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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 15, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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"justice with judge jeanine" is coming up. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine:
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>> it's going to be very difficult. this president-elect i don't see as a legitimate president. >> not legitimate? pray tell, congressman lewis.
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donald trump won by a large electoral college margin. and in spite of efforts to do a recount and influence those faithless electric towards. nothing changed. congressman, you have devoted your life to equal rights and equal justice for all. you have been reward with a seat in america's most exhalted house of representatives. likewise, donald trump has been rewarded with a seat in america's white house. are you not a part of our democracy? do you not want a peaceful transition of power? did you not take an oath to support the constitution? including article 2 that created the electoral college? you a congressman for 30 years know how to amended the
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constitution if you don't like it. no one has a promise with you joyceing your first amendment rights, but you and your party, the purveyors of the peaceful transition of power, so concerned the republicans wouldn't be, are proving yourselves to be hypocrites. another democrat. congresswoman maxine watters proudly asserts her refusal to meet the man who will sit in the office. what about doing your job for the people who elected you. in terms of the leftists in need of a lobotomy like rosie o'donnell, she supports imposing martial law, delaying the
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inauguration until trump is cleared with all charges. rosie, i know you, i don't have a problem with me. but martial law? do you have even know what it is? it's when the military take over when we are invaded and at war. trump isn't charged with anything. and for him to be cleared there has to be a trial. ain't no trials happening, rosie, during martial law. on a personal level, you would hate it. there would be curfews and checkpoint. there would be tanks in the streets and, no, you couldn't call an uber take for a quick latte at your local starbucks. your tweet is stupid. since when does the left want the military to take over? and a little primer, rosie, when
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they do, people like you who call for the overthrow of the president meet a firing squad. and it ain't a happy ending. while we are at it, rosie. what you said about barron, a 10-year-old kid who amazingly what still standing at 3:00 a.m. when his father won the presidency was as classless and rude as it gets. and to then claim he's not off limit, and you call trump mentally unstable? rosie, since when are you the bastion of billant behavior? why don't you put on your big girl pants and come to grip with the fact that donald trump is your next president. and you are either with him or against america. if you don't like him, campaign harder next time. and let this be a wake-up call to you and your hollywood friend that you don't speak for
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america. by the way, isn't hollywood suppose to be inclusive and accepting it abuse of people who don't look or talk or act like them? and newsflash, and this isn't fake news. the people in middle america, some of whom ride a track for for a living, wear the same boots every day, wear a bang, go overseas, not knowing if they will come home are sick and tired of your nonsense. you know the silent and forgotten men and women of america who rose up against you bozos and your candidate. it's about time you accepted them and respected them for their hard work, sacrifice, and yes even their investment in your tv shows, movies and
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record. from the liberal d.c. politician to the liberals in hollywood, my message, actually america's message is the same. you lost, we won, swallow your pride, get in line, stop thinking you are so dam important that the world has to stop and listen to your revolutionary nonsense. your candidate just didn't cut the mustard. donald j. trump is the president for the next four years. deal with it. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook panel or twitter. the man who got donald trump's presidential campaign up and running, corey lewandowski, good
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evening, corey. >> good evening, judge, how are you? judge jeanine: did the hollywood elites and the d.c. leftists, did they miss everything that happened in the last year? >> they missed that 63 million people turned out and voted for donald trump it was 62s 979,000. they missed the people in florida who are worse off the last 8 years. they missed the people in mitch began and pennsylvania whose jobs have been taken away because of things like ttp which she called the gold standard. they have been lied to for so long. the problem in the liberal left and california and the liberal right in boston, they don't understand, they don't understand people who go to work
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every day, they don't want anything for free, they don't want a government that is more intrusive on their lives. we don't want a government that tells them what to do. and donald trump will change the country fundamentally and that's why he's the next president of the united states. judge jeanine: these are the people, whether it's the d.c. people or the hollywood people, we are inclusive and we love everybody. this is an election -- there was a huge electoral college win here. why is donald trump different? why is he not entitled to the fruits of his victory? why? because they don't like him? do they think there should be martial law? they are talking about marches and protests and obstruction. and more than this. resistance. poor donald trump can't even enjoy what should be the most
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memorable moment of his life. >> here is the thing, judge. these limousine liberals have one set of rules for everybody else and a separate set of rules for them. this is what we have seen with the elites for a long time. that's why they hate donald trump. he didn't have a separate community when he was talking to one community and another community. his mess and was simple. i'm going to make america great again. he's going to do the same for everybody. look at what he has done as the president-elect already. judge jeanine: he has the even gotten to the oval office. just for his work ethic. he's working 24/7. just for that alone you would think they would give him some credit and say let's wait. john lewis is a respected congressman. i'm so ashamed of how he is conducting himself. a man in the shah dove martin
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luther king who worked with a giant is basically alleging that we can't respect him. he's illegitim that's destructive to the fabric of our nation. >> donald trump wants to be inclusive. if you look at his twitter account. he said congressman lewis, come join me so we can make it inner cities better. he has lowered the cost of air force one. help create jobs. we see jack ma come over an say i'm create a million jobs. donald trump saved the jobs at carrier. he hasn't even taken the oath of office yet and he created jobs in this country. this is what's going on. let's help the inner cities and the urban areas. donald trump is creating jobs and making our country better. how can john lewis not think
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that's good for our country. judge jeanine: even steve harvey talking about the inner city. corey lewandowski, thanks so much. we'll be talking with lara trump in just a bit. but radio host, guess who. all right, cocoa. how are you, cocoa? >> this is not going to be one of our more polite conversations. jenna: we have donald trump, six days away. there is no question that he has a wide electoral margin and congressman lewis says he's not a legitimate president. agree or disagree. >> i don't think he's a legitimate president. and i do think he's going to become the president. and i'm not in favor of martial law. i think donald trump election was the product of a putin coups
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invasion of our country through fake news. he got his victory from cheating. judge jeanine: how did he cheat? how did donald trump cheat? >> putin cheated on his behalf. and there are countless reports about how donald trump's emissaries communicated with putin throughout the campaign and took intelligence. judge jeanine: about what? let's back up for a second. you know that barack obama himself said the election could not possibly be rigged because we do not have a centralized system. barack obama said that himself. let me finish. and everyone said that if the emails were hacked by russia, and i don't care if it's russia, jewel yawn assange, hillary's
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hairdresser or usama bin laden rose from the ocean and hacked him. i don't care. nobody said they were not accurate emails. >> they weren't accurate. they were selectively. judge jeanine: what wasn't accurate? >> they were selectively edited and disclosed by wikileaks. there was fake news and trolling by paid operatives from the russian government. and we know comey and the f.b.i. inextended to install -- intended to install trump. judge jeanine: what's the fake news? >> city was lies spread about hillary clinton. let's put this aside. i want to talk about what you said about limousine liberals and how awful we are. judge jeanine: before you get to that. what's the fake news?
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>> there were all kinds of fake news sites. a man that b. interviewed a bunch of people who troll people on twitter. judge jeanine: comedians. you are not suggesting a comedian has intelligence on putin? are you? samantha vee is a comedian. >> this an alternative universe. you can hide from the reports from around the world that putin intervened in our election. he's going to be inaugurated, but he's also going to come to trial at some points. i'm part of the resistance. i believe he will be president and i believe it's a liberal's
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job to oppose him. judge jeanine: you have got a first amendment right. let me tell you something. we hack them, they hack us. do you agree with us? >> i think that when a foreign government invades our country it is a serious. judge jeanine: when did they do that. >> you are not taking this seriously it's horrifying. judge jeanine: cocoa, you are dreaming. nobody invaded. >> do you disagree that cia and the f.b.i. said putin hacked the election. judge jeanine: putin did not invade the f.b.i. and the election. when they do we'll call in the military. cocoa, thank you for being with us. always a pleasure. my political panel is standing by for probably a lower-key
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debate on all of this. plus a special guest. the daughter-in-law of the next president is here live to tell me how the new first family is gearing up for lift in washington, d.c. my exclusive interview you will want to see. you don't want to give him any credit? >> i have got to see what he does first. he already got the job and he's not even the president yet. judge jeanine: justice is always served up best on the streets. this is one you can't miss. we'll rooooo
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judge jeanine: joining me, my political panel, matt schlapp. also former aide to senator chuck schumer. the left is going berserk. and donald trump is about to be nicaragua glad it six days. isn't he entitled to a honeymoon period as republicans gave barack obama 8 years ago? >> what honeymoon period?
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here is my thing. i'm going to give him a chance until he does something as president by start criticizing him. i have criticized some of his appointees but only on minor things. i think most democrats are willing to give him a chance. john lewis is a hero of mine and a hero of most americans. i think the president-elect will be wise not to punch at john lewis but try to reach out and say we have our differences. judge jeanine: it's time for republicans to put a stake in the ground and stand there. enough of this nonsense. we won. >> judge, he's the president. >> i think chris has been remarkably restrained for not criticizing donald trump. good for you.
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the democrats act like cry babies. i think the voters are watching. i'm a partisan republican, but i think it's great that the democratic party still has not realized on the first week of not american people repudiated them. the democrats never lost so much as they have in scene 8-year period of time. since obama was he atlantic they have lost from the top to the bottom of the ticket. they aren't willing to listen to the voters. they better get on board or there will be more political losses to come. judge jeanine: if donald trump starts to deliver, the hatred is so visceral right now, i have never seen anything like this. the truth is that he's got the majority in the house and in the senate. he's got that significant number of 7 or 8 nors who are going the run in the next two years who want to be in a position where they can go back home and say
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they have been part after success story. you know they will be a success in terms of getting business and jobs. is it smart for the democrats to continue with this kinds of approach? >> i remember in 2009 when barack obama was sworn in and the democrats had huge majorities in the house and senate and they were looking at the same kind of electoral match. and republicans said no to everything they wanted to do. there might be some logic to that strategy. i remember sitting in that chair 8 years ago with the same kinds of opt number of for the future for the people i supported and being very disappointed two years later. the pendulum swings and there will be another election in two years. >> donald trump put together a coalition with a lot of people who are often with the
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democrats. people with their names stitched to the front of their work uniform. so donald trump already starts off with a new koa lition and i think everyone of these major issues, he knowes he wants to work with democrats. he worked more with joe manchin than republicans. the smart democrats in the senate next cycle from purpose or redd states, they will be voting with donald trump. i hate to break it to you. >> as long as he's popular. that's the thing. he has to have some real successes legislatively over otherwise. judge jeanine: what kinds of successes would you think are important in the first 100 days. >> if he does a real replacement bill that does improve it. i think that will be a big success and he might get some democrats to go along with it. but if he allows 30 million americans to worry whether they
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will have health insurance, which he says he won't do. he has to get republicans in congress to come along with him on his replacement plan. so let's see what he's got. i'm optimistic. i always want to give people a chance and give him a chance. >> first 100 days, the most important thing he's going to do the monday after he's sworn in is he advice rate the obama agenda. 99% of it was through a phone and pen, he can rescind so as much of that. >> easier said than done. >> the second thing he's going to do is pick a wonderful supreme court nominee to recast the supreme court so it doesn't color outside the lines of the constitution like it's been doing. and the third thing is he will have a big legislative agenda
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and and lot of democrats in the senate will be joining him on that. >> if he wants to tunify the party he would take the *'s supreme court pick and tree nominate him. >> no way. judge jeanine: street justice is still ahead. get ready to laugh. in a "justice" exclusive, i'm joined by the daughter-in-law of the 45th president. lara trump is here. my exclusive interview is next. keep it right here. to "justicee
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jeanine." judge jeanine: everyone is talking about our new president. but america will get to know the
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first family over the next weeks and months. you are about to meet one member of the family. lara trump is the daughter-in-law of our 45th president. when i interviewed in florida you talked about the trump family dinners and how close everyone is and it's the sisters. >> big family dinners. judge jeanine: do you expect it will be the same in the white house? >> absolutely. nothing has changed for the family except some of the members will be residing in washington, d.c. and my far it in law will be the next president. the family is still have much intact and i'm looking forward to our first family dinner in the white house. judge jeanine: it's got to be so exciting for you. have you ever been to the white house? >> no. my fir time will be next week. i don't know what to expect. judge jeanine: let's talk about when you heard about the
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inauguration and they gave you a schedule of what you are going to do. one thing people think about is the ball. so you are going to the ball with your handsome husband eric, can you tell us what you are wearing? >> i have two different gowns. one of them is by oscar lopez and the other is la petite row. judge jeanine: the women in the family, you are also elegant and beautiful it's a camelot. it's a wonderful, beautiful warm family. your first night is what, the 21st, friday night after the ball, you are going to the white house. >> we are going to stay in the white house. judge jeanine: do you know what room you are staying in? >> it doesn't matter, i'll stay in the basement. judge jeanine: who gets to sleep in the lincoln bedroom? >> i don't know. i will go wherever they tell me.
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i'm honored to be there. wherever i stay is perfectly fine. judge jeanine: it's a dream come true, isn't it? >> it feels surreal for this week to finally be here. i can't believe in a few days we'll be in washington, d.c. my father-in-law will take the oath of office. we all worked so hard over the past almost two years. for it all to come down to this for this grand celebration. as you probably have seen, it's more about the people than the president. this inauguration is about the people of america and thanking them and giving back to them, i'm so excited. judge jeanine: what has the last year been like. for the american people looking at the trumps. they didn't expect what we saw. it was incredibly close and focused with a work ethic like your father-in-law's. just nonstop. everybody all together in sync.
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>> nothing repairs you for what we have all been through. it's been crazy it's been rough at times as you know. but it's been incredible. the experiences i have had, the people i have gotten to meet on the campaign trail, and to be in the front row of history day after day, week after week, it's a lot of fun. judge jeanine: are they times when it hurt? >> of course. when people tell lies and the nasty stuff comes out. it's been tough. we have become stronger as a family because of it. i'm grateful for all the hard times. it's those hard times when you know who your true friend and family are. judge jeanine: it starts as i understand it with a wreath-laying ceremony, then the parade. you will be walking in the parade. and then all of the balls -- there are many balls. people think there is one
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inaugural ball. >> i didn't know, either. judge jeanine: is the family going together to all the balls? as i understand it, the president and first lady go to he ball. is the whole family going to every ball? >> wherever they go, i'm sure we'll go. we'll go to as many as we can. we are obviously on a time frame. we'll go to as many as we can. we want to be with as many people as possible. we have so many friend and family coming. i think we are all very excited. judge jeanine: what you need to know is that america is excited. people came out and voted who hadn't voted before. people who were silent and didn't think they would ever be heard came out for you and your family. you need to really understand the strength and the purpose behind this. this is a special moment in history. and we are thrilled to have you on "justice."
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>> thank you for having me. lara trump, thank you. "street justice" is coming up. i'm talking about cyber warfare with a
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judge jeanine: here to talk about cyber attacks is former cia official gary burnson. you were a senior cia officer who was involved in assessment of intelligence. now we are involved in assessing what is the purchase ported russian involvement in hacking in the united states.
1:44 am
what do you make of what has gone on in the past few weeks? >> most people need to recognize that all great powers attempt to involve themselves in the affairs of state around the world to influence both their adversaries and their friends. the british drug us into world war ii because they needed us in there. in this case the russians have a concern that the u.s. hard nato up to their borders, therefore they had an interest in trying to shape the international environment. did they hack or not hack? i haven't seen the forensic evidence of that. they would have an interest to do so. but did they have an effect on the election? i think no one can state they did have a definitive effect on it. there is so much information in the media anyway when you are talking about 24-hour news with
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0 stations. judge jeanine: president obama said there is no way that anyone can impact the election because we have a decentralized system. he said that himself. and in addition to that. after the election, everyone said the influence of the russians on the election was that they hacked the emails and the dnc and hillary could have strengthened their defenses but didn't bother to. >> i agree with what you just stated. but you have to understand we are living in a different world. in 1999 two chinese pla air force colonels wrote a report called "unrestricted warfare." where they discuss this new world, confronting the united states using law fair, you use financial attacks. conflict in the world will look
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different. they will use different tools. judge jeanine: you mean cyber, courtrooms? >> financial attacks, attacks on our financial system, the sale of dumping u.s. treasuries. there is an entire array of things that can be done to affect the political operation and the operation of america. and countries around the world. this is the new environment we live in it was called unrestricted warfare. or war without bounds. so we are living in a world now where the rules have changed. and what we have just witnessed in this entire drama that played out in the media on this is the opening chapter of what we'll see in the 21st century in the conduct and competition of nation states.
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judge jeanine: how does donald trump connect or reeve late to the intelligence community going forward. >> the intelligence community acted horribly. they are either fools or they have acted maliciously. i read that entire dossier. identify the individuals and looked sat pnr, passenger name records that they have access to. donald trump had to call his lawyer and ask for his passport. the intel community could have done that in 30 minutes, but they didn't bother to do that. i don't blame president trump for being angry at the intel community. his anger is muted. judge jeanine: a tribute to a hero.
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judge jeanine: one president says good-bye, another one says hello. here is tonight's edition of "street justice." are you sad about one or happy about the other? >> i'm happy donald trump is the
1:52 am
president atlantic. i think he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents because he surrounds himself with brilliant people. judge jeanine: did you see president obama's last speech in everybody was crying, were you crying? >> no. judge jeanine: why not? >> i didn't see the speech. each inspired me as a young african-american men. judge jeanine: he didn't do much for african-americans. are you disappointed in that? >> there could have been more. but in terms of who we had at the time he was the best choice. jean rrp how do you feel about donald trump? >> make america great again. judge jeanine: what do you think of the woman who says he's not her president? >> he's everybody's president? what about the fact that he's saving jobs? >> that's good.
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judge jeanine: what about donald trump bringing jobs back an hasn't started yet. >> we don't know about him, we'll see. judge jeanine: i just told you he's bringing jobs back. ford is building cars here. >> i like your necklace. how many karates in that? judge jeanine: you are a gemologist. do you have a store? >> no, i design. judge jeanine: can i get a discount? what did you think of the president's farewell speech in president obama. >> i was impressed by he mentioned his wife. judge jeanine: why were you have impressed he mentioned his wife. judge jeanine: aren't we at a point where it's time to look forward? >> it's most definitely time to look forward. having him as a president tells me we can push for it. but what happened in the past is always going to be there.
1:54 am
>> women didn't have the right to vote, so what, i'm over it. >> he did a great job as president. jenna: what did he do for you? >> he did obamacare. judge jeanine: it's going to break us. do you follow the news? >> i do. judge jeanine: are you excited about donald trump being president? >> i would like to see what he has to offer. judge jeanine: he already offered jobs and he's not even president yet. what's my name? >> beautiful. judge jeanine: hah, hah,. >> i would like to know how he plans on creating more jobs. judge jeanine: he already did. the guy hasn't even started yet. >> we have to be positive and we have to be close and we have to look forward. not in the rearview mirror. okay? >> okay. judge jeanine: next our tribute
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jeanine: a final note tonight, a true american hero laid to rest this weekend in new york. my pd detective susan mcdonald was shot and paralyzed within 30 years ago on the job. he lost the use of his body below his neck he never lost his will to live. to help others and to be a police officer. detective mcdonald continued on active duty after his injury. he spoke to an inspired officers, became a global ambassador and served as an example to all of us in perseverance and grace when he publicly forgave the man who shot him. tonight our condolences here at justice go out to detective mcdonald's wife and their son a fourth generation nypd officer. god bless detective steven mcdonald. thanks for watching us this
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evening. "the greg gutfeld show" is next. good night. see you next week. hope you all have a great weekend. bye-bye. potential fight between president-elect donald trump and russia drying fire again. i'm laura engel and for julie banderas and this is "the fox report." the senate intelligence committee announcing its investigating possible links with moscow and now questions about mr. trump's incoming national security advisor and his contact with russian officials. the trump transition team hired general michael flynn spoke with the ambassador in the same day president obama hit russia with sanctions over election hacking. they said it was for quote to just six in setting up a call


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