and i kept thinking back to sonny perdue. a great, great farmer. he loves the farms. knows everything about farming. knows everything about agriculture. he has been successful in farming. he knows the good stuff and the bad stuff. but people came into my office and they said i am really wanting the job. i said, let me ask you a question. do you have any experience with farms or agriculture's? no, sir, i don't. i said, have you ever seen a farm? the one gentleman, who is a great guy, we will find
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something else, okay? but i can't make him secretary of agriculture. we just named sonny perdue, so i want to congratulate you. secretary of agriculture. when i was leaving, i just saw general kelly. when i was leaving, just to put it in the most basic terms, he is in charge of our borders. they had out all of the statio stations, lots of things are happening along the borders. like this tremendous security all of a sudden. in regards -- even before he gets there, they are saying wow, what a difference. all of the border patrol agents, they endorse trump. wwith 16,500. they endorsed trump.
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they know what's happening. or they've already started because general kelly is going to do an unbelievable job in keeping us all safe. speaking of safety, we have general james mattis. i don't like it if he is if he likes being called mad dog matthis. so i'll just call him general james mattis. i think they're afraid of him, actually. just in case you have any question, don't worry, he's going to pass. but the cabinet members are doing really fantastic. i've watched most of it. i've heard most of it.
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they have really, really done a good job. i was very proud of them. i'm very, very proud of my picks. there is not a pick i don't love. if there was, i would tell you right now. i probably would, actually. i want to think the cabinet for being here. i want to thank all of the senators that i see here. i want to thank all of our donors, the big donors, small donors. there are donors that got really, really generous after the election was one. i have a couple. they got so generous. hi, don, i just want to tell you. i just signed a big check. oh, great. should have sent it week before. that's okay. we love you too. they are now officially a member of our party. you know, we picked up hundreds of thousands and millions of republicans. not only did we do great in the
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election, you remember, we cannot get to 270. they were right, we got to 306. i know cnn, i was watching. i was watching all of them. in all fairness. the main networks, the cable networks. although fox has treated us very well, i have to say. very well. very well. when i say well, by well, i mean fairly. but they were saying, you cannot get to 270. i went to maine four times for one vote. and i got it but i didn't need it. this was a victory for all of us. a victory for all of us. in the audience by the way, i see my great brother, i see anne-marie, thank you for being here. i see my sister.
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and david. who happens to be a court of appeals judge. he is tough. she is tough, but highly highly respected. i see my sister elizabeth, which is great. i'm so happy you're here. we actually have a very very good family. we have a family that gets along. my sons, look at them standing there. i say, why aren't you campaigning today? eric and don and tiffany, who is incredible. and barron's home. but we had a great, great group of people who worked hard. we've got a great quarterback named tom brady. a great coach, named bill belichick. bob kraft, good luck.
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he called to congratulate us. good luck. you're going to do great. thanks. i just want to thank everybody. we are going to have four incredible years. it's going to be something special. we have a special person who has worked very hard, married very well, it's my daughter ivanka. where is she? i sort of stole her husband, he is so great. if you can't produce peace in the middle east, nobody can. all my life, i've been hearing that's the toughest deal in the worlworld bank. i've seen it. but i have a feeling jarrod is going to do a great job. i have a feeling it's going to do a great job.
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you'll work with him. one other person i have to thi think. we had actually 18 people said, 17 people running. 18 including gilmore. he endorses me right away. but he was the governor of virginia in all fairness. is he here? yeah, he is here. we had 18 people running. and we had rights. and i said before, nobody knew how to pronounce his name. it's a crazy name. they call him rance. he still not pronouncing it, steve. reince priebus, now everybody pronounces his name right. he is a star. and i knew that a long time ago. he has a problem because he sorta liked me. he didn't like me because of my personality, he thought he could win. the great phyllis, you know who that is?
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she was a great woman. passed away six months ago. i went to her funeral in st. louis. and she came out against all of her fellow conservatives. and she said i am not endorsing anybody else but donald trump. i don't care what exactly he is. he's like an unknown quantity. but he is going to win. and reince kind of said the same thing. he was taking tremendous abuse. i want to think by the way phyllis. she went through hell. i'm telling you. phyllis went through hell. in that last third of the year. she turned out to be right. reince said the same thing. i always felt he favored me. like a coach who has a player and you sort of favor. but reince is fantastic. reince has been an unbelievable
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leader. he had to win, but if he didn't, it was over. if you didn't, we would've said reince, you are fired. get the hill out of here. but he is an unbelievable leader. he's an unbelievable talent. and he has been my friend and he has been with me from big beginning. so i want to thank reince priebus. and justin finishing up, tom called me. where is he? he is a very, very successful guy. colony capital. he became a party planner. in fact, every time i have a party, are you available, having one in about two months. he and all of his friends, they
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came to me. they said we'd like to run. i said what the hell do you know about running it? between stephanie, what a job. there she is. did he finally come through for you, stephanie? tom, thank you, your entire group. thank you. so far, it has been perfect. the big one is tomorrow at around 12:00. we had a thing today. arlington national cemetery. i don't know if anyone saw it. it was so beautiful. so many people. so many people. it was incredible. so we went there. and we laid the wreath with mike and it was beautiful. and then we went to the lincoln memorial and had a concert. we thought it would be a small
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concert and attendance of thousands of people were there. it went all the way to the back. they never had so many people. never had a concert at lincoln memorial but what they pulled off was incredible. it was an unbelievable period of time. tomorrow seems to be the big one. i made a speech tonight at the lincoln memorial. in front of all of those people and all of those live television cameras, i can't stand them. but actually, a couple of them are starting to get honest. but i thought it was a very good speech. and so instead of saying it was a good speech, they are saying, doesn't matter to tonight, how will he do tomorrow? they never gave you credit. tomorrow we have a speech, it may rain, it might not rain. around 12:00. the truth is. if it really pours, that's okay.
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because people will realize it's my real hair and that's okay. might be a mess, but it's my real hair. but we have a speech that i wrote and worked with stephen miller who is around here somewhere, he is great. he's been with us from the beginning. stephen, hope, corey. somebody people have been so great. i see my kellyanne conway. oh, kelly end. come here, kellyanne. she's been so great. wow. so, there is no done she will not go into.
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when my men are petrified to go on a certain network, i say, kellyanne, will you do it? she says absolutely, no problem. then she gets on and she destroy some. thank you, kellyanne. thank you. be careful. so, this is a celebration of victory. you are my friends. we needed this victory. three weeks before we one month, as you know, it was going to ben politics. they predicted this would be the greatest loss in political history. not even modern political history. i outworked everybody. i think i outworked everybody who ran for office. i learned that from bella bella check, right? but we outworked to them.
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all over the place. those last two weeks, there was something that was happening. i told the group today. they canceled their fireworks. two weeks out. there was a little story that, they spent $7 million on fireworks. they canceled it because history has proven that if you are going to lose, you don't want fireworks, right? that was a good sign in and of the rather good signs. but what we did on those last two weeks, especially not last week, it was fun and we saw it was going to happen. we were pretty sure we were gonna win. but again. thank you all very much. we will see you. we have an election coming up in two years. we are going to get a lot of senators, a lot of congressmen elected. a lot. we are going to get a lot of them elected. mitch mcconnell is here, he is
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smiling so big. he loves those words. and we are going to make america great again. greater than ever before. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> tucker: donald trump unexpectedly speaking at a donor event at washington. the last time we will hear from him as a prize private citizen. what can we expect? we are joined by ed henry. >> we have now confirmed tonight, fox news, is not going to change a bit. from all of this. is he going to have to change? no, he says i outworked everyo everyone. kellyanne, come up here, watch your step, baby. the words he uses, the language,
6:16 pm
how he is presenting it. the name dropping. i got off the phone with tom brady, bill bella check, there's kraft. by the way, this is an event for campaign donors and you are supposed to kiss there but at a time like this but he starts off by saying, some of you guys, he didn't open up the checkbooks until after i won. i could have used the call a week earlier. he's not going to change a bit. >> tucker: the line of the night, it may rain tomorrow, but if it does, you will know my hair is real. >> he's just going to throw that out there. when you talk about how this is all going to play out, about 9:30 in the morning, where is he going to be? he's going to go across the street from blair house. with melania trumpet and go have a cup of tea. with barack and michelle obama. someone who he was all over for years and fought with bitterly, but now, despite all of the attacks back and forth on
6:17 pm
twitter with chuck schumer and other democrats, hillary clinton and the russians did it and call me did it and john lewis, barack obama and donald trump have kind of forged an interesting if not a friendship. maybe a partnership where they both complement. let's not gloss over that. they have tried very hard to put all the rest of the noise aside and make this a peaceful transition of power, despite all the noise out there. i would want to be a fly on the wall between that cup of tea. of course, they take the limo ride over. 11:00 a.m., they should be at the mall by then. for the 12:00 swearing in. bush 41 is in the hospital and getting better, we all hope and pray. but you are going to have bill and hillary clinton there. watching donald trump be sworn into office and delivering this
6:18 pm
inaugural address. >> tucker: a rejection of the legacy i think it's fair to say of barack obama. you can also say about trump, he is almost exactly the same in person when the cameras are off as he is when you see him on television. you can't say that about any other politician i've been around whether you like it or not. when he meets with the obama's, he is going to be the guy you just saw. >> at the same guy, i was over at the trump hotel to get some, color. and then i ran into basically half of the trump cabinet walking through the lobby. it's almost like the shadow white house down the street as they wait for the obama's to move out. i mean, mnuchin, the possible secretary. you had the former coo of goldman sachs. michael:. he's got this kind of shadow cabinet that is already up and
6:19 pm
running at the hotel three or four blocks from the white house. by the way, jared kushner, did a phenomenal job on the campaign, believing in his father-in-law, using facebook and other untraditional methods. when everyone was laughing at donald trump, he said you can't get the 270, eight you are not raising enough money, you're not running enough tv ads. it was jared kushner who calmly coolly believed. and now his reward is, i think you can get me this piece. peace in the middle east. we are all counting on you. good luck, jared. >> tucker: it's a tall order of course. it's failed for more than half a century. but i have to see, kushner's real achievement might be taking for himself. he comes from a world where but not a single person supported donald trump. he's from new york. >> elite world.
6:20 pm
>> tucker: very much a liberal elite world. he went to harvard. he doesn't have peers who share his view. really, you are supporting your father-in-law? he's the opposite of everyone in our world and he's doing it anyway. >> he had all these critics saying your father-in-law's anti-somatic. and yet the son in law stood by him every step of the way. he's been a remarkable lieutenant for him. giving up all these assets, going into this blind trust to actually work in the white hou white house. he is actually going in and saying i'm going to roll up my sleeves. were going to try to do this right. >> tucker: you think you are tough, buck the views of everyone in your social circle. and see how that works out. most people will not do that. up ahead, there were wild protests in washington, d.c., tonight. fires set.
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>> tucker: fox news alert, massive protests have erupted outside of the deplorable. outside the national press club. we are on the scene with what has happened there. what is happening? >> hey, tucker, several hundred
6:25 pm
protesters gathered first at trump hotel and then marched seven or eight blocks here, we are outside the national press club. you can see the police present. there are signs saying president obama. it's mostly peaceful now. a fire broke out just behind us. there is a fire. we can show you where that was. the ashes now just sort of starting to simmer right in the middle. this fire was started. in fact, this young man, you are participating. what is your name? >> i actually kind of started the fire. my name's carter. >> sorry, why did you start that fire? because i felt like it and i'm just sort of saying, president.
6:26 pm
>> there been about two or three arrests. tucker. we did not witness the tea tears although we do know there were reports of that. the spokeswoman and one of the lead organizers of disrupt jay 20. a loose collaborative of multiple groups this is lacy, more of what is coming tomorrow. why are you here and why are you doing this? >> we are here basically at the very start of the weekend of disrupt jay 20. the weekend that trump takes office. what is behind us, up there in the national press club ballroom is actually, they are completely part of trump, we are seeing up there in the ballroom nazis. the same group that actually you saw year doing nazi salutes. we are seeing the so-called ault right.
6:27 pm
and i think we really have to be concerned about the dangerous direction that our country is going in. >> you may hear tucker over our shoulders shouting, booing the people going to the ball. what about the peaceful transition of power regardless of who has won, donald trump has won the election. he seemed to be trying to resist it. in ten seconds, why? >> it doesn't matter who won or lost, when you come from our communities, when you come for us and when you try to violate our rights, we will resist. >> all right, they are going to resist. back to you, tucker. >> i can't believe you interviewed a kid who set a fire. those were fine. >> tucker: coming up, what should we expect the trump administration to do on its very first day? they promised a lot, maybe more than you remember. charles krauthammer remembers, and he joins us next.
6:28 pm
nonstop coverage of the inauguration and a little more than 12 hours. wwe'll be right back coaching means making tough choices.
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>> tucker: what can we expect from president trump when he starts as president, which is tomorrow? everyone's favorite, charles krauthammer. great to see you. >> good to be here. >> tucker: i was going through the list of first-day pledges that donald trump made on the
6:32 pm
road. it's a little longer than i realized. repeal obamacare, build a wall, stop syrian immigration. those sanctuary city fundings, undo all illegal actions. i could go on. all of them seem worthy to me. can they be achieved immediately? >> no, they can't. of course not. that's hyperbole and that's what you do when you run. that's what you hope you can do. that's a four-year agenda, it'll take four you years. he'll cancel few executive orders, that's probably all he can do, the rest you need congress for. but they have an agenda. everything you listed is serious stuff. this is not just a guy who ran on vague elect me. because you'll feel good. this is what i want to do and it's a serious agenda. incidentally, can i say worried about that kid who was setting the fire?
6:33 pm
>> tucker: that was bizarre. >> when you love to be that kid? parents who take you out on a winter night and they encourage you to set fires? i'm sure it would have appealed to the anarchist in you. it tells you how completely weird the parents and the other people out there are. the same people who show up at the imf meetings at world bank, the occupy wall street. you asked them why are you out there, they are completely incoherent. what are that woman say? there nazis upstairs. at the national press club. these people ought to be medicated. >> tucker: i think some of them are. the idea that you would implicate your children in your political activism, you'd be out on the street at 9:30 at night. it's demented. it says a lot. >> it's got a whiff of isis to it. tucker: everyone we've
6:34 pm
interviewed on fox and others channels two, they are all from a certain social class. you don't get the feeling that they just got off work at hardee's or driving a truck. they all seem kind of the idle class in america to me. >> they've been unemployed since wall street shut its doors. i admired them from actually stepping out during a winter's day and it probably won't last long by monday, the wind will have swept them away and they will wait for the next international occasion to go out and to act like anarchist, which is what they are essentially. >> tucker: you've been here an awful long time. he worked in the carter administration, for walter mondale i think, the ones that are successful are the ones with discrete requests. we want you to cancel this, and acts that, i don't understand exactly what the agenda of these protests are. >> they really have no agenda. they really have not.
6:35 pm
i think the real culprits here are the people who ought to be the adults. the people who ought to set an example. and that's the one-third of democrats in congress. who will refuse to attend and actively boycott the inauguration. i think that is scandalous. inauguration is not the celebration of party victory. it is a kind of civic sacrament for something that it's exceedingly rare in the world. which is the transfer of power uninterrupted now for 240 years. the longest anywhere on earth. that's something that you celebrate. i must say, john lewis, we all agree, there is no debate that he ha is a genuine american her. but heroes can be wrong. we have examples in our history. charles lindbergh was a genuine american hero. the most famous man in america
6:36 pm
throughout the '30s. and he picked the long wrong side of world war ii. he expressed sympathy for nazi germany. you can be wrong. with the louis, it's not just that he's a hero but he is a moral hero because he sacrificed and he risked his life for a higher cause. that doesn't that change the fact that he can be wrong. and he shouldn't be leading the boycott. because he lends his moral authority to what is a deeply unworthy cause. >> tucker: but for people under 30, none of that matters because everything's biography and identity and ideas don't even enter into it. charles, i appreciate that. those are really succinct analysis. thank you. >> wit my pleasure. great to be here. >> tucker: up next, one of trump's most fiery critics. we will speak to him about what comes next on the left. after that, jeanine pirro will
6:37 pm
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>> tucker: a fox news alert. del taco has arrived in the united states. he was just from off a plane in new york. el chapo is guilty of thousands of deaths in mexico. hwhen mexico ascending its people, it's not sending it's best. it's sending people with a lot of problems. the impending tyranny of a trump regime, he's written what he calls a resistance agenda for those hoping to stand up to this modern-day caligula.
6:42 pm
saving capitalism. robert rice joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for inviting me on. >> tucker: i don't normally do this, i just want to begin with a quiz. i'm going to read them to and i want you to tell me >> i hope this isn't a gotcha! >> tucker: it's not in any way. which of these came from you and which came from donald trump. okay coming i used to believe in fair trade agreement until i look a hard look at the numbers. second is this, global deals with the trans-pacific partnership will boost the profits of wall street and big corporations and make the 1% even richer. it is a gotcha, they are both from you. but they both could have been from donald trump. >> they both sounded vaguely familiar. >> tucker: trump could have
6:43 pm
said that. >> he could have. tucker, i want to say very, very clearly. if donald trump and his administration succeed in improving the quality of life of average working people in this country and the poor, and achieving a more peaceful and prosperous world, i'm all for it. i'll be right there in the front room cheering him on. my real concern is that they won't. and i worry about some of his cabinet appointments. i've never seen an administration so filled with billionaires who have no idea what average working people are contending with. i was a labor secretary. i spend a lot of time out in toledo, kansas city, talking with factory workers. steven mnuchin, i don't know. his record of just taking over banks and sending people out of their homes, wilbur ross who is
6:44 pm
going to be commerce secretary, he basically -- he laid people off. >> tucker: like a lot of employers. that's true. i think that's a fair thing to say. but you're also coming on the democratic party, which has almost unanimous support in this last election from wall street, the billionaire class. she spent over billions of dollars -- you are closer to trump on economics then you were to hillary clinton. i'm just wondering if partisanship isn't clouding your view of that? >> i don't think partisanship is, i hope it's not. tucker. i think you're absolutely right. i have criticized the clintons for being too close to wall street. i supported burning standards. in the democratic primary. bernie sanders. he was a populace. he really did with working people. about a year and a half ago at
6:45 pm
the start of all of this, when i was out in missouri, kansas, i was out on a book tour actually. i talked to a lot of people in the middle of america who try to make up their minds between donald trump and bernie sanders. there is a huge populist wave. i think the difference between donald trump and bernie sanders is donald trump is an authoritarian populist and bernie sanders is a progressive populist. i don't think authoritarianism works in america. i am worried about authoritarianism, quite wrinkly. >> tucker: i am too. i am too. we saw that last administration. the children of the democratic party are spun out about trump, he's is a nazi, sexist but they are ignoring the economic critique. the smart people in the party like you who have had a consistent economic message for all these years, also are not giving them a chance. i wonder why.
6:46 pm
again, he is closer to you on some key issues. like trade. then hillary clinton. i would you not say am kind of hopeful on that? >> i am saying. just a few moments ago, i am hopeful. if he succeeds, i will be the first to cheer him on. i guess what really gets me most pause is one he campaigns and even after he campaigns, when he denigrates members of the press who he disagrees with, criticize his him, when he sent out tweets in a disparaging individuals who are critics of him. when he demonstrates a can of personality that is so vindictive and so small minded, i get worried. i don't a president to be vindictive. i do want a president to be that kind of authoritarian figure. if he can get above that somehow, great. let's hope for the best. >> tucker: what if he's vindictive and small minded buddy stops tpp?
6:47 pm
it'll be interesting. robert, good to see you. fox's relentless coverage of the inauguration continues. and jeanine pirro is here in "the friend zone." it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr. ♪e sensitivities, life can feel like a never ending search for food that won't cause bloating, gas, or inner turmoil. try pronourish. a delicious nutritional drink that makes a great mini meal or snack that has protein and fiber. and pronourish has no gluten or high fructose corn syrup. and is low in fodmap ingredients that can trigger digestive sensitivities. the search is over. pronourish. nutrition you can feel good about. i need to promote my new busi can make that business cards?
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>> tucker: we just made tv history, unfortunately was a commercial break. at the end every night, tonight one of our most effervescent friend, judge jeanine pirro, just ran here in high heels across the mall. it has not had one sip of alcohol tonight yet you are an fuego. >> i have ran through the field, through a friend's, through a fence. a security guy and the back of
6:52 pm
the truck, ran up here and sat down because i know him my mother watches. >> tucker: is not even legal what you did? >> probably not but i said if you are not going to take me in this truck -- >> tucker: you commandeered a vehicle. i've never had a guest do this. >> you can hear every siren out there. tonight. i love the city. i was at the lowe's and then i was where was i before that? the hay adams. >> tucker: were you at trump events? >> have you been to the joan law firm? then i am going to the fairmont another black tie. there's a lot of stuff going on. and then i interviewed three
6:53 pm
people for saturday night. >> tucker: but you are out of control. >> but i am so happy for you. i'm so proud of you. >> tucker: you've known trump an awfully long time. you keyed in on his talents before a lot of people did. he thought he was going to be president before a lot of people did. but people in your world, new york, didn't agree with you. are you seeing people tonight at those parties? >> yes, i find it fascinating that these people all of a sudden are trump people because now he is the president. i want to say to them, you know what? you did not believe in him. you made fun of him. you thought because he wasn't of the political class that he is not a guy entitled to be in the white house. i'm telling you, tucker, i think he is going to make america great again. if you thought america was great already, great. he can make it greater. there is me and donald trump, millions ago. i've known him for a good 25
6:54 pm
years. >> tucker: has he changed? >> no, he's always been a gentleman, a kind guy, when he walked down the street with you, he would shake hands with a guy in a hard hat, a cop, he is a kind, decent family man. he's got great kids. i've known two of his wives. i love the guy. i love his family. and there i am on the back of this plane, we used to fly with him when my dead husband was his friend. my then husband. that's his bodyguard, matt. face to heat up the meat loaf because the president loves meat loaf. he'd bring it on the plane from mira lago. >> tucker: he's not a complex culinary guy. >> nodded all. whanot at all.
6:55 pm
>> tucker: in 20 seconds, you've seen him, you've talked to them. is he ready for tomorrow. >> he is still ready, so on this, willing and ready. on top of his game. you know, they talk about hitting the ground running? he's hit the ground and he's already off it. >> tucker: i want to thank you for making our set one stop on your campaign across washington. sherman through atlanta. except you are improving our city. thank you, judge. saturday 9:00 p.m., a inaugural speech special. more of our continuous inauguration coverage here in washington, d.c., the city pay for. i love my shop,
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but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. >> tucker: that's it for us tonight. it's been fun, it always is. we are the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, and groupthink.
7:00 pm
i will be on air during the swearing in, sean hannity is up next. have a great night. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are coming to you from our nation's capital, on the verge of a historic moment in american history. in just 14 hours, donald j. trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states of america and on the eve of mr. trump's inauguration, it's been a very busy day for the incoming president and the soon to be first family. shortly after 12:00 p.m. eastern, they are all here. mr. trump's youngest son barron, ivanka and her husband jared kushner, along with their


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