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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lou: the latest polls show you are exactly right as usual, corey. corey lewandowski, great to see you. we thank you for being with us. lauren: it is 5:00 a al. here are your top stories at this hour. it could be a record-breaking day on wall street, another one, with the s&p 500 on track for its 100th record close under president trump as the ceo of america's biggest bank says that the trump economy is the best he's ever seen. >> billionaire to billionaire, we have jeff bezos reportedly asking michael bloomberg to throw his had hat if in the ring for 2020. as some democrats are pouncing on bloomberg's billionaire take husband. lauren: a big problem for two big brands, why the apple card is being called sex it. it is monday, november 11th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now.
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♪ uptown girl. ♪ she's been living in her uptown world. ♪ i'll bet she never had a back street guy. ♪ i'll bet her mama never told her why. ♪ i'm going to try for an uptown girl. ♪ she's been living in her white bread world. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. >> the webbing which march -- equity market opened. lauren: happy veterans day to all those who served out there. the dow is down 102 points, s&p is down 10, a third of 1%, nasdaq giving up 36 this morning. that's about half of 1% in the red. deirdre: if you look, a sea of red in the asian markets right
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now, the nikkei, shanghai and hang seng all moving lower, this as part in tensions in hong kong soar again. lauren: good news for the u.k. economy, the they avoid a recession, gdp in the latest quarter growing. the ftse 100 is down a half of 1%. the cac is up a point. that's good news, i suppose. deirdre: we'll take it. lauren: he let's start with a bullish bull issue on the u.s. economy. jamie dimon talking up the strength of the u.s. economy under president trump despite the u.s.-china trade war and other tensions. >> this is the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen and it will be prosperous for the next 100 years. lauren: the stock market has been on a record tear. if the s&p 500 has a record close today is it would be the 100th under president trump.
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deirdre: jamie dimon diswrown playing downplaying the effect of the u.s.-china trade war. >> i've been to china and they would say he brought us to the table. this has to be resolved. it's not going to war. this is trade and economics and resolution would be a good thing. so i hope that takes place. deirdre: president trump dismissed reports of the u.s. lifting tariffs on china as inaccurate. but here's what he said in total, in context about the trade talks. >> they're moving along. they moved slowly, much too slowly for me. but they want to make the deal much more than i do. but the trade talks with china are moving along i think very nicely. we make the deal that we want, it will be a great deal and if it's not a great deal i won't make it. but the trade deal is moving along and china wants to be there. deirdre: beijing is continuing to negotiate terms of phase one of the trade deal.
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lauren: chinese consumers don't appear too phased about all this talk and even data shows an economic downturn in china. the e-commerce giant alibaba setting a sales record on november 11th, the world's largest 24 hour shopping event. they rang up more than $30 billion in sales in one day, $1.5 billion coming in the first minute and-a-half of the event. deirdre: that's amazing. lauren: that's incredible. deirdre: president trump is going to be making history today, becoming the first ever president to attend the new york city veterans day parade. lauren: jackie abanes has a preview for us. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: a historic, exciting day ahead to honor our nation's veterans in the big apapple. the president will kick off the parade with an address add madison square park in manhattan at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. he will lay a wreath at the eternal light memorial. they will not be marching in the
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parade which will draw more than 25,000 participants, including veterans and their supporters. veterans extended an invitation to the president for 25 years now but president trump is the first one to accept. the president has been making veterans a big priority. veterans have had the lowest employment rate since the year 2000. there's been an annual military pay increase, private healthcare options have expanded, the va accountability office has been created and mental healthcare is available. a poll says 57% approve of president trump's leadership. and back in washington today, vice president mike pence will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and give remarks >> al: arrest arlington natio. deirdre: senator sanders is struggling to answer a vet van's
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question about -- veteran's question about medicare for all during a contentious iowa rally. >> you i don't want to see anybody in the room have to wait like that because of a single payer system. who is paying the bill. >> the government is paying 100% of the bill. >> . deirdre: the vermont senator failed to answer how he plans to pay for his healthcare bill. lauren: nikki heyly is detailing an a alleged conspiracy against president trump. he blasts john kelly and rex tillerson for trying to recruit her to stop the president. >> it should have been go tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he's doing. but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the american people want.
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lauren: john kelly denies hailey's claim saying he gave the president the of best legal and a ethical advice he could. rex tillerson has not responded. deirdre: protests once again turning violent in hong kong. lauren: protester shot point blank by a police officer. tracee carrasco with those details. tracee: at least one protester was shot early this morning as activists tried to block roads and hold up train service. one man was sent to the hospital after police fired at the demonstrators. the 21-year-old underwent emergency surgery. video on social media shows an officer firing multiple shots toward the crowd. tear gas was fired at protesters. businesses were disrutted and several schools were closed for the day. this is the sixth month of protests on the streets of hong kong. iran's president says a new oil field has been discovered in the country's south with more than 50 billion barrels of crude. the find could boost the country's reserves by a third as
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it continues to struggle to sell energy abroad due to american sanctionses. iran currently has the world's fourth largest proven deposits of crude oil and the world's second largest deposits of natural gas. also on the oil front, saudi arabia's aramco hit by a steep drop in profit following attacks on its facilities in september. the decline shows the risk investors could be taking ahead of whats is expected to be the world's largest ipo ever. the third quarter profit has fallsen to $22.2 billion versus $30.3 billion last year. previously the company's chairman said the september attack didn't have a material impact on the company's financials. and a war film takes the top spot for veteran's day week gleaned weekend. >> what's the tar target? >> we believe it's midway. >> washington disagrees.
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>> washington is wrong. >> if we lose, the japanese own -- tracee: midway beat out dr. sleep. midway took in $17.5 million, the second place going to dr. sleep, taking in $14.1 million. it wasn't a strong weekend for the box office, which was down nearly 27% over the last year and that is what's happening now. lauren: frozen 2 comes out next week and then star wars. tracee, thank you. is there hope for wall street? let's take a look at your investments this morning. if the s&p does close at a record today, it would be the 100th 100th under president trump. nasdaq is down 36. president trump throwing coldwater on tariff relief as part of a broader trade deal with china. that has investors rattled this morning. coming up, elizabeth warren breaking her 2020 alley over whether they should exist as the ceo of america's biggest bank
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weighs in on his paycheck and todays is veterans day and we'll bring you stories of fellow americans helping our heroes on and off the battlefield throughout this hour. keep it here on fox business, we are invested in you and we wish you a happy veterans day. ♪ driverless cars, or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades.
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deirdre: stocks are in a great bull run, the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq finishing at record highs on friday. investors for president trump's comments on trade policy tomorrow and the speech from fed powell on the economy on wednesday. ahead of this big week, todd horowitz with us now, chief strategist at bubba todd, grade great to great to . we've been talking about the statistic that markets may make 100 new highs under president trump since he took office. i mean, this is an amazing bull run. are you bullish? are you bearish? >> good morning, deirdre. thank you, veterans. look, the markets want to go higher and there's no reason to think they're going to stop today. price continues to determine price and what you've got is a very lightly traded market that has no volume, no volatility,
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which only tells us that the grind up is going to continue. i would expect to see more new highs. i mean, you could see 105, 11 o0 new highs before the year is over many markets only want to go higher, that's shown by the lack of volume and volatility. today's selloff is just a little selloff. we just made record highs. there will be a bit of profit taking. deirdre: we talked about two things that can affect investor sentiment. one is u.s.-china trade relations and two is the fed. what if i say this, that it seems like u.s.-china trade is not going to really have a very concrete resolution before the end of the year and the fed intimates that it's not going to do anything else. even with those two factors baked in, you still think the stocks can move higher? >> i still think they go higher. again, what you have to look at, deirdre,s is you have to say where else is anybody going to go and put their money.
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trade is already anticipated not to be so clear. any time we had news we we hava selloff but we're back at new highs again. we can't worry about the trade. i think it's apparent that president trump is holding the chinese feet to the fire. i can see him possibly waiving some of the tariffs in the next month but i don't think so. powell can only hurt the markets by talking. interest rates are rise ing although the fed isn't rising. the street's accounted for that it goes back to there's no place else to take your money. deirdre: there's no place else to take your money. some people say emerging markets, for example, are within certain regions are safe picks but you're saying for the knowledge order of people the u.s. is where it's at so which air aas do you like? which sectors? which stocks? what are you looking at? >> i think that, again, it's basically almost a fairly broad market. tech is fairly beaten up.
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you're starting to see some tech subs come back. you've seen a lot of action in utility which is not a bullish sign but in a market that's slow that's always a place for people are running because they're a little afraid but they want to be in. i think a big sign is the dow itself over the last few days has been strong rer than the s&p, whichs is not real bullish for the long term but for the short term it shows you that people are running to more safe stocks and i think for my money i want to look for something that has value and i'm going to stay in the markets hedged anyway because i'm always 110% invested, no matter what happens. deirdre: you're not worried about price? a lot of people are saying u.s. stocks look pretty expensive right now. >> i think expensive is a relative term. you have to look at what the interest rate market is. with interest rates so low, we're not trading at a huge multiple. the bottom line is i do believe that we are in the very early stables stages of a recession but that's
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not stopping the overall market run around there's and there's no reason to step in front of a market that seems to want to go higher every day. until we see volume i think we'll see the market continue to drift higher. deirdre: thank thank you verh for you your insight. lauren: elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have a lot in common but when it comes to the existence of billionaires the two are sharply divided. they were at a forum in south carolina, warren was asked whether she like bernie sanders believed billionaires shouldn't exist. senator warren said billionaires should exist but added because they rely on taxpayer funded roads, bridges, police and educated workers to build their businesses, they need to pay higher taxes. jp morgan's ceo says the wealth gap in the u.s. is, quote, a huge problem but he does defend his salary. listen. >> of last year you were paid $31 million. too high? >> the board sets mine. i have nothing to do with it. >> you could return some of it.
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>> i could. is that going to solve any of those problems? >> i don't know. lauren: okay. democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have both proposed taxes on wealthy americans like jamie dimon. deirdre: they sure have. u.s. futures are indicating a lower open right now, if you look on your screen. you will see the dow, s&p 500 and the nasdaq all indicated to open lower in the red right now. still ahead on this program, in honor of veterans day, winning the war on talent. how a retired navy seal is bringing veterans' talents to the business front. and apple under fire, its new credit card, well, it's being called sexist by many. one tech entrepreneur is raising a red flag. one of the company's founders agrees as well. there is a major flaw in the algorithm that is proveing to be a disadvantage for women. ♪ honey. ♪ oh, sugar, sugar.
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lauren: today today is vetera time to honor those who served our country. one of the most difficult times for a veteran is transitioning into civilian life. deirdre: that's where echelon watch comes in. it's a talent recruitment firm. michael serelli is with us now, the founder and ceo. thank you personally for your service. you served for 20 years, is that right. >> i did, thank you for having me. good morning. deirdre: thank you and happy veterans day. >> happy veterans day. deirdre: to everybody who served. what are you doing now for former colleagues to help them
5:23 am
readjust as lauren said back to civilian life. >> it's not so much what i'm doing for our former colleagues, it's what we're doing for american businesses looking for leadership. ef overwatch is a leadership, talent acquisition firm. is our l talent p pool pool fre military? yes. it's the type of leaders that businesses want. deirdre: i'm sure, discipline can't be matched, right. >> undoubtedly. lauren: you're not just going with any member of the military. you're placing the elite in the military, special ops forces, seals, correct? >> we do. the pre preenings preponderanct pool comes from the elite community, the u.s. special operations command is one of the most effective operations in the world. why wouldn't a business want to take people out of that command and inject them into the fabric of business. deirdre: what has been it been like when you reach out to
5:24 am
businesses. i'm sure everyone admires you. that's the assumption. what's the pitch, okay, these guys are the most amazing people on the planet and how do you get from that point to here's what they can do for your business? >> there's a fascination with the u.s. special operations community. lauren: there is. >> the business loves it. we don't have to pitch. after we put these people in front of the employers in an interview, they know instantly that the mindset is there. lauren: how do you get over an honest, normal, legit question, but this person doesn't have industry experience. >> we love that question. when you hire for industry experience, you usually lose out. you want to hire from mindset. there's an old statement of you hire for character, you train for skill. that's why you hire these men and women, for the things you can't teach, which is mindset. deirdre: do you have relationships with certain companies where you worked successfully with them in the past and they say keep sending us more. >> absolutely, from fortune 50,
5:25 am
to small to medium businesses. our clients come from all industries. we want to see the candidate get placed in the company and drive results. the emotional return for us when that happened is extremely high. lauren: how does someone serving right now get in touch with you? >> go to, commit a candidate application form and we'll take a look and point you in the right direction. lauren: there's a poll showing 49% of veterans say they don't like to be thanked on veterans day. they would rather -- let's ask questions. you served for 20 years. you just retired. where do you live, what's your life like now, what was it like when you did your 10 tours of duty? that is a better way to engage with a veteran. >> i can't speak for than 49%, when someone thanks me for my service, they're just trying to be sincere. when somebody thanks me, i'm appreciative. deirdre: i'm glad i didn't
5:26 am
offend you. >> not at all. deirdre: thank you so much, and thank you what you're doing. >> appreciate i happy veterans day. lauren: we have a slight selloff right now. seems the protests in hong kong, 23 weekends strong, rattling investors and may be overcoming some of the optimism we've had on china trade. dow down 104. up next, democrats attacking michael bloomberg as he considers entering the presidential race. >> there are folks that are frying to trying to purchase our system, running as republicans and tossing in their hats in the democrat field as well. lauren: and how it could open the door for hillary clinton. instagram making a major change in the us. not everyone is buying the reason why. we'll have details coming you on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i need a hero. ♪ i'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night. ♪ he's got to be strong and he's got to be fast and he's got to
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deirdre: the impeachment testimony set to begin in public this week on capitol hill. republican lindsey graham saying the inquiry is dead on arrival in the senate if the whistleblower does not testify. lauren: all right. garrett ten pie tenney in washn with all the fighting about who should testify and what we'll know about the whistleblower. garrett, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. republicans have at least 14 people they want to hear from in these public hearings but top democrats are already dismissing that request. on sunday, the chairman of the democratic caucus tweeted house republican coverup caucus wants sham witnesses to testify. my two cents? get lost. the witnesses democrats are likely to reject include whistleblower, hunter biden and devin archer, nellie orr who worked on the trump dossier for fusion gps and a former
5:31 am
democratic national committee staffer. a handful of the gop's witnesses are expected to be approved by the democrats, specifically witnesses who have already testified behind closed doors such as foreller national security council official, tim morrison, kurt volker and david hale. >> i think we will end up calling some of the witnesses on that list and here's my test. my test is do these witnesseses have important information, knowledge or evidence about the president's conduct? and if it passes that test, then we should call them, sure. >> reporter: that is not good enough for the president and his allies who are demanding to hear from the whistleblower directly. on sunday morning futures, senator lindsey graham said without that, impeachment has no chance if it makes it to the republican controlled senate. >> it's impossible to bring this case forward in my view fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross-examine them about any biases they may have.
5:32 am
so if they don't call the whistleblower in the house, this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: the public testimony in the impeachment inquiry kicks off this week on wednesday when we'll hear from bill taylor and george kent before former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch testifies on thursday. it will be a busy week. lauren: thanks, garrett. goldman sachs, the bank that partnered with apple for the apple card, is under fire, giving accused of giving a man a much higher limit than his wife. is a computer algorithm to blame? joining us now is press brett . >> this is an interesting story. it shines a light object all of theseal growly -- on all of these algorithms that very with around us that make decisions
5:33 am
for us. we don't know what's going into the decision making, the black boxal algorithm. a technology gist, he and -- technologist, he and his wife applied for a apple card. everything was the same except he got a 20 times higher credit limit than she did. deirdre: boo hoo, between apple and goldman sachs, you're telling me neither company could do better and build a better algorithm. >> that's the fact on the table. deirdre: he's like i'm not working for goldman or sap app. >> steve woll's wozniak chime. he even said the same thing happened to me. my wife and i applied for the apple card, i got a 10 times higher credit limit than she did. i aa plied by myself, so i don't know. lauren: are we hearing from goldman or apple today. >> goldman sachs released a statement, they said this has
5:34 am
nothing to do with it, there's no sexism in oural our algorit. so there you have it. dagen: . deirdre: it sounds like an error on both companies' part. >> it seems a bit amiss. we have conversations about algorithms a lot. they're the secret formula to a lot of these companies. they're not made public. you don't get to see the decision tree that goes into the process. they made a statement. someone made an accusation, they made a statement. we have to say okay. deirdre: i know. all the people that work in corporate communications for both companies will have a bad week. >> they're going to have a bad day. they're going to have a bad time. lauren: and lawyers will be hired. deirdre: insta is changing e things. >> a lot of kids are feeling the pressure to get the likes and -- why? lauren: for the selfie. >> for the selfie, i put the selfie 0. it's the equivalent of putting
5:35 am
ratings at the bottom of the screen as the show is on. you don't need to see that. what instagram is saying, we'll let you see how many people -- if you put a picture out, you'll see how many people like it. we won't show the public how many people like it. it's like a black box algorithm. we don't know how the decision was made to put that out there. deirdre: i suppose they're trying to discourage students from -- teenagers doing stunts. >> it's all the stupid stuff the kids do that now they do it on person. lauren: i wonder if it will affect a change. >> we shall see. deirdre: good to have you here. lauren: you can catch brett on fox headlines 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. deirdre: michael bloomberg taking steps to run for be president, another billionaire giving him a little push, a little support. amazon's jeff bezos called bloomberg to personally urge him
5:36 am
to run. that sparked backlash among democrats of. bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez saying that billionaires are trying to buy the election. meanwhile, hillary clinton's former strategist says don't rule her out of the race for 2020 just yet. >> hillary clinton may re-enter. do you think she is thinking about running for president. >> there's still a couple of days here. i don't know whether she'll look at the michael bloomberg thing and say the field is too crowded, i missed my opportunity. or the opposite, the field is weak, i could come in and get the donors. i'm tied with biden in some of the early states if i get in. deirdre: he said trump's chances of winning re-election hingeses hinges on support in the suburbs. lauren: it just got really exciting. let's look at your money. we have a setback.
5:37 am
the nasdaq is giving up 38 points this morning. coming up, a sports cargoes flying, -- car goes flying, slaming into the second story of a building. what we're learning about the crash this morning. people injecting themselves with the flu on purpose to get paid? we have details when we come back on "fbn: a.m." ♪ it's all right, all right. ♪ heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠
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lauren: flu season is here. dr. jeanette nest shua joins us now. doctor, good morning. there's stories about doctors intentionally injecting people with the flu and a lot of people are raising their hand because you get $3,000. why would anybody want to do that. >> what's happening, scientists are trying to gather more information. they're paying about $3,000 for patients to intentionally get infected with the influenza a virus. they want more detailed information because there's different strains of the virus that mutates and changes. they want to know what are the signs and symptoms and what the hope is to potentially maybe obtain more information for more accurate vaccines because usually vaccines are for about 20 to 70% effective. lauren: how effective do you think it will be this year? >> so far, i'm not seeing a lot of influenza a and b cases like
5:41 am
i did a couple years ago. a lot of people that get the flu, they're not vaccinated. about 80% of the people that pass away from the flu are not vaccinated. lauren: 79,000 people died from the flu just last year. >> it can save lives if you get your vaccine. lauren: people don't think about that, that that the flu is deadly. so you're saying get the vaccine. >> absolutely. lauren: no matter what because it can save your life. >> right. the number one way to prevent the flu. lauren: let's talk about the over 2,000 lung illnesses we've seen across the country because of vaping and now the cdc has said wait, we've noticed a point of come commonality is the vitamin e in the counterfeit cartridges. let's say the government raises the age to vape at 21 and juul bans mint as a flavor, if people are still buying counterfeit cartridges and vitamin e is in them, doesn't matter what the
5:42 am
government does. >> that's what the cdc and fda have found, they found the common link of the vitamin e eacetate, it's being used to cut the marijuana in the cartridges to make more profit. people are inhaling it and it's causing inflammatory reaction in the lungs, like a greasy coating in the lungs. you can't get oxygen in and out of your lungs. the purpose, the goal is to try to educate our youth. we have 5 million that are vaping, to stay away from vaping. most of these lung illnesses are in very young people. if we can educate our youth to stay away from smoking and vaping and try to get the illegal black market products off the streets. but not all of them have been linked to thc but the majority have been. lauren: finally here, this months is diabetes awareness month. how big a deal is diabetes. >> it's a big deal.
5:43 am
millions of americans suffer from diabetes, it can be life threatening, can cause blindness, heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. it's important to exercise, get a hi-fi high fiber, low fastt and get your yearly medical exam. lauren: doctor, thank you for joining us. over to you, deirdre. deirdre: the cold weather this week may mean a worse flu season. many americans will face record-breaking cold temperatures. lauren: senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the forecast. janice, good morning. >> the big story will be the cold air, record cold invading much of the country, two-thirds of the country over the next 12 to 24 hours. temperatures you can tell, 21-degree drop here, 36-degree drop in rapid city from this time yesterday and along the arctic cold front we've got accumulating snow for the midwest, the great lakes, the interior northeast, even new
5:44 am
york city, you could see some snow flakes tomorrow morning depending how cold or warm it is. we'll have to stay tuned for that. then on wednesday, this front will be out of here but we will see accumulating snow in the forecast for many of these cities. 60 60 i don't know60 million per weather advisories. the temperatures and cold air will be the big story this monday and tuesday. back to you. deirdre: feeling it already, i have to say. jackie, thank you very much. looking at u.s. futures, they're indicating a lower open, you'll see that on your screen. president trump saying on friday he is not -- has not agreed to scrap tariffs on chinese goods. that's weighing on the markets. in honor of veterans day, what started at a school project turned into a patriotic mission. one 14-year-old is making sure every armed forces member feels support. she's going to be joining us in a few moments' time to tell us more about the program, the one she started for soldiers and how you can get involved. you're watching "fbn: a.m.."
5:45 am
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deirdre: gracie todd has been supporting the military since she was 9 years old. she was inspired by a speech given by a veteran and she started operation military matters when she was in the fourth great. now four years later, the project is going strong. with us now, gracie and her mom, katie. thank you both so much for joining us. you are amazing, really. >> thank you. deirdre: how were you so inspired as s just a 9-year-ol? >> yeah, so i was in fourth grade, when i was 9 years old,
5:49 am
i'm 13 and eighth grade now. i knew i wanted to do something for the military. i got a service project assigned to me and my teacher said to do anything good for the community and i went to a veterans day assembly today four years ago and they told us how much appreciation from the military helps them or prior united nations appreciation from us back home helps them in the military. they said when they were overseas they didn't feel appreciated. . i came up with the idea that day with the help of my family and friends and i just continued it. and now it's a nonprofit and we sent over 2600 care packages. deirdre: oh, my gosh. lauren: katie, as you watch your daughter over these past four years and her generosity and how she's helping so many of these veterans, these military active duty members and families, as her mom, i mean, obviously you're proud but did you realize the change that she was affecting and you in the
5:50 am
process overseeing that? >> i would have never image i objected four years later we would be here today and sending out so many care packages. receiving the e-mails and letters from those that are serving overseas and just hearing that our one small act of kindness has made their day has made their employment or deployment is just incredible. it's very nice. deirdre: you must be very proud, honestly. gracie, i want to know what's the biggest hit in the packages? >> so it's just love from home. we send them a bunch of love from home. we send them cards, hats, food, games, we send them a bunch of things that they aren't able to have over there and when they're back home that's what they experience so then they just know that what they're getting overseas is from us, from back home and they get to have a little bit of love from home. lauren: is it all donated? how do you get the items? >> yeah, so we have a bunch of
5:51 am
people, we have dropoff donationses, they donate items and we get monetary donations, so sometimes if we're packing like a bunch of care packages we go out and buy items. so then we can have a bunch of the same items. deirdre: how can people support you as you support our troops? do you have a website? >> yes. we have a website. it is we have a gofundme that's operation military matters and people can look on our facebook and help us. lauren: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i don't know. i'm thinking about a lot of different things. i might be -- i kind of want to be a speaker. i don't know really. deirdre: you're going to go from super amazing to super amazing times ten is probably what you're going to be. >> oh, thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: seriously, thank you so much. thank you for your efforts, for your support for our troops. we are delighted to have you. with add admiration, thank you.
5:52 am
>> thank to all of our veterans and thank you guys. lauren: new documents show that wework, the office rental space company, was scrambling to clean up big problems as the ipo was crumbling. deirdre: tracee carrasco has details. tracee: . tracee: weeks before wework expected the stock to begin trading publicly, the startup was still sparing with the securities and exchange commission. according to the journal, the sec zeroed in on how wework framed its heavy losses and ordered the company to remove certain metrics from its prospectus. two people were killed in new jersey yesterday when a porsche launched into the air and smashed into the second story of a building. police say the sports car was speeding when the driver lost control, hit a center median and struck an embankment, sent it smashing through the building. the driver and passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. luckily, no one else was in the building at the time. van that white will do more than
5:53 am
just turn letters on wheel of fortune soon. she will temporarily host the show while pat sajak recovers from surgery for the next two weeks. he has hosted for nearly 38 years. white joined as the official letter turner a year later. the two have co-hosted ever since. retailser honoring veterans with lots of deals. veterans can get discounts at apple bees, buff buffalo wild s and chili and free items at dunkin and white castle. lauren: tracee, question, have you heard holiday music be in stores yet. tracee: i have not, no, surprisingly. lauren: well, it's coming. if you're not feeling the holiday spirit, you're not the only one. one store is banning christmas music this year. i can't believe it. madonna is wishing her fans the
5:54 am
ability to respect themselves. how she is responding to backlash over her latest late night move. we'll explain coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ don't go for second best, baby. ♪ put your love to the test today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. ♪ diamonds shine like me. they're strong. they're brilliant. i am a diamond. find beautiful diamond styles for all the diamonds in your life, including you. get 25% off everything. including these one of a kind deals at the early black friday vip event. exclusively at zales. the diamond store.
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♪ i don't want a lot for christmas. ♪ there is just one thing i need. ♪ and i don't care about the presents. lauren: one shop in the city of
5:57 am
york, england will not be playing that maria carey tune this season or any christmas song. we have details. >> christmas music is supposed to make you feel goa joyful, h. bit its called the york gin shop in york, england. they're getting rid of all christmas music. they're saying it's for the employees' benefits because they have to listen for eight hours a day and they say it's already having an effect on the mood. deirdre: let's go to the gin shop and say there's spotify and pandora and you can mix it up. >> they're saying it has an effect on how they deal with customers and they say the customers are feeling almost relieved themselves when they go in and they're not hearing maria carey for the 40th time. deirdre: you're saying it makes everybody cranky. >> people are listening two months ahead of time and it's over-t sat saturated. lauren: i wrapped christmas
5:58 am
gifts already. deirdre: you are a person with a plan. that is no joke. >> if you're planning on taking your children to see santa claus, you probably don't want to go to this one or maybe you do. might bridge, -- night bridge, london, is charging $2,500 to meet santa claus because it's in the sware swarski christmas grd the tickets are already sold out to meet santa claus. lauren: that's good for the british economy. they could use some help. >> yeah. lauren: extra money. $2,500. >> good for san a santa, righ. lauren: madonna is being sued for what? >> she is known for being late to concerts. the other week in vegas she showed up at 12:30 to start her concert. fans are upset because she's
5:59 am
moving the start time from 8:30 to 10:30. one fan is doing as class action lawsuit saying it's breach of contract. they say it's a tuesday night show and it's too late and they want their money back. deirdre: they're not going with the fashionable elate elate g line. >> she's late here. lauren: all right. "mornings with maria" starts now. maria: good morning. happy monday. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. good morning. it is monday, november 11th. veterans day. your top story right now just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. chaos in hong kong, hong kong police opening fire on protesters over the weekend p. at least one person was shot. hong kong leader carrie lam says society should condemn the violent acts of protesters. we have the latest from hong kong. the news on hong kong and news on u.s.-china trade pushing
6:00 am
futures lower this morning. dow down 119, s&p down 12, nasdaq futures lower by 37. the strength of the u.s. economy jamie dimon says this is the 34069 problem pros economy the world has ever seen -- most prosperous economy the world has ever seen. winter weather hitting 80% of the country and we're talking record-breaking lows in some areas. we've got the forecast this morning. and it is veterans day, president trump will prepare to make history this morning, speaking at the opening mow any of ceremony of the parade in new york for veterans. we thank them for their service and highlight how heroes are finding success in the business world. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ an american child. ♪ an american child. ♪ because dreams can go


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