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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 8, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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media minute during the week. 24 headlines. hope you will join us then with the latest buzz. >> we begin with the fox news alert, the hand of isis being blamed for terror attack in jerusalem and netanyahu said the driver who plowed truck soldiers was a supporter of islamic. hello, everyone. hi, greg. >> good afternoon to you you. i'm greg jarret in for eric sean. the prime minister also saying there could be a connection between this attack and similar ones in france an berlin while
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vowing the jewish state -- >> what are we learning about the unfolding story? >> we know that as far as those killed and injured, four people were killed as you mentioned, three israeli army cadets, one officer and 17 others were wounded. that number may continue to grow. some of those hurt were indeed badly injured. before we play this surveillance video, i just want to caution, give a warning to viewers, some people may find it disturbing but this attack happened earlier this afternoon earlier in jerusalem when police said that a palestinian man plowed his vehicle, commercial truck, commercial work truck into a group of israeli army cadets that had gotten off a bus and
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you see this vehicle just go straight into them. it happened across the street from a neighborhood called arnona and that's above what called sadly and ironically enough, the peace forest here in jerusalem. it hits close to home for me and here is why, take a look. >> that's the true that ran into the group of soldiers that were here today, they are gathered up on the grass. they have been pulling the bodied away, the peace forest earlier this afternoon. i live right down the block. that's where i walk my dog. i was walking in the force and was coming back up when this happened. i heard screams, i heard what sounded like a gunshot as i started to get closer soldiers were coming down the stairs crying, very upset. clearly a serious situation. a lot of security, a lot of
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police, a lot of military forces here right now. >> now, officials say that an army instructor who is with the group shot and killed the driver, we don't know much about him. he was married with children but we don't know anything more than that. we don't have an id on them, this was a lone-wolf attack nonetheless they remain on high alert here in jerusalem. this was the first major terrorist attack here in israel this year but it is among the deadliest in a year-long or year's worth of violence, however, we haven't seen a vehicle ramming like this in quite sometime. i'd say a year or so but as you and greg mentioned during the intro we have seen other copycat attacks, france, nice, attackers drove a vehicle into a crowd of people and also the one in berlin recently. there maybe this -- a supporter of isis but we know that the terror group hamas praised the attack though did not claim
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responsibility for it. hamas generally does. that said, though, as i mention the peace force, the quiet and serenity -- >> the the video was disturb to go -- disturbing to watch. >> absolutely. sure. greg: iraq war veteran accused of killing five people at the ft. lauderdale, florida could be facing the death penalty if convicted. 26-year-old esteban santiago admitted to planning the attack and charged with various events as he's due in federal court tomorrow. phil is live in ft. lauderdale. phil, this guy santiago never planned to return to anchorage, what do you know? >> he bought a one-way ticket
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from anchorage to get to ft. lauderdale via minneapolis, he never made an effort to flee here friday soloingically ernesto or i mean esteban santiago expected to be shot and killed at the airport or expected to be taken into custody. now, according to arrest affidavit, santiago picked the ft. lauderdale hollywood airport for the deadly plan and emptying two clips killing five people and wounding six in the baggage claim area of terminal 24, he -- terminal 2, he walked outside briefly and walked right back in all the while still holding the pistol. neighbors of him say he was nice at first and then mean over time. >> he was pleasant and didn't show any signs of no threats or just always pleasant. he was playing with my nieces and nephews, he's always
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pleasant. >> still travel and logistical nightmare. very long lines. more than an hour long snaking down the curve, that's just to check in flights from delta. all around the airport, there continues to be more than usual, far more than usual heavily armed police and sheriff's deputies an s.w.a.t. teams, of course, much of that is to reassure travelers today many of whom were here friday. greg. greg: did this attack by santiago happened so suddenly that the people, the victims really never had a chance? >> no, according to investigators they never had a chance, they were completely unsuspecting, hanging around baggage claim, excited about their soon to begin vacations. they said santiago went into the bathroom stall, loaded his handgun, walked back out and then just started pointing at
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people's heads and firing. one of the dead, terry, volunteer firefighter from virginia, there was another dead victim, a grandmother from georgia and we also know of a third victim identified as michael from iowa who loved to go on cruises, still no id on the other two. as for sont yoog he will be taken from the broward county's office and he will have his first appearance in federal court tomorrow in forty lauder -- for the lauder dale. >> this as intelligence reports ordered by president obama revealed that vladimir putin orchestrated propaganda campaign design today suede the u.s. election in mr. trump's favor. garrett has the latest now with
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the reaction there in dc, garrett. >> the president elect received that intelligence briefing on friday and he raised some eyebrows the next morning when he said that he wants to improve u.s. relations in an extended post on twitter. he wrote, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think that it is bad. we have enough problems around the world without yet another one. when i'm president, russia will respect us for more than they do now and work together to solve pressing problems and issues in the world. this morning on fox news sunday, reince priebus made it clear that mr. trump fully accepts the findings of the intelligence community and may still decide to take actions against russia priebus argued that the democratic committee is partly to blame for the hacks because they fail today respond to the fbi's warnings.
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>> so, yes, we have bad actors around the world. we have had bad actors including the russians but we also have a problem when we have a major political institution that allows foreign governments into their system with hardly any defenses or training. >> on abc this week, president obama doesn't believe that he underestimated russian president vladimir putin and warn that had the next administration will not only have to be prepared to deal with russia interfering with our elections and in those of our allies as well. >> what is true is that the russians intended to meddle and they meddled and it could be another country in the future, it could be another election. that's why i hope that this does not continue to be viewed purely through a partisan lens.
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>> with that in mind, president-elect trump has said he plans to order a full report on the hacking campaign to see what can be done to prevent it from happening again. >> garrett, thanks, garrett. greg: for more let's bring in embassador john bolton, senior fellow of enterprises, good to see you. the chairman of the house intel committee said something very interesting about 36 hours ago about on fox news, reflects the views of not 17 intelligent agencies but only three which may be that 14 intel agencies don't necessarily agree with it. does that suggest to you and perhaps president obama has deliberately gin this up for the purpose of damaging donald trump
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? >> there's just chaos or lack of coordination. that's why i believed for quite some time that we are not going to know the full story here until the trump administration comes in, when dan coats becomes director of national intelligence, mike pompeo, director of cia and senate and house intel committees finish their investigation. you mentioned núñez, i think on a closed basis so they can look at the sensitive information and the administration refuse refused to let the heads of the agencies it have. it's -- testify, it's that kind of activity that leads núñez to say something is going on here. there's still unanswered questions about why we are at this point. greg: president obama has been
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adamant about this, putin hacked and he did it to help trump. he must have thought about this specially since you probably reviewed by now the declassified report. it's not 17 intel agencies, it's only three. do you suspect that something is going on here that's politically motivated? >> i think there's every reason to be skeptical of what barack obama says on this points. he and his administration have politicized intelligence over the course of the last eight years in so many ways that has really undercut the credibility of our own intelligence agencies and, remember, this claim about the russian hacking emerged first in early october, that is to say, a month before the election with statements about what the russians were doing and i had questions about it then, whether it might be another foreign intelligence service at work, a false flag and also as people have said repeatedly
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since then, after eight years of russian hacking and chinese hacking and iranian hacking and north korean hacking, finally the president gets upset about something. so i don't -- look, there's less than two weeks to go of barack obama administration, thank goodness. when the trump people get in, honestly, i'm concerned about anything that discloses sources and methods, i think the water has been so polluted here by these conflicting claims and charges that we are going to have to see some of this information released so the people, the voters can make a judgment. greg: the new president is calling for a better relationship with russia, he said, you know, anybody who doesn't agree with that is stupid or a fool, are you concerned that the new president maybe too soft on -- you've been a hawk on russia, do you worry that he may be manipulated or
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duked by putin? >> i was the lead negotiator on the treaty of mouse -- moscow, so you can make deals with them . they agree today that deal after a year of negotiations. the issue going forward is russian conduct, if they stop interfering with the middle east, political cover and -- greg: they are not going to do that. >> i'm not done that. [laughter] >> there's a long list including trying to meddle in our elections. sure, if they stop -- greg: they are not going to stop, they are not going to stop in syria, crimea, they're not going to stop supporting iran. so the next question is, can you genuinely have a better relationship with them or is that doomed? >> well, i believe in the power of redemption for everybody
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including vladimir putin but iran -- iran is a good example. it's not just cover for their nuclear program, people say well, we can cooperate with russia on antiterrorism. iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, central bank for terrorism for 35 years. a country that has a close relationship with iran is aiding and abetting terrorism. greg: embassador bolton, great to see you. thanks for being here. >> a winter storm slamming the east coast. that looks like no fun. snow and ice leaving behind a big mess. a busy week for president-elect trump, cabinet confirmation hearings will get underway soon. what kind of fireworks can we expect to see? that's next, former house speaker newt gringrich. >> i think that mitch mcconnell
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>> we are getting word that iranian president has died at the age of 82, iranian state media saying he had been hospitalized with a heart condition. served as president of iran from 1989 to 1997, leading politician often playing king maker in the country's and supporting president, dead at the age of 82. >> gearing up for a very busy week, many of these picks could face intense scrutiny from democrats including attorney general nominee jeff sessions, senator sessions for more on what to expect let's bring in chief political correspondent and also a fox news contributor.
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>> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about the position that the doj would take under senator session's leadership on issues like immigration, terrorism and maybe just crime in general? >> well, jeff sessions will be the first trump nominee out of the box on tuesday morning. democrats have talked a lot about jeff sessions' experience and defeated in the judiciary committee on charges that he was quote, racially insensitive. you will see democrats and the groups around them bring up some of that stuff. what the hearing will really be about is what he will do in the future and do with critical issues. for example, immigration being a big one, this is an issue in which a lot of republicans believe the administration has not been tough enough on criminal illegal immigrants and has completely looked the other
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way on the issue of sanctuary cities, that's going to change under an attorney general jeff sessions. i think you'd see a justice department that's a lot tougher on illegal immigrants who commit crimes. they will be deported and stay deported and i think on sanctuary cities that's going to be a tough fight because a lot of cities in around the country are kind of getting ready to fight with the justice department about this but unlikely the federal government will put some pressure on them to actually observe rather than defy federal law. >> do you think some of the civil rights advocates in the senate will push back on senator sessions? >> oh, absolutely. it's probably going to be a party line vote in the judiciary committee. he will be approved on the strength of republican votes with all democrats voting against them. that won't be the situation in the full senate. they'll probably be some
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democrats who do vote for sessions. yeah, there's going to be a lot of opposition. they'll say that he will be -- won't be strong on voting rights, that he won't be strong on lgbt, other social issues, sort of rights and he will change the direction of the justice department as it has been under eric holder and loretta lynch. the last part is really true. >> homeland security and governmental affairs committee will interview john kelly, president elect's choice, general kelly has said the drug-related violence is a bigger threat to our country than islamic terrorist. the general has gotten bipartisan praise for his more measured tone. so will general kelly get the easy pass? >> he will probably be fine. he doesn't have unlike sessions, he doesn't have some episode way
9:24 am
back in the past that democrats could fixate on. ic you will get a lot of talk about immigration issues, border security issues and also about interior enforcement issues likes e-verify and visa entry-exit systems, things that are effective if enacted in stopping illegal immigration, all the talk about the wall, border security and all of that stuff will be under him if he's confirmed the secretary of department of homeland security. i think we will see a lot of talk about immigration, not just in that sessions' hearing but also in the kelly hearing. >> on wednesday we have many up at bat, if you will, this week because it's sunday, elaine khao, betty divost, are we looking at any real pushback on
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those two nominees? >> certainly on divost. you have the whole sort of democratic education teachers union establishment being much opposed to her, wanting to oppose her specially on the issue of charter schools but it's unlikely that's going to make a big difference. everyone has realized that most of these trump nominees have unanimous republican support, there are 52 republicans in the senate, remember, harry reid, the outgoing democratic leader, he made it impossible for the minority party to filibuster the president's executive nominees and that's going to come in very handy for donald trump and it's going to make a lot of democrats regret the fact that they cannot stop any of these -- any of the trump nominee ifs those nominees have solid republican support.
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>> byron, i have to go. thank you very much. we will see you again. >> thank you. greg: our top story bloodshed in jerusalem when a palestinian driver using his truck as a deadly weapon. what is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu now saying about the role of isis in the attack, plus a manhunt in méxico for the person who stalked and shot a u.s. diplomat. a live report on the search next
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>> we want to get back to our
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top stories, israeli calling a palestinian driver who mooed down a group of soldiers, a isis supporter. netanyahu saying the driver has been identified there could be a connection between today's incident, and, those in france and germany. the terror group hamas praise the attack. >> deadly winter storm is now heading north. killed three people in the south. a makessive car pile up shutdown for hours. this is the scene in eastern massachusetts, blizzard conditions, dropping more than a foot of snow. earlier, north carolina and
9:32 am
virginia getting hammered, leaving heavy snow and ice and subfreezing temperatures. >> we have breaking news, a u.s. state department official is in stable condition after being wounded in a shooting in mexico. they are on the hunt of a suspect. it shows him following the american official and ambushing him in a mall parking lot. will carr is following him. >> reporter: well, the f.b.i. is now offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the identity. this went down friday, and take a look at the video again. you can see a man in dark clothing. he's waiting, when a black car pulls up to leave, the suspect
9:33 am
fires one shot and then he takes off. we also have a separate video that gives you a better look at the gunman. he's wearing sunglasses, and, his right-hand is holding his pocket. 'the new york times' is reporting he worked in the visa section of the consolate and he was leaving the gym when he was shot. he is unpretext at a hospital. >> the safety and security of u.s. citizens is among our highest priorities. this is not the first time they have been attacked in mexico. 2010 a gang killed an employee, her husband and the husband of another employee the killer thought they were still with rival gang members.
9:34 am
the and, then, shot a car more than 150 cars. now the capital which is dominated by the new generation cartel. it's unclear if it is cartel related. want. >> will carr. >> president barak obama making a final push to reduce the population at gitmo. four detainees transferred to saudi arabia and now with the clock ticking down, he is ordering the transfers of 20 more detainees. peter king is a member of the house land committee, exgood to see you. there's a reason these people are still in prison. because they're the worst of the worst.
9:35 am
one is reportedly a senior al qaeda bomb maker and two were hijackers, and, manager. is his actions here in releasing these terrorists jeopardizing american lives? >> gregg, i believe it is. you said the worst of the worst. you're accurate. president barak obama came into office determined to close it down. he slanted the united states. you're talking about air-conditioning, and three meals a day. >> t many. >> medical personnel, art classes, and, koran for every inmate. these guys are playing soccer. so, listen, nobody wants to be in yale but, this was better than any boot camp.
9:36 am
that's a slander that the president put on america. this is dangerous to have these type people released. >> according to the director of national intelligence, 2008 of the inmates that were let go went right back to terrorism. would we expect the worst of the worst to go right back to it, so when president barak obama says they'll be monitored by the host country. that's silly. >> it is. you can't trust them. one thing, they're not cooperative. and their security as many is lacks and, they are going back with the skill, the education of being a terrorist, what that
9:37 am
adds is, it's so dangerous. this is the final stop on the apology tour. >> p well there's something else because the timing is very suspicious. president-elect said no more terrorists should be released from gitmo. he lets a bunch of them go. does this look like yet another act, to undermine his successor. >> this is like one of those midnight acts, and this is i believe, undermine trump. these guys, they could have been released. nothing new has come up. i think he's doing all he can do undermine donald trump to go against his policy, sign the executive order and close gitmo
9:38 am
excomplete that and take a real shot at donald trump. >> when president barak obama took office, the chief architect and four codefendants they were about to enter a guilty plea but president barak obama put a stop to it all. ordered a federal trial and reverse course because of the public outcry. but ever since then, they have done nothing to bring these men to justice. is that a slap in the face of the thousands of victims and their families who deserve justice? >> it's a slap in the face of the families and to the men and women in the military. and, those at guatanimo. exit's a slap in the face at the
9:39 am
american people. attack on america, apology tour. or the fact that he is fixated on torture, and, propaganda. >> good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> well there were tense moments inside a jail, why this situation, look at this, escalate he so very quickly. fighting cybersecurity after the russians interfered with the election process. where are we now? how do we improve?
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>> five inmates injured after a brawl in a prison. no word on what sparked the violence. officials say it was quickly brought under control, and, recovering cell when pops and trying to need to figure where they came from. >> well amid russia's interference, one lawmaker is looking to amp up cybersecurity. will looking to create a new subcommittee the panel not only improving security but also helping to respond to see you ber attack. president barak obama weighing in on what needs to be done.
9:45 am
>> two things, we have to spend a lot more time, energy, resources, on cybersecurity. the second thing is to make sure that all of us think about we approach our elections and our democracy. many p. >> joining me now, is a former federal prosecutor. thank you for being here. thanks. >> so is this a good idea? what should be the focus of this subcommittee. >> anytime there's movement on cybersecurity it's a good idea if you can get the legislative branch to work closer with the executive branch. mccain says we're going to do more legislation. we have to make it a fabric of
9:46 am
our armed actions. when we're thinking about how many soldiers do we need, and we should be talking about, how many soldiers do we need? and that's the conversation where they can help the executive branch by properly funding it. >> so you mentioned the politics behind it, that could come into play. mccain says he's going to rely on it, to develop a strategy. so will president-elect jump in. >> i think what you're seeing, it's already happening. they're focused on it and the best thing that could happen is there's cooperation. there's been politicizing. the clip from president barak
9:47 am
obama. he said what should happen. and he should have said, what should have happened. there's actually been a white house siger czar, inside the white house. that we never heard about. the question is, what's been going on? so that's why we have to stop solicit sizing it, and focus on actionable items. >> part of it is that it's been too preliminary hearingterd. not enough has been done. you never know what they are doing because it is cybersecurity. mccain believes there needs to be some changes. mitch mcdonnell was not in the favor of it. i many wondering if you think
9:48 am
that they will get the full support of congress? can we expect that time is now, ex politics be put to the side. and full congress can get together and work to secure what is clearly some cybersecurity holes in our system. >> yes, i'm surprised that it was what it was. because the committee that heover seas is in a group called emerging threats. these are old threats. the when i was in the justice department, sitting with the armed services, getting trained, on how to prosecute. and instead of saying maybe it should be here and there. and say let's treat this like we
9:49 am
treat most threats. we make it cooperation between the branches. good i think they'll start changing their tune and start realizing that politicizing it, has a negative effect. that's going to be the movement. but we have to do it with constructive conversation. and that's what we're hoping to see him. >> very good. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> concerns about the health of the serving monarch after she was a no-show. we'll have an update on queen elizabeth
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>> well, queen elizabeth arrived at church service, it's her firstpublic service. kitty is live with more. >> good news, we're happy to hear that she's doing better. >> that's right.
9:54 am
this was her first appearance in several weeks. it comes after a relief. she appeared at a church service with her husband. both looking fit and well, extoday, her country is safe where she spends the christmas holidays. the crowd greet he her and people were particularly happy to see her. there have been some concerns about her health. more sitting as it is the first time she missed them in decades. she'd been suffering from a heavy coal and it was not serious. the queen did present her prerecorded christmas message, broadcast as usual. she's been doing this for decades and she is the longest
9:55 am
serving monarch. she's very active. she makes fewer foreign trips. she still rides her horses and walks her favorite dogs. the queen's mother live to be 101 years old. she will be lightening her workload. >> well good news. kitty thanks. there yes. >> p meanwhile travelers dealing with extra security and regrouping following the fort lauderdale airport shooting
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we have some breaking news, they have arrested the man wanted for shooting a u.s. state department official. he was wounded, and hospitalized after being shot. they were on the hunt for this suspect here. they have found him. they have arrested him. this is good news. >> he was stalking him.
10:00 am
>> ambushed him, who was in the gym at the time. >> that's going to do it for us. i'm gregory and i'm. >> a deadly attack rams into a group of israeli soldiers. >> new twist in the efforts to repeal exreplace president barak obama obamacare and he's pushing for the repeal and adam smith wants to protect it. >> trump, prepares for the senate confirmation hearings. and, elizabeth warren is trying to delay them. >> democrats are really frustrated, and


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