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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 6, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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i want to pause as viewers from across the nation on the fox broadcast network and my television network join us for our coverage. continuing coverage have a shooting which happened one hour ago, foerpt lauderdale-hollywood airport in florida.rt lauderdal airport in florida. 2:00 on the east coast, 1:00 on the west coast, this is the sheppard report. a lone gunman arrived, began shooting at fort lauderdale international airport at 11:00. some independent kapt he was inside the baggage handling area, some indicate he was outside the baggage handling area. it's possible it was both. we're waiting for message from authorities. initial information from the broward county mayor was that as many as nine people were injured. that the airport is secured and it is. but they believe there is no other shooter. that there was no one else involved. we don't know how they know that. if they have him in custody, we
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presume they interviewed him as they can before reading miranda under circumstances like this. the latest word from our station wsvn, 7 news in south florida, fox affiliate, reporting that five people have been killed. a small number more injured. and the shooter in custody. phil keating is south florida based and is live at the airport, now, phil to you. >> hey, ship shep, i can tell you that the hollywood-fort lauderdale international airport said all services are currently suspended, flights and everything else. traffic is an absolute zoo on all sides of the airport. there's a heavy police presence. we're pulling up to the very first checkpoint right now for about a quarter mile away from the satellite truck. i-95 kektses to 595 eb, that's the main way -- connects to 595 eastbound. it's the main way into the busy airport, it is closed to east
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bound traffic. we came up u.s. 1, the back way. police officers, sheriff's deputies signalling us in. the governor, rick scott, is flying in we're told by this communications staff from tlas. talahassee. he will be landing at the airport and getting to the airport where he will be personally informed on what exactly happened. of course the big question, still, in the air is motive. but multiple sources are saying this was the lone gunman, and like you said, terminal 2, which serves primarily delta air lines and air canada, down in the baggage claim area is when the lone gunman apparently started shooting. and shooting many bullets. because the numbers have been widely reported are nine people were shot. and initially it was three dead, and now as you said, shep, wsvm
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is reporting that it's up to five. several tweets from people who are on the tarmac as well as inside the airport who said people were bleeding profusely. one of the people that was traveling was former white house press secretary ari fliecher. he said -- fliescher. he said shots fired, everyone running. right now, we are pulling up on to the scene. we're going to gather some more information for you. but that's what we know. several sources now saying this was a line gunman and he is in custody. >> we're getting the social media information, there are people who are sending out social media from inside the baggage area, who say there was shooting there. others are outside and say there was shooting there. i wonder if this gunman was on the move. do you have information on that? >> no, that's what we hope to find out immediately. interest has all of the appearances of, perhaps, the
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shooter knew of somebody was coming in, and that's why they were waiting, in wait at the baggage claim area. clearly the shooter did not go through tsa security. as you mention a few minutes ago, anybody can go up to baggage claim. that's where loved ones and friends and family are always waiting. -for-irn coming relatives. you don't have to go through security. presumably, the shooter started shooting inside, or started shooting outside or vice versa. and then was apprehended by police and sheriff's deputies working the airport. there are military type vehicles blocking traffic, checkpoints established, everybody coming in, they're trying to divert everybody and get this airport back umnd running. no nights taking off and we
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haven't seen any lines coming in. >> we've been watching the flight maps here back in studio and everything seems to be diverted. we're told additional security is being brought up from miami international airport, one might presume they'd bring some down from the palm beach as well. three arments in close proximity. three airports. can you fly into fort lauderdale and hustle down to miami without much trouble, they're used almost interchangeably. you can see the on ramps and offlamps from the 595, it's just chaotic. i guess traffic, probably coming from the beach side, phil, not as bad? >> yeah, we were able to get there, and we're getting on to the sidewalk on the upper deck. everybody who was in terminal 2, when the shots were fired, they already have gone through security, inside waiting to go into the gate and get on the jetway and get on to the plane and get out of here. that's when shots were fired. all of those people were then
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evacuated on to the actual tarmac, where the runways there. hundreds and hundreds of people, several buses came in about 20 minutes ago, hauling people elsewhere. i am right now currently looking at probably 100 people, many of them carrying their carry-on bags, rolling them alongside their feet. and they're all now being taken to an unknown location. but we're looking at all of these people stranded on the tarmac. but there are a lot of police officers, a lot of airport workers, and it really does seem that things are very orderly and under control. and that is absolutely not currently any more an active shooting situation. that's the latest we have up from up. >> phil, thanks. set up between terminals 1 and 2 with a media center, we're expecting information shortly. this is, again, the outside the
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delta terminal where they've been sort of herding people around waiting to get them back into the terminal. you can see all these people, most of these people have carry-on sized baggage, not as if they've given them their laugage back. that will happen through the carousels. long afternoon ahead. people on their phones, letting loved ones know they're okay when you're in a situation where five people were killed. according to the reporting of wsvn in florida, a lot of worried relatives across south florida, up and down the i-95 corridor, and crazy scene for authorities to have to deal w think of the space we're dealing with. the planes on the tarmac have not been allowed to take off. they have limits on how long they can ska there. you saw the four or five jets waiting to take off. presumably filled with people. they're not allowing takeoffs and landing, personnel are working on other matters. just as i say that, there goes a jet.
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apparently they are allowing takeoffs although they haven't sent the word out officially. you presume that people who had been through security, already on their planes, in the process of getting into the air, and this happened after they left that those planes may have been let go. this is the lifeflight radar that we watch. it shows incoming and outgoing for airports across the country, really. this is for fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. a lot of circling around this airport at the moment. not a lot of air traffic. 2:00 in the afternoon is not that busy a time in the air, in that area. we'll zoom out in a minute. pull out, i should say. you'll see the area which is miami, miami to the south, and then the palm beaches to the north. and it's just not a heavy traffic time. you can see traffic over toward the bahamas. lots of traffic up in the tampa bay area, up on the left coast there. and some down in the miami corridor.
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fort lauderdale appears to be a circling event. broward sheriff's office will be handling this, the county where fort lauderdale is. it is a big and well-staffed department with a lot of land to cover and a lot of people there. more than a million people in broward sheriff's office jurisdiction. they're pretty well known for their information department, and they're very good at getting position to the public. they've been tweeting, not given us numbers, and they've not given us anything about motive. we know nothing about the suspect, we know that it is a male, we just know it's a guy, nothing beyond that. no specifics given. broward county operates its international airport. city of fort lauderdale police and fire department are providing mutual aid. they have units jaunl site and around the perimeter to give assistance and support. community, akoshding to the mayor of city of fort
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lauderdale, jack siler, says our community extends its thoughts, prayers and support for the victims and their families this afternoon. incredibly horrible thing to witness here as just people were falling left and right as this gunman was making his way around. it appears that maybe he was outside, we'll know soon enough. broward health confirms it's receiving victims from the shooting. the sun sentinel in south florida, used to be the fort lauderdale sun sentinel, now the south florida sun sentinel, geenl said he was waiting for friends to get off. all of a sudden i heard screaming and running, people coming from security, yelling "he has a gun, he has a gun." everyone ran back to the terminal. he was outside standing on the runway as he spoke on the phone, from the reporting of the south florida sun sentinel. we have been watching as passengers are let back into the terminal areas w security as it is, they're doing that
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separately for each gate so that they can use personnel to move people in one gate and move those personnel to the next gate. this group is just kind of standing around at the moment. trace gallagher, nbc -- well senior law enforcement official is telling nbc news that 13 people total are shot. four dead, nine wounded at fort lauderdale afternoon. total of 13 shot, four dead. wsvm7 is reporting five. we'll know the details soon enough. trace gallagher, the numbers change, the one thing we're sure of is a horrible event this afternoon in fort lauderdale. >> yes, and you're always careful about the numbers. but these square with what we're hearing. they set up triage when they get onscene. they separate them into black and red and yellow, yellow less seriously wounded, red seriously wounded, and those in the black category would be the fatalities. wsvn reporting five fay salts and that squares with our numbers.
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-- fatalities. there were five in the black category in the triage, three in the red, and one in the yellow. at last check. those in the red and yellow were taken to broward general hospital. to piggyback on top of what you and phil were talking about, you can see the planes taking off and landing there. we've been listening to air traffic control and the planes are coming in and going out. but the priority right now is not to get the planes out of the airport but to get the planes in. those planes that have been circling for the better part of an hour that might not have alternate airport, might be low on fuel. the priority now is to get those flights to come in and land. there is no priority in getting planes off the runway right now. you talk about the runway, i mean the situation, shep, where this happened. use the context, there's some people saying it happened outside the terminal, others saying it happened inside the terminal. if you go back the shooting recovered in turkey, the airport there, earlier last year,
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rather, you know that people were saying the same thing, was it inside, outside. in the end it turned out bullets were flying from the inside to the outside. people got confuseted as to where the gunshots were coming from. all the primary with it reporting we have right now, tells us that this was happening, apparently, on the inside of terminal 2, some say between terminal 2 and terminal 3. you mention, shep, this is 292nd-busiest airport in the country, talking about some 79,000 passengers a day being processed here. this happened in the delta terminal. the two major carriers are jet blue and spirit airlines. in fact jet blue runs some 23% of all of its flights out of this airport, meaning that if you're on jet blue anywhere in the country right now, you better call. because they only have some 227 planes nationwide f a chunk of
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them are on the tarmac at fort lauderdale, it means whether you're in seattle or chicago, your plane may be delayed. that's one of the big things they're dealing with, logistically. broward county runs this, the broward sheriff's department is in charge of this investigation right now. they will take the lead. but it's an all hands on deck situation, everybody from the surrounding cities and counties will also be on hand. we're still checking numbers, shep, as far as those who were injured and killed. if we get better and harder numbers we'll come back to you with those. >> thank you. we've just gotten word from the sheriff office, eight injured, specifics on the dead we don't have. also, while you were speaking the faa issued an all-grounds stop, which means no more traffic in and out. we were watching on the flight map, they got a lot of planes in there. others are circling. but it looks, now, just from the flight tracking map, looks like a number of planes that were headed in to fort lauderdale looks like they've been diverted. we're watching that, we'll let
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you know f you're expecting people in there, it's going to be a rough afternoon. we're expecting more from the broward sheriff's office in just a minute as they set up a media center, between terminals 1 and 2. new amateur video that's just come in, there's a lot of amateur video out there. a lot of people have witnessed great carnage today. some of them have been posting those on social media. some are fit for air and frankly some are not. every word that we have gotten, it's just all of a sudden on an otherwise completely normal day for baggage handling, which is never that great an experience anyway, but it was very calm and normal. 1:00 in the afternoon, just not a crazy time at the airport. all of a sudden, still nothing at all on motive. we don't have a single bit of a description from any authorities on who this suspect is.
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all we know is a lone man. and the first report from the sheriff's office, we have multiple people dead and suspect in custody. very clear to say this suspect was taken alive which gives the broward sheriff and investigators in general, federal investigators and others, plenty of opportunity to grill this person in the very beginning. unusual situation when it's an ongoing incident, you have a perpetrator who is responsible, you can question that perpetrator about whether there are others, all kinds of things, before you issue miranda rights and allow the suspect to lawyer up. perfectly legal under the law, when one stops and the other starts is a judgment matter. the point is, hopefully they've been able to get some information of the of this man. and we'll know to some degree what his motivation is. and, really, whether there were others who knew about it or assisting. was there a get-away car? were others involved? authorities are confident at this point that there is no
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other danger to people on-scene. now it's matter, of crime scene investigation, if wsvn in south florida is correct and there are five people dead that,'ent homi investigations, material and evidence to collect from all of those areas. it would be something of a miraculous event for them to get terminal two reopened today, given the scope of things. if the baggage area is closed off for investigation, it will be hard to do that. i'm sure they will make every effort but first priority, of course, to secure this scene which they've done. and then get all of the necessary crime scene information. john schleitze rechlt, you are were at baggage claim and saw it happen? >> yes. >> tell me what you saw. >> flight 1465, delta flight had just arrived in fort lauderdale
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from atlanta. and we had made our way down to baggage claim number three. and we were standing there -- >> john, your cell phone is breaking up a little bit, i'm going to -- >> shall i reset? >> there you go. you were at baggage claim. >> as i got my first bag off, i heard the first shot. and as i did, the person right next to me fell to the ground. and i wasn't sure, it was very surreal. i turned and looked and he was holding a handgun, and he was firing into the crowd. everyone from that flight was standing there waiting for their luggage and he started shooting. >> how would you describe him, what was he wearing? >> "star wars" t-shirt. >> you're breaking up a little bit john, i'm sorry.
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>> "star wars" t-shirt and he had -- [unintelligible ] when i was processing when what was happening, i fell to the ground, everyone else fell to the ground, he continued to shot. he reloaded and kept shooting a second time. >> wait a minute, you're really breaking up badly. you said he reloaded and began shooting a second time? >> yes. he did. >> did you get a good look at him, how would you describe him. short, tall, anything? >> he was probably close to 5'10", 6'0", slender man, dark hair, probably what i saw most was the gun. >> young, old? >> pardon? >> young, old? what age would you guess. >> he was probably in his 30s. >> did he appear to be with anyone, did he say anything?
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>> he did not say a word. and he was not with anyone that i saw. he was actually standing in the middle of kind of a hallway that runs along all of the baggage claim areas. he must have been in front of, like, between baggage claim one and two firing into everybody that was at baggage claim three. which was the one that we were at. >> a man in a "star wars" t-shirt pulls out a weapon and starts firing, unloads the bone and reloads it and fires again. >> yeah. >> what happened after that? we understand he's now in custody, i don't know if you saw that part. >> no, i -- i stayed down and my wife and my mother-in-law are traveling with me, we're on vacation, first day of our vacation, and we stayed down until we saw policemen come, finally, and said that we didn't have to stay down. but we should stay in that area.
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my wife took a cloth from my mother-in-law, applied it to the gentleman next to me who was shot in the head. all the people seemed to be shot in the head. he told her he was on cumadin, and she held the pressure on. when the ambulances finally arrived, they took him out, he was still living. we checked the man next to him had no vital signs, he was gone. an elderly lady also. >> could you describe the shooter's demeanor? how far away from him were you, john? >> probably, well when he started, probably 15 feet. but he came up right where we were and he was shooting people that were down on the ground, too. >> people who were at the baggage claim he shot a bunch of peep in the head, peep whom got on the ground he would shoot
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them again? >> you know what, i can't say for sure. i did not see it. but i know he was right there. i don't know if he was shooting people that were down. but he was right, literally, feet away from where we were. >> how long did this go on, john, do you have a sense? >> it seemed like a long time. there were many shots fired. i don't know how much a clip holds 10. or how ever many bullets. he did reload. and it seemed to go on for probably, it probably was no more than four or five minutes. >> that's a long time. i wonder, it had to have been chaos in there. i don't know, would you tell me what it was like in there at the time, how people were reacting? >> i think once everyone realized what was happening, for myself to have to wait, it was surreal, as i said, i looked over and when i saw blood just pooling underneath people, i realized that it was real and people were being shot.
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and it was oddly quiet. i think, they're still holding us adjacent to that area, they tell us they're going to transfer us to the quiet room in terminal four. but it was just oddly quiet after it happened. there wasn't screaming. and i think as people started realizing that it was safe, i think that was when people started sobbing and crying. and it just, it's an unbelievable feeling the emotion and everything. i don't know what's happening. >> anything more you remember, specifically, about this suspect? >> um, -- >> john? >> there have been reports there were shots fired in the garage
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and they're locking us down again. they said they think somebody is in the garage right now. they just said that, seconds ago. they told everybody get on the floor. michelle get down! they told everyone to get down. oh, oh god, everybody is laying down on the floor between the carousels. >> we see authorities running in that direction, a lot of activity outside. john, what are you seeing? >> nothing. we're down, we ee down on the ground. >> stay down. >> they said there's something going on outside in the garage. >> it has been our experience this aftermath of such things, there are off scares. we can hope for now that this is an inaccurate report and that with tensions high that,'s our hope anyway. john, how are you and your wife? >> we're not good.
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we thought the scene was secure. >> we're going to keep the line open, you're our source. >> okay. people are crying out. people are scared to death. >> well, calm is the savior of the day. calm and keeping your head, you have remarkable composure, john. that sort of thing is invaluable at a moment like this. authorities are all over that airport. if there's a problem they'll fix it. >> oh, they're telling everybody to get way down. >> people just joining us, there is a scare, again, at fort lauderdale international airport. john schlicher is on the phone
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with his wife, on the floor hiding after witnessing the horror of a lifetime. no further announcements, huh, john? >> they're saying something i couldn't hear what they said. i don't want to look up right now. >> you shouldn't. >> there are more shots fired in the parking garage. there are more shots have been fired. >> we don't have any way to know whether those shots are from authorities, we just don't know context at this moment. stay down, john. >> we're down, we're huddled together. >> everyone at this airport has trained for this sort of an eventuality. repeatedly. we see a lot of ground movement, now, from the second feed, not the one we're looking at on television but the one that you see in the upper corner there. there is mad scrambling. that said, i don't remember an event of this kind where there weren't scares afterwards. and we can hope that this is
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just a bit of a panic reaction and not a further escalation of this situation. we have nothing official from authorities of any kind about this. >> well, when i told you, it literally just happened. >> i understand. >> and they ordered us on the ground. >> without looking up, or moving, is it a handful of you there, is it dozens of you there? >> oh, there's over 100 people, at least. they kept us, they wouldn't let us -- we couldn't leave, we didn't have our baggage. but they have us roped off. there's supposed to be -- they're supposed to be transferring us to what they called a quiet room in terminal four. but we're not -- we haven't moved yet. >> there's activity, now, about the airport. phil keating is reporting there's extraordinary activity at terminal one, now. >> oh, my god! >> we can hope that this is a bit of a panic after a very
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stressful and unthinkable, really, unprocessable situation. and that what we have is a bit of panic in the aftermath. that would not be unusual. and that is our hope as we don't have any further information, we don't have a way to know. >> everybody is on the floor right now. oh, hold on. they're saying something. >> authorities making an announcement in the garage where john schlicher and his wife are on the ground. waiting -- >> and my mother-in-law, we're all okay. we weren't shot, we weren't injured. >> certainly witnessing what no human ever wants. to. >> they say do not move around, do not roll around, to stay still. >> so they've ordered everyone to stay still, which is pretty common. we're worried about a shooter
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onscene. alarms are going off in terminal one at fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport. the exterior has changed from the last hour or so as we've been watching the controlled organized movement. >> i'm down. >> john, it seems mighty quiet in there. >> yeah. yeah. they said no sudden movements. they want all of to us stay still. >> well, this is one of those situations where we're sure that we have on the line with us, a victim who is just unspeakable position. and we don't have information to give you context and perspective. that's upsetting to me. but we don't have it. it's unfolding before us. you can see people on the
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tarmac, now, huddled behind what appears to be a baggage movement machine, they have people down on the ground there. with john on the line with us on the ground in the garage. now they're moving people away from the terminal itself. people moving in this wide shot, complete ground stop now. the shot we have on the screen right now, there's another shot that i'm watching in here, yeah, that one, and this shows all of the people who had been sent into the terminals are now being sent back out on to the tarmac. and they appear to believe there's something further happening now. john, john, have you gotten any more specifics, john? >> no. we're in the baggage area, we're still in the baggage area, just right next to where the event happened. >> well, i appreciate you staying on the line with us. please stay right there. i'm going to talk to phil keating our correspondent in terminal one f anything changes just speak, don't worry about interrupting.
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phil, what have you got? >> well, shep, we're in between terminal one and terminal two. what you are looking agent through the camera are about 100 people, maybe 75 people that were inside the terminal. so they had already made it through security. they're at gate c-8, terminal one, waiting to board their plane. and suddenly, there were reports of more shots fired from within the garage. i personally witnessed the terminal two garage, down in -- about 12 to 15 armed, appeared like swat dressing military style gear, running into the terminal. i can see some of those cops are now exiting that garage. they're evacuating terminal one right now. atf is inside with the weapons drawn. and you can see, you can see the parking garage for terminal two, they did just walk out, an
11:32 am
officer with a dog. it is seriously panic and terror down here remaining at the fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport. >> john a passenger in the airport, any change where you are? >> not at all. everyone is still down on the ground. and they told us not to move. >> that's what you should do. and i think for context and perspective we should think about this in the big picture. we have seen a lot of panic, we know there's a lot of panic, they have shut other things down, we've heard nothing, nothing from officials about any more shots fired. nothing from officials about any more suspects. officials have just told us officially, five are dead, eight are wounded. there's an all grounds stop. now evacuateing terminal one. but you would do so out of abundance of caution. it is our hope that,'s all we can do, that this is something happens, somebody dropped a bag, a car that backfired, any number of things could have set off a panic. then you act in the utmost of
11:33 am
precautions. and our hope is that that's what is happening right now. that something strange has happened, in the aftermath of a very traumatic and deadly event. now there was a bit of panic and all they can do is get people away from the place there was panic. this may be nothing. we hope this aftermath is nothing. but for john schlicher and his wife and mother-in-law, it must feel like you're just, again and again now, you're -- your composure is remarkable. >> yeah. >> whoo. >> it's very quiet in here. as i said, everybody is down. they're coming around. yeah, i'm not supposed to move.
11:34 am
>> can you tell us what they've told you? >> they told us not to move. and now they're coming through, polt lease are, i see people, i look over, right across the carousel, they're patting a woman down. i guess we just to have wait until they get to us. >> we're watching live pictures as they're evacuating ternl natural one, people are full sprint. i can't tell you if something else has happened. we have multiple people on the ground, broward sheriff's office reporting nothing official. look at the lady with the baby. >> oh, no. >> well, you know -- >> these are all people that were headed on vacation.
11:35 am
there's so many people that were going on cruises, flying in to fort lauderdale to cruise out either today or tomorrow or the next day. we talked to so many of them. one of the couples, that was people that we were friendly with on the plane. and they're gone. we've just her bill nell, stay with us, just interrupt me at any moment. what's being said now? john? >> yeah. >> what's being said now? >> that's my mother-in-law. they're searching people laying down. people are covered with blood. i'm looking around, there are people that were helping people. they just need to get us out of here.
11:36 am
this is awful. >> from the looks of things it may be a while. because, john, people are in a sort of defensive and hiding posture around the airport. we can see outside -- go ahead. >> they're pulling people's pants pockets inside out, looking inside their pants and patting them down. that's ridiculous. >> i'm positive that what they're trying to do is make sure there are no other people who would do people harm. checking for everyone for weapons. i'm watching, john, on live pictures from outside the building, where they're having people put their hands in the air and searching them in an effort to make sure that there's no one else who would do people harm. >> sure, yeah. >> i can't speak specifically for motivation but i know that's how it worked in times previous. something has spooked everyone. we can hope it's just a scare. we have word, now, from senator bill nelson himself, word on this shooter. who's now in custody.
11:37 am
his name is is ty ban santiago, i believe it is -- esteban santiago, yes. according to senator nelson of florida. he says he was carrying a military i.d. they didn't know if he's active or family member and they don't know a motive. they did not give us a name -- an age, esteban santing why owe. what is the situation there, now, job? >> the sheriff just came over and he is holding a gun and told us to stop moving. he said we cannot move. he has his pistol drawn in his hand. >> he didn't say why? rjs i guess they want to make sure everyone is clear before
11:38 am
anyone starts moving. >> john schlicher, on the phone with us, who helped survivors and watched people die in the baggage claim area and is being held in place with his wife and mother-in-law on the ground at baggage claim. there's been another scare. if there's been another event, we can't confirm it. but the activity has changed dramatically in the last 20 minutes or so. they have been moving of one into the terminals. now they have been running at full speed out of the terminals. we've seen peep with many their hands in the air being searched. we know from senator bill nelson -- in fact i want to let you hear from senator nelson of florida with his description of the suspect. john, stay with us. >> in the baggage claim area. th that, the area that you go in where a lot of people are
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outside tsa, automatic soft target. and one of the things that we have, because of the german shooting a year ago, we doubled the dog teams, because the dog is one of the best deterrents that we have. but still, you can't cover every airport, every crowd that bunches up. this shooter, his name is esteban santiago. he was carrying a military i.d. we don't know if that's active, if that's another family member's i.d. we will have to determine that. and, of course, we don't know a motive at this point. but you've heard the reports from the eyewitnesss, when he finished three magazines he just sat down. and then law enforcement apprehended him.
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>> the thought is it was totally random? >> we don't know. this could well be some one who is mental deranged, or some one with a sinister motive that we have to worry about every day that, is terrorism. but just, we can't conclude that. >> do we know age or ethnicity? >> that's being reported over the networks, so get that right now. i will be talking later on today -- >> senator nelson speaking a short time ago. >> sheppard? >> yes, john. >> the report that he just said that he sat down is not accurate. he finished shooting and he was walking and the authorities kept shouting at him to sit down, sit down. and he did shut down then. he didn't finish shooting and sit down. i don't know what he was going to do. but it wasn't that he shot and sat down. that's not accurate.
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>> skron, if you would, take us through the very beginning. you're coming in from atlanta, there with your family waiting for your bags. >> right. >> our connection is better now. >> okay. >> what happened? >> well, we came up to the baggage claim area, and it just had started up. and probably 10 or so bags were coming out. i was looking for ours. and i saw our very first bag, i picked it up. you know how people line up along the edge to get their bags. and i heard the first shot. and i had gotten my first bag off and i wasn't sure what it was. but the person next to me fell to the ground. and then i started hearing other pops. and other people started falling and you could hear it, and smell it, and people on either side of me were going down.
11:42 am
and i just dropped to the ground. my mother-in-law and my wife did. and the firing just went on and on. >> he emptied his weapon and reloaded? >> yes. yes. >> was that a lengthy process, were people saying things to him at the time? >> i don't -- it was eerily quiet. i don't know. >> then you described how at some point he stopped shooting. and what happened then? >> well, then there was -- i was down on the floor. everyone was down on the floor. and when we finally looked up, there was a police man standing right over me. and i forget what he said, but it was something like, can you go ahead and get up. and that's when i got up. that's when i assumed it was safe. >> and now, while waiting to go
11:43 am
to a quiet room in terminal four, there was another scare just a few minutes ago. >> yes. >> and now police have you still on the ground there in the baggage claim area waiting for further instructions and being told to be still? >> yeah, they told us not to move. i think that's more, they just want to make sure that none of us were involved. >> well, the video we were showing a moment ago people running out an entrance, that was from terminal one a moment ago. this shooting in terminal two, bit of a panic in terminal one as people ran out on to the tarmac and out of the building. there's all grounds stop there. the authorities were spooked and so were the people -- what are they saying, john? >> nothing. the sheriff is standing right over me holding his gun and they have told us not to move. >> is he speaking to you, could you ask has there been another incident? >> i'm not going to say anything to him. >> that's wise. >> he's pretty intense.
11:44 am
right behind me, looks like they're coming to search us. but i don't want to move. i'm holding a wait a minuter bottle, i'm going to move back. i'm going to have to go. >> john schlicher please be in touch with us after this is over and let us know how you and your family are doing. >> okay. >> god bless you, imagine having the wherewithal, this man held people as they bled and watched onners this die around him in the baggage claim in fort lauder dame as he and his wife and mother-in-law go to florida for a vacation. unimaginable who has been witnessed. many questions about what is going on now. the honest truth is, we do not know. we know there's been a new scare, we know these pictures are frightening, we do not know specifically. stations from across the nation are going to join us on the fox broadcast network. >> good afternoon from fox news
11:45 am
in new york, kwaempt to 3:00 on the east coast, i'm sheppard. there's been an astounding series of events, it's ongoing. the sheriff's department reports five people dead, multiple more injured at fort lauderdale-hollywood airport. a man came into the baggage claim as a flight was arriving from atlanta, possibly among others, and began shooting indiscriminately hitting multiple people in the head according to the witness, john schlicher who was speaking to us from the baggage claim. he witnessed the shooting. these are live pictures outside. there was, what appeared to be, at least there was a scare of a second incident. this all happened at about 1:00 this afternoon. so an hour and 45 minutes ago. according to the witness with whom we were speaking, john schlicher, the gunman opened his weapon and began firing, hitting mum tip many people in the head. he reload his weapon and fired
11:46 am
again. then senator nelson from florida says he fired a third time, unloaded and reloaded a third time, and then according to john schlicher the man began walking away from the baggage area and authorities are scouting at him to get down, get down and he eventually sat down. and the man taken into custody, senator nelson has identified the suspect as a man named esteban santiago. he was carrying a military i.d. according to the senator. don't know if he's active or family i.d. they don't know a motive. the senator suggested some one who could be mentally deranged or sinister moment. they don't know. this happened outside the security area in the baggage claim area, a soft target as you know. this is a new scene we're watching now. an hour ago, the scene was said to be completely clear and contained. authorities had the sole gunman,
11:47 am
the lone gunman in custody. all of a sudden we were on the phone live with john in the baggage claim area of terminal two, and there was a mass panic. and authorities told everybody to get down on the ground. our with it told us that there were shots fired in nearby garage. we have can't confirm that. we know that something spooked everyone. again, this was contained to terminal two. they have since evacuated terminal one. largely the people you see walking out on to the runway or the tarmac, are evacuees from terminal one. some people went out the front door. my the hundreds and hundreds they came running out of terminal one. one woman carrying a baby, sprinting across the tarmac. and now you see authorities outside there, everything is a full stop. people have made their way to railroad tracks nearby and walking along the tracks, doing so with your hands in the air. i mean the first time we saw
11:48 am
anything like that was columbine high school after dillon clie bold and eric harris won't a shooting spree in the cafeteria. all of the kids, with their hands in the air, just proving that they are not -- oh my god -- this is an update from the tsa. they now say there is an active shooter at fort lauderdale, shelter in place. airport closed. now, this would be confirmation to us from the transportation security administration, john schlicher was reporting from the floor of the baggage claim in terminal two was accurate. there was a shooting at 1:00 this afternoon, five people killed, eight injured. and apparently there is another active shooter situation in the same airport. and i've never seen anything like this, in a domestic airport in the united states. anything like this if it has happened, where there's a shooting incident, followed by a lull and all clear, then another shooting incident. it happened before my 20 years
11:49 am
doing this. i've never heard of it. and this is the nightmare scenario for which authorities train. one that we've witnessed in the middle east from time to time. you know after, if there is an attack of some kind, this is a gunman, if the gunman was coordinating with anyone else you would shoot, take your victims out, be taken into custody, then there would be a second wave. and it appears according to the transportation security administration, direct to fox news and update, active shooter at fll, shemter in place, airport closed. this is in direct contrast to what they told us an hour ago. the official word from broward county sheriff's office, transportation security administration, was there was a lone gunman, he had been taken into custody, the scene was clear, they were allowing planes that had been circling to land rather than divert them
11:50 am
elsewhere. we watched on radar, five of them land. then there was all-stop. then minutes ago, john schlicher on the line with us, he said there were shots fired in the parking garage. full hour and a half after the shooting, full hour and a half after the gunman was taken into custody, it's happening again. are there more victims, we don't know. to assume would be a bad thing to do right now. i mean, you would wonder if this connects to the first one and you suspect that it was. there's no way to know. we're in uncharted territory at the moment. you can see, i believe, a broward sheriff's office deputy there with the long gun on patrol. it was clear that the panic, is phil keeting with us i'm not getting any information. phil -- there he is. >> hey, sheppard. >> they're telling us there's an active shooter situation again, now.
11:51 am
>> interest certainly appears, that is very challenging to get any information. greg myers, the airport spokesman, about 40 minutes ago had come to all of the media and said in a few minutes me and the broward county sheriff's department spokesman will address the media on the situation. minutes after that, i see about 15 heavily armed sheriff's deputies, far away, run into the garage. near terminal two. thing we were hearing there were additional shots fired inside the parking garage. then we saw police officers, including one with a k-9, calmly walking out of the terminal two parking garage. about 15 minutes after that, i ran up to the top of the hill on terminal one to see what i could see and that is being evacuated. suddenly, i saw dozens and
11:52 am
dozens of people from within terminal one come running out full panic speed. then they come back down to the camera, and the shot you're looking at right now, out there, this is the north side of the airport, that is one of the runways. everyone just running in full panic. people are terrorized, without a doubt, shep. 595 off in the distance, eastbound traffic to get into the airport is a parking lot. no one, there's no announcements going on. >> there's just one, "miami herald" reporting loud speaker at terminal one, everybody remain calm, police stationed throughout the garage, maybe 100 or more people on the tarmac. wsvn has a reporter who witnessed a man being handcuffed in a possible second incident in the garage nearby. wsvn reporting that quits were taking cover and, quote, heard gunshots.
11:53 am
that's a matter for dispute. the transportation security administration says there is an active shooter situation, broward sheriff's office is more specific to say they are investigating, there may be something else. with history as our guide, with history as our guide, when a big incident happens, initially throws you into shock. you are at baggage claim and suddenly you're holding a bleeding person and there is a dead man next to you, that's what john schlicher described to us in unbelievably moderate tones. then there's a loud noise inge the panic spreads like wildfire. that's our hope. and then some one is acting eratically and some one gets hand kufed. we have no -- handcuffed. no confirmed reports of anyone shot in the second incident. to err on the side of caution is the right thing to do. to get ahead of ourselves in the
11:54 am
reporting is the wrong thing. we know they're concerned, now, that something else has happened. we know they've closed down terminal one. we know they've sent out tweets that there is an active shooter right now. one thing we have not seen is a single bit of evidence of a second active shooter. we have nothing to show that that is the case. that said, the tsa says there is an active shooter situation that, would be an abundance of caution, right thing to do. the broward sheriff's office says they're investigating. there were reports of shots fired in the garage, no one is doubting the reports, no one is doubting anybody's motivations here. somebody, you know, a car door slamming after you just watched people die, could be a very traumatic event indeed. then the panic spreads from it so quickly, in an area where people are completely caught off guard, tourists coming in from everywhere to go to cruise ships. broward sheriff's office has
11:55 am
retweeted, the transportation security administration notice of a second shooter. so, though we have no evidence of it, we have no with its thereof, we know that somebody has been handcuffed, but that doesn't mean there's a second shooter. we can know from these photos here, this video, that there is panic. and the broward sheriff's office is urging calm. urging calm across the region. this is the time for which you and your family prepare when you're caught in a situation that is other worldly, where you somehow find the intestinal fortitude to take a deep breath, realize that the situation is so severe that you have to be so calm. it goes against all of our instincts. but it is the franing that the authorities send us -- training that the authorities send us when all hell is breaking loose around you, the best thing you can do is remain calm. and with john schlicher as our
11:56 am
guide, as he sat on the garage floor with his wife and mother-in-law, maintaining composure, explaining to us the unthinkable that he had just been witnessing. an example of how to stay very calm. and broward sheriff, is urging everyone at that airport to calm down. another thing, if you're watching in south florida and you're switching around, now is not the time to get near that airport. you can be of no assistance. they need to clear this place, they need on check everyone's pockets, they need people's hands in the air. they want to make sure no one else gets hurt. we have had a deadly day in fort lauderdale. a day that will go down in history in this city. five people have been gunned down at the baggage claim, eight more injured, and the suspect is in custody. now to find out why he did it. first, to make sure that there's no one else. the authorities were confident that they had the situation
11:57 am
under control by about 1:30 this afternoon, an hour and a half ago. there was still concern, but they had a suspect in custody, spoken with the suspect, they had no reason to believe believe there was anything else happening. he stood by the baggage claim according to multiple with it reports, and emptied his handgun. and you can see, checking again, checking everyone who comes and goes, do you have a weapon, can you be of danger, we can't let any more of this happen. this person is not handcuffed, was not taken into custody that,'s standard operating procedure today. disquieting, disorienting, certainly there's panic, shock there. you can't with it some one die next to you in baggage claim and not be shocked in some way. but this panic that follows, so often, also gets people injured. so, the official word from the transportation security administration, retweeted by the broward county sheriff office, is active shooter situation.
11:58 am
history tells us that does not necessarily mean there is an active shooter. that's the posture they're in. they're treating this situation as if there is an active shooter and they're looking as hard as they can, to find whoever this may be. or to clear everyone, or to clear everyone from this area. they very much would like to search people and move them on. but they're having transportation issues. i-595 connects from, this is new video from inside, now. i'm told this was immediately after 19 clock incident this afternoon. this is where john schlicher was in this expansive baggage claim area. the area -- let's listen. [ crowd noise ] (bleep) (bleep). [ crowd noise ]
11:59 am
>> we edited it, my producers tell me we edited that video before bringing it to you. there were scenes of carnage, that are not appropriate for day time television under any circumstances. these are decisions that we make morally and ethically. if you choose to search for that video you can. but those are people who lost their lives in this terminal. and far be it for their relatives to have it thrust upon them by us. we, frankly, are in a very uncomfortable position for any journalist. that is a position of having to tell you, we are uncertain of what has happened here. but we are certain the transportation security administration and broward sheriff's office tells us, we are duty bound to report to you, that there is an active shooter situation now. a second active shooter situation at fort lauderdale hollywood airport. it's our hope that this is a panic strike. that somebody freaked out and thought they heard more shots, that that caused this second wave of panic. but that is just hope.
12:00 pm
we can't know that for now. we wait for authorities, we know these authorities in broward county very well. they are often very good about informing us. today apparently they can't. >> it's 3:00 where there's an incident now. two hours ago now, alone gunman injured the baggage claim area at terminal 2 and began firing. according to a witness with whom i spoke, this gunman who was in his 30s, he was described in no other way by that by our witness. began firing at people and most people hit in the head according to witness john schlicher. john and his wife and mother-in-law were there in baggage claim as people began to fall around him. he heard shot after shot after sh


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