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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 14, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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sunny what it is forecast to be. interesting when you sit there and watch the first couples now taking their dances, and think about how different washington is going to be come next saturday when president trump is living in the white house. ♪ uma: growing intrigue and controversy in the nation's capitol just days ahead of president-elect donald trump taking the reins as 45th president of the united states. the senate intelligence committee now launching an investigation into russian hacking during our presidential election. as well as any possible links between the kremlin and allies of mr. trump's political campaign. hello and welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm uma pemmaraju. the committee's decision comes as some democratic lawmakers call for the fbi to investigate any ties between our president-elect and moscow.
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one high-profile congressman going a step further and publicly declaring that he does not see mr. trump as a legitimate president. all this setting the stage for a tense week ahead in our nation's capitol for the inauguration ceremonies. peter doocy is standing by live outside of trump tower here in new york city with reaction from president-elect and his team, peter? reporter: uma, there will be a congressional investigation a probe to see whether or not whether anybody from any of the campaigns had any kind of contact with anybody in russia that they weren't supposed to in the run up to election day. now in a joint statement, the top democrat and top republican from the senate intelligence committee say this, as part of the senate select committee on intelligence oversight responsibilities, we believe it is critical to have a full understanding of the scope of russian intelligence activities impacting the united states. one law maker in the house who
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thinks russia tipped election in trump's favor is democratic congressman john lewis, well-known for his role in the civil rights movement. lewis's district represents most of atlanta in a state mr. trump won and dean of the congressional delegation is saying he doesn't think trump deserved to win. >> going to be very difficult. i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. reporter: well, the president-elect doesn't like that. so he tweeted the following, congressman john lewis, should spend more time fixing and helping his district in horrible shape falling apart, not to mention crime-infested than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results, sad. areas like mr. trump alludes to in the tweets were focus of a constructive talk here yesterday with family feud host steve harvey who came by at the urging of obama and trump officials.
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harvey later said this. >> we are going to team up to see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities, which i felt was my only agenda and he agreed. he wants to do something. reporter: we're told the president-elect is here at trump tower working on his last weekend in midtown manhattan before moving down to washington to get sworn in as the next president but we do not expect him to leave trump tower today. uma? uma: peter, thank you very much for that update. for more let's bring in congressman darrell issa, senior member of the house foreign affairs member and member of the house judiciary committee. good to have you on program again. >> good to be on, uma. i appreciate the lead-in into this growing controversy about the misconduct, wrongdoing and outright bad nature of russia that has gone on now for all 16 of my years in congress. uma: let me begin first by talking about the remarks from
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congressman lewis who is seen as a real icon and leader of the civil rights era in this country against president-elect trump's less than a week before the inauguration. continues to feel the divide on legitimacy of his election win. congressman lewis is respected lawmaker and often preached about unity. is he putting his own interests and the democratic party above his country? >> uma, there is an important thing. all of us who worked with john lewis over the years respect him as a leader of the civil rights movement but he spoke the other day, he spoke as a democrat talking about something that had nothing to do with civil rights. certainly was not even affecting his state. and that makes it more of a partisan statement by and other wise well-respected icon in the areas that he has worked for his whole life to cure and something that this president-elect has said he wants to work with people like john lewis on. uma: how concerned are you though, that going forward, even after the inauguration, that
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more democrats will continue with narrative and get in the way of working with the white house on meaningful issues? >> uma, that is what is interesting is, before the election there was so much concern whether donald trump would accept the election and then when he won it, there appears as though the side that had been asking and swearing they would won't. and this is really not different than it was a full 16 years ago when george w. bush came into office and i candidly for weeks and months had to listen to the term, appointed president with many prominent democrats, some of them still here today who made those kind of statements then because of that close race and because of the supreme court decision to end the recount in florida. so, this was not a close race. this was a race clearly won, electorally by a significant amount. and, we are going to look at russia but we'll look at russia because russia is a bad actor. they're a bad actor in iran and bad actor in syria, all the way
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back in 2003, they may have influenced turkey not letting our troops go in into iraq. i look forward to senate counterparts investigating russia's, if you will, meddling around the world. not just here and ukraine and georgia, so many places they are expanding their influence and even their territory. uma: on the subject of russia, talk for a moment about this week's confirmation hearings for rex tillerson for secretary of state. i know you support his nomination. at the moment three gop senators expressing concern over tillerson including senator marco rubio who clashed with tillerson on subject of vladmir putin. let's listen for a moment. >> is vladmir putin a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. those are very serious charges to make and i would want to have much more information before reaching a conclusion. >> it should not be hard to say that vladmir putin's military has conducted war crimes in aleppo because it is never acceptable, that you agree for a
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military to specific target civilians which happened there through the russian military. i find it discouraging your inability to cite that which i think is globally accepted. uma: senator rubio may be crucial to moving tillerson's tom nation to the into. are you bothered at all by tillerson's reluctance to label putin a war criminal and his overall approach on foreign policy? >> marco rubio is personal friend of mind. i worked on a lot of issues and legislation with him. oddly enough they're both right. marco rubio was cite right to cite the atrocities committed on orders of putin. the secretary designate is absolutely right to know that his statements as an executive would have consequences in our action. and so sometimes just as we deal with the one china situation, we deal with a lot of things around the world in which words matter. and so, i think they both used good judgment.
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marco, in order to make a point about the atrocities and rex tillerson in order to preserve his ability to work with pressure but work with russia. uma: you know in an interview with the "wall street journal," donald trump indicated he may be willing to lift sake shuns against russia imposed by president obama if russia is willing to work with the u.s. going forward on battling terrorists and other goals saying quote, if you get along are and if russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody is really doing great things. what is your reaction to it at a time when russia's involvement in our election is still being investigated? >> it is more than that. this will be the third president who came into office aspirationally hoping we could work with the russians on some issues. that we could separate their paranoia, their amish about shun, their misbehavior, even their using oil and natural gas
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as a weapon, and other areas of the world. two presidents have come in wanting to do that. both have left with a very different view. one of the challenges is for general mattis as secretary mattis, rex tillerson, as secretary tillerson, to, and for that push hard as soon as possible this administration arrive where they need to be, which i think is less optimistic than the president-elect is. and i think he will get there. he is good at working with advisors. he has good advisors. uma: but you remain cautious? >> i do not trust russia. i opposed their even getting into the wto years ago on a bipartisan basis with then friend of mind, on the foreign affairs committee, two friend, and i think it's important that we understand, they were a bad actor when i came in 16 years ago. they have continued to be a bad actor. we can not change their behavior by hoping for the best,
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particularly when so much is on the line. if you just look at iran's receiving of tons of uranium under in program, they receive it from russia, without russia, iran wouldn't have the program we have, we need to be cautious in our dealings with them. having said that, i look to the possibility that sanctions global, pressure and circumventing monopoly on natural gas in western europe could change the dynamics between our country, russia, europe and russia, and for the better. uma: stakes remain quite high. we'll see what lies ahead, sir. thank you for joining us with your insights. >> thank you. anytime. >> all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credibility. that's it. uma: democratic lawmakers speaking out against fbi director james comey. the criticism coming after a closed-door briefing on the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. lawmakers saying that comey refused to talk about another
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possible fbi probe. the questions about whether the trump campaign had ties to the russian government. joining us now, judge michael mukasey former attorney general of the united states under george w. bush. welcome, sir, good to have you in the studio today. >> good to be with you, uma. uma: we're witnessing something unlike anything we've seen before, with the public rebuke of fbi director james comey by the democrats, and even the conservative "wall street journal" calling for his resignation. is comey simply in an impossible situation? >> i don't know whether it is an impossible situation. we'll have to find out whether it is impossible. whatever position he is in, he is in putting himself there. i think that the handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's emails was done in a way that is unlike any criminal investigation that i have ever seen. it was not handled in the normal fashion. now whether that was because there was evidence that president obama actually communicated with her on her
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unauthorized server and therefore they didn't want to bring a case that would eventually drag in president obama, whether that was the reason as some have suggested, or whether it was something else. the point is the investigation was not handled in the normal course. no grand jury was used. when cheryl mills, when it became necessary to examine the computer of cheryl mills, one of mrs. clinton's aides and lawyers, they, she set a condition that she couldn't go past a certain date, when there was evidence that there were significant events that occurred after that date, and they would have to destroy the computer after they examined it. the fbi agreed to that. all sorts of irregularities. if he is in a difficult position, and then of course the press conference, where he essentially said that no, no reasonable prosecutor would bring a charge, when in fact the same charge has been brought against members of our military
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for doing less than she did and people gotten jail terms. uma: obviously that was quite controversial. >> right. uma: these democrats were upset at the meeting because they were concerned about his behavior, his willingness to openly talk about the hillary clinton investigation while not discussing much about any possible connection between trump and russia, the concerns about the election, et cetera. how do you view his conduct overall going forward though? do you think he can manage in this position long term. >> i think what's necessary is a complete top to bottom investigation, at least of the clinton matter. so that we know what happened, we know how the investigation was conducted. we know where the shortcomings are. the trouble is in the current atmosphere, as i have seen in the reports, his credibility within the building, within the fbi is somewhat co as you saw in the clip that you
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played, his public credibility is compromised. i think it might not be a bad idea. because the public has to have confidence in the chief law enforcement officer and i don't know that we can await the outcome of all of these investigations until we find out whether we can have that confidence. uma: just think he has been compromised that much? >> it has been quite, yes he has been compromised that much. it is his own, not that he has been compromised by his own people. uma: right. >> his conduct caused his viability into question. uma: i know, you have been very much involved also going forward in terms of the confirmation hearings for attorney general, jeff sessions, candidate who is now, in the spotlight. and you were there, lending your support for him. i want to get your reaction to senator cory booker, who cast aside a long-standing precedent and testified against a sitting senate colleague. let's listen to part of that testimony. >> if confirmed senator sessions will be required to pursue
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justice for women but his record indicates that he won't. he will be expected to defend the equal right of gay and lesbian and transgender americans but his record indicate he won't. he will be expected to defend voting right but his record indicates he won't. uma: what is ironic, just a year ago, mr. booker said he was honored to partner with mr. sessions honoring participants in the selma civil rights marchs with congressional gold medal. >> that speech you played and rest of it was completely over the top. the charges that he brought, were, had already been refuted, he spoke at the end of the second day of hearings. senator sessions set rights on civil right record. on his support for the violence against women act, on and on and on. and his support for voting right. he described how the accusations
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in the past had been based on false information. and, in one case, false testimony. showed that persuasively. i don't think anybody at the end told a different story. he had, he had, claim was he hadn't supported, hadn't tried to compromise black voting rights but the point in fact that the case he brought was brought at behest of african-americans against another african-american candidate. uma: you think he has done enough to allay any concerns? >> absolutely. absolutely. the speech that senator booker made i thought was wildly over the top. uma: certainly against all protocols we've ever seen. >> wasn't just protocols. it was against the facts. some speculated this was the launch of senator booker's 2020 -- uma: presidential bid? >> presidential bid. if that is the case, then the rocket fizzled on the lawn of pad. uma: judge, good to see you.
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thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. well it is looking a lot like could be the beginning of the end for obamacare. a bill passing both chambers of commerce taking the law one step closer to being done for good. what is next on the gop agenda to repeal obamacare? we'll take a look. fbi director james comey in the spotlight amid accusations he helped elect donald trump but are the politics intruding on our intelligence agencies. we'll talk to former cia director, ambassador james woolsey. >> not talking about outside political actors. this allegation is that the agency itself has become politicized. do you believe that? >> my experience that i have not seen that. ♪ oney on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now.
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♪ uma: welcome back be, everybody. people in the southern plains finding themselves in the middle of an arctic blast. right now a winter storm warning is in effect for states across the central u.s. after that region hammered with freezing rain and ice yesterday. roads are now covered in ice. the storm causing massive pile ups, grounding flights and knocking out power to thousands of people. two drivers have died but it is unclear still if the weather is to blame for those accidents. more freezing rain expected in the great plains and midwest through sunday.
11:22 am
if you were ordered by the president to restart the cia's use of enhanced interrogation techniques, that all outside of the army field manuel, would you comply? >> senator, absolutely not. moreover, i can't imagine that i would be asked that. i voted for the change that put the army field manuel in place. i am also deeply aware that any changes to that will come through congress, and i will always comply with the law. >> that from congressman mike pompeo, promising to set aside politics if confirmed as the new head of the cia the kansas republican taking questions from the senate intelligence committee this week amidst concerns about increasingly politicized intel community. they are concerned according to democrats that comey swung the presidential election in donald
11:23 am
trump's favor. joining us with more reaction, former cia director, ambassador james wooly and former senior advisor to president-elect trump. welcome to the program. >> thank you, uma. uma: you have mike pompeo saying he would not be in favor of putting back in place the enhanced interrogation techniques if asked to do so, yet donald trump on the campaign trail has suggested that he would like to bring back waterboarding. >> well, he suggested that. i don't think he went all the way to saying that would be what he would do. it's, waterboarding is a complex subject but i think the system has clearly decided now that it is to be regarded as torture and, so, the issue really doesn't come up. if that is the way it is designated, then i don't think there is any chance that the congress is going to approve using it. uma: so you don't see this as a red flag for pompeo ahead of
11:24 am
being sworn in as the cia director and dealing with his, with his boss, donald trump? >> no. i think he calls it the way the way he sees it. that is the key thing here. donald trump said yesterday in frondfront of all the cameras and microphones, that people he proposed to be nominated should call it the way they saw it. i didn't say that privately one-on-one in the oval office and said it out in front of the cameras and everybody. i think it is good that he said it. that message came through also to mike and to the other nominees. uma: i want to get your reaction though, to what happened over the last week, with the concerns that the intel community has been compromised by politicization, and that donald trump himself revived the attack on the intel community yesterday by suggesting that, he has to bring in his own people
11:25 am
to clear up any concerns about russia hacking and also that alleged dossier that cited some unsubstantiated reports, salacious report about donald trump. are you concerned growing forward this is going to be a cloud that is going to follow the intel community for a while until they get things worked out? >> you have to get busy working them out. i would hope it would have happened by the inauguration anyway. i don't think politicized in the sense of republican and democrat. i think they are, a number of them, are at the upper levels, where frankly hoping to work for hillary, whom some of them knew, and having those hopes dashed, i think most of the agency people really just want to be able to do their jobs and without people above them leaning on them
11:26 am
directly or indirectly to go one direction or another. uma: but when he puts out tweets like russia says nothing exists, probably released, by quote, intelligence even though knowing there is no proof and never will be, my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days. what does that suggest to you in terms of the feud that continues between both sides? >> well, we're still in a world before the inauguration of backing and forthing, and anger, and it is time for it to end. it is time from the united states point of view, russia will do what it does but it is time from the united states point of view for everybody to say, okay, look we've got a new administration, we've got a new president. we're going to get the job done and we're going to work together and let's not have anymore of this nonsense. uma: because world issues are complex. he will see that very soon when he is presented with this intelligence first-hand and he
11:27 am
understands that they are bringing to him, the best possible information that they have to sort out the complexities of what's at hand? >> that's right. he or any other senior official who reads it does not have to accept it. they can say i think their assumptions are wrong on such and such a point. there is no absolute requirement to accept it, but it will be the about the estimates and foreign policy operation that american leaders will find. it should be very carefully considered even if someone decides that the russian economy is not as good as they say it is. that is fine. that is a free country. they can argue with the intelligence community if they want. uma: sure. ambassador, good to see you, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you, uma. good to be with you. uma: thousands of people marching on the nation's capitol to protest the president-elect. another sign how deeply divided
11:28 am
our country has become. can mr. trump make a difference? republican-led conference takes another step on journey to repeal obamacare. how it can affect american families. here is house whip steve scalise on that. >> there is help coming for american families that can't take all the burdens of obamacare, the high costs. even some people on the obamacare plans don't like it and many cases they can't find a doctor and costs are higher and deductibles are high. that is not coverage. tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out. the search for arelief often leads...
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♪ uma: welcome back, everybody. the house voting a budget resolution that would roll major parts of the law. the question remains, what will replace it? kristin fisher live from the d.c., bureau with more on this kristin? reporter: uma, this budgetary measure was designed to ease the
11:33 am
passage of a still unwritten bill to replace obamacare. it was near party-line vote and what it will do make any future bills are the care care act, immune to a democratic filibuster in the senate. that is critical, because takes 60 votes to end filibusters. republicans only have 52 seats in the senate this is the gateway victory for republicans as they try to repeal and replace obamacare. >> look what we're going to do with making certain that everyone has access to affordable health care. that patients, not the federal government, are making decisions, that individuals, and moms and dads and families are in charge of their health care. reporter: now the pressure is on for republicans to deliver a final product and replacement. so far details have been spotty. democrats argue it is dangerous to repeal without a replacement plan ready. >> you don't have to repeal it in order to improve it. that just doesn't make any sense
11:34 am
at all. the real question is for republicans, if you say you want to improve it, tell us what you're going to do. reporter: but so far congressional republicans haven't really shared those details. they're still deep internal divisions over how to pay for the republican replacement plan, and whether or not to use it to stop federal payments to planned parenthood. there is a lot that still needs to be hashed out. not a lot of time. the president-elect says he wants it done during his first 100 days in office. uma? uma: kristin, thank you very much. thousands of people marching in washington just days before president-elect trump is set to take the oath of office. the group marching to the martin luther king, jr., memorial. some protesters there expressing concerns about mr. trump's campaign rhetoric they say is divisive. on heels of war of words between the president-elect and congressman john lewis.
11:35 am
he promises to be a president to all americans. joining us now, radio talk show host larry elder. he joins us from his studio there. thank you so much for being with us today. >> my pleasure, uma, thank you for having me. uma: thousands of people march to remember the legacy of civil rights leader martin luther king, jr., president obama in his farewell address says he did a lot to improve relations even though race remains a potent and often divisive force in our society. let's listen. i'm sorry we don't have that sound. he did say that, and i wanted to get your reaction to that view and the obama legacy. >> well, good question, but the polls showed that the majority of americans believe that race relations have gotten worse under president obama. when obama got elected, the hope was, that black people would now realize that racism was no longer a major problem in america.
11:36 am
instead obama comes in. he talks about the cambridge police acting stupidly. he talks about if i had a son he would look like trayvon. he gives a speech before the united nations invokeses ferguson. he embraces blacks lives matter. he gives love to colin kaepernick. a lot of americans were offended. they really thought president obama would be person to tell black people, look we've had bad legacy of race, racism, of prejudice, of slavery, it is no longer the case now. it is about hard work, self-improvement. getting education. making yourself viable to the economy. if you do that in america, nothing than stop you. instead obama given opposite message and made things worse. uma: what is your take about the remarks by congressman john lewis, who is seen as civil rights icon who marched along martin luther king, jr., saying go forward he does not see donald trump as a legitimate president? >> well, john lou is should understand, i -- lewis should
11:37 am
understand, i know he does, donald trump got greater percentage of black vote than john mccain and mitt romney did. got greater percentage of hispanic vote despite things he said about mexicans than mitt romney did. i was with him in a church in cleveland he talked about breakdown of the family, talked about the importance of jobs. talked about importance of vouchers so inner city kids can take their kids out of a bad, underperforming government school and give their kids a better shot. these are kind of things i thought so-called black leaders would embrace. uma: why do you think many trump opponents, along with the black leaders who are not going along with mr. trump's victory, along with the hollywood celebrities who remain in denial about the fact that donald trump won, and will be the next president, that, and he will be the president of course to all americans, do you think things can calm down after the inauguration? are we going to see more of this going forward, unlike anything we've ever seen before, really?
11:38 am
>> what i would like to believe things are going to calm down but i don't think so. this is mass trump derangement syndrome. this march is led by al sharpton, a guy amazes me by continuing to have moral credibility. he made his bones falsely accusing a white man of raping tawanna brawly. never apologized for it. in middle of conflict between jews and blacks in crown heights. the man is $5 million light in taxes or recently according to "new york times." there he is in the streets of ferguson yelling no justice, no peace. doj and grand jury completely exonerated officer in very. i'm as stownded that al sharpton has this moral credibility. uma: he continues to lead marchs donald trump being the p, usually presidents get a grace period or honeymoon period in months when they take office but appears the honeymoon for trump never began. your thoughts on this. >> he is not getting one. president obama will remain in
11:39 am
washington, d.c., at least his principle residence. he will be carping at trump for the next four if not eight years. tradition with democratic presidents, jimmy carter did the same thing. bill clinton did the same thing. george herbert walker, didn't say a word. george w. bush didn't say a word. democratic presidents think it is important to trash their predecessors. i don't know why but that is the case. uma: i know you're looking forward to the inauguration and we're looking forward to some good times ahead, controversial ones too. >> four more years. four more years. uma: larry, thank you. controversial painting at the capitol building will be taken off the wall. who had the final say on that artwork and why it is now coming down. plus, we're less than a week away from president-elect trump's inauguration. we're going to bring you a presidential historian who weighs in on why this particular ceremony may be very different from those in the past. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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♪ >> okay. we're back with news about a controversial painting on capitol hill that is now coming down for good. the picture depicts a pig dressed in a police uniform, pointing a gun at a protester. it is just one of hundreds of paintings that were done at a high school hanging in a tunnel leading to the capitol. republican lawmakers taking that painting down each time a democratic congressman putting it back up on the wall. the agency that maintains the capitol now saying it violates the rules for a student arts competition. hundreds of thousands of
11:45 am
people getting ready to descend on the nation's capitol for the swearing-in ceremony of donald trump as the nation's next president. the festivities are a big tradition in our country. this year we may be gearing up for something a bit different than past inaugurations. we hear there may be lots of folks protesting as well as being there for the inauguration. joining to us talk more about this and other historical facts about past presidential inaugurations, we bring in historian doug wead. good to have you on the program. >> hi, uma. great to be with you. uma: the inauguration symbolize as peaceful transfer of power around the world an celebrated and revered yet has there ever been a time in our history where the country witnessed a such a contentious atmosphere between the losing party and the victor over legitimacy of an election this close to the inauguration? >> yes, there has been. we've had really rough rides. usually it is when it is from one party to toward another.
11:46 am
let me remind you, uma, of 1968 and 69 when richard nixon became president. lbj, lyndon johnson, there had been race riots across america. 120 cities, neighborhoods, were burned to the ground. there were tanks in the street. there were students in the street saying hey, hey, lbj, how many kids did you kill today? the power was transferred to richard nixon, so the same gangs were in the street. nixon's daughters, julie and tricia, were in college and as they walked across campus, students would spit on them. their father was the president of the united states. uma: oh, my gosh. >> yes, we've had bitter times. i know everybody thinks this is totally unprecedented. it's not. uma: we're hearing there will be lots of protests in washington when donald trump is inaugurated, and you're saying that happened before, and that has happened before what you
11:47 am
describe in much more graphic way. >> yes, we have. we've had persistence from the previous president, like we're seeing in barack obama, it is petulent but happened. herbert hoover resented fdc. didn't show up to show him around the white house. they let somebody else do that. they subsequently had three meetings together. hoover tried to muscle fdr to cosigning the document where two of them would agree this would be the new policy to address the great depression. fdr had none of it. hey, buddy, i got elected president, not you. i will make that decision myself. uma: he made that very clear. as far as speeches go in history, we know forge washington delivered the shortest speech, just 135 words, compared to william henry harrison whose speech was more than 8,000 words and took him 2 1/2 hours to deliver. in today's era of electronic messages and short attention, should there be a time limit on
11:48 am
a speech to be effective, in your view? >> i don't think we have a problem with donald trump, uma. he is the twitter president. he is going to be just fine. for all the concerns people have about trump, the east wing, they have got that made. they come to the east wing, the ceremonial part of the presidency, better equipped than any recent president we've ever had. that is what they do, put on events and run hotels and entertain. they're billionaires. so president trump and melania as first lady, ivanka, this family i think they will have a great inauguration. i think they're going to do a great job. uma: we know some presidents words like kennedy's let's not ask what your country can do for you, what can you do for your country and lincoln, malice toward none, charity toward all, resonates despite the decade. the is there expectation of a new president to deliver a speech that will be remembered for generations to come and
11:49 am
isn't that setting a bar too high? >> yes, probably is. i read all of those speeches, and if you take off the name of the president and just read the speeches, some of them are quite good. you put on the name of the president, you say, oh. it is really history. it is the future that writes the past. sometime in the future they're going to decide whether this was a good president or not. if they think he is a good one, they will pick out good words and say, yep, he said this or he said that. so, we're going to have to wait to see that happen. uma: really quickly, in a few seconds i have, for outgoing presidents, most leave town. president obama will be a few blocks away from the white house. there is a tradition for those in the eye heat group not to criticize the one that succeeds them but this time we may see a very different scenario, right? >> that's right, that's unprecedented. that is extraordinary. we'll see what happens and how the american people react to that. uma: doug, good to see you, sir, thank you so much. >> thank you, uma.
11:50 am
uma: appreciate your insights and historical facts. >> thank you. uma: rolling out the welcome mat for american troops. one country celebrating the arrival of thousands of u.s. forces on the doorstep of russia. where is this happening, and what moscow is saying about it? >> this force embodies america's ironclad commitment to honor our nato treaty obligations to defend our nato allies. ♪
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>> u.s. troops receiving a hero's welcome on the doorstep of russia. poland's prime minister and other government leaders taking part in an official ceremony greeting the deployment of 3500 american soldiers arriving in the country earlier this week.
11:55 am
moscow, though, not happy with the move saying it feels threatened by the presence of u.s. troops so close to its border. well, shifting gears in a big way, thousands of clemson football fans braving the bitter cold temps to celebrate their team winning the national championship. the temperature below freezing, but that didn't stop more than 50,000 people showing up along the parade route in downtown clemson and at the tigers' stadium. clemson winning that title after defeating alabama last monday, it's the school's first national championship, get this, in 35 years. congratulations. and down under the weather is completely the opposite from our freezing temps in most of the u.s., but the sweltering heat not enough to keep diehard elvis fans from lining the streets in his honor. more than 20,000 people donning sequins and flared pants at this year easel vis festival in australia. it may be 39 years since elvis left the building, but his
11:56 am
adoring fans will celebrate the king of rock and roll for years to come. >> there's only one king of rock and roll, and they all keep coming back to celebrate what he was and what he did. and priscilla said that she wanted people never to forget, but if you look around, you'll see that no one's ever going to forget. >> this year's theme the 1964 film classic viva las vegas, a grease classic that -- great classic that still keeps the king's legend alive. i hope wherever you you make it a great day and a great weekend, thank you so much for joining us. see you next time. ♪ ♪ hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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