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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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from chicago right here on fox news channel in just a bit. actually, and about 55 minutes. in the meantime, bill o'reilly is here. he is just down the hall. "the o'reilly factor" starts no now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> we won our leg of the race and we did a darn good job i almost measure of the country, it is better off than when we started. >> bill: president obama's farewell address tonight. the way he sees it may not be the way that you see it. talking points will have the straight story. the far left trying to interrupt the testimony of jeff sessions, more barbaric behavior from this crew. we'll show you what happened. also, had come to your tax dollars at work, more than a half million dollars to study fish crawling on a treadmill. also, 35,000 to build a giant marijuana cigarette. we will weigh in.
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caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone" ." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i am bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. president obama's job performance, that is a subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. about an hour from now, barack obama will deliver his farewell address. after eight years in office, he believes he has been successful. others dissent. "wall street journal" editorializing today, "barack obama's presidency has been a disappointment at home and abroad. in fact, ironically, underscored by mr. obama's relentless insistence that he has been a so, now, "talking points" would like to assess and present the facts about president obama on the job. first of all, some of you
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believe that i, your humble correspondent, have been too easy on mr. obama. over the years, i've received letters like these. speaking of matthew richards, native massachusetts come i didt realize that you are the new spokesman for the white house. bill, you threw softballs of the president. you are losing your edge. monro township new jersey, o'reilly, why are you defending president obama? "talking points" replies this way. i have been fair. i haven't bashed a president. i have not attacked him personally. i have not bought into the opinion that he wants to damage the usa. i have not bought into that. what i have done is analyze what he has done in a fact-based way. so, let's take a hard look at that. president obama the first, he is half african-american, he's a historic figure. he has given hope too many minorities and others who see him as a person with little
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advantage in his early life. who, through hard work, grows up to become the most powerful man in the world. that is a very positive thing. mr. obama is a role model for success. on the negative side, and expectedly, the president has not improve the economic or social situation of most poor minority americans. there is no more poverty in the usa that there was when he took office. black home ownership down on his administration. and racial division way up. groups like black lives matter have polarized blacks and whites and mr. obama welcomed that radical group to the white hous white house. kind of a mystery to me why barack obama did not concentrate more on solving the poverty problem. key to that is keeping families intact. at one point, i expected mr. and mrs. obama to make that theme one of of the top priorities. it never happened. for poor education in the inner cities. a lax view on narcotics.
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and the president's muted support of the police, all contributed to chaos poor neighborhoods. those take a look at the health care situation. mr. obama's vision is good. all americans should have acces. but the execution of obamacare put a steep burden on working-class families, as we all know. health insurance premiums way up, deductibles way up. and doctors accepting the health mandate, becoming fewer and fewer. there is no question obamacare will be repealed under president trump. we all have to hope that the republicans will put forth a better plan. on the economic front, mr. obama did a good job on his first year of stabilizing the economy, which was in free fall, because of the mortgage can't that led to the recession. for example, he made the right decision bailing out some american carmakers who have since repaid the feds. but then, mr. obama shifted into massive income redistribution
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mode. that meant taxes went up, regulations went up, welfare payments went up. and the economy stay connected for eight years. wages and the economy stagnated. that is why donald trump won. the economics and president obama's watch were not successful. period. now, let's go overseas. they are, the president made five major blunders. the worst when, withdrawing all u.s. troops from iraq. that led to the rise of isis, which obama ignored. and now, we have a disaster, not only inside iraq but worldwide. second, syria. after the tyrant used poison gas on innocent people, babies, kids, mr. obama threatened assad come up with threat was hollow. the president did nothing. so, hundreds of thousands of syrians have been killed, brutalized, or have fled the
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country. that's destabilized europe, as the migrants pour in. and lead to even more terrorism on the continents. on the russia front, mr. obama was totally impotent in the face of the tyrant putin. the former kgb officer did exactly what he wanted to do, including invading countries and hacking into the american political system. also, the chinese don't fear barack obama. they have made the south china sea international waters their own. they took it over. chinese have also undermined the american economy, as donald trump has so often pointed out. finally, the new treaty with iran, still debatable. what is not debatable is that iran is the primary sponsor of terrorism in the world! including, the direct destabilization of countries in the mideast and afghanistan. the iranians do not fear barack obama. in international matters, it's clear, president obama believes
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global warming is more important than stabilizing and protecting the world. in the face of a global. now, global warming is real. climate change is happening. but mr. obama's vision of hurting certain economic sectors in america in order to lessen fossil fuel intrusion cannot possibly work unless countries like india and china do the same thing. as everyone knows, they are not. so, mr. obama imposed regulations that hurts the american economy, knowing full well that climate change wouldn't improve for a while. does that make any sense? at this point in history, two-thirds of the american people think america is on the wrong track. but they still like barack obama. his approval ratings are about 50%. that is up to the president's credit. he has put forth in emmett java responsibility. but as the nation's leader, mr. obama has not improved the economy to any significant
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extent, has not diminished poverty and poor education, has not brought americans together, and has used the power of this great nation in a way that has created mayhem abroad. that is the historical record. nothing to do with ideology or wishful thinking. it has everything to do with performance. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, took our presidential historians will react. later, a nasty racial controversy on capitol hill including a painting offensive to american police officers. "the factor" is coming right back. ♪ take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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also a presidential historian, latest book, "test destiny and power." all right, jon, i know you are overcome with my brilliance, but that i make any mistakes in "the memo"? >> it was longer than a sermon on the mound that is perhaps as memorable. i don't think you made mistakes. i think there are some omissions that i would offer up as context, if i were writing the historical legacy of obama. i think on the economic front, you do have to give credit for the rise in the towel, only two other president since 1900 have presided over a rise in a stock market of this scope, calvin coolidge and bill clinton. the tax rates, you talk about how he was interested in redistribution of income. the tax rates are still lower than they were when ronald reagan assigned the bill on his ranch in august of
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1981. lowering the rate from 70 under carter to 50, finally got it or 28. >> bill: not the overall -- it's a little sleight-of-hand, meacham, i am surprised that you are down here in nashville, you don't take into social security facts, which is really whacked. working americans, because, the restraints are off, it is much, much higher. and the state situation burden, you have the tax system. and the highest rate of corporate tax of the world, jon. >> right, you have a 3.8% obamacare tax on investing. >> bill: right, so, come on? it's a strange goal situation if you are looking for vibrant growth, you can't get it. >> i agree with that. the economy grew twice as fast under george h.w. bush and he got thrown out of office after one year. >> bill: let's go to mr. azzerad. what do you say? >> i generally agree with you, bill. the problem is with obama, it's his policies. obama, by all accounts, is a good man. i think we could and cried and
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the fact that he was our first african-american president. the problem is, when you turn to the policies, he pursued aggressively from obamacare to the iran deal to climate change, they are unpopular and they are unsuccessful. i find it telling that when obama is on the ballot, he wins. when he isn't, when it's his policies, it's his legacy, the american voters overwhelmingly reject him in the democratic party gets shellacked as the president himself. >> bill: what is it about barack obama? has he mesmerized people? as i said, his approval rating is better than 50%. yet, two-thirds of the american people think the countries had to get the wrong direction. it doesn't really stock. >> he is young, he is charismatic, the first black president. people want him to succeed. he carries himself more often than not with a certain dignity. so, i don't think it is anything personal. the left wants us to believe that the american people are racist and don't like it president for who he is. i think the whole country wanted him to succeed. he just pushed an agenda that was much more progressive than
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the country was ready for. and displayed a tin air to the e problems facing the country. >> bill: he wasn't nimble. you think he was too stubborn, jon? he didn't want to work with the republicans, i understand a lot of them were trying to sabotage him. in isis, that really bothers me. everyone told him, hey, you got a big problem here, leon panetta told him, his own guys told him. he kept going, i don't really care. i think that that is going to go down in history, either he was in denial on an issue that has killed tens of thousands of people or he just was incompetent, which is at? >> well, when you write history, character is destiny, you know this. part of the presidents character is he has occasionally given off the sense that if only the american people were commensurate with his brilliance, things would be
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better. i think that has been a problem with his leadership. i think one thing we have to give him credit for, the other thing about that, he also overcorrected as presidents tend to do, from his predecessor. anything that smacked of george w. bush, obama was going to go the other way. >> bill: particularly dick cheney. but ice is in a glaring error. i don't understand, mr. azzerad, why a president would avoid a confrontation with the group, seeing the massive, massive chaos that it caused. you know, all of these people in the middle east and africa now going into europe. that is going to be a problem for decades to come. it's right on obama's watch. >> his heart was never into foreign policy. i mean, he promised to fundamentally transform the united states of america, to remake the country. he was never interested in foreign policy. he viewed it as a distraction. this accounts were part of it, his heart was never into it
5:17 pm
braids >> bill: still, the jihad is a presence main focus to protect us. do you think, jon, do you think that barack obama at this point understands the criticisms that i just laid out? or is he one of these people that blocks all that out and said, i did a great job, i don't want to hear anything else? >> he would answer each one. you've interviewed him a lot. one of his favorite formulations is, this notion that -- then, he undercuts it. >> bill: now, we have eight years of facts. >> he is going to spend a long time, this is a man who can live another 50 years, arguing. let me say one other thing about terrorism. i think he has to get credit, i want to hear what you think about this, there has not been a spectacular attack on my on the homeland and his eight years. >> bill: correct. >> he launched ten times, 100 times, as many drone strikes as george w. bush. he killed 3000 terrorists. and i think, and many ways,
5:18 pm
alienated many people on the left with his anti-terror campaigns. azzerad isis is incredibly impo. >> bill: i think that when it was convenient for him to attack, he attacks. when it was no downside, he did it. but when it was complicated, he didn't. i will give mr. azzerad the last word. give president obama -- i want to grade from you, jon meacham, mr. azzerad, give me a grade. >> according to what you want to great him, i would say, what that he promised to do? president obama promised hope and change. he give us angst and insecurity. he promised to unify us and all he did was divide us by race, by religion, by class, by paying identity politics. i think he has earned a f. but in this stage of great inflation, he will probably get a d. >> i think it is a b. i think the prosperous have
5:19 pm
gotten more prosperous, that is one of the reasons trump won because the prosperity did not come down to where it needed to come. also, in history, as you know, bill you are not judged only by what your predecessors did, but by how your successors do. so, this will be an open question. >> bill: you gave him a b and mr. azzerad is giving him a d. good discussion. directly ahead, senator sessions telling americans what he should be the next attorney general, even as a some clowns interrupt his testimony on capitol hill. later, the feds once again wasting a colossal amount of tax money on incredibly stupid things. upcoming. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪ dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up.
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> bill: impact statement tonight, not too many fireworks the testimony proposed attorney general jeff sessions. the senator answer the questions. everybody pretty much behave.
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>> took a people from the northernmost part of our country and the southernmost part of our country -- >> thank you so much for being here. white people don't get arrested ! >> bill: with us now in new york city, melissa francis and mary anne marsh. these far left is his eyelids, marianne, do they care, do you think they care that they care? americas, most of them, think that it is a despicable display. >> the fact is, bill the people that protested jeff sessions are the same people that protested hillary clinton throughout the
5:24 pm
entire presidential campaign. many people condemned the behavior today applauded it during the campaign. i think that speaks to the divisions we see in this country. i think the more effective protest was by kaiser con today, the gold star father, who bore silent witness in his opposition to jeff sessions, and his nomination because of his opposition to the full voting rights act, his support of donald trump's muslim band, and his criticism of civil rights groups. >> bill: no one is saying that there are legitimate protesters in a good thing. you mentioned the division of this country, remember, your guy, president obama, promised to bring everyone together. but the country is more divided now than ever, is that correct? >> i think unfortunately, what you say, bill the very beginning of barack obama's presidency, he was met with opposition from the tea party republicans and even donald trump. >> bill: it's not his fault? >> it's a continuation. i think democrats and the left saw that the tea party, the right enter them, were rewarded
5:25 pm
for that opposition i fail, they are going to do that. >> bill: you see the country as more divided than we have seen in decades, you see that, correct? >> i agree with that. >> bill: let me get over to melissa. so, my posture is that these crazy far left people help sessions and a trump at all of the stuff that they do works against what they really want. >> i don't know who they are really persuading. i saw one woman leaving, she was chanting about black lives matter but she was reading from a note card. i am like, you are so committed to reading this role, you are reading your lines and he didn't even bother to memorize it. it's not very convincing. these folks yell racist at any one who is right of center. and for sensible people out there watching the program tonight, they look inside their own hearts. you only really know your own heart. they say, i know i'm not racist. if that is your best argument, that this point -- >> bill: anyone who voted for donald trump is a racist. that is how they extreme they are. why do you think i'm a melissa,
5:26 pm
that the country is so divided? >> i think it is based on money. i think we have seen the gap between what mike rich and poor widen amazingly between the president's tenure. meaning, income has fallen. when people are falling behind, can put enough food in the table, don't see their kids' lives as being better, they are so preoccupied with these things, they get very frustrated. all these other things, you blame other thing, is it about a race come about that. everybody was doing better and prospering, -- >> bill: bad economic times mean more frustration. >> more friction. >> bill: do you agree with that, mary anne? >> certainly, tough economic times certainly defines that. then, also, as defined by race and gender. you can't escape that. you have to give barack obama credit, as you did in your talking points, for putting the country back on track economically. what didn't happen is people didn't make more money. they lost wages. they lost the opportunity to get ahead. it took all eight years --
5:27 pm
>> bill: as you heard, he did a good job in his first year, then, he went wild with the income redistribution and strangled the economy by all of the higher taxes and regulations. that was my analysis. the last row to melissa. >> i disagree with that. >> bill: do you think that trump puck, who is a polarizing figure, just like barack obama is a polarizing figure, do you think that trump will bring peoe together more? >> i think it's a challenge. a lot of that depends on the economy, as well. if he truly brings jobs back, he gets families doing better, i think that brings more people together, because most people are focused on their own family and their own community. >> bill: he can improve the job -- >> he has potential to divide further and do more race baiting. it could go either way but i bet on the economy. >> bill: all right, ladies, thank you. bill, last point. trump said on election night he would bring the country together but he has yet to do it since that night. >> he's not president yet, so, there you go. >> bill: i was just going to
5:28 pm
say that. melissa stole that from me. more as "the factor" moves along the ceiling. the state of california setting itself up to go out had to head with president trump once he's in office. former first lady of san francisco kimberly guilfoyle has some thoughts on nuts. then, nasty racial controversy at the capital. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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♪ >> bill: you may have heard about a painting that has been hanging in the capitol complex in d.c. since last june. it depicts a police officer in uniform as a pig aiming a gun at african-american protesters. again, this is my capitol. congressman duncan hunter, i a republican, took the gun down, physically took it down. but congressman lacy clay, a democrat, had the picture product, and wants to charge hunter with theft. something that will not happen. at this point, the offending pictures up, down, up, down, up, down, depending what minute it is. joining us from washington, lisa boothe and juan williams. is it appropriate in the capitol complex, i believe? >> i don't get is inappropriate. you can have a standard to controversial or inflammatory. but the problem is, would you say the same thing about statues to confederates that lead us to have a civil war? clearly, you want art that an flex passion, feeling -- >> bill: you don't think this
5:33 pm
is an appropriate? >> not at all. to be when i ask you this question, please answer richard directly. if i commission a painting of black gang members shooting a 9-year-old boy in chicago, is that going to be appropriate to put in the capitol building? >> if you could mention it, probably not. if you asked me, i would say on the same basis that i say that is appropriate, that is appropriate. those are alarming issues. >> bill: a black gang member with a gun shooting a 9-year-old, it's in the capitol. >> this is art that came from a member of congress. >> bill: this guy, lacy clay -- >> he had won in our contest. >> bill: no, no, no. lacy clay picked him, that guy, picked him. it was his contest, clay. come on! it's bogus! he wanted that. he wanted that up! what to say you? >> this is reprehensible and it's irresponsible for representative clay flared i worked on capitol hill, i have walked the hallway where these pictures and pieces of artwork are hung up.
5:34 pm
it is chosen by the member's office to represent both the member and also, the congressional district. this guy is choosing, to be represented by a picture that depicts a false narrative from ferguson, which we have seen since ferguson and just this past year alone, 56% increase in police -- ambush style police killing of police officers. >> bill: if that picture were displayed somewhere else, would you object to its? >> absolutely. i think it's disgusting. i think what it is -- >> bill: wait, wait, wait. >> sure. >> bill: is of the artist have the freedom under our constitution to display art tha? >> yes, bill. the problem is of the fact that the representative chose this out of many options to represent his office. >> bill: he wanted to insult the police, he wanted to get attention, all that. i'm worried when you say it should be banned. i don't think it should be banned. no, no, no. i want to get back to you on the bogus argument that clay put
5:35 pm
forth and you parroted about confederate people like robert e lee being displayed in the capitol building. that is history. all right? that is history. we don't have to like all of our historical figures. but robert e lee is a general. he was a pivotal figure in the civil war. so, you put up his statue and you say, this is what robert e lee did. it's not endorsing robert e lee, is not showing him with a gun shooting a 2-year-old, it's not doing any of that. that argument is bogus. >> i disagree with you. >> bill: so come historical figures -- >> i think you are supporting my argument, you are saying, something of historical significance -- by the way, lisa, you said, false narrative. there is no false narrative. do you go ask the minority community in this country -- >> from ferguson? >> he will find out lots of people have lots of problems. >> bill: there is no history in that picture. >> wait a minute. i didn't lisa refer to ferguson
5:36 pm
and the tensions between police and black people? 's >> bill: it had nothing to do with the police officer as a pig. that is not history! are you kidding? >> that is what some people have called -- >> bill: it doesn't matter, that's not history! >> can i answer? >> bill: that is not history. >> do you think -- >> bill: it doesn't matter. it's the appropriateness of the venue. last word, lisa. >> it's not just that. the way that the artist's is depicting ferguson is absolutely false. there is a false narrative that was driven by the left and the media and it has led to a lot of police deaths across this country and it is reprehensible for this member of congress to pick this painting among many to represent both himself and the congressional office. >> bill: we are talking specifically about ferguson. they are talking more broadly. >> bill: it doesn't matter, this congressman wanted to insult police my capitol. his name is lacy clay if you want to give him a buzz tomorrow, i'm sure he would like to talk to you. lisa, juan, thank you.
5:37 pm
we will talk with kimberly guilfoyle about the state of california challenging donald trump on a number of issues. that could be. intense. and to gutfeld and mcguirk on your tax money being wasted in incredible ways. those stories after these messages. it's not just a car.. it's your daily retreat. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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save now when you buy philips sonicare. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am fellow riley. the federal government versus the state of california. the showdown is coming. no question, donald trump in the golden state are in a collision course. the state will pay former attorney general eric holder to stop president trump from taking action against sanctuary cities. lieutenant governor gavin newsom says he may file suit against the trump administration if it tries to build a wall between california and mexico. on environmental reasons. governor jerry brown has nominated a far left guy to be the attorney general.
5:42 pm
xavier. i'm not sure his first name. once married to gavin newsom, who i called gary, kimberly guilfoyle. [laughter] all right. it may be xavier, javier. >> we will settle without periods. when i got misled by somebody who i will beat up later. anyway, you have an interesting viewpoint or vantage point because you were married to newsom when he was the mayor of san francisco, which is the most far left major city in the country. to >> for sure. >> bill: a bout of people who don't live in california, they don't understand why this state has moved so far to the left. do you? >> they really feel that they have a mandate that they will be basically the head of state against -- for the antitrust movement. they really believe these ideologies. i would grow up, i was born and raised in san francisco. i saw what happened there,
5:43 pm
horrible homeless problems. i worked as a prosecutor, assistant district attorney. this was the top sanctuary city, as you know, with the murder there of kate steinle. to >> bill: there was no remorse for her death. there was a justification, you saw it, we ambushed him, we ran him around at all of that. but again. >> i know, -- >> bill: what is the mentality of people who, despite seeing the homeless destroy their city, leading the league and property crimes, all of that, still refused to say, maybe we are not going in the right direction here? >> they refuse to actually equip themselves with the facts come,h the statistics. as you saw, this is a state that voted very strongly for hillary clinton. what they are not prepared for, they are ill-equipped, a fight that they are going to get. >> bill: who is going to end that? >> president-elect trump and sessions. >> bill: it will be jerry brown against donald trump,
5:44 pm
essentially. who is going to end my? >> ultimately come , i think the governor, gavin newsom, i think he will win, he will -- he has punch on his podcast, also known as my ex-husband, he has pledged to go against donald trump. he said that the wall will never happen. they have filed an environmental lawsuit. >> bill: does he want open borders? newsom? does he want everyone to come in? >> he doesn't want to have closed borders. he will fight very, very aggressively against it. in addition too many -- >> bill: i'm trying to get into his mindset. if you were here, i would say, mr. newsom, do you support having anyone who wants to walk into the united states? what would he say? yes or no? >> eventually, he would say yes. >> bill: i think he would say yes but and make an excuse. >> i don't think he will make an excuse. he up embraces these policies. he is one of the top surrogates for hillary clinton during this
5:45 pm
campaign. he is really going to -- >> bill: you say he's the next governor? >> i guarantee he will be the next governor. >> bill: the central part of california on the northern part, not that liberal, once you get away from the coast, they are mixed independent, mixed. but the coast, the coastal cities, san francisco, l.a., all of that southern california, with with the exception of orange county. you say they are true believers, they will never see another point of view, no matter how many policies do not work, they want a left-wing policy, they don't care whether they work boys because they want left-wing policies. i'll give you an example, when i was first lady, we had a program called "care, not cash. we didn't believe in giving people cash to let them use drug abuse. horrible homeless drug problem there. they will not allow you, essentially, to give services, which is what we tried to do, when i was married to gavin, they let couches on fire in front of my house. they rang the bell all hours of the day and night, death
5:46 pm
threats, only because we were trying to help people. >> bill: you didn't want to give them cash because you knew they would spend the cash on the drugs? you want her to give other forms of assistance where they could help themselves but not by hair when? >> job training, rehabilitation. >> things lit on fire around the house, to the point it wasn't safe to stay there. >> bill: i usually walk away from that mentality when a seat on the street but i wanted to try to get involved and why so many californians think that way. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. $5 billion of our tax money wasted by our country recently. the boys next. said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot...
5:49 pm
when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. ♪ >> bill: back in the book
5:50 pm
segment tonight, what the heck just happened? an amazing report released by senator jeff flake of arizona called "wastebook," porkemon go. it chronicles $5 billion, an amazing display of waste. here now, with the top three each, all right, gutfeld, what is your first run? >> they spent 300 grand trying to answer one thing, what are boys play with more often, transformers are barbies? i'm going to blow your mind here. it turns out they play with transformers. >> bill: why did they want to know what little boys play with, it dolls or the transformers? >> this is all part of the social science thing that is trying to say that boys and girls aren't any different, but they left out boys that don't play with transformers or barbies, boys like me, who just find things on the highway to play with. >> bill: okay. >> like women's shoes, scissors,
5:51 pm
matches. >> bill: mcguirk, your first one. >> my first one is the ominous music makes people afraid of sharks. >> bill: how much was spent on ms.? >> they spent $3 million. the goal was to positively promote sharks. 2000 viewers was the test, they showed them shark videos and they determined that yes, the ominous music unfairly demonizes the sharks and the uplifting music, i don't know what it was, "the sound of music," it actually made people want to -- >> bill: $3 million for this agency, the government gave them 3 million tax dollars, okay, to find out if sharks are being demonized by music. >> that's right. >> bill: okay. number two. >> they spent 460 grand teaching computers or artificial intelligence to watch television to see how humans think. so, they had computers watch "desperate housewives," or "the office" so they could predict human behavior.
5:52 pm
i think this is a great idea but they picked the wrong shows. they should have picked "the o'reilly factor," the artificial intelligence would say, not having it. not having it. kimberly guilfoyle, everybody. >> bill: 460,000, so computers could watch the shows and predict what again? what did they want to predict? >> so they can predict human behavior. they should have had them watch "mr. ed," so the computers thought that horses could talk. that would've been hilarious. >> the national institutes of health, $3.4 million to have male hamsters pitted against each other to "study aggression and anxiety in rodents." by the way, they used syrian hamsters, they said they were the most useful in these fights. i know what you are thinking. >> bill: he is banned syrian hamsters. >> why are we allowing syrian hamsters into this country? that ends january 20th. the conclusion is that the more hamster's right, the more they went would not come if they use steroids, they are more aggressive. >> bill: so, they had two
5:53 pm
hamsters from syria fight each other -- >> at northeastern university. >> bill: perfect. perfect. you can't even wear a sombrero up there but you can have hamsters fighting. and the one on steroids with the kids to the one without steroids? >> that's correct. >> bill: did the steroid one? >> always won. >> bill: last one. >> this, actually think it's well worth it. they spent $88,000 looking at 500 years of climate change data and they saw a slight increase in temperature increases the quality of a fine wine. red wine taste better if the temperature goes up slightly, just slightly. this means that global warming is good, especially if you are a drunk like me. better wine means happier people, which means fewer wars, a better planet. ie, ergo, global warming equals global peace. we win. i love you. >> cheers! i like that. >> bill: 's what is your last one? >> my last run is how to be more popular online, actually.
5:54 pm
how to be more popular online. one of the first photos containing faces, 38% more likely to receive likes. that is unless you have a face like brian kilmeade, of course. [other factor that increases the number of likes is having a lot. don't be posting pictures of your dead pets. >> bill: so, why does the government wants to know how to be more popular online? cloud where they want to know that? why would they spend money to find that out? >> so, they could burn money, bill. that is the whole idea. >> bill: i know that gutfeld has tax liens against them. it is not as personal. but mcguirk and i pay a lot of taxes. >> i like meeting people online. they don't know who i am. >> bill: >> to counter disinforn campaigns. >> bill: bottom line -- >> i met a woman online. >> i'm glad. we congratulate senator flake, good job, $5 billion on all this nonsense and not one penny should have been spent on it. gentlemen, thank you. and that is it for us tonight
5:55 pm
because we have a whole bunch of stuff coming up. thanks again for watching. tomorrow on "the factor" rule we will cover donald trump's first press conference in quite a while. right, president obama warming up for his farewell address. the tenant off to tucker carlson, who was standing by in >> tucker: good evening i am tucker carlson, president obama's farewell address will be in chicago. there is other news tonight too. senate democrats went after jeff sessions today, of course, donald trump's pick for attorney general. in a few minutes, president obama will try to explain why his eight years in office have been a lot better than a lot of people seem to remember them. for a game attempt defending the obama legacy. but first, as we await the president, we are joined by fox news chief political anger.
5:56 pm
>> of hope and change, his explanation of what happened in those eight years. obviously, you will hear a litany of defense of what he believes are his accomplishments but i think you're going to hear a lot about coming together as a country, perhaps some mornings to the president-elect, donald trump. and remember, this is 2,989 days after he del victory speech in grant park, just a short way away from mccormick place, where he is delivering this farewell address in chicago. and he is going to try to say that he made america a better place over eight years. i think you would have a lot of critics out there, especially even in chicago. where there are some who say things didn't get better and the election of donald trump was a repudiation of obama's policies. with a high approval rating,
5:57 pm
politics has met about 4% tonight. >> tucker: so he wrote this speech himself or at least worked on it closely? if you want to know what obama really thinks, listen tonight. he is going to tell us what he really thinks. no political reasons. what he believes his legacy will be. do you think that is fair? >> i think he is laying the groundwork for his party. this is a democratic party trying to find itself. it is licking its wounds because he has lost under eight years of president obama, there are now fewer governors that are democrats, state legislatures have been obliterated as far as from a democratic point of view and obviously he doesn't have control of the house and the senate as he leaves office. something that he did have control of as he took office. in 2008. you have obamacare and the solution, the repeal and replace
5:58 pm
it is going to come and all of the regulations that are going to be signed out by donald trump as he takes the office january 20th. >> tucker: he has suggested obliquely that he will continue to speak out on issues in his post-presidency. do you want to tell us more on that? >> we don't know, think that is the biggest question going forward. what does it look like in the post-presidency for president obama who will live in washington, d.c. his kids are still going to go to school there in washington and barring some figure who comes out for the democratic party to lead the way, president obama is probably that figure in the short term. >> tucker: you expect president-elect trump will respond in any way to the address tonight? >> i do, from the news conference tomorrow, i believe it 11:00 a.m. eastern time, you will hear a response.
5:59 pm
probably directly. that will be president-elect trump's first press conference since election, it will be his first news conference since july, actually. >> tucker: interesting. the biggest issue on the table right now obviously is obamacare. if you could, rate the likelihood of a repeal and replacement of obamacare in the next few months. do you think it is high? >> i think it is high. grandpa went through a detailed plan tonight that president electron has signed on to. i think it is a tough hurdle, they have a lot of plans out there and they they're going te together it started already in the next couple months. >> tucker: it has got to be an awfully bitter thing for the still president obama to watch. >> it is, and that is his signature piece of legislation. you're going to hear a defense tonight, i think.
6:00 pm
>> tucker: can democrats do anything to stop it? >> don't know. >> tucker: no. [laughs] the final address to the country, our show starts right now. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to the new 9:00 p.m. in addition, as you can see we are waiting for the president. in his farewell address to the country. it should start in about 90 seconds. but until then, i am joined by my friend, bret baier. so, you have said that this is basically a summation of what the president thinks his legacy is and also a defense of that legacy. in what proportions do you thin think? >> as a looking forward speech, one that will be optimistic, that


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