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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 19, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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sector, rick perry said he regrets having said that the department of energy that he is slated to lead, that he talked about eliminating that five years ago. >> jenna: we all say things we don't mean now and again. we are very grateful you are joining us, we will see you back here in an hour, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert, we are awaiting president-elect donald trump's arrival in washington, the president-elect now in the air after leaving his home in new york city just a short time ago. this is "outnumbered," and sandra smith, and here today is meghan mccain, host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. a democratic static strategist julie roginsky, and today's #oneluckyguy, fox news analyst and host of "media buzz," howard kurtz is here and you sir are "outnumbered." >> howard: great to see you. >> sandra: it's been a while, you're talking about the last time you were run accounts, what were we doing question work you are plain the part of donald trump? >> howard: i got talked into doing that by you. [laughter]
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>> howard: it's permanent. >> we will be the judge of that. >> a big day indeed, the inauguration happening tomorrow, the world awaits a history-making moment in our nation's capital, we are exactly 24 hours from now, president-elect donald j. trump will be taking the oath of office to become our nation's 40 for president. preparations are now underway on the national mall for tomorrow's inauguration. that is where chief national correspondent ed henry joins us live. ed, what does it look like there? >> good to see you, we are hearing all kinds of wonderful music as they plot out what they are going to be playing tomorrow in the run-up to noon eastern time, when donald j. trump will actually be sworn in as the nations 45th president. the weather is holding up good, it was a little bit chilly this morning, it is getting a little bit warmer right now, it is supposed to be relatively mild. a sharp difference, of course, from the first obama inaugural when we all remember how bitter cold it was here. there is a forecast of some
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rain, so obviously people will be preparing for that. security is intense. they have already shut down some major thoroughfares here in downtown washington, d.c. but there is going to be all kinds of festivities today in the run-up. you've been noting that donald trump is already here, on the way. the president-elect left from new york city just a short time ago, he will be landing in a little bit, and then there is all kinds of a wreath-laying at arlington, then a concert at the lincoln memorial. i spoke to toby keith last night, who is going to be the marquis artist, and he's actually a little mad at some of his fellow artists, who he says there was a big lineup of other people that we've never heard about who had privately agreed to perform at the lincoln memorial tonight, and backed out when they saw some of these twitter storms on social media about some of the other artists who had agreed, and he thinks there are too many week-need people who should've just stepped up and performed whether it was donald trump or hillary clinton who won.
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you are hearing a lot of democrats say there is dampen enthusiasm, this is not going to be an exciting day, but i can tell you, i am arty seeing a lot of folks flooding in here to washington, donald trump has been talking this up, huge crowds that will be behind me, e to tell you, i am already seeing a what barack obama had for that historic day in january of 2009, but they are certainly exciting hundreds of thousands here in the excitement is just about to build. >> in the president-elect's words, the crowd will be massiv massive. very good to see you. with the inaugural event officially getting underway, the list of democratic lawmakers boycotting president-elect trump's swearing-in ceremony is seemingly growing by the hour. at last count, 68 house democrats plan to skip tomorrow's festivities. that is more than one-third of the entire caucus. president obama refusing to comment on the controversy yesterday during his final news conference. >> with respect to the inauguration, i'm not going to comment on those issues. all i know is i'm going to be
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there. so is michelle. and i have been checking the weather, and i'm heartened by the fact that it won't be as cold as my first inauguration. >> sandra: meantime, vice president-elect mike pence was on special report last night urging democrats to give the president-elect a chance. >> while we respect the opinions of every american and their thet to express their opinions, i hope those folks will turn an attentive ear to the president-elect's words in that inaugural address and give us a chance, as i think they will see in a president donald trump someone who really is going to work every single day to make this country great for every american. speak to mike >> you go back to that moment yesterday where president barack obama refused to comment on the 68 democrats, the number that has been growing, not going to the inaugural festivities. did he miss an opportunity to urge fellow democrats to attend? >> howard: he clearly missed
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an opportunity, and the following is not a partisan observation. this just sucks, i mean seriously. it is part of the endless blood feud in washington. do you think the next time a democratic president is inaugurated there will be dozens of republican members of congress who discover they have to clean up their sock drawers clutch market is for democrats -- >> let me jump in, because here is the plane making its arrival in washington, the president-elect is on board that plane, he took off a short time ago from new york city and it is wheels down momentarily for president-elect donald trump. and there you have it. >> howard: just to pick up the point is we follow the plane landing in d.c., it's one thing for democrats to dig in and fight president trump on his policies. this is disrespectful to a core american tradition, peaceful transfer of power, and it really makes me uncomfortable. >> it is amazing, julie, as you do see this and take in this moment, it is historical. donald trump just took off from new york city from trump tower on his way to washington can a day before the inauguration, and
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still we are looking at this massive divide. the 68 democrats who say they want to ten. your thoughts? >> julie: i think is no secret that i'm not a huge fan of donald trump. >> that is not a secret. this before but i agree largely with what howie said. if i were in congress i would take this opportunity to say we have a new president, we may not be happy about the outcome, some of us, but nevertheless he is the president of the united states. and you o it to the republic, not to our party, but you owe it to the republic to show up and as a member of congress participate in the peaceful transfer of power. and i think john lewis is an american icon, but i don't agree with what he said about the president's legitimacy. the president-elect's legitimacy. he got elected, we are not happy about it, obviously as democrats, but he did get elected. so i think it's incumbent on those people who are serving in a critical branch of government to show that they agree with the fact that we have a peaceful
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transfer of power parade you are right, how we, they should show up, i have some friends who are not showing up and i have spoken with this about this privately with him. i told them i think it's incumbent on you as an elected official, as a congressperson of the nation, not as a democratic elected official, but as an elected official who represents the united states of america. >> not naming names, what did they say back? >> julie: that they are just not going to parts pay, they don't think it's legitimate. >> howard: they think it's good politics for their side. >> julie: i also think it's bad politics, by the way. i also think it's bad politics because you pointed this out. take the moral high ground. at least show that you are going to participate in the transfer of power, and then go ahead and trashed him on policy. there will be plenty of opportunities, tomorrow is not the opportunity to do that. >> that is one of the things peter king was saying yesterday, he said by being there you kind of sit there and say guess what? i'm here, you're here, i'm going to fight you every step of the way but i am in this game with
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you. he also said that in order to get there they are warning them he's got to leave his house at like 6:00 in the morning. it is going to be a huge pain in the neck, i wonder how many representatives are like i'm going to skip this and make a political statement but it will also be a heck of a lot easier to stay home. >> it is interesting to see the way the president-elect has reacted, in an interview with fox news he brushed it off with humor and said well, i hope we get their tickets because we need more tickets, as we do see him landing in washington. we are about to four hours away from his swearing-in, taking the oath to be the 45th president heard >> meghan: two quick things, i can always be counted on to bring this to the cynical place, it's a great way to get publicity. a lot of people that aren't on cable news that often, this is a great way to get their name out, let their base know that they are going to be a hard-core partisan hack, the entire administered. some of these people i may not have heard of, but i am not totally familiar with their careers, no offense to any of your friends, julie.
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some of them are pretty low-level congress people that don't get a lot of of the city that often, and if you are joining joining the 68 people, maybe you're going to be this weird band of brothers that is just never going to give the other side a chance to speak at all. watching donald trump's plane land right now, you can't help but think of when he came down the stairs at trump tower and what a joke it was to so many people who did not take it seriously, who continue to not take them seriously. >> howard: including people in our profession. >> meghan: and i keep thinking of what i read yesterday, that he in 2012, when mitt romney lost, the day after trademarked "make america great again," so you have to give it up to the brilliance of this man, he took a long time for me to come around too as well, and that he definitely saw a vacuum in this country, a group of people who weren't being spoken for, who felt abandoned by the obama administration, and i'm curious to see how history will reflect on this. and will will there be any game change nasty books written on this? because a sub in a very open
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campaign and open election season that has been widely reported on. >> howard: imagine how much more outrage they would be an oppressive 68 republican congressmen decided to boycott barack obama's inauguration in 2009. it would be the issue. and it hasn't been that way in terms of coverage. >> by the way, just stats on the 68 democrats, 16 of them are from california. house democrats skipping the inauguration are from 26 different states, 66% of those not attending are from states that clinton won. >> it is interesting to watch as you brought up, the escalator moment, because i think that is something that we can all remember. i remember where i was at that moment, because mainly, melania came down the escalator and looked fantastic, that is what struck me. i can say that as a woman. but 99.9% of people who watched that never thought we would see this day. one of the few is melania herself, who said oh, no, she didn't want him to run because she thought he would win back and knew how much it would change their lives.
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>> for some of us, this is still very surreal watching a plane with the united states of america on it. >> you will notice the difference, this is not donald trump's private plane, this is a military plane that has landed at joint base andrews washington, d.c., one day, almost when he four hours to the minute before donald j. trump will be sworn in as our 45th president. this is an amazing shot that we've got right here. you are looking at this plane landing live with the president-elect, we will watch for him to walk out of the plane, but what a moment in history. >> and his first dance is going to be to "i did it my way" by frank sinatra. what a more fitting song i certainly couldn't come up with. you know what i will say, the real silver lining for me and all of this is the cleansing it has been for all the political strategist, especially in the republican party, and i can name a few but i don't want to get in trouble. who really have no business running campaigns and working on campaigns anymore, just taking a
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bunch of money from vulnerable candidates, and then blowing it and not being able to go anywhere prayed and those people luckily, i doubt they will have a future in politics. i liked that it has been a cleansing. a lot of people for a long time that i particularly thought were quite frankly hacks, and i am glad they are not going to be working on campaigns. >> as you look at the countdown clock, how we, lesson 24 hours to go until the swearing-in, things we know. chief justice john roberts will be administering the oath tomorrow, mr. trump will be resting his hand as we now know on two different bibles, when he has had since childhood that his mother gave him, and the lincoln bible. but one thing we haven't talked about is that we know there will be hundreds of thousands of people there at the inauguration, but there will be many protests happening as well. >> howard: and it wouldn't be a trump show if there weren't protesters end of march and all of that. donald trump, you know, people forget ran against a republican establishment as much as he did run against the democrats.
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he had never been in politics before. we are now starting to take this for granted, but it is remarkable what he pulled off. and yet at the same time, there are people, not just in the democratic party, who are having trouble coming to grips with the fact that he is going to be the president and the next four years. >> the door is open, we are all watching this together. >> are you okay, julie? before you give me some help. my way, i'm thinking about the first couple of lyrics, i'm not sure that is the message that donald trump wants to convey with his first dance, but -- >> the stairs have pulled up, and we will be watching for donald trump to be walking off the plane any moment. >> one of the things that strikes me about this that is refreshing is that it is so different and it does signal such change in the sense that all the polls were wrong. somebody won who shouldn't have. somebody got in who didn't have any experience. and for me, as somebody who has watched as the process has
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become -- and if you don't know people and you don't have a campaign apparatus up and running a you have no chance, and there is no point in voting because the polls tell you the day before who is going to win, all of that was debunked in this election. and as somebody who is on the younger side, that is refreshing, because it makes you feel like you do have a voice. you should go vote. the polls that tell you the day before who is going to win aren't always right. the person who has the last name that's been in politics forever isn't always going to win. you know, that there's a chance for change. you may not like how this turned out, but it was unpredictable. and that unpredictability is really refreshing for people who watch politics for a long time and don't like knowing the ending before it even starts. >> howard: speaking of those polls, president-elect trump now attacking rigged polls again. as we watch the doorway, -- >> a variance citing exciting moment indeed, busy schedule for the president-elect will begin tomorrow morning with a private
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prayer service held at st. john's episcopal church. the president-elect and his family will attend that religious service. but he is gearing up for what is going to be a very exciting next 24 hours. of course he will be sworn in at noon tomorrow. this plane took off, this is a military plane carrying the president-elect and his family, took off from laguardia airport just a short time ago in the 11:00 eastern time hour. it has now landed in washington at joint base andrews, and we are watching for the president-elect to emerge any moment. >> there is barren, right? >> spokesman sean spicer indicating that the president will give a philosophical speech. >> right there you see baron exiting the plane. eric trump seems to be following with his wife, laura. and there appears to be ivanka trump with hitter her youngest baby that she had just last year in 2016. of course, jared kutcher, her
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husband, following directly behind. tiffany, donald trump's youngest of four co-children, and still emerging. >> and of course, we are waiting for the president-elect, donald j. trump, to emerge himself. but what a moment, 12:16:00 p.m. eastern time, and he has arrived just ahead of the big day, inauguration inauguration day taking place tomorrow. >> howard: for all the buildup, as i watch the plane with the united states of america on it and he is about to come out, it really does sync and in a way that it hasn't so far that we are about to have a new president. >> sitting next to julie roginsky, a staunch democrat. before you know, i did not have this reaction, i must admit, when george bush became president. this is something very different for me, not just because of my political affiliation, but i
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think because of the individual who is about to take office. >> if you're just tuning in, we are waiting for the president-elect to emerge from that military plane that has just landed in washington. ahead of tomorrow's inauguration, his family has already exited the plane. we have not yet seen the president-elect. >> howard: this is a pause for dramatic effect. every showman knows how to do this. >> is this melania? >> the soon-to-be first lady, and there he is. president-elect donald j. trump has arrived in washington, just one day ahead of his inauguration bread you are looking at the soon-to-be 45th president of the united states. >> can i just tell you i was 22 or 23 when obama was elected, and it sounds naive, but i never thought it would end. i thought i would have to deal with obama forever. and anyone other than obama exiting the plane is a great morning for me right now. >> and he is receiving the former military salute as he lands and walks down the stairs
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and arrives in washington alongside his wife, melania. and such a busy schedule, it will get underway, the first festivities beginning tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. eastern. b5 a lot of people will be watching the tone of the inaugural speech, sean spicer singh will be more of a philosophical speech. because donald trump has had such a contentious transition, that is by design. he is somebody who won the nomination, won the election by fighting and fighting back. and so a lot of americans will be tuning in, of course, to see what he has to say to the nation at noon tomorrow. >> it was an amazing sight just over an hour ago when he left new york city, people were lining the streets in midtown manhattan just to see him drive off to laguardia airport. >> howard: new yorkers don't usually do that for anybody! >> that's true, somebody -- >> some of us are just happy to have 57th street back. >> he is now in the vehicle and it begins. we have a countdown clock as you can see, that is a clout
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countdown clock to his swearing and that will take place at noon eastern time tomorrow. donald j. trump has arrived in washington ahead of the inauguration tomorrow. julie, you are oddly silent. >> julie: i'm not silent, i'm taking it in, i have to say this is actually not a joke or an effect, this is in some ways making it much more real for me. i don't know about the rest of you, but again, not from a partisan perspective, but to see donald trump, who most of us have known in a very different capacity then as a senator or congressman or elected official, to emerge out of a plane that says united states of america on it, i think just made it that much more real visually. the picture speaks a thousand words or whatever other cliche. >> while his transition process, some say it's going quite well, his camp says that, but there has been some scrutiny, and obviously hearings taking place on capitol hill today, steve mnuchin, the nominee he has chosen for treasury secretary, he is being drilled. but all of this as that process
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continues. >> it does, and democrats are fighting tooth and nail, probably setting the tone for what things will be like going forward. that makes sense, that what they feel like they are going to have to do. it's different than what we sign '08. there were many more confirmations at this point in time, but that is sort of the tone that we might see going forward. i would say obviously policy and all of those things comes first. on a completely frivolous note and as we sit here, it was fun to watch michelle obama's fashion over the past eight years. she had a lot of style. it's going to be interesting to see melania's style, that coach is very sharp and fantastic, can we say that? >> can i actually just say this to my fellow liberals out there? i think some of the stuff that michelle obama got over the last eight years from some people was uncalled for, and i would hope my side leaves melania trump alone. and doesn't do that to her. because i think melania trump did not ask for this. she certainly does not seem like she's craving it.
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i think she would prefer to stay in new york if all else were equal. and whatever else happens with her husband, i really hope we cut her a break and don't make her into some sort of a meme at that i think michelle obama was for the right, including some of the lovely tweets i get every day about michelle obama that are very uncalled for. >> howard: -- >> can i curtail on that? i hope people at the obama's their daughters be teenagers. there are already some things on the internet in the past year and a half, and i have completely come to their defense. they are going to make mistakes, this is the era of cameras on every phone, cameras everywhere, they are young women, and i hope the media continues to go easy on their children as well. >> that is one of the things about the internet, every news organization that i work for i've been told that the families, the wives and the children, the first spouse and the children, are off-limits. these are not people to volunteer for this job and you cannot make fun of them, being mean, any of that sort of thing. but obviously in the age of the
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internet, people are going to say a lot of mean things and not every organization operates by those principles. >> they're about to go to college, they are young girls, i feel for them. people are ruthless. >> 24 hours out of thousands of people expected to fill the national mall, donald trump, the president-elect, had landed in washington after taking off from new york city just a short time ago. we saw his entire family come off of that plane, pretty much. children, grandchildren. and he was the last to come off with the first lady, the soon-to-be first lady, melantrul shortly begin. >> could you just imagine being melania trump, from slovenia, an immigrant who came here not as a child as i did, but basically as an adult, and the transformation to go from basically being somebody who came here without any support or any family, to now be the first lady of the united states? that must be an amazing amazing feeling. >> howard: only our second foreign-born first lady, i think
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this president, most politicians, the white house is the nicest place they will ever live. this president will also be spending a lot of time at trump tower and mro lago. >> how we come i know this is something you report on and have been following, but the president-elect has different plans for this inauguration, he will be attending less balls, compared to bill clinton, who attended very many. the president-elect says he is going to be attending three balls. the parade, some presidents have had hours-long, four hour-long parade, his intended to be 90 minutes. he plans to get right to work. >> howard: donald trump has consulted with the former reality show producer mark burnett on how to produce the show, and it is made for television, so i think it is more of a stripped-down inauguration, a little bit less of the festivities, and at the same time, a lot of celebrities have gotten a lot of ink by saying they are not going to go and entertain. but that is a part of a culture war that seems to surround the
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incoming 45th president. >> day one he says my day one is going to be monday, because i don't want to be signing and get it mixed up with lots of celebration. and here you go, there is reality tv for you. we have got cameras following the motorcade that has just left that military plane, that transported the president-elect and his entire family, as we saw. donald trump, jr., eric trump, ivanka trump, tiffany, his youngest, the first lady, the incoming first lady was a board that plane, grandchildren, you sought donald trump, jr.,'s grandchildren get off the plane, they have arrived. the trumps have arrived. >> isn't it interesting that one of the things that was out there swirling, you mentioned the reality show producer that they said was going to come out and produce the event, and for a day or two there was all that hoopla about is he going to take a helicopter from the capital? and this is serious, you know it's not about a reality show. in the media spent a bunch of time spinning about all that stuff, which ended up not being
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even remotely true. >> something we know about where he is going. there are cameras right now on both sides of 11th street. trump is expected to arrive off the pennsylvania avenue entrance into the trump hotel for the afternoon luncheon, so that is expected to happen shortly. police have cleared the front hotel entrance of pedestrians, i should say. >> howard: what struck me in watching the family come off the plane is that they have been very much part of this campaign. don, jr., eric, ivanka, very important advisors to their father, the president-elect, and of course jared kushner, actually who will take a job in the administration, so just as the trump organization, the real estate company, the golf courses, the hotels, was sort of a family affair, to an interesting degree the presidency is going to be operated that way as well. these are important people in the new president's life. >> even so many young children coming down that stairway and those are kids that we have seen
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all along who are going to be not asking to be involved. we have little kids. it makes me a little nervous. >> i don't have children. >> in the sense that i can't always guarantee all mine are going to behave, and just to see those kids coming down the stairs, that is what i would be thinking about most, how are mine behaving? >> julie: my son would be flipping out. >> the event that they will be attending right away will be a leadership luncheon at the trump international hotel. so they are on route right now, we will be following every step of the way. but president-elect donald trump has arrived in washington 24 hours ahead of his swearing in. we've got more pictures coming up now, as promised. there are cameras on 11th street there. awaiting the president-elect's arrival. not huge crowds in that camera shot, but we are told the police, and this is in front of the trump hotel, police have already cleared the scene
9:27 am
awaiting their arrival, so we should see them arrive shortly. and of course tomorrow, it's unbelievable when you look at the schedule, and inauguration day, get ready, 8:30 a.m. if against with prayer, prayer service at st. john's episcopal church. coffee date at the white house. the swearing-in ceremony begins at 11:30 a.m., and around noon, the oath of office and the inaugural address will take place. >> howard: what's so fascinating to me is that donald trump won this election by breaking every rule in the book, by flouting all the conventions of politics. indeed he had never been in politics. now you see him becoming part of this larger american pageantry and tapestry, we have the rituals in the lunch on the ride with the former president of the capital and giving the inaugural speech. and it really is a moment for him personally, for the country, as a guy who was the ultimate outsider becomes a powerful insider. >> you bring up an excellent point, i can't remember being as interested in an inaugural speech as i am in this one tomorrow.
9:28 am
i think we knew what to expect from whether it was george bush or bill clinton or barack obama, but what do you expect from donald trump or what kind of tone is he going to take? because he is so unpredictable. and you are helping, or at least i'm hoping, that whatever the tone is, it sets the tone, it is not going to set the tone for his demonstration because i think he blows with the wind, but i think it will at least set the don't for the first couple of weeks. you'll be interesting to see, i'm not sure, he claims he wrote it himself, i don't know if that's the case, they usually have help. but whether it does appeal to our better angels, or whether he persists in taking the tone that he has in recent months of eye won, and you better fall in line, it'll be interesting to see what he does. you said philosophical, am curious to see whether it's john locke's philosophy, or thomas hobbes philosophy, where life is dark, cruel, and then we die essentially. >> howard: i think will be similar to the tone he took at 3:00 a.m. on the night he won the presidency, calling for
9:29 am
unity and reaching out. now when he starts work monday morning, is not that he's not going to be prepared to take on his detractors and his opponents, not just the democratic party, but perhaps in the house g.o.p. as well. but i think for the speech in this moment, i think donald trump is savvy enough to know that he now needs to project an image of being the president for all americans. >> what a moment. as you just saw on the left-hand side of your screen, we were showing you the soon-to-be first lady, melania trump, alongside the president-elect landing in washington, that happened just a few moments ago. now the motorcade is in route to the trump hotel in washington. police, secret service already blocking off the streets there, they are awaiting the arrival. the entire family, as you saw, donald trump's four oldest children, also his youngest son, baron, getting off the plane as well read some of his grandchildren. they are on their way for the festivities to begin. there will be a leadership luncheon taking place in just a short time. but this is such a moment in
9:30 am
history, and melissa, it's amazing, when we look back covering donald trump from a business perspective from so long, what a moment to see. what a moment to see him entering the white house. >> it's really true, higher room of the day that he announced, and we were in our show meeting for my show, and we are talking about our rundown, and we said donald trump is going to come down at some point and announce he is not running, so we will get a sound point for the sound bite from that and use it later on. and it came out and said he was running, and we said that is interesting. as he started talking, the whole thing sort of gathered steam, and he kept talking, and you realize that he was dead serious about this. and that it wasn't as before where we always thought it was kind of a publicity thing. where he talked about being in politics because it was a great way to kind of get airtime and promote his other businesses, but underneath it all he was about his shows and marketing. and i never really had the sense that it was that serious about politics. and then he came out and he said this and he said he was running, and we kind of stood around the newsroom and looked at each other and here we are now.
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it's just interesting to remember that date specifically. >> as we let off the show with these now 68 house democrats that say they will not be attending the inaugural ceremonies, julie, you want this to be a moment where we all come together and unite. and unfortunately, that is the headline is that these democrats will be sitting this one out. >> julie: yeah, i don't know if that is the headline, i think the headline is that president trump takes office. but i think it is a missed opportunity. again, as melissa mentioned him coming down the escalator, i laughed it off and thought it was a joke. i remember saying to people yeah, okay, wait until they ask him to release his taxes, he will never do that. well he still got elected. every step of the way, including this very moment when i saw the united states of america on the side of an airplane with the reality show star touching down, it's surreal to me. but having said that, he is now about to become the president of the united states. and partisan politics aside,
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that office is larger than partisan politics, and he is the leader of our republic, and so we owe it to him tomorrow on his inauguration day for members of congress on both sides of the aisle to show up to send a message to other countries that may not wish us well that are not democracies that, in fact, we are a democracy that supports the peaceful transfer of power and we are a democracy that respects the office of the presidency of the united states, even if you don't respect a man occupying it. and i think that is a missed opportunity. i think a lot of democrats have said well i don't respect him, his views are you legitimate, therefore he is a legitimate. >> president barack obama said he wouldn't comment on those 68 house democrats not attending, he said i will be there, michelle will be there, and of course we know that hillary and bill clinton will be there. >> howard: and george w. bush, george h.w. bush unfortunately not able to go, and has been hospitalized. it's a small, but symbolic thing
9:33 am
when i saw the president-elect get out of the plane, i realize the next time we see him board the plane he will be giving the salute to the military people on duty, and that will be a little reminder that he is now in charge of the united states armed forces. there is all of this weight and gravity of the office that descends on anyone, no matter how confident, no matter how successful in life, when they become the president. trump hasn't really shown any great strain. of course he is still on twitter attacking people, or responded to attacks, i don't know if you will change that. but in a heartbeat, we will use the president, we will be referring to donald j. trump, and that will take a little bit getting used to. >> you just referenced president george h.w. bush, and of course his wife, are in our thoughts and prayers, as their medical conditions have taken a toll this week. we have just got an update on the bushes. this is the official word, president bush had a good night's rest and remains in stable condition in the icu at houston methodist hospital.
9:34 am
his medical team is actively evaluating him. and we are hopeful he will be discharged from the icu in a few days. he was admitted yesterday, as we know, and diagnosed with a case of bronchitis rated mrs. bush reports she feels thankfully 1000% better this morning. antibiotics and some good rest seem to have restored her to better health. so they have received a lot of friends have been visiting, they have, and that is the official release coming from the bush family. >> julie: i'm glad you mention hillary clinton, because that is actually a good data point for why i think these democrats should show up. hillary clinton is showing up tomorrow. my goodness, can you imagine how painful this is going to be for her to be there tomorrow? yet she is showing up as a former first lady and standing up there with her husband, the former president, and i think if she can do it, certainly d's 60-something democrats can do it. because she understands, she
9:35 am
understands that tomorrow is larger. >> the case of bronchitis was mrs. bush, it was a matter of pneumonia for mr. bush, but of course she is saying she is 1000% better, so that is very nice to be able to report that today. >> howard: one of the things on the rundown is what will happen as of tomorrow to former president barack obama, and he indicated at his final news conference that when he is moved on an important issue, that he will speak out. i happen to think that that is entirely appropriate for a former president. george w. bush was different, he went back to texas, took up painting, and decided to stay out of the political spotlight. eight years was enough. he don't as a form president former president want to be second-guessing your successor every day. >> in theory. >> howard: and if you do that you will probably pay a political price. but i don't think there's anything wrong with a former president weighing in. >> they are not even leaving washington, they are living on the street from ivanka. >> that is because of their daughters finishing high school. >> i don't know, i think that he
9:36 am
will start criticizing president trump within a few weeks. i think he can't control himself. i think that's this has alwaysn because he was so contentious during the election, that donald trump is a lot more -- turn in the white house into a celebrity contest, it all started with president obama, and i think you will be bitter and critical and all over television and the exact polar opposite of the graciousness that george w. bush showed president obama. >> "the new york times" having a little bit of fun with this, i don't know if they realize they did this, they said in farewell, obama sets redline that would pull him back in. >> howard: where is that phrase very familiar. >> i know, i don't know if "the new york times" is having a little bit of fun with that headline, but they are saying that he made it clear on wednesday that he finds some ideas advanced by president-elect donald j. trump so alarming, he laid out markers that would draw him back into the fray. i don't know, his markers in the
9:37 am
past that he is lay down have not drawn him back in when he said he would come back in, but i have a sense this might. >> a lot of republicans and conservatives that have had a very contentious and extremely draining last eight years watching what our country has become, especially in regard to what president obama did completely weakening our country. every single aspect in regard to foreign policy. it is a welcome relief to see him leave. i mean, i truly believe he has made america less safe. in every conceivable way. so i have high hopes that donald trump will actually take the rise of isis seriously, will actually take the refugee crisis in syria seriously, , and he is surrounding himself with people like mad dogmatics, so people like me have ultimate respect for him. there is deftly a new sheriff in town. >> and he is in town, he is arrived in washington, and we have cameras as you can see on the right-hand side of the screen, in front of the trump hotel there.
9:38 am
we are going to be watching this, awaiting donald trump's arrival, he is with his family, they just landed, and we will bring the tea when it happens. by the way, trump started out this day by tweeting, "the journey begins. i will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey for the american people." and so it begins. we are going to move on, but we will keep, this is not particularly his vehicle yet, but we will keep watching this for you and let you know when he arrives. meantime, on capitol hill, treasury secretary nominee steven mnuchin is on the hot seat, and he has been for a couple of hours now. democrats grilling the former banker on his record involving foreclosures and private investments. meantime, senate minority leader chuck schumer says he is only ready to give clearance tomorrow to confirm general john kelly and james mattis for their posts. and to debate mike pompeo's confirmation. this after the democrat raised concerns about most of president electrons cabinet picks and the way their confirmation hearings are being handled. >> this is a swamp cabinet full
9:39 am
of bankers and billionaires, it is no surprise republicans are trying to rush through these hearings. they don't want people to know the true views of their nominees. the potential conflicts of interest, and just how many of them come from the top 1% and are even billionaires. president obama's nominees all had their paperwork and in a timely way. and the republicans were given ample time to question the witnesses. so it's not analogous at all. >> incoming white house press secretary sean spicer hitting back today. >> i think was a sham right now is to see some of those individuals, who we would call consensus candidates, people who they didn't even find a problem with, people like second elaine chao, ben carson, nikki haley, suddenly not be part of senator schumer's list that he will work with us to get done on day one. it is disappointing, these were people that are highly qualified that were considered "consensus candidates" prior to a few weeks
9:40 am
ago. this was not the precedent that was set by senate republicans when they worked with the obama administration in 2008. >> howard kurtz? >> howard: what we are seeing is a little bit of foot dragging on the part of the democrats, and this is payback, in part, for mitch mcconnell and republicans not giving president obama supreme court nominee merrick garland a hearing. sean spicer is right some of these nominees are very uncontroversial and would pass. but legitimate concerns, steve mnuchin, for example, had not initially disclose knotty $5,000 of his assets. tom price, the congressman and hhs nominee, controversy about him being involved in buying some health stocks. so those would come up in any event. >> you are noticing some movement on the camera because we are being that he is arriving, or at least his arrival is imminent. in washington. he is are going to arrive at his hotel, the trump hotel in washington. we have cameras all over the place for you on both sides of
9:41 am
the street, because the motorcade just departed the airport there after leaving new york city just a few minutes ago, it doesn't take long to get there. but we are waiting his arrival, and we are waiting to see the entire soon-to-be first family to arrive in washington. >> in fact they are going to the trump hotel, and that a sudden thing sean spicer was asked about during the press conference before, and he said it shouldn't be a shocker, i think it's ready smart, the idea of going to his own hotel shouldn't be a shocker, he is very proud, it's a stunning hotel. i don't think that president-elect trump having a reception at the hotel should be a shock to anyone there. they were trying to make something out of the fact that that is where he is going. >> and people are lining the streets, we are told, you can't exactly see that in the shot there. but of course secret service and the police have to clear certain areas so the motorcade can get through, but this is what we are hearing from our producers on the ground. >> i know that block very well, 11th and pennsylvania, that was the old post office building, the big clock tower, donald trump bought it or leased
9:42 am
it from the government, and restored it. i think maybe it's time to move away from the notion that any time donald trump goes to any property of his that he is just engaging in branding. he is about to be president, -- >> but you have to concede that after tomorrow, once he takes the oath of office at noon tomorrow, january 20th, his ownership of that particular hotel becomes a massive potential legal problem for him because of the monuments clause. natural because that, but because of the fact that that lease specifically says very clearly that nobody owning that hotel can have any federal job whatsoever. he is the the president of the united states, and that particular property, not any other, but that particular property, by ethics lawyers from both the clinton, obama, and bush administrations, all concede that that is a massive problem and he should move away. >> as we saw in that press conference last week he brought a lawyer up to the podium to explain exactly how he intends to not have any conflict of interest, but that being said, want to keep the spotlight on
9:43 am
this moment, because we are awaiting the first family. inauguration activities are going to begin right away for the family, donald trump would be attending a leadership luncheon with transition officials and incoming staff at his washington hotel, as we are discussing. he will also be attending a wreath-laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery in making an appearance at the lincoln memorial. that is going to be a big day ahead of all the festivities begin early tomorrow morning. meghan mccain, your thoughts as we watch the arrival of the president-elect? >> meghan: is just nice to see a republican win, honestly. [laughter] i didn't see it i didn't think i would see it in my adult lifetime. i've been through a lot of losses on a lot of election nights, crying, and i'm just so happy that people like mad dog james mattis are going to be in power. against foreign policy, meat and potatoes foreign policy girl, and anything that is not letting out guantanamo bay terrorist,
9:44 am
giving clemency to traders who release all of our international secrets, anything that is not obama, for me, is a welcome change. i'm just glad is that the house, congress, senate, presidency, i'm just glad to see real change finally come. >> julie: you can't possibly agree with this because foreign policy on russia and that stuff, i know you don't. >> meghan: but putin gains strength and power, and the syrian refugee crisis raged out of control under obama, and i'm hoping with nikki haley, what i saw yesterday during her healing hearing, and with people like mad dog james mattis surrounding him, and people like my father, i hope he sees the writing on the wall with regards to this. anything that isn't obama, anything except in the past eight years, will be, anything except that will be a welcome change. >> here is a better look at the people that are lining the streets, how we you said you know the area very well, but as we said, we have kim, cameras on
9:45 am
both sides of the street there. awaiting the motorcade in front of trump hotel in front of washington, d.c. >> howard: that is a stretch of pennsylvania avenue that sits between the white house and the capital, and when all the geniuses in the media say wild donald trump, of course, is going to lose, and here are the color-coded maps to prove it, the joke used to be that the closest he will get will be his own hotel. now he is going to be five blocks away at the people's peos mansion at the white house. >> as you mentioned, and i know julie you said you are going to be highly anticipating his inauguration speech, which he has been preparing, as he has taken pictures of himself even practicing using the prompter. he has tweeted about it. sean spicer, as you mentioned earlier, melissa, said the speech will be a vision of where he sees the country. it is going to be a very personal and sincere statement about his vision for the country. i think it's going to be, this is sean spicer, less of an
9:46 am
agenda and more of a philosophical document. >> the proper role of government, the role of citizens. >> and i don't want to get away from in this moment as we talk about anything but obama and the changeover and everybody's emotions as they watch this, but there are people in other parts of the world that watch this and view it as nothing short of a miracle. i heard other people talking about that earlier this morning, that this peaceful transition of power, we should take a break from the partisan nature of politics for a moment. to appreciate the idea that when you see president obama and president-elect trump together, they are to people who don't share a lot of common ground in terms of where their politics are, and that this is what our country is all about. and where we came from and why we vote and why we come together as a nation is because you can see the transfer of power between two groups that don't agree on a whole lot, except for the fact that every citizen has the right to vote for the government that they want. >> and the soon to be first family is arriving, there is a motorcade pulling out.
9:47 am
just arrived in washington pulling up in front of the trump hotel there ahead of a luncheon that will be taken place, and it is a big motorcade because as we know, donald trump just arrived with his entire family. >> howard: everything is huge! >> it's huge, you're from both then, you know, it's huge! >> howard: you know, journalists tend to put people in boxes, left, right, republican, democrat, there were a lot of people who voted for barack obama for change who voted for donald trump in 2016. that is hard for some pundits to understand, but they felt that they didn't get that change, they didn't see the changes in their lives that they wanted over the last eight years, and now some of them, of course some of them not, but some of them are hoping that donald trump can deliver on particularly the economic promises or promises about jobs and infrastructure that he made during the campaign, and they say well, he was a successful businessman, and therefore he must know what he is doing. i think that was underestimated
9:48 am
as an attribute or a selling point for this new president. >> and we've got the countdown clock going to the official swearing in, i believe that is tiffany trump getting out of the car right now, his fourth child, recently graduated from college. and, as i mentioned, there is a lot of trump's there, so we will keep watching the doors open, and especially watching for the president-elect and it's going to be the soon to be first lady to emerge, melania trump. secret service and police, of course, are all over the place. they have been blocking the streets there from pedestrians awaiting this motorcade. but all eyes are on donald j. trump, who has just arrived in washington, 24 hours ahead of his swearing in at the noon hour eastern time tomorrow. what a day. >> howard: i am so looking forward to going back to washington and fighting with the traffic. >> said no one ever. [laughter] >> and, of course, that swearing in as we do watch for more
9:49 am
family memories to emerge, will be done by chief justice john roberts using, as we mentioned, the two bibles, his childhood bible, which was given to him by his mother in 1955, as well as the lincoln bible, which was also used by president barack obama for his and argue rations. >> remember when donald trump clinch the nomination and talked about what he would be like if he won the general election? he said i will be so presidential you will be bored. i don't think that has happened. i don't take there is anything about this president that has been boring, the way he has conducted his transition, the way he uses twitter as a method of communicating with millions of people, going around the media. one thing i can safely predict for the next four years, and i don't make a lot of predictions, this is not going to be a boring time in our nations capital. >> no, absolutely not. i was with a cabdriver recently, and everybody has their anecdote about what they've heard regular people say. the cabdriver focus group. and he said to me, i am not legal in this country, but if i
9:50 am
was i would vote for donald trump, which begs so many obvious questions. and the one i started with was why? and he said well, he understands business and money, and we really need to get the economy going again, people i know just don't have a lot of business and they are not making any money, and their families are suffering and he goes, i believe he can do that. >> no offense to that cabdriver, but i knew he was probably going to win. girlfriends who i went to college with worse considering voting for him. we talked about it the day before the election, the college educated woman of a certain socioeconomic class who were considering voting for trump quietly because they didn't want to be, it you know, embarrassed or hear criticisms from other people who all quietly voted for donald trump, and then it happen. the women that were supposed to come out in droves for hillary clinton pulled the trigger for trump. >> we are also waiting to see vice president elect mike pence to arrive, he will also attend the leadership luncheon, our chief white house correspondents
9:51 am
john roberts said that pence has left to join trump for lunch. his motorcade just left on route to the trump hotel. so he will be joining the president-elect as well. >> you understand business, as we continue to look at pictures outside the trump hotel, how is it that there is so much economic anxiety and frustration and even anger in the country, and at the same time, unemployment is about 4.7%, the stock market is near 20,000, and barack obama, despite the change in election, is walking out the door with 60% approval rating. >> the last part is about him as a person, and people finding him charming. >> and he's been out of the line of fire. >> in the disparity, it could very easily very easily be explained in the way median income has fallen and the gap between rich and poor has gotten bigger. the stock market has accelerated, that has helped some, and they have gained wealth, but those in the middle have seen wages fall. nominal wages have fallen while barack obama has been in office,
9:52 am
and that means what you are getting paid versus inflation, and how those dollars that you get paid purchase less. people feel like they are matching that, but that is real. you are falling behind in terms of what your paycheck can do for you. and people know that, and as a been told, hey, look, the unemployment rate has gone way down. they know that the jobs that they had before and the job they have now isn't as good and doesn't pay as well paired manufacturing jobs have gone away. and it's going to be the challenge for donald trump, he's already bringing jobs back, and a lot of people are taking shots at that, saying those aren't real jobs, those are jobs that were coming back anyway. he has to create an environment that makes businesses want to have their factories here, he does that with lower taxes, with cheap energy, with less regulation bread he knows how to do it because he's been on the other side of that equation, he has been fighting those battles as a ceo in the business community vehicle talk about a president who is willing to engage, as opposed to a president who saw them as enemy. i know from bank ceos, they felt like president obama saw them as the enemy, even though
9:53 am
they were democrats and they agree with him on so many things. >> even many democrats now saying that hillary clinton sorta failed to target the millions of working-class americans who feel those frustrations, whose whaley wages aren't going as far, and that's why she lost states like michigan and wisconsin. >> can i asked julie a question, do you regret not having bernie as a nominee? >> no, i don't, i regret a great many things. i don't know that bernie would have been able to do it. >> joe biden? >> he was my guy from day one prayed i think joe biden, i think as i said, i kept joking during the campaign in the land of the blind the one egg man is king. i thought joe biden was pushed out unceremoniously, dickie wanted to run. >> what you mean pushed out? >> i think joe biden wanted to run, but i think everybody from the president on down lined up behind hillary clinton, so he didn't have the opportunity, so he went along to get along, but ultimately i think biden could have done it.
9:54 am
>> hindsight is 20/20. >> and look, i never imagined that donald trump would get elected, so take every thing i say with a grain of salt. >> as our cameras remain laser-focused on the scene outside of the trump hotel, i'm wondering what you all think about whether three months from now, four months from now, when president trump is involved in legislative battles with congress, will there be this level of incredible interest in everything he does? he is a celebrity who is becoming president, as opposed to somebody who becomes a celebrity by being elected. >> he's the president and there is always interest wherever because of who he is. >> he has made a lot of promises, and i'm certainly fascinated to watch, starting with the repeal of obamacare, how he does it, how quickly he does it, what this wall that we've been hearing about for the better part of the year and a half will end up looking like, if it will end up costing congress anything, or if mexico will, in fact, pay for all of it. it's just going to be fascinating to see how he rolls out these policy promises. >> i think is a genius marketer, that is one thing we've seen
9:55 am
through his entire lifetime, if you look at his whole career, and that we will continue to see that as he takes office, and you ask if we will be interested in hanging on every word. i think both the lovers and the haters will, and i think even more than because he's president, i think he's particularly good at keeping, at being unpredictable, intentionally so, so that people stay invested and stay interested on both sides, and that as people throw heat at him he benefits from that, because he sends out right back to people who are rapidly rapidly engaged on his behalf. >> can i tell you what i'm curious about is this if ivanka trump ivanka trump will be that effective first lady. because we understand it will not be the first lady's office, it will be the first families office, and if melania ends up staying in new york it will be fascinating to see what she ends up doing. >> sheet or certainly will take on some of the ceremonial duties, and she is also somebody was very poised in front of the
9:56 am
cameras, much more public than melania trumpeted melania did not sign up for this, i think she is a lovely woman, but she obviously didn't envision a life and politics when she married donald trump. and so i think ivanka will be on magazine covers, i think she will play a big role both in terms of her image and going to events like the first lady otherwise might go to, but also as somebody who will have her father's year, and everyone knows from this campaign, i'm sure all the smart people around him that he is hired, ivanka trump is almost the first among equals among family members who are very influential with his incoming president. >> at the very least we do know that as donald trump made his way to the hotel in the motorcade he was waving to all the people that are lining the streets there. we saw a similar scene play out here in new york city out of trump tower, the secret service and the police sort of barricaded off the sidewalks and the pedestrians, and people were lining the streets, is he and his family departed trump tower en route to laguardia air force, took off on a military plane,
9:57 am
they arrived at joint base andrews just a short while ago, the motorcade has made its way to washington, d.c., to trump hotel, where a leadership luncheon will be taking place, really the first of all the festivities that will be taking place for inauguration day ahead of swearing in donald j. trump as the 45th president, that will be happening, as you can see on our countdown clock on the lower right-hand side of the screen, in about 23 hours. >> you know, these luncheons and meetings that will take place away from the cameras are actually pretty important, because too many people in washington there is this permanent power structure, the bureaucracy, members of congress of course, lobbyists and so forth. many of them don't know donald trump very well, he did not come out of what he would call the swamp culture. so obviously many of them would like to get to know him better, and he will have to use his persuasive powers to try to bring some of them along, as he battles perhaps even his own party, whether it's obamacare or jobs or things where he is not an orthodox conservative
9:58 am
republican, so as much as this is a presidency that will take place in front of the cameras and online and in social media, in d.c., a lot of the important work takes place behind the scenes. >> there will be a lot of drunk democrats tonight. drinking that whiskey. a lot of hangovers tomorrow. >> giving serious beaches like, where's the bottle? >> how we, you have been in washington a long time, tell me, has any president ever come in and really changed washington? i feel like washington may change them, but the permanent culture clash with washington. >> i don't know if it's possible to change the culture or washington, i don't know. >> ronald reagan dave, bill clinton did to some extent. but yes, is everybody somebody somehow going to get along? know, that doesn't happen, it is a very partisan culture, and that something that the new president will have to confront. >> at donald trump's words early this morning, "the journey begins, i have no doubt that
9:59 am
will together make america great again." he has landed and arrived ahead of the big day. be sure to tune in tomorrow, because this is happening all day long. every moment of the historic day right here on fnc, we will have our correspondence covering every story, and every angle, as america inaugurates donald j. trump is the 45th president of the united states, and get ready for a special edition, by the way, of "outnumbered" tomorrow. it's happening. we will be streaming live on the web with absolutely no commercials, and, by the way, no rules. anything can happen. almost no rules, okay. trust me, you do not want to miss any of that. that will be happening this friday on inauguration day at 4:00 p.m. eastern time on, you can pretty much go about it the same way you joined us for "overtime" after the live version of "outnumbered" every day at noon eastern. thank you to howard kurtz for joining us. >> nice to be her on this has touring location.
10:00 am
>> jenna: thank you very much, fox news alert, big day for our nation and an even bigger one tomorrow, president-elect donald trump arriving in washington now less than 24 hours before he takes the reins of power as commander-in-chief. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am jenna lee. >> hello, i am eric shawn in for jon scott. mr. trump at this hour holding the leadership muenchen as we have been reporting at that trump international hotel in washington, d.c. as you can seat on the right of your screen, the president-elect with the future first first lay arriving at our nations capital in the last hour. that will be their new albert, the pre-inauguration activities starting this afternoon include a visit in the next hour to arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown and he will be there along with vice president elect mike pence, meanwhile on capitol hill, two of his nominees have had a bit of a tough time this morning at their senate confirmation hearings. former texas


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