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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 16, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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simply doing a social media cleanse. that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night at 9:00 p.m. set your dvr and stay tuned for sean. here is next. >> sean: tonight, president obama is blaming everybody but himself for his failed legacy. >> the ability of republican leaders to rile up their base. helped along with folks like rush limbaugh, some commentators on fox news. >> sean: they, including this president should step up and get his people in line. tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the election. >> reince priebus calls for democrats to accept the election results. >> we do not appeal to donald trump. >> sean: anti-trump protesters
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at al sharpton's rally. >> everybody keeps talking about let's give him a chance. you didn't give president obama a chance. speak to all of that, plus michelle malkin joins us. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." they're just four days left until the biggest liberal crybaby of them all leaves office and true to form, he is not going away quietly. that is tonight's opening monologue. president obama continues to whine his way out of the oval office and like we've seen over the past eight years, he's blaming everybody but himself for his failed policies. one of his final interviews as commander-in-chief, president obama once again tried to blame talk radio and fox news as being responsible for the rise of partisanship during his presidency. take a look. >> well, what is true is that the ability of republican
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leaders to rile up their base, helped along with folks like rush limbaugh, some commentators on fox news. i think created an environment in which republican voters would punish republicans from cooperating with them. that hothouse of back-and-forth arguments and really sharp partisanship. i think it's been harmful to the country. >> sean: president crybaby, blaming anybody else for the divide in the country. thanks for the talking point but it is not the truth. you can try to claim the mantle of civility just like he attempted to do with his farewell address last week. the facts say otherwise. president obama has been leading the way when it comes to divisive rhetoric. we want to remember a few of these instances some of the things just a few of them that he set over the many years. take a look. >> guns, religion, antipathy
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towards people who aren't white. >> go out and talk to your friends, your neighbors, i want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are republican. i want you to argue with them and get in their face. we've got middle-class families up in front. we can't -- we don't mind the republicans joining us, they can come for the ride but they've got to sit in back. and then you got their plan, which is let's have dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance. this congressional republican budget is something different altogether. it is a trojan horse. disguised as depth of production plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country.
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thinly veiled social darwinism. will you except the support of clan organizers before you are president, the support after your president? >> sean: mr. bring us all together, clan synthesizers. while running for president in '07 and '08, he blamed president bush for all of the problems. once he got into office, he did the same thing for eight straight years. here are just a few examples. >> we are inheriting so many challenges, we knew this was going to take time. because we got this big, messy, tough democracy. previous administrations, previous congress brought an expensive new drug program, past massive tax cuts for the wealth wealthy. if we had taken office during
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ordinary times, we should've started bringing down these deficits immediately. these are far from the best of times. by any measure, my administrations and parroted of fiscal disaster. >> sean: the bush blame game became so pathetic, i try to explain it this way. president obama get stung by a bee, the dog bites, if the bee stings, if he is feeling sad, he blames george w. bush. he has a hangover for drinking too much, he blames george w. bush and jack daniels. he's continually been lashing out at me. should i take this personally? >> in 2012, latinos voted in record numbers. the next day even sean hannity changed his mind and decided immigration reform is a good idea. rudy giuliani said put in is what you call a leader. mike huckabee and sean hannity keep talking about his bare chest. which is kind of weird. with respect sean hannity, i
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didn't know he route invited me for a beer. his opinion of me does not seem to be very high. but i'm always good for a beer. i will put mr. burgess up against sean hannity. he'll tear him up. >> sean: tear me up, is that a threat of violence? president obama will officially be out of power in four days. four days, this long nightmare ends. and is leaving behind a huge mess that president-elect donald trump is going to be forced to clean up. it appears that donald trump will be taking a much different approach than barack obama instead of doing nothing and blaming his predecessor for everything, president-elect trump looks like he will try to fix the country's problems. the problems we all face. reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. when he gave his farewell address the other night, i went on air, and i gave his economic record, if i talk about foreign
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policy, i can talk about egypt, iran, afghanistan, iraq, libya, north africa, china, putin, i can't think of a single area of the world that has gotten better. on the economy, i cannot think of or do i know of any measure i can cite that shows things have gotten better. why does he have this compulsion of blame? >> i think that probably in his childhood, his favorite movie was "fantasia." and his whole life is a fantasy. for him to behave the way he does, he has to be a combination of bitterly hostile to traditional america and living in a fantasy world. every time you turn around recently, he's been doing something destructive on the way out. i'm just glad it's only four more days. literally, i just got reports about something he's going to try to do that would change the rules for how we deal with
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electromagnetic pulses in a way that actually makes it harder to defend america. where are these guys, why is there baez so much against traditional values and so much against defending america? that's a fact. from his standpoint, maybe it's been a great eight years because you got to be president. you got to go on vacation. he had a big house. maybe people were suffering and maybe we were losing in the middle east, but it didn't bother him very much. if you have john carry reporting to you, you have no idea -- he has no idea about what is going on the world but john kerry is supposedly explaining it to him. >> sean: it's pretty dangerous. thank god only four more days to go. for a solid nine years, we have vetted him and offended defend. it is pretty amazing that there is never a sister soldier moment. never an era of big government
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is over, there was number one moment that i can think about ws radical ideology and indoctrination. can you think of any? what can you save some news that bridget? >> no, no. he has consistently been everything you learned at columbia undergraduate school, from left wing anti-american professors, he is lived out that kind of a life. you are the only person, and i can test the times i thought you went too far, i was totally wrong. you're the only person in the summer of 2008 who broke the code, who knew what he was doing, but let me just for oncee second take on a detour. imagine our mood and the mood of all of our listeners if hillary clinton was being sworn in on friday. >> sean: i think our viewership will be cut in half. in 2012 when romney lost, everyone was so depressed i just
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went away. i was left alone for six months. talking to myself every night. she sucks up to the castro brothers. he gives the iranians, the number one face sponsor of terror, $1.5 billion. paid the ransom. it allows them to continue to spend their centrifuges. and then he betrays israel with his latest u.n. resolution. ends wet foot dry foot for cuban refugees. it's like he's on the wrong side of everything. what does that tell you? >> here's a test question for everyone who studies us. this. if barack obama has set out to deliberately undermine and weaken america, what has he missed? what else would he have done? it is unimaginable how much damage he has done and you are exactly right, the whole effort with the iranians who by the way now that we have paid a
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basically ransom for one set of hostages, they've actually locked up more americans. we are not getting any positive response. the whole deal with israel, which is horrible, unless it's reversed by trump, will set a stage for disaster in the middle east, all these things, it's as though barack and his team, set out to do everything they could to undermine americas position in the world as they are going away president. >> sean: let me ask this question. i think you are raising some really good points here. here is a reality and i want you to tell me if you agree with it. because he did not respect the constitution, separation of powers, donald trump is going to spend the first few hours of his presidency or at least that first week illuminating 75% of obama's agenda. and you repeal obamacare replace
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obamacare. the only thing we are stuck with is his doubling the debt or accumulating more debt than every president before him combined in the horrible judicial appointments. it's going to be like, i think is going to have a very hard time dealing with, it'll be like he was never there. fair? >> there is a very funny interview where somebody talked about, ask him, his advice to president-elect trump was to do more things through legislation because it's harder to turn around. i think it's kind of like he finally figured out the joke which is all this easy stuff he did with executive orders is easily turned around. with executive orders. you are right, i described him as an incredible shrinking man, just like watching air come out of a balloon. between now and easter, his legacy will shrink until it's about the size of a golf ball. >> sean: he's not going to handle this very well. i really believe in his heart,
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the reason he never broke from his leftist indoctrination, the church of gd america, he has never shown any capacity to grow. don't most presidents grow in that office? don't they mature, real evaluate how they think and come to conclusions? >> to grow you have to learn new things. i think he has basically a closed loop system. he arrived with radical left left-wing beliefs, interpreted all the information he got through those left-wing beliefs, surrounded himself only with people who thought left-wing. by the time he left, there is no reason for him to have grown. i think his national security team probably thinks they've been very, very clever. they weakened america and cuba, in venezuela, in the entire
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middle east, in dealing with russia. they actually probably think this is a success because there left-wing view is that a strong america is dangerous to the world. the week america by definition is not dangerous. >> sean: like reagan came into office, the world with seat america very differently very quickly. i hope i am right. we'll have more of newt gingrich right after this break. also coming up. >> i think that they, including the president should step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the electio election. >> sean: at reince priebus, he's calling on the president to finally tell democrats to accept the election results. also tonight. >> he promised a deal economically for blacks, are you going to give him a chance? >> no, no, absolutely not. he would not keep his word because -- >> sean: our own david webb,
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>> life from america's news headquarters. here's what's happening. the suspect in a deadly it's been ball nightclub attack has been nabbed during a police raid at a friend's home. this cheating attack that happened during the new year's celebration killed at least 39 people. violence breaking out at martin luther king junior memorial park in miami, during a gathering to honor the late civil rights leader. police say a shooting at the park injured eight people, two's
7:18 pm
ice products are being questioned and two firearms have been recovered. the u.s. and cuba agreed to share information on international criminal activity. it would include terrorists, human trafficking and money laundering, the cooperation is opposed by republicans who don't think the u.s. should work with president raul castro's government. that's a look at news, back to "hannity" ." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." democratic congressman john lewis during an interview on "meet the press" questioned the legitimacy of donald trump's presidency. as you can imagine, it did not go over with key trump supporters. this is how incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus responded yesterday. >> the point is we got congressman on the democratic side of the aisle that are questioning the legitimacy of president-elect trump who won an electoral landslide. that's the issue. that's where the outrage should be. not old news but the fact that we are preparing for the
7:19 pm
transfer of power and we've wen working with president obama, hand in glove, i think that they, including the president, should step up and get his people in line. and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the election. >> sean: we continue with newt gingrich. i agree, look, i've known john lewis. today is martin luther king jr.'s birthday. we celebrate this holiday. i have a lot of respect for john lewis. you know, in my years broadcasting in georgia, i met him, i was very close friends with people down there. they are brave people they fought back and come afire who was a shot at them, which almost got hit in the head with a brick. i admire people of courage. but he has now done this twice. he did it with george w. bush in 2001, and now he's delegitimizing trump. i think what he is doing here, is destructive. your thoughts?
7:20 pm
>> i think it's very sad. john lewis is a genuine american hero. the beating he took at selma bridget was historic, his courage was part of what led to the end of segregation. but now he has a president who in charlotte, in october, donald trump as a candidate said he wanted to create a new deal for african-americans. back in september eddie speech and detroit, and john lewis his own area, there is far too much poverty. there is a rising crime rate. which even atlanta journals had to begin to report about. there's a whole problem of the school system, there was a huge scandal of cheating on tests. many, many poor children are not getting the education they need. so, i am disappointed in john
7:21 pm
lewis, frank lam liam lam diffd and reverend al sharpton. they have a moment here. >> sean: i really don't respect reverend al sharpton, i don't that he's going to be reasonable tomorrow. is not happening. >> the people he's betraying are the very african-americans who need a new deal. the people that john lewis -- >> sean: that's a good point. >> they need a new deal. i've known alice for a long tim time. there is a period where we worked on school choice together and talked about the need to get better quality education in the inner city together. >> sean: if these jobs are saved in michigan, milwaukee, i think the fear is that all of a sudden, there might be a shift in demographics and donald trump will bring to the republican party the black community that
7:22 pm
has not been helped by democrats. that's a possibility and probably a fear of theirs. >> may be a fear but this is where people like john lewis, who really was an american, he didn't march in selma as a democrat. he marched as an american, asking us to uphold american values and the american constitution. as an american, i would appeal to john lewis to look seriously. i think it's fair for people to be skeptical of a republican candidate who says he wants to have a new deal for african-americans. the way to respond is to say, if you are serious, president-elect trump, here are five or ten things you can do. pick three or four of them and let's work together to actually help people who are poor, people of color, the 4,000 people who were shot in chicago last year. i think surely there has to be some sense of the black leadership in this country that all of these years of devotion to the democrats, has failed.
7:23 pm
it has not improved their community. >> sean: i am worried about republicans. i don't like $1 trillion in infrastructure, spending that nobody has shown me how to pay for. the republicans raising the debt ceiling $9.7 trillion over the next ten years, and i am worried based on what chuck schumer said, that he is going to filibuster and stop any appointment to the supreme court. by donald trump. the republicans won't have the spine to do what harry reid did. your thoughts? >> the two greatest wars wordst we have to worry about our reasonable and later. the establishment is going to try tests stave trump over and over again coming up to be reasonable. that means cave in. then they'll say let's do it later. let's not be too precipitous. i think the key is, to set firm lines to push forward, i'm actually doing a speech at heritage tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. outlining trump's policies to
7:24 pm
every shock, i think there are ways to rethink all of this. but i do think you are right. to say we ought to stand firm on our values and we ought to insist. i think mitch mcconnell is a smart enough partition. he's going to find a way up to penn sheep are in and with all the democrats were up for election, i think they might find it a lot harder to sustain filibusters dan schumer thinks. that will be very unpopular. >> sean: great to see you always. i will be in your neck of the woods, sin city on wednesday night. we will see you there. that's what i call it. he's shaking his head. coming up tonight on "hannity" " >> okay, fact-check that. >> sean: this weekend, david webb went down to d.c. and spoke with people attending the reverend al sharpton's march. we will play the tape, get your reaction, david webb, hollywood
7:25 pm
snowflakes continue to boycott donald tuguration. michelle malkin has somewhere but for them. and more, straight ahead. constipated?
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7:28 pm
president-elect donald trump even takes office. watch this. >> we come not to appeal to donald trump, because he has made it clear what his policies are and what his nominations are. we come to say to the democrats in the senate and in the house, and into the moderate republicans, to get some backbone. get some backbone. we didn't send you down here to be weak need. >> sean: while al sharpton and these anti-trump protesters are so unhappy with the president-elect? david webb went to speak with some of them. take a long look. >> do think trump deserves a chance to prove what he can do? >> no. he's illegitimate. >> he hasn't even been
7:29 pm
inaugurated yet. >> he doesn't does need to be inaugurated. >> no, i don't particularly want to give them a chance. >> why not? >> i think he has already shown us who he is. >> everybody keep segment let's give them a chance, let's give him a chance. he didn't give president obama a chance. >> he talked on the campaign trail about a new deal for blacks, economic opportunity. that's a big way you can get ahead in life. >> okay, fact-check that. >> why are you out here protesting? >> because of the injustice that i feel we will be encountering once the president-elect gets into office. >> he promised a better deal economically for blacks. are you going to give them a chance? >> no, absolutely not. he will not keep his word because he is schizophrenic. >> sean: joining us now, david webb, deroy murdock.
7:30 pm
how many people were there? >> sean, maybe there were 2,000 people. it was a small march. i'll sharpton just doesn't draw like you used to. it barely filled the green between the press riser and the stage. [laughter] >> sean: that's a pretty bad picture you're painting. did you sense that anybody you ran into, anybody there, at least open to the idea of maybe choice and education is good for the black community? jobs and corporations back to michigan and cleveland and milwaukee and philly? anybody listening to what is happening or watching what's happening? >> yeah i did find a few people that were saying he was willing to give them a chance, especially the deal, the jobs, but the majority are buying intn lewis and reverend al sharpton is selling. he's a liar, they don't want to give a chance, but yet yet they
7:31 pm
are willing to give a failed policy another round if you wil will. >> sean: ford, carrier, chrysler, apple, the guy from china that wants to create a million jobs, all these people now because of the new economic environment lower taxation, less regulation, saying oh, we want to create jobs, jobs are going to michigan, ohio, tennessee, why would anyone be against that worst school choice considering the black community has been disproportionately negatively impacted by bad schools? >> today is mlk day. it donald trump spent about an hour meeting with martin luther king the third, they spoke about how does bring down poverty among the black community. we hear from the left that he is a hateful man, white supremacist and all that sort of thing and he spent about an hour today meeting with the son of martin luther king jr. about how to make life better for black people.
7:32 pm
let's give this man may be 48 hours, 72 hours, if things don't turn out on monday then you can complain. he hasn't even spent 2 minutes in the oval office. >> sean: here hits a question we've got to ask. how does this man, the reverend al sharpton go to the white house with obama, everybody kisses the ring that's running on the democratic side of the president, how does this man get away with all of this? >> you ain't nothing, you are a punk [bleep]. we are going back. we built peer and pyramids.
7:33 pm
[bleep]. >> sean: david, how does this guy get to the white house and get hillary to kiss his ring and nobody talks about it but me? how did that happen? >> it happened to sean because what al sharpton has done over time is he's aligned himself with the far left policies, the national action network is more than then a bone for barack obama, for hillary clinton, but then what is he actually delivered? how many times have we gone into his margins the lack marches and they keep accepting the failure that comes out of the democratic policies? in john lewis' district live in poverty according to the census bureau, but yet they are talking about the illegitimacy of trump's presidency. they've done this before, john lewis did it to george bush, said he would go to his inauguration. sharpton carried that message and the real victims are the young people i talked to,
7:34 pm
because they actually buy into it. they are in college they don't see any difference into what he's feeding them. >> i think what they fear is not that trump will fail but that he will succeed. the economy will grow, people will go back to work at, prosperity and black folks will go back to work at much higher numbers and i'll say, you know what, this guy made things better. as it is, trump 18% of the black folk. outperformed mccain, if you accedes, he might get 25% of the blackfoot democrats will be wiped out. >> sean: schools being improved and it jobs and with energy independence, lower tax rates, repatriated money, illuminating obamacare, there's a lot of opportunity for a lot of people. >> overall, the environment will prove the mark improve.
7:35 pm
>> i will asset americans remembered the cleveland speech. the underserved communities, it tells you that if he succeeds as the roy said, the liberal liberl progressive democrats will lose. >> sean: thank you guys. only four more days until the national nightmare ends. we will come back with michelle malkin, how hollywood snowflakes are boycotting the inauguration. president-elect trump is not mincing words. he's calling angela merkel's immigration program a disaster and mistake. do you know how your laxative works? you might be surprised. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." over the weekend, jennifer holliday backed off of performing in this week's inauguration. joining a long list of hollywood liberal snowflakes that are boycotting the festivities. still, one artist slated to
7:41 pm
perform refuses to succumb of the hollywood elites, that man is none other than country music legend, toby keith. he told entertainment weekly, i don't apologize for performing for our country or military. i performed at events for the previous president, bush as wel well. michelle malkin, she is also my little sister which is an inside joke. how are you? good to see you, sis. >> good to see you, big brother. >> sean: i don't know who the performers are, i don't care. it's really not about anybody but the president-elect who is going to be president. only 1 of 45 people in the history of our country to get that honor. when you make of all the bitterness here? >> well, it is historic and i
7:42 pm
think what has changed from all of the another audit the mike inauguration's that i've lived through my lifetime with the exception of reagan, is that you have a man who is going to d.c. and represents the people. this is really going to be the people's celebration. it is not about what level of celebrity that they can get. i will tell you this, sean, the unhinged witness and by the way, there was a name of a book i wrote back in 2,000, what addicts poses is how intolerant these people are. it was meryl streep you just said we could go that the hollywood and the press were the most vilified people on the planet. try being a hollywood celebrity who announces that they are going to perform at the inaugural celebration. really, the conservative and hollywood is under fire.
7:43 pm
it is no coincidence i think that the only people in the entertainment industry that are allowed to be conservative out of the closet our country music stars like toby keith. >> sean: what do you make of the agitators that want to disrupt in a major way, we've heard a lot of stories the last 24 hours that it seems pretty real and a severe threat to people's safety. i guess it's going to be what it's going to be but it sounds scary. they just seem to be incapable accepting with the results are. >> yet. i will tell you this. the trump administration represents a return to law and order. this poses an existential threat to the rule of the mob. that's a social justice agitators who've had their way for the last eight years, the anarchists, the collectivists, the anticapitalist, the occupy wall street crowd, every last subsidized george outfit
7:44 pm
community organizing group in america, many of them of course taxpayer subsidized. we've seen these outbreaks of violence, this deliberate disorder on the part of many of these groups and it's taken years and years and years. it is not just america, the global movement movement. i am praying out there -- i'm just saying, i'm praying out there for law enforcement. this is going to be a task like we've never seen before. we've seen the wto riots in seattle, the g20 riots, the black block types, agitated both the democratic and republican national conventions. they are out for blood. it is no joke. both our law enforcement officials and of course, everyone in the trump administration themselves have to take extra precautions and where are all of those people who are condemning the climate
7:45 pm
of hate and violence? silent as usual. >> sean: good to see you, can congratulations. coming up tonight on an interview, president-elect trump says angela merkel made a catastrophic mistake by taking in all the rest recipes. we'll get reaction from sebastian gorka. and much more straightahead. but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." president-elect donald trump said in a joint interview, with two major european newspapers, where he slammed angela merkel for her open-door policies for refugees. that was taking all of these illegals, you know, taking all of the people from wherever they come from. that was a catastrophic mistake. nobody even knows where they come from. i think she made a catastrophic mistake. a very bad mistake. chancellor merkel is apparently waiting until trump takes office to respond. after a wave of deadly terror attacks in europe, doesn't president-elect have a good point? joining us now, dr. sebastian gorka. i think it is pretty transparent, we see the
7:51 pm
magnitude of how bad these decisions are put on a broader sense, the islam is a islamizan of europe is now a cultural divide. there are no-go zones for example. right? >> there are two issues here. number one, the exploitation of the refugees by the g bodies. we know that people with asylum seeking states tried to attack brussels. the one you mentioned, these areas where you have high concentrations of muslim immigrants that aren't actually integrated into society. the smoking gun and all of that is to remember the mastermind of the paris attacks? everybody thinks well, of course he's gone to syria or is hiding in iraq. what we find out for a month later? he is in brothels. given soccer, hidden by people
7:52 pm
in radical communities. for four months in the heart of europe. of brussels. that's everything we need to know about the immigration policies. >> i keep speaking about what i call this cultural divide. >> sean: women can't drive, you tell them how to dress, they can't go to work or school without a husband's permission, and are killed, marital rate is not a crime in some of these countries. if you come from a country like that, it's kind of hard to bridge the divide because it's the antithesis of what in our case, a democratic republic the or democracy is about. in our case, the constitution. correct? >> it's the unwritten social contract. my parents were immigrants in the united kingdom. america's full of immigrants. i gave the mike grew up in an immigrant community. you say i'm going to come here, profit from the safety of the economic growth of this country.
7:53 pm
the only way i can do that is if i buy into the cultural values of that nation, whether it is germany, the uk, or america. as the quality of the sexes, freedom of religion, freedom of religion, these are not negotiable. in this part of bradford, you can't wear a miniskirt because it's on islamic. that is not part of the social contract. >> sean: >> sean: inevitably, ik when donald trump starts embedding refugees, we are going to see and hear, one charge of another, this is racist, this is islamaphobic. correct? this will be a big battle. >> the left has not given up. what we are seeing now would be ridiculous, the left-wing media and the radicals who've taken ty hostage, they don't understand what happened on november the eighth. on november 8th, the american voter decided we want common sense. we want safety.
7:54 pm
and everything that donald trump is going to do as president is going to be about safety, security, and economic growth. but they won't give up their narrative. of course, the people who support the new administration will be labeled haters. you included, me included, but we know we were doing what is absolutely good for the republic. >> sean: if it was one american at risk, it's not worth it. that's when we got to consider first and foremost. dr. gorka, we will see you later in the week in d.c. appreciate you being with us. let me come back, a very important question of the day. we need your help. that is straight ahead. every tv doctor knows that
7:55 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for the question of the day. do you think president obama will ever stop blaming republicans for his failures? don't blame the dog, don't blame the bee. don't blame feelings out on anything else. it's like drinking too much. you drink too much, you wake up
8:00 pm
the next day with a headache, it's george bush's fault in obama's world. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight.l: >> it is going to be very difficult. i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. v >> bill: was that statement helpful to the country or is it creating more hatred? tonight, "the factor" will look at america divided as the inauguration closes in. >> you said, you drew the redline.e. >> look -- >> i don't want to make too big a deal out of it. >> bill: president obama still not real comfortable answering questions about syria, poison gas, and why he didn't do anything about it. charles krauthammer has some thoughts. >> we owe bill o'reilly and "the o'reilly factor" a great thank you for the appearance on his show. >> bill:


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