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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 17, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. ancestry really helped me fill in a lot of details. >> neil: count them. more than 50 democratic congressmen and women are not going to the inauguration saying that donald trump is an illegitimate president. but he's striking very legitimate deals with some of corporate america. more than 5,000 jobs at general motors. 10,000 at walmart. 3,000 at behr. and the pow-wow with the ceo of boeing a day or two after he met with ceo of lockheed-martin after pushing jobs and cutting
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costs. we go to trump tower with the latest. >> mr. trump taking time to meet with the ceo of boeing. the two of them have talked in the past about bringing down the costs of the new air force one. we're told they talked about that again. touched on the general climate as well for american business. watch. >> i think mr. trump is doing a great job engaging business. we're all on the same page here. we want the best capability for our country, we want to generate jobs in the u.s. >> that's the theme, generate jobs. on twitter, the president-elect said thank you to general motors and walmart for starting the big jobs push back into the u.s. g.m. said they would invest a billion dollars in factories here in the united states and adding or retaining 1,500 jobs in the process and moving an axle production facility to
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michigan from mexico. that's an additional 450 top officials at g.m. said the investment had been planned already. it wasn't in response. for walmart, they're creating 10,000 jobs in the united states this year. some previously planned store openings. but some come from new expansion plans. there's this german company, baer planning to buy monsanto. trump's incoming press secretary sean spicer speaking to us about that. the company planned to keep all 9,000 of monsanto's u.s.-based workers here in the u.s. on top of those jobs, create 3,000 more jobs. it adds to the earlier announcement that we heard from carrier, g.m., walmart, monsanto all giving mr. trump, neil, whether directly because of his policies or not, something to point to. that's jobs, jobs and more jobs. certainly likes the sound of
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that. >> neil: all right thank you. collin mcshane outside the trump tower. so donald trump can crow about the commitments some of the biggest ceos and ignore what is happening with 50-plus democratic congressman that don't see him legitimate or worth going to the inauguration. that sends a weird vibe. reaction from democratic mayor of miami beach, phil lavigne and jerry willis. jerry, which wins out here in the eyes of the public? >> i got to tell you, trump has set the stage. he's saying jobs is important. this is critical to what i'm doing. this is -- everybody get on board. if you want to get on my page, it's the jobs page. he's using the carrot and the stick. he's promising tax reform for corporations. the stick is if you don't come along, i'm going to put you on the twitter feed and it won't be pretty. he's doing everything he can to
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make this the centerpiece of conversation. look, i hear people say, look, not all of these jobs are new. he's not creating the jobs. you remember eight years ago you talked about a president that was saved or created and counted both categories. >> neil: when you hear this stuff out of your fellow incomes, not all but the 50 plus that won't go to the inauguration, do you think that looks childish? >> neil, let me say this. first of all, whether you go to the inauguration or not, it's a personal decision. >> neil: almost everyone always goes. >> you heard from me from day one that this election results are real. there was no doubt. there's no -- to me there's no controversy. president-elect trump is the president and i don't think we should be relitigating that election. let's move forward. regarding the jobs, what he's doing, i have to tell you something, as a ceo, i applaud him.
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he's sending a message out, this is what i'm looking for. this is what i want to see you do. that's very important. the great thing about the job he's taking, he's taking over the coach position of the cavaliers. he's got lebron james. unemployment rate is low. he's taking over a great team. let's hope he continues that. those efforts are worth while. >> neil: i like the lebron james reference there. you know, that would assume that all of the victories were stellar and historically eye-popping. but this recovery has been weak compared to others. you're right. things are better than they used to be. but carrie, let me get your take on the fall-out from this. i understand now the overwhelming -- close to seven out of ten of congressmen and women that are not going to the inauguration are from states that hillary clinton won and most of them from california where she racked up the popular vote lead and built on it. so they kind of had nothing to lose if you buy that.
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>> when you have president obama that took off with the house and the senate, more majorities in the governorship and the state houses. all that eroded and destroyed by the liberal policy and the liberal white house. so these democrats want to isolate themselves and not deal with the trump's victory, they'll further isolate themselves into their own bubbles and cause further losses in 2020. >> neil: we don't know that. what we don't know there could be tit for tat going on here. a lot of democrats felt the republicans are not the party of helping out. i know republicans come back and say they rejected our ideas. i'm not getting in the middle of that soap opera. if we keep playing the same games and let's say it's democrats that gain next election and play this in reverse or republicans play it with them, we're never going to get anything done, right? >> that's absolutely true. now is the time to reach across the aisles, work together to say we have a new president and new
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opportunities to solve the nation's problems -- >> neil: and some democrats are doing that. particularly in the senate. but its rare. >> there could be more. absolutely. i'd love to see that myself. i fear that we're going down the same road we did before. look, i think it's incumbent on republicans not to play the same game themselves and not to try to pass on their own agenda with no help from the democrats. >> i agree with you, gerry. this is the interesting thing about the liberal media. they portray the congress as obstructionists. the constitution says that congress and the white house are equal. what barack obama was trying to do is put himself above the congress and say you're obstructing me. the perception was never actually, president you're on instructing the congress -- >> neil: and i might show the way it's portrayed in the media. not all the media. but some are saying you're following your conscious. be that as it may, i'm wondering what the fallout my be? as a businessman, you want to
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move the ball forward. we're not going to move the ball with this attitude. what will it take? if these ceos and all of these business titans are coming to the president-elect to score deals, get on his good side, maybe confirm what they were already willing to do anyway, but some of them are building on that, wouldn't that be intimidating for these democrats that are rejecting him at this juncture? wouldn't they have to get along because they, he's getting stuff done? >> i think it's most important to get things done. florida, we need better jobs. i'd love to see the president-elect when he becomes president bring some of these great jobs. help us get great jobs in florida. right now we have a lot of service jobs, but we need real jobs. i like what the president-elect is doing. these are real serious jobs he's trying to bring. what should he do? he needs to reach out. he needs to bring our country together. we're hosting the u.s. conference of mayors in miami beach. i'd like to see him come say we're one country, one nation,
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let's move forward. that's what i expect him to do. >> that's great but we cannot forget the job destruction of obama care and dodd frank. that's why donald trump won. business is excited -- >> neil: carrie, the mayor is right about this. whoever wants to take vows or criticism, you have to get stuff done and move forward and work together. he show as willingness to that. a couple of republicans that wanted to do that with barack obama. the more we have like that, the more we can get stuff done. not to everyone's liking, but more to the public's liking, i would think. >> sure. that's what politics is, the art of compromise. everybody leaves dissatisfied but at least we have an agenda that is moving forward. >> neil: yeah, but i want what i want. don't care about anything else. thanks, guys. you didn't hear this from me, but donald trump will be
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inaugurated friday. look at the reaction we're getting. these people just found out that they in fact get fox business network and they get me as well on fox news. and they could not be more excited. we'll be running away with it thursday live from washington at noon first on fox business network and then i switch over here at 4:00 p.m. on fox news. on friday, special coverage all day on the fox business network. apparently i start at 11:00 a.m. and they say whenever. we're back on fnc on saturday at 10:00 a.m. again at 4:00 p.m. i might point out here that some of you said, neil, the least you can do, you were out a lot this summer. well, excuse me. i had open heart surgery. secondly, i think i made up for that one or two days i was out, right? all right. in the meantime, did you hear about this? a congressional budget office
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said repealing obamacare could double premiums, leave more than 32 million uninsured by 2026? there's 20 million that risk losing it now. how do they factor in the extra folks? we crunch the numbers. you decide. wouldn't a deal on car insurance
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with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates. visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> neil: all right. be careful what you wish for, republicans. you get the repeal on obamacare, it's on you and leaving 32 million uninsured on you as well. ed henry with the cbo report that has both parties doing a little arguing. ed? >> that's right, neil. good to see you. you have chuck schumer that wants to protect obamacare. he ordered this report on the impact of republican repeal. surprise surprise. the budget always said this guy would be falling. republicans are pushing back hard by saying the sky is
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already falling under the weight of the current law and the cbo only looked at the impact of repeal. but did not look at what a republican replacement would do to repair some of these problems. specifically, cbo as you noted telling senator schumer the repeal of the law would mean about 32 million people that would have health insurance and lose it. 18 million in the first year alone and the price of insurance premiums would double in a decade. what republicans need to wake up to is the brutal impact of repealing obamacare will have on the lives of their constituents. there's millions of americans that lives hang in the balance. she's foreshadowing the attacks from republicans. but some people that had insurance lost their healthcare despite president obama's promises and premiums are already sky rocketing as donald trump made clear and used during the campaign. so speaker paul ryan pushed back
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saying this projection is meaningless as it takes into account no measures to replace the law, nor actions that the incoming administration will take to revitalize the individual market that has been decimated by obama care. so you hear both sides. the bottom line is, the actual repeal is not necessarily what is important about the future. what is important is what do you actually do after you repeal the law? republicans insist that they'll have a plan that repairs this and makes sure that millions are insured. >> neil: the 36 million they're talking about, even though it's 20 million, if they left this alone, that's what we would be up to by that time in 2026 or whatever. >> yeah, the breakdown is almost nearly 20 million that would lose medicaid coverage. that was the most important parts of this expansion. if it's repealed. and then also if you take out the individual mandate and the fines, the penalties for not
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having insurance, millions more would lose their insurance. we should point out some of those millions would be offset by the fact that their employers would step in and give them insurance. so that's why, you know, millions would lose it, but millions others would pick up insurance as well. >> thank you very much. ed henry in washington. as ed pointed out, these are projections and republicans are pouncing on it saying projections are one thing. actual history is another. the history of the cbo making projections under either party's leadership happens been scant. for example, the 2010 cbo estimate for obama care subsidies versus the actual. as you can see, significantly more at $4,250 per taxpayer. significantly larger. there's other examples. beating obamacare author betsy mccoy. betsy, what do you make of this? one of the risks of republicans
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repealing obamacare is just that sort of stuff. and that kind of press that it generates. >> most americans mow that this report that i have here is just fake news, neil. it's fake news because it's based on the laughable premise that congress -- >> neil: was that the actual report that you ripped up? >> it's only four pages and it's not worth reading twice. >> neil: okay. >> it's based on the laughable premise that congress will repeal the obamacare law without replacing it. it's kind of like asking a doctor to predict how long will your patient live after you remove his heart and you don't give him a transplant, another organ? obviously it's not the kind of projection that is reasonable to ask for. >> neil: chuck schumer said the incentive to do this, the republicans don't have a plan. they're so hot to trot that they don't have a backup. what is the plan if they don't have a replacement right away, to protect the ones that have
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the coverage now? >> donald trump, president-elect and members of congress have reached an agreement that the repeal and replacement will coincide. in other words, there will not be a length -- a period of time when americans don't have a new law with new health insurance coverage protections. people with pre-existing conditions will be covered. the low income families that depend on medicaid will be covered. the large number of newly uninsured, neil, people that lost their plans or who are now paying hardship exemptions, 12 million of them, penalties, 6.2 million, they can't afford the new obama care plans, and then there's another five million people that are technically covered, but neil, they can't go to the doctor because they can't get over the $6,000 deductible.
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so the other thing that the republicans will do when they have replacement, make sure there's a wide variety of more affordable plans. fewer mandates, another method of funding those with pre-existing conditions rather than on the backs of the they w instead. that will really control premium growth. premiums have doubled since obama care went into effect. doubled since the end of 2013. >> neil: so play this out. republicans do have to be aware of having a fairly close replacement after they repeal, right? maybe not immediate as rand paul wanted. but it can't be years, can't it? >> of course not. the real key is that the date of the effectiveness of the repeal will coincide with the date when the new law goes into effect. they don't have to be legislated the same day. they have to have the same effective date. >> neil: all right. betsy, thanks very much.
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>> thank you. >> neil: as we were chatting here, we're getting word that barack obama has shortened the prison sentence of 209 convicts in prison. this announcement, before he leaves office. it's resulted -- this is part of a trend. the release of 1,176 drug offenders that were sentenced over the laws passed in the 80s and 90s as part of the nation's war on drugs. more than 400 of those -- this was the prior batch -- were serving light sentences. this is in addition to those. again, those are mass prison sentence reductions if not outright comutations for 209 convicts.
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all right. the fall-out from that and more after this.
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>> neil: all right. the president has been busy commuting hundreds of inmates sentences but chose of chelsea manning. the sentence for leaking the wikileaks some years back had been sentenced to prison for 35 years but will be released under this plan on may 17th. chelsea manning is a trans-gender woman, originally serving under the name of bradley manning while in the army before announcing that she prefers to go by chelsea. this will confirm an earlier release than thought. some thought that the president wouldn't touch it. it was a controversial case.
1:26 pm
the military urged against any commutation. chelsea manning will be released in may of 2017. we have a lot going on. i did want to raise this with our white house correspondent. i did want to touch on this with ben stein. i don't want to hit you broadside. indulge me. it's between this and the commutations of other inmates. this is all rolled into this same ball here. what do you make of it? >> we're seeing the real barack obama, an extremely left wing race-based ideolog. the great majority of these people, the sentences that he's commuting are african americans. he's showing himself to be anti-law and order. i hate to say this, but
1:27 pm
anti-military. i love the fact that he's commuting the sentence of the person involved in leaking and the democrats are going screaming berserk and leaks that hurt the democrats in the campaign. if it's a leak that hurts somebody else, that's fine. >> neil: a very interesting thought. i didn't think of that. there's more coming obviously. the thought that more kind of pardons, commutations, anything in the president's power in the last few days in office. he might be one of the busiest outgoing presidents for this sort of thing like ever. >> i don't think he's -- >> neil: but he does have the power to do it, right? >> they have the constitutional power to do it. no doubt about it. what i'm saying is, this is the real democratic party that thank goodness was defeated in the elections, this is the real democratic party that doesn't believe coming down hard or criminals, this is the real democratic party that is excellently poised to stir up race relation problems.
1:28 pm
that's president obama's main goal at this point. he's worked add it very hard. this idea of pardoning chelsea manning who did extremely serious damage with her or his leaks is appalling. president obama has no idea that his party was defeated. he has no idea whatsoever. yet he's the one that smacked the republicans across the face when they protested against his policies and said i won. you know, they didn't win this time. he's acting as if they did win. >> neil: earlier, chelsea manning's lawyer, aclu attorney, had mentioned -- this was i believe to the san francisco weekly, after years of suffering in prison under horrific conditions, including long stretches of solitary confinement, the denial of healthcare for gender and including attempting suicide, chelsea needs to be set free before the treatment respects in her death. so despite the leaks and the
1:29 pm
wikileaks, stuff that was an urgent matter and a defining one in the election to democrats who were chagrinned over the leaks that hurt hillary clinton, not so in this case. >> no, not at all. you know, my heart breaks for prisoners. one of my very best friends was a prisoner until recently. he was incredibly wonderful man. p i'm all for having better conditions in prisons. i vital. but to let go of something that leaked very important documents and to do it on the basis of something very nebulous, dysphoria because of gender differences or gender wishes just doesn't make any sense. look, we have laws. this president and this democratic party don't believe in enforcing the laws. i think donald trump does. i think that's a large part of why he's elected. the law abiding people say we want a president that believes in enforcing the law. president-elect trump has said
1:30 pm
i'm the law and order candidate. thank goodness. >> neil: thanks, ben. >> i enjoy being on with you at any time. >> neil: thanks, ben stein. want to get the late forecast the white house and our kevin corke. kevin? >> i have to tell you neil, i'm going through the list. the. has pardoned james cartwright in relation to revelations about suxnet. so we're continuing our view of going through this list of not just the pardons, which generally create a great deal of controversy but the commutations. you've been talking about chelsea manning. this is one we've watched carefully. there's some notable names missing from this list. among them, edward snowden and northeaster is bowe bergdahl. there was speculation that bowe bergdahl might be another one of the more notable names that could end up on the lost that
1:31 pm
receive pardons from the president. but as i continue to go through it, i can tell you this. the white house has been very forceful in its idea about maintaining the options to review a lot of these cases. you and i have talked at great length in particular about edward snowden. i tried to josh ernest. i asked do you think the president has decided there's no way will snowden get a pardon? we found out today that that looks to be the case. >> neil: with the latest pardons and commutations, over 2,000 now that the president has let out of prison or plans to let out of prison early. of course the one that is generating the most attention is chelsea manning. john cordon, the republican from texas, has said this is undermining our ability on criminal justice reform by granting clemency at an alarming rate. more after this.
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i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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>> neil: it's big news. this was not expected. president obama has commuted chelsea manning's 35-year prison sentence for leaking presence. he will be out in may.
1:35 pm
>> neil: all right. just a reminder on capitol hill where so many things are flying fast. the confirmation hearings for
1:36 pm
the donald trump cabinet-to-be continues in 25 minutes from now. the education secretary betsy devos, those hearings will commence. she's very controversial. meantime, chelsea manning, who had been sentenced to 35 years in prison, formerly asked president obama to commute her sentence last year. she's a trans-gender. i earlier identified her as a he. she's a trans-gender woman. she's been jailed since being arrested in may 2010 and now will be released in may of this year. some 30-plus years ahead of schedule. reaction on this and the commutation of hundreds of sentences, largely on drug charges that the president and his lawyers deemed excessive.
1:37 pm
governor, thanks very much for being here. what do you think of these pardons, commutations, whatever? >> i'll say this. it's always the prerogative of any president and it's often at times when they're leaving office, that this is not unprecedented. these things have always happened. there's always been controversy around these things. one thing that does concern me about this particular instance, i'm a former active duty army officer. there are certain things that set a precedent. there's certain messages that are sent. if it wasn't for the fact that this individual, manning, were caught up in this whole gender -- i feel for you trying to figure out what the proper gender to name someone is these days in this gender-bending world in which we live. if it wasn't for the fact that a social statement is trying to be made here, this individual would
1:38 pm
continue to be and properly so imprisoned for violating the trust of this nation. i don't think the time of commutation should be made for making political and social statements but sadly that's the case here. >> neil: many republicans are as nervous as you are about the message it sends when democrats made a great deal of the wikileaks that they argue hurt hillary clinton upon their revelation here. here we have leaks that were much more dan to the nation as a whole and the guy that provided the leaks is now going to be getting out of jail in a matter of months. >> i tell you what, it shouldn't be just republicans concerned about this. it should concern americans. should concern democrats and republicans and independents alike. the fact of the matter is that a nation's trust as it is placed in military personnel is something not to be trifled with. there's reasons that people are brought up on charges of treason
1:39 pm
and keeping level of propriety. that should not be compromised. if people are only offended based on their political party, they're not paying close enough attention to what is at stake here. >> neil: switching to the prison commutations. that had been something that barack obama laid the groundwork for months ago, years ago that people are put away oftentimes for many more years than is necessary. including life sentences for those caught with drugs, that that was ridiculous. that we have to reexamine how long we sentence people and the issues what do you make of that and the signal it sends? >> i agree with that statement. we need to think about the ways in which we put them away. we made a concerted effort some years ago to move to a harder stance on any number of felony convictions in particular and we
1:40 pm
moved to a three strikes approach. the net result, the vast majority of people caught up on this were convicted in drug-related activity. this is in no way shape or form meant to condone that, but we have an inordinate amount of people in prison where neither they nor society is necessarily improved upon as a results of these life sentences. so i think we need criminal justice reform. it needs to be serious and thoughtful. people that were intentionally targeting people and victimizing people through their dealing of drugs should not be dealt with softly. but those that get caught up in the drug industry and perhaps were as much a victim in some instances of themselves, there are changes that do need to come. i think we need to be hard on drug activity if we're never going to fix it. at the same time, in the state of kentucky among other states, we're trying to lead the charge
1:41 pm
in criminal justice reform in really looking at what is the best way to deal with the epidemic of drugs in our country. >> neil: governor bevin, thanks very much. our new president will be very busy in the next few days. barack obama could be breaking some records. some say long overdue. this is a good thing. others fear with the case only some of these pardons, some of these commutations that he's set a very dangerous precedent. more after this. hambone! sally! 22! hut hut!
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>> neil: all right.
1:45 pm
two quick developments to pass along. i believe i miscalculated the numbers. the 2,000 drug offenders that i referred to are those whose prison sentenced were commuted or reduced. 1,176 going into this. an additional 209. 1,385 prison inmates looking to get out of jail a lot earlier than originally going to be the case. the president adding to that by reducing their prison sentences in some cases to releasing them now. separately, the issue that is getting the ire of some republican senator, tom cotton reacting to reports that president obama commuted chelsea manning's sentence. he said "when i was leading soldiers, private manning was leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. i don't understand why the president would feel special compassion for someone that
1:46 pm
endangered lives. we should not treat her like a martyr." jennifer griffin has more. >> neil, what is interesting about this decision about chelsea manning, on january 12th, julian assange of wikileaks said he would agree to extradition to the united states if the president commuted the sentence of chelsea manning. chelsea manning has been in prison at fort leavenworth in kansas for the past seven years. twice last year she tried to commit suicide. she began in 2015 this process of transitioning to the female sex beginning hormone replacement therapy and the army was put in an awkward position of whether the army should pay for the sex change surgery. so at this point in time, it looks as though former private
1:47 pm
bradley manning will have her prison sentence commuted and will get out on may 17th. private manning was supposed to be in prison for 35 years. what is interesting, the president did not pardon sergeant bowe bergdahl. there was an appeal for a pardon and that did not happen. also of note, general james cartwright, the former vice chairman of the joint chiefs, he was pardoned for lying to the fbi. he was under investigation for revealing national security secrets about a virus that had attacked the iran nuclear program. the fbi began investigating so
1:48 pm
general cartwright we have just learned has been pardoned. >> neil: and bergdahl and others have not been pardoned in this way, doesn't mean in the next couple days they still could be. >> well, it's not clear at this point whether there are more pardoned or commutations coming. this was a large batch just announced. expect a lot of blow-back from this manning decision. >> neil: okay. thank you very much. we've got former army intelligence lieutenant colonel tony schaffer with us. what do you think? >> it's not justice. as senate eor cotton said, you mentioned his view. i share. there's some real problems by the fact that he was guilty. stuff he did caused a lot of disruption to the operations in afghanistan. it's one of those issues where i
1:49 pm
think a lot of us stand for accountability and clearly this was not accountability. let me say this, neil. the army does bear some responsibility for this. chelsea or bradley manning as you just pointed out has some mental issues. he or she, depending which day it is, clearly should never have been enlisted in the military. there's severe issues there. the army bears that responsibility. the army was not responsible, nor was anyone else for the deliberate taking of classified material and providing that to julian assange for disclosure. >> neil: thanks very much. chelsea manning had been looking at decades in prison and will be out in may. this might seem eye-popping for those that follow the waning
1:50 pm
days of a president. we've been there and do this. larry, presidents have done this. they often do in their final days. how does this stack up against other examples you can remember? the most alarming i remember, marc rich with bill clinton and his final hours in office. how does this stack up? >> you took the name out of my mouth. i was going to compare it to president bill clinton's pardon of marc rich and some other associated individuals. that was extremely controversial. it was a source of friction in the days and weeks after bill clinton left office. you're right, the president has the pardoning power until noon on january 20th. a president could be on the inaugural platform signing commutations or pardons.
1:51 pm
>> neil: is that right? >> yeah, he can do it until noon on the day his success was was sworn in. not all presidents have done this. some have given very few if at all, including at the end. others choose to save some of the most controversial for those final days for two reasons. there's no more political revenge that can be taken on them because they're leaving office and the presidency is the last office you run for obviously. they don't have to worry about it. second, there's no political implications for them. really not so much for their party. the next election is a couple years away. they feel like it will be swallowed up in the giant hoopla surrounding their successors inauguration and they're right. that's normally what happens. the marc rich pardon was an exception to the rule. this one may be, too. manning may be, too, neil,
1:52 pm
because -- can i point out an iy -- irony here? the president just pardoned chelsea manning that leaked very important confidential secrets that hurt the united states to wikileaks. now wikileaks played a role -- you can argue about whether it was major or minor -- in defeating his candidate for president, hillary clinton. >> neil: the irony is stupefying. but presidents can do this sort of thing. do you expect more in the next couple days out of this one? >> i wouldn't be surprised. it's possible that this is the last grouping. because he's got a press conference tomorrow, his last press conference. i think he wouldn't want to step on that story. you really don't get close to the inauguration for your successor. you would be seen as stepping on his story. so this baby -- there may be some other drug offenses
1:53 pm
pardoned or commuted in one fashion or another. i know he was planning on doing a lot of those in the end. >> a good many today. 209 more today on top of 1,176, whose prison terms were also shortened if not wiped out on this date. 1,385. professor, thank you very much. no doubt to the professor's point that that will come up tomorrow in a press conference. the president's last in his office. what we all want to hear him say in that conference after this.
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>> neil: it is barack obama's last few days in office and i'm still waiting. to admit his failures. he has done virtually none of that. i want him to get a fair and balanced view of his performanc performance. degrade himself not on a curve but on facts. ahead of his final press
1:57 pm
conference tomorrow, that may help out today. by all means, take about for the economic turn around, it was real. but at least throw a bone to the federal reserve for keeping interest rates at zero to help assure that turn around stays real. and take credit for the millions of jobs gained but take notice that a lot of them are part-time and not what they appear. acknowledge the restless voters who voted for a republican watch. brag about how you drew down our troops in the middle east just like you said you would but admit it has done nothing to restore stability in the middle east. and that is a fact. and rightly boast how you took out osama bin laden as long as you rightly admit you never figured out isis. inconvenient truths as you struggle with the meaning of your legacy, a legacy you defined. and you lead, the good, the bad,
1:58 pm
all of it. all you. didn't another democrat famously say the buck stopped with him. let us start with you. the red line on syria, that was you. you can keep your doctor. that was you. higher health insurance costs. that was you. the fact that you are the first president since herbert hoover not to have at least one year of 3% growth, mr. president, that was you. real wages stagnating or all right falling, that was you. it would be unfair to lay all the blame for these things at your feet. then again, it would be unfair not to lay some of it, some of it at your doorstep. in the rush to blame rush or the russians, you seem to forget you were the president. "he has shown withering disdain for his opponents, even as he testified to the purity of his
1:59 pm
own." republicans. mr. president, you were hardly without sin or scandal. fox was partly the only one to take note. fox student sees phone records of associated press reporters and others. your justice department did. fox student grade multiple story lines over those infamous 2012 benghazi attacks, your administration grade you did. that doesn't mean your opponents couldn't be petty. it just means that you weren't above sometimes, admit it, being petulant. now at the end of these eight years, i still find you remarkable prickly to anyone who would dare question you. you are not perfect. no one is. but few of us would blame our failures on an ill ability to transfer our personal appeal. your refusal to take any blame, any, for a legacy that voters
2:00 pm
clearly rejected. over time these waning hours to make sense of it now. good night. >> this is a fox news alert. three days before leaving office, president obama has commuted the majority of former soldier chelsea manning's 35 year sentence for leaking army documents. the sentence was supposed to end in 2048. it will now end on may 17th. i was taping the podcast about 20 minutes ago and i looked up and saw the breaking news and i thought greg gutfeld was going to have a lot to say about this. >> i'm not a fan of chelsea manning, that's for sure. why did this happen? why did this happen? because when she was a he leaked incredible


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