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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 17, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

8:00 pm, @seanhannity on twitter. don't forget to check in to catch ainsley earhardt's exclusive, all on "fox & friends." thank you for being with us, we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> a bunch of mediocre negroes at a photo-op for donald trump's exploitive campaign. >> bill: now, any african-american that talks toer donald trump is being attacked. does it get any lower?al we have our special report. >> you say no corruption?>> >> none. >> there were some boneheaded decisions. >> not even a smidgen of corruption. >> bill: once again, i, your humble correspondent, willl interview the president on this super bowl sunday. the chat will be wide-ranging. we will tell you about it tonight. >> i am delivering a kiss gram for joanie cunningham.
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>> bill: also, ahead, are conservative actors being persecuted?? we will talk to two of them. caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins now. ♪ hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a super bowl interview with donald trump, that is the subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. fox news, fox sports, and the trump transition unit announced today that on super bowl sunday, 4:00 p.m. eastern time, i, your humble correspondent, will interview the president. you may remember i did this back in 2014 with barack obama, and it was very controversial because i pushed the president on a number of issues including the terror attack at benghazi.n >> your detractors believe thatt you did not tell the world there was a terror attack because your campaign didn't want that out. that is what they believed. >> and they believe it becauset folks like you are telling them. >> no, i'm not telling them
8:02 pm
that. i am asking you whether you were told it was a terror attack. >> it was inaccurate. we revealed to the american people exactly what we understood at the time. >> bill: now, this time around, i expect to ask president trump a number of policy questions. but also, and this is intriguing to me, how he is processing his amazing a man with no political experience winning the most powerful office in the world. is he reflective at all? so it should be a very interesting conversation.ct and i really appreciate fnc's confidence in me. now, with just three days to go before donald trump becomes the 45th president of united states, there is still controversy overr his very being. new washington post "abc news" poll says that mr. trump's favorable rating will begin at just 40%, unfavorable, 54%. that is the lowest favorable number for an incoming president in moderner times. trump tweeted, "the same people who did the phony election polld and were so wrong are now doing
8:03 pm
the approval rating polls. they are rigged just like before." but be that as it may, it doesn't matter! it doesn't matter! when you strip it all down, there are only two things that will define donald trump. first, improving the economy by cutting taxes and creating job opportunities.he second, marginalizing threats to our safety, whether it is isis, immigration, anarchy, or out of control murder in chicago. americans want to feel secure and they want to believe that they have a fair shot in the marketplace. donald trump's entire first term rides on economic improvement and fulfilling campaign promises to stop out-of-control situations. if he does that, no polling will matter. no protest will matter. no pundits will matter. it is all about the economy and security. coming up, president-elect truma
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has a tremendous opportunity to build a legacy based upon achievement. trump haters, the crazed ideologues, and the anti-american zealots will all fall by the wayside if president trump can succeed in building prosperity. simple as that. and that is "the memo." now, to the top story reaction, joining us from washington, lisa boothe. here in new york city, juan williams. are you willing to give donald trump a choice to succeed? >> can i interrupt? congratulations! >> bill: oh, stop. >> that is wonderful. you know what, i remember, '11 and '14, the good thing, you't didn't let obama off the hook. a lot of people were watching. i think this isa great. i think you are not going to let trump off the hook. >> bill: there is no hook. i have my questions, totally unique situation because of his unbelievable achievement to get there. so i am not telling anybody what i'm going to ask. but you will not be bored! >> i am never bored with you.
8:05 pm
but i am just saying, the interesting thing is, bring him into the "no spin zone" and hold him accountable. ask him questions and get specificc answers. >> bill: that's what i did my campaign.. >> i like it and i don't want you to change on that. >> bill: don't worry, i'm not changing. i want to give him a chance. >> i'm an american. if america does well, my family does well, bill. so i want donald trump, my president, to do well. >> bill: you have to be honest now on this question. if you weren't juan williams, the megastar, on the most powerful news network in the world -- if you weren't juan williams the megastar, just juan williams, say you are a house painter, would you be out there protesting the inauguration? >> i might be, yes. >> bill: you might be? >> yeah. >> bill: for what reason? >> because of the provocative language that he is used in regards to women, his language and his attitude. the fact -- >> bill: before you are seeing what he is going to do, you would protest? >> i saw what he was doing in the campaign.
8:06 pm
>> bill: you'd be protesting his behavior in the campaign? lisa boothe, i know you would be protesting if you weren't a i know you would be out there with a little sign. when you hear someone like juan say, look, i didn't like the way donald trump conducted himself during the campaign, so, even though he won fair and square, i'm going to be out there with a little sign. what goes through your mind? >> i say, go for it. you have the first amendment right to free speech, to protest in that manner. to your earlier point, bill, i think that donald trump, his political fortunes and his future rest on his ability to accomplish things in his first term. i fundamentally agree with you on that point. look, president obama was able to get by on his charisma alonen because he certainly did not achieve much throughout his presidency, and even when he ran again in 2012, he didn't have a lot to hang his hat on as far as achievements, especially in regards to the economy. i don't think that donald trump, president-elect trump, iseg goig to be afforded the same leniancy
8:07 pm
as we have seen from the media. >> bill: he's not. >> or voters, as well. donald trump ran as someone who's going to get things done, rebuild the economy and get it he's got to get it done. >> bill: that's an astute b observation you are making. okay, president barack obama led to the league in getting cut slack. he led the league. nobody has ever gotten cut more slack than he did. donald trump is not getting cut any slack. he has got to be right out of the gate saying, okay, tomorrow, we have an investigation about what executive orders we can expect them to sign next week. now, juan, if you are a guy who resents trump's demeanor, would that be accurate? resents? then how can youou cover him fairly? you are going in with this big negative. how can you be fair, as an analyst, about donald trump if you already resent him? >> i don't resent him. you said -- him, i find himen likable. it's the demeanor. >> bill: you can separate him from his demeanor? >> well, of course. people act different ways at different times. in fact, one of my great hopes
8:08 pm
that he will act moreay presidential. i think you need lesses meryl streep, less getting in arguments about arnold schwarzenegger's ratings and vaccines, and -- i think for middle-of-the-road voters, you mentioned the poll numbers not being so good right now, the minute he does well with the economy, if he makes -- >> bill: he will be at 60%. >> i think the independents, who right now are lagging by, will come ahead. if you can get the middle of the road -- >> bill: all right, lisa, last road, 40 seconds. go. t >> as much as i love juan, i think it is misguided, he is not donald trump's audience if he is never going to win someone over like juan.oi what he needs to be looking at is those working class democrats, democrats who have w seen their jobs sent overseas. those are people he needs to appeal to, the ones that he wasn't able to win over, when he is looking out at 2020. he needs to be looking at bringing in more independents,
8:09 pm
soft democrats, not the left-leaning democrats like juan, even though i love you, juan. juan is not going to be won over by president-elect trump. >> he has the opportunity with a middle-of-the-road -- >> there is nothing to win you over? >> bill: i am very confused. why would you love juan? for what reason? [laughter] is there any reason? i don't know. next on "the rundown," a terrible statement by o marc lamont hill that denigrates people of color. then later, the inauguration protest. the boys have some tips for the protesters. "the factor" is coming right back. t my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13®
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8:13 pm
as you may know, some famous african-americans have visited mr. trump in new york city. now, they are being insulted. >> i love steve harvey and i i have respect for steve harveymo and i think his intentions were accurate -- or appropriate, rather. but my disagreement is the way in which he is being used by folks like donald trump. >> you don't know what happened. first of all, dr. darrell scott, michael cohen, they are in a process of bringing all types of people from all over the country from all different backgrounds, like we have, remember the diversity coalition, we reach out to all types -- >> it was a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of a camera. >> bill: "mediocre negroes"? that is pretty nasty, is it not? i think dr. hill owes bob johnson, martin luther king iii, and even kanye west an apology. hill has no right to brand any american mediocre. yesterday, on his espn program, stephen a. smith said this.
8:14 pm
>> has anyone thought about what impact it could have if trump spoke to lebron james? how about steph curry? how about mike tomlin? chris paul? adam jones of the baltimore orioles? a host of conscientious sports figures connected to communities, committed to helping inner cities from an abyss that has plagued us for centuries? what then? will they be sellouts too? just for meeting with a man? for expressing their concerns? for articulating what ailss thee communities? the answer would be no. at least for anyone with sense. >> bill: joining us now from bristol, connecticut, is stephen a smith. what do you think is behind the attitude, he is not alone, if you associate with donald trump, if you speak to the man, then, you should be demonized. what he think is behind that? >> it is a level of disgust whee you see african-americans go and see donald trump and then, they come out and they say, jim brown, i am in love with the man, steve harvey, i love the man, they love what they are,
8:15 pm
hearing from him. what you have a still a residue of individuals that watched donald trump during the election and just were put off with what juan williams alluded to in your earlier segment. just some of the rhetoric that he was spewing, the discomfort that it ultimately provoked. you are saying, let's not forget about that.. it is one thing to meet with him.. it is another thing to, you know, depart from that meeting, swearing that suddenly you love the man, when clearly, l that wasn't the case while he was running. >> bill: wait a minute. wait a minute. wait, wait, wait. isn't it a hallmark of our republic and our freedoms that we can have opinions, differing opinions, about individuals? >> sure. >> bill: so if jim brown, who i'm sure you respect, comes out saying, i love donald trump, why should we run him down for that opinion? you may not like donald trump, and that is fine. i mean, i don't have a problem with that. but if somebody does say they like him, why call them a mediocre negro? that is just vicious.
8:16 pm
>> well, bill o'reilly, sorry for me to get on you on your own show, sir, that is a different question. >> bill: that is a follow-up question, mr. smith. people have a right to form their judgments about individuals and they shouldn't be demonized for doing it. >> well, i definitely agree with you from the standpoint that we don't need to be castigating individuals and talking down onc them, like on many, many occasions, if you are an african-american and you side with the g.o.p. on any issue, you have a plethora of individuals from our community that are quick to call you a sellout and a [bleep] and other incendiary words. there is no excuse for that. i'm certainly not about to make it. i know marc lamont hill very, very well. he is intelligent. >> bill: we made hill. he was on this program -- he was nothing until he was on this program.e he was the fastest talking individual i have ever seen in
8:17 pm
my life. you would have never said that on "the factor," he would have never said that. >> listen, what i'm saying to you is this, he is highly accomplished, intelligent, ii disagree with what he said, i disagree with how he termed i thought it was very insulting and very disrespectful to individuals from our community who happened to meet with the president. more importantly, i don't thinkk any of us who met with the president, the president-elect, soon-to-be president, should be castigated for meeting with the man and talking to him about things. >> bill: if donald trump is sincere -- if he is sincere -- and he wants to help bring jobs to the inner cities, and he is speaking to black people who have influence, who might be able to bring an open mind so that people would actually listen to the message that mr. trump may have, that is a good thing.. but here is something else. i like barack obama as a person. all right? i mean, he did some very good kindnesses to my kids. and i like him. and when i said that a couple of times on the show, i got mail. this is the same thing that hill
8:18 pm
did from the far right, going, how could you like thatar communist or whatever, like that. so it is not just marc lamont hill and the crazy left. it is just crazy people in general. and i think people like you and me have to speak out against this and say, "enough." "enough." >> hold on, let me interject. because that is what we are doing. and you have to understand and respect, just like you are willing to acknowledge you like president barack obama and you appreciate what he is as a man, you do have people, like you said, on the far right, who hate everything about him. i recall asking some members of the right, do you like the tie he wears? the socks? i mean, you complain about everything when it comes to it -- that is not bill o'reilly. but bill o'reilly communicates with people every day who disseminate that kind of vitriol toward our president at the so when you have a guy that is now the president-elect that, during the campaign, and clearly he was campaigning and trying tc
8:19 pm
garner votes and catering to a segment of our society, to some degree, that made african-americans uncomfortable, it's something folks want every african-american to remember when they go and meet with this man, so even if you meet with him, you don't depart from him saying, "i love him." you can respect him, listen to him. but love him? >> bill: jim b trump a little love, i have no problem with that. all right? and i don't have any problem with meryl streep wanting to give president obama a little love. i don't have any problem with individual decisions. and i think that is the theme of the segment. it is always good to talk to you, stephen. >> bill: youw have had problems with individual decisions. you know how you can be. come on now. come on now. >> bill: i am the sweetest guy. >> sure, that's the story cannot go.
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>> bill: "factor followup." on friday, there'll be more than 28,000 security people spread out all across washington, d.c. reason for that massive display is protesters. some of whom are promising unlawful conduct. joining us now from palm beach florida, dan bongino, former secret service agent who actually protected president obama during the 2009 inauguration.. mr. bongino,he let's start witha general question. security on inauguration day is a very difficult process, correct? but on friday, it is probably going to be the most difficult because we have so many people coming in to protest. >> yeah, absolutely, bill. this is the super bowl for both
8:24 pm
federal, state, and local lawh enforcement officials in the d.c. area. anyone who has a gun and a shield and has law enforcement power is going to touch this event somehow. and one more thing to keep in mind, bill, with the inauguration, you still have a, major city to police in washington, d.c. so, yes, this is the super bowl of security, and it is a big, big deal for the secret service. >> bill: tell us about yourre experience with president obama. what was your role and what did you do? >> i was in charge of the three-block area. i see you playing now the footage of barack obama out that was my zone. in conjunction with the washington field office agents, i was responsible for developing the tactical plan, the medical plan, the chem biological plan, mitigation plan for explosives, all of that in that three-block area. for obvious reasons, that three-block area was very sensitive because he was out of the car. i mean, that car is like a rolling tank. when he is going to get out and wave, all of your senses have to be on high alert. you have to have a h 360-degree
8:25 pm
sphere of protection following him everywhere. and it took a really, really long time to plan. we are talking years here.y soup to nuts, bill. >> bill: do you get people out of the buildings? because trump and pence are going to walk, so they say, after the speech back. so there are buildings. they are flanking pennsylvania avenue and the other streets they are going to use. do you evacuate everybody out of the buildings?a >> that's a good question. a few people have asked me that. no, what they do is, they cordot off the entire area, not just pennsylvania avenue, but the parallel streets out.nn s what we do is, we put up really large fencing, 7, 8 feet tall. so anybody who comes into that zone, into the buildings, whatever, if you go into that building, you are going to be screened for explosives, for metal, for weapons, for any kind of ammunition, anything. so the way they do it is, they clean the area out, you clean it, you sweep it for explosives and weapons to make sure there is nothing planted there insi advance, and then you post it
8:26 pm
with agents, and anyone who comes back in has to be clean. so clean, sweep, and post. and then the buildings, you don't have to worry at that point, because anyone in that zone is clean. >> bill: so on the morning of the inauguration, anyone entering the buildings will be searched. >> oh, absolutely. yeah, bill, you are not getting anywhere near that zone.el anywhere within weapons range of the president -- soon-to-be president trump, and vice president pence, you are getting nowhere near without getting through a metal detector. >> bill: that's interesting. so the security agencies are there right now, as we speak, they are there, on the parade route. okay, what are they doing now? >> right now, they are walking down the street, and they are t worried right now about what i call, you know, the big six. you are walking down the street, taking the path president-elect trump is going to take, and you are looking for tactical threats, where can people hide, pop out of buildings with
8:27 pm
kalashnikov rifles and hit us. you are looking for a medical emergency evacuation routes. god forbid, you have a heart attack. how do you get them out? 250,000 people, how to get through the crowd? how do you hide explosions? are there drones? is there a threat from reagan airport? finally, you are looking for other things. is there piping underneath the street that could burst? is there potential for a fire?e? those are your big six threats. they're walking on the street right now, going through the buildings, thinking of an a-z plan to mitigate all of those big six plans. >> bill: they are sweeping the route, looking underground, looking aboveground, they are doing all of these things. one final thing, the terrorist weapon of choice now in europeue seems to be trucks and vehicles smashing through, exploding, and all of how do you stop that? >> yeah, this is a really big deal. we are taking the new york cityo model. the nypd has used this model for years at the u.n. you just get a bunch of big trucks, you fill them with really heavy things, like sand, and really, they are immovable objects.
8:28 pm
so you can drive a truck intole the event, but you are just going to hit another truck. >> bill: you line them up in certain strategic points so tha: nobody can get through that barrier? >> exactly. if you need a ingress or regresu route, you just slant them so you can't get a high-speed access route, you have to make like a slalom. there is no way to get in at high speed. >> bill: all right, mr. bongino, thank you for your service. we appreciate it. it was an excellent segment. plenty more as "the factor" a moves ahead this evening. conservative entertainers, scott baio and joe piscopo. do they feel threatened in the currentt environment? later, gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts about protesting the inauguration. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through february 28th. and learn more about our unlimited mileage warranty, only at your authorized dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> bill: "personal story" segment. tonight, as we have been reporting, there has beent, pressure put on people to not perform at the presidential inauguration. but anti-conservative bias fromt the entertainment industry ishe nothing new. joining us now from calabasas, california, actor scott baio. here in new york city, joe piscopo. you deal with folks on the radio, do you get blowback when you say something more traditional than liberal? do people criticize you? >> no. especially it -- there is a safe haven on my radio? show. they are great. and no one really cares about what is politically correct on my radio show. so i don't get blowback. also, i'm not on the a-list, bill.
8:33 pm
i'm not on the b-list. i'm not even on the waitlist. no one cares. i can say what i want when i want to. >> bill: do you think, though, because you are not a liberal man, i think you have changed to being an independent registered, right? >> yes. >> bill: do you think that people are suspect of you, old friends, for example? >> you know, that is a great question. somebody tweeted me, "joe, what are you doing?", i think that was in relation to my political beliefs. just a little bit. >> bill: not too much? how about you, scott, you are in the middle of the shark pool out there. you are a very outspoken conservative guy. has it hurt you? >> i don't think it is hurt me so much. first of all, i want to say,, bill, thanks for having me back on. secondly, what an honor to be on the same screen as joe piscopo. truly. big fan, i really am. i don't think so. i have been conservative my whole life and people have known it. so i don't think iba have gotten onto much blowback until recently because of my strong support for the president-elect.
8:34 pm
>> bill: how did that manifest itself? 'cause you were outspoken about liking donald trump. how did the blowback manifest itself? >> well, of course, on social media, which i really don't care about, but i was at a school event for my daughter where a woman accosted me and some bad stuff happened, bill, and i can't really talk about it because there is a pending police investigation. >> bill: it was that bad? >> yeah, it was that bad. and it was bad enough where i was actually -- i was afraid fos my safety and afraid for the safety of my kid. you know, my kid -- i have a 9-year-old so it got pretty weird. so that is what happened. >> bill: that's a shame. that's too bad. >> i agree. >> bill: you don't think you've lost jobs or anything because of it? >> i haven't really been looking for anything. i finished a series about three years ago and never really want to do anything. >> bill: that's a good one. >> i'm sure it happens. >> bill: dennis miller, you know miller.ap >> you guys are great together.
8:35 pm
>> bill: he is a "saturday night live" alum like you are. okay. now, when he changed from being this wild liberal guy doing the "weekend update" to -- i wouldn't say conservative socially, he isn't, but he is much more traditional than he used to be. t he lost some friends. >> wow. not happened to me at all. as a matter of fact, on my radio show, we are sold out. talk radio, the station you were on at one time, you know, people just -- i just do personal appearances. i was just on the "star trek" cruise with william shatner. >> bill: "star trek" cruise? >> listen to me. >> bill: there i don't think you're going to run into trouble. >> they were great. it was a lovefest. i stepped on stage, we did two live shows, i said, donald trump is going to be great, we will make america great again. g i'm saying that to all thesee liberals, applause, applause. they loved it. the vitriol has got to be put the hate has got to be put aside. >> bill: i am glad that you are not targeted. i did hear about scott's
8:36 pm
incident, and that should never, ever happen. you know, with this inauguration stuff, if you guys were both invited, you would have performed, right? d you would have done your sinatra? >> where am i performing, mr. o'reilly? i am doing my sinatra forng the new jersey ball. i'm not invited to the inside. i will be down there and singing "new york, new york" to my new york and new jersey constituents, as it were. >> bill: scott, if you were invited to do a little imitation of whatever, you would go, right? >> i certainly would not demean the inauguration ceremony with anything that i would do. >> bill: i got one more question, just occurred to me, ron howard is a big liberal guy, you know, richie, and you were a little younger than him. did you guys talk politics on "happy days"? y were you going at it? >> [laughs] no. but i can beat him in basketball. so it was pretty much -- that's how we settled everything. >> bill: all right. and henry winkler wouldn't allow that a anyway.
8:37 pm
gentlemen, thank you very much. i y appreciate it. when we come right back, brand-new segment called "law & order." terroristf the omar mateen being charged in that orlando nightclub massacre. an interesting story. also, gutfeld and mcguirk onon crazy protesters in d.c. "the factor" is coming right back. "the factor" is coming rigt "the factor" is coming rigt back.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years andhe counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. this evening, we begin a new segment called "law & order." where have i heard that before? all right, nbc, sue us. each week, we will analyze interesting criminal cases throughout the usa. we begin with a federal report on the chicago police department. former chicago police superintendent gary mccarthy on "the contributing factor" podcast disputes it. >> department of justice comes to chicago and says, you are disproportionately stopping african-americans, and you should be stopping them based upon the population demographics, which is preposterous. if you respond to crime data, you are considered racist. if you don't respond tote it, people die. what are the police supposed to do? >> bill: now, you can hear that entire interview onn
8:42 pm or itunes. with us now, the "law and order" correspondents, eboni williams and kimberly guilfoyle. the point that, he lost his job, superintendent mccarthy was fired after thatnd terrible shooting in chicago, where an unarmed black youth was gunned down and the police officer was charged with murder.f that kind of spiraled into the chaos that chicago has now. so, ms. guilfoyle, if you are police commissioner, what orders would you give your people? >> i will tell you, asou a former prosecutor in san diego and los angeles, i have seen up close and personal, a lot of times with police department working to try to figure out ways to actively reduce crime in neighborhoods that are struggling. what you need to do is stop and frisk. what you saw in chicago, one of the things i would do, yes, you have the power the police -- have to empower the police department to do their job and follow the laws. instead, they have been labeled racist. >> bill: the justice department says the stop and frisks in chicago were at random, not disciplined stop and frisks, and they roughed the guys up.go
8:43 pm
they were frisking, they were too harsh on them. you believe the justice department? >> i don't wholeheartedly accept the justice department report. what you have seen with loretta lynch and holder in the justicer department in the past, they have used the racist attacks to make allegations against police departments. >> bill: politicize. >> correct. across this country. they rush to get this report on come up with a the fact of the matter is, arrests and stops are down and murders are out. 57% over the past year. >> bill: here's another stat for you, eboni. in the last five-year period, '07-'11, studied in chicago, whites committed 4% of the murders. 4% over a five-year period. so they are saying, rahm emanuel and the liberal hierarchy of chicago, you have to stop proportionately whites and blacks and hispanics.
8:44 pm
>> it makes no sense. >> bill: i mean, come on. that is -- i >> that is ridiculous. rahm emanuel is the king of cya, a whole nother- story. you don't stop based on data. you stop -- we have constitutional requirements around this. we have supreme court precedenty terry v. ohio gives us our guidelines. you stop people, bill, we may demonstrate something that is reasonable and suspicious. thank you. >> bill: but it doesn't matter what color they are, right? if you have ten black people on the street corner at 4:00 a.m., all right, and it looks like they are doing a drug transaction, the police can got over and stop and frisk all ten and they don't have to stop tenn white people to balance ito according to the supreme court, right? >> yes, but it should be colorblind. justice is colorblind. if i'm going to look, and i see a car that has got plates that are wrong or missing plates or windows are broken or lights h aren't working, i have a reasonable ability to be able to do a stop, conduct it, then if i see a weapon or something, then we take care of it. i shouldn't be based on race. >> it should never be based on
8:45 pm
race. kimberly is making the point, it is true. i believe officers can doce ther job, i believe they don't have to be beholden to data and statistics. >> bill: that is happening in chicago. >> and that is the problem. >> bill: everything has ground to a halt except for the murders, which are going up. >> 75% black and african-american community and hispanic is 20% and whites, you pointed out, is 4%. that is reality. > bill: i only have 30 secon. noor salman, the wife of omar mateen, who shot up the nightclub, the terrorist who said that isis asked him to do it, she has been charged. i'm not surprised, are you? >> i'm not surprised. when you aid and abet and provide material support to isis -- >> bill: she was driving around with him to buy guns. >> she said she was too innocent to hurt a fly. tell that to the 49 people who are dead. she was actively involved in this. she is looking at a lifetime, and she should. >> bill: why did it take so long, eboni? >> took so long, bill, i said, they absolutely knew where this woman was. they had eyes on her, they
8:46 pm
wanted to operate in secrecy to get this exact arrest, and i'm glad they got it. >> bill: ladies, thank you very much."l "law & order." gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. they have some tips for the protesters. the boys, moments away. away. ♪ if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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>> bill: "back of the book segment," tonight, what the heck just happened? protesting the inauguration. there is no question, there will be many crazies out and about on friday. f some of them desperately need guidance. so we asked for guidance counselors, gutfeld and mcguirk. gutfeld, tip number one. >> go nude or go home. if you are out to get press,
8:50 pm
take a leap out of peta's book. get the best-looking ones, get them out there, that will win. also, no sit-ins unless they are in oceans. you want to take a risk. if you are going to chainn yourself, don't chain yourself to a tree. change yourself to something that moves, like a drawbridge. that will be fun or exciting. create a little bit of a risk. if you are going to protest, make sure you get paid for it. they are repairing you to doing it. >> bill: do you believe that story? there is a story out there, we didn't cover it because we can't confirm it, that there is a crew that is offering people money to go to washington to protest trump. we don't know whether it is true or not. you believe pretty much r anything. b >> it was the back page, i have been reading it for years. >> bill: i don't know what that is. >> serious protesters, they self-immolate. it means you mean what you are doing, you have conviction. >> bill: you want to do the vietnam protest? >> set yourself on fire, really send a message. come i would say, seriously, go home, get a job, look for a job, stop whining, grow up, get over it.
8:51 pm
stop sucking your thumb. also, learn something. read the constitution or go see "hamilton." learn about the electoral college, the peaceful transfer of power. it seems like the only time the left gets upset is when white working class voters, when they forget their place and they vote for the republican. >> bill: you don't respect this protest? t >> of course not. it is stupid. >> bill: it's stupid? >> this day is sacred. this is inauguration day. it's sacred. it's not a day for political bickering or any of that type of stuff. it is supposed to be whenth we come together, greater minds than i have said this on your show, it is supposed to be when people come together, the day before, the day after, okay to protest. but now -- by the way, don't smoke the weed that they are handing out. they had this big protest on there, they are handing out people.o you'll end up losing your phone, your wallet, you will sleep in union station next to some scary homeless you will miss the bus. don't take the weed, either. >> you know who the real winners are? the families of the activists. they will get a weekend without being around the most annoying people on the planet.
8:52 pm
i don't understand why they call them demonstrations or demonstrators. what are they demonstrating? how to save on soap? i don't understand it. no children ever looked at a protester or an activist and said, "mommy, i want to be like that." activist is the opposite of astronaut. >> bill: i think that the authorities are keeping the protesters fairly far away from any of the festivities. i hear that the closest they can get is manassas,, virginia. [laughter] on the northern side, laurel, maryland, is about as close as they're gonna let them get to. a lot of these people, they t wl get there, then they will be directed to places that, you know, some stockyard where the potomac river is right there. and if you want, you can take aa bath.. there it is. >> i don't get the point. it starts with miley cyrus crying on instagram and it endsr with this congressman lewis and these people protesting down there in washington, d.c. >> bill: he's not even going. he's staying in georgia. >> he is throwing a fit, a tantrum. perpetuating hatred and divisiveness.
8:53 pm
>> bill: i think everybody --y i respect protests, as you know. if they want to protest peacefully, i have no beef with it. you are right, everybody is right. this is about the peaceful transference of power, not about personalities. gentlemen, thanks very much. we appreciate it. "the factor," "tip of there day" another example of unfair behavior by the crazy left. as if we need another example. this one, you will be interested in. "the tip" moments away, as "the factor" continues all across the usa, all around the world. ♪ as making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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>> bill: back to "tip of the day," how you can fight back against unfair behavior in a moment. washington, d.c., what a fantastic story about the talladegaing band. it's tremendous that these kids will be part of this transition of peaceful power.
8:56 pm
about $600,000 raised so far. thank you for your sacrifice. that is tough. the gofundme account is amazing. i didn't do it, robert, the folks did it. i am just a messenger. they become hateful when they lose. i disagree, john. the reason is that presidents reagan and bush did not openly fight back against their critics most of the time, trump does. that angers them even more.
8:57 pm
not entirely accurate. the black caucus lobbies for african-american issues, but members fulfill other congressional duties as well. i don't know him, but from my vantage point, he is an ardent democrat who does not consider opposing views with any serious intent. good for you, austin. they're fun to read as well. we were treated great. same thing in oklahoma, the night before.
8:58 pm
terrific weekend. glad you liked the spin stops y here show. we will be in tacoma and omaha. tonight the fact or tip of the day, 11 days ago it was reported that wind up being of the l.l. bean family made a donation to a pro trump pack in maine. nobody's business, but it got out there. almost immediately, the zealot struck. demanding mr. bean be removed from the company's board of directors, simply for exercising her right to support a candidate of her choice. the l.l. bean company said it will not remove linda and good for them. yesterday i got the l.l. bean catalog, good timing, i need pants. l.l. bean makes goodta pants ata good price. back to "tip of the day." that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site which is different from we would like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world.
8:59 pm
word of the day, do not be "pettish." we are working on a regularly big story. i think this will be, if we can get it, and we've got our best people on it. what donald trump is going to do next week, beginning on monday with the executive actions, the executive orders. which ones are you going to sign right off the bat? it's going to be directed at president obama, we know that. we don't exactly know and we hope we will know tomorrow evening what he is going to do. what he is going to knock out, what is going but that's going to be really fascinating stretch of three or four days and presto, policy appears. we hope we will have specifics for you and we hope, again thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out
9:00 pm
for you ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, chelsea manning will be freed in may. the president also pardoned oscar lopez rivera, what these cases have in common other than both offenders for the with more onom that, up ahead. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," good evening. the inauguration looks like it will have thousands of anti-trump agitators. 20 cities have been promoting protesters to come to d.c. to interrupt the inauguration.


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