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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 19, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> neil: it is all about the peaceful transfer of power in this country. and it all seemed, that is, the protests, the controversies, all of that, to be a moot point moments ago in arlington national cemetery as the president-elect laid a wreath as so many of his predecessors have done at the tomb of the unknown soldier. no matter the results, we do
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have something that is enviable in this world. free world or not. the peaceful transfer of power at a time 68 democratic congressmen and women have said in of donald trump tomorrow. all seemed to take a back stage to the momentous events that are part of this town, part of this quadrennial event and part of history. doug mckelway on what has been a very busy day for the president-elect. but doug, tomorrow gets all the more so. >> yeah, this is just a prelude to it all. we understand the. should be, if not already, making his way across memorial bridge towards the lincoln memorial. you can see the giant memorial looming in the distance making your way across the potomac. once he gets here, we assume he will take a back entrance into the memorial and he and the first lady will be escorted to
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the top tier, v.i.p. seating arrangement behind bulletproof glass. we're expected to see an array of musical performances. the first is d.j.ravi. he's made some appearances on nbc show, specializing in latin music. a speech been jon voigt. and following them, sam moore from the early 60s. an inspiration for the blue brothers. lee greenwood and toby keith. i asked one of the performances by the top tier celebrities. he doubts that there is such a boycott. yes, some are not coming today but he says he believes donald trump wanted it to be for the working guy, including working class musicians. >> he really wanted it to be about america.
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he wanted to celebrate the country, the soldiers, sacrifices, music that is american music. so far everything i've seen lines up with that. i don't know. but i respect the idea of -- i want this to be america's inauguration, not just mine. america's election, not just mine. >> tim rushlow's big band will perform tomorrow night. he will usher in the first dance by the then first couple. he wouldn't say what the first number will be. he said it's a moderate tempo and hand picked by melania. we expect to hear from the president-elect at 5:52 and ends with a big bang by the grucci brothers from from the home state of the president, new york. back to you, neil. >> thanks, doug. the read on all of that and the significance all has been lost on tim scott, the republican of south carolina. senator, as you witnessed these events and see these events, it
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seems to average folks looking at the protesting and even being here and you're obviously free to protest but often seems petty. but what do you make of those that opted not to come here or be there for -- i'm talking the congressmen and women that won't be there tomorrow. >> it's unfortunate. the party that says they support diversity, i wish they supported diversity tomorrow. the bring our country together, those 50 or 60 lawmakers decided to order the country that would be befitting of unity. i did not agree with president obama but i was at his inauguration. so it's important for all of us as leaders to remember our words and our actions have impact. we should be very cognizant of that fact. >> neil: yeah, you brought in and we discussed before, it's not so much about the president,
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but the presidency, not about so much who occupies the white house but the white house. our institution that means a great deal. do you think think of this will spill over into how donald trump gets things done, if you have so many people that instantly are against him, even being in the white house, working with him once he is? >> well, certainly we have seen through the hearing process of the cabinet, central cabinet members, a very strong defiant members of the democrat party really showing up to simply to put a spotlight on donald trump. not even on the nominee so afternoon but on donald trump. if that's any indication from a legislative standpoint, there will be a high hill to climb. the good news is because of harry reid, the nuclear option it not only takes 51 senators to move the cabinet forward from. a legislative standpoint, we'll
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use reconciliation to tackle obamacare and use reconciliation again, a unique opportunity, for us to use a legislative vehicle that only requires a simple majority in the senate. that is an unusual tool. we'll use it for tax reform as well. >> neil: i'm sure there's many democrats that rue that day, that got that day. but that being said, do you see any problem, senator, with any of trump's cabinet picks getting through or do you think they all manage to get in? rex tillerson is the named i mentioned for secretary of state. that might be a tough push in the end. what do you think? >> i think leadership is counting the votes on each nominee. tillerson had a lively debate and conversation with senator rubio. i thought that was a very interesting exchange. i think that perhaps tillerson and price are the ones that will have the most fodder. in the end, the president gets to pick his cabinet. the democrats will vote no. the vast majority, all of the
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republicans, if not all 51 out of the 52, both will stick with the nominees so far. >> neil: i know we don't get sort of immeshed in the markets and i don't want to bore you or the viewers, but we had another down day in the market. this is the longest losing streak since the donald trump election that startled the world. markets are up since the election. some are reading into this it's a natural give-back after a great run. others said he could have some trouble getting the priorities through. what do you think? >> i think if you look at the indications on november 9 and 10, 11th in the markets, they actually saw a surge. because they understood that donald trump was likely to invest in infrastructure, which made the markets respond positively, from my understanding. a lull in the market is not something that we ought to concern ourselves with too much with right now. what we ought to think about is the economic impact on growing
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the economy through tax reform and regulatory relief. if there's something that is ailing this terrible recovery, it's the fact that our policies have not consistently been in line with growing private sector. when that happens, our commit will hum. i think with tax reform and regulatory relief, we have the two pillars that will allow our economy to grow. people working paycheck to paycheck will thank the good lord for tomorrow. >> neil: all right. we're looking on the left there. this is at the lincoln memorial. the make america great concert that is about to begin. we're told that the president-elect, donald trump and his wife, melania and his family are on route and will arrive or scene to the left of the screen is where they will be sitting and watching. the great festivity to celebrate something that is not a victory of party but a victory for the
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people. tomorrow, as you know, donald trump will be the president. there's a great deal of thought about how he ushers in his presidency, whether he will be signing a lot of executive orders to undo barack obama's executive orders. what do you think? what would you like to see? >> i'd love to see a focus on regulatory relief. in other words, the administration can at the direction of the president look at things like the fiduciary role and the overtime role, the joint employer mandate. these were things that were passed administratively that can be reversed. a number of executive orders, too many to count, that president trump will take a look at immediately. we'll have a very aggressive 100 days. we'll see obamacare done. tax reform will be on the edge of the 100-day window, perhaps in the second 100-day window. we'll have a serious conversation about creating access to capitol. dodge frank and the regulatory environment for banks today are
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so onorus are so difficult that jobs won't grow. you'll see a strong focus on an america first economy. that will be led by our new president and haven't mike pence. >> neil: senator, we're learning that not only private initiatives raised the most money for an inauguration for trump, that dwarfs the monies raised by those working for barack obama and his first and second inaugurations combined. now we're getting from john roberts, the chief white house correspondent that the trump transition came under budget as well. the allocation was for $6 million. they're returning $1.2 million to the treasury. what do you think of that? >> that is a great way to start. it's not our money. there's no such thing as a federal dollar. those are real dollars coming out of real pockets.
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people working paycheck to paycheck paying a very high tax rate. every time we let them keep their money, the economy grows and the quality of life is experienced by the average person in south carolina, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, it gets even better. >> shepard: senator, are you getting a handle on what would be some of the early initiatives out of the trump administration? i don't know whether it was a busy first 100 days. sometimes these things are psychological and what you do in the first 100 minutes seem to matter. we tend to put great pressure on incoming presidents to immediately act. this president has acted as president-elect on a number of things to bring business and jobs back to america or keep them in america. having said that, do you think he has set a high bar? because of that, that he almost
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immediately had to deliver the goods? >> certainly there's a high level of expectations about this presidency. i think he will deliver consistently throughout four years. i do want to make sure that my voters, my bosses at home are cautiously optimistic, that we don't try to shoot over the moon, but that we have a realistic expectation. in the senate, it typically takes 60 votes to get something done. we have 52 senators. president trump will be aggressive, take no prisoners. he's a great counter puncher. we've seen that for several months. it's going to be very important to have a realistic set of goals and objectives that prioritizes our time and energy so that we get things done for the average person in this country. the one thing i can tell you working on the transition team to working with vice president-elect mike pence, there's a complete and total focus on paycheck-to-paycheck americans. the goal is to make sure those folks struggling understand that the government is listening and
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they are our bosses. >> neil: all right, senator scott. very good seeing you again. tim scott, the senator from the beautiful state of south carolina. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: we have congressman clever joining us from missouri as well. a minister as well. so i always find him to be a very calming presence when i have him on. congressman, so good to have you. thank you. >> good to be with you. >> neil: there's a number of your colleagues that i'm sure you've heard that are opting out of this inauguration, close to 70 of them. how do you feel about that? >> well, each member of congress is elected from a particular district as the culture in that district. most of them are responding. they're hearing from their constituents. some of them make decisions that i wouldn't necessarily make, but i don't think that makes them wrong and me right. i'm right for me. the great challenge for people in public office, particularly in congress, is to make sure that what we say matches what we
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do. i've talked about, you know, trying to stop the race to the bottom in terms of civility or incivility. it's important for me to come to washington and to witness the uniquely american transition -- peaceful transition to power. so that's how i watch things, you know. i don't necessarily agree with mr. trump. i disagree with a lot of things he's said and some of the things he's done. but in many ways, it has nothing to do with donald trump. it has something to do with a system that has not -- a matchless system that has not been even closely imitated by any other nation. that is what we're going to do at that ceremony tomorrow at 12:00 noon.
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>> neil: we're waiting -- i might have to rudely interrupt you. the vice president-elect has arrived at the make america great that will feature a number of performers. this is all part of the ritual. barack obama had similar events. much of made of who shows up, who doesn't. what entertainment group shows up, what poet is there or maybe isn't. each has its own flavor. do you think we obsess too much about the entertainment part or who's who? a media sensation or what? >> no, i think people nowadays always -- no matter what the event is, they want to connect the entertainment with it. i'm a football fan. i love football. i played in high school and two years in college. but we're going to see as much emphasis on the half time show at the super bowl, lady gaga, as
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well as the two teams that play. this nation is becoming obsessed with entertainment. so everybody wants to know who will be there, what kind of entertainment will they have at the inauguration. it's just the way we have come to be in this country. >> neil: you're the first guest that i've had that mentioned lady gaga. touche to you. as we watch the trump family get their spot and sit down to watch the great event at the lincoln memorial, donald trump and melania trump are due there shortly. a number of other events through the evening and tomorrow. but it be remiss if i didn't mention president obama today sending a letter to congress and announcing that four more detainees at gitmo are being released but will leave 41 there. it was a nasty letter saying you guys, we could have done this
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and we didn't empty this place out and shut it down. how do you feel about that? >> i've been to cuba. i've had a rare chance to sit in with mr. castro and several others and talk about things, including the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. i think that when we do things like this, it would be a wholesome act if the republican and democrat parties could work together on things like this. tom scott is one of my dearest friends. he's a genuinely good guy. i like him. not just because he sends me oranges from south carolina, but because he's a good friend. and i think that -- nobody can ever convince me he doesn't want to do the right thing. but he said something that i hope people focus on.
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he said essentially, you know, i hope we just don't go out and do a lot of things that will create problems. what happens is the democrats come in and instead of taking measured steps in the beginning, what they do is the same thing that republicans will probably do. that is they do the thing that their part wants them to do most and tends to alienate the other side the most. >> neil: but this is obviously particularly contentious. seems unusual to me, sir, to hear just as he's leaving office to send a letter like that to congress, maybe to the president, i don't know. you know better than i. it set as sour tone. this president is upset he couldn't fulfill his campaign promise to shut it down. he did release more than 200 detainees. do you feel that's a good way to leave office? >> i think those -- the
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detainees have been vetted. the president believes that these are not people that we'll end up fighting again in afghanistan or iraq or even in syria. you know, it's one of those things where i had no prior knowledge about him doing it. and he probably has been planning this for some time. i'm just best things that could have happened would have been republicans and democratic leaders genuinely and seriously working together to address things like guantanamo bay. i mean, we can't just declare this side is evil and wrong and this side is right and royal. i mean, we've got to get to a point where we start working with each other. that's one of the reasons i'm coming to the inauguration. look, i've been getting all kinds of hate phone calls. they started about three days ago. people calling me names. >> neil: that's right? who is sending them to you?
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who are the hate calls coming from? >> people telling me that i have no business going to the inauguration, that donald trump is going to do damage to this country. you know, i met with a group of latino leaders last night. they're telling me how frightened their people are, that things are going to change dramatically and painfully for them. they're scared -- you know, the executive orders will be reversed, so donald trump can change that at 12:05 tomorrow. so i mean, there's a lot of anxiety out here. >> neil: and i understand the anxiety, but sounds like some of them were so mad that you were just showing up -- >> that's right. >> neil: seems weird. >> yes, people angry because i'm coming tomorrow. but look, everybody who voted for me, nobody voted for me
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wondering whether or not i believe that i needed to be civil or that the dialogue needs to change in washington. so my words, i hope, will always match my actions or the reverse. >> neil: you're a very honorable man, having covered you all of this many years, no matter whether people agree or disagree. you're always trying to move the ball forward. maybe back to your athlete days here. i just watched on tv myself. congress, thanks very much and for your continued service. >> good to be with you. >> neil: thank you. with me right now is the governor of florida, rick scott. very integral to making this moment possible and getting donald trump over the finish line to be the president-elect and tomorrow the president of the united states. governor rick scott, good to see you. >> trying to make sure we have some florida weather tomorrow. >> neil: yeah, we got a little bit of both. the sun finally came out today. do you -- congressman clever and
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i just got into it. all of these ones that won't show up, the 68 or 69 congressmen that won't show up. he's more or less saying you're free to do that, you're free to protest. but this is more than the president. this is about the presidency. this is about the institutions that bind us. what do you make of that? >> we have a peaceful transition of power. it's exciting what's doing on. for me, it's exciting because i have a president that i can work with that will return my phone calls and a vice president -- >> neil: did barack obama not return your phone calls? >> he was hard to get things done with the federal government. all i got without any input, a lot of regulation. i've been very focused on healthcare, as you know. we've got to -- look, i grew up with no healthcare. i grew up in public housing. i watch my mom struggle when my brother had a disease. nobody would take care of him and she had to drive four hours to a shriners hospital. if you look at what president obama has done, high cost, high
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premiums, very difficult to work with in a state standpoint. no flexibility. it's -- this is the first time i've been at the table. >> neil: you know the effort. the republicans are leading and they succeeded with a vote in the senate and the house to repeal the affordable care act, obamacare. but rand paul and others have had concern that we have to have a replacement fast. rand paul wanted it simultaneously. i do want to breakaway from this. this is the event right before the introduction of donald trump at the lincoln memorial for this make america great concert. let's go in. ♪
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♪ ♪ oh say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose brought stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watches
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were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare ♪ the bomb's bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave [cheers & applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause]
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>> neil: all right. you're looking at the lincoln memorial. this is the make america great concert. one of many events that will kickoff and include and run through tomorrow. two events planned until late till tomorrow evening to commemorate inauguration. not just for this individual attaining the white house but the white house. these institutions florida governor rick scott and i were getting into. this is a day that no matter your vote preferences, we can say, governor, this is a day to celebrate america. >> don't you love color guards and the star spangled banner?
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they should have done "anchors away." i was in the navy. >> neil: that could come. >> i'm sure it will. >> neil: we were talking a little bit, too, about getting into the nitty gritty after all the pomp and circumstance. one of those things will be this healthcare law and finding a replacement for it after repealing it. are you worried that the longer that gap is the more problematic it could be? >> look, we've got to repeal it. it's caused premiums to go up. people are having difficult time paying for their healthcare, whether it's an individual, company or taxpayers. we have to repeal it and come up with something that will get people access. >> neil: a lot of republicans are getting worried. you've seen the study, upwards of 20 million or more down the road if you factor those that normally get it, up to 36 million won't get it or have it removed but 2026 if we repeal it. it's obvious if you repeal it and don't replace it. how soon should they replace it?
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>> you know, congress will be deliberate. i'm going to do all i can to be helpful to them. but we've got to get rid of it. we need to do it as quickly as we can and come up with something that is free market. we all want people to get healthcare. every floridian, i want them to afford their health care or have a safety net. but what they have done with obama care just continues to make it worse and worse and worse. so donald trump was clear. he wants to repeal it. so i think everybody ought to understand that we need to get rid of it and we'll work hard to come up with something that is better. the free market clearly works. i've watched it work. >> neil: let me ask you finally about the other issue here. has to do with tax cuts. there seems to be indications the trump administration will do this in two ways. one is a corporate tax cut. then gets to the individual tax rates. the first part, the corporate tax cut might involve something to get democrats on board, infrastructure spending. details are sketchy.
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the outline i gave you could be wrong. what do you think of that? >> we have to cut taxes. i've cut taxes 55 times since i got elected in six sessions. we have to do it as quickly as we can and control the size of government. i've cut 25% of the debt in my state. i worked in with a $4 billion budget definite it is -- >> neil: you think it's possible that we can't afford them? >> we have to cut taxes. we can't put companies at a global disadvantage. we have to make it so our companies can succeed better than anyplace else. when you do that, you'll see more jobs. in my state, revenues are growing. same thing will happen with the federal government if you cut taxes. >> neil: governor, thank you. actor john voigt is addressing the kroutd. here. let's listen in.
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>> this is some day. fellow americans, i'm so honored to be here to welcome you all to the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers & applause] we have all been witness to a very grueling 1 1/2 years for the president-elect. we have been witness to a barrage of propaganda that left us all breathless with anticipation, not knowing if god could reverse all of the negative lies against mr. trump whose only desire -- whose only desire -- >> neil: while we're monitoring this with john voight, i want to bring in senator warren in from virginia. i know you have a busy schedule
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here. you've been here back and forth with the cabinet nominees. you do your own grilling there. i won't go back on that. i guess what i'm asking is on the cabinet points that you've seen, any chance that one orb two don't get through or in the end, they all get through? >> well, obviously any don't get through, that means a number of republicans have to vote against them. they have the numbers to push this through. i've got questions about a number of the nominees. some like mike pompeo who will be the director of the c.i.a. i will vote for. there's others i'll support. but i felt bad for some of these nominees because i believe -- and i don't blame them necessarily -- a lot of folks with no previous experience in politics. i don't know if the transition officials got them ready enough and had them -- they seemed to rush through the last few days in terms of getting their ethics and fbi and other reports in.
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>> neil: saw a little bit about steve mnuchin, the treasury joyce. much has been made of the fact that if we have another financial meltdown, would the u.s. do what it did then. do you think that -- i think he ruled out, for example, any more bank rescues. but do you agree with that? that we shouldn't have that? >> well, i think you have to have a way, if you have a crisis, to unwind one of these massive financial institutions. whether that is through bankruptcy or the title 2 component. we can debate that. there has to be an orderly liquidation process. what i like about mr. mnuchin, he said we would stand by and not play chicken with the full faith of the united states of america. which occasionally the president-elect made comments that rattled the markets. we've seen two days ago, the headlines of the "wall street
1:34 pm
journal" where the president made comments about whether the dollar should be strong or not. these are unprecedented. the good news about mr. mnuchin, he said we'll never mess with the full faith and credit of the united states. we'll honor our debts. we won't have this process that some republicans have proposed. you might prioritize paying off bond holders -- >> neil: i think, senator, he was referring to if you don't come to the agreement on raising the debt ceiling, which becomes an issue in march, and that's what this president, barack obama has had to weigh with his treasury, right? you don't like to be in that position but -- >> neil, there's never anyone i've heard that understands the financial markets. you understand the financial markets. would some how say we're going to go through the debt ceiling and pick which bills we're going to pay. we're going to pay bond holders oftentimes foreign investors, overpaying social security or
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overpaying the bills of the states which rely on federal transfer payments. that's not the way to operate when you're the reserve currency and a -- >> neil: but it happens, right? what has been referred to -- >> never happened in our history -- >> neil: where we have to make a priority if we don't raise a debt ceiling. republicans and democrats alike. >> my hope is we don't have another debt ceiling crisis. >> neil: hopefully we can avoid that. a bipartisan goal. but senator, let me get your take on this phenomena. so many of your democratic colleagues in the house are not going to this inauguration tomorrow. we're up to 68. not a single u.s. senator has done that. what do you think of that? >> well, i think john lewis, who has earned the right to say anything he wants and can make his own personal choices.
1:36 pm
i don't think the president-elect -- >> neil: you think he has the right to say that donald trump isn't a legitimate president? >> this is the same donald trump that for years questioned the leg legitimacy -- >> neil: tit for tat is okay? >> no, here's what i believe. that donald trump during this transition doesn't bring the country closer together when he engages in tweet wars with john lewis or meryl streep or "saturday night live." that is frankly beneath the office of the presidency. anybody that in this business -- you know it -- particularly president of the united states, people say bad things about you. guy back to barack obama or george bush or bill clinton or bush 41. there were awful things said about him. you have to rise above.
1:37 pm
my hope and prayer for the sake of the country that after tomorrow he will do that. >> neil: all right. we'll watch closely. thanks for taking your time. you've had a crazy day yourself. the president-elect is set to arrive. he will say a few words there and let it be known that he's very appreciative of the crowds there. even hollywood types and entertainment types that criticized the talent that was showing up to his events. he said this is for folks, average folks. i'm more interested in helping them and seeing them than celebrities. so the fact of the matter is, he has a good number of here. but charles payne, much is being made of that. charles, if you're with me, much is made of who shows up, not so much what is done, but what do you make of that? >> it's been disheartening to say the least. just the notion that the
1:38 pm
disrespect shown to the office of the presidency. forget who is being inaugurated. but elected officials no less and the so-called celebrities out there. they need to get over themselves. there's an r&b singer, michelle, that decided to perform. she's received so much hate mail and tweets and social media, it's ridiculous. from the same people that they want people to be more tolerant so they and their children can have a better life, they exhibit the least amount of intolerance when it's something like this. >> neil: do you think, charles -- we talked about earlier with a number of guests, the market had another downdraft today, the longest losing streak since this great run-up post the trump election and the markets are getting skiddish. post of it is can trump get everything that he said he would do. and he will be pro tariff. i don't know what instigates
1:39 pm
this activity. what do you make of that? the markets might be saying, gosh, maybe we did get ahead of ourselves. >> i wouldn't fret about it. i would like to caution investors be, very careful. investor bullishness has taken a nose dive 7%. we peaked as being excited about this market two weeks after the trump election and they have been antsy ever since. one of the reasons is wall street that thought a, donald trump would lose and b the market would crash and now selling the notion that you buy the election and sell the inauguration. please, do not follow these people on wall street and these ivy towers that continue to get everything wrong. by the way, there's also anxiety that goes with the market going up. investors miss it all the time. so much historical proof of this. i would say tomorrow at the beginning of a brand new day when economic data out this morning the philadelphia federal reserve, manufacturing that was absolutely amazing.
1:40 pm
the best number in more than two years. we're seeing traction in this economy. the kind of traction that justifies a much higher stock market. >> neil: a lot of the companies -- we talked earlier, charles -- that have been targets to donald trump were paying for a lot of the inaugural events that were part of the biggest private fund-raising effort we've seen for an inauguration ever. they're not all the companies donald trump talked to. they're well beyond that. but donald trump has raised through private initiatives more money for his inauguration than, for example, barack obama's last two combined. his transition office and the expenses for that came in well under budget. in fact, he's running $1.25 million to the u.s. treasury according to john roberts. so what do you make of that? republicans like to say, hey, he's delivering the goods now and he's still the president-elect. >> let's not forget how
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efficiently he raised his campaign. he raised significantly less than hillary clinton, came in under budget. his washington d.c. hotel came in significantly earlier than anticipated. he's had to live and die by accountabili accountability. what is interesting, you brought up the companies that donald trump has been in the twitter wars is. boeing just closed a buck off their all-time high. don't look now, but lockheed-martin -- big need that we missed today, the f-35s will come in less than $100 million each and cheaper and cut a deal probably in the next couple weeks. that stock on the cusp of going to all-time highs. >> neil: interesting. i never knew we could celebrate a jet coming in at under $100 million. thanks for that reminder, the times we live in. thanks, charles. great seeing you. doug mckelway is at the event.
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the first of what will be a busy string of celebratory events for donald trump. it's running a little behind schedule. doug, update us. >> we're living to the u.s. drum and pipe corps. it's touching to hear these occasions. it's a reminder of a time when music was not transmitted digitally or any kind of recording. you heard music only when it was played in front of your face, this is the kind of music was played when the united states constitution was first devised. it's a reminder of the continuity of the united states and the continuity of the constitution and the smooth transition of power. these guys, playing now, were the beyonce, you might want to say, of their day. the first -- maybe not. >> neil: that's good. the lady gaga of the day. >> right. the lady gaga. the lady gaga with powdered
1:43 pm
wigs. in any event, the soon-to-be first family is behind the plate glass there, bulletproof glass there on the upper tear of the lincoln memorial. donald trump and melania are not yet there. we're told initially that the planning was for them to enter via memorial bridge that lets out to the circle surrounding it and to be brought in through a back entrance and hide behind one of the massive pillars up there until they're formally introduced. so they're in the building there somewhere, one would presume. probably hiding behind a pillar. neil? >> neil: thanks. doug has been outstanding. low-key guy but a bob newhart type of delivery there. we've had senator joe manchin joining us, west virginia democratic senator. senator, much is made of this back and forth among democrats and republicans and particularly
1:44 pm
coming live and well in these confirmation hearings. the two sides are far apart just like in the barack obama years and will continue ad nauseam. do you think that will be the case? what happens to the days of reaching a cross the aisle on both houses, i guess? what do you think is going to be -- the environment will be like in this trump administration to come? >> neil, i think things will settle down. i hope so. i'm working as hard as i can to start remember why we're here. who sent us here and for what purpose they sent us here. that's what we have to get back to, the business of the people of this great country of ours and the states we represent. west virginia sent me here to work with this president, president-elect trump. that's who was legitimately elected as our president and do everything we can do keep our country safe.
1:45 pm
i'm going to do that. i hope we come -- we'll get through this. maybe hopefully next week or the couple weeks from now we'll be on regular order, whoever that may be. we hopefully will be there. >> neil: very good. that sounds intriguing. you have a lot of heat, senator, when it was -- one of those rare events when president obama was coming up to capitol hill to meet with democrats about doing anything and everything they could to save the affordable care act. the same day vice president-elect pence was coming to talk about repeal and what kind of alternatives could come up. you opted to meet with the vice president-elect. democrats were furious at you. has that calmed down? >> here's the thing. i thought both were wrong. i've heard president obama was coming to speak to us concerning the healthcare act. i thought it would have been great to invite everybody, whether they come or not. invite everybody. bipartisan. that didn't happen.
1:46 pm
he only spoke to the democrats. then i understood vice president-elect pence was coming up. he was only meeting with the republicans. so i said this is not right. i'm not going to -- i reached out on the spur of the moment and i said i'd like to reach out and talk to vice president-elect providence and make this bipartisan. he was gracious enough to accept it. he met me immediately. we had a nice conversation. our first meeting. we've met since then and going to try to find a pathway forward. the way it should be. >> neil: all right. one of the paths that will be tested is what will be done now with the affordable care act itself. republicans have made clear they want to repeal it. there's a fight over how quickly to get the alternative plan in there you've heard the cbo study out that says a lot of people, millions, at a minimum, anywhere from 18 to if you move it forward to 2026, 36 million americans that could be without insurance. that's presupposing there's no
1:47 pm
replacement plan. what do you think of that? >> well, you know, first of all, president-elect trump has said he does not want to repeal it unless there's something to replace it or repair it with. this is my stance. i'm not going to vote to repeal it. if i'm one democrat, they're going to need eight democrats when they want to replace it. so we ought to work together now. i would encourage my friends on the republican side not to repeal it. let's look at repairing and fixing. we know we have a lot of parts that need to be repaired. it does. >> neil: they already have the votes. they have proven it in the senate and the house to repeal it. you think that would be a mistake without a immediate replacement. is that right? >> i definitely think it would be a mistake. i would say this again. i wasn't here in 2009 when they passed it. the democrats passed it with 60 democrat votes and not one republican vote and we've been split since. my friends on the republican side are about ready to repeal
1:48 pm
it and do it with 51 republicans vote and not one democrat. that's how it got bad here. i hope they dot repeat that mistake. they can repeal it with 51 votes. you got the votes to do that. to repair and fix it, it will take 60 in most instances. that means you'll need at least eight democrats. that will be a much heavier left and then you can be left without anything. next of all, if they start take against way all of the taxes that paid for the obama care and the 30 some million people left without coverage at all, you're going to bust a budget cap. so be very, very careful what you're doing. >> neil: how do you think, senator, donald trump will do as president? i've heard all sorts of advice for him on his address tomorrow. what do you want to hear? what do you want to see? what do you expect he'll do in the first hours? let's say as president. >> neil, i think -- basically i
1:49 pm
said you have to get your financial house in order first. you can't do anything. running for elections or any office, i can promise you everything you want to hear that sounds good. then when i get elected, how can i deliver and perform. unless i have a sound financial standing, my financial houses in order, i can't do it. right now we're $20 trillion in debt. i think president trump will come in and say look, the corrections that need to be made our trade policies. how much money are we losing. can we grow the economy 3, 3 1/2, 4% versus 2, 2 1/2. that's tremendous. can we start paying down debt. can we security our nation by making our military strong. can we take care of the people in need? everybody has to provide and perform. there's a lot that can be done. i'm excited. you're always excited with change. i'm looking for the opportunities we have to improve and to fix and repair. that's the opportunity. if people are looking how they can stop, then that's their
1:50 pm
fault. maybe we're not here for the right reason. let's take advantage. let's see if there's some changes. i think president trump wants to reach across the aisle. he's told me he does. i want to sit down and get to work and find out that pathway forward. hopefully we'll have some democratic senators that will work with us and make something happen. >> neil: thanks, senator manchin. good seeing you. >> you too, neil. good to be with you. >> neil: senator joe manchin. i mentioned on fox business and i'll mention here, one of the most common e-mails that i get on the inauguration and the events the next couple days what is melania trump going to wear? which designer? who is she wear somethiinwearin? i want to update you. i have no idea. anything she wears she looks elegant. i don't think she has a problem with her wardrobe. people said neil, if you don't know what she's going to wear, do you know someone that does?
1:51 pm
fortunately joe piscopo is here. not only is he a fashion icon, bun when it comes to things that could settle disputes, he can settle them. good to see you, young man. >> this is so exciting. >> neil: isn't it amazing? i great to watch the man working, neil cavuto. joe manchin is a good guy. he's italian. that's the only reason you had him on. >> neil: that's fine. take a great event like this, drag it to our people. let me -- do you know -- this is a true story. this shocks me, a number of big designers that don't want to be associated with trump. how idiotic is that? >> ridiculous. some backed out. some didn't even back out. they said i'm not going to design a dress for melania. ridiculous. >> neil: what happens -- a beautiful woman. beautiful clothes. i never really keep track of this sort of thing. i always remember john f. kennedy saying no one cares what we're wearing. that's how it goes. by the way, joe and i, early
1:52 pm
j.c. penney. that's the way we go. but is it a big deal? i mean, that this -- i do get a lot of e-mails on this subject. >> you know, i don't understand it. i don't understand the pomp and circumstance. >> neil: really? wow. >> let's get down to business. it's beautiful. we appreciate all that's going on. let's get down to business. let's get started. let's -- joe manchin is right. let's get along. >> neil: when you say get started what do you want to see? a lot of made -- you and i can remember -- i don't know where it starts. with f.d.r., the first 100 days. >> yeah. >> neil: now our attention deficits sort of society, we're talking about what can we do in the first 100 minutes, first 100 seconds. he has to sign a lot of executive orders. by the way, i can tell you right there, it looks like melania is wearing a dress. all right? so focus in on that. that was when she arrived earlier. what do you think of that? the pressure is on donald trump to deliver the goods like
1:53 pm
immediately. >> excuse me. so sorry. he saluted. how cool is that? it's a presidential salute. isn't that cool? >> neil: very cool. >> i love that. i thought donald trump was a hey! >> neil: would you stick to the issue at hand? >> so sorry. >> neil: no, that he's got to do something fast. >> he's doing to repeal obama care. by the time he signs it, what is 24 hours now, he will have something to replace it. you have to have something to replace it. >> neil: everybody says he will have a lot of orders to undue the other guys executive orders. >> he takes the pen -- >> neil: makes a big statement. >> it's great. more positive and so much more positive. >> neil: i would think of you with this rick perry moment that his confirmation hearing to be energy secretary. that is something. but i believe donald trump has arrived on the scene or about to be introduced at the lincoln memorial.
1:54 pm
can we go to that? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:56 pm
♪ >> neil: all right. i don't know, joe, if donald trump will -- that is "heart of stone." a 1964 classic from mick jagger and the rolling stones. >> he loves the stones. we campaigned for him in tampa. he said we got the great music. i don't know what "heart of stone" signifies. >> neil: it was like yeah, what are you saying there? >> i have to thank you. i always come on with much respect and much love. folks watch it and love it. then here we go watching donald trump in as the next president of the united states. this is very exciting. >> neil: do you -- you want to get past the pomp and ceremony.
1:57 pm
but this is sort of a -- something that we all celebrate. >> very moving. >> neil: a number of people or not, they're protesting and not -- that's their right, to. all these congressmen that aren't going. what do you think of that? >> i think they'll get there. i think they'll see the light. i do. i think donald trump is smart enough. i'll be at the jersey ball doing some -- >> neil: will you really? >> yeah. i won't be on the main stage. i'll be at a bar in d.c. >> neil: i'm be at the denny's breakfast ball. it's a different one they're planning tomorrow. but do we overobsess about this? i know john kennedy was a big deal. the clintons had some memorable ones. you said about getting the job done. >> he's about that he's a businessman. i saw it from early on. guys like roger stone and guys that saw that donald trump could be president of the united states. you saw it early. we talked about it off camera. i said it on the radio.
1:58 pm
election day there was a pause, a fear -- >> neil: we're looking at the trump family. they're going to be scrutinized. one thing to be scrutinized -- >> can they get any more scrutinized? they took every little nuance and they -- he went through the whole thing. whether you like it or not, disagree with donald trump or not, he persevered through one of the toughest political fights i've ever seen. >> neil: if you were to think when he first came out, came down to escalator and everything that came up and supposedly was going to throw him off track, took out the best of the republican party could throw at him, and then the best of hillary clinton could throw at him, took down essentially two dynasties, the bush and then the clintons. i don't know if i would short him. >> no, ever. you always give him the benefit of the doubt. all through these confirmation hearings, the democrats are coming strong at all of -- all of the folks that donald has
1:59 pm
appointed. give the guy a chance. did we not give barack obama a long, you know, very early vacation? >> neil: all kidding aside, that we celebrate the presidency, not the president. we celebrate the white house, not who is in the white house. i think we lose sight of that. these institutions are for all of us. >> very true. i'm so proud to be an american more now than ever before. >> neil: still, if you were president, who would your entertainment be? divo. >> i'd do my own entertainment. >> neil: you'd do your own. you have a great are voice. >> ♪ and now, the beginning is here ♪ thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> neil: joseph, thanks very much. we'll be dealing a lot with him. hearing great things about joe piscopo. that's another show. >> oh, boy. >> neil: this continues as well, our coverage here. just a reminder, we'll be there
2:00 pm
bright and early on fox business as well. this incredible event that transcends parties and people and politics and moments is on. the inauguration of donald trump is now. >> live from our nation's capital, hello, america. kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, greg gutfeld, eric bolling, dana perino. it is 5:00 in washington, d.c., and this is "the five" ." and under 24 hours, donald j. trump will be sworn in as our 45th president, and the events are underway. this hour, we are expecting to hear from mr. trump. he has arrived at the "make america great" celebration at the lincoln memorial. let's take a listen.


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