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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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whether we are able to overturn roe versus wade, prevention is key. charles: thank you guys a lot. tweet me. in the meantime, here is through dobbs. have a great weekend. [♪] lou: president trump and mexican president pen yea -- talked forr over the phone after the mexican president canceled his meeting with mr. trump. >> the united states cannot afford to lose vast amounts of baines companies and millions of people losing their jobs. lou: lou: it's been a packed week for
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president trump who met today with the u.k. feller reelsa may. vice president mike pence became the highest-ranking official to attend the pro-life march. we'll take up why the left wing national media refuses to cover properly the event. some of our favorite political analysts with us tonight. good evening. a winston you are abt chill bust taking center stage as president trump hosts prime ministerreprimeminister theresa. president trump returning the churchill bust on his first day as president. the bust was removed from the
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oval office by his predecessor? 2009. president trump confirming he had a quote friendly phone conversation with mexican president pena nieto. tensions were raids after a meeting next week was cancelled. >> mexico with the united states has outnegotiated us and beat us to a pulp through our past leaders. they made us look foolish. we have a trade deficit of $60 billion with mexico. on top of that, the border is weak, drugs are pouring in, and i'm not going to let that happen. lou: the next can government said both presidents decide not to speak publicly for now on the
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payment for the wall. members candle billionaire car locals slim says he's willing to help the mexican president in his negotiations with mr. trump. and he praised mr. trump calling him a great necessity negotiator. president trump will be making phone calls tomorrow to francois hollande and angela merkel. the other event in washington, the national march for life. they marched from the washington monument to the supreme court. a ttg vice president of the united states addressed the marchers. doug k elway with our report. >> life is winning again in america. reporter: vice president mike
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pence became the highest-ranking official to attend the march. as indiana governor he earned a 100% approval rating from the right to thrive committee. also speaking from the inner sanctum, kellyanne conway. >> allow me to make it very clear. we hear you. we see you. we respect you. and we look forward to working with you. '. >> reporter: this tweet from the president is quote the march is so important and puff my support. the president locked u.s. aid to any organization that provides foreign abortions.
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pro-life marchers knew that for now power comes from two ends of pennsylvania far knew. >> we are not talking about what we hope to do, we are talking about what we are doing. >> i'm thrilled to announce today that this coming monday i will reintroduce that critical legislation to redirect planned parenthood funding. we'll redirect planned parenthood funding to other eligible women's healthcare providers. reporter: congress' potential role will come in confirmation hearings for a new supreme court nominee. the president promised to name his pick this thursday. democrats promised to fight it all the way. >> i'm hoping president obama
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will nominate someone who is mainstream and will get bipartisan support. reporter: the president weighing in calling democrats obstructionists and threatening to invoke the full nuclear option. meaning a simple 51-vote confirmation. lou: former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski now a partner at avenue strategies. first of all, good to ha you with us. i have to believe, even as long as you have worked with and for president trump. you have to be impressed with the pace he set the first week. >> thank you for having me, lou. this is the donald trump i have known and had the privilege of working next to for a long time.
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an individual who is up before 6:00 every day and works until midnight every night. he's a person who wants to get things done. he's fulfilling his campaign promises through executive orders and executive action. he pledged to rebuild the military through executive memorandum. and these are things he talked about. most of the mainstream media doesn't understand this is a person who is keeping his promises to the american people. they probably thought i would be a typical poll fission, say one thing on the stump and do another thing when he got in office. i's doing exactly what he said he was going to do over a two-year campaign. lou: there is also considerable truth to those who believe and say the national left-wing media has become something of an activist opposition party unto themselves when it comes to president trump. i hope and expect in time that will change.
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a few weeks of accomplishments like this in a new momentum that's going to be hard for even the left-wing media to avoid noticing. >> unfortunately, vice president pens didn't speak at that rally today, it would have got a fraction of the coverage the women who came to washington last week received. he talked about how big the rallies were. if vice president pence wasn't there today we wouldn't have seen any of the coverage from the mainstream media. there is clearly a bias in the mainstream media. all of a sudden the media is in an uproar. donald trump accepted the resignation of four people at the state department who they touted to have a combined experience of 160 years of government service between them. that's everything that's wrong in washington.
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maybe we need new people there. that's what trump has brought to washington, new people. lou: there is no doubt about president obama's view of whetherrer they should be there or not. but i have to say, steve ban none telling the "new york times" that the national left-wing media ought to just shut up. that sent shock waves through the national left-wing media with many columnists saying we are not going to shut up like the children they behave as. it's a remarkable time to see that the media exposed for what it is. and a president who is breaking every it seems every dock view of what a president is to do, how he is to do it it's a remarkable 7 days in office. you have to stop and think, my
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god, it has only been 7 days. >> and it's been amazing. the swearing in was a week ago tonight. he really didn't work last friday. saturday and sunday his family was with hip the entire time. the problem with the mainstream media is they want to make the news. they don't want to report the news. that's the difference now. it wasn't that long ago the american people got their news from flee news broadcasters who showed up at 6:00 at night. >> i remember. i'm telling you now this campaign was a killer one. lou: i want to share with our audience an exchange with the president that i think everybody will find interesting. >> what do you say to our viewers at home who are worried about some of your views and worried about you becoming the
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leader of the free world? >> this was your choice of a question? there goes that relationship. lou: after the biting and some would say somewhat rude question from the british press. there is the president relaxed in command showing a great sense of humor. this is a man who settled into the job i think it's fair to say relatively quickly. >> i expect more of the donald trump we have seen the last week fulfilling those campaign promises. making sure, we are going to build a wall in mexico on the mexican border. the reason is, we have drugs pouring across the border. my home state of new hampshire has one of the worst opiate epidemics in the country. you can buy drugs for $3 a hit.
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lou: that's been litigated and decided. he's building the wall and going after the drug dealers bigley. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. president trump says he's had enough of the one-sided relationship with mexico. >> we are going to renegotiate our trade deals and we are going to renegotiate other aspects of our relationship with mexico. in the end i think it will be good for both countries. lou: we take up the president's strong leadership with kip werely guilfoyle and tony sayegh. a shocking new study reveals 800,000 illegals voted for hillary clinton. this comes as as our president calls for a comprehensive voter fraud investigation.
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we take up the stunning developments here next.
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. lou: "the washington post" today obtained secret tapes showing republican lawmakers airing their concerns about the quick repeal of obamacare. according to the reporting in the closed door meeting in
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philadelphia, republicans are worried they will be judged on the matter in the election that is now two years away. the senior producer said he heard self theories about who record and released the tape. among those people being speculated as the source of the secret tapes. one of the members who sat close to the sound system, a hotel staffer, perhaps a senior republican such as speaker ryan. and perhaps mcconnell wanted it to come out. president trump signing two executive actions, one rebuilding our military and the second implementing extreme vetting to root out radical
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islamic terrorists. >> i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. we want to insure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. lou: joining me now to assess all of this and the whirlwind that has bent first 7 days of the trump presidency. kimberly guilfoyle, and tony sayegh. let's start with the big news first. a secret tape obtained from the republican retreat in which they are concerned about the timing of the repeal of obamacare. >> let's repeal the term "republican retreat." it's like conduct unbecoming. lou: when they have a president charging straight ahead.
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he's like a bull fire, a team of one. lou: did you like the picture of ryan and mcconnell by his side? it is like what in the world happened to those two people. can't they understand that this man means to lead and they need to kind of get their posture right and get moving? >> i do think, lou, that the republican leadership understands they have a strong president to follow and they are going to cooperate. but what's interest being this conversation, obamacare repealed itself. obamacare repealed itself it's failing, it's cost too much money. and you have 12 state where you have only one or two options. having a conversation about what we are going to replace it with is a commonplace discussion to have. so the idea that this tape even revealed anything that
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suspicious or nefarious is ridiculous. >> so some courage. this man saved all their lives and their jobs and their career. show some gratitude and show some cajones. lou: the fact of the matter is, your question is perfect. i'm not certain i'm quite in line with you, but whether they not or not, think have a leader and all they have to do is follow. mitch mcconnell looks like he'he's trying to make it complicated. ryan looks like he may be moving toward the light. this could be a metamorphosis. >> i'm an optimist. lou: congratulations. >> i have been for quite a while.
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having spent some time in donald trump's washington -- and i count that time starting after elect day. have you ever seen a president-elect and now president with such an aggrsive move to make key decisions and take action so quickly? it's by its sheer force of nature change the attitude. >> people need to get on board. the trump train is taking by storm. i love the extreme vetting. i have been dreaming about it for so long. he picks good people with mattis and kelly. we are going to get it done. lou: california is talking about seceding. the democrats say they are going
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to lay waste to the land and burn our food and weapons as they exit washington. they have lost their mind. >> when you see donald trump talking about the fact that he want to prioritize protecting america and he uses the example of extreme vetting from countries we know can bring terror to our land -- lou: you mean radical islamic terrorists? we are free to say that. >> you have precedence. because donald trump is following the same thing barack obama did with iraq and the refugees. >> he would do it regardless baits' the right thing to do. this is a man of valor who took the job. he felt he had to run and had to win. he's following up on all his
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campaign promises. how refreshing. lou: thank you. kip werely, tony, appreciate it. you are an optimist. donald trump has such impact in mysterious ways. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe democrats are only hurting themselves and the country by pursuing their scorched earth policy? cast your vote on twitter at lou docks. fog me on facebook and "lou dobbs tonight." the cases of the seasonal flu have reached epidemic levels. 8 pediatric deaths unfortunately nationwide. this is an epidemic as they say. wall street, stocks closing.
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the nasdaq up 6. why bother. closing at a new record high. vol on the big board. and for the week. dow, the s & p. economic growth, the economy expanding at a disappointing 1.9% rate. consumer confidence the highest in 13 years. president trump looking after the interests of all americans. >> it's time somebody fought for our country and didn't let anyone take advantage of us anymore. the world has taken advantage of us for many years. it's not going to happen anymore. lou: the president's dogged
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lou: a few thoughts on what has been an action-packed week for president trump. the president was sworn in just a week ago today, but he already signed 14 executive actions and orders and memoranda. he traveled to a number of federal agencies, and all the way to philadelphia to talk to senators and congress minnesota at their annual republican retreat. president trump is setting a fast pace to say the least. but the democrats are slowing from what was already a snail's pace, the already obstructionist dems looking to pursue a scorched policy, vowing to work against the president to block
7:30 pm
him at every turn. their do-nothing doctrine comes as president trumps out to unions and their families. president obama did almost nothing do to them. union membership dropped to just 10% of the workforce. but union workers moving to mr. trump in the election and he met with union leaders earlier this week, they had nothing but lavish praise for the new president. the result, a manufacturing jobs initiative comprised of business and union leaders. the president has already taken action to help americans workers withdrawing from tpp, reenacting the keystone and dakota pipeline. the president has been full-speed ahead, showing off the energy that drove him at the candidate.
7:31 pm
but also mounting a full-on charm offensive as he drives ahead to his commitment to the interests of this country and america first in every way. he's leading by example. president trump has also brought to the presidency a refreshing preference for we, our, us, over i, me, and my. puff may remember that has not always been so. you should know in his speech to the republicans at their philadelphia retreat. president trump used the first person flurl twices many times as the singular. and he hasn't once blamed a thing on his predecessor in the oval office. now our quotation of the evening. this one from henry ford. he said if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. we are coming right back.
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president trump signing more executive orders. one calling for extreme vetting of refugees from terrorist hotpots. >> these are people we let in. we don't need this. some people have come in with evil intentions. we can't take chances. lou: we take up the president's fight to make america safe again with ed rollins and fred barnes. here is your chance for the ride of a lifetime through the french alps. that and much more straight ahead. stay with us. taking a holiday in britain, are ya doll?
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lou: a shock report concerning voter fraud and it's getting quite a bit of attention. it found hillary clinton may have received 800,000 votes from illegal immigrants. study authored by political scientist jesse richmond of ol dominion university. the report estimates 6.4% of 20 million illegal adult immigrants voted. clinton collecting 81% of the vote. this study bolstering the president of the united states who said he want ad full investigation of electoral integrity in this country. joining us tonight. the veteran of 10 presidential campaigns and elections. ed rollins and executive editor of "the weekly standard."
7:37 pm
fred barnes. ed, let me turn to you first. the president still has his timing. he starts talking about this again, the national left-wing media starts accuse him of talk about an irrelevancy and out comes this study. >> the key thing is to find some fix-its. you don't want to just diminish the premise of elections. but there are a lot of things going on. studies that have been done elsewhere where multiple people have voted multiple times. they have to lay out a plan. lou: first, the national left-wing media went nuts when our president said we are going to investigate voter fraud. they said there is no evidence of voter fraud. excuse me, why don't you find out what the hell you are
7:38 pm
talking about. the national left-wing meade jails off the rails. it's purely in my judgement anti-trump reflex. >> that's a given. but at the end of the day, the only thing i had concern and i expressed it, i think he had a tremendous victory it was a well-structured campaign and won in places where we haven't won since 19 tight 4. but -- since 1984. but at the same time we need to november forward. lou: nothing is going to take away his victory or diminish it. we have one coming up in 2018. and we have one in 2020. my guess is he wants to win that one, too, and expect -- expects to do see. >> i think he does.
7:39 pm
democrats in the senate are very vulnerable. they are going to be up for reelection in states trump won, d some in state where trump won and lot . will they want to be part of the scorched policy against trump? i don't think so. i think the real test will come next week. trump will announce his nominee for the supreme court to fill the seat of the late justice scalia. i think democrats will have to be very careful on that if they decide to filibuster it, and they are allowed to do it as the rules stand now. they have to be very careful. lou: the rules can be changed by this senate and in my judgment ought to be. >> they can, but mitch mcconnell is trying to avoid change the rules. but they can win without them.
7:40 pm
lou: tough an intractable opposition engaged in scorched earth policy. >> i think we have so much that we want to move that it's absurd to let a 60 vote, a 66-vote fill bus for stop it. i think the government wants action. a majority rule ought to be what it is in the house and senate. let's get things done. lou: the democrats are just out of idea. they are the party of resistance and obstructionism. you know, the hell with them. frankly, the hell with them. >> what happened to the loyal opposition? not' the resistance. sounds like some third world country. they are out of idea. they are still shocked by the election itself. they were so sure hillary
7:41 pm
clinton would win and they would also win the senate and the world is completely different. now they have trump with a flurry of activity. anwhat impressed me are the things he has done that have an immediate imct. the rule of law being returned to immigration. i mean, he pulled the u.s. out of the trans-pacific trade agreement. >> he has driven his agenda. he has undone a lot of damage done by the past president and i think he will continue it. lou: we are actually over time. i'm in real trouble with my producer. >> you better be careful. lou: thanks so much, guys. this is the kind of flying only an elite few -- excuse my
7:42 pm
expression "elite," get to experience. watch career adventurer marshall miller twisting and turning through the snowy mountains. the extreme sportman has completed 1,600 jumps. >> the people we are going against, they don't wear uniforms. they are sneaky, dirty rats. and they blow people up in a shopping center. and they blow people up in a church. these are bad people. lou: we take up the fight against radical islamist terror. stay with us.
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: joining us now the former chairman of the house intelligence committee, pete hofstra. you have seen a few administrations. this president seems to be setting a world speed record for
7:47 pm
any chief executive, but certainly no president perhaps you could argue f.d.r. moved with such clarity and speed. but not even he, i think approached what donald trump has already acome accomplished. >> it started the day after the election and the weeks after the election with carrier and talking with other business leaders and those types of things. this last week we are just over 7 days he has been in office. and the number of things he has done, the successful meeting today with the prime minister from the u.s. his initiatives on the wall, the military, isis, immigration and all these things and obamacare, and it's like, wow, this is only the first 7 days. it will be exciting to talk about the first 30, the first 45 days. i think i said this before. something is going to break. either washington is going to
7:48 pm
grind donald trump down or he's going to grind them down. you put my money on donald trump. lou: i think a lot of people are joining you in that. i think there is something else we might consider as a possibility, too. and that is he's starting to get people's attention, people are suddenly taking note that this is a different commander-in-chief. a different president. he's not making excuses. he's driving straight ahead. he's getting things done. this required considerable planning what's unfolding before our eyes. this man, we all knew we were electing a disruptor and good businessman with great energy and determination. but we have a man focused in the oval office who is achieving things and doing so in a to me it seems like a clearly coordinated strategy unfolding before our eyes. >> he clearly is a leader. he know wres wants to go, which
7:49 pm
is the most important quality that a leader has to have. he's saying here is where we are at 30,000 feet. these are the things i want to accomplish as president of the united states. putting together the key to implement that plan. now what he's also doing is talking to the american people and saying we need to do this because these things will make your lives better, it will make your lives safer and more secure. so what he's getting, you are only a leader is when you turn around and look behind you, there are actually people there, and i think he's doing all three of those things. lou: it's a wonder to watch. we may see the national left-wing media give him credit where it's already due. what do you think? >> let's not ask for too much here. thanks so much.
7:50 pm
>> thank you, lou. lou: up next, president trump says we are no longer going to be the country with millions of people losing their jobs. >> i'm representing the people of the united states, and i'm going to represent them as somebody should represent them, not how they have been represend in the past. when we lose he single country. lou: we are joined by former presidential candidate, steve forbes. the media mogul. i can't wait to hear what he thinks of donald trump's performance as in his first week as president of the united states of america. just like the people who own them, t. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way
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talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. lou: in our online poll we asked do you believe mexican president believes's dealing with donald trump and not his predecessor. 70% save he hasn't figured that out yet. steve forbes joins us a little wounds. his left arm in a sling. sorry that you are in the sling and going through the pain you have. >> i wish it was because of fighting democrats. but i stepped off a curb and broke it in two places.
7:55 pm
>> it's great you to be here. you are a leader in the media wars so we are proud of you. let's turn to -- you must have relieved some of the pain to watch the president keep this campaign promises and to do so in quick order in the fastest pace set in presidential history. >> that's because they didn't have a formal agenda. he just went through. boom, boom boom, boom. and a lot is getting done. and the thing i hope he focuses on the next couple weeks. house republicans say they want a tax bill in april or may. he should push for it now and make it arow active jan 1. his real threat is not from the mainstream media, it's from house republicans pushing this 20% sales tax that will hit work
7:56 pm
and middle class americans to supposedly pay for tax cuts. reagan fan kennedy never made the mistake of tying tax cut to spending reductions. lou: the white house press secretary sean spirals walked that back considerably and talking about other options. but your advice is wise advice. let's turn to what else has happened here. you talk about how quickly he's moving, and it is a blur right now. theation's capital tried to fall in line with this president, but they can't keep. you mentioned the house republicans is the greatest threat. paul ryan has bent greatest obstacle for this president before he was president on the campaign trail and always seems to finds a way to get out of
7:57 pm
sync and suspicions rise when we have the post with a leaked story from the republican conference in philadelphia saying many republicans want to slow this down which is exactly what paul ryan wanted to do on obamacare. >> this is the great threat. inertia is always the threat of big reform. they always urge caution, be timed, don't too bold. you have got to go fast. make it big, do it now. on obamacare, there have been a lot of studies including by a lot of house republicans, stuff you can do now and show people there is change coming that can affect you. it will affect you positively, personally. lou: i believe the house should be following with that question. it's he who represents the
7:58 pm
nation. not each of the individual congressional districts. in that regard, he's the one who cautioned, do not let the democrats off the hook for obamacare. those are competing and in some ways opposing priorities and values. how do they get reconciled? >> you push it. one of the things he doesn't hesitate to do whether by twitter or picking up the phone is calling paul ryan after this so-called retreat. i like what you said within don't call it a retreat. we are going to move forward. you talk about an april-may tax deadline. get it done by august. get it done by march. why not? and clean things up later. what people need to see in their next paycheck starting in march-april when tax time comes around, they get their paycheck and they finds, we are starting
7:59 pm
to keep more our money. lou: what about the impact on the deficit and the debt? >> the deficit will be dealt with with a vibrant economy. and attack knowledge the below the in the budget and reducing the scope of the federal government. lou: as the president has promised and he will do so. he will booths military, give them everything they need in his judgment. >> the thing is, on the so called -- they must be budget neutrality. in the real world it takes 2 to 4 to 5 years for investment to be made. where you get the full benefit. you get part of it day one. but it takes a while to kick in. move on it. lou: it sounds like you have got venture for donald trump. did you ever crime would see him move like this? >> i sort of suspected he was
8:00 pm
not going to be a passive president. >> a nice avoidans of the question. pipelines? lou: good night from new york, have a great weekend. [♪] >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." gary: welcome to "wall street week," the show for long-term investing, name gary kaminsky. maria: i'm maria bartiromo. the dow jones finally smashing through the 20,000 for the first time ever this week. i was on the air with stuart varney when it happened. the new president acting on nearly all of his campaign promises, signing orders that one republican lawmaker calls a


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