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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 11, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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9:00 p.m., we will be back tomorrow. sean hannity is next. don't miss it. >> sean: thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity." the obama nightmare is finally coming to an end. he just finished giving his farewell address in his hometown of chicago and he is already attempting to rewrite the history books about his failed presidency. we will explain what president obama does not want you to know about the last eight years and how president-elect trump now has the opportunity to fix the mess he is inheriting. that is tonight's opening monologue. we were just watching president obama, boasting about the economy. facts paint a much different
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picture. what is exactly true is this. he oversaw the precipitous decline of the american economy. that is a fact. here is why. under him, we have seen the lowest labor participation rates since he the '70s. he didn't mention that tonight. it has been the worst recovery since the 1940s. the lowest home ownership rate and 51 years. over 11 million more americans are on food stamps since he became president. over 43 million americans living in poverty, one in five american families without somebody in the labor force. not one person. one in six adult men ages 18-34, they are either incarcerated or out of the labor force. president president obama will e accumulated more debt than all the other presidents combined. it will be almost $20 trillion which means, in the past eight years, he has amassed
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$9.3 trillion in debt. a guy that once said $9 trillion in debt? that is irresponsible. that is unpatriotic. his assault on the business community, now get this. the estimated cost of regulation under obama. look at that number. a staggering 873 billion. dollars. in epa regulations alone, they have been finalized under president obama, that checks in at almost 3,000. then of course, there is jobs. he is always bragging about how many he has created but facts are facts. in the past eight years, america has lost over 300,000 manufacturing jobs into the president won't tell you that last year, america had a global trade deficit of over $732 billion. that of course as is health ca, his signature legislation. rerun he repeatedly told you to keep your doctor, plan, save
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$2500 a year, remember that? >> no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise. to the american people. if you like your doctor, he will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan period. >> sean: millions of people lost their doctors, their plans, and that is the start of the obamacare disaster. premiums are exploding by 25% on average, in arizona, they are jumping by a stunning 116%. but the misery does not end there. remember when he said that the average american family would save $2500 a year on health care? the exact opposite has happened. the increase in health care costs for employer-sponsored benefits since 2008 is now 504,062 bucks, that is a 43%
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increase. deductibles are so high, you can't even afford to use your plan. they are essentially useless to you. a choice in health care providers is also evaporating in states like alabama, alaska, south carolina, wyoming. people buying on the exchanges, they just have a single insurer to choose from. so much for choice. many insurers now pulling out of the obamacare exchanges because they are losing massive amounts of money. then the failed foreign policy. the guy that gave iran $150 billion and allows him to spin their centrifuges? a saudi cross that redline, obama did nothing, a civil war which is a an massive humanitarian crisis. he gave mohammed morrissey, he gave him f-16s, tanks,
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1.5 billion of your tax dollars. libya, he overthrew qaddafi, creating a hotbed for what is isis. speaking of isis, number 2014. in 2015, just hours before the horrific isis attack in paris, the president said isis is contained. isis was never contained, they were never the jvp, he left too early. and in the recent isis was ableo do that was because president obama created a vacuum. he pulled out these american troops for purely political reasons. his legacy has now damaged the country, there is no doubt. good news tonight. we have a new president in ten days. he has promised to clean up this mess and he is very clear plan to do it. including creating millions of new jobs, reforming the tax
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code, three tax brackets, negotiating better and fair trade deals. allowing multinational corporations to bring back trillions of dollars, a one-time 10% tax, energy independence, repealing and replacing obamacare, building a border wall, appointing originalist justices. and this is a president-elect that will save radical islam and talk about destroying isis and all of the above. eliminating bureaucratic waste, finally, president-elect trump has promised to remember the forgotten man, the people of michigan, the people in ohio, wisconsin, pennsylvania. the president-elect has already signaled that he is very seriously doing all that he can up to now to get congressional
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republicans to show some backbone. that they will stand on their principles of limited government, balanced budgets, that they will pass his agenda, real, lasting change. hopefully it is coming our way. it will be up to you to hold these people accountable. and we will be doing it here. joining us now with reaction, laura ingraham. you were laughing during the whole speech. i can't take this. , saying i can't take this. >> look at, the democrats have no one like obama now. when you watched him, the audacity of hope, that was the audacity of hope. i mean, you have just demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt how he has laid waste to our productivity, to this idea of a vibrant economy. to a foreign policy that has some semblance of pragmatism. he has laid waste to all of that. we have more racial division in the country.
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>> sean: he spent a lot of time on race tonight. >> a huge lot of racial divisio division. a deep amount of distress for him. personally, he is popular. that doesn't surprise me at all. but he comes out there and he talks like he just won a hit lotto. he basically said i am basically going to be on the scene. when you contrast that to what reagan said in his farewell, we weren't just marking time. that's what he said. we left this city freer and stronger. president obama -- >> sean: he can't say that. >> rating came at a definitely bad time for economy. the iranian hostage crisis, for all of barack obama's strutting and again, he is a master old politician. >> sean: you thought there
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were crocodile tears. >> i have never seen a man. i am not a young person. i have never seen a man grab a tissue. do you have a tissue here? and it like this, wait for it,i have just never seen that. a man will be like, whatever. there is some good acting involved. i'm sure he is wistful. eight years, it's been a long eight years. >> sean: he got to be president of the united states. >> he's not dumb, the man is a very canny. he is very savvy and he knows -- i don't think he is a dumb person. >> sean: i think he is a man of his indoctrination. now you're going to ask for his birth certificate. and the whole world will go crazy. but here is what i never found from him. an ability to be pragmatic. i mean, he talked about partisanship and i'm like, you are the most partisan person i know.
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he never had an error of the big government is older. he never breaks from that indoctrination. that frank marshall davis, mentality. >> he is still back, he goes back to chicago. it was oprah there? a lot of things have changed in eight years. but look, he is the best that they have. they think cory booker is going to be the next obama? he is a once-in-a-lifetime politician for the democrats. so i'm trying to put myself in the position of a democrat today. to watch him, the first african-american president, and articulate in his own way and very bold. i mean, he came out there and gave it all he had for hillary clinton. he didn't leave anything on the field for hillary. >> sean: i never thought he got into it. if i'm a democrat, this is what
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i am thinking. they lost the presidency. 13 senate seats, 13 government ships and 33 state houses, about thousand seats. >> there are a lot of theatrics here. republicans have to be a little bit better. trump is actually good at theatrics. you have to produce emotions. this was a well produced event tonight. now, am i agreeing with his assessment? no, i am not. but you produce events, when they brought him the columns, the seas are going to calm it. the clouds are going to part. there was an emotion to it. people were led to believe. he had an enormous turnout, among working-class voters. many have turned against the democratic party. but they were able to conjure up a motion about this idea of hope that was untethered to the
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reality of the day. i will give that to them. >> sean: that's really well said. >> but that was a fantasy. we are not a country of 1987, with the economy we had back then. it is a different landscape and obama had a great opportunity to change the country for the better. i think sadly, for someone of his background, he squandered a lot of those opportunities as a partisan, as an ideologue. i think trump will oddly turn out to be much more pragmatic. and a lot more successful when it comes to the economic issuing. >> sean: you are not buying the narrative of donald trump and he might've been blackmailed, now we believe the russians? >> the soviets -- i lived in the soviet union. >> sean: one did you live there? >> in 1983. they are always looking for ways to undermine the american system. of course. none of this surprises me.
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when i got back to the united states, i heard that they had a file of everyone who i had dinner with in leningrad back then. and they brought people in for questioning. this is what they do. i'm sure we will hear more about this as the days gone. the bottom line is, is this country stronger, freer, is united states more influential, are we better off economically than in 2008? >> sean: maybe you think i am mean-spirited, i didn't mention the russia reset. i didn't mention the cybersecurity, 23 million. you mentioned to me, it was either here or on the radio, you are one of the 23 million peopl people. your files were hacked by the chinese. >> it yet, they have the files. >> sean: putin has them. i want the secret laura ingraham files. >> they were very exciting, in the old days. look at where the country is
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today. are they more believing in the progressive agenda than they were when barack obama came into office? i would submit no. yes, he won the popular vote. the democrats said they won the popular vote for sure, they have the coastal elites. but the middle of the country is disaffected. it's not even an ideological thing. their policies don't work. their production of events can be beautiful. but their policies do not work. no matter what he said tonight. >> sean: i don't see any economic hope out of his agenda. i don't -- if you break it down demographically, african-americans, hispanic americans, home ownership, i don't see one statistic that makes me feel, oh, that was a great eight years. we doubled the debt. on foreign policy, and i can't name a better place that is better off. the only thing i can think of
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and really give him credit for, he gave the okay to get bin laden. i give him credit for that. i can can't think of anything e and i am trying to be fair. >> bin laden, again, he had that brief shining moment where he has a strong, successful african-american president, with a beautiful family was an example for a lot of african-american families thinking, we can do anything. we can make it in this country. sadly, they kind of slid back into the identity politics. cory booker is another person was an amazing opportunity. but it's a reflexive impulse on the side of democrats, that has ripped this munition apart at the seams. it is obnoxious, it is toxic, and it is absolutely not going to be redundant but please look at the national rhetoric. >> sean: donald trump, the
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only thing that i hear that is worrying conservatives at this time is republicans in congress go weak in the knees. do they have a stiff enough backbone. a trillion dollar stimulus. how do we pay for it. people are concerned about that. and why did the republicans in the house and senate approve $10 trillion in new debt over ten years? i thought we were the people that balanced budgets? >> they are going to get rid of the department of education, they are going to government except for when they have both positive congress. >> sean: so they're saying they're they going to take on more debt? >> this is a red flag going on for everyone watching the the w right now. hold everyone accountable. you held obama accountable, hold this administration accountable. you're going to have to do a lot of things carefully in order to do it right. i understand that.
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>> sean: the trillions overseas. >> so much of it is medicare and trump folks said, we are not getting into that. we've got to do a lot of that but this is going to take a -- they have a really good people on their team. they are little unpredictable but i don't think that's about thing. >> sean: laura, great to see you. obama focused on race relations. let's take a look at that. >> president obama: after my election, there was talk of a post-racial america. and such a vision, however well intended, was never realistic. i have lived long enough to know race relations are better than they were ten or 20 or 30 years ago, no matter what some folks say. we are not where we need to be. and all of us have more work to do. if every economic issue is
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framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle-class and in undeserving minority, then workers of all shades are going to be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private offices. >> sean: old versus young, black versus white, the policies of the democratic party. the president, refused to address the tragic epidemic of violence that is devastated mostly african-americans in his hometown. an issue that has only gotten worse since he took office. let's look at the numbers. in just the first ten days of 2017, 81 people have been shot so far. last year, a startling 762 homicides perpetrated in the windy city, chicago. since january 2009, the month
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president obama took office, chicago has been ravaged. 3,929 murders. for almost eight years. president obama has failed so miserably to curb violence in his own hometown. he barely mentioned it. joining us now, he may end up being the first democrat i report support. new york is a bigger city. far less violent. because you had a mayor that took a lot of heat from a very liberal news media, we are sending all the cops with the areas of the most crime. stop and frisk saved lives. many minority lives. >> absolutely, when you giuliani, bloomberg, de blasio -- big bird. he is trying to take the credit. demonstrating outside, the
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brooklyn bridge, what you want? whatever they were saying, he let this thing go on and on. when that creep from baltimore assassinated those cops, that's why every cop turned his back when he went into the hospital. now he is trying to take the credit for the reduction of crime. the credit has to go to the men and women of the new york city police department. as far as chicago goes, i saw a rahm emanuel standing there. he should've been back out on the street there, directing the south side homicides that are going on. you got a little girl sitting on the stoop, shot in the head. little girl going to school. this doesn't stop. this is the dirty little secret. this is like with our vets, dying every day. these things need to be dealt with. in new york city, they are down thank god. but chicago is up. >> sean: the president talked about race a lot tonight. he talked about the incendiary division in the country, he is
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one of the most response will i would argue. but he would insert himself from the beginning of his presidency, the cambridge police acted stupidly, michael brown, ferguson, missouri, freddie gray. baltimore, maryland. trave on martin. george zimmerman. he is a four-time loser. he rushed to judgment, no evidence, no facts, no due process for anybody. and he was wrong every time. why didn't did he focus on thoe numbers? nearly 4,000 killed in his own home city. that had a big racial component? >> because he couldn't, because his progressive policies would fail. instead of inserting himself. i wish president obama would've inserted his family. in the last eight years, marriages have increased in chicago. in the last eight years, abortions have decreased in the african-american community. we see more americans of
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african-american descent graduate high school. less of them incarcerated. the real problem in chicago and across america, sean, is the breakdown of the family. if you have strong, intact families, i truly believe we would not see anywhere near the violence that we are experiencing. >> sean: in the eight years of the obama presidency, african-americans -- we have more african-americans out of the labor force, in poverty, on food stamps, i've given the statistic regularly. why? why was he unable to fulfill that promise? >> he would have to talk about the black community slave us devotion that has destroyed them since the great government, since the 1960s, the civil rights movement and the war on poverty. these policies have done more to destroyed not just the black community but the culture as a whole, since they been implemented. >> you know, sean, this
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president is a very articulate man. he had the opportunity for the last eight years to bring us all together. to break down i think race relationships now are at the worst that i've seen in the last ten years. with this black lives matter phony nonsense, all they want to do is divide and all they want to do is bring violence. he brings black lives matter into the white house, let's not divide. he was the first black president. he could have brought us all together. what he did was divide, starting with trayvon. that poor woman that was shot in orlando. that african-american cop that was gunned down. just the other day. these officers are putting their lives on the line. those cops in dallas, we all had tears in our eyes. real tears. they were trying to let these people demonstrate peacefully. and they were gunned down. the outrage in this country. >> sean: that raises, james,
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another question. that is the black lives matter group. i mentioned the four high-profile race cases that he inserted himself into as an attorney and president. i think it was unwise especially without due process or evidence being produced. then he invites a group that is on tape chanting pigs in a blanket, fry them like blankets. how do you possibly justify dissociation as somebody who says that wants to be a racial hero? >> the argument was that the great uniter, not the great divider. we've already talked about it ad nauseam. it is to divide and conquer. the race card has always been an easy card to play. instead of talking about the issues that are at the heart of the problem, the family, we start to look at other areas like gun control, other excuses and the fact of the matter is.
1:25 am
when you have al sharpton as your race warrior, you can understand what the design is, it is to create turmoil. it is to create chaos and that is what we have seen on blast for the last four or five years of the obama administration. >> sean: one of the things we really care about, and the african-american community. we have to go to cities like chicago but we need to clean up the violence. second thing is, the federal government, we spend more per capita on average, and we have the worst education rates. reading, writing, math. we are 19, 24, 25th, respectively and all these different topics. how can we spend more money and have a big failure and no urgency to fix the problem and let local communities have that money and they make those decisions? >> with education, they knock the charter schools. whether it be charter schools are public schools, i want the child to be able to read and write when they get out.
1:26 am
what has a job -- what has a demo jobs in eight years? at least he has got a job, he did nothing with that for eight years, he didn't do anything for jobs, the black community should be outraged with these last eight years. he's done nothing. to me, to listen to him tonight, he speaks so fine. it's so well. but what did he do? >> sean: think you both for being with us. joining us now with much more, our friend, larry elder is with us. one of the things that i was thinking about as i was watching this tonight is because he didn't respect a the separatiof powers, equals of government, he did everything by executive fiat, rule of the pen there, i am thinking, donald trump in three hours will wipe out 75% of obama's agenda.
1:27 am
they are already now working on repealing and replacing obamacare. the only thing i see remaining is the debt, the deficit, the judges that he has appointed, and of course, internationally, the damage that he has created. what is his legacy? what did he point to? >> his legacy is donald trey trump. that's what his legacy is. and the majority of the american people think that we are the wrong track of foreign policy. he is echoing the thought of people like cornell west, under obama, the black economy has suffered. black net worth is down, home ownership, home equity down, it hasn't been this wide and 25 years. sean, you and i have talked about the very small labor force participation rate for black men. it has never been this low since
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they started tracking number. putting pressure on the backs of the american people, it does not work. >> sean: i grew up in a town called franklin square. it's in long island, new york. if i ever became president, i know people would laugh at that, i am just saying. if i ever became president -- it's not that funny, larry. if i was president and i read in my hometown where i grew up, the town i come from, when it it's all said and done that is where i'm going to be, i think it would have gone back and paid a lot of attention to 4,000 people in my town were killed in an eight year. i think it would've been there often. to try to solve the problem. why was he missing in action in chicago? >> good question. you look at all that left wing brainpower, rahm emanuel, jesse
1:29 am
jackson, and of course, obama has adopted chicago as his adopted hometown. that ought to be a shining city on a hill. instead, its finances are in the toilet. we talked about the violence, they've done about 750 homicides in 2016. that substantially higher than 2015. 70% of these homicides are unsolved. in a city that is a third white, a third black and a third hispanic, 70% of them are black on black. i have no idea where his policy is on that. >> sean: by the way, are you following this hysteria on some of the other networks about the russian spies and what might've been on donald trump? there might have been blackmail material? he is tweeting tonight that of course it is fake news. and he pointed out that michael was never in prague and a lot of
1:30 am
what has reported tonight has not been verified on other networks. what you make of that? >> i think donald trump is bothered by the notion if it was not for vladimir putin, he would not have won the presidency. we have a bunch of conflict. george w. bush was lying on all 16 of our intelligence agencies, people are yelling that. i'm not sure who to believe. i do want to say this, becoming president is just as likely as it donald trump a covenant president a year ago. >> sean: if i'm going there, you are coming with me. >> i will be press secretary. >> sean: [laughs]
1:31 am
i guess the thing that is so amazing to me, a president that gave a speech tonight. everyone is so worked up in the news media about well, the russians may have tried, i assume the russians are hacking. they packed the white house, the irs, china did in 2014 and we haven't done anything. wikileaks have been on the scene for ten years. using taxpayer money into political operatives. what you make of that hypocrisy? >> they also hacked the cia director's personal email. even the democrat from california said that barack obama should have done a lot more to stop cyber attacks. what barack obama said is, he told putin to knock it off. and prudent suddenly knocked it off. except, he didn't knock it off. they have not taken cyber security seriously enough and that is why this country has been expose the way it has been
1:32 am
exposed. >> sean: we good to see you, my friend. >> sean hannity in 2020. >> sean: when i come back, we go [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," reaction to the farewell address, the old buddy. the person that got us in this economic mess. oh, look at that. you had to be there. or an economic advisor, my buddy, austan goolsbee. i'm not even going to say anything. i'm going to give you a chance. our friendship. the era of obama think god is over. but while you speak about all the great economic, i will put up on the side of the screen the facts and the truth. we will play a little experimen experiment. go. >> okay. if the dallas cowboys are 13-3,
1:35 am
they won the nfc. if you're going to concentrate on the three losses, that is okay. but i'm going to concentrate on the 13 wins. number one, there was no depression and they are very well could have been in 2009. given the conditions. number two, longest string of private sector job creation in the united states. we've added more than 50 million jobs. not one demographic, the demographic is private sector jobs. 15 15 million. if you look at all of this post recession period, poverty has gotten better, food stamps went down. the home ownership rate has finally stabilized after the housing crisis. >> sean: we put those numbers up, go ahead. >> we were losing 800,000 jobs a
1:36 am
month and now we are adding more than 2 billion a year. 2 million. >> sean: what about the doubling of the debt? the worst recovery since the ' '40s? >> well, well, here you go again. all you want to do is dwell on this first year. you know perfectly well -- when the recession ended, all of those statistics matter. >> sean: all right, we will count your number one, you're in -- your number seven. >> did you see the line in the president's speech, sean, he is tired of arguing. if you are tired of arguing with a stranger on the internet, why don't you go meet with someone in person and have a discussion?
1:37 am
i thought of you, sean. i thought, i love our talks. we did, we had dinner. >> sean: denied talk -- denied talk good about you in our interview? he's a great speaker, he is very articulate. >> i have to take you to dinner but, do you want fries with your dinner? or do you just want a happy meal? >> sean: i am staying away from carbs. more with austan goolsbee after the break. obama's farewell, it has been a long, brutal eight years. thank god it is coming to an en thank god it is coming to an en end.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity."
1:43 am
we continue with former economic advisor, austan goolsbee. we have been friends a long time, i am going to give you a chance. i am sure this is an emotional night for you. you were there at grant park eight years ago, weren't you? >> indeed, i was. >> sean: okay, i will give you the chance to ask any question you want about obama and i will answer. >> okay. sean, does it bother you that barack obama is massively more popular with the american people than donald trump is? >> sean: massively? trumps approval rating -- hang on, hello, do you want me to answer? you host the austan goolsbee show and you don't let the guy talk. you are like me. >> i learned from you, sean. >> sean: [laughs] fair point. that is probably true. the latest poll on trump was about 47% approval.
1:44 am
least they seem about equal. >> no, 58% even higher than ronald reagan was. does that bother you? >> sean: i never met the guy but i think he comes across as sincere and i think a lot of people don't follow him as closely as i do. i think he has never broken from his rigid, radical indoctrination and i think it has hurt him. if he had an era of big government, he could have been more successful. besides obamacare -- >> a, he helped us avoid the depression. b, obamacare, we will see if it's gone. he put in consumer financial protection and rewrote the financial sector.
1:45 am
he killed osama bin laden. >> sean: i give him credit. >> he saved the auto industry. i know you don't like it, reopened relations with cuba. >> sean: that's a plus for you? >> i know, i said i knew you wouldn't like it. you still have to explain why his popularity as he is leaving office higher than ronald reagan's was when he left office. >> sean: reagan created 21 million new jobs in the longest period of peace time and economic growth in american history to that point. he took over a far worse economy than obama. 21% interest rates, double inflation. double unemployment. yes, facts. everything i said is a fact. >> he took over a bad economy. it was not as bad as the one in 2008. going into 2009. >> sean: i am honestly -- i
1:46 am
give you an eight, because you are a professor. you are the most loyal, soldier, i love loyalty. i admire loyalty. you are probably his greatest defender, you are the best at it and i give you an a+. you defended the impossible but i give you an a+. >> i am only loyal to the facts, sean. >> sean: god bless austan goolsbee, and i meant what i said in that article. up next, tonight on "hannity" ." >> we are going to use every tool at our disposal, through regulation, legislation, so that we can save people from this mess. >> sean: speaker paul ryan talking about republicans repealing and replacing obamacare. obamacare.
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. . . >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." president-elect donald trump promised to repeal, replace obamacare. the race is now on for congress to come up with a plan. speaker paul ryan said this today. >> it is our goal to bring it
1:52 am
altogether concurrently. we already showed people what we believe obamacare should be replaced with. we will use every tool at our disposal, through legislation, regulation, to bring replacement along with repeals we can save people with this mess. mercedes schlapp, a week ago paul ryan was saying oh, i think we will repeal it sometime this year. >> right, they have to make sure 20 million americans are covered, the taxes they get repealed which is a good thing, that the revenue somehow is replaced and they've got to make sure that the whole essence of our health care system doesn't collapse because the bottom line here, sean, if it gets on the republican's shoulders that health care gets out of control, cost lives, coverage lies livet will be the publicans inheriting the mess from obama. >> sean: did you know it is illegal to buy a catastrophic
1:53 am
plan? takes care of accidents, cancer, if you have that and you have health care savings accounts and allow these co-ops to develop like in wichita, kansas, that would solve the problem to me. >> it would deftly help as well as increasing connotation by selling insurance across state lines. what a concept. this is about increasing competition, having more choices for consumers. and obamacare, president obama promised to make it inexpensive. these premiums rise and not just individual markets but family markets. it's an opportunity for the republicans to show that they cannot only repeal, which would be the easier side of it, they've got to have a positive vision. i'm note the democrats want the
1:54 am
republicans to fail. >> not this democrat. i really want the the plan to succeed. you know, of course i worry. we think about our own children who have to bear -- >> sean: why aren't republicans doing that? freeze our spending and get rid of baseline budgets? >> what about bipartisan, tax reform -- trump wants to use bonds for private individuals to help get private money. >> sean: energy independence. but we've got to have the money first. >> we've got to get a plan and bring both sides in. >> the fact of entitlement, the bulk of our budget. >> sean: i've got to let you
1:55 am
go. they are counting me down. ten, nine, eight, unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. we will see you. ten days left of obama. the world changes.s.s.s.s.
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good morning, peter, what can you tell us. >> ahead of the formal news conference since winning the election, the trump team is pushing back hard against reports contained based on a buzz feed documents that buzz feed admits contains unverified information that the russian government has black-mail material on the president elect. at real d


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