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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 16, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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thanks for watching us tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." just three days ago, in an interview with nbc, john lewis of georgia called donald trumpto illegitimate. he followed up by saying he won't attend the inauguration. trump responded with a series of tweets. the networks went wall-to-wall with their coverage of this. you've been watching it. this is a fight democrat started and they seem to enjoy it so far. republicans enjoy it too. attacks like the one from john lewis, will it help the democrats win elections in the future? the democratic party has lost more than 1,000 officeholders nationwide.
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for someone who wants to lead the democrats into the future, who is running for dnc chair, thanks you for joining us tonight. >> good evening, tucker. >> tucker: you were asked about this over the weekend on fox & friends. they asked about congressman lewis' comment. by that, did you mean that this is an election that didn't actually take place where we should pretend it didn't happen, as someone who wants to lead the democratic party, what is your position on that? >> this is the position of not just democrats or republicans, that morning, something happened in that election with russia. something happened that was so significant that the democratic members of congress that got that classified briefing stormeo out of that room and we may never know what that is. if it's at classified. we all have those questions.
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i don't think anybody enjoys us. i don't think anybody like this. this is an attack on our democracy. donald trump had an opportunity after he was the president-elect to start to try to heal the wound from the election. instead, he chose to take us iny a different direction andd continue his type of baseless attacks. but someone like john lewis, so respected and american that they named us navy ship after him, to see what he is doing on martin luther king day, no one is standing for it. not democrats, not republicans. not anybody who cares about the future of this country. >> tucker: so he's the one congressman out of 135 you are not allowed to attack.k. my question to you is, if you are elected chair of the democratic party, and you intend
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to become a when you go across the country, you're going to say we would have won that election if only vladimir putin in ways g we can't explain or be specifice about had not intervened. >> no. >> tucker: your understanding as hillary lost because of putin. that's what you just said. >> don't put words in my mouth, tucker. there are things the democratic party needs to address. certainly we have to find better ways of communicating our issues in a way that is going to inspire communities that will turn out for us.s. we have to make sure we are defending our policies in the same way that donald trump was so effective as a communicator, we have to be able to do the same thing. and we will do it and will win by telling the truth which is the opposite of what we saw from the republicans in the race in 2016.e we have a lot of work to be done.. we have to bring young people in, we have to make sure the
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infrastructure of the party has the resources that they need. this is not just a one issue situation. o i'm not going to play a game and simplify it, tucker. >> tucker: i want you to explain it. the first thing you mentioned in that long litany was we need to get the communities out. one group that did not come out for you was white voters. any democrat running for president, that was the lowest number for white voters. clearly a massive problem for her. do you see that as a problem and what would she need to do to rectify it to get white people to vote again? >> strategic mistakes that weree made as far as where we are going to communicate, what type of messages were going to be communicated, is a campaign. i get it.e i'm not going to say that we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. we need to make better decisions when it comes to how we tell the democratic party's story. to make sure whether you are you white working-class voters, or a
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low income african-american voter or middle-class working family, all of us, we are going to be harmed drastically harmed by the policies that this administration is clearly intending to put in place. it is about communication. >> tucker: here is a famous and skilled communicator. the spokeswoman for bernie sanders, kind of a big deal. she said this, i'm quoting on c cnn, this "we don't need white people leading the democratic partyty right now." do you agree with that? >> it's great to have people like simone's passion. and the young voters that were attracted to bernie sanders. they are part of the democratic party and we need to find ways for everybody feels welcomed.. >> tucker: what you think of that? we don't need white people leading the democratic party right now. do you agree with it?
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>> clearly i am in the race, tucker, i think we need to begh leading the democratic party right now. >> tucker: hold on. this is not a fringe person. we don't need white people leading the party, if some of the republican side said we don't need black people leadingr the republican party... do you agree that she said that? >> just because we have the same hairstyle doesn't mean i agree with everything she says. you should have simone on your show and ask her. from inside out like i do -- >> tucker: just the pitch, so you can hit it. do you think it's okay to say we don't need white people leading the democratic party. i'm expecting you to say that's an appalling thing to say.
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you can't say that about an entire racial group. >> is not the right message that needs to be out there right now. >> tucker: is a good thing to g say? can you imagine saying that yourself? >> it's not what i believe so i don't know why i'm having a conversation with you about what another african-american woman said. we don't all think and say the same things or look like. >> tucker: hillary clinton who is not an african-american woman, she said during her campaign, we need to recognize white people, our own privilegen and practice humility. that's sort of a big generalization. do you think the children of o oxycontin addicts need to recognize their privilege? is there a reason white voters abandoning the democratic party, maybe they feel attacked by things like that. >> look, tucker, you are really smart man. you understand nuance and
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communication and you do a lot of critical thinking. try to boil that statement down which is an attack on a voter in a certain state, that's just ridiculous. i'm tired of being in that conversation. this is what makes people opt out of politics. a part of why we lost is because people were not inspired. they were disgusted by the discussions in the 2016 elections. >> tucker: so by my asking, that's what is opting people out of politics? you are accusing me of being devices. is that what you are doing? >> do you think you are divisive, tucker? which side of it are you on? >> tucker: that's a fair thing to say. thing to say. >> you're scared to acknowledge
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that there are issues of white privilege out there, that concern very specific communities, and they are based in reality. but it's also absolutely fair and something i think democratsa understand about the pain that all americans, all americans, are going through. i'm not going to sit here and have this conversation that conservative republicans want the democratic party to be having, to have divide us in this way. because actually, we are united. and what we need from an economic -- and we need to protect women's rights, which are under attack. we are united. >> tucker: are you? >> i'm not going to let you divide us along those lines. it's not as stupid as that. >> tucker: i was quoting hillary clinton and asked you what you thought of it and you started calling me names. >> i didn't call you names. you're being too sensitive,
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tucker. come on. >> tucker: let's see if you can respond to this one. an economic message that speaks to the needs of middle-class, of all colors, i applaud you for trying to find that message. for eight years, president obam, has been telling us that he wants to lower drug prices because they are too high. that was part of the purpose of obamacare. because they're still too high. a very fast wave would be to reimport drugs from canada. why in eight years did barack obama not call for that? >> barack obama called for so many fixes to you understand what republicans did when that man was first inaugurated. they set on day one they were going to obstruct and they successfully did in many ways. she and the administration were very clear, there were lots of things he still needed to fix with health care. there were lots of problems. if you don't have anybody in
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congress, anyone on the other side the knees to put the american people first instead of trying to destroy government because they didn't like barack obama -- >> tucker: this is silly. you are above this. i don't want to relitigate it, but if you're going to generalizations that are not true, democrats held all three branches of government when y obama came into office. >> it that is false. the obstruction that the republicans -- >> tucker: i know, the republicans are bad -- >> if you do not, that's on you. >> tucker: i am not denying that republicans didn't try to stop obama's agenda. sometimes it was justified, other times it wasn't.
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i am asking a very specific question. i'm asking you, do you agree with donald trump's plan to reimport drugs at a lower price from canada? the pharmaceutical companies are against it, trump is now pushing for it. what is your response to that? >> i haven't seen the exactt pln you're talking about. i'm not going to play this game. you're refusing to even celebrate martin luther king day and understand -- >> tucker: why do you always bring this back to race? >> that's where this conversation started. you're the one who picked the>> topic. >> tucker: i'm not endorsing everything trump does. this overlaps with what democrats have wanted to do for a long time, decades, and he saying yeah, let's do it. i'm asking are you for it or not? >> i am the last person that is going to cheerlead some small little one-off from donald trump because i am looking at the
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bigger picture of what this man is about to do to this country. and responding in the ways of people who are terrified, who are fearful, the women who were marching the day of the inauguration and the men who are joining them -- >> tucker: this is not very impressive. i have to say. thanks for joining us. we are less than 100 hours away from donald trump becoming president of the united states. he spent one of his last days as a private citizen in the trump tower in manhattan. he talked about civil rights, we are with peter in trump tower tonight. it's >> hey, by the end of the week, the president-elect will live at the white house. this afternoon, he took the golden elevators down to see martin luther king the third off. it was the only time that we saw mr. trump today. but his guest was here to talk about his dad, martin luther
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king junior's legacy. came over to microphones to tell reporters what he thinks his dad, dr. king's message for mr. trump would be and notice when you listen to this, he seems more concerned with big d issues than things said in interviews or on social media. >> i think my father would be very concerned about the fact that there is 60 million people living in poverty and somehow we've got to free the climate for all folks to be lifted. $20 trillion almost, it's insanity that we have poor people in this nation. that is not acceptable. >> meanwhile, the cia director continues to be involved in something a spy chief wouldn't normally be involved in. that's a very public dispute. john brennan said that he thinks the president-elect needs to be careful about what he said about russia and what he does with russia. the president-elect does not appreciate that advice. in fact, mr. trump is now raising the possibility that langley could have leaked the unverified document last week.
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the first part of mr. trump's latest attack is the president-elect then added this. was this the leaker of fake news? an incoming press secretary said today that the president-elect or the president should be able to trust the cia director but after brennan's public warning, spicer is not so sure that brennan understands mr. trump's graft on political issues overseas. tucker. >> tucker: peter doocy, reporting live. time now for our "twitter storm." the forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns.
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rosie o'donnell, tweeting... f do you realize what you're calling for is civil war? your tweet is dangerous and sad. that is tonight's that is tonight's "twitterstorm". up next, we're talking about thi most egregious cases of dumbnesm in the media this week. of course, there are a lot of them. bret baier joins us in "the friend zone" to discuss
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9:21 pm
lot of very personal flack for her role. the rights of the dark magic off this right winger. they had this to say on cnn. >> one of the great anonymous sources of our era is kellyanne conway, she does it every day, she has been an anonymous source for the last ten monthsel particular during this campaign, when it suits her. it's time now to talk about what we do as journalists and whatow propaganda ministers do. >> tucker: i love the factha that carl bernstein is calling out anonymous sources. i'm against that. [laughs] >> they all speak to reporters off the record. they spin and they deflect and that's what they do. why single out kellyanne conwayo
9:22 pm
as a propaganda minister? unless maybe you don't like her... she's a former republican. >> tucker: they are all paid liars. t but i think she's more charming than most. >> we talk about john lewis' story, it was friday that msnbc said he didn't think trump was a legitimate president. not a word about this attack, because i guess they met about the president is not a big deal. now after trump counterattacked and criticized john lewis -- a if the lead story in "the new york times" ." >> tucker: wait, so they never covered it the first time? >> no. >> tucker: i thought this was t the headline. not on elected officials, as aht member of congress. he is acting out in a capacity
9:23 pm
of such but as a member of congress. can't you call it that? >> look, we can certainly debate whether donald trump goes too far, whether it john lewis or alec baldwin or meryl streep, when you pick up the story sort of it at round two after the guy has been attacked. that seems a little unbalanced. >> tucker: with no predicate at all. >> if a republican congressman had said i don't think barack obama is legitimate, do you think it would've taken more than a day? this is the worst one of all, in my point of view. jeff sessions, very common for nominees to have their extended family there. an mtv writer tweeted the following. another tweet... this is the senators young granddaughter. she's a prop.
9:24 pm
because they don't like sessions position politically. >> tucker: what's disturbing as they saw her as an asian baby, not just a baby. a very cute baby. >> took the guy two days to apologize. mtv didn't do anything to him. because in that crowd, fine, we'll just take a shot of the family.ny that seems fair, doesn't it? >> tucker: they didn't censure him or suspend him? >> no, no action whatsoever. we talk about young grandchildren -- it's so below the belt. >> tucker: news organizations institute policies where they rein in tweets from their employees. >> there need to be some standards if you're not going to spew hatred, that's what i think this is. >> tucker: are you saying that "the new york times," "washington post," mtv say your: can't tweet? >> no one says you can't tweet but especially when you're covering politics, you can't tweet stuff that shows you are
9:25 pm
completely biased.ll bringing the grandchild, come on. >> tucker: post media great to see you. bob beckel is back in case you missed it. after an absent of nearly two years. you can catch him weeknights, here's a highlight from his first day back. >> i woke up and i had three back operations. after the fog. they give you the anesthesia. i had this horrible dream that donald trump got elected president. and then i woke up and i said it's true. >> i brought something for you, on that note. in the break, we will put this on your suspenders. >> we brought this back just to rub it in. >> tucker: man, i worked with beckel 20 years ago at a different network. great to have you back, bob. mason weaver, once hated
9:26 pm
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>> tucker: congressman john lewis of georgia is being cast as the undisputed champion of black america, standing in opposition to donald trump on behalf of all african-americans. lewis does not speak for all african-americans.
9:30 pm
mason weaver used to be a black panther, he now says lewis is a civil-rights turncoat who isis collaborating with the democratic party to oppress black america. mr. weaver joins us now to explain what he means. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. n >> tucker: what did you mean by that? >> you know, in the early '70s and late '60s, we were demonstrating and protesting for the right to compete as adult citizens in america. who are not demonstrated to be taken care of. congressman lewis, he crossed a bridge and they beat him and ran over him. those were democrats. it was democrats, it was democrats that oppressed folks. it was democrats that voted for the lunacy test. he was fighting democrats. after they beat him and ran over him and it stuck into theem ground, he got up and turned and joined them.
9:31 pm
he joined the oppressors. and became a stooge for them. destruction of black man, black woman, drugs, he has presided over the worst school system in the world where black people are learning little. i'm outraged that the demonstration in his earlier life has turned to this. >> tucker: you are saying he's presided over. his congressional district? >> not his congressional district but the black caucus that has owned and controlled a ghetto hellhole. it's a place that nobody wants to go to. every inner-city police n inner-city jail, there is nothing but drugs and misery. black-owned businesses, housing has been reduced.
9:32 pm
they've presided over the destruction of black people. they should be ashamed of themselves. i don't understand why any black person could be a democrat. >> tucker: interesting. you believe that john lewis when he gets up and says anything has already been discredited because of what he has failed to do since the civil rights era?en >> he has done nothing. john lewis, bless his it took courage to do what he did in his early life. but what he has done now, he has turned himself to his enemy like a little girl being beaten by daddy and joins daddy. the wife gets beat by her husband, then she joins the husband. he has joined the enemy, the oppressor, and what he should do, if you are of real man, if you are a real hero, you stand up to them and you apologize. you've led them through decades of hell. you should apologize, see you made a mistake, but the democratic party has always been
9:33 pm
part of the klan, abuse, tried to keep slaves. always been the destruction of black people. mr. lewis, yourac presided over destruction of black america. you owe us an apology. matter of fact, you have more concern about trump being the illegitimate president but john lewis is an illegitimate congressman. >> tucker: you don't believe john lewis is doing this on purpose, or that the black caucus is doing this on purpose, do you? >> that's why i love you so much, tucker. you are so kind. so genuine, but i know that you hate b.s. so i'm going to tell you. all i've seen, people have gotten rich and people have gotten poor. black caucuses got more powerful and money, the people under them have gotten poorer. less education, more jails, more
9:34 pm
drugs. if you did that in your job, you would be fired. if you did that in any other position, you would be fired. the strong the black caucus is,. the more powerful democrats are, the worst off black people are. i'm just saying that the citizens of america, looking around, any place you find black people and democrats, you find poverty. wait till someone says i'm wrong. you find disgrace, no jobs, you find a place that is ugly. unlivable. that is his legacy. >> tucker: mason weaver, not a minster of words.. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me, i appreciate it. >> tucker: up next, a former cia officer is about to wind up in an italian prison. maybe within hours of right now. the obama administration is doing nothing to save her.
9:35 pm
that's not an exaggeration. she's going to join us from portugal. she's about to be extradited. then "the friend zone." with a preview of the inauguration. extradited. then the "the friend zone" ." with a preview of the inauguration.
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>> tucker: it's hard to believe this next story is true. but it is. in just a few hours, an american who loyally served her country is about to be shipped to prison. also served as an undercover cia officer. that got her in trouble with
9:40 pm
italian authorities who accused her of assisting in a kidnapping of a radical islamic cleric. italy, the nation that once jailed scientists for not proving an earthquake. not being able to defend herself, and extradition from portugal to serve a four-year prison sentence and in italy. obama has made 140 pardons, 176 sentences, so far he has done nothing at all that we know of to assist her, who served her country. she joins us now where it is close to 3:00 a.m. in portugal. i appreciate having you on. is there anything that i just said that it's false? you are on the cusp of being extradited. >> starting tomorrow, i have no idea what is going to happen, the conditions once i get to italy. >> tucker: horrifying. considering you've already been
9:41 pm
convicted. this all stems from the kidnapping last decade of this man. you were skiing with your son on a ski vacation with the kidnapping took place, that decision was not made by you in any case, was it? >> absolutely not. there was no input into the decision, she was a dangerous terrorist, had been taken off the streets of milan. a year after she was in b egypt, he was set free for lack of reputable evidence against him. >> tucker: you've been convicted an italian court for this, but your supervisors who made that decision back inee washington, are free to travel to europe. they have not been convicted. is that correct? >> that's correct. the reason we have these secrets and all of this is to make sure that they remain that way. >> tucker: yes.
9:42 pm
so the obama administration, fox reached out to the state department to ask, what are you doing to help your formerio employee? they said this... the department of state takes overseas officers and matters seriously. it doesn't seem like they are taking your case seriously at all. >> the u.s. embassy has reached out to me, for this extradition and make sure my travel document is up-to-date. signed the privacy waiver. to me, the notion itself is a little absurd considering i'm not going as a typical american citizen who has been convicted of a crime or something like that. this was an activity that was sanctioned all the way up to the national security council. >> tucker: presumably, president obama could get on the phone and say, we have military
9:43 pm
installations in italy. we do a lot of business with italy. you may not do this. how does that sound? has he done anything that you are aware of? >> no, i'm not aware of anything like that.ha this entire fall outcome of this entire ambition has been headed by the cia completely. the cia has decided what is good for congress, what congress has told, what they are not told,ec who gets the pardon, who doesn't. et cetera. i don't know how much the president has made, and if director brennan has said anything. in this particular case or the whole thing itself. i think a large part of this is because of the italian intelligence services, so many of them were convicted in fact, one of them is the chief of the italian intelligence. this is kind of all outrageous for the talents to have the chief resign over an ill-conceived operation that had little intelligence.
9:44 pm
>> tucker: yes. you must feel betrayed. i feel betrayed as an american just watching you. what you hope that the newly installed president trump will do for you? >> well, i'm a little bit optimistic. just because i am a strong advocate in congressman pete hoekstra. i think president-elect trump should do is really make sure they stop the presidents of diplomats and agents being convicted by foreign courts. this case requires proper investigation and accountability and that should happen from washington, not in a foreign court. i'm hoping this is one thing the new administration does look into. >> tucker: if the u.s. government can't even defend its own cia officers, then we are lost. sabrina, good luck. we are going to stay on your story. good luck to you. godspeed. >> thank you, tucker, for the
9:45 pm
opportunity. >> tucker: according to s survey, atheism has surged in this country. f in 2007, 16% of americans identified as atheist, agnostic or otherwise unattached with church. today, 23% identify as such. it's a big change. of course just because america's less churchy doesn't mean it's less religious. let me explain our increasingly turbulent politics. bernie sanders, trump, some are happy to go with god but some are happy to say i'm with her. that might explain it. up ahead, we bring you something brand-new. lindsay lohan may have cast her lot with a new religion. she is not an atheist, apparently. and then, bret baier live and in person in "the friend zone." >> tucker: time now for the live in
9:46 pm
"the friend zone" ."
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>> tucker: time now for the happy nonconfrontational part of show, "the friend zone." tonight, we are joined by anan actual friend, bret baier, host of the special report. he will also be hosting our coverage of the inauguration. >> 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., which is great. we are positioned well, right on the mall, looking out on the capital. >> tucker: can you get off during that time? i have always wondered. aren't you worried that you're going to lose focus? i could not stay focused for six
9:51 pm
hours. >> election night prepares you for that long stance. i think you have a break every now and then, a fox news catheter. >> tucker: you're going to need it. >> is going to be great. coverage. it's going to be so much to focus on, let alone the magnitude of the moment. the fact that we are at this point. from the escalator down, in july of 2015, and trump tower. to the first of eight and august, in cleveland. and 26 million people that tuned in. and along the way, that we woulp ever get to this moment and now the country has chosen and the 45th president of the united states is going to put his hand on that bible and give a speech that i think a lot of people are going to be paying attention to. s >> tucker: it's a different country from the one it was even a year and half ago. it's on the minds of everyone who lives in the district of
9:52 pm
columbia, are you concerned about disorder at all? >> yeah. there will be a significant protest aspect. i think security is prepared. they've done tests, homeland security, there is even national guardsmen that will be on the streets. it will be significant. you don't know what will happen. you don't know what you don't know. for a lot of different possibilities, i think there will be some efforts to disrupt not only the moment and the speech but probably the balls afterwards. >> tucker: we will be at one of those. you are anchoring with martha maccallum. you can't find a person who doesn't love martha maccallum. she is just the best. have you anchored with herer before? >> i have. one of the primary nights. she is just fantastic.
9:53 pm
she is just a real pro and knows a ton, every day alongside bill and now with 100 days which is really a great show. >> tucker: what you do to prepare for six hours on live tv? >> we have the brain room here, this huge binder of information that is very helpful as far as stats and figures and info, but you really think about bigas moments in history. i'm going to be looking really at that speech. we are hearing that the president-elect has a very active role in the forming of this speech and may be in writing a big portion of it. we will see how that develops. hope to hear more about what's going to be in there. the message is going to be one i think of unity. in the midst of all of this twitter back and forth and everything we are hearing about
9:54 pm
who is not showing up. i think there will be a coming together message. that he's going to try to get through. >> tucker: you just wrote a book onthth eisenhower. you're doing a reading in washington this week. did eisenhower write his own stuff? >> he did, he was an amazing writer and editor. he was often criticized in the press for an kind of halting in his answers at news conferences. he was by the way, the firstd president to put a news conference live on air. he's the first one to put transcripts in that the record before reporters could ask questions. they can never quote a president directly. he did write speeches and he worked on that final farewell address. for almost two years. 21 drafts. >> tucker: it was worth it, because people still quote it to this day. bret baier, drinking no liquids all morning. we will see you friday. >> i like this friend zone. >> tucker: this is the easy part of the quiz.
9:55 pm
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10:00 pm
tune in every night at 9:00 p.m. remember, we are the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. set your dvr and stay tuned for sean. he is next. >> sean: tonight, president obama is blaming everybody but himself for his failed legacy. >> the ability of republican leaders to rile up their base. helped along with folks like rush limbaugh, some commentators on fox news. >> they inked, including the president should step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the election. >> reince priebus calls for democrats to accept the election results. newt gingrich is here to react to this all. >> we, not to appeal to donald trump. >> and david webb travels


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