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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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so from all of us, we send our greatest thanks and our heartfelt thanks for all you do thank you. david: last word. >> it was great they are donates to head start, everyone should look into that. >> good stuff, thank you, happy veterans day. melissa: another record day for wall street, the dow closing in record torrey foer to --er to fd state session, bullish comments from boeing. and accounting for all its gains, all this unfolds, capitalism comes under attacks. from several top 2020 democratic contentors now jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon fighting back. honoring our nation's veterans, primp, addressing veterans in new york city. we have the incredible story of one vet awarded medal of honor by president overseas.
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streets of hong kong, descending into sheer chaos. the violence getting worse at least one protestor shot, another set on fire. to iran could claiming they found a new oil field, with 50 billion barrels of oil as the economy there all but crumbles,. i am melissa francis in for elizabeth macdonald, the "evening edit" starts right now. melissa: tomorrow the supreme court will decide if deferred action for childhood arrivals, daca, will be upheld after trump administration started to phase out the program in 2017. hillary vaughn is in washington. reporter: the supreme court will review argument for and against daca phase out over 700 dreamers have benefited from, supreme
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court will hearing arguments whether trump administration is legally fade out the daca program that was started under obama administration. lower courts have established nationwide injunctions against the phase out. stalling the president's plan for now, that could be creating chaos in immigration policy, attorney generalling wit williar saying that program recipients remain in legal limbo after two years ... >> that process toward the resolution will start tomorrow, where supreme court hears from those who want to stop the trump administration from rolling the parrintheback the program.
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arguing it changes a constitutional protection, and due process. and notice and comment period before going to effect. one of those is presidential candidate julian castro. >> in next couple of years, in january of withi 2021 with a new president, we'll have an opportunity to protect all who havnot committed a searious cri. serious crime. reporter: the supreme court decision will come in the middle of this presidential election. melissa: hillary thank you. let's get right to republican representative for texas jody arrington. what do you thinking happen with daca. >> let me say, a big west texas thank you to our hurry heroes
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and veterans and frie freedom fighters. president would have the authority to rescind this, by executive order, either way, i think that this incentive that is drug people t drawing peoplee illegally will be stopped. this president, i don't think anyone would question is committed to securing the border and stopping illegal immigration. one of the top riche issues he ran on in 2016. melissa: it seems frustrating at home this legislators there are to make laws. everyone is dissatisfied with the current immigration system, why can't you get together and do something about it.
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>> democrats last term when republicans ran the table, unified republican leadership, we heard the democrats say, that daca and legal status was their number one priority. we had two bills, that said okay, we'll five legal status and peace of mind forever daca eligible. we were leaning in. and being generous in that regard, but we wanted is for american people to have peace of mind too. piece of mind to secure the border, and enforce the law and stop chaos and crisis. of the legal immigration. melissa: you know -- by the way. melissa: they said that was not a real offer, because president rescinded that was out there he said he was not willing to go through with this? >> well, that is just not the case. i voted for one of those, the stronger border security. we didn't get a single democrat
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to support it then democrats come while they have majority, they pass what is amnesty for almost 3 million folks who are here illegally with no regard no provision for border security. >> no real effort to stop the illegal immigration, i think there is a deal to be made between both sides. >> because both sides' something, they have something to give that is the recipe for a deal. let he ask you, how does the ambush killing, that we were all watching south of the border of america, how does that impact the conversation. >> it shows how much brutal murderers on just other side of the border and drug cartels have been empowered by the lack of border security, and lack of effort by democrats and congress to do anything to stop illegal
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immigration, they are not just trafficking drugs but also people, that and i huge line of business. we have given them more control over the border, and it and i think that everyone knows how unsafe it is in northern mexico. we all -- these thing are bleeding into this country, affecting our citizens, more has to be done. and looks like president is doing more, having more productive headway with mexican officials, than he is with democrats in the united states congress. melissa: are people in congress, are they having a conversation about this is a huge news story. the ambush murder. but are people in washington talking about it? or is it just you know one of many things that is going on. >> i think that democrats are so obsessed with this phony impeachment process, it is hard to get anything done. whether it is immigration or it is drug price reduction or great trade deal opportunities like usmca .
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it hard to get anything done because of that distraction that suthat-- is unprow unproductive. melissa: maybe when everyone getting together for impeachment you can ask them it quickly raise of hands on usmca, we could get moving on that. >> absolutely. melissa: thank you. >> thank you. melissa: coming up new transcript in impeachment inquiry just released, both sides of aisle raise this stake in the fight. honoring men and women of america's armed forces on this veterans day. we'll bring you the amazing story of a soldier turned be owner, who was award medal of honor by president trump. >> it is our duty to serve and pro telprotect them. every single day of our lives,
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melissa: another record close for the dow. we go to jackie on the floor of the new york stock exchange for more. reporter: another record for the dow, notched a 10 point game gan today had, but a third straight
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record close, boeing shares lifted dow up after saying that 737 max will be back in the air in january. this seems in lockstep with the approval in fourth quarter. it has been grounded since the spring's fatal crashes. shares of walgreens up about 5%, wba . up after reports that kkr was approaching the company about going private. bloomberg reporting a formal offer has been made. baron's analysis saying it take steve o75 to 80 bucks for sharer approval. melissa: thank you. >> this afternoon, ohr more tr s
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released from capitol hill today on impeachment. reporter: melissa. we got transcripts released today, i start with cooper, told house investigators, it was unusual that there was a hold on aid to ukraine, her testimony cooper testified there was an effort by envoy to ukraine voke target ukraine to state it would try to prosecute people involved in election interference, and aid thersaid there was concern t trying to withhold the assistant. ukraine received aid from russia after the rush -- from washington after the russia incursion. was a way to help defend itself from russia. catherine croft, said that she got calls from ukraine embassy as they quote approached me quietly and in confidence to ask about the omb hold on ukraine securitsecond.
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>> and that mulvaney placed an informal hold on security assistance to ukraine. only reason give 10 cam given it came at direction of the president. and today president tweeting quote: reporter: he republican in the room have questioned the authenticity, we have open hearings wednesday morning and friday morning. >> that will be something, thank you. >> president trump calling for fraud investigation in wake of these hearings, also tweeting this morning.
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joining he now, doug byrnes this heating up to be quite a fight. >> it is. melissa: what does each side have to do this week. >> i have said this before, you try a case in court it is to a jury, but this is how is it hitting american public. are they really following it. you have a hysterical reporting, this guy went at 10:18, not 10:14. people are not following it. so is there just a policy disagreement here it is treason or bribery or high crime. we don't want to criminalize polpolitics.
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melissa: democrats will try to do it about way. they will try to make the case for bribery. he was saying investigate, my political opponent, and i will give you this aid, if not forget it. >> problem with that, it is a question of how you characterize the tape recording. i the give you both sides, one, you have been screaming the left, that we should drill into what happened in 2016 election. that is what i did. the other point from right, i was asking them to look at corruption and as president of united states i am allowed to ep lestoendless aid of a fore -- to enlist aid of a foreign country. other side, he asked him to dig up dirt on a political opponent or he won't give them money, that is a series of steps and col consolidations, and -- calcd
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conclusions, that woan won't ho. >> on whistleblower, i will not prejudge, but you watch political out bursts it is comical. if they want that person to come out they pontificate, we must investigate this. and if they don't, he is unnecessary it is too toxic. melissa: on republican side, what would you say if they stand up to make an argument. >> i would be making, is that what i said. this is a criminalization of political disagreements. it is not even close to high crimes and misdemeanors as defined in the constitution. i would not go so scorched earth about how it was a perfect phone call. melissa: a lot of people say, that when you to say, call was
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not great but not etc impeachab. >> right, in court we're taught, you are right that point is slightly weak, however you gain credibility. it would be, maybe i should not have raised joe biden, okay in the question of his son in that call. i'm sorry, i won't do that again, it was ill-advised, the end. dispu are rightand i are right. , you know even if this was somehow ill-advised not a good idea, it is not a crime, not a high crime or misdemeanor that is defense in my opinion. melissa: republicans want to bring in hunter biden or someone related to, that they had to any whether there was corruption there to know if his motive was little bit theicritical corruptk they will get a chance. >> i am watching people
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pontificate on this again, it has nothing to do with this matter, it is absurd, but it was smart for the republicans to say, we want hunter biden, we want the whistleblower, that was designed to highlight that schiff -- this man got lost in translation earlier, he has to approve witnesses, that is not really fair, most important thing in courtroom is compulsory process, i have the right to subpoena witnesses that i think will help me. melissa: doug byrnes thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up. president trump, telling veterans, this nation is forever in your debt, we have more on that and many ceremonies. and later in show, pentagon said, 500 to 600 troops will remain in syria, to fight isis.
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melissa: to 2020 election, the pressure for democratic candidate is on. fox news' peter doocy in new hampshire with latest. reporter: a new poll that shows none of the leading democratic candidates are anywhere close to captures the excitement of a majority of primary voters, quinnipiac finds that joe biden leads with 20%. this is one in five here in new hampshire, but he is still ahead of warren and buttigieg and sanders. bloomberg is not a candidate, but problems he would face as a well-known millionaire were on display this week. with elizabeth warren larving lg out. >> billionaires don't like this.
6:26 pm
okay. i think i hurt someone's feelings. yeah, you know this is sad. this is sad. there are people who say, that i'm mean to the billionaires, mean. awe . reporter: warren is known for big crowds, but bernie sanders beat her in the field where it coups in iowa. campaign said they hosted largest rally of any candidate in the state this cycle. 2400 people turned ut to see bernie sanders and his newest surrogate, alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> people sometimes say that alexandria ocasio-cortez and i are an odd couple. that she is so old and i am so young, that is okay i am not an
6:27 pm
agest. reporter: this time of cycle you might expect field to be shrinking, "new york times" reporting a prominent democrat, duvall patrick, former massachusetts governor is thinking about jumping in, he has to hurry, deadline is friday afternoon. >> amazing, i can't believe more people are jumping in. when i thought every democrat had been in the race. here in network this city, president trump participated in new york city veterans day parade, honoring those who served nation, he is first sitting president to attend new york city parade. fox news rick leventhal was there with the story. reporter: we're in front of irk eternal light flagstaff. first sitting president to come to new york city on veterans day. in a hundred years. the theme today, a tribute to
6:28 pm
the service and sacrifice of our nation's veterans, 25,000 people took part in the parade. those included veterans, active duty military, and supporters with high school marching bands from america. honoring service and sacrifice of 42 million in armed forced since american revolution. in his remarks president spoke of strength and sphir i -- spirr veterans and workers. >> you left your families, and fought in far away lands, you came face-to-face with evil. and you did not back down. you returned home from war. and you never forgot your friends. who did not return including prisoners of war, those miss in action. reporter: president called our veterans america's greatest living heroes, they should be cherished now and always, and forever. >> absolutely, rick thank you.
6:29 pm
>> to a nonprofit that veteran business practic practice jec t- project that connects vets with small businesses, mike tobin in chicago. reporter: 200,000 return every year. some are tired of taking orders and want to be their own boss, for those who want to start their own, veteran's business project helps them along. chicago fire boat tour on the fred busy, navy vet restored that boat and started a tour business to get his company afloat required a quarter million, to get financing he turned to veteran's project. >> we could not have done anything without their help, they advocated for us with the bank, they were really pushing for us. they were talking with the bank. saying, you know we need to
6:30 pm
support these guys. reporter: as much as a operate, founder. from vietnam, thinks of himself like a matchmaker. he fines a be ready to start with new management and pairs this business with a veteran who is ready to handle the mission. >> we watch up veterans looking to run a business with veterans who have a be already, we manage that process from introduction and financing and coaching. reporter: in 9 years after world war ii, almost half of veterans started their own business, that has intind illed to a fraction. novak said he uses stilled high learnehelearned in nova to run . melissa: mike thank you. >> early today, his great pleasure of sitting down with retired staff sergeant david bell avia awarded medal of honor
6:31 pm
by president trump this year. >> when you look at vietnam generation. we learned a lot of valuable lessons about putting foreign policy above the valor of a generation, today veterans come home, treated different by the general public. always great to hire more veterans and normalize service. but i am pretty optimistic, as an iraq i hav vet, i am overjoyu on the american public can differentiate between the veteran and the policy in which they went to war. it would be great to employee more folks and have other -- there are certain fields that you just don't see a lot of veterans in would great to see more veteran teachers, more veterans in you know arts. broadway, an, film. >> how do we did that. >> a lot is, you know so funny,
6:32 pm
i go everywhere in the country, now i talk with different groups, down see a division that a lot of people talk about. i see you know a folks that are different, they love different, they worship different, they vote different, but in military we got it done. melissa: one thing hard i heard from others today is that, you have such a sense of purpose. in the military, that you are work coulworking toward somethig valuable, and then you come back it does not feel like other things are as significant. how do you retrain your mind, it probably is not as significant but you have to go on with life. and feel purpose. >> there is a validation every day, who you are and why you are important that is missing, but this is our responsibility to find meaning. it is not the world's responsibility, to tell a veteran, by the way, you are so important to this team. you -- you know, at the end of the day we were individuals in a
6:33 pm
community. right, america is great because we have individuals that are the best they can be that makes team great and our community great country great, we have too still find that value and purpose. to me it is the fallen, the fiee lost, we have to look in the mirror asking who am i, what am i about, why am i here? everyone has their own journey. but, it is to me this is the victimization o of service one thing they really get aphoned by. -- ofinde offended by, somehow e that people feel comfortable trying to say, oh, my god, i am so sorry did you, that i am sorry you had to go through that. reality is we're privileged and honored to have done this that is how we're wired, that is two we are. melissa: how do you help others get asimulated? you have figured out to do-it-yourself. there are a lot of people out
6:34 pm
there struggling try to change that mind set, we help or that other veterans help? >> we have continued to, that we're forever soldiers, it will never change, we're accountable. we have a compass, a new north, we know what wrong is. we know you know, what is expected of us if any dynamic, this comes down to who you are. and never forgetting that you have a value system. peer pressure makes you smoke cigarettes when you are 12, it also makes you kick down doors and clear ieds in roads, we surround ourselveses with vets that have high character. we'll be all right. melissa: we thank sergeant bebaviaand all his fellow vets their service, we'll be right back. with value like this,
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bernie sanders, treatment target, jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon, he is hitting back. >> you know most people good not all, you should vilify nazis but not people who work hard to accomplish things, it is america society that is attacking each other, i know that a person perceived a target on. but the notion that i'm not a patriot or some of those others are not is dead wrong. melissa: i will wring i bring it guest. joel, this was interesting defense, jamie dimon well-known as democrat in the stay, h cityn critical of president trump, now he is taking incoming from the left. >> i thought he was brilliant, i agree with what he said, this is the best. we have seen just over last few
6:40 pm
years, in 10 years of street, record household income almost 97% of population who wants a job they are employed. this is sad they so many are denigrating those who are successful. if they succeed in the attacks it will have a lasting impact on us. melissa: a point that we have become lately because of our politics, i think more so than you know maybe a few years back, everyone is attacking a government group. you are -- a different group, i want to attack billion ars bill, we're in a time people, i hear word tribal, that so annoying it is a thing where everyone is ingroup and pitted again each other, he said can we stop pitting peep agains people agaih
6:41 pm
other. >> he is right, too many people are involved in politicians, they understand right now attacking president trump for instance in the period of record long stretch of economic growth, they will not be able to win on economics, so many people are doing better. they look at way to win politically. only way possible to stoke envy, that is where you see a lot of the attacks on wealthy and billionaires, but that is immoral, plundering others is not moral, you take what they have worked for, that will be mean less money for investment, less money for research, and those things that make the better for us in the future. melissa: you mentioned economy. >> consumer, 70% of u.s. economy is quote strong, confidence is high, balance sheets in freight shapegreat shape -- great shapet
6:42 pm
is driving an american and global economy, businesses slight down my current view was it a slow down note a petering out. >> you sound optimistic about the economy. >> i am. melissa: i want to squeeze that in. we're out of time, you said how much that would play for republicans it is true. coming from a democrat thank you. >> thank you. melissa: all right next up, chaos on the streets of hong kong, new, violent protests break out, leaving -- at least one protestor has been shot by a police officer. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right, by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi.
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melissa: all right, lou dobbs is joining us with a preview of what is coming up next on his fantastic program. >> we'll talk with award winning journalist, john salomon about latest in spygate, and ukraine and radical dimms sham star shame bichamber trial, and michl goodwin, he said that bloomberg may be a good idea for the dems. and branson judd on why some
6:47 pm
parts of our immigration laws are not enforced on certain parts of the border. judicial watch tom fitton and kelly sadler. melissa: thank you so much. >> to the violent in hong kong, one man shot, another set on fire. fox news is greg palkot with the latest. reporter: we have been watching the problems on the ground all this year. it has been nasty, today it got nastier. one a police ma policeman wresta protest or, when another approached he shot and seriously injured him. and a man was set on fire. part of new wave of clashes, the past couple of days, m. molotav cocktails, and tear gas
6:48 pm
and pepper spray have been used, a young man last week, who fell and injured himself died, that triggered today's clashes. lahong kong chief executive care lam declaring she would not give in to demands, local elections are planned for later this month in hong kong. it was thought this move to democracy might help ease the unrest. now there is talk of perhaps canceling that vote, and more trouble become. >> greg palkot thank you. >> rebecca hinrich, a senior fellow she is joining us. what do you think happens from here? >> this is to great credit of hong kongers who have incredible stamina, they want to be
6:49 pm
recognized as an entity apart from china. what we've seen is the -- there are supposed to be riot police that have been trying to control the protesters, but they are controlled by china. when you saw today, this footage that was horrible, of riot police, think of china, shooting an unarmed protestor, no confusion this was an innocent person who was protesting shot by the riot police. that is china escalating and closing control, and becoming a police state in hong kong. melissa: what do you think happens from here? this has been going on for a while. it seems to be getting worse. protesters are not standing down. china does not top lose control of the -- does not want to lose control. what happens. >> at-this-point, i think that only way this could end peacefully if china actually does do what is is obligated to
6:50 pm
do follow through with the word. and concede from of these demands from the hong kongers. president trump has said so have other senior american officials there there is brutality that comes more on part of china, it will be difficult to for the und states to negotiate a trade deal with chinese, only thing at-this-point is for china to concede to the hong konger's demand. melissa: turning to iran for a second, there a huge story. international atomic energy agency, u.n. watch doug dog group put out a report saying they found man mat man-made uraa site where iran has denied they were doing any such work. this backs up the claims from netanyahu, from israel and
6:51 pm
saying they were cheating. now the iaea, who has been loathe to say that iranians are in violation have said it. , they were lying all the way it turns out. international atomic energy agent will say. >> so, the iranian regime was never going to put aside the nuclear weapon program, trump administration has been correct to call them on that and for united states to get out of the iran deal, all that deal it was allow iranians to continue to enrich. that is if they done cheat -- they didn't cheat, you know pressure campaign continue u.s., you call them out on it. try to get the allies to enforce sanctions, and compel and coerce regime to make changes don't give in to nuclear extortion,
6:52 pm
that is what iranians are trying to do. melissa: u.n. can vote to have snap bac back an sanctions if ty want. in the past, they said uk is not doing it because they are mired in brexit. do you think that u.n. comes down -- iran? >> they need to. europeans that are party to this deal. u.s. no longer is, but they should call it was these sanctions to come in and you know because alternative, that is the way that iranians work they try to the nuclear extortion and to improve their nuclear programs in exchange for sanction release, but they just continue to do all of the illicit this was. melissa: rebecca thank you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> next up, mike bloomberg flirting with jumping into the race for 2020. a few other high profile politicians are sitting on the sidelines, thinking they might follow him, right into the race.
6:53 pm
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how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that.
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melissa: the already crowded field of democratic candidates appears to be growing. first came word former new york city mayor mike bloomberg is testing the waters. now eric holder is said to be on the brink of getting into the mix. and former massachusetts
6:57 pm
governor duval patrick is also considering a run. joining me now, editor-in-chief of the daily caller. chris, i thought everybody was already in the race. and you have people finally leaving. and at the same moment there is a whole bunch of new people joining in. have you seen this before? >> americans got a brief glimmer of hope they wouldn't have to sit through six or seven hours of debates next time. all of these names were flirted initially, people who were considering it. it looks like they decided joe biden was going to be a formidable foe. i think this shows joe biden's weakness coming out showing in new hampshire and iowa. not yet national polls. i have never seen anything so late in the game like this.
6:58 pm
melissa: i think it's telling. people's actions more than their words tell you what they are thinking. you have democrats on tv talking about the president is under water. if you look at any poll, joe biden beats him handily. they talk about how unpopular he is. then they tuck about how the impeachment numbers are way up and most of america wants him removed. yet somehow in the face of those talking points and polls they supposedly believe in, there are new people saying i didn't think i would get in before, but it looks like nobody in there is going to win, so i'm going to get in. what does that tell you? >> it tells you the democratic primary has gone so far left leading polls, that scares a lot of folks. duval patrick is a friend of the wealthy and the billionaire class. he works as the bayne capital.
6:59 pm
when you have bill gates and jeff bezos and mike bloomberg say they are concerned about the direction of the democratic party, that's a worry. the donor class were okay with signing on to any socialist idea. but when they start coming for their money which is liz warren and bernie sanders is doing, now they want a candidate that's different. melissa: the flip side could be they don't think any of the candidates out there would beat trump. if it's elizabeth warren and he gets the nomination, he can't make it over the finish line. it could be, real quick, do you have 30 seconds, do you think any people we just mentioned actually get in? >> i think bloomberg might get in and the governor of massachusetts potentially as
7:00 pm
well. >> christopher bedford, thanks for looking at the clock. thank you for watching, lou dobbs is up here next on fox business. i'm melissa francis. i will see you back here tomorrow with connell mcshane on "after the bell. lou: it's monday, november 11, 2019. veterans day. we begin with a special thank you and salute to our nation's veterans and all who serve the nation in uniform all around the world. in new york city the commander-in-chief spoke at the city's veteran's day parade. quicking the first president to d becoming the first president to do so. the president honored the veterans saying the glory of their deeds only grows greater with the passage of time. it's been 41 days since


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