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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 1, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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california formally legalized the use of marijuana, in november. light them up. that the does it for me, i'll be back at 7:00 eastern for the fox report. >> chilling images of the suspects, in turkey the killer still at large. no group has publicly claimed responsibility. we'll have extensive coverage on the manhunt. >> president-elect donald trump brand new message to america, we're live outside his mar-a-lago estate. >> and, we'll be wrapping up all the new years, from coast to coast and pay round the world, ushering in 2017. ♪ ♪ and thank you for spending
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your sunday with us. i'm elizabeth prann and, thanks for starting out 2017 with us, america news headquarters from washington. >> "fox news alert". >> we start 2017 with a a massive manhunt for a terrorist who dressed in a santa costume, 39 were killed and, 70 were wounded. this happened other terror attacks. john huddy is there live. >> hi, john. >> yeah, well, the prime minister says that investigators have found one key piece of evidence, in this vicious attack, in istanbul and that's the weapon that was believed to have been used, a.k.47.
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the bloodbath happened at 1:15 this morning, at nightclub. that is real popular area. a lost bars, a lot of restaurants. outdoor shopping area. more than 600 people were packed into this nightclub celebrating the new year when the officials say the attacker shot and killed a policeman and then, sprayed gunfire and people jumped into the river and others hiding behind couches and under tables. and the prime minister denied report that is he was dressed in add santa claus outfit. if you look at the video you see him wearing a santa hat because he was initially seen dressed indeed all black, out side the
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club. but they believe he changed clothes to escape the club and that is what he ended up doing. the manhunt continues for him. we don't have an idea of this guy, but possibly police have his passport color photos. he may ab foreign national. no group has claimed responsibility. as we have seen, in turkey, these vicious attacks, have been carried out by isis or kurdish. this is the first of 2017. world leaders are condemning it, and, sending condole ledge senses, including putin, who said that russia stands with turkey and the white house called this a horrific terrorist attack. >> we have seen them get closer
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this live. >> back to you as news warrants. >> the shooting in istanbul marks the fifth terror attack in six months. two in germany, what he man attacked and kill a teen, and just before christmas, a large truck went through a christmas market. and in july, two men stormed a church, taking five people hostage and killing a priest. the men who were later arrested are said to have carried out eight talk in isis. the deadliest attack took place when 77 people were killed in nice france, and let's bring in wally ferris, thank you for joining us, on the news which is devastating. what is your reaction to this particular event? what do you find unique?
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this is the last attack and then this attack where he didn't sacrifice himself and the enact he was wearing a holiday costume. >> well before we get do that, number 1 he was wearing a santa outfit, so were many other security guards, we're just learning that he may have done that because he wanted to go through the security circles. he eliminated the security guard before he operated. thirdly using ak 47 and then the large number of people he killed and then he fled. he must have scouted this. this is more of a person who had been trained to do this stuff. not just at angry person. turkey has many enemies and the report we heard that two are suspects one is isis. and two, maybe kurdish radi
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california who attacked turkey as well. >> we just broke yesterday, the resolution for a cease-fire in syria. there's a problem in that part of the world. what do you make of the timing? >> that's as good point. there could be links between the ceas organized between russia and turkey, so, this attack so one would start looking at whose interest charges harmed by this agreement and it would be isis and those kurdish rebels. >> just on the heels we talked about the ais sane nation of the ambassador in russia. we have seen a number of attacks in turkey, what do you afrint it for. >> turkey is involved in the war in syria, it is fighting a
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faction. and they have capabilities of striking back in turkey. this was into the suicide mission could help us look at non jihadi but isis has been performing and now we have to wait and see the name and the turks are after this investigation. >> the ambassador was on the air, and made a landscape of the political part. >> he has taken turkey far away from its place in the western orbit. he's abandoned, 100 years to be ab western state. >> what type of environment. the turkish president. political endviron meant. >> there are a lot of criticism in the west and the united states, in congress about the fact that the government, has
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shifted from ultra secular values to more islamist and backing some of the militias. so, therefore, he believes if he's going to continue in that direction, turkey will change, one of second clar rich. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> these lone wolf terror attacks. like istanbul and berlin and, the christmas market present a new challenge for law enforcement. by their nature the suspects are harder to track. in the u.s. it creates a counter-terrorism dilemma. it weighs security against privacy. an issue that trump will have to address. michael, somebody who has had a dressed that before.
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he served as attorney general under george w. bush. >> happy new year. >> do you have a sense of what the dilemma facing america, and the in coming president is going to be in light of the increase of these lone wolf attack says in. >> i don't think if so much a dilemma as it is a challenge. that is to rebuild and put back in place a lot of the capabilities that were allowed to deteriorate. i think we have grown to rely on electronic intelligence, and less and less os human intelligence, and that's something that does not operate to the our advantage. we'll have to put back, an intara investigation program, that allows us not kill people with drones but to cap sure them, i think, the congress is
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going to have to act in pretty short order because, section 702 of the surveillance act, that allows the targeting of foreigners is about to good spire. so that will have to be reuped and i think congress should reconsider having section 214 which allowed gathering met today data to lapse. that should be put back in place. and, that was done with libertarian, and left tist democrats and they were selling fear and they'll have to, that point of view is going to have to be responded to. >> if often taken out of context. and i will, when i quote ben franklin, those who are willing to trade a little bit of liberty for safety deserve neither.
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>> is that the trade-off and we see it more or is there a way to have gloatd i don't think that there is a trade-off. i think that is often presented, as a false choice. there has been no invasion of our privacy in any of the surveillance programs. section 214 that was allowed to lapse allowed the government for collect met at that time data, not the content of anybody's telephone calls, but records that allow the government for check on whether a foreign terrorist was called. there's been no over hearing of americans and, i think it's false. >> it's an important argument in your perspective. i want to and one last question, you noted how much of our abilities have been doing
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gredated and the people, be the f.b.i., have long complained their hands have been tied. are we behind the 8th ball and can't rebuild or is there still time, working against the clock, because we have these lone wolf actors out there. >> i think there is still time. we have to try to rebuild. it's easy to let things explaps deteriorate, if that's what you are interested in doing and that's what got it done. including letting our intelligence gathering capabilities deteriorate. >> so would it be fair to say you're surprised, that there haven't been more attacks in the united states, considering how much we have allowed to. >> there have been plenty of attacks and i'm not going to say i'm not surprised there weren't
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more. i'm fearful there are going to be more and, start doing them. >> we'll bring you back to talk about them. thank you, happy new year to you and years. >> all the best. >> back to politics, president-elect trump sod warning on cyber security. write it out and, have it delivered by courier. no computer is safe. he has questioned allegations, by agencies, that russia tried to influence the presidential election by hacking into the e-mail. peter doocy joins us live, outside mar-a-lago. >> hi, peter. >> the president-elect says the intel community has been wrong before so he thinks they could be wrong right now with their
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assessment that russia interfered. the president-elect said he was willing to sit with high ranking officials and make their case and explain why they are so sure russia had something to do with hacking. but last night the president-elect said this. >> well i just want them to be sure. because it's a pretty here seris and be sure and they were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction. it's unfair if they don't know. hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i know things that other people don't know, so, they cannot be sure of the situation. >> he said he's going for reveal those things on tuesday or wednesday, this morning, tom cotton says he thinks the
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sanctions,, is too little too late. >> they are dismissing any talk about the unworkable position. >> to have a relationship with russia, which we don't have because this administration add failed reset. so now they want to praise the enact they don't have a relationship. and donald trump. foes have a relationship with russia that our interests are protected and not theirs. >> he is due to leave florida, this afternoon and head up to new york, where they are going to box stuff up because inauguration is less than three weeks away. >> peter thank you. >> russian diplomats expelted by the united states, are now on their way back to moscow. the 35 diplomat charges given 72
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hours, to leave, that ended, they left earlier today. >> caroline, in washington with more. not the new years they planned for. >> no and they have been complaining for it. for the last 72 hours. they did beat the deadline by about 3 hours. theyed ad house with 60 dependents. it's the most visible part of the punishment after they accused russia, and putting malware on the laptop. but they locked up two of their luxury com pounds, when u.s. blocked access to them. u.s. officials say they were used for intelligence. until now president barak obama has looked the other way.
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>> it's not just that the russia, that the president has been weak on russia, they have stopped other efforts by people like me and he other republicans from trying to draw firmer line. >> republicans are trying to put up the blame on democrats but he says that's not where the blame lies. >> there was careless dismes they didn't follow best practices f. russia wants to get in, they'll get in. if you launch enough spear attacks, a adversary is going to get in. >> senator john mccain has seat hearing for this thursday. he's invited the director of national intelligence and the head of the n.s.a. >> haven't heard the end of this. thank you. >> liz. >> coming up, after the break, just 19 days to go, but he may
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not be done with a flurry of executive actions and we'll take a closer look, with white house supporter. >> , plan new threats from kim jong-un, just how exreddable are they >> we'll take a look back at how we all rang in the new year, and, this client parade, in london, complete with a marching band
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>> northfore ria could be ready to launch a missy. that's according to kim jong-un.
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u.n. resolutions have called for an end, and the dictator appears uninterested in compiling. in his annual new year's eve address, he threatened to, boost it unless the u.s. ends war games with south korea. >> well the new year is starting on a rather tense note. between president barak obama and president-elect trump, the two are at odds by president barak obama, and, israel. >> will this set up roadblocks. and "wall street journal" white house reporter. >> we have been breaking down both russia and israel for the better half of the past couple weeks, so, a couple days, which move by president barak obama
10:23 am
took you to surprise the most and the which is most influential. we've seen a lot of moves. q.the move that president barak obama he took against russia was very significant. thepansions, expelling dozens of russian diplomats as one of the worst crises we've seen and it puts donald trump in a very difficult spot. because he wants a better relationship with russia. he's not convinced, that russia is behind. he might to want unravel it. >> so, members of congress, lindsay graham, and, speaker ryan who think they don't go far enough. so this is, president barak obama has put trump in a very delegate spot and the this has become messy. >> we heard from the
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president-elect when faulk beth relationship, and i want you to take a listen. >> well i spoke to him yesterday, he's been very nice on the phone. we have a very good relationship. we have to protect israel. it is very important. we have to protect israel. i disagree with what he has done. i listened to, secretary kerry's speech, and i think it's very unfair. >> he said, he disagrees, but at the same time, he seems very cordial. he's not quite as cordial, i'mgs from both. >> well there are mixed messages, they are invested on the notion that they are getting along. they are talking to each other but there are serious policy differences that underlie this relationship and we can't lose
10:25 am
sight of that. the u.n. resolution was not at good way for go. he fried to do what he could to derail it. and, president barak obama is upset about that. his white house wants trump for respect the one president at a time and, president barak obama fried to respect. so, it's back very complex relationship and under need this surface you can see the clashing of a out going and incoming administration. >> but there's real consequences involved here. >> yes, because what we're seeing is president barak obama be on his way out the door is taking some executive actions that run counter to trump's agenda. this u.n. resolution is new, it's a break with u.s. policy and trump will have to deal with the fallout and the rugs shash
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sanctions. so, what's happening, president barak obama is doing pore things. he's conservaing more land, which runs coun foretrump's policy, pro-drilling. so, it's become very sticky, my sense is both sideses would be happy top see it end. >> only 19 more days to go. we hope top have you back. >> thank you so much for joining us. don't forget to watch, "fox news sunday," and she'll be sitting down with tom cotton to discuss the fallout. that's right here on the fox nice channel at 2 p.m. >> stay tuned. coming up, latest developments out of turkey as they hunt for the gunman who killed 39 people, in a night club attack.
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>> less than three weeks, president-elect donald trump gets to work in the white house. we'll look at how his agenda will take shape in the first 100 days ok, let me explain.
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one of them gets you the most money back. isn't that the one you want? that's the one i want. that's the one you want. mmm... you touched all these. don't just get your taxes done, amy. get your taxes won. contact with him, the man was
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looking at us and smiling literally. i perceived him as saying, you go ahead. >> so far no organization has claimed responsibility for it. for reaction from the white house, let's go to kevin cowrk in honolulu, hawaii, where president obama is wrapping up his family's holiday vacation. >> reporter: you're right, generally when things like this happen, administration officials will tell you right off the bat that they are in contact with their counterparts in the affected country, and sometimes they will offer assistance; security assistance, humanitarian assistance. and in many cases that will even include investigative assistance which would certainly seem to be warranted given what has happened once again, devastation perpetrated on innocent people this time in turkey. i want to share with you just part of what the nsc spokesman is telling us tonight: the united states condemns the horrific terrorist attack in istanbul, turkey.
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he goes on to add that such an atrocity could be perpetrated upon innocent revelers, many of whom were celebrating new year's eve, underscores the savagery of striking3h&jñ,lñr left behind after another yet attack, over three dozen kills, dozens more wounded. i also want to share what the white house spokesman is saying, eric schultz, he says the president directed his team to turkish authorities as necessary and keep him updated as warranted. and that has been the pattern. i should also point this out, and i think you will find this interesting. in addition to getting those minute-by-minute often updates when there's a situation like this, the president will also be in contact with his national security council if there is something that ratchets up. obviously, the circumstance on the ground. this is not just a vacation for the president, this is the end,
10:33 am
looking forward now to what promises to be a pretty busy week in washington as you well know. the president not just getting back to work, also going to be getting together with democratic leaders on capitol hill trying to figure out a way to save the affordable care act, obamacare, and to strategize on the brave new world with the gop untiling both houses of congress and, of course, the white house. the president talking just a bit about those themes in his weekly address today. listen. >> and to keep america moving forward is a task that falls to 3 sustaining and building on all quñ?ñ?d helping more young people afford higher education to ending discrimination based on pre-existing conditions to tightening rules on wall street, to protecting this planet for our kids, that's going to take all of us working together. >> reporter: sounds a little right there. trying to hit on those themes he'll be talking about and encouraging his democratic leadership on the hill to continue to pound even in the
10:34 am
brave new world of a trump administration. liz, back to you. liz: all right, kevin. as soon as you get back, you have your work cut out for you. thank you so much for joining us. leland: president barack obama's hawaiian vacation has given the outgoing leader a little time to reflect on his eight years in office. now he's taking a page out of donald trump's playbook and tweeting about it. this morning mr. obama tweeted out: it's been the privilege of my life to serve as your president. i look forward to standing with you as a citizen. happy new year, everybody. here to weigh in on the president's legacy and what lies ahead for the president-elect, our fair and balanced political panel, antwan wright, ceo of blueprint strategies, ron meyer, politics. gentlemen, happy new year. nice to have you. >> happy new year, leland. >> happy new year. leland: the president tweeted out new year's greetings and went pretty specific on a couple of different issues. we'll start with obamacare. this from the president's
10:35 am
twitter account: after decades of rising health care costs, has access to the financial security of affordable health care, and he included a graph to make his point. antwan, how much of this is trying to secure his legacy, how much of this is trying to then make a point to the american people of, hey, look, donald trump is coming into office, and you have to fight for these things? >> well, i don't think he's secure in his legacy, because i think his legacy was secured the minute he signed the affordable care act into law. millions of people for the first time in this country have health care. college students, once you graduate college, you can no longer be kicked off your health insurance, you can stay on until you're 26 years old. if you have a pre-existing condition, you can no longer -- leland: we don't need to readjudicate why or why not obamacare's good. but, ron, as you look at this, is this a little bit desperate though? as president obama realizes in 20 days there's a new guy in the
10:36 am
roll back a lot of this stuff? ñ?ñ?ñ yeah, that's absolutely wt it is. he's almost lining this up with the protests, it's a day of action, all focused on trying to keep obamacare. the problem is trump has said he wants to keep what ann tan said was so -- antwan said was so great about it. including for people who are millennials who are under 26 who, you know, don't have rich parents, it's gone up. especially for younger people. premiums have gone through the roof. so, yes, repeal and replace is number one on trump's agenda, and it should be. and frankly, the millennials should be grateful for it. and when you're talking about tax reform and budget reform and doing some of these other things that trump wants to do, this'll be a huge step forward for the american people, and we might be able to see this economy start roaring again. and so he's trying to save his legacy, he's trying to brand his legacy, but i don't think this is going to work because the proof will be in the pudding after trump's 100 days.
10:37 am
[inaudible conversations] leland: are we going to see a reverse here that all of a sudden it's going to be president obama either on vacation or at his house here in d.c. trolling donald trump on twitter rather than what's been going on for the past eight years? >> no, because i think the 44th here's the bottom line, this economy is doing well because of eight years of barack obama. if you remember what this president inherited, he inherited a mess after eight years of bush. and so he turned this economy around, he saved the auto industry, he brought our troops a number of -- leland: well, antwan, he -- i'll debate with you later whether he did or did not do that. 50% of americans say they're no better off today than they were eight years ago, ron. and i get the feeling at least -- >> well, here's the thing about that. when the census information came out just a few months ago, it talked about how middle class incomes in this country grew to
10:38 am
historic -- leland: antwan, people don't care what's on a census, they care about how they feel, and what i'm telling you is 50% of americans don't feel better off. >> well, i mean, who thought trump was going to win this election? it's because there are people who feel like they aren't economically doing well x. secondly, if you're going to thank president obama for having a great economy right now, you're also going to be thank the republican congress that's been in place since 2010, thank speaker ryan and the -- >> oh, my god, ron. >> i mean, that's what happened. we've had divided government. that's what you're thank. but that's just not what's happening. we've been in this lull where we shouldn't be accepting 1%, 2% growth. the american people would have elected hillary clinton if they thought the economy was fine. they elected something totally different, something that none of us -- >> ron, ron, ron, here's the thing, we've seen record growth under this administration for the past eight years, record job
10:39 am
growth -- leland: we saw the -- >> that has not happened before. leland: we also saw the slowest recovery that's ever happened out of an economic recession -- >> well, this is the first time we've seen a recession as we did between 2007 and 2008. finish. >> at least we'll be able to see something different now, and we'll be able to see if it workings. we'll see if antwan's right or donald trump will make the economy better. leland: you know what? i'm willing to bet you guys might disagree on that. [laughter] i don't know, i'm just tossing it out there. [laughter] antwan with, ron, gentlemen, thanks for being here. >> thank you. happy new year. leland: to you too. liz: great panel. still ahead, how the long shadow of vladimir putin is shaping president-elect trump's foreign policy decisions. will it help or hurt the nominee for secretary of state? ♪ k,eos#u one more celebrity just or before the new year begins. mash co-stars remember the
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you guessed it, back to politics. president-elect donald trump doesn't shy away from his admiration for vladimir putin. mr. trump's praise of putin following this week's sanctions against russia has stunned critics and supporters alike and could create a rift in confirmation hearings for some of president-elect trump's cabinet picks. let's bring in alex pappas from the washington examiner. thank you for joining us, alex. >> elizabeth. liz: let's start with rex tillerson because he would be the secretary of state and, obviously, is a part of a lot of the conversations we've been having over the past couple weeks. how does he handle himself ahead of the hearings especially when it comes to the issues of russian hacking? >> of any of donald trump's prospective appointees because he's the one that had a relationship with vladimir putin
10:45 am
asked questions about. lindsey graham has said if rex tillerson doesn't come out and say he believes russia is behind these hacks, then he's not sure if he could vote for him. liz: so how tough of a time are they going to give him? is there going to be a confrontation, or is he going to go through the hearing seamlessly? >> the problem is if all democrats are against rex tillerson, it only takes three republicans to stop him. i just named three. so if rex tillerson doesn't get the support of those three, it could be a lot of trouble for him. liz: okay. another topic i wanted to ask you about is because obviously we've seen donald trump's questions about russia being behind the hacking, and we know congressman pompeo is also going to have to be undergoing some of those confirmation hearings. how does he handle himself, and what type of questioning will he face? >> donald trump hasn't accepted these findings, so you would imagine his nominees whether it's at cia, he hasn't appointed
10:46 am
a dni, director of national intelligence, yet. you would imagine when they're on capitol hill they're going to be asked what they think about russia. say what donald trump says which is be skeptical of the intelligence community, or are they going to take another line? that's a big question -- liz: that's a really slippery slope. there's a win or a lose there. what does the congressman have to do in order to get through the confirmation? can you say something different than donald trump is saying? the big question also is what is donald trump going to say? he's going to meet with some of the intelligence community people to better understand what's going on with russia. does he come out at some point and say what he believes the intelligence community is saying here or not? we'll see what his line is, and then we'll see if his nominees are mimicking that. liz: someone such as general flynn, for example, doesn't necessarily need to have confirmation hearings, but he's also been -- there have been people who have had their opinions about him being, obviously, the incoming nsa
10:47 am
adviser. you know, how does he pace that criticism -- face that criticism when they say he's either too hawkish or not hawkish enough? >> he has been supportive of russia, he's had his photo taken with vladimir putin, he's appeared on rt's, the russian-funded news outlet, so there's been a lot of questions about him. also another person that's interesting because we do know like general mattis for ?ñ?y who's been a lot more critical of putin and of russia. it's interesting because we know he's been influential in what donald trump thinks. waterboarding, for example, there's some reason to believe trump's mind on waterboarding. liz: yeah. we see so many different opinions yet all coming together in one administration, so it's going to be very interesting. alex, thank you so much for joining us. really interesting. leland? leland: the united nations has a new secretary general, former
10:48 am
portuguese prime minister antonio gutierrez. he comes in to his term with tough warnings for president-elect trump who tweeted this: as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. that, of course, the day mr. trump takes office. and the united nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. so sad. secretary-general gutierrez will work with the u.s., he says, to be a, quote, bridge-builder for peace. >> on these new year's day, i ask all of you to join me in making one shared new years resolution. let us resolve to put peace9osq in which we all -- citizens, governments, leaders -- strive to overcome our differences. leland: gutierrez was formally sworn into office, as you can see, on december 12th. his term, though, officially begins today replacing ban
10:49 am
ki-moon. liz: queen elizabeth spent the holidays battling a serious cold. the royal family attended church today. we'll tell you if she attended. and throwing in the towel on 2016, why mariah carey may be happy to put new year's eve behind her. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ liz: people around the country are enjoying the first day of the new year after a night of celebration. and while for many 2017 means a clean slate, there's one performer who may want a do-over. brian ennis has all the details for us. hi, brian. >> reporter: happy new year to you and everyone at home recovering today. you know, an estimated one billion people tune in all over
10:53 am
the world to watch the ball drop in times square every year, and the 12-foot crystal ball did not disappoint, ushering in 2017. a ton of confetti falling on more than a million people from all over the world who braved the cold, some for more than 12 hours to see it in person. kisses, hugs and tears all around, but speaking of dropping the ball, oh, man. all the talk today is about singer mariah carey who had a disastrous, painful, cringe-worthy singing performance last night just before the ball dropped on national tv. sound problems plaguing her performance. apparently, unable to hear, mariah flat out just stopped singing, but her music kept obvious she was lip syncing. mariah tried to save face. >> well, happy new year. [cheers and applause] we can't hear, but i'll just get through the moment, okay?
10:54 am
♪ >> we didn't have a check for this song, so we'll just say it went to number one, and that's what it is. okay. >> reporter: oh, yikes. [laughter] she tried the best she could, you know? meanwhile, an estimated 330,000 people celebrated the new year under the bright lights of the vegas strip where a fireworks display launched from atop the world famous casinos, and in seattle, washington, fireworks fired from the space needle and lit up the skies in the annual celebration there. and by the way, back to mariah. she tweeted about her performance: blank happens. here's to making more headline this is 2017. good for her, starting the new year with a positive at tuesday -- liz: blank does happen. it happens to the pest of us. -- best of us. there's a number of reasons why i don't sing -- >> reporter: that performance was the embodiment of 2016. it just was.
10:55 am
leland: so sayeth mariah. on to members of the to royal family in britain. they attended a new year's church service today minus the famous matriarch, queen elizabeth still battling a heavy cold that sidelined her over christmas. she stayed home to rest. the palace says the 90-year-old prolonged illness has raised concerns, of course, due to her age. liz: and still ahead, it's time to toss the christmas tree, but your old evergreen may be leafy greens for some four-legged friends. we're going to explain coming up. ♪ ♪
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he also started a program to golf courses and homeowners who need a little homeowners who need a little invasive plants. it's a great way to mow your lawn. >> is the cart here worse than the disease. >> stomach acid breaks it all
11:00 am
down. with that i have absolutely no idea. the beginning of 2017 shannon is in for chris wallace on fox news sunday. happy new year. bold moves on russia and israel in his final days in office. what does it mean for the incoming trump administration. >> i think they were treated unfairly by a lot of different people. >> the vote was about preserving the two state solution. they looked forward to working with the president elect trump to mitigate the damage that this resolution has done. shannon: an exclusive interview with senator tom cotton


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