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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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pretty funny. that is tonight's "twitterstorm." that's it for us tonight, every night, 9:00 p.m. we are the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. "hannity" cap next, don't miss it. >> we are the only country in the advanced world that makes it harder. rather than easier.. >> sean: president obama leaving office the same way he came in, as a divisive, radical ideologue. michael cohen and ari fleischer will react. >> all the hacking going on, all the cyber attacks we got going on, my goodness, you've got snowed in out there. >> sean: then, president obama commuting chelsea manning sentence. dr. sebastian gorka is here to react on that. >> so badly. i hope they give me their tickets. >> sean: president-elect trump response to now the 60 plus democrats that are boycotting his inauguration.
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laura ingraham will have the snowflake snowstorm update. >> we will see one sees end, but you know, everybody has to be on guard.>> >> sean: plus, hollywood liberal snowflakes continue to freak out over donald trump. we will check in with omarosa. "hannity" starts right here.e. president obama is leaving office the same way he is coming in, a rigid divisive radical ideologue who will stop at nothing to undermine his political opponents and that is tonight's opening monologue. earlier today, and his final press conference, president obama showed he's not going away and even took a few shots at president-elect donald trump. watch this. >> i have enjoyed working with all of you. that does not of course mean that i enjoyed every story that you have filed but that is the point of this relationship. you're not supposed to be syncophants, you're supposed to be skeptics, ask me tough questions.
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i'm still a citizen. i think it is important for democrats or progressives who feel that they came out on the wrong side of the selection to be able to distinguish between the normal back and fortho ebb and flow of policy. there is a difference between that normal functioning of politics and certain issues or certain moments where i think our core values may be at stake. >> sean: pretty disrespectful. instead of following the example of president george w. bush, the one he sent when he left office, president obama has done the exact let me show you exactly what i mean. before and during obama's presidency, i interviewed president bush several times and ask them to comment on
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president obama. much to my chagrin, he refused. watch this. >> sean: you have to spend a little time with them. >> yes, he is a smart, capable person who has a presence about him. he's listened, asked me good questions and listened. >> sean: you made a decision not to attack president obama. >> it's not just him, it's whoever follows him. >> sean: you just do not want to weigh in on current affairs picked why? >> because first of all, i'm trying to regain a sense of anonymity. which i know it's impossible but nevertheless, it's worth the effort. secondly, i don't think it's good for the country. to have a former president criticize his successor. >> sean: i'm sure you have a lot to say.ti we've talked politics before you came in here. you are very engaged, no matter what's going on. >> i am very aware. i don't think it's good for the country. for a former president to undermined the currentnt president.
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i think it's bad for the presidency, for that matter. >> sean: about president obama, right? you won't tell me. >> talk about message discipline. >> sean: that's probably the highest form of it, right? >> why don't you tell people why and the reason why -- i thinkl the office is more important than the occupant. >> sean: you see that combined you with bad haircuts? i practically begged president bush to go after president obama. he wouldn't do it. president obama on the other hand had no problem completely trashing with regularity president bush, you may remember this during the 2008 campaign. >> the american people have a choice this november. it's going to be a clear choice. between four more years of the same failed bush policies that have wrecked michigan's economy, or real change. i believe that there is no separation between john mccain and george bush when it comes to our middle east policy.
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i think their policy has failed. the way bush has done it over the last eight years, to takeol out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt, that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. at this rate, the question isn't just are you better off than you were four years ago, the question is are you better off than you were four weeks ago? for eight years, we have seen the bush-mccain philosophy put our country on the wrong track.r we can't have another four years to look just like the last eight. >> sean: he kept blaming president bush the entire time he has been in office. look at this. >> we are inheriting so manyny challenges. we knew this was going to take ngtime. because we got this big messy tough democracy. the previous administration made an expensive new drug program.
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funded two wars without paying for any of them. if we had taken office during ordinary times, we would've started bringing down these deficits immediately. these are far from the best of times. by any measure, my administration inherited a a fiscal disaster. >> sean: he is still blaming bush. let's talk about president obama's treatment of president-elect donald trump. he spent the entire year of 2016 trashing the republican nomineef watch this. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief. it's bad enough being arrogant, what's worse is being arrogant and not knowing anything. if you're disrespecting women before you become president, you will do so when you are president. if you accept the support of klan sympathizers before you become president, then you will after you are president. i can honestly say to myself
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that if we as democrats had nominated somebody who said the things mr. trump said, and i would have to say i am sorry, yes i am a democrat but i am an american first. >> sean: president obama savagely attacked president-elect donald trump because he knew if a republican won, his legacy would be nonexistent. obama refused tobe compromise even a little bit on his leftist ideology, he refused to work with the republicans in congress and instead, relied mostly on executive orders and actions and discussion to unilaterally dictate federal law. now that donald trump won, obama's realizing his legacy could all be gone by the stroke of a pen as soon as donald trump takes office. take a look at the major obama executive branch policies that trump can overturn. for example, on immigration. jim can easily undo obama's
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deferred reaction for order which basically granted amnesty to over 1 million illegal "dreamers" ." he can catch and release that policy that looks criminal illegal aliens roam free. sanctuary cities.mi now president trump can push back on stat refuse to cooperate and enforce federal law. refugees, president trump can stop thousands of people from countries with ties to terror from ever entering the country. the iranian nuclear deal, he didn't go to the senate, the trump administration can take steps to get out of that agreement with the number one state sponsor of terrorism. climate change regulations likee the epa's clean power plan and the paris climate agreement can easily go bye-bye. then you go over to congress and throwing repeal and replace obamacare and getting rid of dodd frank and federal regulations. after that, the only thing that is going to be left is
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president obama's real legacy which we pointed out many times as an utter failure. on the economy, foreign policy, and unfortunately, this part will be much harder for president-elect trump to get rid of. the other part of his real field legacy is that he refused to change. he was so stubborn. he never came close to having a sister soldier moment like bill clinton did. remember when he said the era og big government is over? the end of welfare as we know it? you may remember this. >> we know big government does not have all the answers. we know there's not a program for every problem.on we know and we have work to give the american people a smallerwe less bureaucratic in washington. one that lives within its meansn the era of big government is
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over. >> sean: bill clinton adjusted, was pragmatic, he ended up working with newt gingrich. they balanced the budget. this president never adjusted to reality. president obama has been stuck in his predisposed leftists indoctrinated ideology, this indoctrination by communists frank marshall davis, mr. president, he never broke away from radical tactics. the church of gd america. he never separated himself from bill ayres, and in the end, president obama, you accomplished pretty much nothing. after 100 days of donald trump being president, it's going to be likee you were never there. except for that that you left us, doubling the debt. and of course, the judges elected.
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let me offer president obama, who is outgoing now, some advice. show a little bit of class.ic and try to be quiet for once. you had your chance. learn from george w. bush. sadly, you didn't get the job done. that is your legacy. here now with reaction, michael cohen. former white house products secretary ari fleischer. ari, i really tried to get president bush to go after barack obama. he wouldn't do it. i don't expect this will be the same example barack obama will follow. you agree? >> not even close. let me give you a little insight, i talked to former president bush about thiss myself. i remember when he was in japann and in japan, they have a system with the former prime minister, going to the parliament. bush was talking to me about itp and he said how on earth can you be president when all your predecessors are speaking out against you?
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he was already thinking about that when he was a sitting president. it is good for the s country. the job is a hard job and the graciousness that the extent of their successor makes us a strong country. congress' job is to fight with the president, former s president's jobs are to fade into the sunset and do so gracefully. your day has come, you had your chance. as you pointed out, much of what president obama has done is going to be erased because of the election. the american people spoke. now it's time for something else to do it. it's time for somebody else frankly to fade into the sunset. >> sean: it's also the way he governed. he didn't want to do the hard work of working with congress. that can be easily overturned. michael, what you expect from president obama when he leaves office? >> here's the thing, sean. it doesn't really matter anymore. in two days, donald trump will become the 45th president. he's going to do everything he promised during the campaign
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that he would do for the american he has already shown what he's's going to do. keeping jobs in america, putting america first and making america great again. he's just going to live up to his promises which is really unlike unfortunately where we've been for the past eight years. it's sad that the only thing will ultimately be remembered under the obama legacy as i think that bronze sculpture that was just commissioned. >> sean: i think that and bringing back the bust of winston churchill. whichk i hear is coming back as well. michael, a lot of people have asked me because i know we've been friends a long time, why is it michael going with the president-elect? have you decided -- >> i get that question a lot, obviously i am very loyal and dedicated to mr. trump. i think he's going to be not just a good president, i think he's going to be a great president. he's going to be the president that ends up working with
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everybody, whether republican or democrat. including those democrats that are choosing not to the truth is, he doesn't care. as far as me, i spoke yesterday to mr. trump. you'll be the first one to know, sean, i am going to be the personal attorney to mr. trump. i am not going to be in government but i'm going to remain technically in the same role for mr. trump for president trump as i was when he was president of the trump organization. >> sean: in that role, not being a government role, yous would have attorney-client privilege with president trump? >> yes, of course. that relationship hopefully will last for not just four years, but eight years. i think he's a wonderful man, i think it's going to be an amazing president. the family is just fantastic. they are behind him 100%. he's going to have jared and ivanka there.
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to speak to him on a day-to-day basis. i will be in d.c. and new york, anywhere mr. trump will need necessary.y. i will be there. >> sean: ari, i know you're going to disagree with me because i know you. i look at the hostile news media, and that they colluded with the hillary campaign. maybe moving them out of the white house press office, that's prime real estate there. and moving them to another location or talk radio host or bloggers, other news sources. why do i sense that you might be against all of that? >> i have no problem with moving the press temporarily out of the briefing room. for the briefing itself, and the reason for that is donald trump going up some of the reporters show up, they can't fit into that briefing room. 49 seats, way more than that are going to show up. and he comes to the work space of the white house, sean, if i
10:16 pm
were donald trump, i would think about it this way. he has the upper hand over the press right now.on they are so unpopular. their poll shows, popularity of the press has never been so low. the public doesn't think they are accurate. or it's reported accurately orth fairly. if donald trump physically removes them from the west wing cubicle, the little occupied space, he will turn them into david instead of goliath. he will flip the leverage that he has over the press right now, he would create a backlash where the public frankly who is against the press will switch and be in favor of the press. >> sean: thank you both. up next, tonight here on "hannity." >> first of all, let's be clear. chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. >> sean: president obama standing by his decision to commute chelsea manning sentence. dr. sebastian gorka on reaction. all of that and special reports, bret baier in the studio.
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>> it live from america's news headquarters, i am jack ibanez in new york. president-elect trump is once a covert confirmation. it voted over with overwhelming today to recommend that the full senate consider general james mattis for top pentagon job, top pentagon job there. general mattis retired in 2013 after 41 year career in uniform. former president george herbert walker bush and his wife barbara both hospitalized right now in houston. the former president was used to icu following a procedure to clear his airways.
10:20 pm
former first lady barbara bush went to the hospital as percussion after feeling under the weather for about two weeks. both bushes bushes recurrently celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary. we wish them well. i am jack ibanez, now back to hannity. for all of your headlines, log onto fox >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." earlier today, president obama defended his decision to commute the sentence of former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking documents that wikileaks and others. watch this. >> well, first of all, let's be clear. chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. so the notion that the average person who is thinking about disclosing vital classified information will think that it goes unpunished, i don't think
10:21 pm
would get that impression from the sentence that chelsea manning has served. >> sean: while obama stands by his controversial decision, a senior defense official says some top army leaders were against commuting manningsg sentence and was told that manning leaked 700,000 plus documents and that his actions may have accelerated the arab spring and may have contributed to the rights of isis. this is so controversial that even some democratic senators are very concerned. take a look. >> we are going to give a green light to people basically with all the hacking going on and all the cyber attacks you got going on? my goodness, you've got snowden, julian assange, is just wrong. >> i have serious concerns about equivocating offenses when national security is at stake. >> sean: joining us now, fox
10:22 pm
news contributor dr. sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, 700,000 documents may have led to the rise of arab spring. and the rise of isis. and others allow this that's thd set about wiki links. this is a person that stole the documents. i know there's been a lot of talks about wikileaks. >> right. sean, this measure has rewarded a traitor. if we can demonstrate that these documents more than a million pages, led to the deaths of people in our allied nations, or helped to facilitate the rise of isis, that is absolutely reprehensible that bradley manning gets a commuted sentence. what is the message we are sending to the world? actions have no consequences? and if you have a clear instance, this is the thing you can do? it is unbelievable that ideology once again has trumped national
10:23 pm
security in this white house. >> sean: obama made a u-turn by commuting his sentence. let me go back and look at for w example, the issue of the pentagon papers. 47 volume top-secret study, u.s. involvement of southeast asia. commissioned by then the department of defense secretary bob mcnamara. then "the new york times" began publishing articles based on the pentagon papers. then the supreme court weighedne in and said the constitutionas guarantees a free press and that overrides other considerations. so it's really not about the people that published comments about the people that steal it and leak it, right? >> once it's in public domain, you or i can't be punished for reading it or forwarding it. it's the act of the individual like bradley manning, like edward snowden who actually take that classified information off the secure server.
10:24 pm
and then. >> sean: so daniel ellsberg is the guy that was responsible for giving the papers to "the new york times." he in fact was convicted,e indicted on espionage theft conspiracy. does that impact "the new york times," wikileaks, the people to publish this information? >> well, it should. absolutely. the technical question of you have a clearance, you have sworn to protect that information and you go against that. you should serve the time that has been sentenced to you. there's the other issue which ie what damage does it do to america? what does it do to our friends, allies, what is the cost? every time this happens, they have to do an impacter assessme. what has this meant for the safety of americans? with 1 million pages plus, it's horrific to consider what this f
10:25 pm
man was responsible for. >> sean: i know we've got to balance liberty, freedom of the press, the right of the people in this country to know, do you think our government under the obama years has been too secretive? >> great question. y the mainstream media has basically facilitated a secret war. think about how many drone strikes obama has used more in the first year of his presidency than george w. bush did in his two terms. but who reports about that? who reports about the fact that we are bombing at one time, six nations. nobody reports about it. do you remember gulf i? the second gulf war? the embedded journalist? we have journalists right now on the front line with all the units. what happened to the embedded journalist? why don't they want to report about what obama is doing? >> sean: all right, dr. gorka, always good to see you. up next on "hannity."oo
10:26 pm
>> many of the celebrities that are saying they are not going, they were never invited. i want the people. >> sean: president-elect donald trump tells ainsley earhardt that he doesn't care celebrities are skipping his inauguration. and the list of democratic lawmakers boycotting the inauguration continues to grow.r bret baier is also here with us, that's up straightahead. is als, that's up strai y pause a spontaneous moment?
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>> many of the celebrities that are saying they're not going, they were never invited. i do want the celebrities, i want the people. >> sean: that wasng president-elect donald trump talking about the snowflakes boycotting his inauguration. there are over 60 democratic lawmakers not attending either. president obama was asked about the dozens of lawmakers that are refusing to attend friday's event. take a look. >> with respect toto the inauguration, i'm not going to comment on those issues. all i know is i'm going to be there. so is michelle. i have been checking the weather and i am hardened by the fact that it won't be as cold as myec first inauguration. >> sean: joined now byby potential senate candidate from the commonwealth of virginia, i'm pushing this by the way, i am your first official endorser. >> i love it.
10:30 pm
>> sean: imagine if this happened eight years ago. >> oh, my gosh. sean, if this happened eight years ago, the conservative protesters who weren't participating would be called un-american, disrespectful, attempting to delegitimize thehe first african-american president, you could say this is the first nonpolitical president we've had in a long time. the first businessman. of his nature to be president. it's historic in its own way. it was a surprise victory to a lot of people. it caught the pundit class by storm and by surprise. there's so much to be celebrated by this, about this inauguration. and yet, the press is spending all it's time focusing on the march for women or the protesters who are banging the garbage cans outside of the trump international hotel. if it were the other way around, the protesters would be demonized, and themselves delegitimize by the press.
10:31 pm
>> sean: do you remember how they talked about tea party people? senator schumer, the leaders of the democrats, remember boycotters. russia interfered with the election. not to be outdone, maxine waters, exact same talking point. in spite of no evidence that shows this election was impacted in any way, they continue to try and delegitimize trump. it doesn't have anyit impact? >> i don't think it does at all. i think it's unfortunate for them. they're not creating a single job or helping a single minority in the inner city with this action. they are probably raising a little bit of money off of it,it sean. going back to that press conference that obama had today. he referenced the organizing and activism a number of times. this battle goes on. he referenced we haven't won all the battles. he mentioned the battle for
10:32 pm
transgender rights and other points about income inequality.. he was calling everybody to a greater sense of activism on the left as he of course is going to as one would expect. >> sean: assuming that donald trump is going to keep his promises, i see everything is going to be a fight. the supreme court nominee, fight. reducing the corporate tax rate, repatriation tax, lowered to 10% bring money, jobs to america, that's going to be a fight. building the wall, fight. vetting refugees, fight. education back to the states, fight. >> oh, big time. >> sean: do you have confidence in the republican congress to stand by the trump agenda? i don't think they do. >> i think your instincts here are right. i think we settled a bit of that with rubio on the tillerson questioning. with paul ryan, he does want toy work with the president on a
10:33 pm
number of points. there are interesting points going on with the -- what president-elect trump and his team can do on the edges of budget reconciliation, paul ryan understands what you can do. the reconciliation process. i hope the trump team understands just how much they can accomplish just by using that mechanism. they've got to be very careful and very widely with how they deal with the republican leadership on capitol hill. >> sean: trump will have the republican associate, democratic establishment, immediate establishment against him. do they eventually get him? >> i think he'll have an uphill battle, but i think as the people with him on key issues. on the trade agreement. on the issue of bringing jobs back to the united states, even on some of the questions of punishing other countries who are blatantly cheating on tradec agreement. he has a people on a side on that.em
10:34 pm
he should stand firm and do it with a smile and economic populism as he did in the campaign. if he stays in that campaign mode while he isno governing, yu have to keep selling it. you can't lose the confidence of the people on these issues. if he does that, i think there is going to be enormous pressure on the phone bakes, emails to get these republican leaders especially in >> sean: all right, laura, are you going to the ball? >> sean, i heard you weren't going. >> sean: they're making me wear a dopey tux to this. >> you had the mullet. >> sean: i am not wearing a dopey bow tie either. i would rather wear jeans and boots. >> you should wear boots, jeans and just a black tie. it would look cool. >> sean: up next tonight on "hannity." >> thanking everybody, all of the presidents including by the way president obama. >> sean: president-elect
10:35 pm
telling our own ainsley earhardi what he is going to say in his inaugural address. we will get bret baier. and drama building over the super bowl and thead halftime show, reports saying lady gaga was asked not to get political, now the nfl allegedly says that is not true. we have reaction to all of that and celebrity snowflakes and the freak outs from omarosa. straight ahead. the world's most exciting technology... ...doesn't go on your wrist. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with class-leading horsepower.
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make sure it's ano make a intelligent one. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. >> i want to ask you about your speech, have you were prepared at? what is the first line? >> well, i have prepared it. the first line is thank you, everybody, all of the presidents, including by the way, president obama. and michelle, who have been absolutely nice. >> what is the first thing you're going to do when you walk into the white house? >> well, i want to go to work. monday is a really the day that we start signing and working and making great deals for the
10:41 pm
country. >> sean: that was president-elect during his exclusive sitdown interview with ainsley earhardt from fox and friends. he tweeted a photo of himself writing his inaugural address. he wrote... joining us now with reaction, the author of a terrific brand-new book, "three days in january: dwight eisenhower's final mission." bret baier. how are you, sir? i'm sure you're going to have a lot of coverage while this happens, it's happened 44 times in our history. it's an incredible thing to w watch for those that be have not seen this in the past. you walk through what people will expect on friday? >> the maccallum will be anchoring the coverage starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. the swearing in for the 45th president, donald j. trump happens just after noon,
10:42 pm
eastern, the swearing inin will happen and then there will be his speech. the vice president will also bes sworn in up there on the u.s. capital. we are in our coverage will try to not talk a lot. we are trying to give as much natural sound of this moment as possible. we will insert -- >> sean: i'm glad i wasn't cast with that because that's impossible. >> i know. for the moment, you are right, this is about history.y. this is about what we have just watched over the last two years, it's quite something, sean. you nailed it. you had it down and knew it was going to happen. but for most of the country, they didn't. when it started with the escalade of 2015, through all of the debates, through the generah election, even to election night when exit polls said that hillary clinton was going to win, this has been quite
10:43 pm
something. and now, when donald j. trump puts his hand on the lincoln bible and his family bible and a sworn in as the 45th president of the united states, that will be very historic. something that the world will want to see. >> sean: now i know why i wasn't picked for the assignment, they probably assumed i would be able to shut up. in all seriousness, it is a pretty incredible moment. whenever this happens. whether it somebody i prefer there or not, it's irrelevant. there is a lot to be saidid though. you are in the news business. you and i have very different roles on television. i am the editorial page, you give straight news. i've known you for all these years. i really don't know, i would have no idea who you voted for in this campaign and you wouldn't tell me if i asked you. and i would ask you. we have all the stories about fake news out there. you saw the breathlessness of the reporting of cnn and buzzfeed that took place. we know about the collusion in the media of this campaign,
10:44 pm
vis-a-vis wikileaks. the opinion of journalism has never been at such a low as it is now. what you think is going on here, have the american people been duped by people that say they are fair and balanced? outside of the fox arena? b >> yeah, i think there are clearly biases that have shown themselves throughout this campaign. it's one of the reasons of foxea news channel was set up to begin with. in this small niche of half the country that felt like they weren't getting news in a fair and balanced way. it's not just a slogan. >> sean: i'm three quarters through, by the way, the book is amazing. it talks about this tran from eisenhower to jfk, very, very informative stuff i didn't know before. i urge everyone to get it. >> let me just say one quick thing on eisenhower's inauguration speech. the day before, january 19th, this is in 1953, he goes to
10:45 pm
church and he is trying to figure out how he can calm everybodynu down. believe it or not, they thought that a general as president, there was a lot of fear like what is this guy going to do? he is in church in the pew, he started scribbling and he scribbles out a prayer. he decides that is how he is starting his inauguration speech. he gets to the podium after being sworn in and he tells everybody to bow their head and starts with a prayer. that was very eisenhower. people i think should look back at his presidency to see a road map of what we could see in thed future. >> sean: thought and the transition to jfk. pretty impressive stuff. bret baier, thanks for being with us. up next, more celebrity snowflakes are freaking out over president-elect trump. it doesn't go away. now there is some drama be worrying about whether or not lady gaga is going to talk about trump during the super bowl halftime show. good grief. when does this end? we get reaction from omarosa, the one and only. >> sean: back to "hannity." sa,
10:46 pm
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>> sean: back to "hannity." so, the celebrity snowflakes super storm rages on. now there is drum about the super bowl and the halftime show. entertainment tonight earlier this week reported that a source told them that the national football league has told
10:51 pm
lady gaga she's not allowed to talk politics during the big games halftime performance. an nfl spokesperson quickly denied those rumors, releasing a statement to tmz that reads in part, this is unsourced nonsenss from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none. the super bowl is a time when people really come together. meanwhile, robert de niro was asked during an interview about people boycotting trump's inauguration. >> whatever people do, they should do it fully because there is a lot of crazy stuff happening now. it's just crazy. maybe it's an act and we willff see once he is in, everybody has to be on guard. >> sean: no, we really don't. joining us now, the incoming director of communications for the office of public liaison, omarosa's back. how are you? >> hi, hannity.. how you? >> sean: i want all the stuff and it never ends.
10:52 pm
these people cannot grow up and get over this. what's your reaction? >> my reaction is this. i think hollywood has discovered they have no impact on what the people's will is.ol they have beyonce and cher andnd jay-z and it still didn't matter. the people went to the polls and they selected donald j. trump as the president of the united states. they have these celebrities and they are panicking and freaking out because their influence is not going to impact what is happening here in washington. >> sean: what amazes me, all throughout this election seasong i talked about the millions more in poverty, food stamps, out of the labor force with no jobs, lowest home ownership rate and 51 years, doubling the debt, why don't they care? when are they going to face any sense of reality that their policies that they advocate didn't work? why is that so hard forr them to face? >> i think because they've only known to just follow their own path and in following hollywood,
10:53 pm
they always vote for the democrats and they always follow those policies but they are realizing that america wants to see change. they are tired of being promisee that that's not being delivered. in l.a. for instance on skid row, we have little children going to sleep without food without clothing, why not protest poverty? why not go to chicago in protest violence. why not make an impact ask that of squandering opportunities to unite this nation? they're using it to grandstand instead to make a change. >> sean: i've watched you on "celebrity apprentice," i've a very different opinion of you now that i've gotten to know you. what has donald trump done for you personally to make your life better? >> first of all, it was very tough on the apprentice. i don't sit at that negotiating table, i'm one tough cookie unapologetically. being on the apprentice changed my life. he selected me out of 250,000 candidates..
10:54 pm
24 million people watched it every single week and as a result of that, i've had an opportunity to come back here where it all began for me. here in washington and really work to be the change that we want to see in this nation. i am so honored to serve this president. >> sean: i'm glad i got to know the other omarosa. different from the one i was g watching. >> don't come in the board room with me. >> sean: i don't think i want to be in a boardroom battling omarosa. good luck to you. congratulations on your new job. when we come back, a very important question of the day, straight ahead. oh, hey, rob. what's with the minivan? it's not mine. i don't -- dale, honey, is your tummy still hurting, or are you feeling better to ride in the front seat? oh! is this one of your motorcycling friends? hey, chin up there, dale. lots of bikers also drive cars. in fact, you can save big if you bundle them both with progressive. i'd like that. great. whoo. you've got soft hands.
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11:00 pm
starting tomorrow, i will be in sin city, washington, d.c., for president-elect donald trump's inauguration. we hope you will tune in. as always, thank you for being with us. we will sfair, balanced, and un. "the first 100 days" with martha starts right now. ♪ >> martha: breaking tonight, live it from our nations capital ball, washington, d.c., prepares, some might say races for the historic inauguration of president-elect donald trump and just under 48 hours from now. welcome to the first "the first 100 days," i i'm martha maccal. at the top of mr. trump's agenda is repealing and replacing obamacare, which he has dubbed the "un-affordable care act." this struggle takes it back to the passionate and heated town house that we remember from 2009. america's health care system is still just as contentious, now, beginning tope


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