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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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tomorrow night. 7:00. thank you for joining us. have a good night. ♪ ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> i have asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. >> so, what exactly will donald trump to you on monday when he is sitting in the oval office? we have been investigating and we will tell you what we know. >> bill: some very bad people descended on washington, espousing violence. martha maccallum has been investigating that. ♪ >> bill: also, had, singer tony orlando defining the threats, will perform at the
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inauguration. he will be here tonight. ♪ >> bill: caution, you are about to enter this "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am belle o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president trump, and executive orders. that is this subject of this evening's a "talking points" memo. as you know, president trump has said that he will sign a number of actions almost immediately after taking office on friday. some of which may overturn things president obama did. but what things? we have been investigating. here is the best available evidence. mr. trump is likely to issue notifications of the usa will withdraw from the transpacific trading partnership, that of course we'll rock summation countries and put the entire region on notice. mr. trump is also promising to cut restrictions on the coal
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industry. now, for the big ones. donald trump is going to do something on the southern border. we are not exactly sure what. james rosen has been looking at that and he will be with us in a moment. also, mr. trump will gets specific about obamacare and possibly suspend some government mandates by executive order. you may remember back in 2009, barack obama issued an executive order to close the present at one time obey. eight years later, it remains open. executive orders are not in stone. presidents are free to change their mind. one thing a new president cannot do is overturn pardons issued by a previous president. there is some word from inside the trump organization that the new president will institute a "shock and awe strategy" and sign a number of far-reaching executive actions to signal that he will shake up washington. if, that's a big gift, that happens next week, all hell will break loose. no question at once. coming up, americans can expect a wild first week donald trump
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was president. he will issue a number of executive orders, democrats will not be happy with them, and the media condemnation will be intense. take it to the bank. that is the memo. now, for the top story, let's bring in james rosen who joins us from d.c. now, we hear that even on friday, after he is sworn in, there may be some executive orders. tell us specifically what you know. >> bill, there will be a. lack of time after donald trump has taken the oath of office as president and before he walks out to pennsylvania avenue, to participate in the review of the inaugural parade, he will have time in the white house to sign a number of executive orders. we are told on friday, on january 20th, he will sign a number of them. they will mostly be logistical. they have to do with things like making sure that certain members of his family receive secret service protection and the like. mr. trump himself told us that the biggest signings will probably wait until monday, after the inaugural weekend, so to speak.
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even there, there was this debate between his advisors, amongst his advisors, on whether to do this "shock and awe" strategy that you just alluded to, or whether to do it to drip, drip, drip. basically, the drip, drip, drip, from the ascertain, won. you have these nominees for the cabinet positions who are up for confirmation. if you go shock and all on the first day, let's say the environmental regulation, that might imperil the nomination of scott pruitt. >> bill: you don't want to anchor the democrats in congress so that they would take out their angst on the nominees for cabinet positions. i understand that. that is pretty interesting. but he is going to have to do something on the border. what will that likely be? it doesn't matter what time he does it. but he is going to do something. >> certainly, by next week, he will see then president trump to
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something on the border with executive action. the problem for him is that whether it is building a wall or immigration policy rate to large, or even obamacare, there is only so much he can accomplish by executive action. he will require congress in each of these categories to work with him. there are certain steps you can take. in the wall, for example, he can declare that it is the intention of the united states to build this wall. he can move around border patrol agents. he can even start restricting which countries are allowed to send people here through immigration. and that will tie into his campaign pledge to institute some kind of temporary ban on muslim immigration. it probably won't be religious based. it will probably be based on which countries have high populations of muslims and are of concern where terror is concerned. there will be some of this but, but it won't be as far-reaching as his supporters. for a lot of that, they'll have to turn to congress.
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>> bill: he can flood the zone with border patrol agents in certain sectors, he can move them around. so, you are going to see some action, i believe, next week on that. then, obamacare. now, obamacare is a big deal. it is going to be up for a vote in congress to repeal, basically most of it. but he can take executive action and what quarter? >> for example, using executive action, president trump next week, when he is sworn in, can, for example, limit, take actions to limit the number of benefits that insurers are required to provide. he can limit the marketing and outreach for the obamacare program. he can tighten up when people are allowed to apply for obamacare as it currently exists. he can tinker around the margins, and short, for the true repeal under placement of obamacare, as we have been reporting on fox news, he is going to need congressional
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action he'll probably get it. >> bill: okay. so, summing up, you have a president that is going to come in with a very activist and provocative point of view and he is going to shake it up, the first week or two and you know what is going to happen with the press. they will go wild. >> one area in which i think it was he really far-reaching action by the next president early on, using executive actions, is the environment. it is going to be aimed, my sources tell me, at rooting out the influence of the far left environmentalists, not just at the environmental protection agency, but at other agencies where they have gained a kind of a toehold, that includes the department of state, the department of congress, interior. that is going to be met with howls of resistance. again, the executive action probably will take effect. >> bill: all right. this is absolutely true. last night, i was reading
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rosen's book on william f buckley, buckley's essays about the president come about jfk, about johnson, nixon, and it's good, it's good. you didn't write the book, you add the students. but i wanted to point that out. you guys might want to pick it up. it is because you are very kind. >> bill: i am a sweetheart. >> bill: next on "the rundown," president obama's final press conference. we'll take a look. many americans are outraged that an ime private has been granted clemency by barack obama. senator john mccain will weigh in on that. upcoming. ♪ oa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours.
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but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ >> bill: "impact segment" segment tonight. president obama's final press conference. as usual, he was very philosophical and deliberate. it was was not a fast-paced experience. one of the few news breaking
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questions was undemocratic congress people who boycotting the inauguration. >> with respect to the inauguration, i am not going to comment on those issues. all they know is i'm going to be there. so is michelle. i have been checking the weather and i'm heartened by the fact that it won't be as cold as my first inauguration. that was cold. [laughter] >> bill: the president dodged on his way out the door, here to analyze, that was disappointing to me. i think the president had an opportunity to say, you know what, this is a real important day for america, it has been since george washington. handed power to john adams. i disagree with my colleagues in the party. in the house. speak with a smooth transition of power, a great opportunity. it is worth noting that all of them are house members, none of the senate has done this. remember, people who are elected to office represent both parties. they just don't represent the people who voted for them.
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700,000 in a district, there is going to a good percentage of them -- >> bill: let's keep it on topic. >> he is going to back out of that office as the least effective president in modern history. 1227 --dash -- >> bill: let's keep it on this dodge. what do you say? >> i disagree with both of you. i think that the president's appearance there, along with the first lady, just as hillary clinton's appearance, along with her husband, the former president bill clinton, that is enough to signal to the nation, to the world, that they are the peaceful transition of power. >> bill: he had a chance to reinforce -- >> both sides could have reached out to each other and compromised. >> bill: i don't care about reaching out. why did the man not take the opportunity to promote what is a proud day in american history? y? >> he speaks for himself, the president, the 44th president of the united states, he will be
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there, he has done everything -- >> bill: you are not answering my question. you are dodging the question. >> he has confirmed the peaceful transition has enshrined in the constitution. to ask them to do more -- >> he dodged it because he is going to be one of the people who are boycotting the inauguration in 48 hours. he will say, look, i'm one of you now. that to me is extremely disappointing. but you have to recognize the president has a different role than commentators. >> bill: lesson, you said that, anything else is partisan. barack obama is a leader in this country and will remain such. all right? even after he leaves. >> he's only 55. >> bill: he's a leader. he dodged a question that he should not have dodged. winston churchill could not have dodged that question. >> i'm not so sure about that. i have seen winston churchill -- >> he had to make a decision. >> bill: that's another example of poor leadership. there is controversy around
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president obama staying in washington, some people said he might set a shadow government up and undermined donald trump. he was asked about it today, will he speak out about issues? >> efforts to round up kids who have grown up here and for all practical purposes are american kids, and send them someplace else, when they love this country, the notion that we would just arbitrarily or because of politics punish those kids, when they didn't do anything wrong themselves. i think would be something that would merit me speaking out. >> bill: nobody thinks that it's going to happen, no one think there is going to be around about the so-called dreamers. george w. bush never said anything about obama, i mean, never. can you guys remember any kind of criticism that he lodged?
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you know some things that president obama did that are driving him crazy. dick cheney, the vice president, he did say a few times, particularly -- and now, is a legitimate, for a former president, now, living, just a few blocks away from the white house to weigh in on something like that? >> since the election, particularly in the last couple of weeks, i have gone out of my way to show the president-elect, the 44th president of the united states that i support him without reservation. i have embraced in, i have publicly stated that i want to give donald trump a chance to be a great president, because if he is a great president, then, the country prosperous. but if my friend, with whom i spent a nice time last week, where to begin a deportation force to rent up those children, i would have -- >> bill: you are not a former president. >> when the 60 odd troublemakers
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in the house, and they don't represent multi-districts, those are all safe districts, those are districts where they will get elected forever and ever, with a political stand, that is politics. when you start deporting american children -- >> bill: you would be okay with president obama criticizing. >> in that particular -- >> bill: you see what we're doing here. we are talking about what is he is going to do post-presidency. he is clearly. he said as much, he will be back to organizing again. but he can do now as he can go after the base, he can get the pure leftist ideologues. donald trump backed off his deportation force. he said he is not going to do that. >> bill: no one expects them to do that. >> to even bring that up -- >> bill: they ask him what circumstances, i thought that was legitimate. >> what do you do when you don't like the answer? as you call color, pedestrian commentary, you dismiss it
5:18 pm
immediately. president obama didn't dismiss it immediately, geraldo didn't dismiss it. the bulk of you talked about deportation, donald trump is not -- >> the real fear, these children live in terror right now, eric. even you -- >> bill: so, generally speaking, it would be a bad thing of barack obama set up a shadow government, do you agree with me? >> i agree and i doubt it will happen. >> bill: do you agree? >> it would be a massive movement, organic movement of obama. >> bill: here is the organic movement. he is going to go out, give speeches for $250,000 a pop. and he doesn't care who is in there, as long as he can get 250,000. he is going to write a book and the book is going to be "why i am the greatest president ever." i may cowrite it with him. [laughter] that is a joke. and then, he is going to do some
5:19 pm
teaching. he will associate himself with harvard. >> what else he will do, he will raise eight gazillion dollars and a foundation that will make the clinton foundation look like -- >> bill: that will be interesting if he opens a foundation. i don't think he will do that. gentlemen, thank you very much. directly ahead, the president did address the chelsea manning parting. senator john mccain didn't like what he said. later, miller wants to talk about the inauguration. that could be trouble. as "the factor" forges ahead. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> bill: "factor followup" segment. private chelsea manning, he is to be bradley manning, is serving 35 years, convicted of multiple charges. manning lake hundreds of thousands of documents to wikileaks, some of which put
5:23 pm
people in physical danger in places like afghanistan and iraq. yesterday, the president commuted manning's sentence. >> the sentence that she received was very disproportional -- just a parchment relative to what other leakers had received. and she had to serve a significant amount of time. it made sense to commute. >> bill: private manning will be released in a few months. joining us now from washington as senator john mccain. your reaction to the commutation? >> rage, frustration, and sorrow. sorrow for the families of those individuals who identified in these leaks in afghanistan that the taliban went after and murdered. and rage because this president is basically endorsing a
5:24 pm
proposal that allows someone to go free who is responsible for the needless deaths of those people who are allies. but do you say to their families, bill? >> bill: how do you know that manning's leaks directly led to a person's death? did you get reports? >> i have reports that the taliban went after the people that were identified in these reports. by the way, why wouldn't they? >> bill: sure. i just wanted to know if it was specific leaks that came to you as a senator that showed what wikileaks did with manning's help killed people that were helping the usa. >> let me be specific. the information i received when i was there was that the taliban went after these people. i assume, killed them. >> bill: okay. i guess manning has served seven years, something like that, and then, president obama says, that is enough. that is commiserate with what
5:25 pm
she did. >> of course, that is outrageou outrageous. what is more egregious than providing the enemy with information that would help them, which over time, then, puts the lives of the men and women serving in uniform and greater danger? is there any argument that anyone could have that wikileaks didn't do that? >> bill: so, you believe that the president is misguided and his sympathies here. do you think it has anything to do with the privates being transgender? >> i have no idea what the motivation is. i understand that there was a lot of people who were arguing for this commutation but i can't expect -- i would expect any commander-in-chief before commuting the sentence of someone of this nature would consult with our military leaders. you'd think that he called that
5:26 pm
the chairman of droid drenchedf of staff? 's b1 auch carter didn't want that. his own secretary of defense said, don't do it. >> nor did any of our military leaders. >> bill: friday, trump becomes president. you and he have a strained relationship. have you spoken with him since he will knock the election? >> i have spoken to him twice. both times, it was about appointments. by the way, i have very good and strong relationship with a vice president elect, with general mattis, general calley, general flynn. there are a lot of people around the vice president-elect, as i mentioned, i have been talking with them a lot. reince priebus, as well, about appointments. we just got to legislation passed today so that we can confirm general mattis and secretary of defense right after the inauguration, immediately the same day. we have been working in some areas together. >> bill: okay. a big difference between you and
5:27 pm
donald trump at this point is russia. do you feel you will be able to convince them to take a harder line against putin? >> i certainly hope people around him can. i know how general mattis feels. i know how general flynn feels. i know how even mr. tillerson feels. look, we cannot reward of misbehavior. we have to go back to ronald reagan, peace through strength, get strong, and then deal with them. that way is the only way we can do it. >> bill: if trump lift sanctions, you want to be real pleased? >> i am going to be deeply, deeply disappointed. and by the way, so are all the people in the baltic countries and in ukraine and in georgia, that right now, are under the threat of military action by vladimir putin. >> bill: finally, the boycott has not extended to the centage.
5:28 pm
there are congresspeople, as you know, democrats not showing up to the inauguration. but the senate has held. why is that? by our the democratic senators, some of them far left, why are they boycotting? >> i say with typical senate snobbery, we are not to like that. [laughter] >> bill: they are the school kids, you are the professors. >> i think they have smaller constituencies and more narrow constituencies. my colleagues, and some cases, represent millions of people. i think they are respecting the peaceful transition of power, which is characterized most successful experiment in democracy in history. >> bill: senator, we always appreciated. thanks very much. planter had to as "the factor" moves along. one of the few known entertainers, tony orlando, he will be here. and mellow with some thoughts on
5:29 pm
the inauguration. also, martha maccallum with threats of violence as donald trump as sworn in. we hope you stay tuned. of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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♪ >> bill: "unresolved problems" segment. as everyone knows, if you'd named entertainers want anything to do with the inauguration. the exception, tony orlando. mr. orlando joins us now from
5:33 pm
springfield, missouri. why do you think about this whole controversy at the inauguration? >> it saddens me, bill, quite honestly. i guess they come from an old-fashioned frame of mind. it may be back was great. i have a red, white, and blue state of mind. not a red state, blue state, but a red, white, and blue state of mind. it saddens me to see this country it is being torn apart at a moment in time, we are about to see a transition of power. hillary clinton is going to be there. bill clinton is going to be there. barack obama is going to be there. the bushes are going to be there. it just kills me to see this. i believe it is my patriotic duty, bill, when the president-elect asked me to sing for the armed services, i worked hard for the last 43 years. i have spent my whole career working on behalf of veterans, as you know. if president-elect said, i think
5:34 pm
tony is the right performer for the armed services inaugural ball, what an honor! >> bill: it is. do you have done things for the democrats. it's not political with you. you are honoring the vets by going to their ball. have you gotten any blowback? anybody criticize you? >> probably tomorrow morning after being with you i will. [laughs] but the truth is, bill -- >> bill: a lot of entertainers, once they signed on, they got hammered. i don't expect you to get hammered because you are doing the vets, it is a targeted thing. i don't expect a lot of vitriol directed at you. but what did you do for the democrats? you did a pretty big thing for them, correct? >> say it again, sir? >> bill: what did you do for the democrats? you entertain for them at one point, right? >> i remember being called by obama's administration to host the secretary of state defense of freedomhagel, which i did.
5:35 pm
and by the way, if hillary clinton would have won and said, tony, i want you at the inaugural, i would have been just as proud. this is a country where we have to come together. come on. we have to show the world, this is embarrassing to the world. >> bill: i think it is embarrassing, too. i agree with you. and it pushes more hatred. it is like, okay, we can to be adults about those, we have to have all of our petty grievances and come out. there is a time for that and a time to stop that. i think you are doing the right thing by going to washington, doing the vets ball. >> you know, bill, you use the word "hate," a paraphrase of a former president. the only thing to hate is hate itself. we are looking at a hurricane storm of hate coming our way. it is disgraceful. i'm sad about it. i love this country. and i love the people who are able to speak their piece and exercise their first amendment rights. >> bill: there is nothing
5:36 pm
wrong with the protesters as long as it doesn't get out of control. tony, we really appreciate you coming on. have a great show on friday. you are a real patriot. we will come right back, it will be "miller time." he has some thoughts on the inauguration. then, martha maccallum on threats of violence in washington. we will be right back. ♪ and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. in the "miller time" segment, this be 11 months pocket inauguration. joining us from santa barbara, california. so, let's start with the demo democrats not showing after the ceremony. what say you? >> i will tell you what, billy, this drought is over out here. it is absolutely freezing today. i had to break out the corduroy jacket. and the ogre boots with the shorts. >> bill: fought an outfit, that really looks good, miller. if anyone says it doesn't, they don't know what they are talking about. >> back to the matters at foot, or at hand. i am not going to the thing because when they said come , we they threaten the life of andrea
5:41 pm
botticelli, i thought, god, he is blind, and he sings beautifully. i can see and i sing like crap, what are they going to do with me? they are going to kill me twice. they are too many loving protesters back there with loving hearts worrying about the future of the country who want you dead if you are not as loving as them. >> bill: do you believe that this whole movement, that's what it is, this movement, to delegitimize donald trump, is anti-american, would you say it is that bad? >> no, but i would say it is a ball movement. -- bowel movement. am i allowed to say it? >> bill: you can say it. but this is a serious question. >> it is a serious answer. it is b.s.
5:42 pm
>> bill: they want to delegitimize the whole election, the whole presidency, i think it borders on sedition. >> well, billy, it is dangerous. i am on here to do a comedy show. but really, you sense it as much as i, i have never seen anything like this. i have heard other people say they have never seen anything like this. he hasn't even has a success yet. if he gets it successful, can you imagine how crazy it is going to get them? if i was drunk, i would use my head, i would continue tweeting, because they are going to tell lies about him ten times a day and if he has to come in and use twitter as the ben bradley red pencil and say, this is wrong, get better information, i would hope he doesn't pray this country has never been more polarized. now, barack obama is going to move on from this and say, it wasn't my fault. yeah, it was. you seem like a nice guy but you are leaving a pretty big nasty wake behind you, mr. president.
5:43 pm
the country is polarized, and that is on you. and i think everybody ought to lay low, do you want to know how bad this is? hillary clinton is attending this. and i i am telling you, you know i don't like hillary clinton at all, i have to give her kudos, bill. she knows you see has to show up here for some power handoff thing. she realizes symbolically we are in trouble. for the first time in a long time, i will say, "good for you, hillary clinton." >> bill: she has to go because her husband is a former president. i am not disparaging her decision to go but i am not sure whether she made it or not. it is protocol for the former presidents go. if and they are. president obama, he missed an opportunity today to say exactly what you said. we got to rally around the country right now, stop the hatred. he wouldn't do it. he punted, wouldn't answer the question. that is not leadership. last word. >> well, the last word, who cares what celebrities are there. if i was drunk, i would have a a
5:44 pm
big barbecue karaoke night out on the lawn, let everybody get out and saying, regular, as obama ascends up to olympus, just regular people standing there singing "timothy" and all those bad songs. ♪ timothy >> bill: you can lead that karaoke, and andrew jackson, if he had known about karaoke, did almost the same thing without karaoke. he just did it with rahm. rum. damn dennis miller. martha maccallum on deck. terrible story, threats of chaos, possibly violence on friday. we will tell you what we know after these messages. suck on and point decisively with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra.
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♪ >> bill: "back of the book segment," "did you see that?" ,a group called disrupt jay 20 threatening violence in washington on friday. >> we are not in favor of the peaceful transition of power. we want to stop this fascist government coming into power. >> bill: joining us from washington, martha maccallum along with bret baier will anchor our coverage on friday. miss mccollum has a new program at 7:00. now, what do we know about this not a group? who are these people? >> mostly, they are crowd sourced, social media source. there is expected to be tens of thousands of them confidentially come on friday. they are planning to block all of -- there's 12 major checkpoints entrances, to enjoy the festivities on friday. their goal is to link arms, to block them, to make it impossible for people to get through to the checkpoints. they are saying the parade must be stopped. so, that is their goal to try to lock down the entire thing.
5:49 pm
>> bill: the nerve of this guy, do you know who this guy was? >> chris jenkins has been following this group very closely. he describes them as a group of loosely gathered hippies, this is one of the leaders of this group of uc, one of the activists. >> bill: legba? the nerve of this guy to say we don't believe n/a peaceful transition. that is sedition right there, you can't arrest for speech. boy, i would have somebody on this guy. if i were security in d.c., i would be following him. >> 3200 police officers are coming from across the country to try to allow the peaceful transition of power. to try to allow people to enjoy this moment. in this transition of governmen government. >> bill: but he doesn't believe in that? >> no, he doesn't. tonight, they are having a clear dance party on mike pence is
5:50 pm
front law until he moves in at the naval observatory to basically protest what he they see as their homophobic attitude. that is our party if you want to join in. >> bill: your responsibility doesn't end with the loons. we have congressional people saying insane things. roll the tape. >> there is nothing about him that i would want to be involved with and certainly, the inauguration as a way of welcoming and someone to the presidency and honoring them and respecting them. i don't honor him. i don't respect him. and i don't want to be involved with it. >> bill: now, if a congressperson had said that in 2009 to barack obama they would have been accused of being a racist. all over the place. it would have been wrong, desperately wrong, for anybody to say that about president obama. but maxine waters feels that she can say that about donald trump. this, to me, is just irresponsible in the extreme.
5:51 pm
again, it doesn't matter what this woman says because she has as its crazy things and the past. she will get reelected. there is no downside for her. >> most of the 66 members of congress are in districts that they will get reelected for fr. they don't care. and made me think also about vice president biden, who admonished donald trump for tweeting too much and said he needed to grow up. i think the same advice might apply to some of these individuals. also, to president obama, who has been in donald trump's words, "so gracious and offering help in terms of the transition" transition." wasn't it be great if the president today had taken a moment and said, i would really like you to show up. >> bill: 's when we discuss it earlier in the program, he is still a leader in the program program. to dodge the question about this kind of your responsibility is, i think, irresponsible, as well. now, snoop dogg, i know you are a big fan, you have all of his cds. >> of course i do.
5:52 pm
>> bill: i run into the sky two times over the last couple years and he has been very to me. he didn't come across as some kind of real crank. but now, i think he is a publicity seeker. and so, he did this. roll it. >> ain't nobody going to perform for donald trump. which one of you [bleep] [bleep] will be the first want to do it? i am waiting. i'm going to roast [bleep]. uncle tom [bleep] [bleep]. which one of you [bleep] are going to do it first? >> bill: so, he is disparaging people of color who interact with donald trump, just as we reported on yesterday with the marc lamont hill statement it is the same kind of intimidating stuff. any blowback on snoop dogg? >> i looked him up on twitter, he has 15 15 million fathers, donald trump has 20 20 somethi. he loves to tout that number. maybe he is working on is comprised of social media
5:53 pm
numbers. i think this is so appalling. i think to argue in favor of tolerance, i guess he is against free speech, he doesn't want people speaking, he doesn't want people to go to trump tower, or steve harvey, they are not allowed to do that. >> bill: kanye has got a problem with him, now. kanye west. maybe those two guys can get in the ring. >> marc lamont hill calling them mediocre negroes. >> bill: off the charts. watch martha at 7:00 p.m. you will be anchoring all the inauguration coverage with bret baier on friday. >> i will be. 11:00-5:00. looking forward to it. >> bill: i hope you give it thy give you a raise. "the tip of the day," a new study about what americans prefer during the presidential campaign. "the tab" moments away.
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this book comes out? they will definitely leave it. you can preorder it on amazon, barnes & noble,, the next killing book will be out next september. the campaign was the birther stuff, word of the day, nebulous. nebulous. no matter how well, it won't matter, andy. policy success will override personal attacks. as we saw with president clint president clinton. how can you say that when mitch
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6:00 pm
that should be interesting. i don't know why do these things. but they are fun. i'm bill o'reilly, please are a number stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we are fewer than 40 hours away from trump's inauguration. friday's festivities continue to grow by the moment, as of right now, 68 house democrats are ditching trump's inauguration. some say they oppose his policies, other ones insist they do not agree with his entire presidency. it is not legitimate in their opinion. congressman, thank you for coming on. >> thank you very much. >> tucker: you just got elected and now you are boycotting. how com


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