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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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smoker outside a tense family show, kennedy coming up. reunion, joining me, one, only, have a good evening, thank you. andy mccarthy welcome back, sir. >> hey, kennedy how are you. kennedy: good. i think if you talk about unsales president of the united ♪ kennedy: thank you. states -- unseating president of >> well christmas is coming united states, this is a broader investigation, and i think that early, americans are getting what we want. republicans are went their right to call to people like chalupa more 2020 democrat candidates. and ohr and hunter biden. yea. form are new york city mayor, i think he can provide some michael bloomberg filed context what say you? paperwork for the alabama >> i wish these rules were in primary. maybe he will run against don place the 20 years i was a prosecutor, only government getting to go and prosecutor gets to go. the other team does not get to blankenship. play. they don't get to put their and bernie sanders and elizabeth version of events in or anything warren, would rather see bloomberg's billion in that prosecute are alleg prosecn government coffers do not take too kindly to his entry. contact, that was referred to as >> that is the arrogance of a kaa kaj kangaroo court that wt billionaires, i guess you don't have to have town meetings or talk to ordinary people, i guess
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you take out a couple billion dollars and buy state of do in america. kennedy: ad adam schiff is a california. >> i would build a grassroots movement to make real change. nonserious person. i don't think that democracy every time i see him go on and should be about people coming in on and blather, i think to and buying elections. kennedy: tell that to your myself, nancy pelosi, knows that friend hillary, dear. charges are not strong enough to bloomberg her successor here inw stick. on get votes in senate to remove him. therefore in the end, it going york mayor de blasio said he to be seen as a failure, a should not be the nominee stunt, she does not mind if adam because he is wealthy. >> if he was -- when he was schiff takes the fall. mayor, i think he had no >> i think that is right. understanding of the inequality but i also think from republican stand point that is the hand you crisis, and tone deaf to what are dealt so that is hand you people are going through in the stay, would he be better than donald trump of course, should play, since they cannot put their case in this done in a he be democratic nominee, no, very one-sided heavy-handed there no way in the world to fashion. the one thing they have going for them, is that adam schiff, who began the proceedings when nominate a billionaire. kennedy: how does he make a this cock -- cocka miami god baseball hat look dumb?
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yesterday, it could spir the father part 4. between trump and zelensky. >> you could just read the trip people's pant suit to give hillary clinton a third round. antranscript and you would not watch this. >> i don't know whether she will have to freestyle like a bad look at bloomberg thing, and say it feels too crowded now or scene in an "eighth grade" draa opposite, the field is weak, i class. >> if i were to the republican could come in get 165 thousand, side by the time this hearing is i am tied withed by confident over, every one would remember some early states -- biden with everything that schiff said, i some of the early states. would ask went witnesses to rea, kennedy: i think so too, i want her to get in, former and did you hear anything like massachusetts governor patrick that on the convor saying vor -, also said to be mulling a late run. will more be merrier in the race i would keep it back to schiff, to bit beat the orange man the t a partisan not a fair dealer. kennedy: part of the story having had concern visions with cheeto? whistleblower before. or will democrats see red. -- having had conversations with the whistleblower before the joining us now. complaining was filed and also emily here. putting forward this grand jury with democrat strategist. fallacy. >> well, yeah, this whole idea
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kevin walling and reason that his part of the investigation is the grand jury, magazine editor at lar large, mt and therefore in a grand jury the prosecutor gets to put version of, events in. welch. only thing that a grand jury does is determine whether there so bloomberg what a is enough evidence to go forward to trial. condescending ass hat, saying but the grand jury is in front this feels horrible, i better of objective impartial grand save it. jurors, schiff is like the over >> he has been trying to do this bearing prosecutor, that the since 2007, last year the same grand jury is there to protect you from. thing, maybe i'm accounting or try to protect you from, that about it, but -- i'm thinking is the theory of the system, about it he thinks there is a other thing is that reason we lane. allow the prosecuters version kennedy: a bloomberg lane. >> but it is joe biden's lane. alone to go in is because joe biden has polled the same everything is done in secret. when you finally go public. the entire year, 30%. that is the point when the no matter what. his teeth fallout like robot in accused person has all of the rights afforded by the his body trying to break out constitution that includes right whatever it is 30%. to call your own witnesses and bloomberg is identifying a lane, -- only things that democrat like >> what d when when do we see t.
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him for, stuff that would make him unelectable is he wants beto >> sounds like not until judiciary committee phase of house proceedings, but by thin, when you look what goes on in o'rourke's gun policy and steal grand jury, what courts say you your vapes and and marijuana. is a tainted thed pro -- you kennedy: we won't take it. >> he likes charter schools, now you can't do that. have tainted the proceedings, kennedy: you cannot say that word, you might as well say, hit that is what seems that schiff leahitler schools. trueing to do. kennedy: that is why he is a >> even their strategy, he will political clown, dragging the skip first 4 states, no nominee country through this circus, to has been successful doing that. his and our detriment. that is wrong. kennedy: julian did that. andy mccarthy thank you. >> yep. >> he went nowhere? kennedy: coming up. >> thank you. kennedy: on this veterans day we right. it does not work. honor service, sacrifice and no matter how much money you have. >> you can't buy your way in. freedom, i will talk with a kennedy: politics are so veteran who advocates for cannabis for servicemembers, now arrogant, they think they lord legal rising could help solve over the biggest greatest city the opioid crisis and ptsd, that that populist th translates to p layerty, it does not -- is coming up. popularity, it does not, and andrew yang right here, ad buys
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don't substitute for sitting we present limu emu & doug down and talking to voters face with this key to the city. to to face in places like iowa [ applause ] and new hampshire. it's an honor to tell you that >> no substitute for having a is compelling message, if you tell me bloomberg has that, i will be shocked. kennedy: give me your guns, i will take them and then they will begun. >> biden has a thing where he ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ pretends to communicate with the working class, you is bloomberg [sneeare you ok?fles] yah, it's just a cold. it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. going to do that. kennedy: he is not. >> polling 4% in first poll, most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. that is like down -- him and coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. yang are quic ying and yang. kennedy: bird poop is polling 5%. >> incredible breaking here. >> true. >> i don't think he will run. >> what is he doing then?
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kennedy: why isn't hillary clinton doing this, i want her to go big or go home, go big. >> bloomberg wants to be president, he is dipping his toe in water, he wants people to file about him, he is filing in alabama or arkansas but i don't think he does it. kennedy: i don't think so either. >> i think that blankenship has a better chance of being senator than bloomberg of being a democrat nominee, let's say, miracle of miracles, whole field bows out and bloomberg by default is nominated, i don't think he would beat donald trump then. >> no. there is no natural consistency for bloomberg, you will have a really super annoying new york billionaire running against a really super annoying new york billionaire. maybe not have people from the tri-state area. kennedy: it we have one it
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better became -- camille not offer. >cam ofcamille notoffer. >> still -- not offer. >> >> st still time. remember last month, hillary made this creas crazy claim. >> i think that they have their a on someone in democratic primary, they are grooming her to be third party candidate, she is a favorite of the russians, they have sites and bahts and other ways of supporting -- boites and other ways of supporting her, that is assuming jill stein will give it up. shy might not, she is also a russian -- a russian asset, totally, they know they can't win without a third party candidate. kennedy: oh. she is just a warm, lady fart. that is all she is. gabbard campaign firing back today, sending a letter to clinton demanding -- turning red
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is not a russian asset not groomed by russia. beside your statement -- much less presented any evidence that congresswoman gabbard is a russian asset is fabricated story. end quote. >> after clinton's comments her team said she meant the republicans are grou grooming pl see for a third party run -- tulsi for a third party run, then why did she say russians. they call it rubbish today. she has a bunch of old oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. barristers on her legal team. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. should hillary clinton atone for can you help with these? her sins, was this a smart move we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. by gabbard? >> this is amusing. this is actually think that
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tulsi is right about a lot of things, but i think she is wrong to suggest that hillary clinton kennedy: on this veterans day, did not believe this at the time she said it, that is a statement anyone in proximity to you toker to make laws, should all be how deeply in dlo throes. ashamed of themselves for lip service and inact they have paid to those who fought for the country, the brave men and women, it is staggering they are >> why did you lose 2016 she all but abandoned in times of will lose yor lose her mind aga. need, we know many vets have been over prescribed opioids throughout the years, and under this is my favorite side bar of served. thousands return home plagued by the election. >> a great thing for tulsi, she tpsd, they are handed antidepressants like they are polls 4% nationwide, made tootsie rolls from a fresh november debate. >> good for her. pinata, and then heartlessly >> on track to make december treated as sta at thi statisticy debate this knife fight with hillary clinton is elevating her become addicted in states like candidacy. colorado and illinois, why kennedy: good for her. >> 6% in new hampshire today. cannabis is illegal, doctors >> they are all republicans. >> a stupid lawsuit. allowed for a ope opioid -- v.a.
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it is a stupid lawsuit, hillary does not extend that basic luxury even though study after clinton's clap trap it is study, showed a 63% drop in the garbage, this is embarrassing. need for open roa opioid medicar another thing she should not noe patients using cannabis, doctors treating vets with ptsd and listened to. kennedy: but hillary always crying. there is a backlash against chronic pain can prescribe female politicians. >> i think tulsi gabbard, is a highly abused oxycodone. but not cannabis. female. kennedy: she is. and there is a special place in cannabis is woefully under hell for women who don't support each other, maybe hillary needs studied. veterans cannot legally get to go back read minutes from access to medical cannabis, because it puts them at odds with the laws of the country meeting with madeleine albright. >> i would like support from they served. hillary clinton. how de dickishly cruel is that? kennedy: financially, she has no much money. >> where is it? i'm right here. kennedy: in somalia. they have done such great work, they rebuilt the infrastructure. to vitalcohollism, and -- fight, >> we can be an asset to someone without working. fight, >> true. kennedy: she did not say, that she knows people think when you alcohallism, fear mongering say asset they go oh, my gosh, failed veterans in we're toon
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tulsi gabbard is a spy it gets hor thosto --to honor those whoe crazier. >> and jill stein is not running in 2020. that already crazy garbage. to give them all of the tools to and -- >> the idea that you are running heal and thrive on. 3third party. >> so republicans can win that does not -- was ralph nader a that was memo. >> there was no shortage of well deserved tr tribute to hurt mend commie stooge. kennedy: >> was gary johnson. >> i think there is an women in uniform, but highest interesting with tulsi not running for house. praise practice ofs from 2020 she is all in for presidency, democrat who pushed for not running for congress, she is marijuana to treat ptsd, allowed to do, which i think is elizabeth warren, bernie an interesting nugget. >> and she is playing footsy sanders, and pete buttigieg have floated proposals. with third party people on finance side. kennedy: wh wouldn't you, keep r my next guest served two tours option open, john stossel taught overseas and struggled with me, that mustache of freedom. >> we have more, public type of opioids after returning home from war, and claims that peacimpeachment hearings begin n cannabis saved his life. wednesday. will president release a second joshua latrell. transcript? >> thank you so much thank you
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andy mccarthy with a sneak for having me, i could not agree peak next. from credit cards. more with what you said, it asinine that the elected officials run on back of helping veterans out and advocating advd it's just not right. be behind you, then we ask to but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right, support what we want with access by consolidating your credit card debt to medical cannabis, they into one monthly payment. refuse, we found out they have you can get your interest rate right pharmaceutical companies that pay them 25 or 50,000 in by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. donations, and unfortunately, veteran community does not have that liquid to donate to their check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan campaign. >> that is crony capitalism is up to $100k. such an incredible disservice, we have to adjust our thinking. we cannot sit boo back as people overdose and die. and people say, wha -- why not reschedule something that might (vo) gthewith every attempt,oan strto free itself,pider's web. have potential to help people, it only becomes more entangled. people who are wounded mentally
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and physically in chronic pain unaware that an exhilarating escape is just within reach. through a little bit of a drug that has been delegal in a majority of the country, that might help them, but are sit on your ass, not you but the president and a bunch of others. >> right. at the season of audi sales event. and you know who what about saving lives, that is what this is for us. ( ♪ ) a choice, we want to utilize cannabis as a choice from v.a. over pharmaceuticals and save lives, your brothers and sisters they can do that. >> and it is sad, this is true ( ♪ ) and then they go, oh, you poor victims, i am so sorry about your ptsd, i am so for you the enchanted disney became addicted, then you become fine jewelry collection. ststatistics that is so with exclusive bridal styles at zales, the diamond store. condescending. >> today we had 4th year in a row we have done the casket demonstration, to evok that visceral response to that
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imaginary that lets people understand what we go through in v.a. the fight we're having with the v.a., we just than choice to out peyton, whath exclusive abrad, welcome to peytonville. what's this for? song inspiration. utilize cannabis. i started in my garage, but nationwide protects so much we set the casket us to prove to i had to expand. people this is what v.a. is nationwide helps protect doing, forcing us in casket by everything you see in here, brad. every family, every business, every dream. putting pharmaceutical as number one only option, we fight for see mrs. hoffman? that access, that is what this nationwide protects her home and car, demonstration does, fourth year but also her dream of retiring to become a yoga instructor. in a row it is to just get people to get comfortable with oh, they have backstories. of course they do. here, i got more to show you. being uncomfort able this is a keep up, now. a little hustle. very uncomfortable image. kennedy: they should see it and they should know the lives that have been cut short not only through overdose but also. suicide, and i think v.a. and beyond the routine checkups. federal government has done not enough in this area. beyond the not-so-routine cases. and the fact that we could be on comcast business is helping doctors the brink of some true provide care in whole new ways. incredible medical discoveries, all working with a new generation of technologies and scientists and researchers condition follow through -- powered by our gig-speed network. those -- can't follow through on
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those studies because they are because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ill logically illegal substances, your last word, what every day, comcast business is helping businesses do you look for next year? go beyond the expected. >> to fight for access. to do the extraordinary. that is the key. the next year we want to make take your business beyond. sure that veteran are those who grow industrial hemp, we can bro vide a cbdvisit to thdbenefit t. and instead of pharmaceutical companies, that is how we can change lives. that is a real big deal for us, and that is the key for us, getting that access, making sure that veterans grow the medicine, for the veterans, through the v.a., then get access that we need so veterans go get pharmaceutical department see df the table. kennedy: right and have a different alternative for those who have fought for freedom they kennedy: well it's the week should have a freedom of choice. we've all been waiting for, >> thank you. kennedy: coming up bombshell allegation by former u.n. impeachment inquiry is going public. welcome back by the way, 3 ambassador, nikki haley.
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a resistant movie a movement agt administration officials to testify before congress in live president trump from inside of televise public hearings, two on the bus white house, the panel returns to break it down, next. on-your-flag-football-team easy. wednesday, one friday, republicans have submitted their own wish list of interviewees, joe biden and whistleblower. go get 'em, bus! but shifty schiff is the bouncer ohhhh! posted outside of club [laughing] impeachment, making it clear those witnesses are a no go c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! behind his velvet rope, other hey man, i got your flag! democrats push back. >> we want to say focused on the i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. ukraine call. having hunter biden come in, is 49 - nothing! woo! unrelated to the ukraine call. that is irrelevant. >> i don't think he is an appropriate witness, not only that but i think that reason they are calling for these witnesses, the new witnesses is because that i want to make a spectacle and a circus out of this proceeding. >> president of the united but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. states demanding extorting a vul for able country to do his
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because there are options. like an "unjection™". political bidding to go after xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate his opponent has nothing to do with joe biden executing foreign to severe ra for whom methotrexate policy of the united states. kennedy: maybe it does. did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling meanwhile, trump said he plans and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. to release another transcript. that might not be a good idea xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections like tb; mr. president. tweeting -- to continue being most transparent president in don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. history, i will be released taking a higher than recommended dose of xeljanz for ra sometime this week transcript of first and therefore most can increase risk of death. important phone call his with serious, sometimes fatal infections, the president of ukraine. cancers including lymphoma, and blood clots have happened. i'm sure you will fine it as have tears in the stomach or intestines, tantalizing. tantalizing? what is on this transcript? serious allergic reactions, and changes in lab results. i got a good imagination. tell your doctor if you've been somewhere will it absolve the president of fungal infections are common, or if you've had tb, hepatitis b or c, any alleged wrong doing o w or are prone to infections. needles. fine for some. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™".
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♪ kennedy: there are no words, former u.n. ambassador nikki haley, banging the drum, now an author, she's to throw the book at sexy rexy tillerson and john kelly, saying, they were running their own resistance in white house, she refused to be -- shoulder their little lie. >> instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president. not asking me to join them on their side bar plan. it should have been go tell the to the what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he is doing, to undermine a
9:21 pm
president is really a very dangerous thing. and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the american people want, it was offensive. kennedy: i heard rex was making a constitution when he heard he was relieved of duty. he has yet to respond but john kelly came out swinging, issuing a state that read: >> halley's hot take sparked rumors she is auditioning for mike pence's spot on 2020 ticket. and president did nothing to silence that. by tweeting a plug for her new book. is nikki haley angling for a role in big white house or more stable like syria? party panel has returned. emily, kevin and matt. so, kevin, you. i think that whole thing is
9:22 pm
fascinating, if you are nikki haley and you wanted to fact track presidency -- fast track presidency you would get in the vp slot. >> one key indicate or last tuesday was suburban white women, you want to win that in 2020 nikki haily is your gal, mike pence really does not bring anything to table. >> you watch your mouth. love mike pence. kennedy: they love mike pence, you take that back. >> i don't know,. kennedy: my mother loves mike pence. >> i think nikki haley would be a good one. as a democrat that would be scary on the ticket. >> she was a great never trump hope for a long time, safe us nikki haley. kennedy: she campaigned for little marco rube rubio and his
9:23 pm
little tiny beetle boot. >> she also -- here is why nikki haily is a smart choice, she can -- the president's successes, she had a successful right-to-work state with a lot of manufacturing in south carolina. a great place to be from, an interesting family heritage, she can say, i am a nontraditional thinker without annoying drama. >> the problem with that in a crucial moment in south carolina with the confederate flag, a person who would stress decency. donald trump say -- it is not decenty from donald trump, she make a choice as many people are in so plan many places. >> he has done the best job in any of his administration of riding the trump rail, this is the third rail, it is
9:24 pm
electrified, she is only person in -- no one talks about ben carson, really no one talks about rick perry or bessy devos or elaine chao or anyone still there, i know rick perry, god rift hirest his soul. >> he is still dancing. >> a great dancer. >> nikki haley has done best job saying here is why he is okay, but i am better, wink. >> she is not a sycophant, they think they have to be a sycophant to go on tv, give the trump, trump etters. that said, i don't think that. there yotrump campaign wants als of relitigating her come on -- >> with all drama, and impeachment it would be lyft off there are worries, everyone has said bad things about the
9:25 pm
president. >> i think that her nonsycophant senonsycophanty ends. we should reporting that members of the cabinet were saying, this dude is crazy. we have to do something about it. kennedy: we can't lose sight of that, if they said that, they were two rational successful people in very different worlds. >> they are not -- the most outsider secretary of state in modern history. kennedy: too outside. >> oh, rex, i miss you, all right, amy klobuchar campaign rally are as crowded add a chick if la -- chick if chick-fil-a o. saying, pete buttigieg is only making debate because he is a man and has a wiener. >> the women on this stage, i am
9:26 pm
focusing on my fellow women senators, and myself, do i think we would stand to that stage if we had experience he h no, i i don't know, maybe we're held to a different standard. kennedy: oh, put a cork in it. there are not arbitrary criteria used to fill up those detail stages woman. thesbroads! mayor pete, she saia female mayor from small town in indiana would do just as good as if she had his ideas. a fannie way of saying, sometimes not the arrow but -- okay an anyhow, i did that. is globe cele klobuchar making t or a fool of herself. >> i don't think this is necessary right now. >> sure go to the than. man. kennedy: emily you go last.
9:27 pm
>> and 78 cents on the dollar. >> hillary -- >> i think -- >> in office. >> this is as you said, a hail mary on klobuchar's part, she is trying to stay relevant. kennedy: doing the tulsi gabbard, to mayor pete, why is she picking on mayor pete, he is lgbtq that say tough road to hoe . >> he needs the more moderate lane. kennedy: she is shaming him. >> sure, in her strategy mind set, not taking on joe biden, which she should to get voters, taking on pete buttigieg i don't know if that is a winning strategy. kennedy: i thought who hay saidf great, if there was a female combat veteran lesbian if indiana. >> i would thinking about staying on sideline supporting her. i am like coul, baller move.
9:28 pm
>> if there is a female, small town les lesbian mayor from ind. she is higher than aoc. this is a joke, she said maybe there is a double stan order. standard. >> they are saying let's just have white guys. >> this is the most diverse field ever. >> 4 women, women of color, lgbtq folks. folks. >> who overshot expectations, there is quite woman senator, like glob globe golden klobuch e mayor of a nothing town a rando asian guy who throw out thousand dollar checks. kennedy: back too our points,
9:29 pm
bloomberg cannot enter. politics have eclipsed. there was not space for them. the cranky old white person space has been taken up? he could not speak the crazy language it is -- i hate they said the same thing, they who are they are, i heard a lot said in january, you know people are not paying attention to elizabeth warren, kamala harris who are ash koch blu acomp bluee they are. >> she is running a great campaign, at least until a couple weeks ago. kennedy: until she could not figure out how to pay for her signature piece of legislation, emily, last word. >> kennedy, i am, fended yo offo to me because i am a woman. kennedy: you are too pretty. >> i can't disagree. kennedy: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> topical storm is next.
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kennedy: a san francisco man was allowed to bring a horse on a b.a.r.t. train this week because it was hisper -- his therapy
9:34 pm
animal, a lot of people were worried about the smell but they gave the horse some nose plugs. >> in florida, professional boat racing as a high turnover rate. this is why you never buy a used boat off of michael cohen. it slips on you. get it. he is a rat. good news nobody was hurt, and race boat ruckus, the boats were lost off the coast of miami. they are used to leasing things, they are dolphins fans. there are other jokes to make but we're laying off the rookie drivers because they are still a little bit wet behind the ears. >> 2 million people watched video of sinking ship, when you google sinking ship, every story is about kamala harris. topic two.
9:35 pm
mug shot mone monday this week's winner arrested at disney after groping princess aerial from little mermaid in if he likes grabbing butts prison will be a snoit ♪ whole new world, down you dare close our eyes. people say sherman needs to get a grip, he already has one, he groped the little mermaid outside of the ride, but they could not tell the cops because ursula stole her voice, they would find him under the sea ♪ i will stop, i was going to do a frozen joke but i will lit it go ♪ >> if he is found guilty, he will be sent to where all sealiaserialgropers go, to joe s
9:36 pm
campaign. joe. topic 3. angry football fan stabbed baby trump balloon outside of the saturday alabama and lsu game, nice to see someone deflating things beside the patriots and tom brady squeezing his balls. let it down. to be fair, it was not biggest let down of the day for bama fans, but cops caught the guy after he tried to run for it at least someone from alabama knows how to stop the run, one man of arrested. in but alabama fans have since for given him. they sens sent him on a free bot trip. >> and this is alabama season in a nutshell. it looked like it went great then they could not stop the
9:37 pm
turnover. topic 4. popeye's now selling i think this is quite delicious, bourbon fudge pie, you can't get that chicken sandwich, you can still get love handles. this quit sweet treat filled wih real bourbon, because popeye's has not had enough chaos, throw in booze, popeye's is great, you can't beat the prices, but beat the customers, that is good practice for black friday shopping, chocolate chow on sale now for 249, which is what you saweigh if you eat it regular, i am not fat shaming, someone needs to speak up before we get so fat, our flag can't wear any
9:38 pm
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>> did you get it? thank you for watching the best hour of your day! follow he on twitter, instagram @kennedy nation. e-mail me, tomorrow night. alexander. president camille foster and brian suits. you too, got need. mcshane on "after the bell. lou: it's monday, november 11, 2019. veterans day. we begin with a special thank you and salute to our nation's veterans and all who serve the nation in uniform all around the world. in new york city the commander-in-chief spoke at the city's veteran's day parade. quicking the first president to d becoming the first president to do so.
9:43 pm
the president honored the veterans saying the glory of their deeds only grows greater with the passage of time. it's been
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