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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 19, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> history will be made tomorrow. thank you for joining us. >> "america's news headquarters" starts right now. >> indeed it does. let the festivities begin. at this time tomorrow, the 45th. united states will have taken the oath of office. president jonld j. trump, number 45. i am happy to be here in the nation's capital. dramatic moments already as air force one fleet member touched down carrying the future first family. look at the pictures as they arrived at joint base andrews. you have to wonder what's going through the minds of those little kids. we see eric and laura trump as they deplaned. we saw don jr. first with his family. we have come to know them over the course of this whole process. and there is theo, baby theo with ivanka, donald trump's daughter.
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and jared kushner who will be senior advisor to the president of the united states. tiffany, donald trump's daughter as well. future first lady and 45th president of the united states as he will be called tomorrow at this time. their moment, took it in, standing at the top of the staircase and descending. of course it reminded everybody of the moment on the escalator back at trump to youer in new york city where the journey began. this is a remarkable moment to witness. a person who comes completely from the outside of politics, the first businessman never to have held elective office taking the oath tomorrow at noon as he deplanes from the fleelt of air force one. it's not called air force one proper, if he's not the president. so he will take on that mantle when he's on that plane or any other, for that matter. as of tomorrow. we watch all of this. there's a live shot at 2:00 and one minute in washington, today.
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all of the festivities being set up there. as you can see, as we continue to keep a close eye on how all of this goes. very soon the national mall will be a sea of people. all hoping to get a glimpse of history in the making and the peaceful transfer of power, reagan called a miracle. way we do business here in the united states. john roberts has been on this journey throughout from the very beginning on the campaign. he joins us now live from the trump transition office in washington. good afternoon to you, john. >> march that, good afternoon. we spent all day at the transition office, much indeed because the incoming press secretary, sean spicer, held his first oncamera briefing. lamenting what they see as the democrats' stalling tactics in terms of getting donald trump's nominee through the confirmation process. senator chuck schumer said earlier today in terms of confirmations maybe we'll get mattis confirmed and general john kelley for defense and homeland security. and maybe we'll hold a hearing
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for mike pompeo, incoming cia director follow. that's about it. the trump transition is saying wait a second, in 2008, we had our political differences with incoming president barack obama but we confirmed seven of his nominees on the first saturday. i also, asked shawn spice bert first order of business in terms of what the executive orders would be. that donald trump when he becomes president will sign upon entering the oval office. he said they haven't figured out what the sequencing will be. some of the things donald trump has talked about is obamacare, sigs, and creating strong borders. likely wouldn't get to that meaty part of it until monday. he will sign some executive odds on friday, taking over the reins of power likely. i managed to spend the next hour inside the transition headquarters, john spicer took me on an exclusive tour, met the entire communications team who have been cracking out the
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information about donald trmp and his running mate mike pence as well always the nominees for confirmation. then he took me into the mock hearing room where all of the nominees, with the exception of sonny purdue named today for agriculture, had gone through multiple mock hearings. basically what they call a murder board, so they're prepared to go up there on capitol hill and face questions from the senators on the committee. they knew it would be important for those nominees to be very prepared. here's what spicer told me about that process. >> the democrats have tried to land some punches but have been largely unsuccessful. they're qualified, that's why the president-elect chose them, because they are so successful. number two, they really understood how well-prepared they needed to be. >> the trump transition also complained, they've got their controversial picks, some of their nominees, but they have consensus nominees. elaine chao for transportation.
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nikki haley for u.n. ben carson for hud. both democrats and republicans have agreed, they look like they're pretty good picks. those people are being slow walked as well a lot of complaints out of transition headquarters about the pace of getting the nominees confirmed. >> fascinating stuff, john. president-elect donald trump will make brief remarks later at the "make america great" concert held at the lincoln memorial, 4 clock to 6:00. earlier today, the incoming white house press secretary laid out what mr. trump's top priorities will be beginning tomorrow at noon. here's sean spicer earlier. >> i think we've talked about that for a few months now. obamacare, the fight against isis, he talked about immigration, key issues that have been important to him throughout the campaign that will be important to him in the administration. he is committed to not just day one, but day two, day three of enacting an agenda of real change.
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>> the latest special advisor for operations for the trump transition team and former chief operating officer of the trump for america campaign. jeff, you have fravld the halls of that transition area for quite some time. how does this day feel? >> to get to this point, within 24 hours our candidate, who is now the president-elect, will be sworn in to office, it's as you heard, surreal, and the entire campaign staff, this is what we all worked for. everybody is so excited. to get to the mall, to see his hand on the bible, and to see him become the president. >> i heard you say earlier you remember the days when you could fit the campaign team in one car. >> yes. and to watch it grow, you know, month by month we see the campaign get bigger and bigger. to be here, sitting here in front of the white house, and talking to you about the fact that donald trump will be the president tomorrow, is honestly one of the most exciting teams of all of our lives that worked on the campaign, to see the hard work come to this. this is what we wanted to do to
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make america great again. that's what is going to happen. >> i remember a story in the transition building, the transition team for hillary clinton was on another floor in that building, correct? >> there were two transitions running up until the election because nobody knew who was going to win. four years ago that, was the same thing with romney and what happens is the losing candidate has just a matter of days to clear out. and the space then gets taken over by the winning candidate. >> i want to show some video moments ago, president-elect trump arrived at blair house where he will stay tonight, which is the traditional guest house for the white house. and there he is. walking in. you know, it feels, jeff, waving to the crowd, we saw him a while ago, at a luncheon at trump hotel. going wild. i remember him saying the trump hotel is going to be filled with victory, people cheering us on when the election -- when the
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inauguration rolls around. that's indeed what happened. a lot of people didn't think it would. he appears to be very calm. there's so much talk about the chaos of the moment, all of the people who aren't going to be there. characterize for us what it's like, what he's leak right now. >> he's used to success. and he's used to being in the limelight. he's used to running large organizations. this for him is going to be the easiest transition possibly of any president. he's already had to manage large organizations and do all of those things. for him, he is very calm and he's very ready. he wants to get to work. the one thing we see on the campaign and everywhere else, donald trump wants to work. he wants to get things done. i think what you're going to see once he's sworn in, as president, is somebody who really gets down to business fast. and it's going to probably make the media's head spin how fast he starts to accomplish his goes. that starts with getting people confirmed. the goal is to make america
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great fast and get the policies working. >> immigration is one of the first things that he wants to address. not a huge surprise, given the speech that we all remember that began in midtown new york at trump tower when he talked about the border. now, that has people concerned in some areas. will he -- who will be the first to sort of, you know, fall or be kicked out of this country or the things that you hear people being nervous about? >> you know, i don't think it'll start with anybody getting kicked out. it starts with enforcing the laws. what we haven't seen president obama do is enforce the laws on the books. i'm from arizona we're a border state, we see the problems with illegal immigration possibly more than any other state. we deal with it every day. the costs and the crime and everything else that comes with it. you know, just fixing the problem starts with enforcing the laws on the books and going from there. the top three things we will see addressed right away by this administration, immigration, the economy, and jobs which are all, you know, really vital to the
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country. >> the president talked a lot about security, about jobs, and about building up our military. >> yes. >> those things seem to be the focus for him when he gets to work. which he says he will do right away. he was asked what's your first thing when you get to the white house. he said work. >> yeah, he's a worker. he knows how to build a great team. you're seeing that with these picks. i was disappointed when senator schumer criticized them because they're billionaires. but they're successful people. they're mensually qualified. and they all know how to be successful in those fields. that's something, a cabinet we've never seen before with that level of success. those are people ready to get to work alongside the incoming president. >> the next closest wealthy cabinet was jfk and people commended that cabinet in many ways. >> right. >> always good to see you. >> thank you. >> see you soon. security agencies launching operations ahead of tomorrow's festivities making sure the events this year, said to be one of the most complex security
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operatestions in history go off without a hitch. catherine herridge live in washington with more on this. >> more than 28,000 security officials are protecting 100 square blocks from the capitol to where you are at the white house and beyond. 5,000 national guard troops on duty. 3,000 police officers. this is what is called a national special security event or nfsc, the highest security designation. that picture is different this year in two significant ways, that's the use of vehicles and drones as weapons. we recently sat down with the head of the secret service, who is in the lead. what concerns you most? >> everything concerns me. it's a constant battle of making sure that we've stayed in front of certainly the intelligence that we hear, but also any new emerging threats that may be out there. >> and then thale of the protes. that's sort of an overlay on this very dynamic threat environment. >> katdz rin, we understand there were -- catherine we
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understand there were more than 99 applications for protesters, protest groups. how will the secret service handle that? >> well, director clancy said the secret service will act when the hardened security perimeter is breached. we saw it during the campaign at a stop with then-candidate trump in nevada. how do you make a decision where a protest is crossing the line? >> some one crosses over a bike rack, the barrier, into our buffer zone. then we respond as our training has taught us. but if some one is shouting or yelling, certainly the first amendment rights, we protect their first amendment rights. we don't want to interfere with that. >> the plan for this inauguration really started to take shape last summer in july. and what many people don't realize is that they have a plan but it's very organic. they're constantly reassessing the intelligence picture, right through the event itself. and then they may even make changes on the day itself. >> all over this morning
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preparing for the big day, and down the mall. thank you so much, catherine, good to see you. >> you're welcome. >> the confirmation hearings are under way at this hour. they have been all day. you have two more nominees taking turns in the hot seat. steve ma nuch-in and rick perry for energy secretary. a recap from today's grill on capitol hill. less than 24 hours until donald trump takes office as the next president of the united states. the team is busy filling out the incoming administration, making some late nominations. with everything ready to go, our political panel weighs in after this. >> the progress that we have made in the course of this transition and extraordinary pace with which it's been conducted we attribute to the integrity and work ethic of these men and women. and i know the president-elect is grateful for their efforts. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
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>> i promise to be ready day one. the american people can be confident we will be. let me tell you, we are all, we are all ready to go to work. in fact, we can't wait to get to work for the american people to make america great again. >> this morning, vice president-elect mike pence chomping at the bit to get started, looking forward to the start of the new administration. it all starts with the inauguration happens at noon tomorrow, it is short and sweet. the transition could be off to a bit of a bumpy beginning according to some. democrats slow walking the confirmation of the cabinet while hundreds of top manage mement and policy posts yet to be filled. michael bee han, senior communications advisor to john kerry's campaign, alex konnet
11:18 am
worked with senator marco rubio. great to have you with us. >> good afternoon. >> michael, we start with you, you think this is going slowly. >> well, it's been going a little bit slowly because the trump team has only put forward about 29 of the 600 or so folks that need to get confirmed by the senate. the advise and consent part of the constitution. at this point in time, the senate had moved seven cabinet picks. right now, there aren't any that have moved through. the it's not the democrats' fault, some of the people have extensive business backgrounds and need to make sure there are no con flekts of interest in the new jobs they're about to take. >> word is that it's coming from the obama administration in terms of passing on the paperwork. what we're hearing from the people who are up for these jobs is that they've put everything forward and they're waiting for the okay from the obama administration. what's up with that? >> well, i think you saw with the sek designate for the
11:19 am
treasury trailed to disclose about $100 million in assets from a cayman bank. this is just the normal process that the ethics office needs to go through and look at these business relationships that these people who would be new to government, doesn't disqualify them, but they haven't been vetted before to make sure they don't have any conflicts of interest in these very important posts that they're about to take. >> alex what do you think about that snnls i think the transition is in good shape. the national security team, most of the national security team will be confirmed tomorrow after president trump is sworn into office. so there will be people in those key positions. and they're in the process right now of picking the rest of the undersecretaries to fill out the government. some of this does take time. obviously, chris christie who had been in charge of the transition, didn't do a very good job. they were playing a little bit of catch-up. they're in good shape. most if not all of the nominees
11:20 am
are going to be confirmed in the next week or two. and the government is going to be funking at a high level throughout the transition. >> you know, i want to ask you, mike, about this whole resist movement that we see. and the members of congress who are sort of sitting back, not attending the inauguration. and as we say, delaying perhaps some of the process that we see going on to get the people confirmed. is that something that you can get behind? or do you think they're wrong? >> well, about one-third of the house democratic caucus decided not to go to the events tomorrow. that is their prerogative. i mean, this is a very hard election, it's a hard results to swallow. our candidate got the most votes. but we don't elect people by the most votes, elect by the electoral college. i respect those who choose to make a sfaement as they want. but on the senate democratic side, members of the senate democrats, all of them as far as i know, plan on attending tomorrow. all of them are at these hearings to ask some of the hard questions.
11:21 am
that's what you have the senate there to confirm for. i don't see where the senate democrats are slowing this process down. some of it is rather complicated backgrounds of some of trump's picks that is just taking longer for the ethics office and places to digest. you have to figure out the conflict of interest. and ethical issues before you put these people in these jobs. >> all right, we'll leave it there. alex and michael, thank you. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> more coverage on the way as we count down to the inauguration and ceremony honoring the nation's veterans. president-elect trump at arlington national cemetery, just a few moments from now, and we're going to take you there live, a special moment. stick around for that. plus, two confirmation hearings under way as lawmakers weigh in on the trump cabinet. >> did you enjoy meeting me? [ laughing ] i hope you are as much fun on that dais as were you on your couch. [ laughing ]
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iran's foreign min ser says his country has options if the u.s. ditches the nuclear deal. he said the deal should be honored but if the trump administration walks away he said the country has a big surprise in store for president plump. the president-elect has strongly criticized the iran deal and vowed at times during the campaign either way to walk away from it or renegotiate it. stay tuned for more on that situation. the new leadership for the republican national committee, members electing rona romney mcdaniel as the rnc chair. today's vote comes after the president-elect said mcdaniel
11:26 am
was his choice to lead the committee. chair of the michigan republican party, she succeeds reince priebus who is heading to the white house as chief of staff after tomorrow's inauguration. busy day today, two more confirmation hearings before the inauguration. steven mnuchin is continuing to face tough questions from the senators who are assembled there. rick perry also in the hot seat today. mike emmanuel joins me live on capitol hill. how is steve mnuchin handling the incoming on his actions during the financial crisis today? >> well, good afternoon. no surprise steve mnuchin pushed back on any suggestion, criticism that he was a foreclosure machine. supporters note mnuchin has three decades of experience working in the financial sector in a variety of roles. he continues answering questions from the finance panel this hour. earlier, he talked about what he tried to do during the financial
11:27 am
crisis. >> i was committed to loan modification, intended to stop foreclosures. i ran a loan modification machine. independent government reviews routinely showed that we had the most effective loan modifications of any bank. >> democrats are going after mnuchin about his vast wealth. they're also telling some sad stories about constituents who lost their homes during the financial crisis. march that? >> mike in terms of governor rick perry, former governor of texas, how did it go today he was introduced by a democrat, west virginia senator joe manchin spoke positively of his leadership and his experience. two worked together when they were governors of their respective states. west virginia and texas. the panel top democrat reminded rick perry of what he said in the 2012 campaign about that department of energy. >> in case you may have
11:28 am
forgotten, you once called for the abolishment of this agency. i suspect that now, having had a chance to learn about the importance of this department, you have a very different opinion. >> and, indeed, governor perry admitted that he has had a change of heart about that particular agency. >> my past statements made over five years ago about abolishing the department of energy do not reflect my current thinking. in fact after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the department of energy i regret recommending it's limb nation. -- elimination. >> perry emphasized his experience as texas' longest serving governor and what he learned about the department of energy since being nominated for the job. >> thank you. much more for you on the transition, and today's hearings coming up with georgia republican senator david perdue, related to the final cabinet pick.
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>> i believe the climate is changing. i believe some of it is naturally occurring but some of it is caused by man-made activity. the question is how we address it in a thoughtful way, that doesn't compromise economic growth. it affects the affordability of energy. or american jobs. >> i want to understand. you are committed to enforcing the sanctions against russia? . 100% so. and i think the president-elect has made it very clear that he would only change those sanctions if he got, quote, a better deal and we got something in return whether it was on nuclear arms or other areas. >> martha: president-elect
11:34 am
trump's picks for secretary of energy and treasury, facing a grilling on capitol hill, both appearing at odds on climate change and sanctions against russia but he expects his cabinet to speak their own mind, part of the reason he picked many of them. georgia republican senator david perdue joining us now. good to have you with us. >> hi, martha. >> martha: what do you think of the cabinet picks? you're close no one of them, who was just named agriculture secretary nominee last night. tell me about that. >> well, this is what i told people during the campaign, president-elect donald trump has a history of putting great people around him. this lineup, potential nominees, is stellar. look at the results of these people. highly accomplished people, great track records of getting results. last night president trump called my sus in, sonny purdue, and offered him the position of secretary of ag and my cousin accepted. they're beginning the process. as we see in the hearings this,
11:35 am
is a process that it's a great pros e and these are fantastic peep in my mind. it really gives me encouragement of how the opportunity to change the direction of our country. >> charles schumer, senator schumer doesn't agree with that. here's what he had to say about it, match watch. >> i don't know if any of these cabinet picks will be defeated f a few republicans do the right thing they could and that's still a real possibility. but it is crystal clear that the president-elect is starting off by governing from the hard right and without any eastern for conflict of -- without any concern for conflict of interest or ethics. >> martha: your response? >> that's an obvious response from the minority leader. whoer's the reality. barack obama, his top eight cabinet picks only had five years, collectively, in the chief executive position or chief operating officer position, any of the positions in the private sector. this group of cabinet nominees,
11:36 am
and just the top eight positions, has over 80 years. the private secretary for is fully represented here, as is the experience here in washington. so, i think senator schumer is offbase. these people know how to get results. that's why the people of america elected donald trump, to get america working again. >> martha: let's put up that screen if we could of the cabinet picks. there's been a lot of criticism out there, oh, it's just big bunch of white guys, basically. and you know when you look at it, compared with president obama's cabinet, the makeup is not all that different. there are no hispanics in the cabinet picks and there was one, i believe, in trump's picks. should that matter to the american people? >> well, you want any group of people like this to represent america. it should be diverse and it is diverse. what this is, is more of a distraction away from the job at hand, that is we have people being nominated now that have
11:37 am
careers of proven accomplishments. i was in the senate armed services committee last week, interviewing and talking to general mattis. i had a chance to meet rex tillerson, dr. carson. these people are proven leaders. they know how to get results. that's what we're about in washington. we want to break through the gridlock and get things done. what the american people have given us, i think a probation period, not a mandate, and they expect us to get results. >> martha: how many do you think will be approved by tomorrow afternoon? >> well, we're hopeful, we're going back into session in the senate, we'll find out. i hope three to five, order of magnitude, will be confirmed a the president is sworn in tomorrow afternoon. >> martha: we will see. two is the number that has been floated. mattis and kelly at homeland. so we'll see. thank you, senator. great to have you with us today. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: you bet. new details about the u.s. fight against isis in libya now. u.s. defense officials telling
11:38 am
us two b-2 bombers dropped oern 100 bombs on two isis training camped and estimated 85 militants were killed in the operation. jennifer griffin working on this story live from the pentagon, good afternoon. >> hello, martha. here's what we know. two u.s. air force b-2 stealth bombers dropped 108 present stigs sided bombs on two isis training camps, 30 miles southwest of the lybian coastal city of cert, killing an estimated 85 isis fighters according to senior defense officials. the strikes we've learned were authorized by president obama earlier this week. defense secretary ash carter said his people recommended nuclear capable bombers for the lybian mission. i pressed the defense secretary and his spokesman as ho why u.s. warplanes in europe could not have struck the training catches which the u.s. has been watching for some time. >> trying to send a message to
11:39 am
countries like russia, china, on the eve of the inauguration this was a mission designed to kill terrorists who threaten the united states, our allies and our interests, it shows our willingness to go after isel where they ever they appear. >> u.s. cones were used to track and kill a handful of isis fighters fleeing on foot. fox news has learned since august the u.s. military has conducted 495 air strikes in libya, in the city of sirte mostly using drones. two navy warships off the lybian coast were available to provide search and rescue, donald cook and uss donald porter had helicopters and teams ready to fly ashore if needed. they through from whiteman air force base in missouri and refueled five times in midair. it lasted 30 hours. reports that russian officials met with a well-known lybian general onboard an aircraft
11:40 am
carrier, promising weapons for libya, may have been a reason for showing the long reach of the u.s. air force. >> martha: thank you. caught on video, as we showed you earlier, a police officer was attacked at hartsfield-jackson international airport in atlanta. the suspect gets the upper happened, punching the victim in the face but not for long. trace dpal a gear is live with more on this recent attack of an officer. trace? >> you know, the surveillance video is exclusive to our atlanta fox affiliate. this is the first time a national audience is seeing it. you talk about an ambush of the of the blue. the officer was standing in the terminal when a very large man as you see there runs at hip. knocks him down, and then begins pummelling him. there are no other officers nearby to respond. several men as you can see did come over to help trying to pull the suspect off of the officer. when the attacker tried to grab the officer's gun, even some of
11:41 am
the men helping out started to get spooked. listen to one of them. >> i was asking, some one get me the police officer's confidence. i asked the police officer, give me your handcuffs, give me your handcuffs. he was very unresponsive. he was on the verge of blacking out. if the gentleman was going for the officer's gun he could have gotten it. the officer could not call for backup, couldn't reach his radio. with its say the attacker was so big and violent that it took a while to restrin him. ally brewster was among the men who helped out. >> i didn't run away, because i came up in law enforcement, my dad is a police officer, my sister is a police officer, and i came up in that way of living what is done right. >> did the right thing. the you expect has been identified as 41-year-old anthony phillips, facing multiple channels including aggravated assault on a police officer.
11:42 am
none of the good samaritans was injured. >> martha: quick action, very impressive, thank you. big day today for the president-elect elect and the vice president-elect, part of that day is a somber moment that is coming up in just a few moments. they will attend a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery, that ceremony is set to begin soon. we will take you there live as that begins. also, today, former president george h.w. bush and former first lady barbara bush remain hospitalized at this hour. we have an update on their conditions. we'll bring that to you next.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors president-elect and vice president-elect. we are waiting for them to arrive at arlington national cemetery, the next event on the schedule. they will take part in a wreath-laying ceremony to be held there. as soon as they're under way, we're waiting for some shots of
11:46 am
them leaving blair house, that's where donald trump is, at this hour. we will follow them as they go over for this, which will be one of the early moments of the entire inaugural proceedings. it will be a solemn and important one for both of them. we will see them carry out these duties many teams over the course of the next four years. that live as soon as that gets under way. in the meantime, former president george h.w. bush's hospital stay extended. doctors had originally thought that mr. bush would be released this week. he's been hospitalized with pneumonia-related issues saturday and moved to the intensive care unit. former first lady also hospitalized, battling bronchitis. casey sigel jones us live outside houston methodist hospital with an update on their condition. they're very much on people's minds these days. how are they doing? >> well, martha, we got this update from the president's office not long ago. and it really did include some
11:47 am
encouraging news. i know people are happy to hear that, as you said, lots of people sending their well wishes. former first lady barbara bush says she's feeling, quote, 1,000% better. 24 hours after being hospitalized for bronchitis and fatigue. as for the former president, according to a spokesperson mr. bush remains in intensive care unit for complications stemming from knew moania. but his condition -- pneumonia but the condition is stable. the 9. -year-old does have a breathing tube in place but doctors are currently evaluating whether they can remove it and move him out of icu. but his staff or caregivers can't estimate when they'll both be allowed to return home. listen. >> they're getting out when they're better. they don't want to come out and we don't want them out until they're better. not a minute sooner. whatever that takes. >> now, their son, former
11:48 am
president george w. bush, not making plans to visit houston straight-away. instead he's heading to washington to take place in the inauguration. the elder bush sent a letter to president-elect trump apologizing for not being able to make it, even crack iing -- sitting outside in january, could put him six feet under. he and barbara are stuck in texas. mr. trump responded on twitter, thanking him for that letter, and also sending well wishes for a speedy recovery to the former first family. martha? >> martha: good that he has a sense of humor as he always has. and such a gracious note that he wrote to president-elect donald trump which i'm sure he will treasure always. everybody wish these were here for this moment. but we are glad to hear that there's some emproochlt for barbara bush and we'll see how the former president is doing as well. casey, thank you.
11:49 am
a quick check on the headlines at this hour. police in kansas city, missouri still searching for a missing woman who vanished three days ago. last seen by a police officer heading into a gas station. what happened next remains a mystery. and the u.s. reportedly ending a probe into tes la, without demanding a recall. the automaker investigated after a driver died using the auto pilot system last may. and the super bowl helping create super jobs. pizza hut says they will hire 11,000 workers for the big game. you got to have your pizza during the super bowl, right? pizzamakers, delivery drivers, and managers. and rescue crews are racing the clock after an avalanche buried a resort in central italy. the desperate mission to reach the people who are buried in that hotel right now, and trapped, we hope that there are people alive in there. that rescue mission under way.
11:50 am
plus, today as we await president-elect trump at arlington national cemetery, all of the inauguration talk got us thinking, what did the event look like back in the day. we'll show you the first photo ever taken at a presidential inauguration. i love this stuff. when we come back, stick around. all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house?
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introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be... everywhere.
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p. p.m. a legal battle brewing. the social media site said it suspended some 360,000 accounts over the last 18 months for promoting terrorism. some pick times' families aren't satisfied. they're suing both facebook and twitter for not stopping extremists from recruiting on their sites. both companies say the lawsuits are wrong, that they do not tolerate terrorism related activity.
11:54 am
more that story. as we go forward. rescue teams recovering three bodies from the scone of an have a lan that much buried a resort in central italy after reporting no signs of life at this hour. officials say 30 people are believed to have been trapped inside from the avalanche which struck one day after a series of earthquakes rocked that entire region. benjamin hall life in london with details. what can you tell us? >> it's difficult to get precise information out of the area. because as you say, the last two weeks of seen heavy snowfall, earthquakes, landslides, and this avalanche leaving the area under torrance and tons of snow. the hotel was hit by an avalanche about 3:00a.m., burying up to 30 people inside. rescue workers have so far reached the luxury hotel only on skis or helicopter drops. so far, as you say, the three bodies have been found. but the search goes on for other tourists who might be trapped
11:55 am
inside. initial foot an shows the rescue workers entering the foyer of the hotel. the rest is inaccessible with snow and ruffle cascading down the stairways, remains to be seen if anyone is alive in some of those rooms. no signs of life picked up. heavier rescue vehicles spent all day trying to reach the hotel but roads have been covered by up to 16 feet of snow after days of heavy snowfall and helicopters are also finding it hard to land. there has before mounting criticism of the mnl services after it emerged hotel employees very q.ed an evacuation last night but no help was sent until hours later. some hope has come from italian news reports that said hotel guests had been sending text messages to emergency numbers. help, we're dying of cold one couple wrote. hard to know when it was sent. really just a tense few hours at the moment as rescue workers try on get to that hotel with heavy
11:56 am
vehicles. at the moment we don't know who is inside, who's frapd or who's still alive. >> martha: awful images. benjamin, thank you. still back here in washington, d.c. we are watching and waiting for the next moment in the inaugural process. president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence will arrive shortly at arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. we'll take you there live next. this is the goal post. the end zone. the goal of every team. we know you have goals. like getting exposure for your idea or business. with godaddy website builder, you can easily create an awesome mobile-friendly, get you more exposure website. we call that...a website builder touchdown. get your free trial of website builder now.
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of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may
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12:00 pm
rights, the protection of western territories and the issue of slavery. so thanks for being with us today, everybody. the first 100 days at 7:00 p.m. tonight. see you then. >> shepard: and i'm shepard smith in new york. noon on the west coast. 3:00 in the nation's capitol where president-elect trump is about to take part in the first of the inauguration events. he arrived at andrews outside d.c. on a u.s. military jet after noon today. no more trump force one. it's all red carpets now. president-elect trump and his wife to start their new life. now as the inauguration process gets underway, president-elect trump again with perhaps the most solemn duty of all. honoring the sacrifice of those that have given their lives in service to the united states. he's at arlington national cemetery, land once owned by george


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