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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  July 2, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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i'm going for a rebound in the british pound. >> i agree. i put a little bit of money in it. that's it for forbes on fox. keep it right here. the number one business block continues with cashin' in. >> president obama jumping into the campaign this week taking on donald trump who's taking on the issues of illegal immigration and syrian refugees. >> it offers some sort of vague no stall jik feelings of we'll make britain great again or make america great again and the subtext to that is a bunch of foreigners and funny looking people are coming in here and changing the basic character of the nation. >> if i ever use the word funny looking people or whatever the phrase he used it would be a headline all over the world with him nobody even mentions it. >> it's getting nasty.
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so who's right, who's wrong? welcome to cashin' in. welcome, everybody. so of course the main stream media agrees with the president, but is trump right on this one? can you imagine if trump said funny looking people? the place would go crazy. >> well, if trump were under criminal investigation and he met with someone on an airplane, the whole world would go crazy. i mean, the list goes on. there's absolutely a double standard and i've heard even a lot of my democrat friends admit that there is a double standard that for some reason conservatives are held to something entirely different than democrats are and i don't understand it but i think it's time that conservatives call it out. we don't have to put up with it anymore and we have had impact on how media is covering things unfairly and i think we should continue to be a loud voice on that. >> i'm fairly offended by the president's comments saying that -- no, for real. so he's basically saying if
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you're conservative and you're against illegal immigration you're calling illegal immigrants funny looking people? >> oh, my gosh. i think you guys must have signed one of trump's n nondisparagement deals because the reality is that history and the media and the american public know trump is the one who talks like nasty about mexicans and illegal immigrants and sometimes legal immigrants. he's the one that said we should bar muslim immigrants so there's a lot of history that calls into -- calls attention to everything he has to say about the immigration issue including his flip flop this past week and saying oh, maybe i'm not for borr barring muslim immigrants. >> fox news had a poll. not barring but temporary banning, americans agree with donald trump, 53% say they're in favor of a temporary ban on non-u.s. muslims coming into the country. so you're off base, america agrees with donald trump. >> no, it's not a matter of
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being off base it's a matter of someone who believes on the founding values of this fourth of july weekend that we do not discriminate against anybody based on their religious faith and most of the republican leadership agrees with this and has said they don't agree with donald trump. that's paul ryan, that's former president bush. i could go on. mitt romney, but you know what, americans are having an emotional reaction to the terror threat. >> all agree, and they are going to get hillary clinton elected if they keep it up. mercedes, we found out that this month, a record was broken. 2,300 syrians in the month of june alone, refugees came into the country. this is playing right into president obama fans and hillary clinton said we should increase the syrian refugee population in america. >> right. there -- i think there's a softness when it comes to immigration in regards to the plans of president obama as well
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as hillary clinton. and the concern is is the fact of the vetting process. this is something we've talked about for a long time where do they have the right documentation coming from the syrian government or from the syrian country to know who is coming into our nation. do you know how they're identified? they're identified by the united nations. so it's not even the americans identifying these refugees. the americans do then move forward on a vetting process, but that is i think where we have to be concerning because what we have seen is at least 40 refugees that have come to -- that are in america have been convicted. and so it really is up to the american government to ensure that whoever is coming into our country legally is able to be vetted appropriately with the right documentation. >> so let's bring a bigger picture here. some of the pro immigration people were protesting saying you know what? we want no deportation. even the secretary jay johnson, all this testifying on capitol
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hill, even for illegal immigrants convicted of crimes. that sounds very dangerous. >> that is where the rub is politically for president obama because he has deported and he's trying to play both sides. i love this story on the political angle because barack obama cannot help himself but be candidate obama. he loves campaigning. let's give him what he is owed here. he's a fantastic campaigner and he wants to run against donald trump. he is going to make this about an obama third term, push hillary aside. she should be very concerned because what he's trying to do, every time trump speaks, president obama is offended, he can't help himself. he rushes to the microphone to take on this political big dog and he is going to make this issue -- this campaign about him and that is a mistake. he will lose -- the american
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people will not vote for a third obama term. >> and you know what, this is the statue of liberty, guys and you know what? the statue of liberty, that flame stands for that we are a nation of immigrants and we love people, we love -- >> but you can -- you are so happy to have security guards around your house -- >> i want to correct you. we are a nation of immigrants, that part is true, but we are now a nation of legal immigrants. >> yes. we are a nation of immigrants. >> and we're at war. >> legal immigrants. >> there in lies the line. >> you want to gray the line. >> i'm not trying to gray the line. how about reality. >> let me take the bull around the horn again. can you imagine if eric said hey, funny looking people, i don't want those funny people to come out here. they wo would be picketing
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outside of fox news if i said something like that. >> they have decided somewhere along the way and i think it goes back to when they completely owned the media and there wasn't conservative media. they don't have that luxury anymore, but they're learning slowly and i think as we continue to be very loud about this as the anti establishment group that we all are just citizens out here i think they're going to have to start to listen, but you're absolutely right. here's the thing in response to what juan said. i'm not waiting for president obama to call away his secret service or let's take the walls down around the white house. it's those of us who can't afford to defend ourselves with walls and gates and secret service that are -- that he is calling for the walls to come down. >> i'll let juan respond to that. a couple of seconds. >> i just think that you know what, i want you protected and safe just like i want my family protected and safe. >> then close my borders. >> i think we have to just put
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the same week we see the terror attack, house republicans releasing the report on the benghazi attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and three u.s. americans. democrats saying the $7 million spent on the probe were wasted. but democrats dished out $8 million on global warming
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hearings and since when did democrats give a hoot about spending? >> yeah, look, there's politics in washington. and this is where i think that the media has to be able to understand that the democrats from the very beginning, eric, from the moment that mitt romney called out the fact that there wasn't enough action in benghazi and in cairo and talking about this as terrorism, from that moment on, the -- the white house and all of their democratic friends in the media jumped on mitt romney and the republicans to -- saying that we were turning benghazi into a political issue. and you know, they were successful in making this a political issue but the media has got to look at the facts. this benghazi report was crucial in finding out about hillary's server and a whole bunch of other mistakes that were made. there are still unanswered questions. we still don't know what the reason why this matters is because we want to make sure that it never happens again when an ambassador in a -- in a dangerous post asks
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for more security, the secretary of state should pay attention and should have an e-mail address to open and look at that request, and honor that request. >> benghazi report as rick points out to the e-mail server issue, which i think will eventually lead to a lot of things going on in the clinton foundation, some of the pay to play and some of those favors that looks like they were sold for access to president clinton. your thoughts on whether it was worth the $7 million. >> oh, absolutely. i think when you have a tragedy where you've lost the lives of four americans one ambassador, i think it really is something that we need to understand what were the issues and here what is very clear is the lack of leadership, the -- they were too quick to blame benghazi on the video, and then as well too slow to react. and so what do we need to do in order to ensure that our
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military is in place to be able to react quickly in responding to these tragedies that are happening abroad. and i think this was critical and i do belief that the committee tried to do a fair job of interviewing extensively interviewing those who were involved, treated these individuals fairly and wanted to make sure that we understood the full story and i think americans have a right to know and the families of those victims have a right to know. >> let me put it this way. $7 million is a lot of money. i would rather them spend $7 million, i don't know, do some flyovers over benghazi so that maybe we could have saved two americans. i'm not sure we could have saved the first two, but the second two that died eight hours later, but maybe if we got boots on the ground we could have saved two and we wouldn't need a $7 million hearing. >> don't forget there was also a state department inquiry and don't forget i mean, in hillary clinton was here, i'm sure she'd
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say i testified for 11 hours, so this is ad nauseam as far as i'm concerned and so what do i hear from my fellow panelists this morning? >> 11 hours is a lot? how about sitting here 13 hours and no one -- no wheels were turning toward benghazi? >> we're thinking -- >> are we under fire in afghanistan? no. look. i just think that this is -- this is cashin' in. how about spending some money to find out why donald trump is sending e-mails overseas to ask for campaign contributions chts. >> i'll give you ten bucks if you don't mention donald trump in your next comment. >> oh -- >> wrap it all up. >> this is benghazi. >> oh, my goodness. >> juan, did you read the benghazi report? >> yeah. >> i glanced through it because it wasn't that interesting. >> glancing through is not reading it. it should be -- eric, it should
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be required reading for everyone to read the benghazi report and it should be that we don't spend more money on things like science denying global warming. how many lives has that saved? if we can learn something from the benghazi reports going forward, then isn't it worth the american lives it can save and americans did die in benghazi and no one's died because of global warming. in the benghazi report -- >> i'm sure you guys would be -- >> let me finish. here's the thing. in the benghazi report we learned a lot about what hillary told her daughter and how different that is from what she was telling the american people. there was a lot we learned there. >> we ran out of time. we did learn some things. keep watching cashin' in and continue to learn. free wifi in public spaces across america. what will it mean for your pocketbook?
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a fox news alert. live in washington, d.c., we are learning more about those killed by isis during an attack in a bangladesh restaurant. three of the 20 victims were u.s. college students. one was an indian citizen studying at berkeley. two were students at emery university in atlanta including this young woman. the standoff ended when commando forces stormed the restaurant killing six terrorists and capturing another. 13 hostages were rescued. a overseas, thousands of
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demonstrators marching through london to protest against the vote on great britain leaving the european union. many draped in the flag of the e.u. london voted 60% in favor of staying in the european union but brexit won overall with 52%. i'm elizabeth prann in washington, d.c. hillary clinton pushing a spending plan and offering free wi-fi. we are talking a trillion dollars in new government spending. when does it stop? >> well, i don't think it does stop with hillary clinton. we already know that her plan is so far out of what we can afford in this country. she and obama have taken us all
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the way to the point of doubling our debt. that will not change. it will be obama's third term with hillary, lots of spending. you can go to any corner coffee shop and get free internet. >> your thoughts? >> free wi-fi come with a personal server or is it redundant? this is part of the problem. i think she is picking up the bernie sanders mantle which is that of free, free college, free wi-fi. it sounds great on paper, the millennials would love it, but we need to be realistic to the fact this is part of her $275 billion net tax increase. that does not include when you start adding it up. >> besides the money taxpayers are putting up, this is a business show. the government is going to compete with wi-fi servers? it's their business? >> it's not competing. what she is saying is for young
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people and poor people she is going to make sure she don't get left behind. that's good for the american economy, good for american business, good to have educated people who have access to technology and information. let me just say the big point here is she is running against donald trump. gina asked me if 2 i read something a moment ago. you take a look at donald trump's budget proposal, trillion dollar. they don't have a way to cut the cost to give tax cuts to the bridge. >> the government can't run amtrak. who thinks they can run the wi-fi covering the country? >> the fact of the matter is public wi-fi systems are very insecure. we need to have technology people making these decisions, not politicians. taking digital technology from a woman who couldn't figure out a fax machine is the wrong way to go. this is not a federal government
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program that should be initiated. we've got a lot of other problems. >> we certainly do. waking up america just in time for the fourth of july. >> as a young enlisted soldier in germany 1977, on weekend pass i took the train to a lovely city. in spite of the gray weather i walked around. then i took the commuter train to the concentration camp museum. i was alone on that gray april day. i went indoors to the little museum and looked at the photographs of what humans can do to one another. then i turned a corner in the exhibit and there were these black and white photographs of gis liberated concentration camp. on their faces you saw astonishment, astonishment at the faces of the inmates. i looked at those photos and
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great debate this week. thank you very much. time to wake up, america. i want to thank everyone who purchased the book "wake up america." i wrote this book because i care about the nation, i care about the future and i worry we are straying too far offcourse no book fits better into the fourth of july than this one. we still live in the greatest nation on work, but when surrounded by evil forces, liberals are hell bent on changing her life. they want to distribute wealth, come after conservative media and want you to shut up and be politically correct to a fault. the next nine chapters delve
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patriotic fourth of july. as the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server comes to a close, agents still haven't interviewed the presumptive democratic candidate. could today be that crucial moment? brand-new fox news polls, trouble for her republican rival donald trump. will he now be able to ramp up his criticism of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal to turn those poll numbers around? we have just learned three students from u.s. universities, including one u.s. citizen died in the bangladesh terror attack as isis takes responsibility. a live report on how it all ended coming up.


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