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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 13, 2017 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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how they have improved the area." that's brilliant. i love it. "heal racial divide for all americans." "let california succeed." we will end on that. #kingforaday. we will see you monday at 9:00 >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we will be joined in just a few minutes, but first, the left media is gushing over obama over his final days in the white house while viciously attacking president-elect donald trump as he prepares to take the oath of office and that is tonight's opening monologue. ♪ it's no secret that the alt radical left media has utter disdain for the but we are seeing play out here, president-elect. obama heads for the exits is a disgusting, despicable double standard. take a look at how the press fawned over president obama's farewell speech, which was
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pretty awful. take a look. >> he was played onstage tonight tonight by the bruce string -- go back and watch the speech. it got me thrilled physically as everybody left at me for it. it was soaring. it was as good a speech as this. it was before. this is after. it's much harder to do it after. >> there's never been anything like this. this was a rock and roll concert. >> you shed a tear at one moment. >> that message about no american being more american than the other is an important one. >> sean: seriously, chris matthews, more thrills and more tingly feelings appear like? the obama loving media, eating up every single word. how it's been for eight solid years. let's compare and contrast all of that to how the media reacted to president-elect donald trump's press conference earlier this week. it doesn't get more hypocritica
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hypocritical. it's all on tape for you to see foror yourself. >> his behavior throughout his first press conference as political elect raises some serious questions, instigation >> we have a job, figuring out what is true and not. as far as that is being blurred, as far as trump is trying to equate fake news with good journalism that might've made a mistake, he's trying to create a post truth environment. >> the environment right now is so far from normal. we are so far from the norms of respect when it comes to the least saying the right things about respecting the first amendment. >> i think the mood in that room was generallyab stunned. this was more than sparring. this was heated, very confrontational. the question is whether this will be the new. this has the potential of a chilling effect. >> sean: what a glaring double standard. you should be too surprised byll any of this. the media can just not stand president-elect trump especially after they all openly mocked the
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idea that donald trump one day may become president. you may be remember this. take a look. >> donald trump has been saying he may run forever president as a republican. i remember him running as a joke. >> look at me. do it. i will personally write you a campaign check mail on behalf of this country, which does not want you to be president, but which badly wants you to run. >> we better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the republican ticket. [laughter] >> i know you don't believe that. holddi on. >> which republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election? >> sean: >> the declared ones? right now? donald trump. [laughter] >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president
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in the history of the united states! @realdonaldtrump. @realdonaldtrump. well, at least i will go down in history as a president. >> sean: wow. pretty informative. and the media's love affair with president obama is so deep it doesn't end withdo him. take a look at jimmy fallon fawning over michelle obama. take a look. >> oh gosh. that's another thing. >> i lost it. >> yet. >> i lost it at home. i was crying on my wife's shoulder. he's just the best man in the whole wide world. no way could he be a cooler human being than that guy. thank you, mrs. obama, for being a strong, smart, independent woman. an activists, a style icon, and a great dancer. ♪ my michelle, a more
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♪ you are the only one that we adore ♪ ♪ just let you know ♪ for us ♪ your heart beats for ♪ you will always be first lady ♪ ♪ in our lives l >> sean: it gets even more nauseating. the cohost of "the view", they rolled out the red carpet for crazy uncle joe. vice president joe biden and his jill. take a look. >> in the country so divided right now, i still don't know anyone who doesn't have a soft spot for this man. he is just one of the realist people you will ever, ever meet in your lifetime. >> you are a rock star, you know that? l >> sean: the media is so biased, at this point they are trying to hide this. which brings me back to president-elect donald trump. what he did at his news conference earlier this week, it was the single greatest beat down of this abusively by us all
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to radical left media in the history of this country. he put them on notice. he is not going to stand there and take crap anymore. this watch this exchange with cnn. >> since you are attacking us, can you give us a question? mr. president-elect. mr. president-elect. >> no, no. go ahead. you're a terrible. >> can you give us a chance to answer? >> sir, quiet. don't be read. >> president-elect, can you give us a -- >> don't be rude. don't be rude. i am not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> sean: a while back. "in fake >> sean: the media deserves every little bit of what donald trump gave them. they are now trying to paint the president-elect as thent enemy f the first amendment, which is so hypocritical because they did nothing when president obama
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repeatedly attacked fox news over the last eight years. in fact, the president has personally gone after me. so many times. and now cnn, learned from what i went through. take a look. >> in 2012, latinos voted in record numbers. the next day, even sean hannity changed his mind and decided immigration reform is a good idea. rudy giuliani said putin is what you call a leader. mike huckabee and sean hannity keep talking about his bare chest. which is kind of weird. with respect to sean hannity, i didn't know he invited me for ag beer. his opinion of me does not seem to be very high. but i am always good for a beer. i will put major mr. burgess up against sean hannity. he'll tear him up. >> sean: i still offer that beer, and in the spirit of spreading the wealth, i will pay
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for it. in celebration. for eight years are over. nobody came to my defense, not that i would ever need or want them to defend me. if anything, they are probably cheering him on for what he did. attacking me and fox news and talk radio and rush limbaugh. and mark levin. so here's what it all comes down to. the media wants to be fair in their coverage of president-elect trump, then fine. but if they are not, they can expect plenty more of what the press the elect gave them president-elect gave them earlier this week. joining us now, syndicated columnist and host of the series "michelle machen investigates " michelle malkin, a part of me wants to laugh but then a part of me realizes that the rest of the country, this is journalism. journalism is dead. we have an informational crisis. what is your reaction? >> yes, yes. and of course you seem to have occupied rent free space in president obama's head for many years now. i love it. >> sean: something like that.
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>> yeah. well, i think that you deserve a golden globe for all of these incredible clipper reels that you put together. i think it's a public service. these people need to have it in their faces and be reminded of their behavior and their media malpractice over the last eight years. good riddance to eight years of obama drool bucket media.e these fan girls and fan boys who literally ogle not just at president obama but when he was a candidate, as you pointed out in highlighting with jimmy fallon, they are fawning over michelle obama. you and i and so many other stalwarts and critics and opponents and questioners and dissidents in conservative media were attacked for doing what those people in the mainstream media should have beenth doing. do your jobs. subject's political candidate to
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the same amount of scrutiny that you are now trying to compensate for with the incoming trump administration. only after obama has done so much d damage, sean, do these people finally admit, that yes, yes, we should have asked more questions. there isis a very famous clip of harlie rose on pbs, which we pay for, in which they tackle that they did and that obama properly enough. there are admissions from "the new york times" that they allow the obama and registration to "let the obama administration rubber-stamp and oversee statements that were printed in "the new york times"." it's shameful. david brooks who admitted that he knew that obama was lying to him about the stimulus and he didn't say anything about it two years later. now these people i realize that they need a proper watchdog for the press? please. w >> sean:n: isn't there a lesson here in what we saw happen this
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week, the hyperventilating, the breathlessness, the "wow, we got him." they thought they had him this week. the trump campaign should understand that they don't like him, they will never like him, and their goal -- bordering on paranoia, they want to destroy him. they are waiting for the moment to jump. whether it is small or insignificant, it doesn't matter. they willgn turn something into something bigger than it really is. >> yeah, it is going to be a long four years, sean. i think over the course of the campaign, and this goes for all of the people on the right. whatever they thought about any particular policy position or personnel choice that trump made. certainly, i had it been vocal about when i liked or didn't like certain things he said or certain choices h he made. thema difference of course is or the course of the next four years, sean, i know that you as we did during the bush administration will be very
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vocal of one we are happy and we will be very vocal when we are not. the same thing could not -- right? >> sean: $9.7 trillion debt increase over ten years? i thought they were the party of limited government! balance budgets! >> that's right. the republican party and the establishment have squandered the opportunities they've had before when they had control of two or three branches of government and we will be onon them like white on rice. i'm sure there are leftist socialists saying i just committed a micro-aggressionon right there. but we live in a different era now. thank god for that. >> sean: michelle malkin, good to see you. congrats on the tv series. coming up, one week from today, the long nightmare that is barack obama. it's over. it's done. donald trump will be your president. upe next, we will speak with kellyanne conway and then later tonight. >> donald trump is someone who is very insecure in his victory and i understand why, every day there are new developments, newr shoes dropping so to speak.
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they're calling to question the legitimacy of his win. >> sean: clinton campaign spokesperson questioning the legitimacy of trump's presidency. why are so many democrats determined to try to undermine the president before he even takes office? i will ask joe manchin of west virginia that and more on this busy friday newsnight, straight ahead.
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download the xfinity tv app today. >> live from america's news headquarters. i'm matt finn. the department of justice and the city of chicago agreed to reform the police department. he loretta lynch released the findings of a year-long investigation friday. >> the department of justice has concluded there is reasonable cause to believe that the chicago police department engages in a pattern or practice of abuse of excessive force in violation of the fourth amendment to the constitution. >> black life matter activists say they don't trust chicago mayor rahm emanuel to reform the police department as he has pledged to do. and roads from southern illinois causing rex, got in fights. and the nfl is moving the afc divisional playoff game between the pittsburgh steelers and the
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kansas city chiefs to sunday evening. i am matt finn. now back to "hannity" ." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." just in one week, one week from today, seven days, president-elect trump will be sworn in to be the 45th president of the united states. for the first time in ten years, republicans will control the house, the senate, and the white house. joining us now, counselor to the president-elect kellyanne conway is with us. when i go out and meet people, the person they ask about the size president-elect trump the most is you. everyone wants to know what kellyanne is like. is she as nice as she seems? i say nicer. >> thank you. tell them i love them back and this is a victory and future shared by all.ha and were just getting started. >> sean: the only thing to me that matters is that the agenda gets fulfilled. walk us through these 100 days, what we call the first 100 days of the president-elect.
10:18 pm
and tell us what we can expect. >> yes. sean, that is exactly why donald trump ran for president. i would submit to why it is why he won the presidency. people know he will make good on these. promises, his plan. because if he doesn't, he's just another typical politician doing things he doesn't and ten. he is these very specific plans, repealing and replacing obamacare. a poll out just today said that 65% of americans want the aca obamacare repealed in part or in whole. that's a very high number. folks are really frustrated. we knowho that their premiums ae rising, their quality and choices are if you are. access is less, and their frustrations are high. repealing and replacing obamacare is important. the president-elect and the vice president-elect had a meeting on that this week. the legislative team had meetings on that there is very weak, this week the senate already took action toward repealing obamacare. the president-elect has committed in doing so that those who have coverage will not be
10:19 pm
without coverage.see that will get rid of the zirconium penalty, basically that you were forced to buy government run health care via a tax, pay a penalty. there will be health savings accounts for people and they will be the ability to buy health insurance across state lines. a more patient centric free-market system also. start building that wall, with the intention of mexico paying for it now or later on as compensation, if congress can speed up the congress by paying for it, terrific. you will also see energy, unleashing energy, he will start to do infrastructure. he of course will get more serious about defeating radical islamic terrorism and get very serious about rebuilding our military. >> sean: vetting refugees, originalists justices, seven brackets, 50% corporate tax, repatriating corporal -- obamacare gone, replaced with what you said. energy independence, that's going to be done. >> energy independence.
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oh, yes. education. betsy devos looks at -- sean, she looks at alternatives to conventional schools, schooling systems, charters, school choice, certainly respecting homeschoolers. at theng same time, respecting r back to basics curriculum and letting parents and local governments have a more of a say to where children go to school and what is taught there. you mentioned something very important, you talked about extreme vetting, you talked about energy investments. these are also very specific solution centric plans that president-elect trump rental. i think the fact that he got specific was very important to voters, because that's what businessmen do. they are accountable for results, deliverables, they can't fudge the numbers. they can't have a commission, kick the can down the road. they have to produce, and the quarterly, monthly, weekly way. if youhl can tell me right now - i will start the jeopardy clock -- what hillary clinton's message was a selection other
10:21 pm
thands donald trump bad, his message was specific. >> sean: let me ask this last question. is he going to keep all these promises which i think is the key to political success but i also think it's the change that the country needs. this is not a simple agenda. i do believe there'll be resistance along the way, especially with the supreme court and building the wall and vetting refugees. some of these other issues. what will he be able to do in the first hours as president to undo a lot of the damage obama has done with executive orders? >> monday on january 3rd, president donald j trump can sit down and basically resend those executive orders, those that obama put in very late in the game with respect to the environment, mining, there are always there regulations that we hear from business owners and employers constantly, sean, that it's the regularly system that has a chokehold on them, that they can't retain talent, they can't hire american workers, they can't keep their factories
10:22 pm
here, they can't expandac here. and you see the trump effect already now during the transition. the trump effect again today here in trump tower where the ceo of lockheed martin came and she went and announced that they will in fact reduce the price of the f35. the trump effect has been known to keep jobs here. factories are staying here. and when he sits down, he can actually resend a number of these executive orders that have really hurts people. remember, barack obama as president is veryry fond of the executive order. it's just the stroke of a pen that allows president trump to go in line with what americans expect. energy is a key one. we hear from -- we've heard so many candidates, right, left, center. "i am for all of the above energy." what the heck does that mean? great sound bite. nothing is made in america anymore. i will tell you that we have energy beneath our feet and off our shores. and americans want to reduce our
10:23 pm
dependence on foreign oil and also stimulate our local economies, create jobs here at home. he is for coal, clean coal. he is for shale. a very exciting time for us to rely more on americans and american energy for our economic simulation and growth. >> sean: kellyanne, it is a bold agenda. if he follows up on all these items that he talked about in the campaign and you are talking about now that he has been elected will shift the trajectory of the country. i'm going to love watching it. it will be a fight. i will be here fighting on tv. it will be a fight.on i hope i will see you often. >> you will see me often. sean, it really is up to the american congress as well. they are there. there is no more excuses dividing government. >> sean: good point. >> state legislatures, this is really the time to harness that. >> sean: by the way, we don't need their $10 trillion debt thanks a lot, they can keep that. kellyanne, we will see you at the inauguration. one week from tonight. up next, why are democrats
10:24 pm
trying to undermine the y president-elect before he even takes office? i will ask democratic senator joe mansion republicans are already making waves today and yesterday to feel obamacare. later i will speak with congresswoman marsha blackburn, congressman louis gomer, and jim jordan. all that and more on "hannity" " start your party prep with venus embrace sensitive with a... ...touch of aloe because the best bit of the party is the pre-party party and venus snap for those last minute invites the perfect party prep
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claire, here's your name your price tool. -oh, thanks, flo. -mm-hmm. jamie, don't forget to clean the fridge when you're done. she seems nice. she seems nice. [ door closes ] she's actually pretty nice. oh. yeah. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." one week from today, donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. the many democrats are still trying desperately to delegitimize trump's big win back in november. this includes former clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon, he had this to say earlier. today. take a >> trump is someone who's very insecure in his victory and i understand why. every day there are new developments. new shoes dropping so to speak. they called to question the legitimacy of his win. it was with russian interference and now with respect to the fbi, we see that jim comey's actionsw are sufficiently questionable,
10:27 pm
the internal watchdog at doj is doing an independent reporter >> sean: fallon is not the only democrat try to make excuses for trump's win. we have a handful of congressional democrats that are now boycotting the inauguration. that includes barbara lee, she released a statement that reads, donald trump has proven that his administration will normalize the most extreme fringes of the republican party. on inauguration day, i will not be celebrating, i will be organizing and preparing for resistance. also today, in a pre-recorded interview, set to air on "meet the press" this weekend, john lewis of georgia says, he doesn't see donald trump as a legitimate president. so why are some democrats trying so hard to smear the presidency of donald trump who hasn't even taken office? joining us now, a democrat, a senator from west virginia, joe manchin is with us. thanks for being with us. let me start with what you have done. >> always good to be with you. >> sean: you've had conversations with donald trump,
10:28 pm
haven't you? >> yes, i have. >> sean: and how have theyp, gone? >> they've gone great. it's refreshing, he's reached out which is what you would think a president-elect coming in, reaching across the aisle th wanting to get things done, seeing if we can find people that a work together. move things forward. but the country first. put the campaign behind us. with the election behind us. put the democrats andro b republicans behind us and bring america to the forefront. he has reach out to me. the one we still have 95 million americans out of the labor force, 42 million americans on food stamps, 50 million in poverty50 and the lowest home ownership rate of 51 years. those are real problems. i assume especially because you are from west virginia on energy that you want to see these regulations, executive orders go away. you want coal mining, you want fracking i assume, you want drilling, you want energy independence. is that a good guess? >> yes, and i spoke to
10:29 pm
president-elect trump about we want the balance between the economy and environment. we don't want dirty water, dirty air, he doesn't want dirty water, dirty air. what we've looked at, the things that west virginians are upset about is that with the laws that we have to protect our environment, have doubled down extra. it's basically a redundancy. a nuisance i would think that just basically breaks the will of people who want to be in business. that's not one energy policy should be. >> sean: senator, you are an anomaly. i just read what hillary clinton spokesperson said. what barbara lee is doing, i've known john lewis from my time broadcasting in atlanta. i like him a lot, respect him a lot. i think what he doing is harmful. so my question is, what are the things you see you agree on? would you agree that the promises of obamacare were never cap? to keep our doctors, plans, save money, cost per family has gone
10:30 pm
up $5400 in eight years? >> i am willing to repair the problems. sean, where i differ, i've said i am willing to work and sit down and work through in a professional manner, in a grown-up manner to basically find the fixes that we need. i'm not voting for repealing it until i see a replacement and we can repair it. i think that is a reasonable approach. >> sean: as far as i know up to now you are the only cited them a cat that will vote to confirm senator sessions, a colleague as the new attorney general. i see this every four years and it's my biggest complaint. your party, the democratic party, every four years without fail and i've chronicled it on this program, will play the race card. even though he has an incredible record on his part. when you see that happen, how do you feel about your party?
10:31 pm
>> when i see politics dives to that degree, and you know, whether it's on my side of the aisle, the democratic side, i -- sean, let me make it clear. i am a west virginia democrat. we are a little bit different than what you look at the national democrats. maybe our west virginia republican friends are too. don't get caught up in all of this hullabaloo. the bottom line is, jeff sessions is someone i've known s for six years. we had many conversations on many things, i have never detected 1 ounce of racism in jeff. or bigotry. i've never seen that. for that to come out of the woodwork, i can only judge a person on how i know him. >> sean: yeah. >> if you want to say you are against jeff sessions because he is extremely conservative or too conservative for you, that's fine. but don't make something up that maybe isn't there.
10:32 pm
i listened and watched his testimony, the people that camet and testified on his behalf. those against him, but those in favor of him. i just don't believe that and i think jeff is a good man. i think he will do a good job. >> sean: all right, senator. always good to have you. thanks for being with us. coming up next on this busy friday newsnight, here on "hannity." >> it will be repeal and replace.ha it will be essentially simultaneously.h >> sean: you heard him say it, obamacare will be repealed and replaced under the new administration. today, the house took a very important step to make all this happen. i will speak with congresswomana marsha blackburn, louie gohmert, and jim jordan. straightahead. >> mexico in some form -- and there are many different forms -- will endorse us. and they will reimburse us for theus cost of the wall.
10:33 pm
that will happen. >> sean: president-elect trumpmp says mexico will in fact pay for the wall. later on tonight, i go one on one -- that's right, issued out with geraldo rivera straightahead. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges.
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>> obamacare is a complete and total disaster. it'll be repeal and replace, it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments, you understand, but will most likely be on the same day or the same week but probably the same day. could be the same hour. we are going up health care that is far less expensive and far better. >> sean: that was president-elect donald trump promising that obamacare will be repealed and replaced under hise administration, this morning the president-elect took to twitter to reinforce that promise. he tweeted out...
10:39 pm
"the un-affordable care act will soon be history. also today, the u.s. house of representatives, they voted 227-190e to pass a budget resolution that is a critical step toward repealing obamacare." here now with reaction, tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn, ohio congressman jim jordan, louie gohmert. congresswoman, we will start with you. a lot of americans will say, why haven't republicans rallied around one planned by this point? i know there are nine out there, i know they are similar, but why hasn't the plan been written yet and paul ryan about a week and half go said, well, we will do it sometime this year.y he has since adjusted that. >> what we have, sean, you can go back to 2010 to the blair house health care summit. we pretty much laid out our plan then. across dateline purchase of health insurance, which is my legislation. and yes, there are components. there are many different plans. what we want to make sure it is that we pull everything we possibly can off in
10:40 pm
reconciliation and then follow it with an legislation that is going to open up the health insurance market place and is going to simplify delivery of health care and do it any more more cost-effective manner. and i think once we get secretary price at hhs and we are able to begin some of the unravel and replace the component parts, we want to do it right. we are going to do it in a thoughtful manner. >> sean: you are with the freedom caucus, jim jordan. and i see you are here, mark meadows who is now the head of your freedom caucus, the chair of the freedom caucus. he actually said this is likely to fail in the senate. you don't think this is going to pass in the center? >> no. the rep you will pass, but some of the replacement mechanisms and policies, it will require the 60 vote threshold. that's a little harder. the most important thing, sean, is we actually repeal it.. that is step one. the president-elect is exactly i right.
10:41 pm
it will be better and cost less when we get rid of obamacare. let's make sure we keep our promise to the american people. today is step one. it's a long process to come. let's do it as quick as we can but let's do it all. every mandate, every regulation, every single tax has to go. then w we'll have a chance to he the market work and that's part of the replacement. getting rid of the obamacare with repeal, speaking of market work and bringing affordable health care to the families across this country. >> sean: louie gohmert, a lot of conservatives are writing and tweeting out their concern about three things. trillion dollar infrastructure, without a plan to pay for it. they are concerned about increasing the debt over the next ten years, $9.7 trillion. they are concerned that some remarks paul ryan made, telling an illegal immigrant that he wouldn't allow immigration officials to deport her. otherwise, not following the law. that's a current law of the land. what is your reaction to that? are you hearing the same thing
10:42 pm
on your end? >> yes, the number one thing we do first is repeal obamacare. we can multitask. i know there are democrats that are having trouble with that. we can repeal obamacare, we can let a wall start being built and i do think that mexico is ultimately going to realize that once we cut off the flow of drugs back and forth and the people that are paying the drug cartels, then mexico quits being such a corrupt country with all the drug cartels. they are going to want to pay us. they will zoom up to be not 62nd in the economics. >> sean: let me ask you the question. are any of you threeco concerned about the issues i have raised? trillion dollar infrastructure without a panda play for it, repatriation money, energy and money, obamacare, all of that can add to it.t. but should we have a plan to pay for the infrastructure trillion? what about the 10 trillion,
10:43 pm
9.7 trillion in the debt increase over ten years, and thirdly paul ryan saying last night, this woman is not going to leave even though that is the law of the land. any of you three hearing about this? >> let me tell you -- >> one of the things -- >> >> i've got insurances that look, this is a vehicle, this $9.7 trillion in this budget. this is a vehicle. >> sean: you agree with that? >> they promised me it will not end up beating us. you agree to these numbers. marsha has it, jim has it, i have it. spill it really marshall? >> one of the things we talk about infrastructure that people are saying, look, we want you to look at broadband expection, rural broadband. there are ways for us to address that. i think we will do that. it will not having a negative impact to the debt. we have to get the debt and the deficit, the annual deficit and
10:44 pm
accrued that dealt with. >> sean: all right, guys. good to see you all. i will see you guys when i am in washington next week and the week after. coming up next, right here on "hannity." >> mexico, in some form, and there are many different forms, will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of this wall. that will happen. >> sean: president-elect donald trump keeping his promise that mexico will pay for the border wall. up next, i go one-on-one with our own geraldo rivera. straight ahead, tonight, right here on "hannity." because i'm a woman,
10:45 pm
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>> mexico, in some form, and there are many forms will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. that will happen. whether it's a tax or a payment, probably less likely that it's a payment. but it will happen. >> sean: president-elect trump says mexico will pay for the wall. but enrique pena nieto will not be paying for it. watch this. >> sean: but he is trying to meet with donald trump. why? because they lost carrier, chrysler, ford and probably a lot of other money and the peso
10:50 pm
is taking. joining me with his reaction, -- you want to the trump tower today. >> i just loved him. he was my former boss on "celebrity apprentice." >> you came in second? you were great. >> we actually joked about imagine if i had beaten lisa gibbons in the current climate. ii would've been sleeping in the hallway. it was great seeing him and melania. they were with senator and mrs. blunt wereth there. theynd were leaving -- >> sean: was already? >>mi senator blunt reminded dond of something he knew even one he was down and out, president-elect trump, i always said he had a chance, he had a fighting chance. >> sean: he always liked him. >> melania remembered erica's name. it was so sweet. they invited us to the
10:51 pm
white house. it was that kind of visit. it was really a friendly -- >> sean: what did you say to all of the snowflakes out there on your side of the aisle sometimes they are freaking out everything he does? >> let me reject the side of the aisle and on. ihe am a rockefeller republican. i think the reasons i wanted very publicly to embrace the president-elect is that he is the 45th president of the united states. he will be everybody's presiden president. and we wish him a great presidency. for all of our sakes. it distresses me when i see how low his poll numbers are going, going into the inauguration next week. come on, ladies and gentlemen, you're not going to have to go you aren't going to have two countries here. we have one country, you want the president to succeed. his success is all of our success. specifically, i did the one -- it wasn't even nearly, the one thing i said, you and i, mr. president-elect, have
10:52 pm
differed on the issue of immigration. you start with the wall, a very divisive issue. >> sean: you don't care about the wall. >> i understand the emotion and the passion that has led to the wall. >> sean: the wall has a door. >> the wall does have a door. here is my bigger fear, sean, and i think you will understand where i am coming from. he talked about carrier, general motors, ford, all correct. he has harnessed or grabbed back businesses that have fled or were attempting to flee the united states. but now you are going to build a wall. but what happens to all of those mexicans now, that would've worked for general motors, ford, or carrier. we need mexico to be successful country. if we are going to stem immigration. >> sean: i always say there are 43 million in food stamps, 95000000 out of the labor force. america first.
10:53 pm
>> i have no problem with that either. but if you are reallyy a capitalist, free trader. we need to figure a way, what's best for the goose is best for the gander. >> sean: but you are the guy that lost the job. if you are the guy that lost the job to the illegal immigrant, who is willing to work for low amount of money, and of the competition. 8 million illegals we know workl in this country now. those 8 million jobs would otherwise go to >> everything you say is true. everything you say is true. except can you imagine the disorder when all those borders --or what is a 30-year-old mexin guy who worked there that was going to work in the general motors plant who just openedmo the line in warren to make sure -- the idea of the north american free-trade agreement is that they are all the same.
10:54 pm
america was getting shortchange shortchanged. also, the president-elect was very strong on, i just got the f35. they offered me $6 billion discount on it. i want even more than that. that fighter jet. >> sean: everything with him is a negotiation. by the way, can we do an interview? can we just do two segments? can i do one segment? everything is a negotiation. >> he loves you, too. >> sean: good to see you, geraldo. coming up, a very important question of the day. that's coming up, straight vf ahead.
10:55 pm
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>> sean: it's time for our question of the day. so why do you think the media loves, loves, loves, loves, worship, adores president obama and so hostile to present electron? go to hannity don't miss martha's brand-new show, the first 100 p days. that starts this monday night 7:00 p.m. on the fox news channel.
11:00 pm
all the time we have for tonight.yo have a great weekend. we will see you on monday and we will see you in d.c. through the rest of the week. bye-bye. last week. new president. thank god. see you monday. >> eric: i'm eric bolling and for bill o'reilly. we're going to get right into our top story. the ongoing feud between president-elect donald trump and the intelligence community intensified again this morning and the fallout follow-up frome dubious report about donald trump's tie to russia. he lashed out on twitter. days!" "it now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued." "totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both democrats and republicans -
11:01 pm
fake news! russia says nothing exists. probably released by 'intelligence' even knowing there is no proof, and never will be. my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!" >> the crown jewel of american security is our intelligence. everything we do, we rely upon those 16 different agencies. to dismiss them, it really plays into russia's hand. >> eric: , anthony, first of all congratulations. talk to me a little bit about what's going back-and-forth with the intelligence community. i sit on this very show i think it's been publicized. the intelligence community has been politicized. it does donald trump think this is all the politics? >> i would probably say the
11:02 pm
aspects or slices of it may be politically charged or some people who are doing things that are politically motivated. i think the president-elect has an enormous amount amount of respect for the intelligence community. he is getting a plethora of information when he finds very useful in terms of diagramming out what our national security policies will be, what our diplomatic policies will be and so forth, but i do think there are issues here that we need to look at as americans. if we are going to politicize the justice system that we know that jeff sessions will never do that, we know the president-elect will not do tha that. i'm just here to say to you that we're looking forward to the new administration, we're looking forward to working with all of those people, you and i played a lot of sports teams, we are team oriented, we need to pass the ball, open ourselves up to each other, and do what's right for the american people. >> eric: let's talk a little bit about james comey.
11:03 pm
"the wall street journal" suggested that he should resign. if he doesn't resign, incoming jeff sessions should ask for his resignation. if he won't, mr. trump should fire him. it's been a political football going back and forth. the democrats are saying get rid of him, all all of a sudden ine briefing room, he said we have full confidence in james comey. where is donald trump and the fbi with combing? >> i do think he's a man of integrity. i think it relates to the situation. i think the president-elect is going to look at a very carefully. i think they've interacted a few times. one of the things we both know that president donald day trump he could take measure of a person pretty quickly. what also love about him, he's going to make his own decision. he's not going to let "the wall street journal" make the decision or the partisan politics and watching to make that decision. he's going to make measures himself and going to come to a conclusion on that. here's something james, and i'm
11:04 pm
pretty confident of. if someday would ask him to resign, he would do it because he is a great american. should it come to pass. my guess is, i honestly don't know. this is up to the president-elect to make a decision and to do that analysis. >> eric: another figurehead, james clapper, he's making the news lately. does president-elect trump have confidence in him to be a director of the dni? >> i would say to you that he probably has confidence in him. let's put it this way, a new administration is going to be in town. you know and i know when you get new leadership, good things can really happen if you set the culture right. i had a phenomenal experience in trump tower and the last 60 or 70 days or so. this man is a phenomenal leader, and even people that are not operating at full efficiency when they have a phenomenal leader, they kick it up a notch. we both know that from the businesses of a run
11:05 pm
so i'm hopeful that with the new administration you're going to see and uplift and a lot of facets from the government. >> eric: one question that people have right now is mr. trump's relationship with the media going forward. there's been some contention going back and forth over the last couple of days. buzzfeed publishing that 35 page unconfirmed, not fact-checked, never double sourced dossier as they called it. what will that relationship look like with the media quest mark >> i think some of these news organizations have a hard time grabbing eyeballs. they're not "the o'reilly factor" or bill o'reilly, what they say is nonsense in order to get some attention. i love that the president-elect is going to call them out on it and he's also willing to go directly to the american people rate over the top of the main screen media and let the american people know what's going on. he lost patience with his aspect of the news. i think they've grown tired with people better speaking and falsehoods. i really admire him for doing
11:06 pm
that. it's important for him as a part of his brand to be that honest and effective. >> eric: ben smith, the editor-in-chief of buzzfeed literally wrote a note to his memo and staff saying these are unsubstantiated allegations. then he went ahead and publish them anyway. is there a lawsuit coming? >> i don't know. i would have to leave that up to the president-elect to decide. i can tell you my personal experience with ben has not been favorable. there's been a level of dishonesty but the buzzfeed process. they seem to think that they're more important than the facts and the objective standards of journalism. for buzzfeed, there is no lot of that. >> eric: there are $400 million investment. should nbc apologize and clarify the relationship? >> i can't believe that they're not embarrassed by that investment at this time. you and i have traded markets for 30 plus years, i'm hoping
11:07 pm
fake news has had a low at very high volume, eric, and hopefully we start to see it clear up in the coming months. it is not really fair to the president of the united states and is not fair to the american people. it's going to fake news, let's talk about that paired how do you put that down? how does the trumpet ministries and put down the fake news? obviously it's exploded in the last few months. speak a lot of reliable news organizations, yourself included. we have to do is get our message out. we have terrific communication with sean spicer who i know you know very well. the president-elect is the tweeter in chief, the communicator in chief, he is the commander-in-chief and he will get our message out there in a way in in and away the american people enjoy. he knows how to unbundle things, eric, and explain things to the common person. i find it sometimes, all of us, myself included, we get into that washington speak which
11:08 pm
makes people's eyes glaze over. i've never seen that from the president-elect. it's going before i lose you, we'll have about a minute or so. your new title, advisor, director, throw it out here. it was turned on this morning, valerie jarrett. >> i said this morning i have an overstated relationship. there are many people close to the president-elect and i'm one of them. he's been phenomenal with me and i've had a great relationship with him i said it this morning and i'll say to his viewers, i want the american people to see the president-elect and the way i see him in the way the staff sees him. he's a kindhearted, generous guy, someone who really has the interest of the megan people at heart, and i hope we can delivr that message. it's going all right, we're going to liberate there. anthony, thank you very much.
11:09 pm
up next, a debt very different point of view from the other side of the aisle. paul ryan assuring immigrants that deportations won't happen. at the right when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in great tasting crystals.
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>> eric: and the impact segment tonight, the reaction to our interview with anthony and president-elect's gmac joining us now from washington, congressman sherman, a democrat. i want to get your reaction to the previous segment. yet of very important meeting with james comey. here's one of your colleagues described it. >> i can report that my confidence in the fbi director's ability to lead this agency has been shaken. >> was at a heated exchange at any point? >> there was some heat. there was some heat.
11:13 pm
a lot of unanswered questions. going up so congressman sherman, can you tell us what happened at that meeting? >> there were two contentions around james comey. one was 11 days before the election, his statements about hilary's email. if that had an important impact, whether he handled that correctly or not, most democrats do not believe he handled it correctly. the second issue was through what steps did he inform the democratic national committee that they had been subject to a major hack? debbie watson was there that nobody called her personally. perhaps they did a little more than call the 800 number or even a volunteer. we are going to debbie wasserman schultz who is going to had a briefing. >> eric: congressman, i'll just read a couple of quotes from some of your colleagues in the democratic side who are at
11:14 pm
that briefing. "i no longer have confidence in him" meeting james comey. "i'm extremely concerned." "i'll just say i'm very angry" " literally, is everyone this angry about the way the dnc was notified about the information, but the emails and this is really what's making everyone this crazy, losing confidence in the director of the fbi over this email notification of the dnc? >> comey has a 10-year term anything that many democrats would prefer him. as to whether the fbi made a serious effort to inform the top executives at the dnc, comey has promised a detailed briefing. he has admitted that they never called the number one person who was debbie wasserman schultz.
11:15 pm
whether they contacted other counselors will have to see. that's an issue, obviously his statement 11 days before inauguration is controversial. i have some level of faith and james comey and more faith and general glenn who has been appointed by the president. >> eric: are your colleagues suggesting that there's some efficacy and the hand of the fbi? >> they're there concerned aboe decisions that comey made and that at least diminished the democrats confidence in him. in my case, i have some level of confidence in the director. it is going okay. did you hear anything in that meeting that would give you concern or pause about the incoming trump administration? >> what needs to be investigated and we have no idea where it will lead is whether there was any american who was involved in supporting or coordinating this
11:16 pm
russian hacking. i'm old enough to remember watergate. that was a matter of burglarizing the files of the democratic national community. back then, files, or in metal cabinets in manila folders. now, i see another burglary. files are in cabinets, their on email servers. if any american was involved in that, it's important. the fact that the intern committee would give some credence to this 35 page dossier is reason enough to say let's run to ground all of the charges, let's take it seriously, that doesn't mean it should have been leaked. scott congressman, before i lose you, about 30 seconds, one of your colleagues claimed that the donald trump presidency is not legitimate. what say you? >> donald trump was elected president, those not my choice.
11:17 pm
there are many issues and how that race was won. i've seen other issues in other campaigns as well, and we accepted the legitimacy of george w. bush, notwithstanding the fact that they didn't do a full recount. i think that donald trump is going to be president. was going to congressman, thank you very much for joining us. next up on the rundown, paul ryan tells an undocumented mom not to worry about deportation forces coming after her. but also said sanction cities will not be
11:18 pm
11:19 pm
11:20 pm
take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. >> eric: and the unresolved problem segment tonight, immigration chaos during a town hall event last night. a speaker of the house, paul ryan made clear how he'll
11:21 pm
handle sanctuary cities. >> they are a violation of the law and they are not tolerated. we agree with that 100%. >> eric: speaker ryan also appeared to take a selfish stance on a policy that was put forth by president obama. >> if this gets repealed, my daughter will lose her mother. i'm sorry. she will lose her mother and i want you to know that dr. has helped me. do you think i should be deported and many families in my situation should be? >> no. if you are worried about some deportation forces coming knocking on your door this year, don't worry about that. >> eric: joining us now from washington, katrina pearson and
11:22 pm
from fort worth, texas, immigration attorney francisco hernandez. paul ryan seems to be all over the place on this one. he said sanctuary cities, if you don't abide by federal law, we are going cut federal funding, but then he said the deportation law, don't worry about that one. >> this is interesting, because one has to raise their eyebrows, eric, when the sitting house speaker makes a policy promise to a noncitizen residing in this country. particularly one that is in direct contradiction to the election results. not only in the country, but in his home state. more importantly, unless this is the speaker's way wanting introduce legislation to codify this part of his legacy. president-elect trump is the only one who will have authority over that executive order.
11:23 pm
>> eric: on the one hand, he says don't worry, you can stay, but on the other we're going to be tough on it sanctuary to city spirit how do you handle that one? >> if donald trump revokes a comment means was a valid order. that's a whole different myth. i repeat to you, we've had this argument before, there's no such thing as a sanctuary city. >> eric: if you're in a city and you are a mayor who tells your police department to not turn over illegals, that is a sanctuary city. >> the point of the matter is, the police officers have national necessary training to make those decisions. if we are going to pass a law that says they all have to abide by immigration law, then we're going to have to fund it. that's an unfounded mandate.
11:24 pm
there is no such thing as a sanctuary city. it's >> eric: it we're so down e rabbit hole right now, francisco. go ahead. there are some cities that say don't turn nobler illegal. >> it francisco, why do you need a lot to tell law enforcement to enforce a law? that the purpose of this discussion. there are sanctuary cities. the legislation is titled sanctuary cities. we have laws that need to be enforced. it will be left out of this discussion is marian marion me, the mother who spoke to paul ryan. there is no promise to her that they were going to make sure that this doesn't happen to a family here in the united states. we should be making the promises to those people. >> that has nothing to do a sanctuary cities because immigration could have picked them up in l.a. or san francisc
11:25 pm
san francisco. going to francis >> eric: kate steinle is dead. ask those families what they think. >> they let them get transferred to san francisco. they gave themselves what eight hours to go pick them up. >> here's where we disagree. >> eric: if they don't cooperate as paul ryan pointed out, it points to federal funding. >> there will be consequences. there absolutely should be consequences. francisco, you're wrong. it sanctuary cities are part of the problem because that is a huge magnet. the only reason they come back is because they know they are safe and those cities and that's when americans get hurt. >> are we saying that there will be congressional action on immigration reform ready? >> eric: i think i need to figure it out. either you're okay with it or
11:26 pm
you're not. gotta leave it right there, guys, i'm sorry. coming up, democrats and desperation mode trying to cast new doubts on the legitimacy of donald trump's victory. we are going to take a very hard look at
11:27 pm
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
>> eric: and the factor follow-up segment tonight, president-elect donald trump and democrats refusal to accept his election victory.
11:30 pm
this is hillary clinton's former press secretary. >> every day there are new developments, new shoe droppings so to speak. they question the legitimacy of his win. >> eric: are comments like that a strategy to undermine his win? >> it looks as if the democrats on their way out the door, are trying to leave behind as many land the mac landmines as they can to at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the trumpet victory. all of a sudden as we have seen it, they've got interested in russian cyber warfare which the administration seemed to be nonchalant about until they lost the election. >> eric: now joining us from washington, boston herald columnist. first it was james comey, then it was the voting booths, then
11:31 pm
it was russian again. honestly can't they just get over a? she lost. >> it's a funny thing, eric we have donald trump complaining about his legitimacy that hecht got his hope political standing as a birther. it's a bit rich, okay? >> eric: that's where he got his political standing from that moment? >> i'm saying he got traction early on. i'm not talking about the campaign, i'm talking about five or six years ago at the lead birther. >> eric: there were people talking in the '80s there were saying he was going to run. all she had to do was win either florida, ohio, pennsylvania, thrown wisconsin as well. she lost all of those. >> the reason she lost was because she was a flawed candidate. this isn't about russian hacking. this is about the cloud that hung over head with the fbi
11:32 pm
investigation. she mishandled classified information, she let men and gods he died that never had die died. she didn't run a good campaign in the battleground states which needed to be. she should only be blaming herself. i think the democrats are an embarrassment right now that they want except that donald trump administration and victory. they should be building bridges, not trying to delegitimize him. >> eric: is donald trump a legitimate president now? >> there are two things he you could do to prove his legitimac legitimacy. number one is to have an independent factfinder. incidentally, next time he says he has this great victory. >> eric: you guys always do this. >> he needs to put someone under
11:33 pm
oath and say didn't you deal with the russians during the campaign or not? because when donald trump called on putin to steal data from the dnc and from hillary clinton and then 100 times he referenced the very data. >> eric: richard, you are spending in the no spin zone. it was a joke. maybe you can find those 55,0000 emails of a frequent and delet. remember that? it was a joke! >> wiki elites dropped all those emails and our. >> eric: is on us will the chair you're on right now? adriana, bring us up to speed now. i get it brian fallon was part of the campaign. blame anything. as far as the other democrats blaming these fake news stories. >> can you imagine if
11:34 pm
hillary clinton one and the republicans were trying to delegitimize her win? there be a hack like there no tomorrow. it's incredible double standards. hillary clinton had a failing message. her only message on the campaign trail was basically to attack trump. she didn't have her own inspiring message. so any democrats jumped over to trump camp and voted for him. she wasn't able to capture even the female vote. a lot of women were voting for donald trump. she really has to stop blaming others and take responsibility. this gun i don't hear her doing it, i hear all her staffers doing it. i have to leave right there. thank you very much. it directly ahead, president oba came and he hasn't a single major scandal and his white house. seriously? will be back with that in a minute
11:35 pm
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
spillman thinks were staying
11:39 pm
with us. i am eric bolling for bill o'reilly and the second unresolved problem tonight. scandals and the obama presidency. in an upcoming interview with 6, president obama makes a stunning claim. >> didn't change washington? >> i changed most things that were in my direct control. look, i'm proud of the fact that with two weeks to go, we are probably the first demonstration in modern history that hasn't had a major scandal in the white house. there were big stretches while governing where even though we were doing the right thing, we weren't able to mobilize public opinion firmly enough behind us to weaken the resolve of the republicans to stop opposing us or to cooperate with us. there were times during my presidency where i lost the p.r. battle. >> eric: so no major scandals during his presidency? it was oldest p.r. problems westmark seriously? a few people may disagree.
11:40 pm
julio saw from washington, fox news attribute or. a fowler, it's a p.r. problem. it was a p.r. problem when he called isis the gdp. homegrown terror, san bernardino, orlando, those are just p.r. problems. >> i think with the president is saying there as he has never been involved in a scandal. how he defined a scandal is an impeachment like bill clinton or reagan or the vice president chief of staff going to jail for releasing the identity of a cia covert operative like what george bush did. >> eric: or a dealing that gets exposed. not people buying americans. >> i think americans are rightfully pleased that they don't have a party leader that has a personal scandal because
11:41 pm
we've had too many clintons video democratic party. but from a policy scandal, from a government scandal, from a miss management scandal, there are plenty. let me just read you some that i wrote down in the green room just in a manner of seconds. obamacare, irs tax targeting, and ghazi lies, hillary's personal server, cylinder, sanctuary cities, management scandals of the president. >> miss management scandals? you're just making words up. i gotta tell you, none of those are scandals. >> eric: hang on one second. you don't think benghazi is a scandal or americans being killed? >> eric, i would argue that benghazi was a mishap, it was awful, but i wouldn't argue that it was a scandal.
11:42 pm
>> eric: one more. cops being killed. it >> you're going to blame the president? >> let me jump in here for a second. what i think is a scandal is when there are massive failures and the leader cannot admit that and then we have multiple news cycles where the facts rollout in the leader still cannot admit that. that is a scandal. everything i listed are scandals. >> that's like saying that george bush, since 9/11 happened on george bush's watch is a scandal. that's not a scandal. >> there are failures that he doesn't admit. >> rich, come on. george bush could have been
11:43 pm
better at protecting america, but we didn't call them scandal scandals. >> there are no facts that prove that. >> eric: listen to me. homegrown terror, could i be considered a scandal? >> no. >> eric: why not? americans were dying. it's not happening here. how is that not scandalous? >> how was the genocide and syria a scandal? do we call the genocide in a scandal under george w. bush? >> so many mismanagement problems. bingo george bush did not react to sedan. don't deflect, is the same thing. how is it different?
11:44 pm
>> what about targeting conservatives and the irs? >> what about george w. bush being audited four times? is that on a scandal? >> eric: it's a good debate, thank you very much. when we come back, a wild press conference, and a salacious but dubious report on donald trump and russia. we'll have all that in a minute. ' ♪ i checked, everything's there... wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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11:47 pm
>> eric: and the personal story segment tonight, a drama filled week for the incoming trump administration. rulings on capitol hill and the president's nominees.
11:48 pm
a press conference for the ages where trump got to take down one of his favorite targets. >> mr. president-elect. >> go ahead. no, not you. your organization is terrible. >> can you give us a chance to ask the question, sir? >> quiet. she is asking a question, don't be rude. >> can you give us a question? >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> eric: instructor this week's incredible series of events, are they coming out ahead? editor of the hill newspaper. kelly, your thoughts. that was must-see tv. who wins in that exchange? >> i think donald trump ultimately wins. that is why. he built his campaigns and a lot of his methods it was him versus the establishment.
11:49 pm
what buzzfeed did this week was it printed tabloid trash that confirmed the suspicions that most americans have, that the mainstream media is out to get donald trump. on wednesday, during donald trump's presser, was able to go after them and he had legitimate reasons to go after them. this whole notion of printing just the salacious garbage was unfair, unjust, and donald trump stood up for himself and in the process, stood up for his supporters and the market people. >> eric: how do you see this? >> donald trump showed at the press conference that he was in control. he is going to show that he's going to be fighting with the media. he thrives on it, he gets the edge on them, and without a doubt, what buzzfeed did was horrible. >> eric: by the way, i think of i'm not mistaken, congress has a low approval rating and i think the only one below that is or are the media.
11:50 pm
he's got a very, very big live target to aim at. let me play a shot of something i kind of blew my mind when i heard it. take a listen to cedric richman. >> to have a sinister, a house member, and a living civil rights legend testified the end of all of this is the equivalent of being made to go to the back of the bus. >> eric: i'm going to start with you, bob. that was representative richman at the confirmation hearing for jeff sessions. let me let you weigh in. >> there was a lot of testimony there. one from a former worker, employee of jeff sessions who praised him. they were talking about the civil rights struggles which clearly, there were some major struggles back then. they were tying it to sessions, but they don't have specific instances of him being at fault. obviously, he has said controversial things in the pas
11:51 pm
past. interesting thing is, if you talk to democratic senators and i have, who have known sergeant for a long time, have worked with them for decades, they all like him and they respect him. they are getting pressured, though, from liberal groups to vote no. i still think there will be some democrats along with all the republicans, who will vote yes. >> eric: kelly, the nominees, how are they doing so far? i want to point out a lot of people on the left are saying look at these nominees. they're not necessarily collecting where donald trump was during the campaign, but then again, is that a good thing? is that refreshing to know that he is willing to appoint or nominate people who didn't necessarily stand up to people with a exacting voice as he has? >> donald trump deftly rock the vote, right? but his cabinet appointees this week have proven that they are the ones that are calming the waters. jeff sessions came off with a
11:52 pm
profound knowledge of the law and opposing law and you want to try to influence the law. jeff sessions was very clear and said no, i will uphold the laws and the constitution. there was a very refreshing thing to say. even in rex tillerson's hearing which was one of the more heated ones this week with marco rubio attacking him, about not calling russian president letterman put in a war criminal, i think the majority of people so that exchange and saw marco rubio grandstanding and basically the winner of that exchange was rex tillerson. the obama administration hasn't gone that far. why would the secretary of state do that? there needs to be a broad range of opinions going into this
11:53 pm
white house. donald trump likes that. he said today at trump tower, he wants all of his nominees to go out there and show congress what they were about and show them their personalities. and work through their differences at the white house. going we're going to leave right there but bob and kelly are going to stay with us. we're going to take a quick break but when we come back, donald trump's inauguration is just one week away. what to expect for the big moment when we come back.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
>> eric: in the segment tonight, it is just one week until inauguration. the next seven days are undoubtably going to be huge. kelly riddell, take a look, going forward. what are we looking forward to? let's start with you, bob. >> busy day one. he's going to be signing a slew of executive orders. for example, he will be killing the tpt trade deal.
11:56 pm
regulations, especially on obamacare action. this trumpet team wants to get off on a lot of momentum. they are going to be very busy on day one, going into the weekend and then one thing, eri eric, washington is bracing for this donald trump. they are actually fearing donald trump. he is going to take up this tow town. >> eric: what you say, kelly, same type of assessment? >> definitely. we know that obamacare, the first step in repealing that law and it will be a lot of questions around how would the replacing it. they did the easy part, now comes the hard part. they are going to try to strip obamacare, the reconciliation process only requires 51 votes. it will be interesting to see how donald trump cajoles the
11:57 pm
g.o.p. senators as well as eight or ten democratic senators that he needs in order to get this major bill through. >> eric: bob, many leftist groups are talking about protesting, not showing up at the inauguration. take a listen to representative john lewis, this will be on "meet the press" coming up. listen to what he had to say. see if this helps matter. >> i believe in forgiveness, working with people. this is going to be hard, it will be very difficult. i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> eric: your thoughts, bob. >> he is a civil war hero, civil rights hero. democrats are still in denial. they are struggling but president-elect trump will be
11:58 pm
sworn in. i just think it looks bad for democrats not to show up at the inauguration. many democrats are going to show up. there is a small few that are deciding not to show up. >> eric: what's the point, why are they not showing up? i don't member republicans not showing up. i could be wrong. >> it is despicable behavior. we've seen this slow walk that the democrats have done up to this point. he doesn't think that donald trump, he thinks he is disqualified for office. this is something that a lot of democrats have wanted to say for a long time. it seems like an orchestrated move. they are absolutely lifting their minds over donald trump's win. they had a candidate that was one of the worst candidates in hillary clinton. she lost an unbelievable election. she was the worst candidates, they can't come to grips with reality. i wish everybody could come together. donald trump is our president, he is going to be the president
11:59 pm
of the united states. just like republicans wished barack obama well, and one of his presidency to be successful, democrats should want the same. >> eric: you two are both in d.c., that place is going to be crazy for the weekend. going forward, our people ready for the trump group? the administration? >> no, i don't think they are ready for trump and there are some on the left that think it's going to be the end of the world a week from today. i think the republic will continue. people are really just getting a little bit too worked up over this. it's a challenge to be united over. agree with you, bob. there'll be some some republican scratching their heads. you know what they say, drain the swamp. we got to leave it right there. bob, kelly, thank you very much. that's it for tonight, i am eric bolling filling in for bill o'reilly. please member, the spin stops
12:00 am
here. because we are looking out for you. >> tom: welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the "red eye" desk. >> coming up on the big show, the new republic things the democrats should run a celebrity cap or like leonardo dicaprio in 2020. mind you, it would take six nominations until he actually won. when i get it! [laughs] >> plus, a lefty dutch vegan is denied a passport because she's too annoying. i think she will wind up moving to brooklyn with no problem. and finally rolling stone counts down the 30 best sports movies. since i won'


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