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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 16, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ >> the countdown is on for days and good morning, everyone. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. welcome back his >> great to be back with everyone. starting your day and your weekly pass. >> and gitmo detainees sent to oman, the country's government says president obama requested the transfer. the names of the prisoners have not been released. president obama has transferred 184 detainees since taking office.
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he said he was to release 19 more in a final push before leaving office. there are now 55 detainees left at detainees left up on time of day. another fox news alert breaking overnight. reports of the deadly mass shooting at a nightclub packed with american tourists and the resort town of playa del carmen new mexico showing pure chaos is gunfire sent dozens of people running from a music festival into the streets. a t.j. tweaking five people are dead. it may be as many as a kid we will bring you the very latest on this rapidly developing situation. clayton: donald trump sworn in as our 45th president. the list of democrats put an inoculation is going by the minute with john lewis leading the charge: mr. trump an
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illegitimate president. kristen fisher live in washington d.c. with the very latest on this. reporter: good morning, clayton. today one of the remarks back in 1963, #-number-sign john lewis of refusing to attend. at least 29th democratic lawmakers say they are planning to skip mr. thompson maturation after the president-elect lashed out for calling him an illegitimate president. in case you missed it, here's what he said on "meet the press." >> president-elect as the legitimate president. >> i think the russians participated in this elect date. they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. reporter: vice president-elect mike pence said mr. trump has a right to defend himself all incoming chief of that reince priebus said this.
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>> i think it's incredibly disappointing and irresponsible for people like himself to question the legitimacy of the next united states president. the president should step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the election. reporter: mr. trump is trying to unify the question. for many years the country has been divided i'm angry and i'm trusting. the hatred. that will change. heather and clayton likely not in time for inauguration day which is now just four days away. >> thanks so much, chris sam. but democrats are saying it's time to move on acceptable terms with. >> representative john lewis' comments were out of line. >> i've got the utmost respect for congressman lewis.
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he's an icon if you will. we all have the most respect for him. i just think that was uncalled for. i just wish the rhetoric was toned down both back and forth. the bottom line is if we are concerned about the russians and that the russians want to be involved in altering our process, then you will succeed if he sees this bickering back and forth. we are bigger than this and we are going to show them they're not going to change in how we work and function as congress, as the government in the united states of america. for this type of rhetoric it's dave and i would like is that what toned down a little bit, we'd be much better off and move on. >> present electron prepares to take the oath of office. heather: military and police getting ready for everything from terrorist attacks to spray tingles. clayton: right here with a look
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at some past inaugural events. you can get a sprained ankle. preparedness always a huge undertaking. a lot to prepare for a. the main event will take place on the capitol steps to playing the role of president-elect donald trump, vice president-elect mike pence in their lives. mr. pencil take his oath of office on ronald reagan's family bible. they've been practicing the movements from walking down the steps to flatbed trucks rolling in the parade. military units have been practicing for the big event as well. rehearsals were conducted along the parade route which will have been marching down pennsylvania avenue. homeland secretary of security says they will be security to do
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with the 700,000 to 900,000 expected to attend. similar watch mr. trump take the oath of office that 99 groups will be protesting. thousands of pro-trump makers plan to form a wall around protesters. >> some pro-and some can't. we know that 99 to permit applications or through social >> officials have not received any specific credible threats targeting inoculation, as you can imagine can security teams are concerned about possible homegrown extremism. heather: wear comfortable shoes for sure. good tip. thank you, kelley. the white house press corps administration after agreeing to think in the conference is out of the small briefing room in the west wing to accommodate more reporters he is some reporters fear they are being kicked out of the white house, but incoming press secretary sean spicer says that it is just
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not true. >> dhea you can involve more people come to be more transparent, how for accessibility should be seen as a welcome change. this is about greater accessibility. heather: where they go? reportedly under consideration, the old executive office as a next to the white house and the white house conference center across the street. >> prison upon reflecting on its eight years after final white house interference 60 minutes. the outgoing commander-in-chief talking about donald trump, partisanship in the controversial u.n. boat blocking settlements. >> everybody has to acknowledge. don't underestimate the guy because he will be the 45th president of the united states. >> i was surprised and continue to be surprised by the severity of partisanship in this town. i don't think it caused a major rupture in relations between the united states and israel. if you say prime minister
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yahoo! -- benjamin netanyahu got fired up come he's been fired during the presidency. clayton: he went on to say mr. trump should relations with the community and not be so fast to get rid of norms and traditions. heather: the weather and relentless ice storm same in the midwest at this hour leaving six people dead. >> more than an inch of ice coated oklahoma, kansas and missouri causing dozens of crashes. this track cited across a four lane highway. trade to iso close quote and power lines, and the brutal conditions delaying the kansas city chiefs game for seven hours. >> in texas that tornado touching down for cowboys fans to take cover. janice dean is here tracking more. reporter: it is all part of the same system that tornado watch
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yesterday and the yesterday and the ice storm that is ongoing. we are talking about day four of more icy weather across the mid west pushing across the great lakes and into the northeast. there's where we see the pink and purple on the screen. that's where we've got a c. mix. the good news is this is a holiday. people urge to stay off the road race. i starve for iowa and of course they're freezing rain advisory is to stretch into the northeast. we are not going to get the ice accumulation over the weekend with some areas getting over an inch of ice. we definitely could the ice accumulation on the power lines and trees for the areas you see that mixture there moving across the great lakes. this is our future forecast. tuesday we will see the mixture in the northeast and then we'll do with heavy rainfall from parts of texas and louisiana. an ongoing situation as we head into wednesday. the goodness of his temperatures will moderate a little bit more
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and stay above average as we head into tuesday and wednesday at. but that will melt a lot of bad faith in the snow saw over the weekend. coming up in the forecast, i will talk about what will happen on inoculation rate. temperatures well into the 50s can even 60s for the d.c. area come friday. back to you, clay tim and heather. clayton: wrestling fan, jimmy superspy has died. he was good. debbie debbie p. hall of famers best remembered for his attacks in the ring. his daughter posting this touching picture as tmc reported he died of stomach cancer. two weeks ago was cleared of murder charges in connection with the 1983 death of his girlfriend. jimmy superspy was 73 years old. heather: hashbrowns and hack
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attacks. it was a victim of a cybercrime after the company's twitter account we treated an anti-clinton message. this is what it said. hillary clinton had a major garbage campaign and eats up every moment. patriots going to boycott the chain. no apologizing saying this is not on the content shared by ihop. >> the time is now 11 minutes after the hour. the church is now refusing to mention the president-elect's name because it's too dangerous. >> a battle brewing between john brennan in the president-elect. >> the world is watching now what mr. trump says i'm listening very carefully. he has to recognize his words to have been hacked. heather: wait until you ear of donald trump just fire back.
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surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? clayton: welcome back. bring the overnight at the fort lauderdale airport massacre that left five people dead, estevan san diego had his gun taken away and not once, but twice you for his deadly rampage. the first time by puerto rican police for two years during an unidentified investigation. the second time by the fbi and alaska after santiago said the cia was forcing him to pipe races. heather: cia director john rensburg in a more aggressive president-elect term. mr. trump had blasted intelligence agencies for allegedly leaking and verified
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russian intel report. brennan says the president-elect needs to watch his language because the world is watching. >> mr. trump has to be very disciplined in terms of what it is he says publicly. this is more than being about him. it's about the united states and national security. he is going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure the u.s. national security interests are protected in advance. >> mr. trump firing back with this tweet saint john brennan last president-elect trump does not fully understand. couldn't do much worse. just look at syria from around nine, crimea and the buildup of russian mix. not good. is this the leaker of fake news? >> the clinton global initiative is closing its doors for good after struggling to fight to pay to play scandals. the organization failing to recover and regain once powerful political influence after being exposed to wikileaks.
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correct management reported help donors get access rather than focusing on the charitable work they said they were doing around the world. employee layoffs will start in april. >> finish interface obama carried taken center stage. grandpa drafting the bill, hinting at what the new affordable character might look like. >> replacement bill would put together, our goal is to ensure the most amount of people get access to the most amount of people at the least amount of cost. this is where obamacare failed. heather: reducing costs is a top priority. replacement plan goals include expanding access, expanding choices for modeling the playing field is expected to an elmore of the proposal this week. today the nation remembers the life and sacrifice of civil rights icon.mart that the king junior. clayton: kelley wright is here
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with a look at how that still resonate nearly 50 years after his death. >> clayton, it has been 50 years or more. dr. martin luther king jr. says it's one most persistent question is what are you doing for others. bridging the racial divide through nonviolent struggle for civil rights. we reflect on dr. king through the eyes of his daughter, reverend bernice king. >> he was really speaking to us about our humanity and understanding our interconnectedness and interrelatedness. that's why he talked about getting done at the table of brotherhood. in other words, as understanding that we are one huge human family. i judge him not by the color of their skin but the content of his or her. >> he also talked about extremism. which is to be an extremist of hate and it shows that the extremists above. >> one of the most important traits and unconditional love is
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the capacity to forgive. it's very easy to become bigger, very easy to become angry and two mod to take revenge. it's the capacity to have the mentality that says by destroying them a part of me is being destroyed because they are part of my humanity. my dad lost his life. look what the world has gained. even though, you know, he did make it to see the promised land he talked about and everybody hadn't made it to the promising he talked about. there are people that are benefiting from the life and ultimately the sacrifice that he made. clayton: the daughter of the revolutionary that are martin luther king. i decided to stick with love. he is too great a burden to bear. his words still has meaning for now. heather. heather: they do.
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clayton: heather: at the time is 19 and at the top of the hour. one of his most coveted campaign promises. >> we're going to build a wall. i don't feel like waiting a gear or you're in a house. we are going to start building. heather: now there's even more reason to the tamil trouble posing a huge security risk. >> a new luxury car service that's just like netflix. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take.
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heather: back to transcend them. a church will not mention president-elect trump's name because it is a trauma trigger. a clergymen of the episcopal
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church sparking controversy after making the decision to stop using proper names when praying for our country's leaders. the los angeles director written a blog post on the church's website saying we have a president-elect whose name is literally a trauma trigger to some people. clayton: a new bill aims to ban college courses including the problem of politeness and white privilege. lawmakers in arizona state tax payer should not have to pay for classes that discriminate. i was at primary and secondary schools from the next saturday's targeting a specific race. brand-new developments in saint-saëns six leading cell phone disaster. the company now says it knows what caused the blast. heather: what is that? cheryl casone from our sister network fox is necessary the information. reporter: good morning. an investigation by saint-saëns into the galaxy knows that in catching fire and exploding.
2:25 am
while complete results of the report will be announced until january 23rd or 24th save faulty batteries caused the global recall that is now $19 billion. the comp any as production of releasing a new galaxy, the assay sometime this year. the reason of price per ticket to super bowl for two and dropped out of the dallas cowboys lost in dramatic fashion. the green bay packers last night before the game, the cheapest tickets priced at $4105. afterwards going for 3349. the cowboys playing the game at houston a four hour drive is very attractive. disneyland in california will allow guests to use mobile devices to make reservations. unlike disney world in florida, disneyland is using a new ticket
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heather: good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first." reason enough to wake up and celebrate. i am heather childers. train to good morning. i am clayton morris. but the presidential election four days away. transit list of democrats refusing to attend the swearing-in ceremonies going back in the net with lewis leading the charge, calling mr. trump an illegitimate president. clayton: five in washington d.c. with the very latest on this commission. reporter: the president-elect has entered the entered the wicked is an operation stressing unity. he is tweeting that our country is then divided among testing.
2:31 am
the hatred is today. it will change. at the same time, he suspended the charges to the democratic congressman and civil rights icon that he's an illegitimate president. yesterday mr. trump's incoming chief of staff called the remarks irresponsible while mike pence said this. >> i think donald trump has the right to defend himself when some of john lewis' stature, somebody's not only an icon in the civil rights movement, but also someone who by virtue of his sacrifice i made a windowless bloody sunday, for someone to use his stature, to use terms like this is not a legitimate president. it is just deeply disappointing to me and i hope you reconsider said. heather: in case you missed it, listen to the comment that started it all from congressman john lewis on "meet the press." >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate
2:32 am
president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. reporter: lewis has encouraged other democrats to do the same. at least 29 democratic lawmakers now say they are planning to skip vista comes inauguration after the president-elect lashed out for calling them what you just heard, an illegitimate president. the trump team argues the president-elect has a right to defend himself. heather and clayton. clayton: thanks, christine. clayton: -- heather: who is really dividing the country? )-right-paren balanced debate, democratic strategist, omar. thank you for joining us. david, i will start with that question. who is causing the divide in america? the president-elect of democrats who refuse to accept his
2:33 am
presidency? >> let's keep in mind that democrats have to show up at the inauguration if they don't want. the only constitutional requirement is that the president-elect and vice president-elect take the oath of office on january 20th. let me assure you, president-elect trump and vice president pence will be there as the chief justice roberts will be there to take the oath and there'll be plenty of democrats who will ultimately attend, whether that be president obama who respects a peaceful transition of power for hillary clinton and former president clinton will both be there. there will be plenty of democrats there and probably the more important question this morning, heather is what we will do to unite the country. president-elect trump is able to cut taxes, get jobs created and secure our border. transfer the data that in just a moment. you are correct. i wanted to ask you if david was just referencing.
2:34 am
a growing list refusing to attend the inauguration ceremony. do you think that's the right thing to do? six of those states right there, six of those states did vote for donald trump. >> yes, absolutely. but also i would expect the electors to cast those votes will be in attendance because they attend the inauguration. these democratic lawmakers don't have to go and they are not going to go. one of the things that has to be remembered here as a lot of folks have been saying president obama has to encourage these folks to get past their feelings and the lord. president-elect trump has to not tweet is saying he's all talk no action on mlk weekend if all weekend for heavens sake spirit we are going to unite the country absolutely. we have to have a president who's not going to feel like every time somebody says some in
2:35 am
against him, noticeably not vladimir putin that is not going to insult them. heather: leading by example, if you go by that area, should these democratic leaders not be intended the inauguration? it is for all americans. >> absolutely. most have said this in response to how trump is active. this is on everybody to be a bigger person, but also that applies to president-elect trump. it's unfortunate the republicans have pushed away from trying to make him a better person and a president. >> david, just to go along with that, who does need to rise above first? should it be the president-elect? >> we all need to always aspire to our better angels. as much of this ultimately to most americans is just typical political banter back and forth. but what will get them excited and local unite them is what we talked about earlier, which is as president-elect trump barks
2:36 am
at republicans and democrats because you're going to need a few democratic senators in the senate to pass the agenda. once obama characters replaced as jobs are being created, that is local unite america. >> perhaps that is what is leading by example. thank you both for joining us for early this morning. let's hope the tweeting back and forth desktop somehow. who do you think is to blame for dividing the country? log onto the "fox & friends first" facebook page for my debate #keep talking. clayton: with the weather this morning, i is leaving six people dead. oklahoma, kansas causing dozens of crashes. the truck completely lost control of a four lane highway. i suppose covering power lines and trees causing outages for millions of people in brutal conditions to land the kansas city chiefs game for seven hours. in texas the tornado touching
2:37 am
down for saint cowboys fans to take shelter in places as well. janice davis live in the weather center. good morning. reporter: good morning. tornado warnings and looks like a confirmed tornado spread around the dallas-fort worth area and north of waco. that is part of the larger system, the warm part of the storm. we also had the ice storm part of this the broad as of this the broad as you mentioned over an inch of ice on areas in oklahoma up towards nebraska and that is going to be ongoing throughout the day today and into tomorrow. i storm warnings in the purple. winter weather advisories as well we will see some snow north of that frees the mind. as well we could see some freezing rain into the northeast on tuesday. let's look at it as a hedge the next 12 to 24 hours of dicey conditions are late although it up towards the great lakes and upper midwest. i found the roadways, power lines. the good news is today a lot of folks have the day off so people
2:38 am
are purchased at the roadways. temperatures will warm up it will start to see the ice melt. the system is in tuesday, wednesday across the northeast. public funding for inauguration week in d.c.? because conditions for much of the work week. on friday that the big day we could see rain showers. as far as temperatures fell, that's pretty good on the warm side for much of the work week for the d.c. area. back to you. >> not bad. >> it's been worse. >> it has been worse. below zero. clayton: thanks, janice. >> deanna felt the skin says that after an exciting playoff weekend. clayton: chair at max 50 euros xm 115 joins us now with all the highlights. what a weekend. >> what an amazing sunday. the game of death to all the hype. the cowboys and packers throwing back. dallas had just tied the game with a 52-yard field goal from
2:39 am
dan bailey. karen rogers had time to work once again. 30 seconds ago, rogers on the third time in 20 scrambling and he finds jarrett wrote that keeps his feet of god and out beside a with nathan crosby had just made a field goal earlier to put green bay up by three. this time 51 yards out. mason crosby becomes the first kicker in nfl history to kick to field goals in the final two minutes of a playoff game. packers and 34-31. another finish in kansas city between the steelers and achieves less than three minutes left. steelers update. choosing to go. to enforce overtime. alex smith against dmitry harris. she has called for holding and
2:40 am
pushes them back so they get another shot on the second try. alex smith pass attempt knock down. 18-16. playing the patriots afc championship. it will be next sunday 6:40 eastern time. the falcons for the nfc title eastern time. what a great sunday night in the divisional playoffs. >> what happened with this yesterday. he went to the grocery store. he is a punter. he punted food. >> it is kind of fun. heather: depends on what he is kicking in.
2:41 am
clayton: what would be the most fun i'd had to punch? heather: i wonder who he picked for the final two. clayton: brought to you by the letter p., packers features. >> i would love to see that. ratings would be through the roof. tickets down because they had been not now. delightful, about that. clayton: thanks, jerry. good to see you. 41 minutes after the hour. he promised to keep tweeting after he goes to the oval office. a major decision from teen trump about a social media accounts. by the actors is being called an environmental hypocrite. >> or the july and january. while one small new jersey town celebrated a few months early. ♪ why do some cash back cards
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heather: welcome back. another reason we need a wallpaper once a man in drag, find the u.s.-mexico border are being used again. all things her neighbors from the kid according to "the los angeles times," the u.s. drug thomas on our side of the border with concrete. the mexico only those three entrances, claiming it's too expensive to do anything more. crooks are just building new entrances and connecting them to the old tunnels. that's a problem. >> she is outspoken in their fight against an oil pipeline. is actress jane fonda practicing what she preaches? now being called a hypocrite. they say the actress bashes canadian oil production of the greenhouse gases that creates all while she flies around in one of her big chance. the size of a small town as their carbon footprint point
2:46 am
specifically a doll of her jet setting she's doing worldwide. >> the president-elect is a big name and his battle with the intelligence community. legendary journalist bob woodward. >> i've lived in this world for 45 years where you can't gain some people make allegation. that is a garbage document. >> woodward also singing mr. trump's point of view on the unverified russian dossier has been underreported. the president-elect tweeting, saint thank you bob woodward, that is a garbage document that never should have been presented. clayton: laura ingram according to the "washtington examiner," the fox news contributor considering a run in virginia. if she does come and go no-space eloquence former vp pick, senator tim kaine. no comment yet on the possible run. >> albeit possibly running for
2:47 am
that. let's check in with steve ducey standing by to see what is coming up on fox and friends. >> coming up on the big three-hour telecast, a lot of trump's team with us just four days before the inauguration. as you can see screen left, the guy who got it all started. as you can see far right with god sean spicer appeared without him about the possibility of moving the price out of the white house into the eisenhower executive building next-door. vice president mike pence, vice president-elect. we'll ask about the infamous ice cream run for his wife. plus another staff who want to take his temperature on. just 12 minutes and 30 seconds from now. >> movie in the press corps, might be disconnected a little bit from the white house. it will be interesting to see how they do this.
2:48 am
moved across the street possibly. >> baker, baker, baker. trade to be with you shortly. more "fox & friends first" when we come back. heather: stay with us. mmm friend of yours? that's frequent heartburn. it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr. sometino big deal.shing my gums bleed. but my hygienist said, it is a big deal.
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clayton: welcome back. unprecedented security as president-elect trump prepares to take the oath of office. heather: military, police not taken any chances as you would imagine from terror attacks to sprain ankles. clayton: kelly of the book at the security plans. >> i think she likes a sprained ankle part. >> just be careful when you're out there. friday is a big day when america in the world will see the peaceful transition of power behind the scenes a lot of
2:52 am
preparation to make sure the inauguration goes well for the next president of the united states, donald trump. demanded that will take place on the capitol steps. the swearing-in ceremony was held on sunday. playing the roles of president-elect trump, vice president-elect mike pence and their wives. they've been practicing the movement from walking down the steps to flatbed trucks which will be willing throughout the parade. military units have been practicing his love for the big event and rehearsals also conducted along the parade route which will have ants marching down pennsylvania avenue from the capitol to the white house. homeland secretary security jeh johnson says they will be a massive presence of security. 3000 officers and 5000 national guard troops on patrol and 728,000 will protect and keep watch over 700,000 to 900,000 people expected to attend. some of them open watching mr. trump take the oath of office. 99 groups will be protesting and
2:53 am
thousands of pro-trump bikers plan to form a wall around protesters. >> would recognize this event and the ensuing security arrangements may cause inconveniences to the citizens of washington d.c. however, it is our intent to minimize interruptions as much as possible. >> it will be a headache to get around that particular morning. vice president pence would take his oath of office by the way on the bible come in the bible of president ronald reagan. the theme of the inauguration is uniquely american. clayton: thanks, kelley. appreciate it. the president-elect doing one thing that won't change when he gets into the oval office. the twitter account. he is going to stick with@real donald trump and sinister g trump considers switching to@potus about which is what president obama uses.
2:54 am
>> i've got 46 million people right now. including facebook, twitter. so, when you think there's 46 million there, i would rather let that bill to. clayton: it is not clear what will happen to the@potus account after inauguration. heather: no secret rosie o'donnell was president-elect trump gone. days before the maturation, she is proposing a surprising replacement. senator john mccain for emergency interim president one month of maturation pods. illegitimate president should not be sworn. the donald, mr. trump has an publicly feuding you know for years. clayton: i wonder if twitter would give him donald trump. heather: he's done a lot for twitter. clayton: but he can get rid of the real because someone has his name out there.
2:55 am
54 minutes after the hour. 10 more detainees from guantánamo bay. we just found out where they are going. heather: clear the floor because the roof is coming down. the moment these players running for their lives. ♪ bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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>> the middle eastern country of oman just
2:59 am
accepted 10 gitmo detainees at president obama's request. now the president said that he would free up to 19 prisoners before he leaves office. no trading or mail delivery today. the stock markets and post offices are closed in observance of the martin luther king holiday. americans celebrating the slain civil rights leader's levee with parade and other events. world sear years champions chicago cubs are leaving the field to visit the white house. the team which hadn't won the world serious in 108 years visiting president obama. fan of the rivals the white sox. clayton: first off the good, the fourth of july comes early for iraq war veteran. throwing a parade month in advance in honoring of 36-year-old jason warwick. next the bad fans and players running for lives as roof of newly opened gym of a czech republic collapses. somehow no one was hurt.
3:00 am
last the ugly. social media manager fired for correct ago teen's spelling. closed school tamarrow please. she responded how would you learn to spell tomorrow. the district says her tone was inappropriate. >> come on, it was a joke. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. ♪ >> president-elect as a legitimate president. >> i was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy of donald trump. >> bringing to the attention of the president-elect that circuiting out there was a response sibility. >> i have lived 45 years that that is a garbage document it sheriff should have been presented. >> is there anything that surprised you about this job? >> i was surprised by the severity of partisanship in this town. >> there is a lock of talk radio and bloggers and people that can't fit in


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