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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 23, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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lou: that's two deflections. one more. we'll take that up next time. john hannah, thanks for being with us. good night from new york. we'll see you tomorrow. kennedy: president trump leaping out the starting gate with a bunch of executive orders and a load agenda. the new administration's feud with the media heating up again. is there a limit how hard they can push before reporters start to push back. do all the antitrump protests around the world really accomplish anything? i hard alongside those vocal d.c. protesters saturday who broadcast their discontent with clever signs, oversized. you ets and a series of causes that they hope will change the world.
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it was friendly, peaceful and optimistic. it was like a watered down version of the occupy wall street movement. one of the themes was michigan song any. of d was misogyny. this lovely woman is holding up the most adorable pink uterus. we all know why most people were there. i miss obama. the best part of any political gathering is people the get pink pens. the moose guy was great. he had a prove liberty sign. the parade had plenty of music including a marching band. everyone had a cause, a
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subgroup. i appreciated all the amalgamations of the lady parts. you have to honestly the outpouring would have bench more effective before the election if the pink beanie marchers had actually voted. they feel pretty good, but they don't get to the heart of the problem and soon fluff everything seizes up again. speak of the speckle faced seniors. your movement needs to be flushed when your a-hisser is this. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing you have the white house. kennedy: pushing the boundaries of free speech dangerously close to terrorism and pushing
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cosmetic dermatology, her gum flapperrive deef feet the purpose. this and every administration needs to be kept in check. the most obscene and consistent image i saw. i lost my love for politicians when dan quayle left the naval academy. it's the only way to hold things accountable and it may not always feel good, but it is always right. i'm glad you are here. i'm kennedy. kennedy: donald trump kicking off his first day in office with
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withdrawing from the tpp. and plans to build that great wall were detailed on what will replace obamacare. what else can we expect now that we are expecting? let me ask bret baier, chief correspondent for fox news and host of "special report." let's talk a little bit about this executive order sent out to federal agencies that is meant to pave the way for ata repeal. what does it do? reporter: it gets the vehicle ready by which congress could move to essentially stop the mandate that's out there. and change obamacare in that they would have to have a replace' that went into that spot to pick up the 20 million plus people who are on obamacare currently. so it sets the table on that front.
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other regulations that were eliminated are going to have to do with environmental regulations, onerous to a lot of different businesses that came in in the last the few months of the obama administration. and you mentioned it. pulling out of the tpp, trans-pacific partnership. crafting a way to renegotiate nafta, the north american free trade agreement. he will meet with canada and mexico on that. and getting ready for a big tax rollout on corporate taxes and individual taxes that has to be worked with congress. kennedy: those were some of the big campaign promises, not all the promises, but all of them central to the way he reached out to disenfranchised voters. i want to talk about trade. it's always been a big part of the republican flat for. a push for -- republican platform. does pulling out of the tpp open
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a chasm and if not how can free trade republicans work around and rationalize it. bret: it's not what you would see with a traditional republican. but donald trump is not a traditional republican. if anything he has taken over the republican party in many different aspects more like bernie sanders might have done to the democratic party. i think how they rationalize it, they say he is fighting for better trade deals. he's fighting for fair trade, and not clamping down and eliminating free trade. kennedy: what he didn't do, he didn't -- president obama did not pardon hillary clinton. and some say that was flying the bird to the former secretary of state. others say it was a way to mess with donald trump and say it's your problem now. what do you make of the non-pardon? bret: i think it was a mix of the two.
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i think there was not a love between barack obama and hillary clinton. i think maybe they thought they didn't have to do it. and that the investigation would run it course. donald trump doesn't seep that into going down this road. and i think he did a hat tip to hillary clinton and former president clinton at that lunch after the swearing in on friday. i'll be interested to see if anything goes forward. you can't stop investigations that are going down the road. but they cannot come to fruition. kennedy: we'll see what happens. it was an interesting day seeing everyone there at the swearing in ceremony. everyone partaking in all the event. bret baier, thank you for stopping by. let me introduce my unsinkable party panel.
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kristen haglund. jamie swin weinstein is here. hey, hey, no fascism in the usa. donald trump made a promise that will affect just about every single one of us. >> we are going to be cutting taxes massively for both the middle class, and for companies. and that's massively. we are trying to get it down to anywhere from 15% to 20%. it's now 35%. but it's probably more 38% than 35%. wouldn't you say? kennedy: he says he wants to slash the corporate tack rate by half. that means businesses would have
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more money to hire new employees and cut the price of their goods and services. but will it work? i love the idea of cutting taxes and regulations. >> it could make the economy soar. but he might raise tariffs which is basically a tax on all the consumers in the country. conservatives like the yesterday's cutting taxes somewhere. kennedy: i hope that he errs on the friedman side as i always do with everyone who has influence over my life. but at some point if you are going to cut taxes you also have to cut spending. >> that matters. but this was refreshing. to see a president win an elect and stick with a campaign promise. i felt like i saw lucy let charlie brown kick the football. kroger announced today -- by the
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is helping. kroger announced they are going to fill 10,000 positions in the country. but he didn't swipe his kroger card so now it's 6,000 positions. the point is they are trying and i like it. kennedy: you say the president needs to address something important. that is automation. you have an implicit fear of robots. >> i'm terrified of robots. it scares the living daylights out of me. the real deal is you can talk all day long about jobs and bringing manufacturing back to the country. but people say we'll take advantage of the low corporate tax rate. but you cannot forget those jobs aren't necessarily coming back from overseas. the jobs are often being replaced by robots there that's a fact of the future. donald trump and theop nds to be the forefront of this issue.
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a lot of times people say where is the new policy and vision? they need to give education to people who lost those manufacturing jobs and create a diversified economy so it's not just manufacturing but all kinds of things in our economy that create jobs for the future. kennedy: i understand that completely. the economy has to evolve just like what car win saw in the galapagos. automation is usually something that follows from raising the minimum wage where small companies can't afford to pay workers a one size fits all salary. then they go out of business and then we have robots. >> the same can work if you start bringing jobs back from countries with rising wages. but if they artificially raise
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wages beyond the price of the goods they are selling, you have automation and those jobs won't thereby or the businesses will shut down. kennedy: what would you rather have, a job you don't love that pays more or a $50,000 computer? >> i don't even think hose are the choices. no one is going to pay $50,000 for a computer. >> i would pay $50,000 for you have to destroy my computer it got lost. kennedy: depending on 0 you ask. the new president's administration either got off to a rocky start or a great start. and the media is twisting the story. you msn mainstream media people. it began with a fight over how many people showed up for the inauguration. sean spicer claimed the crowd was the biggest ever.
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reporters jumped all over that. but kellyanne conway said that. >> don't be so overly dramatic about that. you are saying it's a falsehood. and sean spicer gave alternative facts to that. kennedy: are we all living in an alternative universe? >> it many troubling. if they are going to come out by starting with an obvious falsehood and show a picture and claim the crowds were smaller. kennedy: don't even focus on that. >> if he's going to make an issue of that. i have good and bad news. you are not going to have much liberty in the trump administration. but there is alt-liberty.
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kennedy: can i paint this with a beautiful brush? >> my fast it part of the press conference. if you look at the wide shot you can see a small orange hand pointing at spicer. kennedy: he came out today with a press conference. >> acknowledged it was what it was. everybody was making a big deal out of the attendance. the reason nobody can go to trump's inauguration is they are too busy working to pay for their healthcare right now. that's part of the problem. people used to strip their way through college, now the strippg their way through signal it's not suppose to happen. kennedy: isn't it better to have a good first day? >> they have set the war if low and there is nowhere to go but up. we are moving towards this post truth kinds of post facts. and i think what the trump administration has to be careful to do is stay on message and
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make sure americans know where the truth is coming from. if you can't trust the media and institutions and only trust what trump and his administration is telling you. spirals over time, he will get back to that. kennedy: he had a few of days to think about it. he did better in today's press conference. you are all so right about truth. it's not something that should be subjective. we are so sceptical of everything that we believe nothing because that's neilism and we all give up. the party panel returns later. madonna suggested somebody should blow you have the white house. the secret service reportedly investigating. but should anybody take of any
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tiny feet, all he does is tweet tweet tweet. thin started my own chant of let's go, rangers. it really happened. just a glimpse of the women's march. saw a lot of recreational outrage and fun slogans, but not a tunifying point besides hating the current president. mass demonstrations focused on issues like ending the vietnam war. saturday's march included everything from reproductive rights to mass incarceration and water rights. did it accomplish anything? let me ask kathleen manning. welcome back. let's discuss this. i think if you have got a bunch of people who want to do something they feel is productive and you are able to organize them. then what the hay, why not.
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ultimately the question will be, what does this massive protest accomplish? what do you think it accomplishes? >> so far it served to demonstrate there are mass numbers of people in the united states, men and women, unhappy and unconcerned about the incoming organizations. will the participants in this march apply their concerns to different times of political activity? will they get involved and have a dialogue. and open their minds to the fact that there are even some women who have concerned about what they are highlighting. kennedy: concerns women on the right have is it was and the march that included all women, especially if you didn't share the ideological bent of the organizers. do you feel in that wait was excluding?
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>> yes, the organizers of this march, the agenda they are advocating for is left-leaning political agenda. importantly this march was held the day after the inauguration and the primary flagip march was in washington, d.c. sow this is a political march. it's brands very well as a pro women's march, and a lot of women hard for a variety of reasons. but if you have did read over that platform and the guiding principles and you say i agree here and disagree there, this march isn't for me. there are a lot of women who decided this wasn't a march for them. kennedy: you have said there are a lot of people who agreed we have to keep an eye on misogyny. but this was essentially a pro choice march. the first thing on the list if
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you kept track on all the causes marchers were holding signs and chanting for. the main thing would be reproductive rights. >> even among women. women are divide if they identify as pro-life or pro-choice. but the other issue in access to affordable healthcare or women. are we going to count on uncle sam and put the primary driver in terms of solving the sliewghtss as the federal government or talk about sliewghtss that might provide us with bet sister choices and more robust competition. so i have agree we ought to have a dialogue with women and men about how to address these issues. but we can't presume the federal government has to be at the end of the solution. >> we have seen how the federal government failed over and over again, not just on social issues but on a number of things. i want to ask you the last
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question. do you think that because this protest was peaceful, it was positive within it was essentially kind, what positive lessons did they learn from some of the left peaceful demonstrations, some of the blm protests in ferguson and ltime. >> i think obviously non-violence is better than olence. but this march was not inclusive. so there are still lessons left to be learned when it comes to protesting and political dialogue. i hope the people who participated will open their minds to hearing the other side of the story. at the end of the day if you decide to keep your same viewpoint it doesn't hurt to know what the other side is thinking. kennedy: former aides to john brennan said he's furious at donald trump for his conduct at the cia headquarters this
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if time is infinite, why is ta john deere 1 family tractor can give you more time for what you love. because with our quick-attach features, it takes less work to do more work. nothing runs like a deere. kennedy: if the feud between president trump and the intelligence community is over, u better tell them about that.ia headquarters and said he supports the agency 1,000%. >> very few people could do the job you people do.
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i'm so behind you, and i know maybe sometimes you haven't gotten the back that you wanted. and you are going to get so much backing. kennedy: former cia chief john brennan thinks that's malarkey. brennan says trump should be ashamed of himself. so has the president patched things up with the intel community? brian is a veteran of three military conflicts. welcome back. you are as close as anyone i know from the intel community having seen it from the inside out.
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does this early visit to the cia do anything to heal the rift? >> i think he was tone deaf. it wasn't malicious. it wasn't like the time bill clinton shot the hawaiian tropic calendar at pearl harbor which didn't happen. but it came off as tone deaf because trump doesn't understand what was behind him. the 117 stars. the first -- i know two guys who made the jump from the army to the cia. they went in pre-obama and they said it's good to hear the first three minutes. i have got your back, do your job, do good work. the proof is in the pudding. obama said that and push said that. the bush administration when they began climbing up the cia's rear end with their speculums. they want to be support and do the job.
8:31 pm
the rest of that, the parsing crowd numbers in front of a venerated site. if you go to langley. every employee and guest who works through that door sees the cost of doing business on that wall. >> it was this second day in office. whoever becomes president, there is so much on-the-job learning that you have to do to appreciate the magnitude of the office and your word. the shift from actually being an executive from campaigning is a massive one. i think it's going to take him more time because he's not a seasoned politician. having said that, that may not be the thing in the world. the cia has been -- has gone the used to being the secret ruler of the u.s. government. and i think having someone push back who is not a career politician who said, i want to
8:32 pm
be icharge. i think that rankles them in a way they don't want to be rankled. >> going back 10 or 1 years, they have been told to protect the country. top all these terrorist of attack to the left of boom. but if you do it wrong or do it too hard you are going to be served by an italian court. or you have to lawyer up. they want to be told they can do their job. when he said i have got your back he should have left it there. kennedy: will it be difficult for them to galvanize behind pop pay oh? >> no, because he knows about the daily slog of national service. even though he has never worked for the cia.
8:33 pm
i think he knows all about the cia and people at the sharp end in the clandestine services. and the cia is a very diverse organization. there are far lefties, the valerie plames and far righties. they didn't all vote for trump. kennedy: some of them were at the march but we all have to come together for the better part of the country. >> they want to defend the country and by and large they are not partisan. kennedy: you look great in a suit. coming up. president trump is settling into his new digs in the white house. the party panel discusses oval office decor. that's next.
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keep * you don't need to be an isis terrorist to make terrorist threats against america. you can be a washed up pop singer. you can be madonna who said saturday that she has thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. she said her comment were taken
8:38 pm
wildly out of context. to discuss those comments saying you want to blow up a building in a highly pop rated city. is there any context where this would be okay? >> if you listen to what she said. she said she considered it and thought about it and she rejected it and she was calling the crowd to peace and love. the good news is she rejected that notion from the beginning. so i praise her for trying to preach love and peace to everybody. kennedy: we have seen philosophers talk about the feeling that they have that they didn't have to. >> her last three albums were bombs. so you have to take that into considering. the last three, her last album is what replaced water boarding at guantanamo bay.
8:39 pm
that's why it's called "confessions on the dance floor." kennedy: james mattis came out in opposition to that album. >> wham bother tomorrow to me is you -- ways bothersome to me is you saw madonna and ashley judd. but there were women there for a reason. they didn't feature any real women's stories. it was more elitist hollywood liberal views. that's what turns people off. rather than trying to be inclusive it us elitist thing that turn women off. kennedy: there were women who felt helpless and flew out because they wanted to do something. i don't know that anything is going to come from it, but if it does, that's success. but it will take a while tow to see if that happens. president trump sent port of his first weekend as leader of the
8:40 pm
mayor today by redecorating the oval office. he redecorated the rug, the couches and a few fish. when will donald trump our 45th president hang up his posters. i don't know, it's fascinating that there is a five-hour window. they paint everything and voilà. >> while iraq is sending saddam hussein's palace furniture. he won't take the oil, he will be taking saddam's furniture for the white house. melania is staying inew york city for the first part of this year. she has impeccable fashion as a model. i would love to see what she brings to the white house. kennedy: i have respect for her as mom.
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he was at least influenced by a rug ronald reagan had in the office. >> it has to be humbling knowing you are sitting at the same decks as fdr and monica lewinsky. coming up, how safe is your email inbox. kmele foster joins me with a new tool for a privacy relaunch. we'll talk about it next. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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kennedy: how worried are you about hackers? or the government rifling through your private emails and your stuff. edward snowden cares enough to use a service called momabit. it shutdown when the founder refused to hand over encryption tools to the f.b.i. if it relaunched last week. but do we need it? prethink just released a profile as part of the 6-part series on
8:46 pm
technology and hackivism. edward snowden said he's back on lavabit which shut down when the f.b.i. wanted access to his file. >> 2013, edward snowden is someplace in hong kong on his way to russia. the f.b.i. said we want access to your key. the key they would have gotten from him wouldn't have only given access to edward snowden's account, it would have given access to 400,000 users plus. so lavabit facing this, they made the tough decision to shut down the company to try to actually deliver a degree of security and privacy for its
8:47 pm
customers which they thought they were ge they thought they would have that protection but they wouldn't have had that had they not taken steps to assure them. kennedy: he became a herin the privacy community. it was a little weird. it was a government filing they made a mistake on that left on edward snowden's email address that made it obvious it was about edward snowden. they could not talk about it until the gag order was lifted. kennedy: you have been working on this documentary for quite some time. what i want to know is what is the significance of him relaunching lava bit the day that donald trump is sworn in. >> any president can get this wrong, so to speak. there is definitely some sort of balance that has to be struck when it comes to the
8:48 pm
government's ability to go out and get information where there is a serious significant crime. and people's ability to keep their information private and secure both from governments. and from hackers on the internet. the fact of the matter is we want to make certain presidents like donald trump are held accountable. the same was try for barack obama. kennedy: did ladar feel like obama let down? >> i think his perspective on this was the federal government should not be in a position where they can send a letter to you essentially demand all of this access to information, and put you in a position where you can't even stand up for yourself. you cannot talk about publicly what's going on here. that's a tough situation to be in. kennedy: we have friends who went through the same thing. and journalists have been subjected to gag orders. they are not allowed to talk
8:49 pm
about the process they are going through. er in not allowed to express their free speech because the government essential supply squashed it. >> there have been some reforms. but they have not gone far enough. so it's still the case that people get these national security letters and face gag orders. for a number of people who don't have resources. part of the reason he had to capitulate was he was facing $5,000 in fines for not come plying with the order he reivedt's a difficult situation for someone to be in that doesn't have a great deal of legal expertise. >> maybe he will become wealthy with the relaunch. thank you so much. keep doing great work and making fantastic film documentaries and specials we can all partake in. coming up, delicious. everyone knows fast food is delicious and contributing to
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the monkey obesity epidemic. the "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: we have a bunch of pink kitten hats and weird video. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. alligators are cute, naughty
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lizards with a high bmi. but they are your patient photogenic friends who love sit when you flash cell phones in their face. that's what vacationing voters thought when they tried to capture the soul of an annoyed and resting gator. the gator went analog. watch this. oh, my garden. he says i don't even care. i'm going to fit into this thing. that's the reason why siegfried and roy are no longer together. roy was eaten by a gator on a weekend pleasure cruise. topic number two.
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canine biometrics are sure to be part of the next summer olympic games. we know traffic laws, fences, walls and doggy gates are mere suggestions. watch this pooch leap over her enclosure. i think it's amazing. look at that vertical leap. why have a gate in the first place. topic number 3. a professional trick skier recently did a cool commercial for audi france. but there is something off about the commercial. see if you cannot what's
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missing. judge jangle summer bells. he's not wearing helmet. generally you want it to be snowing when you are skiing, or at least have the dirt to protect you with a layer of foam. this guy got ahead of himself. it's a fun video. but do you know what would be even more fun? if someone rode a kayak down a mountain. let's watch that. well, that guy is joining roy and michael moore in heaven. i guess it's true what they have say, you shouldn't ride a kayak down a mountain. god rest his soul. hashtag so sad.
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topic number 4. if tuna is the chicken of the sea, sea lions must, the tigers of the lake. unless you are talk about this alion. this nautical escapee was spotted in state taking in the sights and the nap on a honda civic. while civics are historically sturdy and reliable cars. we have to wonder why the sea lion did choose a luxury sedan. he found himself another vehicular form of transport to hitch himself on to.
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that's animal pornography. i don't know why everyone is laughing. that hurtle is taking the sea lion to a dark alley. that's what happens when you borrow a hot glue gun and forget to return it. carl, try riding me in my show like that. topic number five it's easy to get cynical, particularly about dating it's nice to see a young couple enjoying themselves like these two on a lovely night out on the town. and you may be thinking why did someone dress up monkeys and buy them dinner. the answer is, i have no idea. though if you can think of something better to do with your time, go ahead. my favorite thing about this video is the people quietly eating in the background like
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monkeys ain't your thing. that's an awesome video. that's why i asked my assistant paul to find a primate and give it a wacky human costume. let's see what we are talk about. he's so creative. did he give the chimpanzee an ak-47? where did paul get an ak-47. he told me he was going to dress up a monkey like a doctor and reenact a scene from ""patch adams"." i think that's an arms violation. i think that's how michael moore died. thank you for watching the show. you can follow me on instagram and twitter @kennedynation.
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email me at ken web. d email me at i will wait for 3 excruciating hours. good-bye. in a desk drawer. >> for 30-plus years, this baggage has sat around? >> yes. >> inside, a fabled coin. >> it was a unicorn, talked about but never seen. >> a rare coin that could bring in millions of dollars at auction this spring. >> sous like "-c!" >> one coin, potentially worth $2 million >> one penny. >> but then, the government flips. >> they're coming after you. >> they are. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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