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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 25, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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there's so much action this week, i hope we stop this conversation. >> and i think we're in unprecedented times. things are 180 degrees from where they were relative to the economy and business. let's keep it going. maria: dagen. >> i worry about the debt, watch it, mr. president, for filling the potholes. maria: right to stuart varney as we're on dow 20,000 watch. stuart: yes, we are, maria, thanks, indeed. this is going to be a very big day. your is he going to love it. good morning, everyone. stocks are going up again, nobody wants to jinx it, but we might hit dow 20,000, maybe right at the opening bell. it's the trump rally, it's based on economic growth, and jobs. we're really, really close. action wednesday in politics, whoa, take a look at this. immigration policy transformed. trump takes the first step to building the wall. he's changing the rules on who
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comes in. he's changing the rules on who stays. the refugee program to be suspended. he's going after criminal aliens in sanctuary cities and there will be thousands more border guards. the president is using executive orders to reverse all obama polies. six days into his presidency, and it's all action, all the time. you know, you wake up in the morning and with this president there's something new, something dramatic. oh what, a day this is. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ i'm back in the saddle again ♪ >> well, i'm not sure about that, a little scream at the beginning of the show. back in the saddle again. okay. . liz: aerosmith.
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stuart: let's get serious. ashley: that will wake you up. stuart: let's be happy. we're closing in on 20,000. tuesday, the dow closed 87 points away and the indication is going up 90, maybe 100 points, there's a strong shot that we hit 20k as the market opens approximately 20 minutes from now, am i right or am i right? we've been waiting for this time after time after time. ashley: six weeks we've been waiting for this. six weeks. ashley: don't you feel like the momentum coming out of the white house is what the market wants to see? we're seeing action and things done, admittedly there's more hurtles to go, but it's a very forward-looking progressive administrative dealings coming out of the trump white house that's giving the market now the sense that. stuart: yes. ashley: this is going to happen.
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it's not all pie in the sky, it's going to happen. liz: we've been waiting so long, we should have a ticker tape parade. we're seeing boeing going up, freeport mcmorean. this is based on organic economic growth. so, trump is going to have fiscal stimulus and there's going to be rate hikes, it's a new landscape. stuart: november 8th, election day, the dow closed and we moved to a point of 20,000 and stalled out completely. then, right after the inauguration, as soon as he gets to work, the executive orders are flowing that's when the market takes the next leg up, 2, 300 points. ashley: i think maria called it the show me market. donald trump shown in two days what he intends to do.
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liz: and the profit recession seems to be over the watch for the guys who called for a bear market, the credibility is shot there. citigroup said bear market. paul krugman said collapse and i think that carl icahn went bearish and so did george soros, who do you listen to? >> you listen to "varney & company." wait a minute, other news here, let's see what we've got. we've got breaking news this morning, president trump asking for, wait for it, a federal investigation into voter fraud. here is the tweet. i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and he continues, even those registered to vote who are dead and for a long time. depending on the results, we'll strengthen the voting procedure. liz, ashley, is he stepping on his own message. sucking the oxygen away from the growth of the economy. liz: because now the headlines
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will not be about his policies and growth, it will be vote are fraud. the lawyer inned michigan recount, and jill stein's there's no fraud. in ohio and tennessee saying there's no voter fraud. i think it's a distraction for him right now. ashley: what's his aim here? what does he hope to achieve. stuart: he can't hold himself back from going after those who claimed the polls numbers. ashley: he feels like he's needing to be vindicated on every issue. stuart: he says, 3 to 5 million illegals voted or voters, it got out into the public and then they were pressing it, why didn't you have an investigation. so he's responding to that. i think, again, he's sucking the oxygen away from the real issues of the day. liz: however, there's a poisonous atmosphere with the media constantly trying to cut him. and my part as a life long
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journalist, that's somebody calling me that, i didn't say that, but i think he's being treated fairly, i do. i get what they're trying to do, don't want to seen as having your credibility shot there. stuart: i want to move away from the subject just for a second and go back to what is, in my opinion a radical transformation of immigration policy and it's happening now with executive orders to be signed by the president on immigration and border security later today. look on your screens, these are bullet points of exactly what oupresidenis abouto do that's a total transformation of immigration policy. transformation of immigration policy. am i going too far? >> no, but what's strange about it, the big transformation is that the president is going to start enforcing the immigration
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laws on the books and have been for a very long time. you know, we talk about sanctuary city. the radical things are sanctuary city, they are by nature a violation of the law. they refuse to endorse federal laws even though they take money from the federal government designed to actually pay for enforcing federal laws. so, you know, the idea that donald trump is doing-- both parties ignored all of these laws, but all of these laws are dues dually enacted, dually signed by presidents of both parties and they're on the books and said, finally, look, we're going to enforce these laws. stuart: and there is this, also, charles, president trump might sign an order stopping six countries with-- >> seven. stuart: seven, we'll get a map
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for you, a transformation of immigration policy, charles. it's a very big deal. >> and the big transformation is literally decades politicians in both parties who have designed this, our immigration policies around sort of being a solution to other people's problems. they're not designed, necessarily, to make it, you know, to better america. and the big change here-- it's not like it wasn't discussed in the election. stuart: no, he's doing what he said he's going to do. exactly what he's doing. hold on, charles, all this have breaking news about immigration and the dow industrials probably hitting 20,000 in about 20 minutes' time and yet we've got this tweet from mr. trump earlier this morning, he's going to have an investigation into voter fraud. now, we've been saying that that's, it's a distraction. why does he go chasing down that rat hole when he could be telling people about the
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economy and the markets and immigration? i think that he can't help himself. there are times when this kind of distraction, he uses it to his advantage ap the best example i can think of is, you know, when he says that he's going to make mexico pay for the wall and the media goes crazy over this, you can't make mexico pay for the wall, mexico will never pay for the wall. now what's going on when everybody's worried who is paying for the wall. nobody is opposing the concept of building the wall. so a lot of times it's very smart. i don't know what he's thinking on this one. it doesn't seem very smart. it seems like, as you all said, it seems like a distraction, but who knows? i mean, so often, there's a method to the madness with this guy. stuart: you're right. so often there's a method to the madness. you're right, charles. sit back, watch the show and are' going to see in all pronlt probability, i don't want to
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jinx it. read your 401(k) statement, you're going to have fun. >> i wouldn't miss it and wouldn't watch it anywhere else. speaking of 20,000 on the industrials. charles payne is here, the guy who introduced the concept of animal spirits all over again. >> this is before the election. you could feel it bubbling. stuart: you did. i'm not interested in saying which minute we'll reach 20,000. i'm interested in why we've come from 18, 332 on election day to 20,000 now? why? >> the initial rally was based on renewed enthusiasm and we had a pause that scared some people and now it's going to manifest in reality. and earnings, companies are saying, we're seeing it in demand and i'll give you a couple of examples this morning. on our scroller, we have a company, articat.
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and then the retailer of boats, it's the kind of things we didn't spend money on for the last eight years. stuart: that's fascinating. >> we're starting to see it manifest. last night alcoa missed, but it's stronger, aluminum, copper, steel, the building blocks of any economy. what we're getting now is actual proof that sentiment and excitement is turning into reali reality. stuart: so you would ignore talk of a trade war. you would ignore, not saying you're ignoring it, but putting it off to one side. the trade war possibility. putting it off to one side, a huge increase in the debt, which is distinctly possible, putting that all off onto one side and still say, animal spirits rule because we're going up in this market? >> not only do they rule, they're infectious. ashley: the fear gauge, the
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vix, i don't want to get too technical, but the lowest point, these the fear gauge-- [buzzer] . liz: i got buzzed for it, i was waiting for it. [laughter] >> and fear-gate. liz: very english of you. ashley: thank you. >> don't listen to wall street, they think it's a contrarian indicator, when they think that it's going to crash, forget about wall street, and what you know. [buzzer] >> let's not interrupt charles payne, this is the man who talked about animal spirits before the animal spirits were let loose on november the 8th you think it introduces a new leg up. liz: aging bull, seven, eight years. ashley: raging bull. stuart: and since when do you have to obey certain laws,
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lasts so long and not longer. this is a whole new ball game. i see judge napolitano sitting next to me. >> waiting for that buzzer. [buzzer] . [laughter] . stuart: that audio guy is going crazy with that buzzer. >> i think it's your executive producer. stuart: and we're waiting for dow 20,000 and we only need 87 points to hit 20,000. so we're prepared for 20,000. up 1 is-- 101 on the futures as we speak. judge napolitano is with me, i want to bring him in to talk about chicago. because president trump has th chicago, hey, look, you've got carnage in your streets, this is another tweet just out. >> yes. stuart: you've got carnage on your streets, i'm going to send in the fed.
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if chicago doesn't fix the carnage 42 killings up 24%, i will send in the feds. that's the expression that got to me, can he do that? >> the short answer is yes. the longer answer is the feds are there. the justice department is there. the fbi is there, drug enforcement administration is there, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco firearms and explosives, keep changing their name, is there. can he beef up them? absolutely, can he get more money into their budgets? yes. can he order more prosecutions for criminal behavior that is also a federal crime, as well as a state cri to bring more stability to law enforcement? to sort of big-foot the chicago police by taking cases away from them which they'll be happy to get rid of? yes, he can do all that. can he send troops into the streets? no, he can't do that unless he can show there was a rebellion or an invasion going on. stuart: that's what the left is saying.
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they saw this tweet and said marshal law. >> no, no. stuart: that's nonsense, martial law. i i didn't see the "s" after fed, and i thought more cash. [laughter] there's another specter that spokes don't know about, there's a 60,000 person federal police department called the department of homeland security. because chicago has an international port it qualifies for, dhs police. he could send them in as well. that would be very awkward because they often don't work in tandem with the locals. they have their own area, a little pocket of federal land that they patrol in the middle of the city. there are such pockets here. stuart: let' get right at it. chicago is a sanctuary city.
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he's going to identify cmil aliens and he told chicago i'm going to send in the feds. stuart: could he send in a federal authority to go after criminal aliens in a sanctuary city, arrest them, put them in prison and get them out of here. that he can do. >> correct, correct. nothing chicago can do about it. >> the sanctuary component comes in, the federal government relies on a local police partner. local police, use our example here, new york city police enforcing federal law. can the feds make them do that? no. can the feds ask them to do that if they want to, yes. if the chicago police say no, then they have to send more federal personnel to chicago to enforce the law and chicago police cannot keep the federal police out. what they can't do is conscript
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the chicago police to work for the feds. stuart: my head is totally spinning. here is the question i want. >> want another one-word answer? >> no. >> you just gave me un. stuart: chicago is a sanctuary city, president obama-- president trump said that he's going to send in the feds because of the carnage there. he can send in some kind of federal authority or promote the federal authority that's already there to go after the criminal aliens, arrest them, deport them and doesn't give a hoot what chicago's mayor says about it. >> in a short answer, yes. stuart: there you go. that's what everybody wants to hear. the technicalities whether it's the police force or-- president trump doesn't care. >> yes, he does care. many predecessors tried to force them to work for the feds at the expense of locals. stuart: everybody looking at
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your screen because we're probably going to hit dow 20,000 in 13 minutes' time. >> have you prepared your speech for when that happens? >> no. >> you're the biggest cheerleader for that. stuart: we've got the graphic. if we go up 100 points at 9:30 we hit 20,000. now, i've got a financial question to the judge. because the judge, as everyone knows, is a real opponent of the federal reserve. he doesn't think it should exist. yet, it's the federal reserve that pumped up the price of stocks over the last years. and the federal reserve financed this run-up. because you're an opponent to the federal reserve will you therefore give back the profits you have made on stocks because of the federal reserve? >> i haven't made any profits on any stocks because there's no profit until you sell what you own. >> when you do sell. [laughter] >> a pregnant pause.
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>> when he sells, the fed will get their chunk. >> i'm going to use the charlie gasparino phrase, it's like giving heroin to these people, it's false, it's a bubble, it's fake money, it's going to clams. stuart: that's a neat way of getting around the question. the dow is up 100 points and we're going to hit 20,000. the way we're going, we're going to hit 20,000 at 9:30. >> i certainly hope this happens on your watch. stuart: so do i, believe me. charles, so far the running has been made by, that is the biggest gains have been made by financial companies. >> right. stuart: energy companies, because they're going to build the pipeline, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and also by the big name technology companies, they've done well, but most of all, it's the smaller, less well-known kind of industrial companies, they're the ones with the run-up. does that continue? >> i think it does, although they're getting a little bit expensive, but what we're seeing now starting to do
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extraordinarily well, for instance, retailers, buffalo wild wings had a pretty good day yesterday. are' going to see things representing americana. the russell did well because they don't have international business. stuart: wait a second, things that represent americana. >> right. stuart: what do you mean by that. >> people spending money locally. hire americans, hire americans, built in america, that kind of thing. i think you'll start to see, even someone may go to cracker barrel every other week go every week. stuart: i understand. >> and it's the notion that they feel better about the future so they can start spending money today. stuart: okay. and-- >> you look at someone like alcoa, it's going to be higher today because the outlet going forward for aluminum for autos and planes and things is much better than expected. >> and alcoa guidance includes china: i don't think that china is
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going to see us go for a massive infrastructure and not match us. china wants to supplant america, and they'd like the yuan to replace the dollar, they like to be the country that stirs the economic drink. don't think we're going to do a trillion dollar infrastructure plan and they're not going to do something very similar. stuart: okay. joining us now, maria bartiromo, ladies and gentlemen. now, i want to go back. i mentioned this to you when i was just being introduced about a half hour ago, on november the 8th, election night, the dow closed at 18,332. by 10:00, 11:00 at night, when it looked like mr. trump was going to win, you went on the air and fox news channel and fox business network, saying this is a buying opportunity of a lifetime and this thing is going straight up. maria: absolutely. stuart: you're glad you're with us, look like we're going to hit 20k in eight and a half minutes from now. maria: yeah, stuart, the thing that drove me that night was the plan. the economic plan. lowering taxes to a 15%
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corporate tax rate is incredibly powerful for earnings. we know earnings drives the market and we talked about this before. a lot of analysts and economists are saying a 15% corporate tax rate equivalent to a 20% boost in earnings. that's why this market is rallying. stuart: now yesterday, i picked up on this, that the democrats' plan, a $1 trillion infrastructure program spread over ten years, the republicans have something somewhat similar. >> yes. stuart: that means any way you slice it we get an enormous amount of extra spending on infrastructure, maybe $100 billion a year and we're going to keep it up. that, i thin was a pointer for the market. we're going to get growth. maria: that's a plan that puts people to work and nolf move the needle in terms of job creation and things like alcoa, aluminum, what goes into construction, things like aluminum, steel, the underpinnings of the economy that are part of the dow jones industrials average.
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again, it equates to strength in the stock market. ashley: exactly. stuart: lizzie, why are you so quiet. liz: robert shuler is saying this is based on illusions, i want to give you that. nobel prize winning economist and wrote a scathing piece on this saying it's an illusion. maria: how much money would we have lost if we looked to him over the last couple of years. liz: besides alcoa, boeing, and the industrials are moving forward and amazon and facebook are going to new breakouts now. stuart: charles, do you like the big techs? >> i love them. ironically that's the group that did sell off after the election, in part because of the acrimony and some of the friction between donald trump and silicon valley. as much as we talk about factories, we've entered the knowledge century. and the good news it's american companies driving the innovation and those stocks have more to the upside. stuart: i like the energy that
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mr. trump has brought to the table. he was inaugurated last friday, wednesday morning, 9:23, look what the man has done. he's jaw-boned business leaders. liz: can i make one point, too, the voter fraud thing is a distraction, what it's doing is getting the business journalists-- let me stay on this not business journalists, but journalists to focus on voter d and not his economic agenda. he's pushing things throh that could upset them in the d.c. beltway of the media who knows? maybe there is a method to his madness. stuart: and i think it was about an hour ago, mr. trump tweeted out, yes, he would have an investigation into illegal voting. you remember, there's a big kerfuffle how many voted illegally if at all and the media picked up on it and mr. trump is chasing that down and you're saying that that's a smoke screen. liz: yes. stuart: because reporters are
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not going after his economic program. liz: what did he do yesterday? it's right up their alley, it's pipeline, it's permitting for manufacturing, it gets the green movement in an uproar when he's doing things that is counter to what their agenda is. the media would be talking about that this morning instead of voter fraud. maria: and i think it's fair to point out that he has gotten to work immediately. look at the list you put up on the screen. he got to work on monday, starts talking about trade, and pulling the u.s. out of tpp and immigration, and next thursday the supreme court pick. for a little while earlier in the year this was a show me market. he's showing the market,'s he gotten to work and that's why we're seeing dow 20,000 on the doorstep. stuart: he think you singlehandedly talked this market up. maria: i'm just saying. stuart: you sound like my teenage daughter. and 15, minutes ago, do industrial futures were up 95 points and now we're up 109. charles payne chimes in about
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animal spirits and look what we've got, animal spirits. >> yeah. stuart: the market opens in four minutes. that's it. four minutes' time you'll see it, you'll hear it, the bell will ring and they'll be applauding, i should say, and it looks like that dow goes straight to 20,000. ashley: maria touched on this, but job creation. it's so important. we've become an economy of part-time jobs and so many people working two, three, part-time jobs and not getting the benefits that they need. how about a decent paying full-time job with benefits and the ability to get extra money in the pocket and go out and spend and fire up the economy more. that's what it comes down to. stuart: do you know what fired me up on job creation? amazon when they came out and said we're going to create 100,000 new, full-time, full benefit jobs, 100,000 of those jobs in 18 months, the writing is on the wall. it's not just the success of jn line selling, it's that you've
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got the new jobs pretty well paid with decent benefits, that's extraordinary. liz: but it's worth pointing out, remember, president obama took to the campaign trail last summer in indiana and we talked about this yesterday, saying, didn't name donald trump by name, but no way he's bringing back factory jobs. think about clean energy jobs instead. that's what he said. he said, your jobs, telling this to the factory workers in indiana, he said your jobs are going to be automated. think about that instead and we know that's happening as well, but this defeatist, demoralizing attitude is now gone, right. stuart: look at that market, we're seeing an increase in the futures and now we're up 116 points, 117 points, two and a half minutes to go to the opening of the market. keith fitz-gerald with us for many, many years, guiding us through the intricacies of the market. he's joining us now. keith, let's suppose we hit 20,000, let's just suppose. what happens then? do we go up from there or pause and go down? what do you see? >> you know, initially i
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thought we'd fight it out at 20,000 and pull back a little bit. it appears that trading has taken place the last five to ten days, so there is a possibility, stuart, that we hit it and blow right by it this time. stuart: so a lot of people are watching us right now and saying, oh, geez, if i get in now, am i going to lose my shirt? are we getting in at a high? people are worried about that. now, charles payne says, don't worry about that. if you've got a two or three-year horizon. >> let me tell you something. they're not the only ones, people at home shouldn't feel worried or somehow like i messed up. pension funds used to be invested in u.s. stocks about 45% and now down to 25%. they have to catch up. because in their modeling they think they're going to make 7 to 8% a year, no way they're going to make that with any other asset. watch the kind of money-- we're not talking ma and pa money, we're talking huge billions of dollars misplaced and misinvested by the biggest people out there. they better figure something out and i think they're going to come to this game late. maria: and would i add onto
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that businesses, stu. for the last several years, eight years even you've had businesses sitting on cash and that's where the recession has been businesses. now they're saying, wow, the regulatory burdens are going to come off, the shackles come off, and start taking things from the shelf that i put on six years ago and invest in that r & d plant and invest in more jobs in the u.s. >> that's why the market took off, extra take off late in the day when donald trump talked about lower regulations and quickly. stuart: keith fitz come back. >> i think that charles and maria are spot on. a statistic that charles said into perspective. if they rotate 10% the amount they've got in bonds, 2.3 trillion dollar input into global equity markets. liz: quickly, watch dow component j.p. morgan chase, took over a fifth of black rock's custodial assets. j.p. morgan, hang on. it could top right now and state street, which is replacing, it's not a dow component they're managing now a trillion of black rock's
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assets and j.p. morgan could pop at the open. stuart: they are applauding. 15 seconds to go and this market opens on a classic day, we think we are going to hit 20,000. the bell is ringing. [bell ringing] . when the bell stops ringing and stop applauding because the market. three, two, one, bang! and 20,000 from the get go! how about that? >> at the opening. stuart: you can hear them cheering in the background, look at that. 20,017. up over 100 points. ashley: look at the graphics. stuart: whoa! . maria: i like the fireworks. that's cool! >> it happened on your show. stuart: and it happened on "varney & company" and glad it did. i tell you. maria: good fireworks. stuart: let's start going through, what stocks are doing what as we speak at 20,000. 20,025 to be precise. i tell you now, what have we
9:31 am
got? >> check out caterpillar, caterpillar in the pre-going, they're doing well, as a great indication of what the economy is going to get a boost from. stuart: infrastructure stocks, up today. maria: how about boeing? boeing is doing well and we knew that would open higher. stuart: i want to see stocks on the air, please, and everybody looking at what stocks do i own, and how high are they. liz: j.p. morgan chase moving higher. stuart:. liz: a fifth of their assets in black row. ashley: boeing and caterpillar leading the dow. maria: ge is up. the industrials strong. stuart: go through it. dow industrials up nearly 100 points now. at 20,000. the s&p is up .4%. all of the indicators are up about half percentage point, that's in percentage terms, dow 20,000 just holding. under threat a little. ashley: that's all right. >> the nasdaq the biggest
9:32 am
winner in part because seagate blew them away with earnings, yesterday. technology again has done extraordinarily well 2017. ashley: to that point, industrials are the top producer right now on the dow followed by technology to charles' point show both the sectors doing well. stuart: i've got facebook close to 130. amazon 826, microsoft now at 64, keith fitz, what are you seeing that's moving thus far? >> well, i think those big tech are critical because you can click a button or change some code and add 8 billion customers, whether you're a materials company, a companies with picks and shovels, and martin marietta, the steel, going into that. stuart: here is what you're going to see. the dow industrials we'll keep the focus on the dow left-hand side of the screen. on the right-hand side you'll see a constant stream of stocks. if you own any big name stocks you'll see them represented
9:33 am
right there. you will see what is going on with them. right now, we're looking at tech stocks. facebook, amazon, microsoft, alphabet, netflix, all are up not significantly, but they're up. i saw energy companies earlier, most of them going higher. you've got an oil company in your portfolio, most of them-- no, i take that back, actually, i've got a couple there, that are just down in an otherwise upside market. i've got more energy stocks on the screens and these are drillers and they're natural gas companies, too, across the board, really, most of them are up, not all. financial stocks, they're the winners. look at goldman sachs, it's had one extraordinary run-up and now it's up again at 235. j.p. morgan, repeat the news on j.p. morgan, lizzie, what did you say. liz: ty're taking over a fifth of black rock, acting as custodial and replacing state street. stuart: so what. liz: a trillion dollar of
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assets j.p. morgan will be handling for black rock. stuart: managing it, taking fees from there. maria: and point bank of america, we had the ceo on today, brian moynihan and people are spending more money. loan demand is up, businesses are also inquiring about doing more, he's looking at spending up and he had a pretty good prediction for 2017, b of a up 36% since the election adding to moves today. stuart: you know, you just don't see these kind of moves very often, do you? november the 8th was the election and we're now 1600 points higher for the dow industrials, and these bank stocks have gone to the moon. >> the bank stocks led the way and the dow is weighted a certain way. goldman sachs has an over, overwhelming influence on the dow. and because these big banks have done so well under the notion that we're going to either get rid of dodd frank or make it work for everyone, they have been the big leaders, they've been really the ones who let the dow, particularly, much higher. >> do you think we're going to get a wealth effect. when the stock market goes
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straight up. people look at ira's, 401(k)'s and feel wealthier and to buy. maria: it dictates behavior. that's what alan greenspan looked at, you have like you have a little more wiggle room. >> that's what the fed works on and we didn't get a wealth effect despite the market was up 170 percent under barack obama because americans still looked at their paychecks and circumstances and they had no confidence. so, you couple now, the idea that my 401(k) has come back and jobs are coming back, i'm getting a raise. that's the magic ingredient. you have all the ingredients for wealth effect that builds on itself. stuart: keith fitz, what happens if we get the growth we're taking about here and the fed puts interest rates up a couple of times. you're going to throw cold water on a market rally? >> no, it would have in the
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past, but here is the thing. janet yellen lost control a long time ago. she's no longer relevant and traders know it. i think even if she raises interest rates three times, and up .75, that's 60% low where normal interest rates have been normally. i don't think if it's a gradual raise it's a problem. companies are going to grow much faster than that. stuart: scott shellady, about you care, will it re if janet yellen raises rates two or three times this year? >> let's go back to day one. why would they be raising rates? they're raising rates because things are doing well. if we've got the tax cuts he's talking about and regulation cuts he's talking about with that trillion dollar spending plan you've mentioned those things easily wipe out any negative effect of any interest rate hike this year. stuart: it's fascinating stuff. look on the right-hand side of the screen. the march to 20,000. boeing's up, goldman sachs, jp morning, disney is up, american express, those are dow stocks, all are going straight up and
9:37 am
the dow is now up 102 points, 20,014. maria: i want to point out earnings, here we are in the middle of fourth quarter earnings reporting season and earnings up 4 1/2%, but it's the first quarter people are looking at and we expect earnings up 13%. stuart: let's get that. the profits of american corporations are the baseline for the stock price. maria: absolutely 100%. stuart: you told us the expectation is that profits go up 13% in the first quarter of this year, that's january through the end of march. maria: that's right. stuart: 13%. maria: that's what people are expecting based on guidance that we're hearing now. this is from s&p capital iq. that's a huge jump from the profit in the fourth quarter. again, it's expectation of regulations coming down because of trump policy. lower expenses higher demand meeting higher earnings. stuart: let me return to the question i asked a moment ago. keith fitz, do we go up from here? we're at 20,000, up 100 points, and more gains in the immediate
9:38 am
future for the dow? >> cautiously, i think we do. we confused having a plan with taking action. and now we're taking actions. and ceo i know are opening their checkbooks and hiring more and. liz: let's talk about the speed of it. just crossed 19,000 on november 22nd. hit that threshold and now the speed and breadth of this, it's not on heavy volume either, but i'll tell you we sat here during the financial collapse, we said what other bank is going to blow up? i think that the banks have cleaned out balance sheets and regionals could do well with rate hikes and i think right now, we may be at a sweet spot in the market. maria: liz, a great point and i think what happens next to the financials we're going to hear how much they're going to pay out to dividends and go to go
9:39 am
up against the federal reserve and the fed is going to give them the blessing in terms of what they do with the money. if they see the money go up, where is it going, right to the shareholders. stuart: are we seeing-- >> let's bring it down to the basic level here, stuart, what a sea change in psychology. it's so different. this head coach has the same players he had two months ogg or three months ago, right, and with that coach we had no quarter with 3% growth. first time ever going back 86 years to herbert hoover and outspent all over presidents combined. how does that happen? it doesn't make sense. now you've got a head coach that changed thesychologand look what that's done. stuart: you agree with that, charles? >> i do agree with it, since he's bringing up old presidents i say let's go back to coolidge, the market had the best performance ever over two year term over 250% under
9:40 am
coolidge who said the business of america is business. now, that was a hell of an eight years. maria: and charles, this coach hasn't put the best players on the field yet. let's wait for the democrats to stop stalling the process in terms of confirmation hearings and rex tillerson and-- . if you've got seasoned business people and they're running government agencies, i think he's got a sophisticated team. stuart: the last time bart made a market call she was dead right and you made another call. maria: i think it's going to stay firm because there's a bid under the market, but something about round numbers that does make people say, okay, let me take some chips off the table, i have to put that qualifier out there. stuart: alphabet 851 per share, that's a new all-time high for that stock. ashley: talking about the next leg up, everybody says there's so much money on the sidelines, so much money on the sidelines.
9:41 am
to charles' point, do the animal spirits break the dam? are the flood gates open and money comes in, donald trump rather than the show me market to maria's point is now the-- >> from hedge fund and pension managers underperformed the market horribly the last few years. ashley: where else are you going to put the money? >> the great bond rotation is beginning already and keep going hard to believe it is. stuart: we got excited at 9:25 and rightly so, we expected 20,000 and we got it. we're calming down. liz: i wouldn't calm down, the second fastest thousand point rise in history. last time we saw the clip was in 1999 and that was, of course, the dot-com boom with, you know, revenues per eyeballs and metrics there. and to maria's points, the
9:42 am
earnings growth, is it going to match the optimism in the market right now? don: well, -- >> if you talk to jp morning, analysts there, 20% earnings growth in 17, based on 15% corporate tax rate. black rock did its own analysis, 26%. earnings would be up 26% based on the 15% carpet tax rate. stuart: i'm hearing my name, scott shellady? >> and remember, some talked about a 6% tenure within two years, and that that bond bull run may be over. stuart: let's not forget that, because we've forgotten it in the excitement of dow 20,000 which is barely holding by the way, we're at 20,003, but the bottom line, if you hit it and stay above it for a few minutes. you hit it, you got there. >> you made history, stuart. [laughter] it's on your watch. think about this, we were inches away, you went on
9:43 am
vacation, you went away, and got some rest, and the market waited. a waited for you to come back, forget about trump, this is the varney rally. i'm getting a varney rally hat. [laughter] . stuart: my accountant said to me, congratulations, it made it to 20,000 on your show. [laughter] . ashley: that's what matters. liz: can i have a piece of your wealth. stuart: and inkwiewe inform you requirements-- nice note: what were you saying, scott shellady. >> i was talking about the bond bull run. there are a lot of smart guys run a lot of money that expect the bonds to kind of tail off and see the inflationary aspect built back into the market with the earnings it that we're going to slowly, but surely start seeing. i agree with maria, we have to see the economic numbers come in and fill in behind the equity markets, however, with
9:44 am
the three things talking about, tax cuts, regulation cuts and that spending bill, there's going to be, there's a high likelihood that will happen and it's going to be exciting to see. stuart: all right, last word to maria because she's got to leave us on this historic day, i regret at that say, last word. maria: i was happy i was here to witness with you. what's most important about the rally it's based on fundamentals, it's not hedge funds doing complicated trades, it's not back filling, it's not the federal reserve, it's in anticipation that things are getting better and that equates with what donald trump is doing in the white house in terms of trade, in terms of immigration and bottom line, tax cuts and roll back of regulation, that's what this is all about. stuart: thank you for being with us this morning. maria: good to see everybody. stuart: charles, go. >> and to underscore what maria said and scott said, boeing, i looked hat those numbers, i didn't get a chance to comb the entire earnings report, but it wasn't spectacular, i think the benefit of the doubt is being extended in part because, you know what? the g.o.p. is going to get together with donald trump and they're going to get the tax
9:45 am
thing hammered together between now and over the weekend and all of his economic folks are going to be probably approved, including wilbur ross, give him a shout out. and so the street is giving the benefit of the doubt. forget the first 100 days, they understand that's a silly arbitrary number. as long as donald trump's policies and his ideas on growing this economy are implemented, i think that wall street gives the bull market the benefit of the doubt. stuart: on the floor of the new york stock exchange, at the very moment that the dow hit 20,000 was our own nicole petallid petallides. >> there was screaming and yelling and three kinds of hats, something that everybody has been waiting for. we were here for dow 10,000. and the 20,000 mark, second fastest to make that 10,000 jump. the first was 10,000 to 11,000. everybody felt it coming, back
9:46 am
in november dow 19,000, january 6th to 19,999.63, but couldn't do it. and now, they're just continuing to talk about trump's policies, the ideas that it's a road map, and as he does each move, each executive order, each idea of jobs, everything that he's doing is to lower taxes as opposed to increasing taxes. less regulation rather than more regulation. the optimism is here, in addition to sentimental earnings. and here are the hats. one guy made this in may of 2013. he was an optimist. may of 2013 and he made this dow 20,000 hat. another one, this is the tuckman hat, the official hat from the n ychy, and it looks l the 10,000 hat and-- >> don't pull that market down. here is the question, i'm often asked and i think is relevant
9:47 am
to today. what does it mean for ordinary people, perhaps people who don't have a direct investment in the stock market? is this good news for them? >> absolutely. because it's-- it's going to be a reflection of america and opportunity. now what? maybe businesses start to hire and they get the job that they've been looking for for a long time. but there is a benefit for even, it's an always bothered me, i'm not in the market, i don't care. you should care it's approximately for our future. liz: to charles, point. forgive me. larry fink at black rock thought to be hillary clinton's incoming secretary, he's saying to donald trump keep that capital gains tax rate low for three years, not one year, a 15% range sore companies have an incentive to bring that cash overseas back home to invest here. stuart: okay. i want to bring in norman anderson, an unofficial advisor
9:48 am
to the trump team. norman anderson has a lot to do with building infrastructure projects using private money, is that accurate, norman, have i got it right? >> that's exactly right. good morning. stuart: good morning, sir, because i think when the news broke yesterday that the democrats have a trillion dollar infrastructure plan, and you guys have a very big plan of your own using private money, when that news broke, that was the moment when the market began to climb higher. let me see where we are now, it seems to me that we are going to get a major infrastructure plan in place fairly soon. you agree with that? >> i think it's inevitable that we're going to get a major infrastructure plan in place. the issue is how much is publicly financed and privately financed, that's where the debate is going to be in congress. your plan is to use a lot of private money, mr. trump's plan is private funding of this, is that correct? >> well, i think, yeah, i think
9:49 am
that's the with an i-- way to think about it, but i think you want to say the country has a super opportunity to bring in money from all over the world, from pension funds here in the u.s., from individual investors, to invest in infrastructure projects and we've got a lot of projects in which you could bring in private money for immediate investment. stuart: are we going to see the days of say, the coca-cola bridge, are we going to see mcdonald's airport? is it going to be something like that? i don't mean to be whacky here, you know what i mean? they name stadiums, sports stadiums after banks. ashley: airlines, everything else. liz: or politicians. stuart: are we going to do the same with bridges if they're privately financed? are we going to do that? >> there's something called land value capture, if you look at high speed rail project between houston and dallas, they're going to be financed privately, but largely by real
9:50 am
estate development in downtown dallas and downtown houston. and the appreciation of the land around those downtown centers, which, by the way, stuart, is going to revitalize downtown dallas and downtown houston. there's a huge opportunity. ig of it. if you go to a metro station in singapore you'll see 43, 50 stores and they pay for the ongoing operating costs for the facility. so the public sector, your taxes don't have to pay for those facilities. stuart: last time you were on the show, i think you told me that there were, what, 60 or 70, you didn't use the expression shovel ready, but you did say that there were 60 or 70 projects ready to go, that would start at a moment's notice, is that accurate? >> i think that's accurate. we'll see what the trump administration decides to do, but we actually believe there are at least 100 projects, 50 ready to go, another 50 that could follow soon afterwards
9:51 am
and all across the board in terms of-- in terms of sectors of infrastructure, from transit to electricity transmission, that high speed rail project that we spoke about, fantastic port development, logistics facility in the baltimore area, all you have to do is raise the tunnel by two inches and that project employs 17 is-- 17,000 people. there's a lot that requires just a little to make it happen. stuart: who is going to rebuild laguardia airport. ashley: please, anybody. [laughter] . stuart: please, it really is a problem for those of us who live in the new york area. and this is a serious question. i don't see how you can get private enterprise to pay for the rebuilding of laguardia, can you? >> well, you already do, right? there's already an agreement in place for three large companies to rebuild laguardia airport. it's about a 6 billion project. the issue, i think, is how do you do that 50 times, 60 times,
9:52 am
70 times and how do you do it much more quickly. what is it taking, about 15 years to get the permits in place to do laguardia. you need to be able to do that in a year or two years, 18 months, to really rebuild this country and you can do that if you can diminish, reduce the regulatory burden on people who want to develop projects, and then you're going to bring in a tremendous amount of private capital to make those projects happen. stuart: president trump yesterday signed an executive order by which he would speed up, for example, the environmental review process, he's speeding up the permitting process. i mean, he's on this already, norman. >> he's on this and we've got to see, you know, it's not so much the proof is in the pudding. i see that as a first shot, a first indication, a first demonstration of leadership in the infrastructure sector from this administration. i think there's a lot more that needs to happen. as i mentioned last time, it takes nine and a half years on average to move an infrastructure project through the permitting and regulatory
9:53 am
process. you've got to get that down to way below 18 months so we've got a document, we've got an executive order, we're going to require legislation to move these things forward as well. stuart: do you want to take some credit for dow 20,000, you can, you know, you're the guy who is talking infrastructure and i think that had a lot to do with today's ralliment norman anderson, take a bow, a victory lap and see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: seems that we've paused a little. keith fitz come back in, is this the pause that refreshes before the next leg up that you were talking about? >> this is exactly the pause that refreshes and this is a good sign, that means there's no wholesale selling, people aren't being reckless, there's a give and take, that's how markets work, i like the fact i'm seeing this today. stuart: charles payne you've been looking at the list of the stocks you cover. what's going up big? >> my goodness, we've gone across, seagate. i kind of feel like i gave you
9:54 am
seagate. november 10th, i gave to my subscribers, it's up huge. technology. we're just-- >> why is united technology is down? i don't get that? >> you've got to look at guidance for some of this. united technology is obviously, carrier, you know. stuart: yes. >> and even with lockheed martin, lockheed martin lowered guidance pa little bit on earnings and this is what some people on wall street are kind of concerned about. stuart: there's your seagate. >> there you go. stuart: 21%. >> my goodness. stuart: you describers. ashley: from 36 november 10th, love it. i'm so thrilled. i'm telling you, it's one of these things where just buy great american companies especially when they hit a pothole that's temporary. we're giving donald trump a large part of the credit, he deserves it, but i think the american people themselves, what's inside of them is being unlocked. stuart: the animal spirit. >> the dna, the animal spirit and that's going to carry us over the top. stuart: scott shellady, come
9:55 am
back in again, please, is this the pause that refreshes? we're talking another leg up. we've achieved 20,000, another leg up, are we go to see it, scott? >> slowly, but surely it's going to attract money. number one. number two, it might be longer because we've got oil numbers come out. and if they come out good, that might give a boost. last year, oil and stocks traded hand in hand, and that's the next key thing to keep an eye on and we had whispers about dodd-frank yesterday being repealed or taken back a little bit and the market came up on that. and more often than not if it's not a traders market, if you bought you could be a wealthy person. stuart: charles payne, i believe you've got to leave us.
9:56 am
why don't you offer up something. >> i told justin, if we hit 20,000, i'd sing a great song. i was hoping maria would be here, she knows this song. ♪ how lucky can one guy be, i hugged her and she hugged me ♪ like the fellow once said, wasn't that a kick in the head ♪ ♪ i room was black, and i hugged her back and she hugged back ♪ like the fella once said, ain't that a kick in the head ♪ >> this is stu varney celebrating dow 20,000. stuart: very good, charles. ♪ ain't that a hole in the boat, my head keeps spinning, i go to sleep grinning ♪ ♪ and is this the beginning? my life is going to be
9:57 am
beautiful ♪. [laughter] >> you know what, i do believe the ratings just went up. [laughter] > >> we are coming up at 10:00, 26, 27 minutes into the trading session and what a session it has been. dow industrials, right from the get-go, open up at 20,000 and held it all the way through. up 110 points now. 20,022. >> the charles payne effect. stuart: what song was that, dean martin? >> yes, classic, classic. stuart: yes, we're now, the market went up 10 points since you started singing. >> yeah. pri out frank sinatra next. stuart: it's a day to celebrate. 20,000 on the dow industrials. all right. what's next? okay. now, the day's news from
9:58 am
president trump was all about immigration. ashley: yes. stuart: a total transformation of immigration policy. i don't think that had impact on the market. ashley: no, certainly will start generating headlines when we hear from mr. trump, he's going to talk about immigration policy, the wall, sanctuary cities. what he's done up to this point. the belief and that they're buying into donald trump that he's going to get pt market moving. stuart: the trump rally. ashley: the trump rally. liz: one big issue managers are talking about wall street, what can hit the market and bring it down, elections in france, germany and netherlands and the scene that eu could break up and that that could rock the markets. that's are the risks. stuart: you're on the computer
9:59 am
and checking out the news and reaction to dow 20,000. some people are saying watch out for europe because elections are coming and could break up the european market. liz: it's the guys that run ubs wealth management and hugh henry. guys are saying this could be the test for dow 20,000. stuart: we've heard that before, before brexit, oh, catastrophe. liz: this is different, this is about multiple countries taking to the polls and about the breakup and disintegration to the european union. stuart: it's a fair point to make, but i'm aware of the dire predictions before brexit and before the elections and all of them totally wrong. which analyst said, hey, trump is elected, we go to 20,000. whoever said that? i just did not hear that. all right, we've been open a half hour. market is beginning a little more steam coming up here. now we're up 115 points. if you're just joining us, the
10:00 am
news is dramatic. president trump will today transform immigration. a series of executives orders will reverse the open borders policy of the obama years. let me spell it out. the president will build the wall and he signs onto the first steps to do that today. that catch and release program, it's done. it's going away. there will be thousands more border guards and, yes, sanctuary cities, your time is up. and criminal aliens will be idfied, located, and deported. and end the influx of syrian refugees. the new president took office just a few days ago, but already his action packed scheduled shifted the landscape of politics and business and money, there's a new relationship between business and government, established trade agreements are being rewritten or abandoned,
10:01 am
obamacare is about to be terminated, the wall is coming, it's a political tectonic shift. let's not forget money, the trump stock rally is in full swing, 20,000 on the dow, we're up 120 now. what a day, what a week so far and the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. three, two, one, bang! it's 9:30, we've got 20,000 from the get go, how about that? look at it go. >> right at the open, holy toledo! you can hear them cheering. ashley: that is what really matters. liz: can i have a piece of your wealth. stuart: insure requirements imposed by the irs we inform you that theany tax advice contained in this communication, we'll have to get the disclaimer in there.
10:02 am
why not? 30 minutes to go. the dow made hitting. opening right there, just over 20,000. first time ever we've seen that. scott shellady. that is with us. animal spirits, scott ashley: >> there is something new to this table. he is not just the new sheriff like i said last hour, he is the new head coach. the head coach is in town addressing psychological policy which market trades on near term. that is a really big deal. he hasn't really got the best players on field yet because he hasn't all the confirmations. he has same players we had last year, at end of the day look what is has done psychologically speaking. profits are not a bad thing anymore. profits are the oil for economic engine. this will help everybody whether you're involved in the market or
10:03 am
not. stuart: okay. we'll keep money on our screens. this is a history-making day. the news is 120,000 on the dow -- 20,000 on the dow, almost all stocks are straight up today. let's deal with politics, in his first two days empty trump held meetings with top business leaders. had phone calls with world leaders. signed 10 executive actions. tammy bruce it with us. the backdrop to the news on money, the extraordinary dynamic period in politics. today i will go so far today, he has transformed immigration policy. am i going too far? >> no you are not at all. monday was day of action. i think we have four years of action. put this in larger context. details of the immigration policy but remember what obama started with, vague hope and change agenda. no specifics. nobody knew what to expect. that affects the market.
10:04 am
then we got surprises all along. donald trump has been saying for a year what he was going to do, very specific. there is generation of people out there not familiar with someone saying i will do x, y, and z, saying it ahead time and doing it quickly. the market likes that. as a result, liz's point about the european elections is important but what they do know, donald trump says what he is going to do and then does it. that gives a sense of comfort and knowing what to expect coming up. stuart: there is also a sense of shock. you wake up in the morning, what's he tweeted now? what has he done now? what is he going to do today. >> it is not a surprise. that's what is key. we heard the agenda for a year. what the politicians are surprised at he is doing what he said he was going to do. the american people expected it. he is delivering. that is what the market likes. no matter what happens, there is many could for the to that. stuart: i think mr. trump taken to his twitter account when he
10:05 am
saw 20,000 on the dow. there it is on the screen. ashley: there it is. stuart: short, sharp, to the explain. exclamation point, dow 20-k. i don't know whether he was watching "varney & company." >> he should be. stuart: i don't know. 20,032. we're up 121 points. we got to 20,000. we got a little bit more steam. now we're up 121 points, 20,034. a little bit more on politics for a second because the two store is are very much combined here. politics and money. that is what we do. we're expecting a executive order to limit refugees coming into america from terror hot spots. liz, there are seven countries on the list of restrictions. >> syria, iraq, sudan, somalia,
10:06 am
yemen. temporary ban, except religious minorities escaping persecution. he wants more aggressive vetting. stuart: reading between the lines there. will we started a mitting christians as opposed to all muslims? if you're looking letting people in who are the victims of religious persecution, that is what you just said, that implies christians have the doors open for them. liz: if that is true, force the state department and other foreign aid workers to find christians in refugee camps afraid to step forward and self-identify as christians for fear of persecution. stuart: this is fascinating. he is doing what he said he was going to do. >> keep in mind these nations have no infrastructure, yemen, syria, et cetera, even iraq to some degree, you're looking at nations that can't provide a background on nature what they have been doing. there is no way to vet. i think that is an important point. stuart: he doesn't hedge. not like using traditional
10:07 am
political language which is soft and wooly. no, this is direct, straight, at you in your face. for example, what he said to chicago. i will read it again. this is quite dramatic. mr. trump tweets, in chicago doesn't fix horrible carnage going on, killing us up from 2016 i will send in the feds. liz: that got rahm emanuel upset. stuart: it really did. fred barnes is with us. there is the tweet. this is donald trump going straight at chicago. i will send in the feds if you don't fix the carnage. how about that? fred barnes, he is doing what he said he is going to do, doing it in unhedged direct, declarative terms. you love it, don't you? >> well he is, i do love it. he is doing it rather quickly. washgton is experiencing whiplash, he is doing so much, so fast. you mentioned a bunch things he
10:08 am
is doing. working on the regulatory commissions and pipeline and so many other things at once. they're all things he said he would do. but he is doing them with remarkable speed. stuart: has he got to pack it all into a very short period of time? is there some kind of political clock running on him. >> indeed there is a political clock. while some of the advice he has gotten, oh, don't move fast, he needs to move fast. and this is the best time for hi reason for the first 100 days. he can get more done in those 100 days than he can later on. this is the reason for doing the repeal and replace of obamacare at same time. you want to do it quickly. now is the time to do it. and trump obviously, obviously believes that. by the way, i saw those dow 20,000 hats, i think you will see trump 20,000 hats. stuart: yeah, you're probably right. should get patent on that and register as trademark or something. i guess we should.
10:09 am
what are about the democrats, they're squeezed out of the picture, playing no role in this at all, right, fred? >> they're trying to slow trump down certainly with his nominations they want to make him slow as possible. stop the speed of action trump is on. about only thing they can do is slow walk the confirmation procedures and hearings and delay them, so on. that is what they're doing. beyond that, look, they, there was the big march on washington. you could hear madonna swear and, if you like that, but that is not really helping. trump is, i think determined to move as quickly as possible. look, this is not what presidents ordinarily do. this is not what obama did when he first came in. of course he had the economic problems, a bigger one than trump has now, but the, trump,
10:10 am
amazing thing about trump is, his optimism, he is the most extraordinary opt optimist i hae ever known of, that is infectious. you talk about animal spirits, i mean he has spurred those animal spirits. stuart: hold on a second. earlier this morning president trump tweeted about an investigation into illegal voting. now he is obviously chasing this wn. i thi it's a distraction. at say you? because doesn't that draw attention away from what he is doing on immigration and the economy and trade? it pulls interest away from those substantive subjects and drags us back to the election which he has already won, that is a distraction, isn't it fred? >> i think it is a distraction, trump, some of these distractions are intentional, he will throw them out there and press will go chasing after them. i think in this case, also the case of making an issue out of
10:11 am
crowd size he has distracted from important things that he is doing but they will break through. so much is happening that is so big, so quickly, that even these distractions will not do much to hide it. stuart: now we have the dow up, getting a little bit more strength. now we're up 141 points. that puts it at 20,052. are you a market you watcher, fred barnes? >> indeed i am. stuart: are you happy? >> every day. of course i'm happy. look, i check, i check where i stand more than once a day. stuart: i don't see any long faces except amongst the democrats who simply are locked out of this party. >> well, my face, look, i don't think anybody expected to have, you know, i remember reading all these stories in barron's and fortune and magazine stories hillary much better for the economy. trump will not be good for the
10:12 am
economy. i thought, well he is going to be pretty good are to the economy, but i didn't think there would be anything like this. what he has done so far is ignite these animal spirits. we haven't gotten around to his passage of his economic plan with lowering the corporate tax rate and so on, things that will really be positive incentives that will also spur the economy. stuart: you think we might get another leg up and certainly mo grow for the economy when the tax cut are announced and they're in place? you think that's the next leg up, fred. >> i think it is and, and look, one of the things that is hard to track down but there is going to be a lot of it, that is regulatory relief. wait until we see, there was a good piece in the "wall street journal" today by the house majority leader, kevin mccarthy about what they're going to do to go after and nullify obama's regulatory storm that he has had, including things that he has done at the last minute that obama did.
10:13 am
on methane gas and so on. look, this will have a huge effect as well. stuart: fred barnes, thanks very much for joining us. i know you're happy. while you have been talking the dow went up another 20 points. we're now at 20,050 as we speak. right-hand side of your screen, you can see s&p all-time highs. nicole you have a list for us of all-time highs of various stocks. go. >> no doubt. too many to name them all, stuart. we have so many names in addition to the dow, the nasdaq, s&p breaking out to new highs. dow 20,000. the s&p 500 has almost three dozen names hitting all-time record highs. here is glimpse of some of the technology names that so many people are invested in, including alphabet google, right there, see it at 851 right now. adobe see systems, mastercard, visa, intuit, just to name record highs we're seeing. we're holding on to gains.
10:14 am
some people speculated we would break through 20,000 and give it right back. that is not the case. in fact we're sitting near the highs of the days up 136 points. most names holding on to the green. a lot of positive talk about trump and earnings. stuart: thank you very much, nicole. you're at the center of action. nicole was on the floor of the new york stock exchange when the dow hit 20,000. there is a lost cheering at that point i might add. -- a lot of cheering. let me backtrack a little here. union leaders met with president trump. they loved him. watch this. >> the respect that the president of the united states just showed us, when shows it to us shows it to three million of our members in the united states, was nothing short of incredible. we will work with him and his administration to help him implement his plans on infrastructure, trade, and energy policy so that we really do put america back to work in the middle class jobs that our members and all americans are
10:15 am
demanding. stuart: that is turning politics upside down. the gentleman on your screen right now, terry o'sullivan, general president of laborers international union of north america. he was in that meeting. we didn't expect to see union leaders come out and endorse mr. trump so vigorously, and this morning we've got a whopping great big trump rally on the stock market. are your members pleased with president trump and what's going on with the stock market? >> we certainly are, stuart. i will tell you. the stock market being up is good for our members retirement security around good for the economy and good for the country. as you said, we were invited, myself along th some oth building trades labor leaders invited by the president to the white house on monday. we met with him for an hour 1/2. he was extremely gracious, respectful to our organizations and to those that our members that we proudly represent. we talked about infrastructure, his plan for infrastructure. we talked about the energy
10:16 am
sector. we talked about trade. and what we really talked about the whole time was good, family-supporting middle class jobs. stuart: my producer just checked out your website. still says you are a vigorous supporter of hillary clinton in the election. what happened? >> it hasn't been taken down yet, i guess. i will take care of that, when i get done. stuart: okay. what about the top guy at the afl-cio, mr. trumka? what's his position? he spent an arm and a leg backing democrats in the election and now, a lot of you union guys are backing trump and you're effusive in your praise for mr. trump. what is trumka's position now? >> i won't speak for rich trumpka. i answer to the men and women i represent, and their opinion is what matters. while we supported hillary clinton in the election, a lot of our members did vote for president trump. what i was encouraged about was
10:17 am
the invitation, gets inaugurated on friday. on monday he invites us to the white house to talk about jobs, to talk about how we can work with his administration. in less than 24 hours, we saw bold and decisive action by the president and his administration in five executive orders that were issued on tuesday morning, that are going to create tens of thousands of jobs, jobs that my members will work on. again they're middle class jobs, stuart, that will be good for the economy, good for the country and good for the families of my members. stuart: we're essentially a financial program and what we're looking at is a history-making run on wall street. as you know, terry, the dow is now at 20,047. what does that mean to your membership? >> it means it is great for the retirement security in our pension funds. what the president did is going to improve the economy as well. you know, stuart, when you look at keystone pipeline and dakota
10:18 am
access pipeline, i had 1100 of my members on the dakota access pipeline. there were 4500 construction workers on that pipeline. the keystone xl pipeline, that will be 42,000 jobs on, not only pipeline workers but associated work to that pipeline. i mean, that is not only good for workers, putting money in their pockets, but it is great for the economy as well. stuart: terry o'sullivan, what a surprise to see you so es fuse sieve about mr. trump. great having you on the show today. we really appreciate you coming by, terry. >> thank you, stuart. i appreciate it. stuart: fred barnes is still with us. he is political kind of guy. he was listening to the interview with mr. o'sullivan and you you have got a response. what is it, fred. >> it's a response that shows unions appreciate trump and they like job creation. and trump is working on jobs in the auto industry for instance.
10:19 am
he met yesterday i believe with the leaders of the big three automakers, and he wants those jobs to stay in the united states, auto jobs. those are union jobs, energy jobs are union jobs. infrastructure jobs are largely union jobs. and so -- stuart: that is a political revolution, fred. when was the last time you saw union people so strongly support a republican candidate as they did in the election and now certainly after the election? that's a rye alignment of -- realignment of politics. switching their allegiance from democrat to republican. that is a big deal. >> it's a big deal. there was some of this for ronald reagan when he was elected in 1980 and early in his administration but not to this dimension. trump has done something extraordinary to tract this kind of support from unions and emphasizing jobs where unions are very active.
10:20 am
stuart: look on your screens, ladies and gentlemen, those are automaker stocks, gm, ford. go back to the automakers for a second. all of them are higher, whether it is toyota, general motors, fiat chrysler, volkswagen for heavens sake, the automakers are all up even though mr. trump is threaning them with a cudgel, you either make your cars here, or we will hit you. the stocks go up, liz. >> i have to tell you this is again the difference between democrat rhetoric, which they never acted on and they actually became anti-job and of course anti-middle class versus action, that sets a direction for workers, for the middle class, real results and of course the unions like that. that is why they liked it with president reagan. it is also for the american people watching this, and even with the pipelines. you're looking at people ho have been killing jobs in the name of saving a particular frog or
10:21 am
climate change. americans are rejecting that. this is what we're also seeing, that everybody understands this is what obama was saying and doing was not a new normal. what donald trump is promising is actually the real american spirit. and americans have never let go of that, and they like what they're seeing. i have got to interrupt for a second. we have news on sanctuary cities? ashley: we do. as part of an executive order that will be signed today by president trump dealing with enhancing public safety in the interior of the united states is what he is calling it. included in that will be a measure to withhold, we speculated about this, to withhold certain types of federal grant funding from sanctuary jurisdiction, quote for their blatant violations of federal immigration law. stuart: in other words, take the money away if you don't play ball with us. ashley: exactly. they take a lot of federal money these cities. he is throwing down the gauntlet. stuart: i want to tell our
10:22 am
viewers, earlier or shortly i should say, president trump is going to sign first an executive order says, yeah, build the wall, okay? and number two, end catch-and-release. number three, increase the border guard numbers by about 5000. four, end sanctuary cities. five, identify criminal aliens, nab them, deport them. w, that's revolution. that is a total transformation of immigration policy, border policy. it is all gone into reverse from the obama years. no impact on the stock market. but i think it is a declaration of intent. this president will do what he said he is going to do. he will grow the economy. lizzie, what have you got? liz: the facts are there. to tammy's point, the united states has fallen through the looking glass. we've been in the rabbit hole for eight years. bill clinton created 23 million jobs on his watches of course helped by internet, when it comes to the national security we were again in the rabbit hole
10:23 am
for eight years. what happened over the years? we you saw criminal illegal aliens committing murders and rapes. those are facts, those facts come from the federal government. 690,000 of them are criminal illegal aliens who committed felonies. we're talking murders, rape, kidnapping. this is common sense. do you want your daughter or your son or your mother or your father assaulted and killed by a criminal illegal alien who has been deported and comes back in. stuart: multiple times, yes. liz: another bill in congress would say deny foreign aid to those countries that will not take illegal immigrants back. stuart: fascinating stuff. really very dramatic. may i go back to the pipeline. the president signed an executive order. we're going to get the keystone pipeline. it is going to happen. he is pushing for it. i saw that as a declaration of intent. liz: yes. one example of a declaration of
10:24 am
intent. liz: more facts from federal government. president obama 1200 miles of pipeline. george w. bush, 3500 miles. obama was signing on pipelines going through indian territory and new mexico and. protesters don't see that, right? stuart: pretty -- fred barnes declaration of intent. that worked wonders for the stock market. fred barnes what do you say? >> of course what he is doing for the energy industry is tremendous. i kind of expected trump to do this but not necessarily so quickly on both the pipelines. particularly the keystone pipeline, building that is popular. not just popular with unions who will have their people get jobs. popular with the american people. stuart: fred barnes, thank you very much indeed for being with us today. i'm glad you're pleased about
10:25 am
that market rally. go back and look at your 401(k), lad. it is going up. >> i will. stuart: what do we have, ashley? ashley: feedback of our viewers on dow hitting 20,000. barbara says, oh look, the market is 20,000 and our national debt is almost 20 trillion. whoopee. eric says where is the exciting graphics we're waiting for. fireworks and floating dollar bills. was that it? that is all the budget could stretch, sorry. steven, check this in a year, everyone. just the beginning. that is very positive. cat the think says, -- didn't it happen before a big drop? no, we haven't hit 20,000 before. mr. trump, you have to stop winning, we can't take it. stuart: that is what he said in the election campaign. ashley: yes he did. stuart: you will get tired of winning. there is genuine sense of excitement in our country, not
10:26 am
just on wall street but in our country generally. ashley: oh, yes. stuart: small business optimism is 12-year high. i see a balloon go there? ashley: yes. stuart: maybe that was for 20,050. i don't know. ashley: many balloons. see now -- stuart: that was expensive balloons -- ashley: that is next year's budget gone as well. stuart: there is a change of mood in america. there is a change of mood in small business, in business generally. there is a change of mood in politics. we have a can-do president going right at it. there is certainly a ink that of mood on wall street. the bulls are out, they are running, they are out in force, first thing this morning at 9:30 we hit 20,000. we'll have to takest commercial break of the day and we will be back. the
10:27 am
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stuart: all right, we've got the numbers for you how much oil we have in storage. this might move the oil market, might move the stock market, but give me the number, lizzie. liz: we're waiting for the number. a build of 2.8 million barrels. stuart: we have not gotten the number. should come right now. here you go. what have you got? we're waiting. liz: it's a build, 2.8 million. oil ticked down. stuart: you have extra 2.8 million barrels of oil in storage. ashley: right. stuart: amount of storage of oil is built. therefore the price comes down. liz: third straight week. dow is still up. stuart: no impact on the stock market whatsoever. you're up 130 points. dow is right there at 20,043 the oil numbers have not affected the stock market, got that. i will turn to politics for a second because we had a very important tweet from president trump this morning about chicago. he says this.
10:31 am
if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage, 228 shootings, 42 killings, up 24%, i will send in the feds. that is the important point here. i will send in the feds. that is a direct threat from the president of the united states, to the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel. i'm going to send in the feds if you don't fix the carnage. cleveland police department detective steve loomis is with us. which feds would he send in? >> they have a huge amount of resources that they could send in there. the u.s. marshals, dea, the atf. we currently work with task forces in just about every, just about every federal agency there is, they have great federal resources. thank god he is saying that. not the guys -- stuart: if you send in the feds, doesn't you suggest, does that imply a cash with local chicago police department? >> no. no, sir, not at all.
10:32 am
we currently work, in most of these big cities, we work with task forces, with federal agencies and share resources and knowledge. so, that is not a departure, but if he is going to increase that, that is going to be a good thing. i believe he is going to increase other things that these inner cities need as well. stuart: are police forces and police officers like yourself, generally speaking, would you be in favor of the federal government laying down the law for municipalities like chicago? >> we're not going to be in favor of a federal police department, if that is what you're asking, but we absolutely would be in favor of any assistance that we can get, because again these politicians and these mayors, they have absolutely depleted the resources. they have cut our budgets. they have cut our numbers. our equipment is terrible in most of these big cities. here in cleveland as well. we really do need the help, to get back online and go out and do the job we want to do, that we need to do.
10:33 am
stuart: so what you're talking about is not just sending in the feds, manpower and authority, you say that, what you really need is a whole lot more money for equipment and all the rest of it that goes to a local police department? >> sure. the manpower. staffing levels. so we get back into the community engagement. right now we're working with skeleton crews. we have no support from prosecutors offices. across this country. no support, political support from mayors or anybody else. and that, defies logic. if i was the mayor of a city i would want to have a good working leadership with the police department. i would treat them as a number one priority, because if you're not safe in securing your cities, nothing else is going to happen. nothing good is going to happen. no investment. people will flock out of there. you will have the suburbs, they will be only ones that will really prosper.
10:34 am
we have to get crime props under control. in order to do that we need to get the boots on the street. you know, it is logic. to me it is logic. stuart: i'm almost out of time. thanks very much for joining us. we appreciate it. great stuff. >> stuart, if i could ask for your support and prayers, we had a police officer, david lee, that was killed in the line of duty here in cleveland yesterday. if i could ask for your support and prayers for him i would really appreciate it. stuart: sir, you shall have it, that's a fact from our viewers as well. thank you, detective. >> thank you, sir. stuart: all right. we concentrated on the republicans. we concentrated on president trump and what he is up to, what he is doing, what actions he is taking. we've not concentrated very much on the democrats, specifically, hollywood democrats. it is my contention that they have taken over leadership of the democrat position and are ruining the democrat party. that is just my opinion. witness chelsea handler, insulting the first lady by saying she doesn't speak english.
10:35 am
are you nuts? she speaks five languages. we had madonna at a special march over the weekend threatening to blow up the white house. syndicated radio host leslie marshall is with me now. this is pretty strong stuff here. you can't be happy to your party, you're on the left, you can not be happy to have your party led by people like chelsea handler saying things like that. >> chelsea handler doesn't lead the democratic party, nor does madonna. stuart: she is moving to leadership position out front saying outrageous things. >> they were both speakers because they are stars and have star value at a march that quite frankly, you know, had numbers that were record-breaking not only here but even worldwide. stuart: okay. >> shell see handler does not speak for every democrat or every woman, certainly me. i feel with regard to madonna, no one should ever threaten violence upon anyone, especially the white house. nobody should ever threaten the
10:36 am
president of the united states. there are laws against that. i don't care who you are, or what side you are on. that ask wrong and irresponsible. stuart: i take your point. >> part of what they're doing, part of what they're doing, they are trying to speak out in angry, they are angry about certain issues and women's issues those too got far off track. stuart: they have taken a position where they're out front of the democrat party, and frankly i don't hear any democrat saying, shut up. be quiet. that is out of down. we don't want to hear it. i have not heard a senior official say that, do you. >> somebody going for dnc white people should shut up. chelsea and madonna are white. there are people on television -- stuart: which democrat in congress, senate or the house, said in chelsea handler that out of bounds? who said that to madonna, out of bound, be quiet. >> madonna was out of bounds technically. although i think it is wrong to attack a spouse or child of any
10:37 am
president, right or left, it is wrong for her to attack melania. it was wrong to attacked michelle obama or laura bush and hillary clinton. nobody spoke out on either side of that. stuart: name a democrat in the house or the senate who has said, chelsea handler, you're out of bounds, shut up. >> i don't think they should say -- stuart: but they haven't -- >> has first amendment right to opinion thoh it ye wrong. it may be crossing the boundaries for those of us like myself stay away from spouses. i have seen attacks on left and right of both spouses of children. stuart: name a house democrat or a senate democrat who said, i remute eight what chelsea handler said, i repudiate what madonna said. i repudiate -- >> attacks on michelle obama. attacks on president obama and their two daughters. stuart: it is right thing to do.
10:38 am
and i haven't seen it. >> from either side. stuart: i haven't seen night why do democrats held to different standard. stuart: they're not held to a different standard. chelsea handler said something outrageous, i have not heard a named democrat repudiate it. >> i think it is outrageous people made fun of arms of former first lady. of the birth certificate of former president, don't you. stuart: what you have got hollywood celebrities taking over your party. hold on a second. listen to this please. >> good morning, all. thank you for being here. on behalf of the president of the united states it is my great privilege to welcome america's new ambassador to the united nations, governor nikki haley. i'm grateful to be joined by her friend, senator marco rubio and by senior members of the administration staff at white house. our white house chief of staff, reince priebus and white house chief stratgift and senior
10:39 am
counsel steve bannon among others are joining us for this important and historic occasion in the life of the nation and in life of america's place in the world. our new ambassador to the united nations is living proof of the promise of america. a daughter of immigrants. she would rise to become the first female indian-american governor in our country's history. the people of south carolina have placed great faith in you, and you repaid them with a record of extraordinary success, which has created prosperity and opportunity for the people of south carolina. all of america also watched with admiration as you led your state and inspired the nation through a time of great tragedy in charleston just last year. i know the president and i are confident you will bring your intellect, your leadership, your
10:40 am
character, and unfailing grace to the role of ambassador to the united nations for the united states of america and on behalf of the president of the united states, it is my great privilege to administer to you the oath of office. please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, nikki haley. >> i nikki haley. >> do solemnly swear. >> do solemnly swear. >> that i will support and the constitution of the united states. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> i will bear truth faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> that i take this obligations freely. >> without any mental
10:41 am
reservation or purpose of -- >> without any mental reservation for purpose of evasion. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office upon which i am about to -- >> the duties upon the office of which i am to take. >> so so help me god. >> so help me god. >> thank you. stuart: swearing-in of nikki haley, u.n. ambassador, america's ambassador to the united nations. that just happened, you saw it live. now the big story of the day, if you have anything to do with money, dow 20,000. we hit that mark right at the opening bell this morning and we've held it. 20,051 as we speak. the dow industrials are now up 139 points. lots of talk around the table this morning about animal spirit. lots of smiles around our set this morning, the dow is up to 20,000. liz: whee who,.
10:42 am
stuart: we have competition, ladies and gentlemen. the competition is glum. they are rarely breaking into a smile. i'm not sure why. i would have thought they would be happy, the dow is 20,000. making a lot of money sports fans. our viewers are he have, very happy. they're not exactly trump supporters and they are glum. >> why charles payne is out in the hallway drinking champagne and singing. ashley: fireworks and balloons. stuart: now it is up more, we're up 142 points up to 20,055. i have to ask one last question for leslie marshall out there on the left no doubt, are you smiling about dow 20,000 or are you glum because it's trump's rally. >> no. i want the economy to be robust and do well but i don't want you to faint or chide me. i don't own any stocks. i'm too chicken to play the market. i don't go to vague gas. seriously. i don't want to say i hoard my money. i work hard for my pennies.
10:43 am
stuart: you don't know if it is trump as doing yet. >> i don't know know if it is trump's rally. stuart: is it obama. believe me it is not. it is trump's rally. >> we'll see how long it lasts. we have four years to go. stuart: you're hoping it goes down? >> no, no. i just said i want a robust economy but i also don't want anybody taking credit for the work done eight years prior. stuart: look at this. there is monitor. i have a monitor in the studio. it sees our competition. i have not seen a smile all morning. ashley: no. stuart: not a single cracking of eyebrows. ashley: this is sear is russ business, dude. [inaudible] stuart: 144 points. 20,058. up 145 points. liz: poll that now trump has 57% approval rating. pundits were saying his approval rating in the dumps worst ever,
10:44 am
right? 38%. market giving him approval rating right now. can we say that and suggest that? market -- stuart: leslie we're about to say good-bye. smile into your camera. [laughter]. marshall, you're all right. i have to talk about nafta. mexico is threatening to leave the north american free-trade agreement. cheryl casone is here. cheryl is growing to tell us that nafta in its current form hurts the american worker. where do you get that from? >> especially over last eight years. data from economic policy institute and what america corporations have been doing. donald trump by the way wants to release or renegotiate nafta if go further. mexico up in arms. dow 21,000 if we renegotiate nafta. companies went in and lowered wages. 700,000 jobs were lost, stuart, when nafta was first announced, thank you, bill clinton up until three years ago.are going to un, hey, you guys want to negotiate for more pay? sorry we'll take all the jobs to
10:45 am
mexico and a lot of them did. this is bad for the american worker and economy. that is bad are to the markets. all of this has not gotten any better after the last eight years, thank you, leslie marshall. i think this is a good thing for the american worker. i think it is good for the markets. donald trump is on the right trajectory right now with nafta. stuart: okay. the market was listening to you because we're now up 151 points. ashley: there you go. stuart: another leg up, just beginning here. we're up 150. 20,063. not bad at all. ashley: wow. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, we have a star among us. ashley: thank you very much, stu. stuart: a star. pretending not to see who this man is. his name is jim kelly. he was a quarterback, is that right? [laughter] >> i always knew when he looked down at his notes. [laughter] stuart: that was an assault. now, how do you feel?
10:46 am
you're from buffalo. you're from the buffalo area. >> i live there. i'm from pittsburgh. i grew up a steelers fan. i'm a bills fan now. i live in buffalo, and i love it. stuart: are you trump guy? can i start with politics? >> yeah, i am. reason, he was my owner, i know you don't know this he was former owner of our team when i was in the usfl back many, many years ago. our team in houston was the gamblers and our team folded and we merged with the new jersey generals, doug flutie, herschel walker and consent hull that wound up being my center. he was, to be honest with you, when i was going through my cancer fight, he provided my family and friends with a place to stay, his apartments. he took care of my whole family. stuart: he did? liz: wow. >> donald did that for my whole family. there is days when i would come to new york city, i would give him a call, i would go up and sit there shoot the bull and
10:47 am
have a little fun. everybody has their personal opinions. i'm not here to say yes or no, i like donald. he has been very good to my family. we all make mistakes. i'm sure he has made a few but i'm happy for him. stuart: now, you are well now, is that correct. >> yes, sir. stuart: you are a cancer survivor. >> yes i am! stuart: tell us the story, give me 30 seconds, i want to know more what you're doing to help cancer survivors but give me your story to start with. >> real quick, when my son was born, he was diagnosed with a fatal disease, he passed away at the age of eight. all of sudden i went through all my times. i was diagnosed with cancer and put my wife and two daughters through another obstacle like this. that was pretty much my mind set, how do i tell my wife, and tell my daughters? they have already been through a lot. i not only had one bought of cancer, i went through two bouts. the thing is i'm sitting here today being able to talk about it, hopefully be a difference
10:48 am
maker for others that you don't want them to give up. stuart: you are here because i want you to tell our viewers what people with cancer can do. because that's your story really. you're an inspiration to people who got this dread condition. >> yep. stuart: tell us. >> the whole key i think for everything is early detection. we teamed up with merck, called your cancer gameplan. when again, my son was born and we heard he had luca dystrophy, we didn't know who to turn. who do we talk to. i never heard of the disease. we were lost for a long time before we found out the real thing. when i found out i was diagnosed with cancer, squeamish cell carcinoma, cancer of upper jaw, we didn't know where to go. my wife jill w lking on the website, where do we go, who do we talk to. when i teamed up with merck, it didn't take me long to realize, this is what be anybody needs, anybody with issues head, neck,
10:49 am
whatever, you need somewhere to go, you need somebody to talk to, you need to know answers to a lot of your questions. we got together, we teamed up, when we teamed up, merck was great enough to listen too, because you're talking to somebody that has been threw it, nowhere to turn, that need this information. now you log on to your cancer, and all those questions that we all had, no matter what it is, great to be have a answers whether nutrition or team up with, whatever, got it. stuart: i want to get that out there, >> that is my gameplan. because to make a long story short i played position of quarterback. we always had gameplans. that is why we came up with it. you need to know where you go if you don't have answers. when i played football i didn't always know. i went back to the gameplan, studied it.
10:50 am
if you have issues go to the website and find out. stuart: why do you nudge me i don't know what a quarter back is, when you were a quarterback. >> yes i was, when you introduced me you had to look at your notes to find out what my name was. stuart: that's true. >> quarterbacks have peripheral vision. i watch you do a heck of a job. stuart: you never watched this program. >> yes i have. quite a few times. yep. i'm lying. [laughter] stuart: wait a minute. i want to say this again, team up with merck, get your questions answered it. is that it. >> yes, sir. all good. stuart: who will win the super bowl. >> if i'm betting man, i can't bet against tom brady but i would like to see atlanta. stuart: you lost two super bowls to the patriots? >> no. never played them. they were terrible back then. they didn't have tom brady either. stuart: i don't know what i'm talking about. >> lost two to the cowboys.
10:51 am
when is the next time you were getting knocked on the floor in about 30 seconds? [laughter] stuart: jim kelly, a real pleasure. >> thank you, sir. stuart: yourcancerblame -- blame you got it. you never seen 20,000 before. we have been there one hour 21 minutes. looks like we stay there. could have another game luck. we hope. ashley: caterpillar leading the way. industrials keep going. stuart: we have to pay the bills. we'll be right back. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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stuart: this is exciting. we're watching excitement grow on wall street. because we're up 153 at 20,000 and 66. we've we've got viewer comments. ashley: hard-working entrepreneur spirit is unlocked after eight years imprisoned in obama's america. randy says no real impact, just like when i hit 13,000 for first time. all right, randy. holly says, i was praying it would happen on your show. thank you, stuart varney, for your enthusiasm and character.
10:56 am
so glad you became a citizen last year. peter says, yea, this is very good for my retirement funds. if i was retiring tomorrow, would i contemplating selling everything today. penny, trump train, get on board. it i will was glorious ride. stuart: that is interesting cross-section shun of viewer reaction whopping great big rally on wall street and 20,000 on the dow today. you are getting a cross-section of reaction. there are people who say we're at a high, sell. take my money off the table. plenty of people said animal spirits are lose. we'll go even higher. people will say, makes no never mind to me. i'm interested, walking away. you're watching because this is historic moment. this is very, very important. and we are frankly celebrating dow 20,000 and the trump rally. yes, the celebration continues after this.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> what a day. action and politics in the money. politics and money are our bread and butter. what you're looking at 20,000 as soon as the market opened this morning. we are up 150 points 20,062. could be that the small leg up is about to come several dow stocks have hit all-time highs as of this morning. you are looking at three of them. there are several more. politics is what is driving us. and since his inauguration is put them in place. is going to build the pipeline that the declaration of intent.
11:01 am
there is real drama here because trump in just a few days has put down his markers the obama years have gone the economy has started to grow. optimism and confidence is rising. dynamic america is back. so sit back and enjoy it. the third hour is about to begin. stuart: you're looking at.
11:02 am
both in the white house and on the market. we had 20,000. roll tape. it's 930. here we go. right from the get-go. how about that. you can hear them cheering in the background. his just said to me congratulations and made it to 20,000 on your show. can i have a piece of that. any advice contained that. i think my accountant is still watching. there he is. capital wave strategist. at 20,064.
11:03 am
working talk about maybe up more from here. >> we have a long way to go on the outside. i called earlier in the year we sought 21,000 fairly quickly. now we broken 20,000. there's nothing about this. i love the potential in the structure projects. we are ways down. we see tax cuts coming that money is going to go into buyback the stock market. they have a solid bid underneath it. we've come so far we hit 19,000 on november 22. today is january the 23rd. we've got 19,000 to 20,000 very quickly.
11:04 am
we never never seen anything like that before. it's only been up against the first quarter. there can look better and better. you can get the profit reports. how much money they made and profit. we can look even better in the first quarter. we had stock picks. name three stocks th y like. and the stocks you picked are no kia and macy's.
11:05 am
were talking about animal spirit. there with a 5% plus dividend. its balance sheet is excellent. only about $200 million in debt. it's very pristine. they're cutting back. it's unfortunate. they've done all the right things. i think down here it was animal spirits start to stir. they pay you 5% to hold it. all of those viewers don't necessarily invest that much and stocks. their sane may seem shrinking they've been beaten up. as a solid clock of quality brand.
11:06 am
this is a great place to buy stock. if you're not and you need to get in now. i don't know if you are staying with us or leaving us immediately. thanks anyway. now i'm calling the election president today is expected to sign executive orders. we've never seen anything like this before. can you keep up the pace. absolutely. he is is rolling things out ever.
11:07 am
there is a lot to reverse. if you can undo something. hurting our security. in reverse those things. i'm sure he's can keep up the pace and keep it going for quite a while. we get up really early in the morning for what mr. trump has tweeted. what is he same. it is all choreographed it's all laid out is designed to dominate the news and attract attention. look.
11:08 am
when he has to get through congress. he has a vigorous opposition. they already said this is a stolen supreme court seat. there to try to stop him. his to have the legislative strategy as well. we are looking very closely at the stock market. i don't think they care about president trumps supreme court pick or whether that is confirmed or not. they want to know about tax cuts. they were our investors. they want dodd frank reform. that's what they're looking at. they can do all that. they don't care about the supreme court i don't think. they will restore the rule of
11:09 am
law. there was a lot of unlawful executive actions. even the tax policy the health care reform has to go through congress. they start going uphill instead of downhill. this is all good what he's doing. he's can have to work with congress to get tax reform done. he can stop issuing the regulations. but if you want to peel for appeal for that he has to go that. there's tougher work ahead. but he is looking good if he achieves success. i'm glad you shared the sense of enthusiasm.
11:10 am
>> you are a good man. especially when the dow hits 20,000. sharp contrast. i'm not seen him crack a smile yet. now president trump has just begun. the third day of the week i should say. it's a great state of texas where immigration has been front and center. we will get the take on the new executive orders that are coming out today.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: president trump will sign executive orders today which will transform immigration policy. listen to these bullet points. you will build a wall we are ending the catch and release
11:14 am
program, increase the border control by 5,000 agents. and century cities. identify criminal aliens and get them and transport them and deport them. all of that is announced it today. immigration policy transfer. an offer of that great book. flyover nation. welcome back. it's great to have you with us. thank you for having me. you are a texas person, right. right there on the border were to build the wall transform immigration policy. i had been down to the border
11:15 am
the last time i was there there was drug cartels that were trying to fire up on the border agents. they are excited about having a force multiplier because it meant dealing with far too few resources for far too long. morgan be looking at the catch and release the t proams we have to do things to the interior as well as putting up the wall. i think it was a real shock to a lot of people when we woke up this morning and we got these five bullet points on immigration reform. the shock to see the man elected doing exactly what he said he would do. i'm glad you differentiated that. it is weird to see a politician follow through on what they been promising
11:16 am
throughout the entire campaign but this for the last of a better word it was his entire campaign. his whole entire campaign was built on immigration policy. his campaign was kick started by promising to build this wall. the force multiplier. just on the southern border there and that's why it's so many individuals were drawn to him. that's why so many blue-collar democrats were drawn to him because they were worried about the erosion of american jobs and worried about manufacturing and a number of things. it's one of their top concerns. i always think of you as a gun lady. and as we all know president obama he was probably the best guns salesman and the world in the world because he kept threatening the second amendment. it's a different ballgame now. has president trump is no threat to the second amendment and i can see gun sales going down sharply. >> there's two ways to look at this. first of all i think the number of gum -- gun owners
11:17 am
has increased dramatically. not only was he an amazing salesman when it came to firearms he also created more gun owners than any other president. with that you can have a bigger firearm community a gger group of owners than you ever had previously but the fight isn't over is over and here's why. in the house with half smaller numbers. why would still a majority when you look at things like national reciprocity and pushing through maybe even possibly repealing that stubborn views amendment then you're gonna see a fight from some of the individuals who have made a name and gotten a lot of campaign donations off of gun control groups and some of these people as their entire agenda. and they like to fearmonger americans when you can't fearmonger -- fearmonger them anymore. they're gonna put up a really
11:18 am
good fight. but were ready for them. dana on the left-hand side of the screen the gun stocks and their performance since the election of last year they are way down. stay there please you rate very well therefore you stay. the present is challenging rahm emanuel seen a chicago needs to clean up its act or else.
11:19 am
11:20 am
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11:22 am
>> he did not get elected to debate the economy continues to grow. people have a security as it relates to their kids education et cetera. it wasn't about your crowd size. the most important thing to do is create a relationship between the oval office and the desk. that was the mayor of chicago. criticizing president trump. mister trump has responded
11:23 am
with a tweet. if chicago doesn't fix the herbal carnage going on she is up 24% i will send in the feds. he is live in chicago sounds to me like a big fight. that's what happening. >> we are in the city council chamber at the moment. mayor emanuel is presiding. i should tell you the mayor emanuel and it depends on what send in the feds mean. he said if that means additional help with the prosecution of people that commit gum -- gun crimes.
11:24 am
if it means sending in for example the national guard i think there would be less support for that the republican governor of illinois has said he thinks sending the garden to chicago is a bad idea. when you send in the feds i'm not sure what that means ronald reagan used to say if someone from the government said i'm here to help be suspicious. we will see what it means. i'm glad you got to the the report out. the bottom line here is nobody is talking about sending in the national guard except the left. which they want to stoke the fires in dc. it's nonsense. dana is still with us. in my right or what. you are exactly right. one of the reasons that they immediately default to taking about the national guard is because it's projection. ultimately it could be task force.
11:25 am
i do and we will find out later exactly what the administration is discussing when they are can ascend in the feds. they had been allowing them the criminal element of which eddie johnson has himself said it drives over 85 percent of chicago's crime. maybe they can hold some of the judges there. and hold them accountable so they can stop allowing the criminal element to terrorize the people of chicago. stuart: thank you very much indeed. next up were going to focus on the executive order which would limit refugees coming here from terror hotspots. the former mayor of jerusalem will join us next.
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
>> talk about transformation
11:30 am
president trump is expected to sign an executive order positing visas. and the frequent guest on the program. i want to know if you think this will be successful. if you stop people from coming to america do think that works does that really cut down on terror incidences in america. it cuts down on them. it's a stein the right direction. i think there are other things that the president needs to be concerned about such as the european countries they have a very large and growing muslim population and it is a serious
11:31 am
threat as well there are a lot of terror bases there there are a lot of groups that are developing terrorist strategies in england as well. they are all in need to launch terrorist attacks. as a step in the right direction but a lot more needs to be done. next month president trump meets and i understand that the issue of moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem will come up. i also understand that the prime minister doesn't want that move it to take place. as we know president trump can be more catholic than the pope. the prime minister of israel teams to have some ambivalence
11:32 am
i am against that. i think it's a big problem when after all of these years eight years in the wilderness and here we have an opportunity with an ambassador to israel that they should be in jerusalem. we have other members of the administration that feel that way as well. it is a real problem and i think this is a real test for president trump to see is he going to stand up against the threat of the arab nation and is he going to do the right thing. every country and certainly every ally of the net states should have its capital in the capital city. at the end of the day say for yourself now do you think america's embassy will be in
11:33 am
jerusalem. >> i certainly hope so. i think a lot as you said will depend on the prime minister of israel and i know has major concern is the nuclear threat from iran and the deal with that. i know that that is his major concern. but he also has some local issues they are corruption charges against him and i think he might be looking not to do something to controversial at this time. we appreciate you being with us. thank you. about voter fraud. here we go. here's the tweet. i will be asking for a major
11:34 am
investigation into voter fraud including those registered to vote in two states those who are illegal and he continues even those registered to vote who are dead depending on results. we will strengthen up the voting procedure. >> ignore the politics here. all of the wderful things on immigration. they're often chasing down some story about illegal voting. what is the story about illegal voting is there any proof it actually took place. the president that there the fbi said there's no proof. voting is conducted by 51 separate authorities is not conducted by the federal government. each had different rules in different interpretations of those rules. this would be a monumental series of investigations whereby that new attorney
11:35 am
general presumably just sessions would have to conduct an investigation in your state of voting fraud. something the feds don't like to do because this is typically a state issue run by state people. example, ohio is already conducted an investigation. it was solidly behind trump. they announced this morning. we love you mister president. if they start 51 investigations. there are some more pressing issues to address and so many limited resources. i do want to move on to the president trump saying that next thursday i believe he will announce his pick for the supreme court. a quote in a tweet i will be
11:36 am
making my pic on thursday of next week. they are four for names on the list of possibles three were announced yesterday. is a gay marriage a litmus test. i don't think that gay marriage is. we are replacing a traditionalist conservative republican with presumably another traditional and as a president intent. the balance of power it really doesn't change except now it's 44. this is not really the one that will outrage the left as much as if president trump were replacing his nemesis justice ginsburg with one of those. that would be a profound
11:37 am
change. they vote with the liberals on abortion. three supreme court justices. you don't need 60 votes. it's 5050. we want three supreme court justices. chris wallace ask it. kind of a catlike nominee. i just said that he has in his
11:38 am
back pocket only if necessary the nuclear option. donald trump does not want to use -- loses nominee no matter who it is the list has been out there since june. it's a possibility. you might just go with the easy option. that would be a substantial change in our jurisprudence in the direction that he's been arguing for. judge, thank you for being with us. u.s. home prices there's a story up 6%. it's striking because we wondered why all the sudden how they went down double digits for the summer. what's going on. housing inventories it was
11:39 am
shrinking for 19 straight months. that is boosting house prices nationwide. it's really interesting. it's just really interesting was going on and the housing markets. the number of homes available for buying down 19 straight months. shrinking supply mortgage rates they can't afford to buy the homes. dow industrials are still at 20,000. up hundred 25 points as we speak. it says it expects to deliver more planes this year than it did last year. united technologies that make otis elevators.
11:40 am
the company is making money from its aircraft engines unit. why is it down 1.6 percent. i do not have an answer for that. more money coming in. they're looking down the road. mister trump's victo next case. they were assignments silence from mister obama. 12,000 miles during the presidency.
11:41 am
11:42 am
there were tears, applause optimism is as they make history. crosses through 20,000 for the first time ever. up hundred 31 points. the lifetime highs there as well. up at 38. boeing was there on the
11:43 am
quarterly numbers. general electric also receiving a paris. a real winner in an all-time high. the s&p 500 would hit at lifetime high today. we are watching the nasdaq winners. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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11:45 am
resident trump is really the all action president. he is already signed executive orders building the pipelines today he's going to sign executive orders on immigration, on border security we really had never seen this kind of activity level before. mercedes joins us now. this is a man who works 247 i think he feels very much the strong sense of moving his agenda has forward and quickly as possible. important items on his
11:46 am
agenda. as many of the issues of energy. the harder parts will be when he has to negotiate with congress. they feel very confident that he's going to be able to with with republicans. in the verily early days. it gives them more leverage. they look like a success. and he better support him because the elections are less than two years away. over 65 percent of americans agree with the first agenda which is interesting. the mainstream media was talking about the speeches being dark.
11:47 am
in talking about the fourth concept of patriotism. and here we have them seen it. it's been reflected now even in the stock market. i want to break away. the protest in full swing last night. celebrities, politicians. >> federal government data shows during the obama ministration.
11:48 am
one goes through comanche territory. part is about the comanche trail. go through territory. is approved there. mercedes are you still there. i want your input please. on pipeline building. what's interesting is that that pipeline it he percent of that project been built out. the biggest issues on the pipeline itself would be the legal challenges that they are likely to face. they really have the protest
11:49 am
that have become the trademark. obviously with the marker that president trump laid down. that was a declaration of intent. in my opinion we have become i cannot do society. i think that's what we are saying. is a commitment of u.s. dollars. donald trump is saying we have got the resources. we can protect our environment. are you happy. i'm just thrilled.
11:50 am
there is a graphic and next to you on the screen showing the tao at 20,000. we are absolutely ecstatic. happy lady. i am staying on president trump kicking off his plan to rebuild our infrastructure. he will build a wall. we just spoke about that. and he wants to fund it with private investments not taxpayer dollars. the short reports he loves all of this. it's coming up next. i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but..
11:51 am
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11:52 am
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11:54 am
stuart: a gets it right down to a. president trump will rebuild our infrastructure. he will set to begin construction. he wants funding to come from private enterprise not from the taxpayers. i know you as an oil analyst you're always talking about the supply and demand for oil and gasoline. but this morning you wanted to
11:55 am
talk about president trump and how much you like what he's doing. if you believe in u.s. energy. that will finally spur the renaissance in u.s. industrial and you have to like these decisions. for the most part the previous administration signed off on. as a say has a say in john carey, hillary clinton they signed off. the governor of nebraska eventually signed off. the only one at the end who didn't sign off were a couple of large contributors this is a driver that will eventually spur industrial growth in this country. to me i think there was a
11:56 am
declaration of intent. what you said right at the beginning is more important here saint president trump's energy policy that is energy independence and lower prices that is what kick starts the growth in america. we set up paper that was spurred on by cheap energy resources. here in my home state of pennsylvania after about six years finally went through. as can that is can a put 6,000 construction workers to work immediately. and it brings back this is the
11:57 am
spur hence why trump is able to carry pennsylvania through the election. if you want to go with economics and politics as opposed to just purely the price of order -- oil you are all right. we appreciate that. sports the longtime football announcer he is retiring. i think he 77. espn signing and equipment deal. adidas is the parent company. tiger used to be a nike guy.
11:58 am
. .
11:59 am
stuart: we were proud to say we were on the air this morning
12:00 pm
when the dow industrials crossed 20,000. i'm proud to say elizabeth and ashley were with us when it happened, and they were both smiling unlike our competitors who were glum at sight of our 20,000 rally, did i get it right, neil cavuto. neil: we're watching the rally as well. if you look at goldman and jpmorgan and that is disproportionally accounting for twoth its of this -- 2/3 of this the gain today. president of the united states and push to get rid of onerous regulations the bain of existence for a lot of these companies -- bane of the existence for a lot of these companies. that is disproportionally affecting weighting of this rally, skewed heavily toward financial issues.


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