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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 12, 2017 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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tomorrow, we want to let you be king for a day. tweet the hashtag #kingforaday. tell us what you would do if you are america's god emperor for one 24-hour period >> as far as must feed, they are going to suffer consequences. >> more fallout over bus feeds smearing.ri >> i don't know how you can describe it other than a totally phony story.ou >> former new york city mayor is here tonight. then, republicans pull ahead with a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we are going to get health care taking care of in this country. >> loony hollywood liberals areg added again. >> i don't know how you're going to take four years of this. >> kimberly guilfoyle will respond. lou dobbs will join us in the
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studio. "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> sean: we'll connect the dots and expose the corrupt cabal that is the mainstream media in america and show just how biased buzzfeed and the t liberal media really is. that is tonight's opening monologue. the liberal all left media is in meltdown mode because donald trump put them on notice that he is not going to take their b.s. anymore. a prime example yesterday. take a look. >> it's all fake news. it's funny stuff. it didn't happen. and it was gotten by opponents of ours as you know because you reported it and so did many of the other people. it was a group of opponents who got together, sick people. and they put that together. i think it is a disgrace. that information that was false and fake and it never happenede. got released to the public as far as buzzfeed, which is a
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failing pile of the garbage, writing it? i think they are going to suffer the consequences, they already are. >> sean: the media's pretending to be shocked that the president-elect slammed buzzfeed a completely unfounded research file on president-elect trump. but here's what the media will not tell you about them. it's nothing more buzzfeed but a political propaganda arm of the democratic party. in june, the web site terminated and advertising deal with the rnc because as their ceo said, "the term campaign is directly opposed to the freedoms of our employees in the united states and in the world." two days after they terminated that deal, the chairman hosted a $33,000 a ticket dnc fundraiser in new york city that president barack obama attended. not to mention that he has a
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long history of donating democrats. since 2004, he's contributed almost half a million dollars to democrats, including $2700 to hillary clinton in 2016. is that a fair balance? i don't think so. it should be no surprise that cnn and all these other people, buzzfeed, are standing by the s decision to publish what amounts to fake news all in an attemptre to smear the president-elect donald trump. take a look. >> sean: i know this was not your intent, i've known you lonb time. but you just published fake news. >> i think that's a really -- >> sean: why is it not an unfair description? >> i think this was a real story about a real document, really being passed around. >> sean: chuck todd also mentioned they have direct ties to bus feet, even though he said there news divisions are "separate." they have made $400 million
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worth of investments in buzzfeed. companies of course have deepened their advertising and content ties. what we are dealing with here is a giant, corrupt a swamp. and they are all interconnected. it all works together. almost in unison to advance their leftist agenda. also tonight, the media is in a frenzy over this exchange of the president-elect had with cnn and jim acosta yesterday.n take a look. >> since you are attacking us, can you give us a question? mr. president-elect, you are attacking -- >> no, not you, not you. your organization is terrible. >> sir, sir. >> quiet. quiet. don't be rude. >> can you give us a question? >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> sean: so the liberal press is crying foul over that press.s
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they were totally silent when president obama attacked me and rush limbaugh and fox news all the time.. for example, when you make comments like these. >> there is a reason few republicans, you hear them running up around about i obamacare. good, affordable health care might seem like a threat to the freedom of the american people on fox news. it turns out it is working pretty well in the real world. i haven't turned on fox news or listened to conservative talk radio yet today, but i turned them on and off over these past seven and a half years to know i am not exaggerating in terms of their story. h the problem is we got all these filters. and a look, if i watch fox news, i would vote for me either. right? you've got this screen, thisou n house mirror through which people receive their information. >> sean: those are just a few examples. talk about a glaring double
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standard. do you know how many times he hit me personally? 15 times until somebody said stop talking about "hannity." former new york city mayor, this is so reminiscent of when you were mayor. you're laughing because it is true. i remember you would say, that is such a stupid question. >> or did you ever read history? or maybe you should get your college degree back. >> sean: you love it. and it was some of the most entertaining presses i've ever seen in my life. i thought this was a pretty big beat down for the whole country to see yesterday. >> this was a great thing he did. and one of the things that. should be mentioned as he pointed out, listen, i have the microphone and obviously thehi power to fight you back. but there are a lot of people that you hurt with this fake news that don't.bu if he doesn't fight back. >> sean: people like michael cohen. his family. >> there is not more than one
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michael cohen in the world? the guys in america, he hasn't been to prague. >> sean: you want to know something funny, i wrote to michael, i asked him if he was in prague. remember the video i sent you of my son? he was trying out for one of the professional baseball teams. this was so easy to verify. >> it was such damaging information that you had an obligation to try to verify it before the matter who it is. whether was hillary clinton, or barack obama, or donald trump. >> sean: i tweeted ben smith that night. i said then, i called michael cohen. it took two seconds. or texted him. whatever i did. i got a confirmation. i had never been in prague. >> i've had situations where they've done stories on me where they deliberately did not call me because he didn't want to put a quote in there that would be helpful to me to refute thehe story. i know what they do. i know the games they play. it is refreshing and it is very good for our democracy that we
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have a president that is trying to get us back to a free press. >> sean: michael goodwin of "the new york post," a very good writer, he said that they were hoping and if you look at the breathlessness and hysteria by which cnn was reporting this story, he said that they were hoping for political kill shot against trump.. is this indicative of what is going to happen in the next 4-8 years? >> i don't think there is a kill shot. trump is a great choice, those were great choices in his cabinet that would match any cabinet of some of our really great presidents. i think he is -- he knowsma exactly what he wants to accomplish. he cannot be intimidated. he is an honest man. they're not going to catch him in some kind of lie or something like that.
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and he's got the courage to fight them back. the american people have caught onto it. the american people have now caught onto it.e i think this is going to be very helpful. he may actually reestablish journalistic ethics. >> sean: the news busters, 49 times in a month. just the three networks said that the election was hacked. that is not true. "the daily mail" had a really tough headline today. the only in this story -- i think with every item in the trump agenda, every supreme court nominee, building a wall. obamacare being repealed, lowering taxes, they are going to do this on everything, right? he needs to be prepared for this. >> he needs to be prepared for it and he is prepared for you know what he went through during the primary. he trained him for it. i saw donald trump yesterday.
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i was with him when he was preparing for it. when he got out there. he is completely in control. he is completely in command. that was a commander-in-chief. >> sean: it was fun to watch. let me move on. i've spent a lot of time onn ths program asking why we haven't done anything. let me put up a full screen about the major u.s. government cyber attacks that have taken place. this is since obama has been the joint strike fighter project of the pentagon. nasa, the department of energy.. the postal service. who wants to hack into the postal service? 23 million americans. you have been brought in. this is what you do. >> little old ladies have had their social security accounts
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opened up to them, they go to open their account, they get arrested. >> sean: so why do we care about russia? >> regular, normal people, it affects big companies. this is out of control. we have let our information gathering, we have let our offense get ahead of our defense. now we have to catch up. we can fix it if the government and private sector work together. that's my part. the private sector. the government, it has toto deve tremendous resources to this. obama never did. the private sector has to devote tremendous resources to it. my job is going to be tove coordinate bringing in private sector groups to meet with the president, not to give himng advice, to give him information. to give him the information that he is going to need and his people will need about what is going on in the private sector. if you didn't fix it in the private sector, you can get into
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government as a private sector. >> sean: ten years, wikileaks has been out there. is it fair to say that we have nobody to blame but ourselves at this point? everybody wants to blame putin. i blame putin, china, iran, but we are responsible to defend ourselves. >> we have not allowed defense to keep track with offense. offense has gotten ahead ofo defense. we used to keep valuable documents in the safes. and then we used to lock them. now those valuable documents are there and we didn't protect and now we are protecting them but not the way we should. >> sean: mr. mayor, good to see you. i'm glad you're going to be on that case. we need cybersecurity. >> this is the passion of mine. i told you that. this is one of those things i want to do. it is not a solution, to find the best possible solution we can find. >> sean: good to see you
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mr. mayor. tonight, on "hannity." >> it will be repealed and replaced. it will be essentially simultaneously. >> sean: at his presser yesterday, president-elect donald trump promised to repeal and replace obamacare.ea they've taken the first steps on capitol hill to make that happen. we will check in with bill bennett coming up. >> i don't feel like waiting a year or year and a half to start building. mexico in some form, there are many different forms, will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of this wall. >> sean: he's saying it loud and clear. mexico, ready or not, will pay for the wall. lou dobbs will react to that. and we will have kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling later on. heartburn relief? try...duo fusion
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>> live from america's news headquarters. the justice department launching an investigation into the handling of the hillary clinton email probe. inspector wants to find out if fbi director james comay violated policies when he publicly relabeled the fbi had opened a new investigation into clinton's emails just to go weeks before the presidential election. many democrats have blamed comey for hilton's loss to donald trump. a winter storm has brought heavy snow and rain to california is now moving east. parts of oklahoma, kansas, and missouri could see up to an inch of ice and accumulation. it could also cause power i outage. the storm is expected to last
10:17 pm
through sunday. i am matt finn, now back to "hannity" ." >> we will be very proud of having to put forth in terms of health care. obamacare is a complete total disaster. it will be repeal, and replace, it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments, you understand, but will most likely be on the same day or same week but probably the same day. it could be the same hour. obamacare is the democrats problem. we are going to take the problem off the shelves for them.oc >> sean: that was president-elect donald trump at yesterday's presser, promising his administration will finally keep their promise and repeal and replace obamacare and on capitol hill, republican lawmakers already started to implement in that plan. a
10:18 pm
passing a budget solution earlier today that will be crucial in repealing the so-called affordable care act. president-elect donald trump praised the senate, tweeting... meanwhile, house speaker paul ryan had this to say earlier today. >> i do hope and believe that some of this can and should be bipartisan. d but if people are going to be so partisan and it's so ideological, to try and cling to the failure of obamacare which s is doing damage in people's i lives, then shame on that. but we've got a job to do andag our job is to use every tool at our disposal to fix this problem before it gets worse. >> sean: joining us now with reaction, bill bennett is with us. was it a mistake, i was shocked when paul ryan said about a week and a half ago, we will do it sometime this year, meaning the replacement part. when you repeal it, don't you have to replace it?
10:19 pm
and should they have had a plan in place already? >> yeah, they should. the president is warning us right here. people attribute the greatest line of shakespeare advice is to thine own self be true. it is not the best piece of advice, is not even accurate. the best piece of advice shakespeare gave is readiness is all. be ready. what's most important is having a plan that is ready. it takes a little more time, that's okay with me. we've got to avoid the obama mistakes, sean. we know what they were. don't lie. do not lie. excuse me, do you want to say something? >> sean: we know what the lies were. we didn't save on average $2500 per family, the cost went up $5400, not including 2017 increases. to me it is simple. you've gotta have the the things that trump promised on the campaign trail. portability, it has to handle pre-existing conditions.
10:20 pm
those people cannot be pushed out of the possibility of getting insurance. but then there should be free factors. catastrophic care as rand paul. told me, it's illegal to buy it. it is a great idea for young people. secondly, doctors, i know this guy, in wichita, kansas. who got a cooperative., people can get all the care they want short of surgery. and sell that much cheaper rates. and third, health savings accounts. the answer is alreadyy been there. they just got to pull it together, right? >> yeah, let me just do the political cautions again,mi though. don't lie, overpromise, as obama did, don't write a 2,000 page bill. i think you can agree with that. going back to the ryan, and, if you can get a democrat or two, some people in the house, do it. it would be great not to repeat in not having an republicans like the democrats did.
10:21 pm
i predict to you, whatever the pace it is, whatever he does now, is going to pick up once my friend dr. tom price is appointed head of hhs. once that happens, this thing is going to go very quickly. >> sean: do we have to increase the benefits and the lower the cost? look, we are both conservative. don't we believe in the free market? and in the idea that all these big insurers, blue cross blue shield, couldn't make any money because they were forcing young people to buy plans that they couldn't afford and didn't need all in an effort to fund the sick, disable disabled and elderly? >> as conservatives, we are not utopians. we don't say this is going to be the land of perfect for everybody.y. we are going to make it better, a lot more affordable, we'reak going to put people back in charge of their own health. part of the reason the obama thing fell is not just the increase cost but all of the
10:22 pm
line, the comments, all the things which turned out not to be true. expectations were so high they were bound to be dashed. there is a lot more sensible route on the way. >> sean: let's say you are young, generally healthy, most people tend to get sicker in their older years. that's just a fact.os but if you're young and healthy, you get y a catastrophic plan wh say a $5,000 deductible that also includes a yearly checkup. get that deal. now, as long as you stay healthy, you don't need to pay that $5,000 deductible god forbid you get cancer. god forbid you have a heart attack at a young age or have a bad accident. everything is then covered right after you pay that deductible. that should be appealing to any young healthy right? >> i think so. i think that's right, yes. >> sean: well, that's illegal now. >> i know. it's illegal and it doesn't make
10:23 pm
sense and thus it has turned away people from the market and has turned away exactly the h people you want into this market. they become some of the vigorous critics. of the obamacare plan. but i would rather be a little later, maybe you and i differ on this, be more ready, have all the i's dotted and t's crossed. we talk about this all the time. he has a doctor, he is smart, he has studied this and he knows it. so i think if it is a little slower, sean, up until the time of his confirmation, be ready and to get it right. >> sean: i agreed you've got to get it right but it is kind of shocking is rick santorum said, i know they have nine plans, i know they're all kind of basically the same, similar elements. it's a little shocking at this late date that they haven't rallied around one particular plan?? isn't it? >> i wish they had to, but is it
10:24 pm
extremely complicated, you know how many moving parts it is. i would rather wait a couple months to get it right. i hope not too, but if they get it wrong sean, you know how bad it will be. it will be really, really bad.e >> sean: dr. bill bennett, thank you very much. coming up next on "hannity." >> i don't feel like waiting a year and a year and have to start building. mexico, in some form, and their many different forms, we will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. >> sean: president-elect trump says mexico will be paying forbu the border wall but he doesn't expect a check to be written.. i've got the tape to prove it. but wait till you hear what the mexican president is now saying. lou dobbs has a reaction plus liberal hollywood snowflakes are losing their minds, their collectivee meltdown. we have kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling will weigh in and ainsley earhardt. all weighing in later tonight.e d
10:25 pm
ainsley earhardt. all weighing in later tonight.
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10:27 pm
>> i could wait about a year and a half until we finish our negotiations with mexico, which will start immediately after we get to office. but i don't want to wait. i don't feel like waiting a year or a year and a half to start building. mexico, and some form, and there are many different forms, will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. by the way, mexico has been so nice. so nice. i respect the government of mexico.
10:28 pm
i respect the people of mexico. i love the people of mexico. i don't blame them for what has happened. i don't blame them for taking advantage of the united states. what i say is we should not have allowed that to happen. it is not going to happenat anymore. >> sean: at yesterday's press conference, president-elect donald trump said that mexico will in fact be paying for the wall one way or the other. but the president of mexico said, that's not really happening. watches. >> sean: lou dobbs is back with us. as the president of mexico, they are dying to negotiate with trump. is it because carrier pulled out, chrysler pulled out, and many other corporations now
10:29 pm
seeing a better business environment in america? >> to his credit, he saw what was coming. speaking with donald trump, the first national leader to do so, it was a big moment. remember, we have the sense that they are going to be able to work together. and then he he goes up because domestically, he upset some people. now he sees these companies changing as you say. and he is having a fit. that is where they drive their capital, that $60 billion a year deficit, trade deficit with mexico. it's a surplus for them. it is a big deal. >> sean: look at this. this is "the wall street journal." peso enters a free fall. is it because the burdensome regulations are leaving, money is coming back, and we are goin, to go from one of the highest corporate taxes to one of the a lowest in the industrialized world.
10:30 pm
businesses want to stay now. >> mexico has become an if youou will, a put on donald trump. he is the man who is leading this country in a direction that everybody, including wall street and goldman sachs people were saying, trump can do this. he can't do anything. it's just talk. blah blah. suddenly, this nationalism that has been created by donald trump, this rational economic policy, you've got corporation saying wait a minute. he can lower the tax rate. he can cut tax regulation. at middle-class jobs, cheap labor markets, like mexico. and he will effectively jawbone anybody doesn't mind. whether your ford, toyota, a softbank. >> sean: we are going to build here in michigan. you know why?
10:31 pm
because 95 million americans are out of the labor force. 43 million in poverty. 53 million on food stamps. these are real people, relapse, real suffering. >> our middle class, which is the pride of this nation, historically, culturally, in every way. since 1971 has been shrinking and shrinking and shrinking and the reality is, this is about to be reversed by -- >> sean: i had a fight with someone who actually was the mexican president, vicente fox.t he said trump, trump i am not going to pay for that f-ing wall. see, mexico is not going to pay for the wall. during one of the many town halls i did with trump, a number of times i would ask him, you don't expect him to write a check, do you? watch.
10:32 pm
>> one other thing we have to say, mexico will pay for the wall. >> sean: they are not going to write you a check. how are you going to make them -- >> they are killing us at thee border. they are killing us on trade. we have a trade deficit withth mexico, close to $60 billion a year. right there you can build a wall because the wall is a fraction of that. it's right there. >> sean: he said it from the beginning but people are trying to say he >> they are the same left-wing. the truth is, he means exactly what he is saying. he identifies these problems, these issues that are most important to americans, working men and women, families, middle-class, he is already doing some thing about it. we've got another week before he takes the oval office. >> sean: california's governor. he aspires to the presidency
10:33 pm
like corey booker does. it's so clear and obvious. >> they have about an even chance. s >> sean: will stop trump's wall with environmental lawsuits. will trump eliminate a lot of those regulations, will about california state regulations ? >> another surprise. he is already made very clear, they are capricious because he's already said, they are politically motivated. it's not about the environments, i think he is just taking that issue off the table. >> sean: you think legally that will impact any judicial decision? >> i am not a liar but i've got to tell you, it stinks like hell. >> sean: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a political duck, it is a duck. >> donald trump seems to be a winner.
10:34 pm
>> sean: you seem like a very happy business guy at this point. >> i am one happy american. this republic just got saved. i am thrilled. we were in trouble. >> sean: i did not like the trajectory. good to see. fox business, every night at 7:00 p.m. coming up next on "hannity." >> i don't know how we are going to take four years of this. >> sean: all of these a liberal hollywood snowflakes, they need to get a hold of themselves. trump is going to be president in eight days. there is nothing that barbra streisand or any of these people can do about it. up next, we will get reaction from kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, and then later ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner, they are headed to washington under fire. ivanka announced she was stepping down from the company. we will get a report from ainsley earhardt, she's here tor discuss that. and more, straight ahead. that. and more, straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," so in our liberal hollywood snowflake segment, they continue to have a meltdowo like some famous a-list actors. performing "i will survive." why would they do this? while the song has long been interpreted through a socially conscious lens, it's the kind of anthem we need more now thanee ever with the inauguration bearing down upon us, with an impending donald trump presidency, i will survive. you've got to see this ridiculousness to believe it. watch this. >> walk out the i door.
10:41 pm
>> just turn around now. >> because you're not welcome anymore. >> did you think i would crumble? >> i will survive. >> as long as i know how to love, i know i will stay alive. >> i've got all my love to give. >> i will survive. >> i will survive. >> hey hey. >> i will survive. >> sean: that is so bad. joining us with the reaction, kimberly guilfoyle. eric bolling. the snowflakes, they are suffering so badly. >> their agents cannot be happy about that. they must have some voiceovers or something. they're just making fools of themselves, but that's what they considered the hollywood liberal in crowd. they will do just about anything. humiliate themselves, and their careers.
10:42 pm
is like comedy central for the rest of tir them. >> sean: it wasn't that easy seeing obama win twice, and we've been proving him right on every point but -- >> how did we handle it? >> sean: i didn't become a snowflake. look at barbra streisand on i msnbc. i don't know how i'm going to get through these four years. how am i going to survive? >> at least she can sing. >> rather than tweeting this nonsense in a rating war with arnold schwarzenegger. i don't know how we're going to to take four years of the spirit >> sean: i don't know if we are going to be able to take t four years of you guys are whining and crying like the babies you are. they should be happy. >> he came from "celebrity apprentice." he's one of them. reagan, schwarzenegger, all of them. who even cares what the liberaln hollywood elites think about
10:43 pm
politics? they are in favor of castro's cuba, communism, venezuela's. do we really care what they think anyway? >> sean: they're trying to turn it into the biggest riots in history, january 20th. they are trying to wreck it, according to the "washington examiner." that means violence to me. >> they been promising a lot of stuff, and so far nobody has really shown up. this is his day. he is the president of theth united states, he will be swearing in. i think it will go off amazingly smoothly. i think everyone is going to be very, very proud of that man that is standing there. and his wife. >> sean: the way they covered obama's farewell address, and then from the beginning when he
10:44 pm
became president versus jim acosta, cnn, buzz feed against donald trump. it is so dramatic. what you think of it? >> the juxtaposition is just stark. it's been one long glorious coordination for president obama. it still hasn't stopped. the right? because he's going back to chicago, community organizer central. as long as you show respect, for the results of the election, show some dignity. i agree with you, the tonality, suggesting that they want to destroy it. knock it down. ask suggest violence, i really hope that they know better.. >> sean: do both agree with me that ultimately the left's plan is to destroy donald trump? supreme court appointed, vetting refugees, building a wall, energy and dependence, education back to the states. voting taxes. isn't there real goal to destroy him? >> yeah. >> it obviously is to destroy him. like you just pointed out with the buzzfeed. the editor wrote this saying by the way, this is not very credible.
10:45 pm
they don't really have it. they don't have the numbers. honestly. they are yelling into an echo chamber that nobody is listening to. >> sean: good to see you guys. we will see you at the inauguration. >> we will see you in d.c. >> sean: when we come back, jared kushner, ivanka trump under fire. they are moving to washington. she is stepping down from her company, it is still not enough for the loony left. ainsley earhardt is here with a full report, next. >> sean: welcome back to ♪ constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." yesterday, ivanka trump on facebook announced that she's taking a leave of absence from w her roles in the trump organization and she wrote, my husband jared and i will be moving our family to washington, d.c., where jared will serve as senior advisor to the president. i plan to take time to settle our three young children into their new schools. earlier, i spoke to the author of the number one best-selling children's book and america,
10:51 pm
ainsley earhardt. >> sean: this issue, talked a lot about the role of don, jr., and erica, yesterday. was talked about. >> they are going to the run the operations here in the united states. all of the companies that are overseas, they are no longer going to do business with them. at least for the next four years. >> sean: it's a big step for him. i was kidding around yesterday with michael cohen, $2ic billio, some guy in dubai. i said, can you give him my number? i'm interested in that deal myself. there really is a sacrifice.d, legally he does not have to recuse himself fromea his business. but he's doing it to avoid any appearance of impropriety. >> he doesn't want there to be a conflict of interest. he is giving his boys control of the businesses, and they are going to take over from here in new york. he is moving to d.c., his wife is going to stay here for the remainder of the school year.
10:52 pm
so that barron trump can continue school. so they can figure out what he's going to do with the school year down in d.c.oo she's not going to move down there. jared and ivanka are moving dowh there. she posted yesterday a long soliloquy on facebook, but she'n giving up control of her business. she posted a picture on instagram of a girl named abigail clown, she's going to be the new president of her clothing line. so as far as one trust is concerned, her husband is going to be his senior advisor. he has a lot of money, comes from a billion-dollar h family. his assets he sold to his brother. his trust is being overseen now by his mother. he is going to be very close and working very closely with reince priebus and steve banning. resigning at the executive, he is also the publisher of the new york observer.
10:53 pm
he's giving up that role as he is not going to take a salary down in d.c. they're sacrificing a lot. >> sean: and donald trump is not taking a salary. >> in 1967, a law was applied, or a law passed. it was antinepotism law. it is after jfk appointed his brother to the attorney general. >> sean: he was 35 and many people thought he was unqualified. >> they were upset, they didn't want that going forward but in this case, the attorneys of donald trump, jared kushner, such as that does not applies in this case. he's not being hired. he's not taking a salary. they are saying, the law says, it forbids hiring family members in agencies. his attorney is saying the white house is not an agency. he's not going to become attorney general. >> sean: that probablyot would've triggered the nepotism law in that case. if you think about it, i think knowing the media as we do, and what we have seen this week, particularly yesterday, any slight appearance of impropriety would be blown out of
10:54 pm
proportion. it seems like they are trying to nip that in the blood which i think ultimately will pay dividends for them.he >> they don't need that money. they're not taking a salary. to most people, the salary of the president, which is $500,000? $300,000 is a lot of money. he's not taking that salary because he just wants to make sure he doesn't want negative press about it. >> sean: ainsley earhardt, thank you. coming up next, we need your help as always. a very important question of the day. your input desperately straight ming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world.
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th...oh, baked-on alfredo?e. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food. nice. cascade. ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for question of the day. should bus buzzfeed finally
11:00 pm
apologized to president-elect trump let us know what you think. that's all we have time for this evening. as always, we'll see you back here tomorrowaples tomorrow. we will see you then. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> the fake news, as donald trump said last night, it is a political witch hunt. the controversy over a report full of gossip and innuendo. tonight, "talking points" tells you what is really happening. >> we will repeal obamacare. >> republicans in congress take the first step in repealing obamacare. but will democrats find a way to block it? a factor investigation. >> what do you think president obama could have done better as president? besides the obamacare web site? >> bret: also, tonight, jesse watters in chicago asking americans what president obama could have done better. >> he could have worked on what the race relations a little bit better.
11:01 pm
>> bill: caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone" ." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching her tonight. what really happened in the cheap attacks on donald trump? that is a subject of this evenings "talking points" memo. i use the word "cheap," because of the media reports gossip, innuendo, and defamation, withot presenting evidence, that is cheap. is it not? it is imperative that our free press brief prayer and giving any kind of exposure to allegations that smear a person, any person, is wrong. it doesn't matter if those allegations are in a report or anywhere else. if there is no backer, no facts to indicate the allegations may have some credibility, they should not be published. i hope we all understand that. now, onto what happened to donald trump.
11:02 pm
in september of 2015, someone hired a washington political research firm, fusion gps, to dig up dirt on mr. trump. taking the money, the company began its sordid quest. a few months later, some democrats who supported hillary clinton also began to take fusion for dirt. in june, 2016, fusion hired a retired british intelligence officer, christopher steele, to get that dirt. apparently, he talked to some russian operatives and began issuing a series of memos based on the gossip that he heard. in august of 2016, abc's brian ross reported yesterday, though salacious memos written by steele found their way to the fbi. then come on halloween, appropriately enough, far left magazine ran a story about the antidrug operation. the national media did not pick it up. to its creditors. one week ago, january 5th, president obama was briefed on
11:03 pm
russia's effort to influence the u.s. election. and the anti-trump garbage was included and that intel briefin briefing. vice president biden said today that the president questioned why the gossip was even included in the briefing and he was not pleased. that is to mr. obama's credit. the next day, donald trump received the same intelligence from four senior u.s. intelligent cheats domain chiefs. that is when all hell broke rose. also, receiving information, eight congresspeople. paul ryan, nancy pelosi, mitchell macconnell, adam schiff, richard burke, and mark warren. a short time later, cnn received a leak that the salacious anti-trump stuff was presented to obama and trump. then, buzzfeed printed the salacious stuff. now, a bunch of the allegations have already been discredited. none confirmed. none. yet, some argue that the public
11:04 pm
should be allowed to see all the garbage even though it certainly hurts the trump administration and the president-elect himself. so, you, as an honest american, must decide, do you want to salacious trash in the public square distributed by the media? do you? there are no rules anymore. allegations become convictions. gossip and innuendo become fact. standards on the internet and for much of the established media no longer exist. donald trump has denied all of the accusations, is angry, as we saw yesterday. and the long run, it is amerigo who should be angry. this kind of stuff is harming the fabric of our society, our political structure, and/or ability to evaluate information in a fair way. facts should be reported. baseless allegations paid for by political assassins should not.
11:05 pm
unless credible evidence is presented to back them up. period. and that is the memo. now, to the top story reaction, we are pleased to have senator lindsey graham joining us from washington. >> thank you. >> bill: have you read those accusations? did you have them up for the story broke? >> senator mccain was given a copy of this in december after the election. i looked at it. he decided to turn it over to the fbi, said that was the right moves. i would tell your audience that you should view this with skepticism, suspicion, and that i'm very disappointed that we go into a new year with this garbage before us. there is plenty of things to disagree with trump about. this is not one of them. >> bill: george friend john mccain showed it to you, and you, then knew what this, i don't even know how to describe it, this operation operation th
11:06 pm
trump, was doing. did you think it had any press worthiness? >> no. >> bill: none, zero. >> one, i didn't know the background of who did it. i learned something, this is why i should watch our show more. i didn't know the connection of the british guy to the attack -- >> bill: i'm glad you learned it. as a sitting senator, you read it. you didn't think that the present should have access to it? >> absolutely not. >> bill: okay. >> the first thing i thought of, we should all be suspicious of this because i wouldn't put it past the russians to plant the story. >> bill: of course they planted the story. of course they did. this guy was being paid, this bridget's intel agent -- trashing trump as much as they can. okay. now, when you saw this week that the story gets out and to cnn
11:07 pm
today and put the story out but brought attention to the story, i want to be very clear, cnn didn't put out the salacious details, that was buzzfeed. but they brought attention to the story. when you saw that, what went through your mind? >> i didn't have any idea it was in the intel report. again, people in your business, got to find what is in the best interest of our country and thee that a report has been briefed by the president, there is no foundation if it's true or not, to me, seems to be a disservice. >> bill: if you are running a network, since fox news had this information, we talk to the reporter today who got it last summer, we did not put it out, that was a decision made by fnc. i think it was a right decision. do you? >> i am not in your business but i wouldn't put out anything -- >> bill: we didn't even mention, in any way, shape, or form. okay, let's get on to you and
11:08 pm
donald trump. >> me and the donald. >> bill: you're not friends and that's all right. >> we are not enemies, either. >> bill: all right. so, russia, you have a great interest in russia. and you have been a little bit critical of trump trying to foster a relationship with putin. trump says it is better for us to be friends with putin. but if he doesn't play along, i'm going to be his worst enemy. do you see anything specifically that trump is doing wrong vis-a-vis vladimir putin? >> yeah, the first thing i would say, it has been hard for him to come to the conclusion that the russians hacked into -- >> bill: he has. >> it's been a long journey that reinforces the narrative and the minds of the russians at this guy wants to play ball. almost, he wants the relationship too much. here's what i prefer the president-elect do. i have been briefed, i believe the russians did it, they will pay a heavy price. it was a democrat today, could be the republicans tomorrow, and
11:09 pm
the defender of democracy, the protector of freedom. no for an entity is going to interfere in our elections without paying a price. declare putin's the man he really is. he is a disruptive force. >> bill: if he does become a senator, then, he alienates putin from the trump. it looks like this strategy is to say, let's start afresh. let's knock this off and work together to defeat isis and not have tensions. isn't that more worthy, to try that, then to threaten him right from the jump? >> not at all. i think what i would do is say that there is a new sheriff in town and he is going to pay a price for what he did. obama said, knock it off in october. >> bill: he would punish russia even further than what obama did? >> absolutely. i have introduced sanctions that would have their energy economy, the foundation of their economy, the financial sector. >> bill: you know, if you do it, it is a cold war all over again? you know that? >> it is a hot war.
11:10 pm
it's not a cold war. >> bill: of trump brings down the heat and forms of some kind of alliance, i'm not saying he can, i am saying, you are shutting the avenue off altogether. you are saying, we are going to hurt you, putin, now. you know putin. he is going to try to hurt us back. we got a problem with russia right from the beginning, rather than trying to deintensify it, as trump looks like he'll do. you are still the hawkish guy come as far as russia's concern? >> i don't know if it is hawkish for the president of the united states to punish a foreign power for trying to interfere in our democracy. here's what i believe. two presidents have miscalculated putin. bush looked into his eyes and saw a soul and obama wanted a reset. i want a better relationship with russia as much as you do come as much as trump does. but the one thing i am convinced of, you'll never have a better relationship for giving this guy for all of his misdeeds. about a relationship would mean that he no longer try to destroy
11:11 pm
democracy around the world, interfere in our elections, kill his opponents, and steal his people blind. i have a different view of what we should do. my view is that we should hit russia hard with what theyave done to make sure that what they don't do it in the future and china and iran and everybody else is sizing us up. the evidence is in for lindsey graham. putin is a bad actor. what we are doing is not working in terms of deterring him. i intend to do more, i will make a production on your show. i predict that the sanctions that we have introduced will be voted on relatively quick and we'll get 80 votes in the united states senate to punish russia for what they did in our election. >> bill: do you think trouble veto that? >> i don't know. i hope you want. here's my advice to president electron. he beat me, i got it, i want to help you, you're the president, god know you got a plate full of stuff. you don't have to agree with me or john mccain, but you have willing partners in the congress, republicans and democrats, to hit russia hard, to give you leverage to give you a better relationship. the one thing i'm convinced of about putin, he is not going to
11:12 pm
stop this until he pays a price. nobody has made him pay a price yet. see one that's for sure. senator, thanks very much. really appreciate you coming on. >> happy new year. >> bill: next on the rundown, the repeal of obamacare. the first step has been taken already. we will talk to karl rove about it. later, talking to folks in chicago about what president obama might haveeeee
11:13 pm
11:14 pm
11:15 pm
♪ >> bill: impact segment tonight, the senate that is now passed a budget that instructs committees to begin dismantling obamacare. the vote at 1:30 a.m. this morning, 51-48. so, that is the first step. a new poll from the kaiser family foundation says 49% of americans want obamacare appealed. 47 do not. that, of course, false falls oa economic lines, those paying more wanted repealed, those getting subsidized do not pray drownings not from austin,
11:16 pm
texas, karl rove. so, this is about barack obama, not about health care. because the democrats know, this is his signature, he's got his name on it. this signature thing he did in eight years. now, it looked like it might be blasted out of their in a few weeks. am i correct? >> it will take more than a few weeks but it will be blasted out of there. frankly, you opened up, bill come with numbers that are far more favorable to the affordable car. political ran a poll, they said, do you approve or disapprove of obamacare? 41% approve, 52% disapprove. but then, if you ask a strongly or somewhat, strongly approves or 19%. this strongly disapproves her 42%. and you can see this on rentede pea, the strength of the antipathy towards obamacare in the next question they asked, which is, do you want to repeal it? and part, repeal all of it, you want to expand it, do you want
11:17 pm
to keep it as is? 32% said, repeal it in part, 27% said come up repeal all. that is a total of 59%, saying, let's repeal it in part or completely. 24% at said expanded. only 11% said keep it as it is. this law is enormously unpopular. republicans -- >> bill: in my defense, the political poll was an internet poll. we do not use internet polls on this program. now, democrats -- >> that is what morning consult is projected in a pole. >> bill: we don't use those poles. the democrats have emotion, heavy emotion invested in obamacare. can they block the republican effort to resend it? >> well, there are certain elements that don't fall within the reconciliation process, like keeping your kid on her policy until age 26. but the main elements, can only be undone by a simple majority
11:18 pm
in the house, 218, a simple majority in the senate, 51. the only way that the democrats are able to chop the republicans as with republican assistance. we could see a sense -- >> bill: certain budgetary situations? >> that's right. there is limits on how much time can be devoted to this. at how much they can stop it. the clock runs and it's over. >> bill: let's assume that obamacare is over there by november of this year, 2017. but the mandate for pre-existing conditions has to be in there for any republican replacement and the 26-year-old can stay onn the mom's health insurance and a few other things, i believe, will be cap. is that how you see it? >> yes, in part because of things that you talked about, pre-existing conditions and 26-year-old is not covered by the budget reconciliation. what is covered by the budget reconciliation is anything that cost money or raises money.
11:19 pm
the individual mandate -- >> bill: whatever bill they put forth. my last question for you is this. there are a lot of people getting free health care under obamacare. all right? the republicans want to knock that out or do they still want to subsidize health insurance for millions of americans? >> i think the republicans do want to find a way to help the deserving poor get health care coverage. but they want to do it in a distinctly different way than the affordable air care act. they won't want them to have a wide variety of policies, and not get locked into one policy. they want -- one of the big problems of the affordable care act is the level of subsidies are far too generous, far too costly. they will see more reasonable -- we will also see things like the expansion of health savings accounts in which people are more in charge of the health care come as a result, more likely to make sensible decisions. >> bill: more likely into the
11:20 pm
four precincts, they don't have health insurance or they can get it or whatever for personal reasons. all right, mr. rove, thank you very much. directly ahead, "the factor" exclusive. the talladega marching band will perform at the inauguration. wait until your the pressure that is put on at the african-american college. next up, judge jeanine pirro. that should be interesting. we are coming
11:21 pm
11:22 pm
11:23 pm
♪ >> bill: personal story segment tonight, one of the bands performing at the inauguration is from talladega college in alabama. that school founded by former slaves after the civil war. but as we reported last week, there's an amazing pressure being put upon people not to perform at the inauguration.
11:24 pm
and many have buckled but not talladega. joining us now from washington, amoroso manna called from the trump transition team. and from birmingham, alabama, dr. billy hawkins, president of talladega college. so, doctor, when you decided to allow the band to perform, what kind of he take? >> bill, thank you for having me on the show tonight. i have had a lot of pressure, a lot of folks have come at me, and a very, very negative manner. i've been personally attacked. they have threatened to oust the president at a table talladega college. i have had an alumni willing to come at me quite hard, not of all of our alums, but a fair number of alums have come out to be pretty hard. not wanting the band to participate in the inauguration. but, you know, this is a great opportunity for our students. i have said that from the outset, it is about the
11:25 pm
students, it is about them having an opportunity to participate in this national stage, this inaugural ceremony. it is a civic ceremony. it is not about politics. i have made that real clear. >> bill: it's an amazing opportunity for the students and most of whom have never been to washington. they are going see history unfold. what form do the criticism of yu take, doctor? what are they saying to you. >> they have said that i have shamed the college by making this decision, and i have had folks that say that i am a disgrace to my african-american race. it has been pretty nasty. >> bill: is that all because these critics believe that trump is a racist of some kind? >> you know, i don't know. i think folks have their own
11:26 pm
personal views. but the criticism i have just been getting is that you all should not participate in this inaugural parade. >> bill: we admire your courage for setting up for the kids. i mean, you are standing up, that is what you should do as a college president. you are doing the right thing for the kids. now, let me get over to omarosa. you have heard this before. because you are involved in putting together the inauguration, i would say, many entertainers would like to be there. but they're afraid they're going to lose bookings and all of that. what you think is behind this? >> you know, first of all, i think it is despicable that the individuals would attack young people who want to participate in one of the most important activities that we can take place in this country. this is like a civics lesson in action. some of the students have reached out to me and they said, omarosa, not only do we want to participate, we have never been to d.c. we've never seen the washington monument or bench of the white house or seen any of the sites. so, i think it is important to
11:27 pm
focus on the students and to have people with their own political agenda. >> bill: don't dodge my question, omarosa. you have tried to put together the inauguration and you have run against an amazing amount of or just resistance. >> i do not work in the transition. the reason i am speaking up on the inauguration, the reason i'm speaking up is because i have attended three black colleges, central state, howard university, and pain theological. i know is a student at these institutions, it is important to get as much exposure as he possibly can. people are bringing their own personal political agendas and i applaud this president for not backing down in this case. >> bill: what do you think is behind the animus of not having people honor our peaceful transition of power? i don't understand what it is about that. you don't have to like the president. but it is the tradition of our transition. >> is despicable. you know wash? i think people are so upset that their candidate did not win. so, they're trying to take it
11:28 pm
out on this university, on this president. trying to fire the president because those students are coming to the inauguration? that is foolish. >> bill: i know the board of directors of talladega -- dr. hawkins, go tornadoes, okay. >> thank you so much, bill. >> bill: the tornadoes are so good. i mean, i have seen in tornadoes. they are really good! >> bill, they have a go fund me account that they are using to raise funds. i hope people will go there and support the students. >> bill: how do you get there? >> on your web site as long on talladega's web site. >> bill: okay. go find go to d.c. because it does cost extra money. plenty more as "the factor" moves ahead. judge jeanine pierrot, with outrage of the week, brand-new segment. then, watters asking the folks at president obama could have done better. >> do you think president obama could have been better on the economy? >> i think everybody shohohohoho
11:29 pm
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♪ >> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, a brand-new segment called the "outrage of the week." as you know, judge jeanine pirro has a very successful weekend show on fnc. she is outspoken and passionate in her beliefs. we decided to give her the segment. we hope she doesn't blow it. what is your first outrage of the week? >> it is an outrage that i think most americans would be outraged
11:33 pm
about. that is, there is a democratic mayor in d.c. who is running what she calls a sanctuary city. now, we know there are a lot of them in this country. but she is doubling down as a lot of the democratic mayors are. that means, she is putting money into these cities to make sure that illegal immigrants are not deported. she is putting a half a million dollars into funds so that lawyers can be hired to represent illegals in the event donald trump makes the decision to deport them and we know that that is what he's going to do. >> bill: all right, so, tax money in washington is federal tax dollars because the federal government runs out. it is not a state situation. so, all of us are paying that $500,000 $500,000 initial payment to the fund. i understand that d.c. has got that huge homeless problem, a big drug problem, a lot of social things that need attention, right? >> that is the very issue that is at the core here. if we are going to use taxpayer
11:34 pm
dollars to prioritize or represent those people who made the decision to come here illegally, then, we've got to say to the americans who are here legally, many of them, if you are homeless, for example, in d.c., they have had a 14% increase in homelessness and the last year, although, homelessness in the country, overall, is down. they've got a drug problem. by the way, would you think about homelessness, who is the biggest segment of homelessness in this country? vets. all right? we have american vets who are fighting for us who are not being taken care of while the illegals are being taken care of with our money. it's an outrage. all right, just to clarify the fund, so, this may mayor bowser takes a half-million dollars of money that she can use, discretionary money, for anything in washington. and she establishes a fund to play lawyers, who are going, then, to challenge any deportations the federal government may make in washington of illegal aliens.
11:35 pm
>> donald trump is made clear this is what he's going to do. >> bill: for criminals, and the though, that is the priority that present electrons has saide will come right after you. i don't think there will be sweeping up in d.c. chambermaids. >> i don't think that it's going to happen. even general kelly reaffirmed that, it is going to be the criminals who are going. but the whole idea of saying, look, we are going to take taxpayer money come by the way, california is talking about $10 million. >> bill: sure, they hired -- >> eric holder. >> bill: he is getting $25,000 a month. that is on the taxpayers of california. this is everybody, every american. so, what i think is going to happen, the trump administration is going to cut that money, going to punish washington quickly and mayor bowser is going to be in real trouble fast. >> the way they're going to do that, eric sessions, the attorney general, is going to bring federal law -- >> bill: jeff sessions.
11:36 pm
big i'm sorry, jeff sessions. he will bring lawsuits. also, he is going to pull back on the grants. justice department grants, homeland security grants, and in addition to that, he's got the house, the senate, he can pull back up to 25% -- >> bill: that is jeanine pierrot's first outrage of the week. we will keep a record. >> how did i do? >> you did okay. you see, we have a little ejector seat, if you didn't do well, you would have been flying up in the air. she'll be back next week. when we come back, bernie goldberg is going to react to the press conference yesterday. he'll impart his opinion. then, watters on what president obama might have done better. moments away. ♪
11:37 pm
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11:40 pm
>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. and "factor followup" segment, we were reported extensively on the press conference last night. we act bernie goldberg to watch the secondary reporting and filtered in today. he joins us now for miami. so, overall, do you think president trump, president-elect trump, hurt himself at that conference? >> you know what i think i'm a
11:41 pm
bill come i think if you are a trump fan, you think he did great. if you are not at home parent, you didn't think he did great. i think that is the bigger problem affecting our democracy. everybody is taking sides. you know, if you like him, he's great. if you don't like him, he's terrible. i think it's the death of principal in this country. nobody has -- i shouldn't say nobody. principal is going down the drain because now, the whole game is, i have to defend my team. >> bill: partisanship. you heard -- you heard the talking points. i think i laid out a fairly lucid, all right, and simple case that this whole thing from the beginning was tawdry, was built on hatred, and the way it got into the public arena should never have happened. now, you don't have to agree with it.
11:42 pm
but i think that i laid it out in a way that is hard to disagree with. >> well, lets let me -- let me. no, no. i think it's an important point that you made. i want to talk about it. first of all, yesterday, i said, if i had that information, that salacious information that was not verified, i would not repeat, publish it. then, i said, and i stick by every syllable of this, if i found out, that the top members of the national security establishment in this country match with the two most important people, the president, and the president-elect, i would report that without the salacious information, which is exactly what cnn did, getting back to the first point. because i said that, social media went berserk, saying, we hate cnn and we hate you. that is what i mean about
11:43 pm
everybody taking sides. >> bill: i don't hate you but i disagree with you. as an editor myself on a decision maker on what is presented on this program, i don't want to steer anyone into defamation. so, therefore, because it was in a public briefing, because the briefing was given and we know a little bit more about it because biden, vice president biden, provided that for us today. because it was given in a way that, look, we want you to know that this trash is out there, but we don't take it seriously, will become of the intel community. we just wanted to give you a heads up. it is not the national security issue. it is nothing more than a side, that is what president obama said. he said, what are you bothering me with this for? >> got to be honest with you. i'm not surprised when radio talk show hosts take that position. but you, as a journalist, this is the top security people briefing the president and the president-elect. that is legitimate. sorry. >> bill: i just don't think
11:44 pm
you need to steer people into it. i don't think -- >> that is something -- buzzfeed was steered into it. that is on them. but if you want to do a story on why this was even put on paper in the first place by the intelligence community, great. that's a good idea. if you want to do a story on how it was leaked -- >> bill: if i found out who leaked it, that is going to be the lead story on this program because that is a disgrace. >> right, that's a legitimate story. but do not cover a meeting of te top intelligence people and the president, sorry, bill, i don't get it. >> bill: i'm just not scaring people. we had the story, our reporters had it, we didn't steer people into the garbage and a part of it. i want to mention that clapper, overall intel guy, who is not going to keep his job under president-elect trump, did put out a statement today, saying, our guys come over our intel g, did not do it. i believe him. i think it came from the
11:45 pm
congressional people, one of them, who got that briefing, as well. that is what i think. speculation? don't have anything to back it up. but i'm not going to name anybody, so, does not defamation. but that is what i think happened. all right, bernie, we respect your opinion. and anybody giving bernie a hard time, bernie holds a hartford's opinion, is wrong. that is wrong. that is why we have goldberg on the program. we want to hear all kinds of opinions. now, we will talk to watters for more opinions. he went to chicago for mr. obama's farewell address and to ask the folks with the president might have done better. watters is next. ♪
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♪ >> bill: back of the book segment, "watters' world."
11:49 pm
on tuesday, president obama gave his farewell address in chicago. it was very well supported by his supporters. we send watters to talk to folk folks. ♪ >> president obama, his farewell address. how sad are you? >> i am happy because he came home. >> it's good to be home! >> are you guys going to cry tonight? >> we are going to miss obama. >> if you need a tissue, we got this, all right? that's expensive. give me that. [laughter] >> he was always caring and compassionate. >> sometimes, he was too compassionate, like to the iranians. what are you going to miss the most from this president? >> i'll miss the fact -- >> the golf? >> it's of the hole! >> what do you think present obama's biggest compliment is? >> drone strikes. >> take some of his drawings and
11:50 pm
have them takes out some of these republicans in congress. >> i'm not sure about that, at that would be great. >> by not? solve problems like lickety-split. >> anyone? anyone? >> what are some of your fondest memories of this president? >> the affordable care act, having family and a man of the white house that is respectful of women. >> he was even more respectful of women than bill clinton. >> that's a good one. think of what he has done stands for itself. that will be his legacy. >> don't you miss the good old days back in 2008, 2009, 2010, when things are going so well? ♪ >> it sounds a lot that you are asking me if we want to make america great again. i'm not about that. >> what happened with hillary? >> may be somewhere between russia's hacking and corruption and voter suppression, that may give you an answer. after all, she did get 3 million more votes. >> please have your tickets ready. >> is there anything you think
11:51 pm
president obama didn't accomplish that you would have liked to have seen him do? >> yeah, of course. world peace. >> what do you think president obama could have done better as president? besides the obamacare web site? were you disappointed in any think president obama did over the last eight years? >> i don't know. he had a very difficult job. >> i think what he could have worked on was the race relations a little bit better. just address it. address the elephant in the room. this is real. we are dealing with it. this is how we can kind of break through the barriers. >> the problem is, white people are so afraid to talk about race around black people. speak of no way! >> people are afraid to talk about race because we are afraid that you're going to call us racists! >> no, no, no. we wouldn't do that. [laughter] >> in a few days, president obama will hand the keys to the white house to donald trump read what he think he is going to tell him? >> don't to f up. >> can you believe this guy
11:52 pm
trump got elected? >> i worked on the 2008 campaign for obama and didn't really like that with the country went to bed i like -- >> takes digby. >> i think that accountability, this is our america. >> don't you miss bill ayres? >> it doesn't matter. just curious. >> if trump messes this thing up, impeachment, right? >> there is something i seen earlier that was called the trump skins, like the ones from "the wizard of oz." ♪ >> i am watters and this is my world. >> hey, world. [applauding] >> bill: watters joins us now from breckenridge colorado. the girls look very impressed with us "watters' world" finale. what are you doing out there in breckenridge? >> you are going to see this on my show on saturday night on 8:00, there is a fast, a lodge of people dressed up as vikings and they take shots and they skew throughout the town
11:53 pm
down here. so, i'm going to quiz these people to see if the altitudes as affecting any of their comprehension. >> bill: i don't think a viking ever wore a hat like that. in fact, if a viking did, the viking would have been executed immediately. watters. >> i'm just missing the horns, i think. [laughter] >> bill: he, really. they don't have mirrors in breckenridge? [laughter] >> no mirrors. not one here. >> bill: all right, we'll see you see you in tulsa tomorrow night. don't bring the hat. it will be too much for miller. >> okay. >> bill: back to "tip of the day," how to celebrate martin luther king jr. on monday. the tip in moments
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>> bill: back to "tip of the day," federal holiday on monday. honoring dr. martin with the king, in a minute. "the factor" had four of the top shows this year. again, this is for all the cable shows. not just for news. this is zombies and the people in atlanta, the housewives. so we think you for continuing to support us. 6.2 million viewers for "the factor" last night. jennifer curry in... in fact, one of the most controversial interviews was done by me. before the super bowl in 2014, to get specific answers i had to
11:57 pm
interrupt the president at the white house and i got lit up by the liberal media for doing that. we posted that video on bill o', it might be fun for you to go back and watch it. speak 21. because then the president could dodge, follow-ups are important. why retention so high between the press and richard nixon? he loathed the press and they loathed him right back. the liberal media believing he was too conservative and authoritative. tucker carlson also went there. thank you for the correction. not all guests.
11:58 pm
you know, thank you for the clarification. that is a very smart pickup. i should've picked it up, but i didn't. you're smarter than i am. but your name is bill, so that is good. got to watch the sugar. and the drama of that delivery was amazing, wasn't it, tony? i mean, how it almost didn't happen, i don't want to give away but thanks for reading "killing the rising sun" ." congrats, and california. married 65 years. i can to all the birthdays and anniversaries, sometimes we have time like tonight to get a
11:59 pm
couple in. so don't get mad at me if i can't get to it. the "tip of the day," here's my suggestion. every american should display the flag. that shows patriotism. but it also devastates that we, the american people, on a good race relations. he did amazing things in his short life span. he was nonviolent, brilliant, and he deserves to be honored. so again, the tip, get a flag, put it up on monday. show america the world is united. check out the fox news factor web site. we would like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere. word of the day, choppiness.
12:00 am
thanks for watching us tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please are a number that the st. we are definitely looking out ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs andy levy at the "red eye" deck. >> president-elect trump tells americans they should buy l.l. bean. will examine whether this will cause them to lead a revolution. they want to change mod's to default to darker skin tones. and finally, a news anchor is forced to change their wardrobe as its the same color as her cowo


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