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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 15, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. so help me god. shannon: by jason todd jay trump takes the opposite of their 46 is not good you are looking at images just a short time ago. caroline shively arrived at the capitol. hi, caroline. >> history is being made on friday. we'll have all the details coming out.
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>> meanwhile, 16 blocks down pennsylvania avenue, the odometers in india last week at the white house. screen left in you can be already built. screen right as you can be they will wave farewell to the trans-friday afternoon like so many first couples have done in the past can we apply that the white house for a very special edition of "america's news hq" good nat you. next with you at home. i am leland vittert. the white house very much in transition. >> right next to the capital, here is what is making headlines today. donald trump striking back today touting his push to bring jobs back to america. we are live at trump tower. >> on capitol hill, national security takes away confirmation from congress. so what any of them face
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rejection even for members of president? trump own party? remembering one of our nation's most influential presidents. his legacy is still with us today. dwight d. eisenhower. joins us to uncover his brand-new details about our 34th president. vice president elect mike pence is the disappointment and congressman john lewis after his comments questioning donald trump's legitimacy as president. thank you. on fox news sunday with chris wallace. now just five days before the inauguration. peter doocy has the latest on the top team outside trump tower in new york. hi, peter. reporter: hi, elizabeth. the leland: month to make one thing clear. just because the president-elect responded to congressman lewis to a criticism by congressman lewis, with a criticism of his sound is not aimed the next
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president does not have respect for lewis or the work that he did during the civil rights movement. >> we need folks like john lewis and others who i think have been champions of border rights actually recognize the fact that donald trump was duly elected, is going to put his hand on the bible in five days. i think it's incredibly disappointing and irresponsible for people like himself to question the legitimacy of the next united states president. reporter: the president-elect is calling not all democrats on twitter with a two-parter. he rates the democrats are most angry that so many obama democrats voted for me with all of the jobs and bring them back to a nation, that number will only get higher. if they want to do business in our country, they are making things here again. we are also now hearing from the vice president elect, mike pence for the first time since republicans and democrats in the
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senate said they plan an illegal contact between russian officials and members of his campaign or the quick campaign. there is nothing to see there. >> i joined this campaign in the summer and i can tell you all the contacts by the term campaign and the associates is that the american people. we were fully engaged with taking his message to make america great again all across this country. the incoming white house press secretary john spicer says there is some truth to the report that the next administration wants reporters out of the white house. they want to perhaps put reporters at the press briefings in the has more space but have not been invited to the white house press briefings in previous administrations. he lived there. elizabeth: interesting. peter doocy live, thank you so
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much. trade to president-elect trump will take office on friday, but there are areas questions as to how much of his national security team will be in place across party lines, senator seemed uncomfortable about mr. trump's ties with russia and have grilled his nominees about just that. here to weigh in with us today, former cia or, chad reid. always good to see you, sir. we watched his confirmation hearing for not only did we watch them republican and democrat, that you have to think that across foreign capitals around the world, they were watching these confirmation hearings as well. i'm wondering what message he think his fans. >> on the one hand it definitely shows our democracy is open and vibrant in the definitely heated discussions. the level of transparency in areas of national security is unsettling and a lot of the
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issues that the incoming president needs to be briefed on privately should not be aired this openly. that is one of the things i think that regrettably for those attempting to disinformation operation, that certainly is an indication of some level of success on their part. >> it seems like that's what the russians have wanted to do at their disinformation campaign as though the discord contempt and questions whether they're legitimate or not we see play now. >> it is regrettable that is recently as representative lewis' comment that president may not be as legitimate is playing right into the hands of the russians. the intelligence community for the record, my fellow citizens can go read the intelligence community assessment on that has affirmed not a single vote was changed and so that's an important point the public needs to know.
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president-elect trump is legitimately elected president and will be our president. i think the thing that disturbs us the most in the intelligence community, members of my former colleagues is that this is the time when the nation's most vulnerable in the transition and it is important that there will be unity between the executive branch of the incoming president. >> you talk about that unity and we've seen question at least veiled questions their views to the president-elect and the man who runs the organization of the central intelligence agency said this this morning on fox said. >> i can tell you the intelligence community is prepared to support the president-elect and the incoming team as we've done throughout the course of our history. so there is no interest in undermining the president-elect and the national security coming in. >> or descending he had to actually make that point.
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>> i think my former colleagues and agency are committed this morning as president other than director copperhead to reinforce the message. it's regrettable and in that sense and had a limited victory and creating a sense of this community. i think what you'll see in the analogy i use we can think about our own lives, the families that come spell out families. give it a few days. i think you will see that the incoming direct termite pompeo was an outstanding nominee along with codes on the dni satcom it better, this would be a strong national security team. so stay that watch in the day ahead, and it's what director brennan said. they will fall in line at the support of the new president. >> we've seen very hawkish words firm said they feared might pompeo will run the agency very
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tough when it comes to russia in cybersecurity. we will have you to talk about it. >> thank you, lehman. elizabeth: abor potential administration nominees will go before the senate before the president-elect takes the oath of office on friday. on the schedule this week include betsy devine for education, scott pruett for the epa and rick perry to take the helm at the department of energy. joining us now is an inside look at what we can expect in the co-author of political playbook. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: want to get your opinion and take a macro view here. we saw tensions and interactions are in the hearings last week. but we'll talk about the fact that everyone is going to fly. not everyone will sail through. i want your predictions ahead of the week cms will have eight more nominees go in front of the senate. >> there were fireworks this past week is certainly jeff sessions hearing some of the
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same in the next couple of weeks -- next couple of days. certainly scott pruett sees him as somebody who they can kind of attack a rallying point. you also see the hhs home price from georgia, a member of congress who have positions that democrats are going to really take issue with him about my care. those are the two that i would watch for. although you said it's taken away from the station a little bit in terms of can they stop anyone right now. it does not appear that democrats will take a single nominee. >> you brought up scott pruett and tom price especially with obama cared is a huge topic of conversation about the hearings will be like. but though we have a come i want to narrow it down to four, including but you've mentioned. i want to ask you about education secretary. you certainly seem democrat said this is not someone who's supportive of public education
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and not not necessarily true, but at the same time democrats ask her tough questions when it comes to public education as is supposed to the culture's proposals she's had in michigan. >> you it definitely see them go very aggressively anti-charter school issues. you will also see what is your experience, background. how she going to do the career officials. there is a lot of consternation that are nonpartisan, the career public servants. how she will treat them in those issues. i think you would hear some about finances. over and over again next week in terms of donald trump and his billionaire cabinet. >> i want to comment on the nominee. do you think democrats will hit
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hard because they that a successful life in the air? >> that is definitely something you'll see democrats go after. one of the things that there is going to be a lot of issue is the issue at the transit debate partnership, tpp, and something president obama had wanted to get over that donald trump has been opposed to it. and one of the things you're trying to see democrats do and some republicans they see where there is some air between the donald trumps policy positions aren't ever had cabinet secretary positions are. elizabeth: i want to take the time for governor perry obviously up for energy secretary, but we know that is one time that he suggested should be abolished. the heading of the treasury and obviously there's a lot of critics who say less income is that draining the swamp? >> i think that is something we will hear over and over again next week.
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the question is really nobody knows who he is beauty a somebody less than testified before before a congressional hearing where he had a lot of taxonomists, they've been doing boards that had. when i talked to a lot of republicans on the hill, this is one of the nominee is there a little bit nervous about. they don't know how he might respond to questioning. elizabeth: will watch this together. hopefully we can have you back to talk about it. anna palmer, thanks so much. we appreciate appeared fox news is your home for the latest on the trunk transition. chris wallace is done with mike pence on fox news and they just days before he takes the oath of office. they are discussing russia's sanctions in the latest comments by john lewis at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. the land. leland: at this time friday, the mad dash at the white house to move out president obama and in president trump will be underway. the chief white house usher call it organized chaos that the only
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house four or five hours to do this. in the meantime, the new president will make his way up pennsylvania avenue. the maturation of the parade involve quite literally a cast of thousands. those thousands in practice. caroline showed them the west lawn of the capitol after a six-hour rehearsal this morning. hi, caroline. reporter: hi to you, leland. in five days there will be a party house protest. down there for the last few minutes they been doing an audio chat. i don't know if you can see it or not. it's interesting to know how important you are by how nice your chair is. front row cushy chairs followed by wooden chairs and folding chairs. if you keep on paying enough come keep on panning outcome if keep on paying enough come if you take it that keep on panning outcome if your tickets at their come you get the cold football bench seats. still not a bad place to watch history and failed. check out those flags here on the west front of the capitol.
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standards have been practicing the movements this morning from walking down the steps to flatbed trucks. the official thing is uniquely american, celebrating the peaceful transfer of power between the administration. ronald reagan had in his address in 1981 in the eyes of many in the world, the every four years ceremony we accept adorable is nothing less than a miracle. police will have three dozen extra officers and 5000 national guard troops here. secret service agents have been prepping in maryland that include the parade groups. agents work with 40 incidents from armed attacks or event, everything from mr. and mrs. trump spraining nickel or even chemical agents by drugs. this parade this year with 8000 people in that with dance dance margin, but its actually shorter than usual. organizers want to get to work before he goes to the inaugural on friday night. for than 700,000 people ask acted to be in town on friday
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and throughout the weekend on saturday. more people will be coming for the largest protest of the women's protest. 1200 have been registered to bring those folks into town. elizabeth ann leeland, that to you. elizabeth: talked about all these people but we forget the thousands of people protesting as well. a lot of planning for a lot of people in the district. >> for sure, that's a bit read you do get a sense at the white house that they widen the security perimeter. you might think that's ordinary, but this is different than eight years ago when i was in any protest expected over president-elect barack obama's inauguration. the secret service is that fair game in terms of pushing the perimeter out. >> thank you for showing us that. we appreciate it. reporter: you back. elizabeth: for nintendo to deny duration, tune into fox news channel where we will have coverage all day. coming up, republican senator rand paul says he is a replacement for obama karen
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>> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> 56 years ago this week, john pfister at kennedy sworn in as the 35th president of the united states, the first cap lake. instead, the famous sign came
10:22 am
from his days as a young man at boarding school where the headmaster there said ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school. compare the election of 1960 in the election of 2016 been 2016 be uniquely divisive in a country equally divisive and divided as the new president takes office. more with brett bair a little bit more on how president eisenhower parrot the president. mr. reagan did not grow speech is not true to form. onto a completely unrelated story. the circus tent is holding for ringling brothers. that 146 euros circus, the greatest show on earth with high operating costs are forcing them to shut down. you still have a few more chances to see the show. the show will go on with 30 performances between now and
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may. elizabeth: plummeting temperatures and icy road conditions make for difficult driving across the plains in the throughout the entire weekend. roads and highways have been placed at dice causing crashes in oklahoma as well as a number of others dates. one state away in texas they are on a lookout for thunderstorms. leland: all that winter weather in the midwest as had trouble for man's best friend. areas. a long way away a team of firefighters were called to his own flake in denver, colorado because a beagle was trapped on an island out there. the dog is named theo. the firefighter just fell in. but he was wearing a dry suit. he was chasing birds but got trapped doctors scurrying across the ice. it took firefighters a half an hour to reach the yahoo! has been brought back as you can be
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and reunited with his owner. you certainly hope that his owner -- this one is an intense pace rescue. you hope they at least ate cookies and hot chocolate for the firefighter. that's the nicest thing anybody said to me this week. elizabeth: it forever. president-elect donald trump has been held that when it comes to china and the construction of man-made island. what to expect in u.s. and chinese relations after a night duration day. let's obama cared days might be numbered. republicans repeal for a vote. one lawmaker says a replacement has been waiting. the political panel will weigh in on how that vote may unfold. >> we are going to legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance. it mandates what you come by. we will help people save through
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>> welcome back to the white house. you can see on the wider shot they have build the walkway for the president elect to head out to the viewing stand for the inaugural parade across the north lawn at the white house. leaders of american intelligence community seem to be concerned of the hallmark of a new commander in chief. mr. trump fiery comments about u.s. intel could do serious harm to the relationship between the intelligence community and the white house. it might also have implications around the world as well. christian fisher now live back at the studio with these details and in some way, kristin, unchartered waters. >> yeah, we are. john brenon gave exclusive
10:30 am
interview and used it to blast the president elect. listen to this. >> if he doesn't have confidence in the intelligence community, what signals does that send to partners and allies as well as adversaries, mr. trump needs to be disciplined in what he does publicly. he's going to be in a few days time the most powerful person in the world in terms of sitting on top of the united states government and i think he has to recognize that his words do have impact. >> now, vice president elect mike pence was on fox news and called the leak of dossier highly responsible. retired general mike flynn made contact with embassador in the same day sanctions were announced by the obama administration. mr. pence called the timing coin kit eventual as well as other members making contact with the kremlin during the campaign. mr. pence said it never
10:31 am
happened. >> of course not. the american people see right through it. >> a senate panel to investigate whether party had to do with russia. the president elect lacks full understanding of the threat that russia poses to the united states, leland. >> we have seen a lot of parting shots, that's for sure. thanks, kristin. >> thanks. >> repeal and replace has been rallying cry but creating replacement has been easier said than done. senator rand paul is rolling out a bill, he says. >> our goal to make more covered
10:32 am
for less. they put so many mandates and made it too expensive. >> let's discus, shall we. working with the trump transition team and the cabinet nominees and ben joins me now for a fair and balance debate, gentlemen, we heard senator rand paul this morning. i want to get your reaction, david. this is the first time we see a physical bill. he tweeted it out and saw it. >> we saw a bill that we know that's in it unlike the democrats approach. whether that takes six days or six weeks or whether that takes six months, what americans want is a healthcare system that they get good access to doctors, plenty of doctors, obamacare
10:33 am
never talked about the shortage of doctors that we were about to face in the country nor we talked about the preventive medicine about junk lawsuits. replacing obamacare is going to take comprehensive approach, whether it's six days from now, what americans deserve is a healthcare system better than what we've gotten under obamacare. >> i want to bring you in. obviously we have seen a picture of bill, it hasn't been presented yet, there were two pieces that i got from the interview, senator rand paul said he wants to get rid of the mandate and allow small businesses or groups to ban together therefore lowering costs. there was a couple of points that i was not quite as clear on and that was preexisting conditions an staying on your parents' insurance till 26. do those need to be addressed? >> those need to be addressed.
10:34 am
>> is this it? >> this plan it doesn't meet any of those three tests. many of people would lose coverage. you could be denied of preexisting condition. before obama care, you could get coverage domestic violence. it would drive up costs enormously specially those who -- >> he would say, right now people are paying for coverage that they simply do not need so he's saying that would be the opposite. >> for many young people they want a bare-bones plan, they can't get that right now. what bare bones plan, it helps them pay catastrophic problems and not monday its that many of obamacare puts in. free markets are a good thing.
10:35 am
let me also say that you have many democrats said that they would like to get rid of obamacare. you're actually going to have republicans and democrats working together which is not what we faced when democrats took control and we were going to negotiate among themselves. >> there's no question that obamacare can be improved upon. >> they want to get rid of it. >> the way you improve is not stripping health insurance for millions of people with nothing come back afterwards. >> what you allow americans to have more -- >> if you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks. we have seen 50 ideas. until there's one plan, you
10:36 am
can't strip away coverage from people until there's actually one plan that people can look at and say, is this better or is this worse. everything we know so far about rand's plan is it would be worse for a whole ton of people and i want to see it and written on paper. >> if you can't play in the nfl, you don't deserve to be there and obamacare doesn't deserve to be there. >> that was so well played. the fact that we are talking about playoffs. gentlemen, thank you so much. not the end of this conversation so we are going to have you guys back to discus it, leland. >> with the transfer of power just around the corner, we see another look at another transfer of power, the final days of the historic presidency of dwight eisenhower, remembering a fallen officer killed in line of duty, how friends, colleagues are honoring her life. >> there's no longer black lives or blue lives but simply all
10:37 am
lives that matter today.
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>> welcome back to the white house, less than a week before president-elect trump takes office and the chinese are laying down some red lines, beijing issuing a stern warning over mr. trump saying the u.s. is one china policy is negotiable, as far as they are concerned, it is not. the u.s. policy on the confusing triangle of taiwan and china has been a hallmark for american policy for decades. michael, tend of the asian century, joins us. michael, fitting that you are here as beijing issues this warning shot even before president-elect trump takes office. >> well, thank you, yes. what trump is doing is really threatening to up end all of u.s.-chinese diplomatic relations since normalization back in 1979. >> i will stop you real quick, is that a bad thing? do chinese american diplomatics
10:42 am
need to be up ended a little bit? >> there's a strong case that needs to be made that success of u.s. presidents have been all too willing to accommodate china. the question is, is this the right way to go about flexing a little bit more muscle saying, there are things we need to change in one child policy -- china policy, it's a very risky move. >> what are the risks, really? is this risk of war, is this risk of the chinese just getting a little bit upset, is this the risk of chinese testing mr. trump in some other ways? >> they will certainly test him in some other way. this is something that edges closer to the potential of actual war, why, it's not just about taiwan, it is about hong kong, it is about tebek. for the chinese that any parts over dispute if they belong to china or not and there are
10:43 am
separatist movements, if any parts split away, they will split away. it's really about the legitimacy of the entire government. >> interesting to listen to rex tillerson's mr. trump's nominees which was more hawkish than i heard just about anybody be as it relates to the islands that china has built and claims over south china sea, take a listen. >> we are going to send china a clear signal that build to go islands not going to be allowed. >> that sounds an awful like a threat that doesn't have the next half of the sentence to it. >> yeah, that is certainly the hardest that any u.s. politician or would be federal government official has talked about. i think what they are doing is building off of case last year which denied china's claims over
10:44 am
the islands and sending a signal to our allies and our partners that the trump administration is going to take it very seriously but this question of denying access, that could be the fundamental issue between beijing and washington. it's a very hard thing to do and depends on which islands he's talking about. all of them were the ones he took from philippines. >> you studied the chinese. are they word about this or safer rattling, what's going on here? >> they are worried that the united states is getting serious about their attempts to change the balance of power in china. i do. for them this is the first time in maybe 40 years they've had an administration come in and talk about not accepting a changing status quo and that to trump is a whole deal. he thinks there's no status quo and it's going to china's favor and relinks economy and security and politics and tell them that if you harm one part of the relationship, you will be harm other parts as well.
10:45 am
>> wow, one chinese watcher told me, diddy up as it relates to islands and what could happen. michael, we appreciate your time. we will have you back to talk about when things develop. >> thank you. >> fellow law enforcement officers giving a hero's farewell to one of those killed in the line of duty. more than 5,000 people honor of life of clayton. killed by a man who is now wanted for the killing of his pregnant girlfriend. master sergeant clayton was 42 year's old.
10:46 am
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>> i dwight eisenhower protect and defend the constitution of the united states, so help me god. >> 64 years ago dwight eisenhower took his first oath of office, the commanding world war ii general was now examiner chief running the country amid cold war tension and calls for major social change.
10:50 am
in 1961 he passed power into a young democrat john. kennedy. three days in january looks at the high stakes presidential transition between i and j and k. >> the subject matter, the timing of this couldn't be better, tell us what we will learn from the book? >> thanks, three and a half years in the making and i started to think about, you know, covering politics, you always are dealing in sound bites and little snippeds and tweets this time around. but to look back at history and really dig in, i started to find at the eisenhower library a lot of nuggets about this time and i foe questioned on the farewell address, delivered january 17th, 1961, three days before kennedy's inauguration and looked at that and kind of
10:51 am
springboarded from all we could learn from eisenhower's two terms in office. basically our generation, younger, it seemed like history started with kennedy and there's a lot to learn from eisenhower and specifically from this address. >> yeah, and the transition that happened between those two, so many things were happening, changing parties, some thought a generational change between these two. there was so much going on and a smooth transition was really necessary. >> right, he, eisenhower was commit today having the smooth transition, he had a rocky transition between truman and eisenhower when he won in 1953. it was so rocky that on inauguration day the eisenhowers chose to stay in the car and then the trumans came out and road in silence to thish ago vale on capitol hill.
10:52 am
so he was not going to have that happen. he we wanted to make sure kennedy had a smooth ride and also deal with the national security implications of the cold war. you think back on how dangerous the time was, that was the message he was delivering in the farewell address. >> of course, everybody is going to wonder how you find time to get this done, there were things that you learn that had surprised you as you dug into this? >> a lot surprised me. i didn't know a lot about eisenhower other than the broad strokes. he was always portrayed as kind of sort -- specially towards the end as this golfing kind of not with it president who dealt with the press in awkward way. he was actually -- he had his hand on the till the whole time. he empowered his people to debate issues in the cabinet. he -- all the accomplishments, the highway system was a bipartisan win, something that
10:53 am
maybe a trump administration would look to of how to cross a big infrastructure project. the things that happened under eisenhower's administration are forgotten. the most surprising thing was how concerned he was about giving this message to kennedy and to the american public about the deficit, bipartisan and the military industrial complex. >> do you see any parallels this time around or do you look at this transition differently knowing what you now know having to do the book? bret: kennedy just won the election and they meet president eisenhower and the bookends with president elect trump meeting president obama and the meetingg in the oval office and the whole book is in narrative form so it's not like history book. stuff that's never been out there before. so i think there's a lot to
10:54 am
learn that's directly applicable right now. >> great book, we wish you all the best and continued success which is certainly to be a best-seller. >> thanks. >> for a deeper look on impact on country, don't misfox special hosted by bret baier at 8:00 p.m. eastern and 11:00 p.m. eastern. first one hundred days kicks tomorrow night on fox news channel. first class in any way and starting tomorrow shannon with bill hemmer and that means elizabeth joins us every sunday, our gain to the program as well. [cheers and applause] >> we will show you how the team is celebrating their national championship title.
10:55 am
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>> before they get invite to the white house the champions the clemson tigers got a welcome
10:59 am
home yesterday. tigers head coach showed off the team's championship trophy. tigers beat the university of alabama in rematch of last year's national championship after 2016's defeat, 35-31. what a game and, liz, you and i know people that are quite happy about that. >> quite happy about that. >> there was that. >> and back to politics for our last story, donald trump's pass to the white house may have been unusual, the preparations around his inauguration are steep in tradition. stand-ins for the president-elect trump and vice president elect were sworn in today. the president elect and future first lady portrayed by members of the united states army. it is an absolute huge
11:00 am
undertaking for all the folks here, security and preparation has been underway for quite sometime. >> the big show starts on friday, we will be covering it all. liz, great to have you on sunday. >> thanks for having us. >> all right. chris: i'm chris wallace. inauguration week is here as president-elect trump deals with unverified dossier linking him to the kremlin. >> i think it's a disgrace and that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. chris: we will discuss mr. trump's relationship with the intelligence community when we sit down with vice president elect mike pence just five days before he's sworn into office and we will find out why the nation's brief on rumors with exclusive interview with john brennon, we will also ask him about the hot spots that


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