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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the state senate committee is weighing a bill that could turn all of california into a sanctuary state as san francisco sued president trump saying his push to ends sanctuary cities is unconstitutional. >> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear these words from all of us. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. you probably heard me say the, drain the swamp. liz: looks like that effort is being blocked.
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there is confusion over president obama's policies, there is a push by democrats to stall his agenda. this as senate democrats force a delay in confirming president trump's nominees for health and human services and treasury. the end game to get tax cups for everybody and obama care reform. the trump voters sent trump to washington, d.c. to fix it and the democrats stopping him for now. the homeland security press secretary is about to give a briefing on capitol hill. it could be about foreign spies hacking into our system. there mr. kelly is flatly denying media reports that he was in the dark about president obama's travel halt.
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so this, democrats are intensifying their opposition to the president's executive order to temporarily halt immigration from 7 countries the obama administration already deemed hotpots for terror back in 2015. democrats now delaying the confirmation of the president's most important cabinet pick. they are not showing up to vote. democrats boycotting votes for tom price and steven mnuchin. white house press secretary sean spicer called them out for it earlier. >> i don't mean to sounds like a broken record. but the numbers don't lie. 16 of 2ru78's mom -- 16 of trump's nominees are still waiting for you confirmation.
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liz: republican senator orrin hatch criticized the democrats for holding more press conferences than votes. >> i think they ought to stop posturing and acting like island yots. stop holding press conferences. come here and express yourself here and votes one way or another. i would like to see you somebody with courage on that other side. liz: karl, the launch pad is the temporary california halt. the foundation for the halt is a 2002 law. it passed in 2002. 80 sitting democrats voted for it. in 2015 obama signed a law to stop travel from these 7 terror hotpots.
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how does this square the senate democrats from avoiding votes. >> we have them boycotting votes. they know they can't win ultimately. but they are trying to slow up and toss mud on every one of them they possibly can. the object is to slow up the senate so it doesn't have time to take up other measures. every day they devote to fighting i have the secretary of the treasury is one day less republicans can use to push legislation to cut taxes and reduce regulation in america. then the immigration issue, the democrats seized upon. the rollout was mishandled, and they seized upon that. the president has the authority to do this. he said when i'm elected i'll have an extreme vetting from
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dangerous parts of the world. that's what he's doing. the democrats are acting like they never expected him to follow through. and they voted for that authority as you point out. liz: carter stopped refugees from coming in from iran. obama stopped refugees coming in from iraq. but all the slowdown is happening. >> if the number one issue in the elect was the economy and that needs to be the focus of the administration, and you got some good notes in at the beginning of last week with the keystone pipeline, dakota pipeline. regulatory relief. the government hiring freeze. we have been talk bpght size of the inaugural crowd. we had the wall e.o. last week
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and two other e.o.s on immigration. i wish he had slowed this up and spaced it out to make sure it was nothing but the economy the first week or two. the number one issue for him is jobs and he has plenty of time to do these other things. liz: right out of the box reagan did tax reform. we want to get to this story. more on president trump firing the acting attorney general. new york senator chuck schumer responding. >> if this continues, this country has big trouble. we cannot have a twitter presidency. sally yates was a profile in courage. profile in courage. maybe some of her courage and insight, wisdom would rub off on the people in the white house.
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liz: trump's team defending the decision to fire yates. >> we found out an obama appointee who was confirmed in 2015 was refusing to enforce to defend the president's immigration order and refusing to defend the constitution and the country. it was a betrayal of her office and she is being replaced with somebody who will enforce the laws of the united states. liz: saying she betrayed the administration sounded like personal attacks. but you made the point earlier that he's within his rights here to fire the acting attorney general. what are your thoughts? >> let's look at this. i don't want to sound intel pratt. -- intel
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intemperate. but she is a hot dog. this office has one political appointee in charge of it. the obama person is not there. the trump person has not been put in charge. it's entirely career people. they looked at the executive order confirming it was accurate and legitimate with regard to form and substance. if she thought this was an inappropriate order she should have been having a discussion with her own career people at the department of legal counsel. but they september it back to the white house saying this is within your authority and the form and substance are accurately. she should have quietly resigned and let the job go to somebody else. but what she did yesterday did harm to the justice department. for her to say we are not going to defend what their own office
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of legal counsel advised the president was pack rat with regard to form and substance is reprehensible. senator schumer can try to spin it any way he likes, but this was fundamentally wrong. she did not live up to the oath she took to defend and uphold the constitution of the united states. shame on her. liz: thank you, karl rove. we love having you on the show. this is what happened at the democrat leadership anti-trump protest. it went wrong last night. >> thank you very much for coming out. is the sound working? the sound working? it's not on? is somebody going to deal with this? look at that. can you hear?
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can we sing the song "this is your land." ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ >> the lady in the harbor in the city in which i live hold a wonderful torch. we'll not let this evil order extinguish that torch. >> these are real people here. >> are they here? where are they? liz: trump responding. nancy pelosi and fake tears chuck schumer held a rally at the supreme court. microphone did not work. just like the dem party. liz: mark, how many democrats does it take to fix a mic?
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i'm joking, but that's the joke around d.c. today. >> look at the moon, it's a nice beautiful moon. why it's so symbolic in a way if you think about it. democrats can't make things work. they couldn't make a website work for obamacare. they can't make their microphone work on the steps of the capitol. but that didn't stop them from talking. they made speeches for 45 minute in spite of the fact no one could hear them. liz: danielle, here is what's driving the protest last night. it was about the temporary travel halt. let's do a flashback. in paris in 2015, there was a horrific terrorist massacre. at that point chuck human were
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considered a refugee pause and 80 sitting democrats voted to. president obama signed a law to stop the travel from the same terror hotpots? >> they are very different. the executive order from donald trump reaches permanent green cardholders liz: no, it doesn't, they are fixing that >> it affects people with visas for immigrant purposes. this isn't about visa waiver program. it's different it's broader. >> here is the thing, mark. we have a problem with people coming here on visas.
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the 9/11 hijackers came on student visas. we had hillary clinton telling a private group in 2013 that they can't vet the syrian refugees. i don't understand the flip-flop on democrats on keeping america safe. >> what's different is who is in the white house. the democrats are politicizing national security. they have been doing it since saturday with the rollout of this executive order. 70% of americans still support the executive order. going back to november 2015, 100 people slaughtered in the bataclan * club, why? was a guy who came into france on a refugee status was one of the slaughterers.
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that what's we are trying to avoid here. but the democrats wants to politicize it and claim donald trump is a bigot, but they are the ones who identified the seven same countries so we can take a pause to strengthen abominable vetting systems. liz: 91 terror plots since the 9/11 attacks. under obama there were 10 terrorist attacks, 113 people killed, 40 to injured. that is what the trump administration is seeing right now. let's get to apple ceo tim cook speak out against the trump administration's refugee halt. apple reporting earnings after the closing bell. first phone shipments beat out
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estimates. now this. the president's policies are especially important to the tech giant. apple holds $200 billion in cash overseas. we are after he waiting some homeland security company john kelly. you are looking at develop krat senator dick durbin at the microphone. we'll bring you have that press conference when it happens. 2,000 google workers in offices around the world are facing a walkout the plumber says they are step snowing their 6-figure salaries and walk out on a policy joe the plumber agrees with. my next guest says there is nothing un-american about saving
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american lives. >> it was mean spirited and you un-american.
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liz: breaking news. you are looking at a live shot of a coming press conference. we are after he waiting richmond homeland security secretary john kelly. he's holding a briefing on capitol hill with lawmakers. he's about to come out and talk to the press. democrats could be deming president trump over -- we had on the show yesterday the best friends of "wall street
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journal" journalist danny pearl. she is supporting president trump's executive order. she says the left is aligning itself with the muslim right. >> it's the left along with the muslim right to teaming up to create anti-america hysteria. we have to stop it. thisxecutive order is not perfect, but it's a neceary step. because 15 years later, danny is dead and the ideology of radical islamic extremism is have much alive. liz: danny pearl was the "wall street journal" reporter killed in pakistan by khalid sheikh mohammad. she was with him and his wife in
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pakistan before danny was slain. with me is jim hanson. the white house says it's not a muslim ban. those words don't appear anywhere in the executive order. it's a temporary halt, what restriction. the question is how does any country properly vet collapsed states. isis is active in mosul and libya. >> there is no guarantee that you can. you certainly can't as the national intelligence and f.b.i. stated. there are no records to check against. the vetting system that's been in place the last 8 years is relying on interviews and the u.s. and other places to ask enough questions and trip these people up. that's not good enough.
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so extreme vetting is a step in the right direction. there are ways to dig deeper. >> your point is well taken. there are thousands of terror plots. that's what the media is not reporting. thousands of terror plots aimed at the united states. if you have naturalized citizens or immigrants, they often go back for training. we have new jersey senator cory booker. cory booker is saying they are targeting muslims. >> what frustrates me is they are being singled out because of how they decided to pray in their country of origin. that has to be unacceptable to every american. liz: the trump administration say these types of words are
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outrageous. it's not how people pray. and 2002, they were called terror hotpots. what gives here. even hillary clinton said in a private speech that you can't possibly vet syrian refugees. how is jordan going to handle >> i would say cory booker knows better. but he lives in a fantasy world. the bottom line is, there is no mention of the word muslim or islam or which direction anyone faces when they pray. this talks about the actions of people who want to come to this country and do harm. it talks about ideologies wanting to overthrow the united states. it talks about honor killing and homosexuality as a death sentence. those are reasons to exclude anyone. the fact that some of these country are muslim is not the general reason for doing this.
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if this was a muslim ban, why is saudi arabia or indonesia or giant countries that are full of muslims not on the list? liz: we see extreme vetting that donald trump is talking about. the vetting going on right now, talking about violent extremism. we are not vetting for a belief in sharia. >> it's the actions that matter, not the belief system. >> if you want to talk about people coming here who want to overthrow the government, it doesn't matter what belief system they have. liz: president trump creating hopes for the steel industry, signing executive orders to build the keystone and dakota pipelines with u.s. companies. >> we'll build our own pipeline, we'll build our own pipes.
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like we used to in the old days. liz: one of the biggest steel corporations, u.s. steel reporting a net loss of $400 million. but the company point to better market conditions down the road. stock is moving a little bit higher after hours. we are awaiting homeland security secretary john kelly. he's holding a briefly on capitol hill with lawmakers. we'll bring you have the briefing live as soon as he steps out. democrats are using president trump's travel halt as their own red line. we have an official warning that syrian refugees could die because of this travel halt. our next guest said wait a minute. remember when president obama
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>> i don't know syrian refugees will ever be aloud into this country. some of them might die because they don't have a place to go. liz: former obama state department official marie harf warned president trump's temporary travel halt could kill syrian refugees. my next guest says if anyone is responsible for syrian deaths, look to the obama administration. remember when he drew that red line in syria? >> we communicated in noun certain terms with he player in the region that that's a red line for us. and there would be enormous consequences if we started
5:30 pm
seeing movement on the chemical weapons. liz: here is the video evidence of the aftermath of syrian president bashar al-assad's attacks on his own people. i would like to bring back the political panel. let's bring back mark serrano and danielle mclachlan. it's president obama being weak about the red line. did marie harf take it too far with donald trump? >> absolutely. it's desperate talking points. if you recall, liz, i believe saddam hussein was taken out of office exactly because he attacked his own people. and so here we had barack obama stating, in no uncertain terms it's a red line and we won't
5:31 pm
accept it, but he did. now we have this refugee crisis across europe and the middle east because of his policies. all we have left is being able to claim no it's donald trump who is likely the killer of syrian refugees. and it's outrageous. liz: isis is all over that country right now. we just heard from security experts, you can't basically vet. women and children yes, of course. there is a civil war in syria has been an intractable problem. is it fair to go after donald trump with such harsh language? >> probably not. he's been on the job 11 days. but people will die in countries don't take refugees because america won't. it will be a problem.
5:32 pm
what we saw was an international agreement on chemical weapons and we took all the chemical weapons we were aware of at the time away from the syrian regime. russia is backing the assad regime. trump is talking about getting rid of those sanctions. what does that say about thousands and thousands of syrians. liz: the language and tone and rhetoric is inflammatory. this isn't the first time we have had various republican moves are going to kill people. we had bernie sanders saying you dial back obamacare you will kill people. right, mark? >> absolutely. more irresponsible talk that is purely politicizing what is an international humanitarian crisis. nations like saudi arabia
5:33 pm
haven't taken in a single refugee from their own region. but there is no criticism from the left in terms of those nations. that's where we need to be on refugee policies until we can set up a proper vetting system. it's a tragedy. liz: we have to leave it there. we are work on breaking news. we are awaiting trump's homeland security secretary yawn kelly. he's about to step out to the microphone. we have some congressmen taking to the microphone to talk about it. we have senator warner. we'll come to that presser as soon as it happens with john kelly. a growing number of companies are protesting president trump's temporary refugee halt.
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liz: apple stock is popping more than 3%. ceo tim cook is optimistic about u.s. tax reform.
5:38 pm
it's pretty bullish long-term future in china. this after dozen of companies vowed to create new u.s. jobs under the trump administration. one company criticizing president trump's temporary ban on refugees. that's the ceo of char bucs. joining me now, america's blue collar worker -- we have john kelly coming to the microphone. sorry about that. we have vice president pence about to swear in the new secretary of transportation. elaine chao.
5:39 pm
>> i'm so glad so many of you could be here today to share this moment with this family and with this country. elaine, this day is a familiar one for you. you served your country in many capacities. most notably as secretary of labor for 8 years under president george w. bush, and your tenure at the department was widely lauded. prior to that you were deputy secretary of the department of transportation and chairman of the federal maritime commission, and you bring a wealth of experience to leading this department in the trump administration. your significant experience in the private sector, your history of service and accomplishments, i know the president is grateful for you stepping forward.
5:40 pm
president trump and i have appreciative that once again you answered the call to serve america and advance the interests of the people of this country. your leadership and experience will serve well as the secretary of transportation. we are seeing what we anticipate to be historic investments in our countries roads, bridges and airports. we are confident you will do more than your share as our new secretary of the department of transportation to make america great again, and we thank you. >> on behalf of president trump
5:41 pm
it's my great privilege to administer the oath of office. i eve lane chow do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the quons institution of the united states. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic, and i will bear true faith and he lee jones to the same. -- faith and allegiance to the same. that i take this obligation free think without any mental reservation. or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties. >> pill well an -- i will well d faithfully discharge the duties
5:42 pm
in the office i am about to enter, so help me god. liz: ashine chow being sworn in by the vice president. with her, her husband senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. you are saying starbucks should hire americans before they hire refugees, right? >> there is two things i can't stand. one is willful ignorance and the other is political grandstanding. >> i think he should hire 10,000 veterans. they are the ones who made it possible for starbucks to be where they are. but what i think mr. starbucks is saying, i have got to hire 10,000 more people because he believes in donald trump. for theme to afford overpriced
5:43 pm
starbucks coffee they have to have jobs, and donald trump will be bringing the economy up. you have companies out from from ford to chrysler to lockheed martin, tire companies are coming here to build fires in this country. the economy will have to boom and starbucks will have to step up their game to get coffee to these people. if the protest goes through which i'm all for if it's a peaceful protest. you have won't find conservatives setting fires and setting fire to limb signs. if that works great. i would rather drink my coffee at home. liz: the president bringing in drug company and farm student cal ceos to the white house, vowing to make drug prices go down. mark sealing is here to talk
5:44 pm
about why trump's plan here just may work. we have the obamacare enrollment period it ends today. could it be gone four ever? we are back in 2. don't go away.
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liz: the president meeting with top executives of drug makers, vowing to push the cost down. he even couraged them to make their drugs in the united states. he said he would work on make it easier to get drug products approved. dr. marc siegel, you think trump's plains a good idea. >> we in america pay $1,100 for our prescription drugs on average. germany, canada, mexico, pay
5:48 pm
about $800. why are we paying more than the rest of the world when the drug manufacturers are here. germany says no way, i'm not taking it for a higher price. our drug manufacturers cow to yomanufacturers -- couldyou tom. president trump is saying not our consumers. and he wants to use medicare to negotiate prices. i like that idea it's. >> big block and he will be able to drive down prices using medicare. we did that with medicaid. the medicaid form layerives will say that drug is the same as that drug. here is a good point. some of these drugs have been around a while. those stomach drugs. they are pretty much the same. so they can compete with each
5:49 pm
other. if they had to compete for a medicare form lairmy you have better believe they would lower their price. liz: you make a great point. up to 20% is directly consumer advertising. obamacare is related to this because guess what? insurance companies transfer the cost of the prescription drugs on to premiums. that raises premiums. liz: the president said i'm going to stop the global free loading by foreign consumers off the u.s. consumer. he says foreign come any, it's time for you to pay your fair share when it comes to the high price of drug costs. >> i love that term global free loading.
5:50 pm
it's exactly what it is. how about cost sharing. how about canada and germany paying the same for a drug as we. the other thing, drug reimportation. that will bring prices down. liz: dr. siegel, you are always terrific. we are awaiting from homeland security secretary john kelly. he's set to speak at any minute. now we have this story for you. nearly a year after supreme court justice antonin scalia's death, we are hours away from president obama naming his choice for a replacement on the supreme court.
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liz: welcome back. we are hours away from president obama naming his pick for the supreme court. the president plans to do it tonight with an 8:00 prime time speech. sources close to the selection process telling fox news president trump narrowed down his list to two federal judges. you can see their pictures there. neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. if confirmed, either pick likely gives conservatives a 5-4 advantage on the supreme court. the judges will rule on gun control, immigration and environmental regulations. joining me now is the american institute for justice. how important is president trump's pick? >> this is the most important decision a president can make for their legacy it's happening so soon with president trump
5:55 pm
because of the vacancy already at the supreme court. the american people -- we had this election where we knew whoever we selected as president would fill a seat on the supreme court that could sway the court to the left. now trump with this important decision, either one of these two names being tossed around as the most. gorsuch and hardiman. they both keep the court where it was when the late justice scalia was there. both strong conservatives it was important for many voters to know this was important to donald trump. that president trump early on in his campaign you released that list of judges. the 21 he was looking at. so this again, they are going to be there, long after donald trump is president of the united states. liz: senators like chuck schumer, they are vowing to delay or possibly block this
5:56 pm
choice as they have been with trump's cabinet picks. what do i make of that pushingback? >> they will try obviously the democrats will try and filibuster this. chuck schumer said they didn't care who it was. what their credentials were. they want to try and conduct the filibuster. out of the 48 that caucus together as democrats they have to keep together 41. they have 10 of those 41 democrats necessary for a filibuster up for elect in 018? states donald trump won handily. they are going to try and keep that group together. those are people hole will some to explain to their constituents on issues as important as the supreme court why they will not ahow donald trump, president trump's choice to move forward to the vote. second, i think we can goat
5:57 pm
nuclear option and pressure will be there on the republican leadership. liz: we have a hard break, thank you. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. liz: "making money" starts now. charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. the white house blasting senate democrats for holding up confirmation of president trump's key cabinet appointments, and warning democrats they better not use the same tactic toehold up his supreme court nominee. senate democrats simply didn't show up for work. this prompted the republican chairman orrin hatch to lay down the law. >> i think they ought to stop posturing and acting like idiots. stop holding press conferences and come here and express


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