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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 31, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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thank you for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. happy tuesday. tuesday, january 31st. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump fired attorney general sally yates after she ordered lawyers at the department of justice not to wear six executive order and immigration. dismissal added to the high tensions that are nation's capitol. the white house and the drama around the order is overblown. >> this has been blown way out of proportion and exaggerated. 325,000 people from other countries fluid or airports. 109 people from seven countries that the obama administration identified and the bureaucrats about a problem with it. they should either get with the program or they can go. maria: backlash in the business world as well. consumers calling for a boycott against starbucks after the company announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees.
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workers at google staging a walkout to protest the president's actions. tensions coming amid a major day. president trump set to announce his nominee for the supreme court. he is expected to do that tonight at 8:00 p.m. is turned. we'll have it for your life. positive news out of texas to tell you about. george h.w. bush released in the house though. the latest on his condition and the offer he received coming up. market this morning. that's really the driver. big names like exxonmobil reported this morning. apple after the bell tonight. that is wonderful luck with the heavy volume. features indicate a lower opening for broader averages. no industrial 30-point morning after major averages posted largest occurrence of the year yesterday. the eurozone book and higher. the ft 100 up one half of 1%. cac in paris at the third of a percent. positive news out of germany help in the markets after the
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country's jobless rate hit the rack above level in january. that is the german unemployment rate. in a show of her neck of the shanghai composite and hang seng closed for the winter new year. nikkei average taken a cue from wall street yesterday done overnight by one and two thirds%. joining me to talk all about it, fox business network dagen mcdowell, chief economic horse on it and republican strategist and fox news contributor tony said. good to see you. good night. where do we start? dagen: is so big i almost wanted to call you. can you believe this? maria: i know. i must texted you. >> it keeps changing every day. we are going to be sized to a supreme court nominee. it's so hard to keep up with. in the middle of all this, the president regulatory rollback like on page three of "the wall
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street journal." maria: which is really big news yesterday cutting regulations by 75%. did president trump have a choice? she was not following his executive order. dagen: it was pure politics. the question is what is this individual what dallas a future career? but purely political. every legal expert referred from has broad authority in terms of refugee programs, in terms of what he does. it's just astonishing. >> to legal counsel and department of justice knew this was legal. she had a bureaucratic function she failed to do based on her ideological position, which is not aligned with the current progress. >> 's dagen: something he talked about all morning and most critical thing is biased is happening because the pics are being held up by the democrats. worse chat session. maria: [booing]
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talk about this later today. >> something else going on in the white house facing state department employees. but we see at the beginning of a battle with his own bureaucracy. maria: democrats are holding a sub. when you look at barack obama's turn, he had 12 or 14 cabinet members confirmed after his first week. donald trump has four. there is some obstructionism going on here. we will talk about it this morning. we are expecting word is rex tillerson has been confirmed dead and gone to the final stage today. have you confirmed tomorrow and chat sessions with a confirmed today. military analyst jackie and is joining us along with tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn. judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano sickness. florida congressman debbie wasserman schultz joining us this morning with deputy assistant to president trump, dr. sebastian workout with us as well. an all-star cast this morning. a big shout.
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take a break now that top story. donald trump fired acting attorney general sally yates after she refused to enforce the muslim bed. white house press secretary sean spicer and chuck schumer weighed in on the big story of her night. >> these bureaucrats have a problem with it. i think they should either get with the program or they could go. hold on, hold on. this is about the safety of america. >> sally yates was a profile of courage. maybe some of her courage, her and i convinced them would rub off on the people in the white house. maria: may not come the senate judiciary committee to vote on jeff sessions is the next attorney general of the united states if that's expected to happen this morning. the spokesperson for the nomination of attorney general designee john sessions. good to see you. thanks for joining us.
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are you surprised by this move? your reaction to what went on yesterday. >> alan dershowitz called this holdover is area. that's exactly right. there's no hair was sent here as chuck schumer said when you're in the bottom of the plane he and the justice department that does not like an find politically inconvenient. attorney general jeff sessions has said he will enforce the laws. here is that the president has broad commander-in-chief authority here. this wasn't about whether it was a lawful order. and wanted to throw something to the democratic base. he said. the issue of worse to live as they should. >> senator sessions question gates over whether she would ever defy the president's order during her 2015 hearing. listen to this. >> do think the attorney general
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has there's lots ability to say no to the president if he asks for something improper? >> senator, the attorney general and deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and constitution give independent legal advice to the president. maria: clearly that is not what she did. what is holding up jeff sessions? >> this is democrats who don't want the president to have his pick for attorney general because they had an obama appointee and the department of justice for boosting results of that. it highlights how important it is for the president to have his pics. like you said i'm a president obama had many more confirmed cabinet members at this point. we expect the judiciary vote to come out today, passed out of committee and have a bipartisan vote on the floor come thursday. maria: does that mean he gets to work on friday? >> i hope so.
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>> how astonishing it is, president obama couldn't stay quiet for putting out a statement coming in on citizens exercise of the constitutional right to assemble, organize and have as their guy elected officials. he's still on vacation, his posts are not pro-vacation. president bush said nothing for eight years and had a very close relationship with president obama and the first lady. president obama cannot right now. again, it just adds to the politics of this. maria: is celebrated protesting. maria: by the way, where was he doing with. refugees? is a refugee problem because the united states did not intervene. he didn't honor the back nine. only recently the refugees allowed in the u.s. in the first place. he ramped up the number of refugees coming in.
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>> serious and libya serious and libya were holy tenacity upon the restriction. people in the bottom of the bush administration. the more cynical part more cynical parties barack obama without all this fanfare and a 2011 did something very similar and suspending iraqi refugees for six months to enhance gain and make sure we had a much more secure system in place. the idea that there is not one ounce of opposition when he did it from democrats several years ago and now this average, chuck schumer called this an evil act. isn't the evil of the fact we have this idea that we should never president protecting our citizens from me. for the requester is an important conversation. >> words modern chuck schumer referred to as a monday night massacre with reference to richard nixon firing special -- maria: cnn but with that headline. a monday night massacre.
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dagen: application as this is illegal. trying to hide something they did against the law and that's balderdash. maria: it sure is. go ahead. berea, also a very dangerous moment for 22 democrats. over the course of the last eight years, president obama has lost a thousand democratics throughout the governorship. you have 10 democratic senators up for reelection in states that donald trump one. i don't think those voters, the majority of will appreciate their votes have been disregarded by democratic senators refusing to that cabinet confirmations come up for a vote. maria: that's absolutely right. when asked about the supreme court. do you have to announce his pick at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. here's what he said at the white house yesterday. >> we have a big decision that i've made, very big decision on the united states supreme court
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that is going to be announced tomorrow night from the white house at 8:00. a person who is unbelievably highly respect did and i think you will be very impressed with this person. maria: we think it is down to three candidates. judge for such from denver, judge pryor. what is your take on this? >> well, conservatives will have a very good night tonight. judge for such an hearted men both circuits such as a strong conservative background who would be wonderful replacement for justice scalia. you look closely at the colorado judge with a flared for writing and defending the constitution, saying a stretch days earlier. an inspiring life story. the president also keeping another campaign promise to his
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voters to pick off the list. over half of voters who cared about the supreme court is the number one issue. 57% voted for donald trump. this is an important issue to donald trump voters. they will be happy. >> and looks unlikely there'll be any democrats getting on board with this as mitch mcconnell has to go with the new option in which we have this straight by majority vote to catch whoever this nominee assigned to the supreme court. >> that's a really interesting question. when judges said six and hardiman were brought up, they were both concerned about opposition more or less. it will be very hard for some of these 2018 democrats up for reelection to say they were fine man, but now they are not. eight democrats out of those 10 to the line to vote on his confirmation moving forward. he might get them. this is just as scoble
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yesterday. highly qualified judges with well-qualified reading through the aba. eight democrats who switched sides here. maria: good to talk with you. you're expecting jeff sessions to become room today then. >> is to be the committee vote today. the floor vote later this week. maria: we will be watching. turning to lou dobbs tonight. special coverage of president trump's nominee at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll take you through the president speaking live tonight at 8:00 p.m. during the dobbs tonight. really not a voice boycott. starbucks facing backlash after having refugees. protests are treading on social media. after a help here, former president george h.w. bush released from the hospital. stay with us.
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reporter: good morning, maria. 11 charges including six counts of murder in that attack which prime minister justin trudeau caught a despicable act of terrorism. please have yet to identify a true motives but described as a blogger with a history of making anti-immigrant, timeline. due back in court next month. starbucks facing backlash for ceo howard schultz pledged to hire 10,000 refugees. the pledge was in response to the executive order to prevent entry of refugees from several predominately muslim countries. #boycott starbucks is bias trended with many to stop supporting starbucks. however, others who support the pledge to higher refugees and they will buy coffee and food from the restaurant chain to support that decision. president trumps travel ban did spark a walkout of google employees around the world.
6:18 am
they protested trans-executive order. google cofounder who entered the u.s. has been in the grip of the movement. google is the now numerous technologies worried about what the order was due to business as they rely heavily on foreign-born workers. former president george h.w. bush is finally out of the hospital. released from a texas hospital yesterday after more than two weeks of treatment. the president suffered from the ammonia and breathing difficulties. barbara bush spent five days in the same hospital for bronchitis. fox business is one of the national football league has asked the former president to be this year's honorary coin flipper during super bowl 51. there is no word yet if he's accepted, but we are told that actually the president does want to go to the super bowl and it's in his hometown of houston texas. tragic though it be great. thanks for the good news. the worst day of the year yesterday. i blame the president
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maria: stocks looking to extend yesterday's losses. major averages in the u.s. posted the largest decline for the year yesterday.
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donald trump's executive order and and immigration sparked a backlash across the country. john hilsenrath with us this morning. what is your take on this? >> the market will respond to how the economy does at the postelection rally came on the idea of tax cuts, infrastructure, spending and regulatory reform in the market is saying is he going to come through on this. basically treading water since january because their summaries into to doubt he will be able to follow up. maria: i say where ray mnuchin? he is sitting and waiting to get confirmed by senate abstracting things. i don't know. >> you could argue that they're obstructing things that there is also not because these guys, there's a lot of betting that has had to go through. it looks like over the course of the next zero days that they will pass them.
6:24 am
in terms of tax reform, that starts in congress. we have to see that moving forward. mnuchin can make all brand of fast i'm not. dagen: businesses operate this with certainty. trump yesterday i feel like with the regulatory rollback that that is overshadowed at the travel ban put in place on friday. i got a text message yesterday from a technology executive saying i don't know how i'm going to deal with and operate under four years of controversy if it like this. i want to point out the travel ban, we've been critical at ces coming out publicly and talking about it. but it does make it hard to operate. it did come out of nowhere for them. they had employees in the seven countries. they have people who have business travel plans. they did have to stop down and figure out where our employees, where are they going, how are
6:25 am
they going to operate. >> it really depends on h. one b. visa application. >> although i will quickly said they will delay the mnuchin vote is total politics. they do this with a lot of the nominees to exercise their frustration. this is a 90 day temporary travel ban from seven countries identified by the obama administration as terrorist hotspots, countries we have no strong bilateral relationship with your sudan, libya, iran and iraq not cooperating on their side putting in trosper protocols on betting. we have to come up with a better way to make sure people traveling from the countries into ours are not going to harm. >> impracticality over the weekend, executives were caught off guard by it. >> we were talking about
6:26 am
marketing relations and immediately moved back to the travel win. >> it's all in the same umbrella. here's what donald trump is tweet right now. chuck schumer held a rally at the steps of the supreme court and the microphone did not work. a mass. just like party. fake news chuck schumer. have we ever seen chuck schumer cried before with all the terrorism that occurred in 2016, i haven't seen one tear shed. transfer yesterday he's clearly been taking acting lessons or when it ultra, one of the worst actresses on the planet. >> the point about obstructionism. i live in washington now and that the game. but democrats were in power they have claimed republicans were to start a nominees.
6:27 am
that is the way took office. maria: barack obama had many more than donald trump does today. >> again, the process got started later on. over in another week or two. maria: will take a short break and then more on this incredible night and what is ahead. iran has violated u.s. sanctions. u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting today to talk about iran's ballistic missile test. fort lauderdale's airport shooting enters not guilty pleas on all 22 charges. the details of his arraignment coming out. back in a moment.
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. .
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maria: happy tuesday, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday january 31st, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. tensions are running high in our nation's capitol this morning. yates called not to enforce not to enforce executive order on immigration. trump is waiting on attorney general nominee jeff sessions to be confirmed. we are expecting that to happen by the end of the week, sessions among the cabinet confirmations being delayed by democrats on capitol hill. president trump just tweeted
6:31 am
this out. when will the democrats give up our attorney general and the rest of the cabinet, they should be ashamed of themselves, no wonder dc doesn't work. senate minority leader chuck schumer lashed out at tillerson last night. he questioned how he would respond to the president's immigration ban, watch. >> democrats and republicans aligning and the american people most of all deserve to know whether mr. tillerson would implement this executive order or not because it seems to directly contradict comments he made under oath to a senate committee. , key allies in the world are wondering whether the potential future secretary of state supports this policy and so are the american people, how would he answer the outcries from countries around the world asking president trump to rethink this policy, does he think it would make as less safe, does he think it would ali
6:32 am
aten muslim communities around the world. maria: apple to talk wall street this morning, what you need to know ahead of the company's earnings, apple shares right now as you can see looking flat to lower this morning. we will preview what to expect when it reports its fourth quarter. big important quarter for apple, obviously, the christmas holiday. the housing market bracing for changes under president trump. market this is morning look weaker. so far the majority of companies within the s&p 500 have reported better than expected earnings, overall profit growth, almost 5%, 4.9%. big names like exxon mobile. as soon as the numbers hit the tape, we will get it to you. largest declines of the year yesterday. we should extend that today,
6:33 am
down about 20 points in dow industrials. in europe markets are higher actually this morning in the euro zone. across the board, ftse after we got positive news out of germany that helped the stock market after jobless rate hit record low in january. good economic data out of germany. in shanghai composite and hang seng closed for lunar new year, market holidays in china and hong kong. in japan markets were lower 2%. there's a bobcat on the loose, check this out. ali the bob cath's great escape from the national zoo. we have that for you coming up. first the top story in half an hour, rex tillerson clearing a procedural hurdle yesterday, the senate confirmation of the former exxon mobile ceo is expect today take place tomorrow. it did not come without a battle. joining me right now general
6:34 am
jack keane, always a pleasure, thank you so much for joining us this morning. what's your take on behind the scenes back and forth, do you expect more resistance for the confirmation of rex tillerson? >> no, i think it'll go through this week. no, the votes are there on the republican side. those who have criticized tillerson during testimony, rubio, graham, mccain, have all made public statement that is they will vote for him and democrats will that likely vote for him. i think the nomination is certain. i think the flawed debate giving hysteria of travel ban will consume a lot of that. i will also think they will talk about sanctions as they apply to russia because there's been some leaks out of the white house that the president is considering the possibility of removing sanctions and most of the senators are oppose today that and, indeed, they have legislation that would consider passing from removing sanctions.
6:35 am
maria: general, what's your take on travel ban. i don't know if you caught senator chuck schumer's tears, but a lot of drama, the left is calling it a muslim ban, which is not. we know that, we know that there are several countries, 40 countries that are not on that list. what's your take about this temporary visa ban? jack: well, i think it's just a lot of unnecessary hysteria surrounding this. i mean, the reality this in the president is facing, radical islam is on the rise. it's morphed into a global jihad. more people are being killed and attacked every single year, we have seen it take place in our country in the last couple of years and it's -- it's around europe as well. so here comes the new president, he understands that and he's been told by government officials as they testify during this last year that our screening process for people coming into the united states is not adequate and we cannot
6:36 am
guaranty that they'll be not terrorist among them. those are the statements that were made, at least a paraphrase of them. that's what he's facing. what does he say? he makes the decision that he's going to put in place a screening process but he wants to make it an extreme tough process and in the meantime because he doesn't -- he wants to prevent something bad from happening, i'm going to shut down the refugee program while i'm doing that and the countries we don't really have many relationships with of any consequence i'm going to shut that down as well in terms of a travel plan. i believe those are prudent measures taken to protect the american people, the roll-out of this policy certainly was not well handled. i'm sure the administration would own up to that. i do have concerns about iraq. i'm not sure they should be on the list. maria: that's a good point, actually. but so he had no choice but to
6:37 am
fire the acting attorney general if she's sitting there telling the department of justice not to follow the law of the land. jack: absolutely. i mean, the president is issuing an order and he has somebody in his administration that is refusing to obey that order, that person has to be removed immediately and they took the appropriate action. that's from the obama administration, policy disagreement there. she refuse today execute the order and put somebody in there that can't. it underscores the other problem we have. look, if this president, regardless of how the democrats feel about him politically, it's certainly not appropriate for him not to have by now his team in place so that he can be able to govern properly and certainly his attorney general, secretary of state are all major, major cabinet figures who should be in place by now. maria: right. it's embarrassing, you know that he doesn't have his team, we
6:38 am
know that they have the votes. the democrats are sitting on this and making it a stall. you're making points about iraq on the list. let me ask you about iran because it had the latest missile test. the council is holding emergency meeting later today about this and embassador nikki haley the expect today take part in the meeting. what are you looking for it to come out of this meeting? >> this is overshadowed because of the hysteria surrounding the travel ban. this is a major task. this is the iranians consciously doing something they know that it's prohibited by un resolution 2231 which indicates no ballistic missile testing which should lead to nuclear weaponization. they violated this last month. president obama typical, issued rhetoric, no action.
6:39 am
here is where we are. this will be discussed in the un, we will likely propose some kind of sanctions in iranians which, i think, is appropriate. russia will likely veto, they are alied with iran, they are both fighting side by side with assad regime in syria and then the test for trump administration, more rhetoric like the obama administration or act unilaterally with allies away from the un to impose sanctions and that's what i think we should do. the iranians will continue to commit acts of aggression to destabilize the region. the president he is aware of this, he had a discussion with the king on this very issue and the test right in front of him. what are we going to do about it? he will get an ear full from prime minister netanyahu on this very subject that we must stand to iran's aggression. maria: you would think that donald trump will do that, just based on what we are seeing.
6:40 am
general, do you expect that you will see the confirmation of rex tillerson and jeff session this is week, that's what we are all expecting? we know that this is about two weeks late but we are expecting this week. is that how you see it? >> that's the plan. i think it will definitely happen. maria: great to have you on the program. general jack keane joining us there. wall street waiting for apple's first-quarter numbers. that's later today. investors are looking that the iphone numbers, will the iphone 7 will break sales. here kitty, kitty, searching frl a 25-bobcat that escaped from enclosure, how it made its way out. back in a minute. i have access to the oil markets and gold markets.
6:41 am
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maria: welcome back, futures indicating lower opening. we are expecting the dow to be down extending yesterday's
6:44 am
losses, worst day of the year after huge run-up from the election. shares to watch plummeted 30% yesterday on the failure to reach a key deal. the company is parting ways with mattress firm, mattress firm made more than 20% of shares, there's the stock, 28% yesterday. that is said to be released after the bell tonight. strongest sales would snap a three-quarter streak of declining iphone shares. shares are lower in the premarket as you see there. join us after the bell tonight when apple reports its quarter. the man accused of killing five people, wounding six others in florida airport shooting spree is pleading not guilty this morning. cheryl: maria esteban santiago is facing 22 charges for the shooting at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport.
6:45 am
authorities say that santiago suffers from mental illness. hi reportedly visited the fbi in anchorage, alaska last year and reporting that he was having mental thoughts. yesterday the judge actually read the entire 17-page indictment against him stressing the names of each and every victim. well, when snapchat parent company makes its wall street debut it would be on the new york stock exchange. the list a big win. expect today publicly discloses them later this week. the next step, of course, the road show expect today begin in late february, the highly anticipated debut early march. this ipo expect today value snap at between 20 billion and $25 billion. and finally there is a major surge underway in the nation's capital this morning, ali is a 25-pound female bobcat and last
6:46 am
seen at the enclosure, they describe her as a 6-year-old bobcat that's very standoffish and not super friendly. they don't consider a threat to the public, instead they say that she should be treated like a stray dog. she's a carnivore, cats or dogs could be at risk, just throwing that out there. the zoo is expecting expecting that she will head back for food and warm shelter. maria: wow, i don't know if i would be afraid of the cat or aww. dagen: don't go aww and don't make it afraid of you. it'll tear you up. maria: yeah. jon: particularly encouraging. dagen: nasty. maria: we will take a break. investors ying -- eyeing housing data.
6:47 am
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maria: welcome back. president trump rolling back regulations in a big way,
6:51 am
signing executive order to roll back regulations by 75%. the housing market among others bracing for change under president trump. the s&p index of home prices expected in less than two hours as pending home sales in december will up 1.6%. that made 2016 the best housing market since financial crisis. mitch, good to see you. >> good morning, maria. maria: thanks so much for joining us. let's talk about the rollback of regulations, the president signed the executive order yesterday, with all of the tack about the ban on certain visas it got -- it got hidden. >> lost in the headlines there. maria: your take. >> the biggest bump for the housing market it's going to be the small and medium-size banks. those historically who made mortgage credit available to local people. you put a deposit in the bank and borrow money from the bank. that's the model that's
6:52 am
sustainable and we deregulate those institutions that have been frozen out then it's good for housing. maria: that's what he was saying yesterday, the president plans to roll back federal regulations, cut them by 75% and basically say he wants to unleash business that may have been strangled by the regulation and the smaller and mid-cap companies is one area that we discussed as we wait linda mchamon to take over the housing tri -- industry. i just got back from tampa. one of the challenges is for creating new supply of house asking the cost of land and the cost of labor but on top is regulations, getting permitting, and if the overall theme of deregulation trickles down to municipalities that's a good
6:53 am
thing for housing overall. maria: the cutback in regulation will trickle down in various areas of the company and spur activity? >> yeah, politics aside, the hope would be that it would trickle down in small communities with deregulate as well. maria: we will see about that. president trump had a phone call with russian president vladimir putin over the weekend indicating that he wants to stabilize ties with the u.s. miami association of realtors finds that russia is the top international country searching miami real estate. isn't that interesting? >> interesting that russia is on the internet and searching. [laughter] >> this isn't a new of the story. russian investors have been looking at miami for a while. they backed away when oil prices rolled back. if you look at investment, it's really not a good thing, the more unstable the plan it is, the more foreign investors try to rotate some portion to have wealth towards u.s. real estate.
6:54 am
because the market in miami has a lot of supply and the ability to rent it out to other multinationals, the russians like many folks from different countries are interested in miami. maria: a good topic. for a while there, i know miami was one area but also the new york, you hat qatarys, russian, chinese, a lot of foreign investors trying to buy-up real estate in america, do you still see that or that changes with car insurance ri changes? the dollar is weaker today, but has obviously been on a run. >> car insurance ri didn't really play a big of a role. the currency is not going to be the issue. it's how unstable the homeland is and if they're homeland is unstable they are going to park money. some of the cities is prices have gotten high even for foreign investors and they are willing to wait a little bit.
6:55 am
maria: that's my next question. it feels like real estate has kept strong, particularly high-end real estate. where is your take on where the market is right now? >> the high-end is overdeveloped and under absorbed. you look at the rest of the markets, we are going to see another year of, you know, high single-digit increases. the reason is here is the biggest issue on housing right now. i talked about affordability. the real issue is availability. a few weeks ago or two weeks ago the national association realtors came out with the supply of inventory of real estate. it's 3.6 months. that's the lowest level of supply homes on the market since 1999 when they started tackling the data. we are about to go on home-buying season and there's nothing on the market. maria: even though prices are up and there's only fair amount of supply, so that's going to continue sending prices up? >> right. basic supply and demand. you can't buy something that's
6:56 am
not in the market. if people really want something, prices are going to get bid up and we are in the vicious cycle of affordability again. maria: down 2.8% in this report. >> i'm not worried -- maria: looking forward. >> we are still buying homes and credit could be -- loser credit could be a little bit of a help but not too loose. maria: thank you so much, mitch rochel. how would we see the fed adopt and adapt to president trump's federal policies, we will preview what to expect from the fed. two-day meeting, we are going to find out if they are going to change on interest rates tomorrow. that's not expected. preview with mornings with maria, back in a minute with every early morning...
6:57 am
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g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. maria: good tuesday morning, everybody, welcome back, thanks so much for joining us. happy tuesday, i'm maria bartiromo and it is tuesday january 31st, top stories right now, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump fired sally yates last night after she ordered lawyers at the department of justice not to enforce executive order on immigration. acting head of immigration and customs enforcement is also out.
7:00 am
the dismissal adding to already high tensions in our nation's capital but the white house is fighting back and pursuing. >> it's ashame that had people were inconvenienced obviously, but at the end of the day we are talking about a couple of hours. i would rather -- i'm sorry that some folks may have had to wait a little while but the president would much rather know that he's not placing a call that someone was killed after a person committed terrorist act. being able to come to america is a privilege, not a right and it is our duty and it is the president's goal to make sure that everybody comes into this country to the best of our ability is here because they want to enjoy this country and come in peacefully. maria: meanwhile president obama wasted little time to weigh in on president obama's decision. the former commander in chief says, quote, he fundamentally disagrees with trump's immigration ban. the latest of the world of wars coming up this morning. tensions coming amid mayor day,
7:01 am
president trump to announce nominee for the supreme court at 8:00 p.m. tonight. we are breaking down the short list tonight this morning. routine airplane maintenance turning more than a lost bag. massive amount of cocaine was found on an american airlines flight. markets this morning look like this. futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages. dow jones expected to extend yesterday's losses 30 points after major averages posted largest declines of the year yesterday. in europe markets are higher this morning. you will see the ft100. in asia overnight, china and hong kong were closed for the lunar new year, however, japan was open and nikkei was down. one animal not very amoose with the cold, the big surprise one i/dd family found in their basement.
7:02 am
yes, a moose, all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, chief economic correspondent jon hilsenrath and tony. great day. jon: we had cougars. dagen: that was a bobcat. maria: get it right. this is a moose. we will tell you about that coming up. joining the conversation judge andrew napolitano and debbie wasserman schultz and sebastian gorka is with us. karl rove is here. big show ahead. you don't want to miss it. stay with us. we kick it off with president trump draining the swamp, the president fired sally yates after he directed attorneys not to defend ban.
7:03 am
the executive order is in the interest of national security. watch. >> this is about the safety of america and there's a reason that the majority of americans agree with the president, it's because they understand that that's his number one priority and it's his number one duty as it should be with any leader to keep our people and institutions safe from attack and that these steps are frankly common sense steps that the president is taking so that we are never looking at the rear-view mirror saying we should have done something like this. maria: joining me right now tennessee congressman marcia blackburn, congresswoman, good to see you? >> thank you, great to see you. maria: released a statement last night, the firing of sally yates underscores how it is to have an attorney general that will stand up to the white house when they are violating the law. the fact that this administration does not understand that is chilling. congresswoman, you're reaction
7:04 am
to the events of last night. >> the president is within his rights to release ms. yates and put someone in her place someone who is going to carry out executive orders and advise the president. this is common practice. a president brings in cabinet, they bring in their team, that is why you have three separate equal branches of government. we seem to have a group of democrats who just can't get over the fact that they lost, they do not want this president to have his team around him, they need to realize donald trump is the president of the united states. maria: yeah. >> if they want to see a change, at doj and stop politicizing at doj, why don't they confirm his nominee to be the attorney general? maria: yeah. in the analysis of twitter and sort of people understanding what's happening, it's a very different moment in time.
7:05 am
the people get it. >> yes, they do. maria: blowing off the law from not enforcing executive order to telling the world that sanctuary cities will continue to the democrats deciding that they want to stall the confirmation process. it's just extraordinary actually they they just go on just blowing off the law. >> you're exactly right and we are a nation of laws and those laws are to be there for a government that is of the people, by the people, for the people. and, maria, you were right. people across this country get it. you know, i've seen the casting calls where they're saying attend a rally, shoot a video, we will pay you a hundred dollars and they're asking for these, for their documentary, if you will, they are holding resistance training, good trouble seminars in order to get people motivated and then to have a president that comes -- a
7:06 am
former president, obama, who comes out and speaks against the current president. you know, there are times where you need to just not say anything and president bush showed him the courtesy of not saying anything and president obama, former president obama, should do the same thing at this point in time. dagen: sob cynical, congresswoman, is this the democrats' way of raising money? does it come down to that? who are they rallying onto their side by -- with chuck schumer crying crocodile tears? >> there you -- they are winning over george soros.
7:07 am
my understanding is he's funding a good bit of this. i think, dagen, what they are continuing to do, if you will, narrow their market because there are so many democrats i talked to that say i didn't vote for trump, didn't support trump but i wish him and our nation well and if he can do what he says he's going to do i'm going to be all for it and they look at this as a disruption and they see it as something that is kind of a side show, if you will, it has gone past the point of being a peaceful protest and it is now focused on how much disruption can we bring into the marketplace and how much media attention can we capture around that disruption. jon: congresswoman, jon hilsenrath, here. eventually the market is telling
7:08 am
us that it wants to see action out of congress. it wants to see tax reform out of congress. stock prices are down. apparently because investors are starting to wonder whether that's going to happen. tell us, is tax reform going to happen in the first half of this year and what about repeal of obamacare and replacement in. >> you're going to see us move forward with repealing obamacare and then taking the steps to overhaul the healthcare insurance delivery and reimbursement marketplace. and jon, i caution the utilization of the word replacement. you are not going to see a second version of a big government expansion of health care. what our constituents want to see is this, they want patient centered private sectored health care, they want to make certain that there are options for people who do have preexisting conditions. they want the costs to come down.
7:09 am
they like the idea of health savings accounts, they want across state line purchase so they can buy whatever they want from whomever they want at a price they can afford and they want to make certain that our hospitals and our doctors are made whole and they want medicare to be made whole because medicare enrollees have paid incredible price for stand-up of obamacare. this is one nugget to remember, you are going to disrupt all of these, all of these many americans, the disruption happened with the implementation of obamacare out of the nine million people in the obamacare marketplace only 2 million people are buying the product without a subsidy. maria: congresswoman, what about tax reform? i recognize a repeal and replace of obamacare is also a major tax cut, but the markets and the supporters wants to see work
7:10 am
done on tax reform. over the last month or so we've heard a different timeline than we expected. you know, now we know that it's probably not going to be during budget reconciliation this first one. maybe it happens after the summer. what's the timeline on tax reform? >> when you talk to the speaker and leader mcconnell, the timeline that they're looking at is this summer. we will have a second budget reconciliation this year and tax reform should come during that period of time but i think you can look for it in the summer, early fall. maria: do you think we will know what it looks like the first hundred days? >> absolutely. maria: before the summer in. >> yes, i think you're going to know what the timeline is going to be and what it's going the look like. framework and the shaping of it. so many of our businesses want to see it, our small businesses, they are looking at those individual rates. maria: yeah.
7:11 am
>> people that hold entities in llc's, they are looking at what they need to do to reshape. maria: in order for them to get economic growth. jon: is it going to be in that? >> the border tax, there are plenty of issues. having had a marketing business, i'm hearing from people that are in the retail industry that i have previously worked with and they are saying, hey, we have a lot of questions of what this is going to do to our bookkeeping, how we would set it up, the different taxes paid for different items that they are bringing in, so i think there's still a lot of question around how that would work. dagen: hates it. [laughter] >> right. dagen, you're right. you're exactly right. i tell you what people want to
7:12 am
see first. what are the lower marginal rates going to be for individual filers, they want to know what is going to be the prices for lowering the corporate rates and then they want to know what the treatment is going to be on kept gains. that's a big part of the structure, 30,000-feet overview and then moving down into some -- jon: how do you pay for all of that without import tax? how do you pay for that? >> you know, there's a lot to be said for economic growth and there's a lot to be said for utilization of dynamic scoring which cbo has never wanted to do. maria: yeah. >> being able to change that process is going to be helpful. i think that also you can look at what we are going to do with changing the way -- and the president alluded to this when he did the executive order for
7:13 am
small business and looking at regulation. the cost of regulation, impact of regulation begin to go get some of the off the book regulatory reforms and then what that's going to do to spur economic growth. we continue -- washington, d.c. looks at tax cuts and says, oh, this is costing us money, the american people look at it, small businesses look at it, new starts look at it, innovators look at it and say, this is saving us money and we have to remember the formula, less regulation plus litigation, plus less taxation equals more innovation and job creation. works every time. you can take it to the bank. maria: that's certainly the narrative and the conversation that president trump was talking about yesterday when he specifically looked at small business and the opportunities there. congresswoman, good to see you, we appreciate it. >> see you.
7:14 am
maria: a discovery in american american airline planes where workers found massive amount of cocaine in routine check. one family came to a house guest, a moose. back in a minute
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back, the pentagon identifying the navy seal killed in yemen this weekend. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: yeah, maria, fallen
7:17 am
chief william ryan owens from illinois. three other u.s. service members were wounded in the raid on al-qaeda compound in southern yemen. 14 al-qaeda fighters were killed in this operation. the first authorized by president trump. well, routine maintenance check turned out discovery in american airlines plane in tulsa. 30 pounds of cocaine, seven bricks of coke discovered electronic's bay during the nose gear of a boeing 757 that was parked at american airlines maintenance. the discovery was made, very interesting. wal-mart is up in the anti. this is going to replace the 49-dollar membership program that was meant to challenge amazon prime. wal-mart has been investing in e-commerce but still lagging far
7:18 am
behind the rivals, by the way you have to spend 35 bucks at if you want the free shipping. the gap is trying to solve the problem with online shopping. how clothes actually look in your body. it's called the dressing room app. five avenue tars each represent a different body shape, pick a close and adjust a sizing and see what it looks like, only problem is not only available in google tango as far as phones. we will keep you posted when it comes out to the rest of us. including, well, what happened in basement in idaho. massive moose fell, crash landed into a family's home over the weekend. i/dd officials tried to get animal safely, that didn't work, they had to se bait her and
7:19 am
carry her out of the front door. the family luckily traumatized, maria. maria: that is is a wild. dagen: that's a small moose. it's not a bull moose. maria: it was in the living room. jon: it looks like she was playing poker. maria: come down and watch tv. jon: with the bobcat that's loose in washington. maria: the president will meet with pharmaceutical executives and we will bring you any updates this come up this morning. what the federal reserve meeting means and the job's report, what that might tell us about the economy under president trump, what to expect. earnings big in the first quarter, expected to be profit growth of double digits, we will
7:20 am
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7:23 am
maria: we are watching this economy this week. federal reserve is kicking two-day meeting today. this will be the first meeting since president trump was sworn into office. joining us right now the mark, senior economic analyst, good to see you, mark. thank you so much for joining us. >> steady growth path continue to go improve job market firming, some prospects for inflation and wage growth which the fed wants to see. maria: do you think we will hear anything from the federal
7:24 am
reserve tomorrow when we get their statement? >> of course, that's their job, is to issue a statement and characterize the economy. i don't think it'll be very much changed from the december statement when we had a news conference held by chair yellen. i would say that right now they want to hold their power, but the fed projected essentially the possibility of three rate hikes over each of the next three years and i think they're still operating on that basis. jon: i think the interesting thing for the january meeting is whether they signaled anything, give any winks or nods to the market that something might be coming in march. if they don't do that, we are talking about backloading the interest rate increases until the second half of the year. does the market have the potential to rally if the fed comes out tomorrow and doesn't really say anything about march? >> i think all of that is baked in at this point. how many times have we been loading the gun, getting ready
7:25 am
for interest rate hikes and have to put the ammunition is different. i think it probably is. personally i don't think the fed is ready to set the table for rate hike in the near future. jon: what happens if the fed continues the slow path, there's been little increase since trump election? do we see that backing off? >> it's possible. we have seen volatility since election day. the one thing i was pleased to look at on our side recently is the fact that savings rate for one to five-year cd's have rised a little. finally. maria: hallelujah. >> how much does the fed anticipate the incoming administration's policies on deregulation, the emphasis on economic growth. dagen: they don't. [laughter] >> in terms of what their action is going to be. >> right. the last minutes we had from the fed meeting indicate that had half of the members of the federal open market committee,
7:26 am
the policy setting body had incorporated expectations for fiscal policy into their economic projections. that is as close as they are going to come to using the word election and president trump, but the problem is and chair yellen is quite straightforward on this point. they have to wait to see what the policy is, they have to wait how it actually affects the economy. so if interest rates were set on the basis of political promises, we would be in a double-digit interest rate environment. dagen: why i was laughing and why it was laughable, the market started taking off after the election with the promise of regulatory reform, corporate tax cuts and in december the federal reserve did not change their growth expectations at all for like the coming three years, right. they see -- they essentially saw no benefit. >> i think the other really important point here and we have been talking about this this morning, a lot of the trump's
7:27 am
agenda and republican trump agenda hangs on 4% economic growth. it raises the question, will the fed tolerate 4% economic growth in an environment where the unemployment rate is already very low or will the fed respond to very fast growth rates and say that's inflationary, we are going to have to raise rates. >> one of the questions is who compromises the fed. that depends on who the chair will be, who the vice chair will be, what both of those terms essentially ending in not too distant future with two seats. the confirmation of a fed would have a different view from someone who is essentially appointed by the president. dagen: it'll be interesting to see if we get a fed head who doesn't come out of the economic world, a handful of universities. >> if you look at the other appointments, indication is it would be a practitioner. jon: no counsel of economic advisers. no one has been appointed there.
7:28 am
this president is not affectionate toward elitist economy. one name is kevin walsh, a bush appointee who was close to ben bernanke. he's on the republican side. he's again one of those elitist economic economist. >> slight chance that she could get reappointed despite all the other matter. maria: first quarter earnings up 5%, but the first quarter is expected to be up 11 and 13%, is that what you expect as well? >> i'm not monitoring earnings as closely as i'm watching other metrics, we are seeing positive signs out there and that's helped to put the market in the position where it is. >> what do you expect from the job's report on friday? >> subpar jobs' growth well short of 200,000 jobs, little
7:29 am
change on unemployment rate. respectable. jon: watch the wage number. a lot of minimum wages went up in january. we will see -- maria: that's good news. still to come a battle over president trump's executive actions. the heated showdown between the president and the justice department coming up. plus america's favorite begal could be looking for a new owner your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. bp engineers use underwater robots, so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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then ..
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> things are joining us this morning. i maria bartiromo. tuesday january 31st. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. after president trump fired acting attorney general sally yates last night. she caused a stir as she ordered lawyers at the department of justice not to enforce executive order and immigration. minority leader chuck schumer lashed out against the president's decision on immigration. >> this order is against what we believe in america. this order will make i send safe. the order will make us inhumane and the order one may cost less than america. we will not that this evil or dare make us less american. we will fight and with
7:33 am
everything we have and we will win this fight. [cheers and applause] maria: tensions calm today. president trump said to announces nominees for supreme court tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. breaking on the shirtless coming up. the companies reporting this morning under armour. the stock in a freefall. mr. and infects the patients also announces chief financial officer leading the company. under armour shares plummeted right now as you can see there. markets looking weaker as you'll see the dow jones industrial average to extend yesterday's losses. major average posted largest declines yesterday that dell expected to open down 30 points. market higher. the dollar is weaker against most major currencies this morning. the ft 100 up half a percent. other majors up a fraction throughout the zero zone.
7:34 am
it is the lunar new year. however, japan was open and it was down. one and two thirds%. a former major league baseball executive and for life. the cybercrime that has him in the houston astros taking out. one company helping kids build their network. a look at lacus big bet and social media. kicking it off with our top story. president donald trump fired acting attorney general sally yates after she refused to defend immigration being from seven mostly muslim countries. tram still waiting for jeff sessions from his pick for attorney general to be confirmed. when will democrats give us our attorney general and the rest of cap. they should be ashamed of themselves. no wonder d.c. does not work. current attorney general nominee jeff sessions question heat during her confirmation hearing in 2015 and he asked her if she would never defy the president's orders. listen to this.
7:35 am
>> you think the attorney general has the responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something improper? >> senator committee attorney general or deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law of the constitution and give independent legal advice to the president. maria: fox senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. what do you make of this? >> it obviously wasn't handled right by sally yates, justice department or chuck schumer. the reason we don't have an attorney general is because democrats have delayed the inevitable confirmation of senator sessions as attorney general. the chief law-enforcement officer and the president of the united states. he destined for a lot personally. he's entitled to have an attorney have an attorney general and seek with him. issue two, sally yates, she honestly believed that the president did was unlawful, unconstitutional or otherwise unenforceable, she should've
7:36 am
told in a private consent would do that to step aside or give up my resignation? instead, she directs the justice department not to defend the president. there were four of many trials over the weekend. saturday night in brooklyn, sunday morning in boston from sunday afternoon in washington. i don't know if there was a government and all of those for and against the president. i don't know if there is a government lawyer present at any of those. mr. todd is as soon as i heard that, he has to fire her. i thought he has to fire her. within half an hour she was fired. maria: about what she said to jeff sessions during the hearing, basically no, i believe it is ripe for the attorney general and deputy attorney general to file the law and constitution. that's not what she did here. and advise the president. >> the attorney general has not been the president's lawyer, but
7:37 am
she had against an independent thinker. mr. president, we are with you. i can't do this. i have ethical qualms. massed at the site. to love my resignation are the person below me to be in charge. maria: she wants to run for higher political office. >> who knows what her motivation was. her behavior was deeply and profoundly frustrating to the president. typical of him he didn't waste a minute to do it. >> i was reading this thing at 730 caught, by 9:00 she was gone. >> he could've gone on twitter and done it right away. how much does the job administration need to worry about all the bureaucrats, people with ingest just is. >> the person chosen in by the president to be the acting attorney general is not a political appointee.
7:38 am
he is a career justice person. for the most part, i know a lot of these folks. career justice people are seriously devoted to the constitution and the law. they have political views like all of us. they put their political views aside. if those they would allow political views to interfere with their work. it's the duty of chat sessions to find them and give them another assignment for suggest they go to the private sector. >> appointment not focus on is sean spicer -- sean spicer alluded to, americans understand we need to change the direction of the policy. but we know that this was lawful. the justice department will was a lawful order. as more have to be done on the side of the administration to codify this in a more meaningful way? if so, where? >> i think probably the language of the order had a little bit of ambiguity as to whether or not a
7:39 am
preferred to green card holders at the same rights to enter and leave's natural born citizens. people receive state department these cents. that has now been resolved. if you're a great hard-core that they will not detain you. if you have a visa from the state department of you come and go for the duration of the language could have been more specific. maria: why wasn't that in place before the confusion? >> i don't know the answer. i can give you the suggestion. just sessions wasn't enough is. >> i just want to add one thing i'm not. again, whatever word you want to use, sloppy, penn handed, that's what it buys. to business executives kind of dismayed by the way it was handled, they do have a higher bar for donald trump because he's a businessman. and they do expect him and his administration to handle these things in a way that has the least disruption. >> outjumped a businessman no-space issues of the lawyer answered.
7:40 am
i'm not answering. i think the public to tony's point recognizes he's entitled to have his team in place and the justice department announced for her. or chuck schumer play political games is now causing damage to the fiber of the republicans. trained dagen: specifically to the implementation of the law on friday. as talking about the very thing that fomented confusion on saturday. >> a lot of talk about the immigration order more specifically. "the wall street journal" has a great graphic on the third page here about terror incidents. 180 terror incidents in the united states since the early two thousands. dear friend made it going serious from his hero from sudanese zero from libya, one from iranians. is this sort of the best way to protect the homeland? >> that's a great question. the answer is a political answer. a few other legal or constitutional answer, the
7:41 am
congress has given the president of the united states the authority to ban individuals, classes of people or groups from anywhere for a finite duration, not forever. refugees for four months. people from seven countries for 90 days. he cannot been people on the basis of first amendment protected at dvd. speech, religion or association, but he can ban them from geographical areas and that is basically not subject to review by any authority within the discretion. maria: we don't know what president trump knows. >> to answer your question directly, we've now confirmed cases have said they will use this refugee program to infiltrate it to get more terrorists. >> with strong bilateral relations. >> those are all good questions, but to maria's point, he has at
7:42 am
his fingertips the most vast intelligence. >> be trusted. maria: we don't know that. >> his distress was expected before was president. dagen: ambassador bolton said yesterday the majority of countries in the travel ban, we have no information from them. we get nothing from them in terms of who's there, who's coming here. saudi arabia has incredible information sharing with united states. that's why saudi arabia among other muslim majority nations. maria: that's a very good point. dagen: depends on how much we trust the information we are getting. >> the question remains then we'll just sessions be confirmed and how much longer do they recognize that? maria: committee vote today in the official vote is for sarah as the representative of the attorney general designee told us he will be at work on friday. we will see.
7:43 am
real quick on the supreme court picked tonight. anything we should be looking for a scene that to you? >> no, i was involved in the process in the interest of full disclosure, but i don't know the nominee. our friends in d.c. could figure out who the nominee is but who is flying to d.c. if someone fled from pittsburgh, that would read judge hardiman on the left of your screen. someone from denver with the judge said six out of right of your screen. from alabama would be judge pryor the third. maria: we will know at will know at ap and mr. went trump announces his judge. thank you, judge napolitano appeared at discount by walgreens has agreed to pay less for radical reggae. how legos is taking to the internet to connect children. back in a minute. special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!!
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. walgreen seeing a price cut for its purchase of friday. cheryl casone with the details. reporter: yes, maria. it expired last week because regulators were hesitant to approve it to do with official concerns, walgreens will sell as many as 1000 rite aid stores. walgreen's also will cut the purchase price of nine bucks a share down to $7 for now if they had to close more stores, the price could drop again. rite aid shares are ahead of the opening. the boy scouts of america will register transgender youth into its organization. reverses a policy in place for more than a century. a new policy affects boy scouts and cub scouts. under the change, they'll recognize gender listed on an application, not based on this guy's birth certificate. the boy scouts ended a ban and 2013 and decided to allow gay scout leaders could another step
7:48 am
in the direction. the company behind snoopy and charlie brown could be up for grabs. icon x is considering selling its stake in worldwide. they own all the characters. the move comes three months after metlife dropped the peanuts characters as their mascot and i don't think it low to debt burden icon x. let's say with some fun stuff. lego launch a social network g leg of life. children under the age of dirt team can participate in building challenges. legolife has anti-bullying content into it. they can only comment with the lego analogy and parents must confirm their kids accounts via e-mail. legolife moderators will approve each and every post. it's been built as a safe place for kids to connect with each other via social media. maria: legos is really hot.
7:49 am
they did it in such a short amount of time that they keep reinventing themselves over the years. impressive company. [inaudible] >> i'm an unofficial shareholder because of the amount of legos i've bought over the years. dagen: legos over smartphones and tablet than a day. maria: cardinals not fly so high. the price will have to pay for hakim. that story is next. your insurance company
7:50 am
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7:52 am
maria: welcome back. new details in the death of former nfl star mel farr. >> per night team 67 to 1973, mel farr played games for
7:53 am
detroit lions. he died at the age of 70. we learn through espn's outside the lines that his family had donated his brain and spinal work for research. the boston university school of medicine which determined he did suffer from stage three chronic encephalopathy, disease from repeated to the head. cardinal facing punishment because chris korea hacked into the houston astro's internal database over a period of years beginning in 2013. major league baseball order the cardinals to pay the asters $2 billion at the cardinals will have to get two draft picks this year to the astros. karen who was sentenced in july to four to six in prison last july issued a lifetime ban for major league race poll. superman has planet who stand. the super bowl is in houston, texas. but about houston, scotland?
7:54 am
working to campaign for his favorite candy skittles. marcia makes traveling through houston, scotland heading up reschedules in talking to scouts about the super bowl. >> this is a scandal that. >> we've got the super bowl going on. are you familiar with that? >> i know that. >> he notes in houston, right? not this houston, but the other houston. >> the super bowl thing was in houston. it is getting a skittles. does this thing. >> i didn't know marchand lynch had spoken in decades. >> if it's putting skittles in his mouth, he'll do it. maria: how about the raiders stadium? is in jeopardy? >> we pretty much had a pencil thin.
7:55 am
all of a sudden it seems like it is falling. maria: sheldon gilson has pulled out of the plan to invest $650 million. the deal worth 1.9 billion. >> they need the money. >> is for goldman sachs, which the raiders figured they could count on his back or financially to goldman sachs is said to be pulling its involvement. dagen: why? >> who knows, maybe it doesn't seem like a financial positive thing to move the team there. dagen: not enough full-time residents potentially? >> would? >> would never have the nfl in las vegas. only the nhl. there's a concern of of integrity and gambling to close. dagen: in oakland got the entire bay area, which is a huge population. >> in this city and that is decrypted yet they do need a new stadium that they stay in oakland. area could support it but they can't get the new stadium there. >> they couldn't sustain a football team.
7:56 am
that shows you how fast it is ground in terms of permanent residents, not just gambling and other things. dagen: no income taxes why. no state income tax. this is a business show. maria: >> classmates media night at the super bowl and the players are talking to members of the media and they are each at a podium. last season he grabbed somebody's bad. a columnist is covering his 40th super bowl of the san francisco examiner accidentally took the coaches that back last night after the meeting. kyl shanahan running around not looking for this for 15 minutes. >> people are joking bolshevik patriots. this is his 40th super bowl or the san francisco examiner. i want to know, it did he take, who knows? trained to teach you see on
7:57 am
twitter lebron and charles barkley? he's calling barkley a hater. >> i hate getting involved in this. maria: i think he's great. he says that as it is. dagen: when i'm really having a bad day i watch the videos on youtube of him playing golf. maria: i played golf with him once. dagen: if you're having a bad day, go watch charles barkley. >> sat lebron up. maria: i'm not going to disrespect my legacy like that. i'm not the one who through sunday through window. i never spit on decay. charles barkley says i don't think so, lebron. catch jarod max on serious xm 115. back in a minute. t ents.
7:58 am
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and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. averages. . maria: good us tice morning he i am maria bartiromo thank you for being with under the circumstance this morning it is tuesday, january 31, your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast president trump fired acting attorney general sally yates last night she he ordered lawyers at o gonzales not to enforce his order on i am cambridges high tensions over the capitol over that ban. >> -- bureaucrats have a problem with it? i think in a they should get with the program or they can being go. >> hold on hold on hold on, this is this is about the safety of america! >> is it a sally yates is a profiling in coach may be some
8:01 am
of our courage her insights her wisdom would rub off, on the people in the white house. >> coming as a democrats play politics names waiting for confirmation, treasury nominee steve mnuchin attorney general nominee jeff sessions elitist on battles ahead we are expecting confirmation for jeff sessions this week, authorities in canada now say a 27-year-old student is solely responsible for the deadly shooting adequate beck city o mosque sunday 11 surcharges including 6 counts of murder, in that attack. we have very latest, earnings in focus on wall street this morning, among the companies reporting under armour stock in a free-fall this morning, after under armour earnings missed expectations in the quarter also announced in chief financial -- officer is leaving the company, as you see the stock is under severe pressure, markets look like this we are expecting a lower opening for the broader averages down 40 points on dow
8:02 am
industrials the major averages posted largest time lines of the year yesterday as you can see, the selling blocks set to continue. in europe, you markets are higher take a look we have pretty good economic data out of germany setdone ft 100 up a half percent cac quarante dax steady at this level, pretty much for the last couple hours, in asia overnight, shanghai composite, and the hang seng in hong kong china, hong kong closed for a luna neuroyee nikkei average down 1 and 2 pirdz% j.p. morgan open answer from takes aim at free refills the details to fizz out bad habitats coming up this morning joining me to talk about it daig daning, with "the wall street journal" chief k in choo economic spornts jon hilsenrath, fox news contributor tony a lot to talk about. >> great to be here, adelson family pulled out of that deal in las vegas apparently because of the lease agreement
8:03 am
the kind of surprised family with we're in for profit on the deal where they pulled out pure financial reasons a big story in las vegas. >> you knew it was about money i didn't realize it was a contract that would limit any ability for adelson to make money. >> that is what they are saying unfortunately now kind of throws a wrench into the thing potentially. >> we will talk about this a big show joining the cost of livings, former dnc chairwoman florida congressman debbie wasserman schultz with us this morning, deputy assistant to president tra dr. sebastian goshingo former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush karl rove is here stuart varney will weigh in don't miss a hometown do stay with us we kick of hour with president trump firing actinging attorney general sally yates last night hours district ofh after she told department of justice lawyers not to defend his executive order on immigration in court blake burman at white house with very latest good morning
8:04 am
mow. reporter: good morning to you as well trump administration, sending a very clear message yesterday. firing sally yates, as you just mentioned yates was the acting attorney general, let go soon after she wrote that she would not defend that controversial executive order on immigration white house fired back in its own right, in a statement about yates saying the following, quote, miss yates is an obama administration appointee weak on borders very week on illegal immigration it is time to get serious, about protecting our country. however democrats deannounced her he removal. >> profile in courage brave act a right act i hope the president and his -- people who are in the white house, learn something from this. >> dana benta alibiinging attorney general at o department of justice he is obama era appointee all
8:05 am
remains in transition, as jeff sessions attorney general nominee has yet to get a full vote on the senate floor, his committee vote happens later today, president trump set on out a tweet about this a while ago earlier this morning, here is what he has to say on this day, quote when will the democrats give us our the orange and rest of he cabinet they should be ashamed of themselves no wondered d.c. doesn't work. >> back to you. maria: blake thank you so much former dnc chairwoman florida congressman debbie wasserman schultz right now good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> what are your thoughts on this overnight? >> well -- sally yates has been -- a profile in courage important to note she did exactly what she said she would do, if she was given an order. by president of the united states with. >> she didn't actually she didn't you know what she actually didn't, debbie the fact is that she said she said when she was questioned by
8:06 am
jeff sessions, the deputy attorney general on attorney general need to follow the law the constitution, and if they have an issue with it, speak to the president's voice concerns privately to the president that is not what she did. >> okay. >>. maria: she went against the law against executive order. >> you asked me a question now you are answering it for me. maria: okay you said she did what she didn't say she would do. >> she did do what a she said should he was a going to do do because her answer to jeff sessions was that she would make sure, that the department of justice followed the law, and frankly because president trump did absolutely nothing is to consult the department of justice, secretary of homeland security any members of accommodation the leadership of congress, since they basically blocked this policy together in which barring, barring immigrants and refugees for a period of
8:07 am
time some, by the way, nonwhen that had 9/11 attackers come from, the acting attorney general sally yates did absolutely the right thing, and it will be interesting to see whether jeff sessions who is the one that asked her that question actually does what she said she would do, we need to make sure that there is a check on the president, as founding fathers intend you know the president's tweet this morning was was very interesting, and telling, because it shows that he believes that he was elected as a dictator. there is an advise and consent role for the united states senate what they are doing he doesn't just get to have his nominations rubber stamped. maria: what are -- if you look at president barack obama, he had he had 124 nominees confirmed in week one. president trump has four. i mean, this is now -- called obstructionism. >> maria when you nominate
8:08 am
people who are wholly unqualified like betsy devos for secretary of education. maria: she is not unqualified. >> -- not only never taught in public schools never attended public school an enemy of the public schools that is the last person on earth. >> she is pushing public choice and trying to make bad schools better, so that families have choice. >> no, she has done for her career is try to dismantle public schools performed awfully during confirmationing hearings didn't know what ida act was had no idea how to answer questions about what her policies would be related to students with disabilities, and how she would make sure they could get equal access to education. maria: i am not here to defend his nominees, i will tell you that right now! >> civil rights record. maria: however, i am not here to defend his nominees obviously but what i am here to do is look at this process, and question why it is that the democrats are stalling, he
8:09 am
is cottage out with all executive orders because he doesn't have team in place. >> maria you don't think the united states senate democrats or republicans, show appropriately review the president's nominees, ask them questions, make sure, that they get the answers that they need to make a decision? that is what the founding fathers hut in the constitution. >> what kind of questions. >> not rubber stafrmd. maria: congressman i was watching hearing these questions are from "la la land", okay one scenario said to steven mnuchin actual question from one of the scenarios to he stephen mnuchin can you confirm that your boss is known for firing people? >> excuse me! you are speaking to the potential incoming treasury secretary how does this amount to business for people. >> maria reinspectfully if you want to judge the questions united states senators ask run for united states senate. maria: no you are i am answersing you you said to me that senators have the right to ask right questions, they are asking questions, that are
8:10 am
-- they haevent done homework. >> keem von thorough questions asked of every single one of these nominees mnuchin where aa was a goodwill goodwill alumni executive in goldman sachs, actually wants to roll back dodd-frank he wants to undue all the with consumer protections that have been put in place that caused the crash of our economy, and that allowed the banks to make money, you know, geothat is -- arguably -- you haven't seen economic growth in this country, at all, under president obama a lot of people believe the reason is is because a lot of people believe the reason is because of regulations that are strangling everybody, no, i am saying i am pushing back with with real issues here, but the. >> no, you are pushing back with republican points. maria: these regulations have shackled.
8:11 am
>> maria, you think we should have left things the way they were and we should just let the banks you know do whatever they want. maria: i am not talking about the days of -- financial crisis debbie not talking about -- i am talking about to you, the thousands of regulations. >> of consumer, we need regulations, of a system that was taking advantage of consumers tens of thousands of people lost homes people economically devastated waistlands of neighborhoods dotdz with foreclosures. maria: why taking us back to financial crisis it has been a decade why talking 2008. >> mnuchin his nominee for secretary of treasury who publicly advocated for the repeal of dodd-frank and said that would be a top priority. maria: because dodd-frank let me get in because dodd-frank is one of the reasons that small and midcap banks have
8:12 am
stopped lending that has put at stop on economic growth congressman, that is the issue, you've got to unshackle business so they can create jobs. >> what you need to do is 4 a balance, where there was nonbefore. maria: there is no boal now. >> the protections -- there is most definitely balance when it comes to making sure that we appropriately regulate big banks, that were the problem, that we're doing everything they could to make money off backs of the people who could least afford it take advantage of them i agree with you smaller banks do need relief when it comes to regulations the small community banks the ones that are actually in the community making good decisions. maria: so howcome banks are still too big to -- >> i mean. >> the answer to that maria the answer is not to repeal -- >> it in dodd-frank were so, so effective, how come we still have the issue of too big to fail howcome big banks keep getting bigger, again, it was a misguided the regulation was misguided. >> come on we created o that is k ridiculous not only
8:13 am
misguided the reason we were able to either good a handle make being sure banks weren't able to run over their customers, i mean look you still have banks like wells fargo, got caught red-handed, even after dodd-frank was in place. maria: right. >> taking -- stealing millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars, from their own customer. maria: yes, debbie i don't want to -- >> you are. >> you don't think a check and governor who -- >> the -- the governmented did not sign the -- the consumer banking business unit did not sign the -- at wells fargo, reporter did -- the government didn't do anything in temples -- >> for consumers. maria: helping to find out what happened wells fargo. >> dodd-frank would do that? >> i don't want to get stuck in the weeds we can go through every regulation it is crazy. >> no problem. maria: let me ask you about the poout of the democratic party obviously, your team lost okay. the people have spoken, and
8:14 am
president trump is the president. now you are searching for next chairman of dnc former labor secretary tom peres minnesota congressman keith ellison on list a lot of people feel if you push ellison forward you remain not listening to the people away too left has your party been hijacked by of extremists on the left. >> i trust 447 dnc members are going to make a good decision in the midst of he evaluation all candidates six or seven very strong candidates for dnc chair i am not weighing in on who that should be i know next dnc chair needs to make sure focused on rebuilding our party to kaempower by contrast roots strength state parties as i did during tenure as dnc chair a task force under my tenureure put in place the tools state parties have to
8:15 am
build on that jooz what they want do you think the party has been hijacked to the left? look, hillary clinton beat donald trump by -- nearly 3 million votes people did speak donald trump would do well to listen to them. maria: debbie wasserman schultz, thank you so much we will see you soon. congresswoman.
8:16 am
8:17 am
. . maria: welcome back, authorities in canada say a 27-year-old student solely responsible for the deadly shooting at québec city mosque on sunday.
8:18 am
cheryl: faces 11 surcharges including six counts of murder in the attack, prime minister justin trudeau called a decemberspicable act of trivial police have yet to identify a motive it is described as a loner history of making anti-immigrant comments online due back in court, next month. >> well shares of exxonmobil falling premarket a disappointing 4th quarter result posted a profit 41 cents per share missed the estimate, for 70 cents here share revenue 61.1 billion short of xapgs expectation was 52.3 billion stock to watch, also we've got headlined snapchat apparent company snap is going to be listed on new york stock exchange fueled ipo papers fall expected to colonize them this week ipo expected to value snap between 20 billion and 25 billion dollars. well you can forget no i free
8:19 am
rephils on soda in a restaurant, in france. in effort to battle obesity the country made it illegal to offer a limited sugary drinks 16% adults in france are considered obese, that compares with 36% here in united states. no worries maria we can have as much wine and cheese as we want with this. maria: that is good! okay. thank you cheryl. >> may be mayor bloomberg should go over there. >> turn it into a nanny state maybe what ise that is where it is going a showdown over the president, executive orders war of words between justice department and commander in chief, starbucks is partnering to bring you a latte, next, back in a minute. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines,
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8:23 am
president donald trumping removing obstacles to complementing immigration executive order firing acting attorney general sally yates after she refused to into are the ban. dana bensa new acting attorney general will? >> senator geography sessions is confirmed to assume the role of attorney general joining us deputy assistant is to president trump dr. sebastian gorka good to see you thanks for joining us. >> great to be back. maria: are i think this is first time we're seeing you since have you this new role congratulations. >> thank you kindly very expediting. >> what are you doings specifically dr. gorka tell us where your focus will be within the administration. and then i want to ask you thoughts on travel ban, and advancing national security interests. >> well i am helping the individuals who are very close to the president steve bannon reince priebus jack conduct inner with long term strategic initiatives cyberthreat to the united states national security issues. maria: a lot of people have been questioning travel ban
8:24 am
because of the list of countries, you have done so much work, in terms of the countries security as well as, terrorism in particular libya, syria iraq, iran sue dan somali yemen people wonder where is saudi arabia pakistan, afghanistan? how did the president come up with this list? >> well, ironically especially for all the left wing media criticizing this order to protect all ascertains based on assessment by last administration object administration seven naiths greatest concern in terms of people coming to the united states look at list common sense we have those states where isis accomplished its so-called caliphate that is iraq, that is syria, that is libya so that is obviousness then we have other nations remember al-qaida still out there, people tend to forget that al-qaida is out there cubs like somalia yemen are hotbeds for al-qaida
8:25 am
activities, so it is really based upon a very common sense threat analysis. >> how do you come up with a plan and balance the fact in a you want to make sure the borders are safe you also want to make sure that you are getting a handle on those lone o wolves people trying to be sympathetic to isis living in america. >> primary tool if talking about people here already or who are foreign about nationals coming no on visa debilitates success cyberdomain people arrested since caliphate was declared by isis, there have been 125 arrests in the united states. of those almost 50% were uncovered by their activity on the internet by guy things posted connections made one of our most powerful tools reaching occupant finding what here to doing who they communicate with what they are saying about the black side of isis jihad, to their buddies
8:26 am
on the internet. >> it is dagen mcdowell, after 90 days what happens with the travel ban? >> do you o fully expect it to disappear with seven countries. >> the law in the 19 ae 1950s law that shapes immigration framework for the united states, it gives the president the prerogative his decision who let in who we don't let in standards by which people are allowed on u.s. soil his presentingtive i suspect this a review process his right to increase number decrease number or what is most important dagen is to adjust what we do, the idea that you can have somebody like the san bernardino killers come through immigration system and federal authorities are not allowed for privacy reasons to look at their social media postings? that is just as 9 these
8:27 am
measures have to be improved. >> that is crazy. >> dr. gorka congratulations it is tony. >> wondering watching all this more hysterical reaction to this order. is it abundant to you we need remained citizens tragic mistakes in europe with k border immigration policy particularly as relates to migrate grants refugees if people understood what tlapd why you have a before usels a paris, attacks pro life rateing all over the innocent continent may be we would have a more understanding at least policy makers why this is so essentially now. >> yeah, tony you are absolutely correct, the fact is if you look at the attacks in europe paris twice before usels news berlin a nexus to activities of isis they said openly we will use your immigration streams insert
8:28 am
jihadis we know one attack of an individual won refugee status on a false sirn passport these you are not masses of opinion these are hard cold, hard cold facts of national security so we want to prevent events like news, events like paris happening here in the united states. >> dr. gorka jon hilsenrath the majority of terror incidents in the united states since 9/11 has come from homegrown americans. what are you doing on that front to contain the spread of the islamic are terror problem here on american soil, in wauz that have nothing do with immigration? >> yeah let's again look at facts and physicians, if we take the large scale events that get media coverage successful attacks since september 11 conflicted almost
8:29 am
600 individuals for jihadi terrorist plots more than half of them were not born in the united states. and almost three dozen of them were here on visas out stayed them had some way perverted their access to the united states, as foreign nationals let's not undermine importance of this executive order we're doing internally we continue to do what skvz do best fbi state local authorities have to identify who is radical before they go kinetic violent in this i have to duff my cap to nypd the measures in place to use human intelligence or human is really the key, so cyber, human prevent attacks before it occurs. >> to be clear you said we've -- we've -- taken down 500 people who the tried to hurt america and more than half of
8:30 am
them lived outside united states? >> no more than half of them were not born in the united states. maria: okay. >> it is a fine distinction. >> thank you so much. >> living here not born here. >> dr. gorka good to see you, sir. >> great. thank you maria. maria: o dr. sebastian gorka with white house this morning, former president obama out of office not out of spotlight why now sounding off on president trump's policies, pretty soon after the president took office, keeping eye on iphones how investors hope the newest mol will reverse trend of slumping sales we're back in a minute. s . oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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preroingtive. welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, thank you so much is for joining us tuesday, january 31 your top stories right now 8:30 am own east coast, tensions high in our nation k capital this morning president trump fired acting attorney general sally yates last night, yates caused a stir ordered lawyers at department of justice not to enforce his executive order on immigration democrats lashing outnumber out the immunizes the president's order on immigration. >> nothing worthwhile is easy the values that we enjoy the freedoms that we have, were paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors, we now cannot choose to luxuriate in those fights before us we must earn them now, despite what we lost, despite fight will be difficult we must understand when somebody
8:34 am
attacks muslim americans they attack all of us. >> president obama, waisting time to weigh in on president trump's decision xheenl former k commander in chief saying he fundamentally disagrees with the immigration plan tensions this a administration today president trump to announce nominee, for the supreme court, tonight, 8:00 pm eastern breaking down short list take you there live on "lou dobbs tonight" when announcement is made, apple talk of the street this morning on wall street what you need to know ahead of the earnings came out after the bell important report because it encapsulates fourth quarter holiday spending starbucks adds a perk voice ordering option you can use to get your double car caramel. >> futures a lower opening for broader averages flat entire expect hours we have been on the air, markets still looking down about 30 points, nasdaq s&p 500 also in red, investors watching federal reserve, today kicked off two-day meeting we learn from janet
8:35 am
yellen and company state of the economy tomorrow, about 2 pm eastern, plus, who you calling scruff. >> "star wars" universe a new edition of enhance solo spin-off begins filming one candy maker rolling a treat details as japan says -- kit kat -- >> we will have that for you, coming up this morning, thanks guys top story this half hour, former president obama, breaking his silence watch couple days into new administration he released a statement on president trump's immigration ban he said this, with regard to the to comparisons to president obama's foreign policy decisions, as useful heard the president fundamentally disagrees with notion of i discriminating against individuals because of faith religion this seems inaccredit this ban is not based on faith on religion 11 days since president trump has at an
8:36 am
office former president obama speaking out already president george w. bush chose not to comment during obama's presidency, but to be fair, when president obama told us what his plans were he said i am not going to be speaking in commenting what on president trump does unless i decide to speak son what president trump does basically what he said. >> yeah. the last -- 14 or 16 hours have been a story of one guest who is ingracious wouldn't leave and two hot dogs president obama you are right he warned us that he would be a constant presence onstage that he was that while said he wouldn't comment he would if he felt like he needed to, so you know, look. he wasn't going to give donald trump a decent silence i think highly ingrateful inappropriate of former president to do so offing said that you are right he is absolutely wrong, b, he issuing it in the form of a peace of paper in the middle of a chaotic evening, so my
8:37 am
view is it was not particularly effective on his behalf of it would have been more powerful if he waited until he could actually say something, and know that he would be able to demeanor tonight dialogue a couple days, show that he was back onstage but this piecing of paper tossed outlast night when president trump names supreme court nominee, this is going to be a sort of waiting for somebody to come along -- >> dagen mcdowell, the thing that gets me about this not only did president obama disagree, but he also basically empowered the protests, said i am impressed with you getting to getting on the street. and you know -- protesting for what you believe basically empowering them to keep zbhoong yeah look he is first and foremost community organizer job before he ran for political office his job after he no longer holds political office, so we can expect more of this go out there and protest go out scream and yell disrupt lax airports, community organizer
8:38 am
has come back to the front! dagen: skarl what does it amount to other than a lot of hot air? blowing in from left coast and east coast. >> well, look, it you are right it is not much on the surface but under it represents a problem for the democrats, he is not going away. and on his watch they lost 1,000 state senate seats they lost -- they lost control of the u.s. senate lost control of the u.s. house down to the lowest number of governors they have had since 1920 pods lowest number of state subsided elected officials since 1920s wiped out their team response to say i am sticking around make it hard for anybody to else to a get to jump to if surface, jump to the top get attention for the future so it is not a good thing for the did democratic party he seems to think you know i was great when in office i am going to bb great once out of office, there is a difference between a politician and statesman,
8:39 am
former president doesn't seem to understand the difference. >> put in perspective for us how unusual it is for a former president to be speaking out like this against the current president's policies, maria mentioned that george bush was quiet for 8 years ago but tfsdz just george bush it seems like this is a long standing tradition that the guy goes out, gives the new guy a chance to establish his imagine on public how unusual for ex president to do this. >> look it is -- it is highly unusual, i can't think of another instance where within 10 days of inaugural the outgoing president is are a commenting on the sitting president we've had harry truman pungent things about is haur into president ronald reagan silent about snshgz republican, democrat, president bush 41 was silent
8:40 am
president clinton began to comment several yearss into bush administration and in low-key way this is unusual, president obama has barely wiped dirt of the -- of -- of the west side of the -- the east side of the capital where it boarded marine one for flute to andrews air force base on to palm springs, he barely wiped that dirt off his showings before he is now criticizing president trump -- not helpful for the country. maria: reaction -- i. >> i don't think donald trump minds of if barack obama wants to engage i think he likes counter punch will take that fight barack obama basically has a failed political legacy leaving his party relatively decimated number one,two loy dobbs made this point i thought interesting notice donald trump is not blaming barack obama for every problem he has. whereas barack obama blamed george w. bush for every problem. >> reaction. >> i think both points are
8:41 am
right, look, we got we got former president also have sally yates i referred to two hot dogs you showed both of them in the footage you had. yates was acting attorney general, her own office of legal council had reviewed the order, and commented on it signed off on it. so if she disagreed with that, she should have resigned hers for her to direct the department of justice not to defend the order first of all, she was being a hot dog second of all, her office of legal council short think tank. >> i justice department one political apointe he is not there yet all career people signed off on this have some swth the other who hot dog cory booker wearing his little cap talking about how people are attacking muslim americans, please tell me, please, mr. booker senator booker give me the name of the person who is attacking the
8:42 am
muslin-american give me name of the muslin-american citizen who itself being attacked by the individual, i mean, this is reminisce abt what he did he stood up slandered a good man jeff sessions without a single shred of evidence said you cannot count upon jeff sessions to uphold the law defending voting rights women, lgbt, it will was a slaurnd of the first order and last night he stood up had facts wrong please tell me what muslin-american citizen is being attacked by whom? with this order. >> senator schumer is calling cabinet a swamp cabinet moon teller doing a lot to try to stall this process. and the president doesn't have his team around him, bottom line do you think jeff sessions and rex tillerson get confirmed this week and number two, the supreme court pick tonight, what is going to be the takeaway that we need to be watching% president makes that announcement tonight. >> well, tillerson is approved. i am not certain -- i think sessions comes out of committee but i am not certain he gets to the floor, the
8:43 am
floor votes on him this week la elaine chau up later the democratic obstructionism on cabinet i think i did a heck of a good job with column the democrats are making a mistake by this obstructionism they are painting themselves as object strucking for obstruction sake attacking everybody if they picked out a couple made a concerted effort about it but instead it is virtuallyly everybody in the cabinet the vast majority of the cabinet that they are attacking, and by -- by going all out like that deluding their go ament the only comreegs with american people are democrats right from the get-go or not giving donald trump fair shot american people are a practical people even if many people did not support him say you know he is now president give him a fair shot. >> people would like work to get done business to get done. . and, of course, the stalling doesn't help that, good to see you thanks so much. >> thanks for having me.
8:44 am
>> be sure to tune in lou cobbs special coverage of president trump's supreme court nominee announcement starts 7:00 pm eastern join allow he will take you live and we'll be right back. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. legal help is here. [he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit
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assistant. .
8:47 am
. maria: markets lower this morning take a look another names on move apple certainly one to watch investors pinning heaps on iphone 7 in tech giant first acquiring results to be reporting after the bell tonight, that is going to be a market he mover strong staelz new oest iphone could snap 3/4 streak of declining staelz apple shares this morning looking lower, under armor fourth quarter results havoc missed expectation the company earnings in revenue below expectations, under armour announced that cfo is leaving, take a look at the stock plummeting the one to watch today under armour sharply lower, backlash for starbucks company announcing plans to hire 10,000 refugees, now
8:48 am
customers want to know -- how about hiring veterans? companies pushing back with hashtag boycott starbucks on twitter joining me right now host of "varney & company" stuart varney to weigh in, stuart is not surprised starbucks gets political but wow! >> what surprises me is that a lot of the corporations take a political stance don't think about this reaction to the political stance they are taking, remember l.l. bean because the granddaughter of the founder had given money to mr. trump, llbeep boycotted the reaction to that was a lot of people went out bought something from l.l. bean because they want to into are the company. how about chick-fil-a. remember they came to new york city had said we support traditional marriage that is bad according to the mayor of new york said boycott chick-fil-a. the reaction to that was a line out the door on 6th avenue new york, every single day, thereafter the boycott from the mayor, what i am
8:49 am
saying is, if you are going to take a political stand you are a major corporation, you got to watch out for the bab lash because it probably will come right at you, starbucks is finding right now. >> to be clear they do have a practice many to hire veterans, stuart i said algeria hire a veteran they have that program in place but when people see this they say why would you break the law. >> you know, in is an executive order who are you to break law give jobs to refugees when other people need jobs. >> valid point isn't it, i mean, that is a fair way to take on starbucks, how about uber, because uber, you did not refuse to pick up passengers at jfk during the turmoil over travel ban did not refuse to pick up passengers, now some people organizing a boycott of upr uber saying they should have refused to pick up passengers, it goes on and on and on -- bottom line maria everything is political these days, great
8:50 am
endangering in that for a corporation. maria: good point stu see you 10 minutes. >> you will more from varney top of the hour "varney & company" begins every day 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stooufrt in a couple minutes coming up a sneak peek at galaxy far, far away look far its take of the will upcoming hangs solo spin-off take a break with sweet roll back in a minute. ♪
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8:54 am
attendance in the league. well another headlined this morning you want have to -- lift fingers coffee chain says voice ordering available through iphone app alexa amazon's digit assistant feature an extension of the mobile order payout, by the way, very popular but remember, they admitted a big reason lines at counters are so long people walking out the door because they are frustrated. >> "star wars" fans get ready the latest spin-off of the franchise the early days of hans solo film due out in may 2018 no idea who is going to be no, it i have to get more details can't wait no matter what -- >> then talking about this all morning interesting a new shop in japan introducing kit kat sushi there is a picture for you three you players of tuna egg sea urchin, a kit kat on
8:55 am
rice white chocolate tomago, white chocolate covered, seaweed uni double helping with mellon, cheese wrapped in seaweed planning to sell limited quantities of kit kat sushi from the 2nd to 4th if you are user maria each serving 26 bucks u.s., i eat a lot of sushi i would -- if i can get in japan -- for you -- >> we want to try it i. >> dessert generally awful so this is an improvement over japanese sweets. >> who doubt like kit kats. >> we take a break a live view of the stadium in houston super bowl li played on sunday prepare begins, back in a minute ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ you can go your own way ♪ >> welcome back, final thoughts now from our all-star panel. >> confirm makes week, mnuchin,
8:59 am
sessions, need to be in their job to make sure the country runs effectively. and let's hope the democrats stop obstructing and see how the democrats react to the nominee for the supreme court, and likely two people. maria: we know what senator schumer says about anybody who comes up. >> it looks like mnuchin will clear the finance committee today, so on economic policy they're moving in one step in the right direction. maria: maybe tax reform. >> i'm looking for a policy meeting today and goes tomorrow and that's a signal of what they see in the first half of the year. if they're silent on interest rates we might not see anything in the first half the year. maria: dagen. >> creating certainty for business, you might have to wait for tax reform, but that regulatory rollback that started with the repealing two regulations, old regulations for every new one, that's going to be critical and also, the house and the senate are going to start rolling back those midnight last minute regulations from obama as well.
9:00 am
maria: and that was the big executive order yesterday that got lost within the frey of everything else that happened yesterday. >> businesses are worried about the travel ban, focus on this, this is the path forward. maria: dagen mcdowell, tony, very quickly. >> yes, 51st ranks in the world starting a new business. maria: stuart, over to you. stuart: i will take it. rapping right now at the white house, the president meets big drug makers and says they've been giving away with murder. this could be a confrontation. good morning, everyone. controversy is breaking out all over. president trump fired the attorney general that refused to enforce the ban.


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